Taisho x Alice Episode II

•June 10, 2016 • 3 Comments

Taisho x Alice episode II is about Kaguya & Gretel. You should have known about those stories right? Princess Kaguya is from the moon, while Gretel is the sister of Hansel from the witch at a sweet house story. This is the first otome game I played after 2 years being hiatus. And I chose a short playing time so I can finish it, rather than dropping. Well, I should have played the first game, but I had a problem before with installation, so I went straight to second. Although I fixed the problem with 1st game, I kept playing 2nd first. What the? After this, I’ll go to first episode again before playing the third.

crewdd More…

All About Musical (Stage Play Adaptation)

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I’m so into watching stage play adaptation. Be it a musical or not, I don’t care. Well, the first time I watched a stage play was when Kuroshitsuji first made into a musical. I kept following only Kuroshitsuji without realising there were many stage play adaptations being made after that. One of them is the old Hakuouki Musical Saitou-hen, in 2012. So far, I have watched Hakuouki (Saitou, Okita, Hijikata, Kazama-hen, LIVE), Kuroshitsuji (2009-2015 re-run, total 5), Clock Zero ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~ Re-verse-Mind, Fushigi Yuugi 2015 (not a musical), and Persona 3 The Weird Masquerade (1 Male & Female, 2 Male, 3 Male). I don’t know if I can be called a master in musical already after watching them. Maybe not enough? In this post, I’ll create my own impression after watching those list above, per series.

noah arks circus


CLOCK ZERO~終焉の一秒~Re-verse-mind King Ending (Musical Stage Play)

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I have made a post about Bishop ED here. The same as my previous post, I won’t write about the entire storyline. In this post, I will compare the musical with the CG I have from the portable version. Actually, I will also write about the making & after event I got from the DVD in this post. So this post will be the final post for CZ Reverse Mind’s stage play, which consists of disc 1 for King ED & making and disc 2 for Bishop ED & after event. I finally received my own DVD in less than a month.

Clock Zero Shuuen no Ichibyou Reverse Mind


Persona 3 The Weird Masquerade ~Gunjou no Meikyuu~ Male MC Version (Musical Stage Play)

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Who don’t know Persona 3? For RPG gamer, it is a must to play game. Like, if you know Final Fantasy, you should know about Shin Megami Tensei series. Persona is the most famous title from Shin Megami Tensei series. Up until now, there are 4 Persona games, with the upcoming Persona 5. Though Persona 3 & 4 have few sequels / ports. Now, I will review the second musical, Gunjou no Meikyuu. Blame me that I watched from the 2nd because I didn’t know how many were there until I watched the ending and felt weird. I searched and found that it was the 2nd stage play. The 1st musical is Ao no Kiseki (Blue Awakening) about how the MC collected his friends, 2nd is Gunjou no Meikyuu (Ultramarine Labyrinth) with the battle of Strega, and the latest from last year is Souen no Kesshou (Bismuth Crystal).

Nah, this poster is supposed for the third musical in 2015. But no changed member.


CLOCK ZERO~終焉の一秒~Re-verse-mind Bishop Ending (Musical Stage Play)

•February 14, 2016 • 1 Comment

If you know me in my other blog, twentyninenights wordpress, you should be able to tell that my favorite otome game is Clock Zero ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~. I played it on PS2 and PSP port. But since I don’t have PS Vita, I haven’t play the EX Time version (sadly, with more wedding ending). If you wonder what is an otome game, you can search throughout internet. It is mostly about visual novel for female player, though some can add RPG to it. In this post, I would write my review for the musical version, the Reverse Mind. I didn’t write about the complete storyline. You can find it anywhere in many otome blogger’s review.

The first musical is A Live Moment 1 and A Live Moment 2, in two versions. I don’t know the difference because I haven’t watch it yet. The third stage play is rin-g-age (don’t have it too). And the latest one (the DVD came out on January 12th, 2016) is Reverse Mind. The upcoming musical is about Bishop (maybe the broken world ED since Reverse Mind is dream world?) and Traitor’s ending, Watch Over, which will be held on March 2016. Reverse Mind disc 1 tells about King’s ED, and disc 2 is about Bishop. I’m in the middle of ordering the DVD right now and may come around next month. I will post about King’s ending after I watch it (and maybe uploading it, if you want and if I can do with this snail Indonesia’s internet connection). By the way, it isn’t a J-dorama but since it is performed by human actors, I put it on the same section. Meanwhile, I rarely posted J-dorama so it’s okay to add more genre, right.


Dorama I Am Watching (Fall Season)

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Yeayy! I’m finally back to watch J-dorama. I was neglecting J-dorama after graduated from high school. Some J-doramas aired in local TV station, but I didn’t have time to watch because most of them were airing at evening / after lunch. I must go to university from morning to evening, and after working, I couldn’t spend any time to come back before 6 PM! No, I can’t watch them on my local TV. Finally, after some boring K-dramas (I think it’s after Pinocchio had ended on One Channel, I didn’t watch the after drama, except Yong Pal and Achiara, which weren’t too good), I decided to watch J-dorama again. I watched some older doramas like Shitsuren Chocolatier, Diet Rebound, Time Spiral, Koinaka, Second Love, Algernon ni Hanataba wo 2015, Death Note 2015, Gakkou no Kaidan etc. But what I want to write in this post are my currently ongoing doramas. They’re mostly about suspense/thriller, a detective theme. But I’ll write why they’re good to watch even if you don’t like detective theme.


Koinaka ~A Love Relationships Between Friends~

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Recently, I’ve been watching doramas because K-dramas are boring nowadays. The only K-drama I’m watching is Yong Pal (because of Moon Jo Won), and I even hate the main heroine, because she is too old for Joo Won and her eyes doesn’t seem being in love with him. Back to Koinaka. This dorama is very cliche. The storyline is very much look alike with many shoujo mangas. I don’t even remember, but it’s very shoujo-like. With the friendship, love-triangle theme. But what I like about this dorama is their acting feels natural. Both the main leads could act like a real childhood friends. And the ending was somewhat different than many other titles I’ve watched. SPOILER AHEAD, but I’d like to give my thoughts, because my favorite is in the ending. Don’t read if you don’t want to, because the English subs for final episode isn’t here yet. I was watching the final episode without subs.

Fukushi Sota as Miura Aoi and Honda Tsubasa as Serizawa Akari.



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