Steam Prison – A Steampunk Romance

The Steam Prison I bought is the PC version. It is not a comcplete version, because Vita have more routes and CGs, it also have Fin’s route, which the PC doesn’t have. I didn’t think this is a dark story, so I bought it after playing Haitaka no Psychedelica. But this series is definitely dark! With rape scene, explanation of killing people, death and poverty everywhere, too many bad endings rather happy ending, Steam Prison is not suitable for 15 / 18 years old.

Steam Prison has steampunk world theme, with machinery and guns. But Cyrus Tistella, the heroine, lives in the Heights and carrying a sword. In her world, there are two lands, the Heights above and the Depths below. More than four hundred years ago, there was a flood in that world. A few people made a floating land, the Heights. Only a few people could go there through a lift. By going above, they created a peaceful land, where they lives hanging to the law created by Saint Yune Sekiei. The rest of them suffered from the great flood, separating the Depths to sanctuary and outside of it. The sanctuary district is now mainly for people who commits crime in the Heights, and punished to live below. The outside of sanctuary district, lives people who choose to stay below, separated by a different lands owner such as Liberalitas, Temperantia, Industria, Humilitas, Patientia.

Cyrus is a dedicated police officer. She had a fiancée, ordered by the law, named Fitzgerald Evans (Ono Yuuya). He is a son from famous assemblyman, Warner Evans (Kitada Yuu). Together with Fin Euclase (Shingaki Tarusuke), the two of them must go to the Depths as an orientation to be a rank two officer. But she met Sachsen Brandenburg, a commander of Hounds, the name of police office at the Depths. Sachsen had a vice commander, Sir Ines Heinrich Heine, a good man. But Cyrus had a fight with Sachsen on her first time going down. By a gun shot, their duel was held, but Cyrus got hurt. So Ines recommended her to be treated by the Hounds’ doctor, Glissade Roselite (Narumi Takashi). There, Cyrus told Glissade that she have a rare blood. She isn’t able to receive blood transfusion, which will make it a poison to her body. So she must take care to not getting any serious injury.

After that, Cyrus and Fin bid goodbye to Sir Ines and went back to the Heights. But her engagement with Fitzgerald is suddenly broken by unknown cause. And in the next morning, Cyrus found her parents, Misty (Shimizu Yumi) and Keef Tistella (Ida Yuuhei), lying dead in her house, making her the culprit. Fin couldn’t help to save her and she was punished to live below in the Depths.

At the Depths, Cyrus had a fight again with Sachsen, being wounded numerous times by him. But she finally got released and live with a boy she saved when she fight Sachsen the first time, named Merlot. He let Cyrus live together with his mother, Rielith. Without her knowledge, Fin also goes down the Depths. Because an officer must work as a partner, and when the other commited a crime, the partner will be seen as the helper, so he is punished to be a Hound. In Hounds, Sachsen is being rude and often ordered Fin to kill, making him a crazy killing machine. And Glissade also use Fin to kill people and bring their a part of their body as research item. After that, the branches are divided to two routes. Bodyguard route for Eltcreed Valentine and Ulrik Ferrie, Prisoner route for Adage and Ines. Yune’s route is not included because Cyrus doesn’t go to the Depths in his route.


After numerous times meeting Ulrik, Cyrus accepted his boss’ offer to be a bodyguard / knight. They went to Liberalitas through sewer, a town outside sanctuary district, lead by a banker from Valentine family, Eltcreed Valentine. Eltcreed is a weird glassesman, he often talks weirdly and out of topic, being funny, teasing many people, and seduce Cyrus a lot. His father loves the Heights, so he also followed the story. One of his father’s book, tells a story of the queen and her knight, so he likes knight so much. But the people there doesn’t use sword, so he’s interested in Cyrus a lot. Despite his unique character and often fighting mouth with Ulrik, he cares a lot for people, especially Ulrik.

As Eltcreed’s bodyguard, Cyrus goes to the bank everyday with him at daytime. And sometimes, she helps him catching criminals who don’t pay their debts. Another time, she must save Eltcreed from people who tried to kill him. At night, she’s being seduced by Eltcreed, who told her about love. The people in the Depths can love anyone freely, without being engaged. As a playboy, Eltcreed kissed Cyrus to teach her about numerous meanings of kisses. But she kept fighting with Ulrik.

Eltcreed Valentine (Shirai Yuusuke)

A 25 years old banker, who owns Liberalitas, a small town excels in technology. As a Valentine, his father had told him to help Ferries, because Ferrie is the mastermind of Valentine’s development. When the Valentines made a gun, the model was being planned by Ferrie. But Ferrie must live in the shadow, so Eltcreed always hopes to help Ulrik, giving him freedom. At first, he only teaches Cyrus about love and kisses. But he fell in love to Cyrus’ strong personality.

Happy Ending (MY QUEEN)

Before going to the Heights, Cyrus asked Elt for a duel. Cyrus won and Elt didn’t go to the Heights to be killed there. But representatives from different region became angry. In the midst of chaos at Liberalitas, Elt brought Cyrus to his workshop of creating machine to fly. It is his dream. But in the end, Elt’s position as the leader of Liberalitas now has gone and he’s only a normal banker now. But the trouble still arises in Liberalitas. By Ulrik and Cyrus’ help, Elt found new hope. He asked Sachsen to help him protect the city from Rafale and Temperantia led by Neue Temperanz. Thankfully, Sachsen agreed to Elt’s request with his Hounds army together with Ines. He needs Cyrus to go with him, not as rival but as fellow guards. Fin also helped Cyrus to escape from Vice, but got shot instead and dead even after Cyrus saved him again. Although she was grieving, Sachsen encouraged her to go to Elt’s house.

Elt was in danger with Neue Temperanz in his home. Neue thought of creating chaos in Liberalitas and get the district into his as a savior. But before he could do anything more, Cyrus already brought Sachsen, Ines, and Ulrik to capture Neue. In the end, Elt finally became friends with the Hounds and create a joke of making pasta to Sachsen and Ines. During Cyrus’ grieve of Fin, Elt said the man would become his rival of love hence Fin didn’t die. All ends well and Elt is in the middle of creating locomotive from Liberalitas to sanctuary district. But Cyrus still couldn’t say she love Elt. So Elt made a joke that his name mean “I love you” before the flood, making Cyrus said again in question. That’s how Cyrus can be true to her feelings. And Elt kissed her hand to swear his love. Until then, the two will spend night together.


As Fin requested, Cyrus killed him by her sword. After that, Cyrus followed Elt to the Heights. There, they met Warner Evans first, the father of Cyrus ex fiancée. Before the meeting, Cyrus and Elt stayed at her former house. There, Elt mentioned he’s planning to destroy the Heights with the bomb in the music box if the Heights want to kill him. At the meeting, Warner almost kill Elt if Yune didn’t come. Yune gives time to Elt so he can speak his thought. Elt just wants help from the Heights, to discipline Hounds and give money to people in the sanctuary district. Because the Hounds rules with tyranny. Yune agreed to Elt’s condition and remember he’s he one who came to 400 years ceremony about thirteen years ago.

While Elt and Cyrus were waiting in the lift to go down, Elt talked about his past. His father was bullied by the Heights at the party, telling him to spin clockwise twice when meeting Yune. But because Yune did the same thing, it didn’t get too embarrassing for Edward. Before that, Edward had always loved the Heights and created books from his love of it. But after the party, he began to toss it.

After getting down to the sanctuary, the two of them were surprised by how Ulrik waited for them these few days. The next surprising thing is when Saint Yune appeared in Elt’s house to eat Ulrik’s candies. After talking with Saint Yune, the night after, Elt teaches Cyrus about kisses again and makes out. The ending is closed when Elt and Cyrus have lovey-dovey moment at his bank, telling Cyrus to wait until night.


At the meeting on the Heights, Cyrus and Elt ran away to the dead end of Saint Yune chapel. After saying goodbye and kiss Cyrus, Elt activate the bomb in the music box.


Cyrus told Elt about the incident at Poison Jar with Ulrik, so Ulrik had been avoiding them. After Elt was shot by Vice, he and Cyrus searched for Ulrik at the library room. They captured Vice on the way too. But after meeting Ulrik, Vice was shot to death. With regrets of hiding his fault to Elt, Ulrik asked his employer to kill him. As Elt didn’t have any choice than to fulfill Ulrik’s request, he shot his long friend. This makes Elt remember the time he meet Ulrik at the flower garden, when he and Cyrus are visiting Ulrik’s grave at the so-told garden. He made a promise to protect Ulrik. Now, Elt must live and work alone for the future, with the help of his knight.


Following after Cyrus and Elt returned to the Depths after talking with Saint Yune. Cyrus brought Elt to Rielith’s house to say thanks. But there is none of them in the house. Suddenly, a sword stabbed Elt until he’s dead. The killer is Fin. He captured Cyrus and rape her before Elt’s corpse.

Ulrik Ferrie (Takatsuka Tomohito)

As Eltcreed’s informant, he lives quietly in the shadow. He is 18 years old, the same age as Cyrus. Ulrik always lives quietly, without anyone comes in his mind. Only a few people knows that Ferrie is the one who develop most things in the Depths, one of it is Vice Gaviezel (Abe Daiki). He often hangs around Ulrik, with the intention of destroying the Heights by pulling it down. In his route, Cyrus finally sees him as an interesting person, because Eltcreed keeps pushing them to go and talk together. His ancestor, Arcenclimb Ferrie, is the step brother of Yune. He is the person who built machinery in the Depths.

Happy Ending (MY OWN STORY)

After being saved by Ulrik in the Poison Jar, Cyrus hid it from Elt. By Elt’s order to get close, Ulrik agreed to take a walk with Cyrus. As they are walking on the date, Ulrik brings her to his library room. He lend Cyrus a romance novel, which makes Elt surprise. As the two of them gets closer, Cyrus also realize her feelings of being curious to Ulrik.

But one day, when she went alone to return the romance book to Ulrik, Vice captured her and brought Cyrus to Rafale’s meeting place. Vice ordered Ulrik to steal the key to activate destructing the Heights from Elt’s house and Ulrik chose that to save Cyrus. Elt gives the real key to Ulrik and the key is now in Vice’s hand. With it, Vice can finally start to bring down the Heights through earthquake. While searching for Vice at the library, Ulrik tells he loves Cyrus and apologizing for his rude behavior. He has been hating the Heights because Ferrie family is supposed to go to the Heights during flood but left behind. Now, he doesn’t have any grudge anymore, because he knows Cyrus is the same human as him.

As they arrived at the library, Vice already waiting for them. He shot Cyrus but got shot by Elt in the end. But the machine can’t be stopped anymore because Vice already break it. Thankfully, Elt has another silver key to stop it. He told Ulrik and Cyrus that the ancestor of Ferrie, Arcenclimb, made two keys. One of them is possessed by Valentine, so they can stop Ferrie’s hatred of Heights. But actually, Arcenclimb himself chose to stay in the Depths during flood so he could live with his family. But his family need something to hate so they can live. After hearing that story, Cyrus fell off.

She woke up three days after the incident. When she wakes up, she sees Ulrik cut an apple for her. Then, they take a walk at the garden, where Ulrik makes confession again and kiss Cyrus.


After Elt recovered from the poison of fighting Fin by drinking Adage’s medicine, he decided to go to the Heights. Before going up, Fin asked for a duel with Cyrus. Cyrus won and strangled him to death. Before he is dead, Fin returns the necklace of Cyrus’ mother. By the time Cyrus and Elt must go up to the Heights, Ulrik came to give Elt a music box. The music box will be brought up with Elt alone. Before he’s leaving forever, Elt says his goodbye to Cyrus. He must fight alone. One month after Elt’s departure to Heights and doesn’t come back, Ulrik takes Cyrus to run away because the people in Liberalitas hated people from the Heights. They must survive so they can meet Elt again, although he must be dead now.

Bad Ending (“FERRIE”)

After Vice had been shot Cyrus, Ulrik stabbed Vice with a knife. By the time he wanted to open the door from all the flood, he couldn’t do it. Cyrus died first because of the wound. Before his death, Ulrik began to question what is the purpose of him to be alive. After that, the Heights calm down from the earthquake. Yune is talking with Warner Evans of the safety of the people in the Heights. He is wishing Arcenclimb and his childs will be save.


Cyrus told Ulrik to not steal from Elt and just kill her. So Ulrik almost give a poison to her. But at the same time, Vice comes in and kill Cyrus with Ulrik’s drug. After her death, Ulrik feels hopeless that everyone always leaves him, that’s why he can’t trust people.


Cyrus told Elt the truth at Poison Jar, where she was kept there until Ulrik save her. So Ulrik must tell the truth to Elt about Vice Gaviezel, who led a grup to bring down Heights. Ulrik feels betrayed by Cyrus and doesn’t appear at her and Elt anymore. Meanwhile, Elt brings Cyrus to find the whereabout of Vice. In the time Elt is fighting alone, Cyrus goes alone to search for Ulrik. But she was shot death by Vice. After that, Vice meets Ulrik in the room filled with his books about mechanism to activate the machine to destroy Heights. Ulrik has already activating the machine and let the himself and Vice died from the flood.


If Bodyguard route lets Cyrus lives in Liberalitas, Prisoner route makes her lives in the sanctuary district, with people used to live in the Heights. Cyrus doesn’t accept Ulrik’s offering a job to her. She lives alone until Rielith and Merlot are killed by someone. In Adage’s route, she doesn’t know who is the killer. But in Ines’ route, the killer is Rielith’s ex-lover. He was angry because Rielith had a child with different man, while he was working without any news. Different than Eltcreed and Ulrik’s story, which seems to have more stories together, Adage and Ines have separate stories since the first.

Adage Roselite (Furukawa Makoto)

A former doctor in the Heights. He is 26 years old. Adage lives quietly and helps people with care, even though they don’t have money. When Cyrus almost died after Rielith and Merlot dead, Adage saved her with a nutrients shot. He then meet Cyrus again and offering her a job as his assistant. He can cook, but the taste is not good. As a doctor, he likes to clean and doesn’t want help from Cyrus. He also grows foods in his garden, often teasing Cyrus by taking a lizard around her. His personality is similar to the quiet version of Eltcreed. By growing his own food and cook it alone, he doesn’t need medicine from the Hounds. Adage knows that the Hounds distributed poison in their food and giving antidote by saying it’s the medicine for the Depths’ climate, so the people needs them to live.


Cyrus met Fin who saved her from the Hounds. She asked Fin to come to her new house with Adage. After Cyrus and Adage finished examining a child she had save with Fin, Adage kissed Cyrus to confirm her love because she felt weird everytime she’s near Adage. It’s because Cyrus doesn’t know anything about love or marriage. But Adage is sure to not fall in love to Cyrus. But Fin saw all of that and ran away angrily, leaving a bouquet near Adage’s house.

Not long after, Cyrus met Glissade who took her blood sample in reason to check her health. Then, he invited Cyrus to go dinner. Remembering that Adage had told her that Glissade might be his dad when he lived in Heights, Cyrus asked him to accompany her to the Hounds. The reason why Adage lives in the Depths now is because he wants to search for Glissade after his mother has died, so he commits crime to get punished there. But even after talking with Glissade, and even though Glissade remembers about his son, he doesn’t care. He says he only cares about Priscilla, Adage’s older sister. So Adage asks Cyrus to go home.

Before going back home, Adage told Cyrus on the way that Priscilla is his older sister. After her death, Glissade often didn’t go home and left Adage in the Temple’s care. He says he is fine to Cyrus that he knows about his father’s true feelings now. But even after a week has passed, Adage doesn’t feel as cheerful as the old days. Many townspeople asked Cyrus to speak with him so he can work as a doctor again. And when Cyrus told him to strengthen up, Adage became mad then fired her as an assistant. He feels inferior as a recessive.

Though in the end, Adage feels regret of firing Cyrus. That night, Sir Ines informed him that he saw Cyrus with Glissade at the Hounds. Thinking it’s weird, Adage ran to the Hounds but found Fin on the street. Turns out, Fin was ordered to bring Adage to Glissade. There, Glissade told Cyrus and Adage the truth. Ten years ago, after his wife died, he began researching about mixing bodies to create a child, Priscilla. The name was taken from his old lover, Priscilla Garland. But by the order of the Temple, they couldn’t get married. Adage was born from his wife he hate. But the Priscilla he created didn’t live long. So he came to the Depths to create another, by taking out Adage’s crimson eyes and taking special blood from Cyrus. Glissade believes that Cyrus’ blood is the Golden Blood, carrying no antigens and can be transfused into anyone without rejection. So he asked people from the Heights to put Cyrus to the Depths in anyway, and by killing her parents. Glissade also shot Fin to death. Before he kill Adage too, Adage tells him that he wish to be Glissade’s right hand at the Hounds so he doesn’t want his eyes to be taken. Glissade stopped immediately, thinking he already had crimson eyes. And before Glissade can take Cyrus’ blood, Adage makes him stop and put her to jail so he can take her blood before the rebirth of Priscilla.

At the prison, Adage told Cyrus how he commited crime. A person who had terminal illness asked Adage to kill him. So he killed the person and messed it up until he’s punished to the Depths. At some day, knowing Cyrus doesn’t want to eat, Adage forced her to drink from his mouth. He doesn’t want her to die because he loves Cyrus so much. Finally, when he remembers the past with his mother, who asked Adage to take care of his father, Adage finally can take action. He burned Priscilla’s body, together with Glissade, while he tried to stop the fire. Then, he brought Cyrus to run away. He promised to stay with Cyrus and love her forever, even though she would fall in love with another man. Because he doesn’t have confidence that Cyrus will forgive him and Glissade for her parents’ dead.

Not long after they’re back in the house, Adage gets captured by Sachsen for murdering Glissade Roselite, his father. At the execution time, Sir Ines stopped Sachsen and told him they need a new doctor. Without thinking too much, Sachsen agreed and made Adage the new doctor after Glissade. When they begin working, Adage finds a picture of his family and wondering why Glissade still have it. But he is sure Glissade doesn’t love him. And then a year later, Cyrus tells Adage not to make her wait anymore. She means she wants to get married with Adage. Hearing it, Adage smiles happily and makes sure that he will sleep with Cyrus by getting married to her. He is fine with taking her family name too.


When Adage brings Cyrus to run from the Hounds, a man stabbed him at the back. The man is the father, whose daughter was mistreated by Adage when Cyrus left him. The daughter died while Adage was with Glissade for a few days. But some Hounds kill the man and brings Cyrus and Adage back to Glissade. He is fine and already save Priscilla’s heart. So the experiment still continues.

Bad Ending (“RECESSIVE”)

When Glissade told about his past, he already captured Cyrus and Adage. After killing Fin and takes out Adage’s eyes, the ending is whether Cyrus and Adage still alive after the mad experiment from Glissade or not.


When going back to the Depths from having a dinner in Liberalitas, a thief shot Cyrus. Knowing he couldn’t do anything to save her, Adage gave Cyrus a painless death with his drug, hoping they will live in a better world next time.

Ending (FOLLOW ME)

Cyrus were talking to Ines about how he killed a man at the market. But the real problem is because he will go back to the Heights. Before leaving, Ines gave money to Cyrus. But she abandoned it in Rielith’s previous house. When walking at the market, she met Adage. Cyrus blames him for teaching her about love. So when Adage knows that she’s left alone by Ines, he asks Cyrus to be his assistant. Though he told her that his cooking is really bad. But it’s not a problem anymore since Cyrus can cook omelette now.

Ines Heinrich Heine (Kimishima Tetsu)

Cyrus often called her Sir Ines for his older age. In Ines route, he asks Cyrus to be his tutor, to teach him about politics and royalty. Also in his route, we can read the story of him and Sachsen. They had a former commander, Theia Skone, a woman with iron power. She wished to built a good relationships with the area outside sanctuary. But when Sachsen informed her about the call to create peace, she was killed. It was a lie to fight the Hounds. Finally, Sachsen became the new commander but with tyranny. As his friend, Ines followed Sachsen without denying his orders, including killing people who commits crime.

After Cyrus realizes she loves Ines, he gets an acceptance to go back to the Heights to prove his innocence. They could investigate more if Sachsen approve it. So Cyrus asks Ines to bring her to the Heights too, so she can prove her innocence. In his route, Cyrus found out that the police officer who find her family necklace is Ines. He is the one who made her follow his footsteps to help people.

Happy Ending (“HOUNDS”)

Ines and Cyrus finally returned to the Heights. But Ines still have to search for his previous’ partner murder intention and the murderer. He and Cyrus took a stroll around Tistella’s house and there, everything was revealed. The police officer who found Cyrus’ family necklace is Ines, when he had longer hair. It was an important memory for Cyrus, to determine her future as a police officer, following Ines. While he was working alone, Cyrus asked help to Fitzgerald Evans, her ex-fiance. But he confessed to Cyrus that he’s the one who killed her parents, under direct order from his father, Warner Evans. Coincidentally, Saint Yune heard all of it and let Fitzgerald run away for now.

Meanwhile, Cordoa Hasse (Sasa Kenta), a rank three police officer, is in the middle of killing Ines. Cordoa is the person who made Ines’ previous partner a criminal and had Ines to go to the Depths. In the middle of that, Cyrus came to rescue Ines and they captured Cordoa. But Cyrus was also arrested for going to the Heights. A few days after that, Saint Yune released Cyrus. They finally settled all matters, including Evans family who put people to be a criminal then bring them to the Depths. And Glissade, who commited murder in Hounds. Also for Cordoa. But Ines decided to live in the Depths again as Hounds commander. Cyrus agreed to his proposal of going back below.

At the lift to go back, Cyrus confessed her feelings to Ines. At first, he doesn’t know about love that much, but finally, Ines reveals that he also loves Cyrus unexpectedly. They shared a kiss, though Cyrus was very silly at it. When they arrived at the Hounds, Fin met the two of them and gave back the Tistella necklace to Cyrus. He becomes similar to his routine in the Heights before, even more dumb, that makes his comrades questioning whether he always looks like that. It ends well with all the Hounds laughing at Fin. And finally, Cyrus lives together with Ines in the previous house of Rielith and Merlot. She asked him for omelet, and they shared a real kiss.


In the end, Ines is finally back as a police officer and Cyrus agrees to go back to her previous job too. But for now, she won’t confess her love for Ines because they will be working as partner (Fin will work in the Hounds and doesn’t want to go back). And she will accept whoever man she will get engaged too, as the people of the Heights, who don’t have freedom to choose love.

Bad Ending (COLD BLOOD)

When talking with Fitzgerald alone in the chapel, he killed Cyrus. Fitzgerald had have hatred towards her since long for trying to take a man’s job at sword. This is the worst ending for Cyrus to be killed by her parent’s killer.


At the lift to the Heights, Ines didn’t appear. The person appearing there were Sachsen and Fin. Because Cyrus already cut her hair and look like a man, Sachsen and Fin didn’t know her. Sachsen ordered Fin to kill her, saying that it’s futile to wait for Ines anymore because he’s in prison for stealing uniform. Before Fin could kill her, Cyrus called his name. Realizing it was Cyrus, Fin disobeyed Sachsen’s order and got shot. Sachsen then shot Cyrus too, bringing her Hounds uniform to Ines in the prison. Ines is grieving over it, blaming himself that has killed many people.

Ending (“ROSELITE”)

While pretending to help Glissade, Adage was wavered and told Ines everything. Then, Ines released Cyrus from the prison. While heading back, Ines told her that Sachsen already killed both Glissade and Adage Roselite. Even though Adage haven’t murdering anyone to help Glissade in his research, but it is Adage’s wish to be dead. In the end, Cyrus begins studying about medicine and improving her cooking skill. She brags about it when Ines visit her.


Yune Sekiei (Takase Yasuyuki)

Yune is the founder of the Heights. He looks like a sixteen years old boy, but he has lived more than four hundred years. As a Saint, he offers prayer and attending a few assembly. But he doesn’t choose anything. When he found out that Cyrus had killed her parents, he ordered her to be his assistant. Yune had been wishing to die. But the attacker is the one who will die when attacking him. Such as a man who tried to stab him, died after being blown with glasses. Yune thinks as a person who can kill her own parents, Cyrus can kill him too.

But it doesn’t work well. Cyrus is not a killer and she becomes attached to Yune. Yune seems to have a personality similar to his real age, likes to eat candy, and doesn’t know about love. After spending more time with Yune, Yune begins to have feelings to Cyrus, he likes her smile. With that, he realizes his chest is hurt by thinking of Cyrus. So Yune is sure that he will die if he keeps loving Cyrus, asking her to be a couple. As an immortal, his power comes from a machine inside his chest. There is a keylock on his chest, which contains a stone called Sekiei. Sekiei gave him immortal power in exchange for love and touching other people. In the past, Yune is the step brother of Arcenclimb. While he go to the Heights alone, Arcenclimb chose to live in the Depths because his wife didn’t want to be separated with her families.

Happy Ending (MY TIME)

Cyrus agreed to become a couple with Saint Yune. But their time doesn’t have long. While Yune tried to find the real culprit of Cyrus’ parents, Warner Evans convinced the audience to think that Yune commited sin to love Cyrus. So they brought him to the Depths as punishment. Meanwhile, Fitzgerald stabbed Cyrus after telling her that he’s the killer. Then, she is also been punished to the Depths.

Yune fell to the Depths. Before arriving, he cut ties with Sekiei stone because he betrayed its love. Sekiei gave Yune immortal power because he is the child it love. But Yune chose to be a human with pain. There in the Depths, he was brought to the Hounds office by Sachsen. But as he saw that Yune had become a human now, while townspeople could hurt him, Sachsen brought Yune to be Glissade’s toy in order to research of Priscilla’s long life. Days went on while being Glissade’s experiment, until Cyrus and Ulrik came to save Yune. But Glissade and Sachsen found them quickly, and Sachsen told Fin to kill Cyrus and the others. But Fin killed Glissade and burnt Sachsen with himself after letting Cyrus and Ulrik bring Yune to run away. After they’ve arrived at the safe place, which is Ferrie’s library, Yune found the key to his longlife lock. Ulrik gave the box from his ancestor to Yune, and inside, there’s a key to stop Yune’s immortal life, letting his heart beat again like normal. Eltcreed also came there to tell Yune that he can borrow money from Valentine’s bank and can pay whenever he can. So Yune makes a wish that he wants to live normally and open a toy shop.

After Ulrik and Eltcreed left Cyrus with Yune, Yune tells her that he loves Cyrus for real. His heart is weak since long time ago and he doesn’t know when his heart might stop after Cyrus have unlocked the immortal key, but he wants to be with her. Then, he kissed her cheek.


By chance, Cyrus is able to touch Saint Yune. It seems he can’t touch people because of Sekiei, but people can touch him. So he asks Cyrus to keep touching him. In this route, Yune asked someone else to investigate Cyrus’ parents dead. He found out the culprit is Fitzgerald Evans so he fired Warner, Fitzgerald’s father, and punish them. But Cyrus prefers to live separately with Yune, because she doesn’t want him to die out of love for him.

After that, Yune works diligently, firing a few assemblyman and let Fin’s father as the new politician he trusted. Fin comes back to work under Sir Cordoa and often have drink overnight, afraid he will get fat like Cordoa. Cyrus is working alone as sword teacher. A few decades after that, Yune goes to Cyrus house in a hurry, just so he can meet the old Cyrus’ death face. He keeps lamenting why he never go to see her. But he wants Cyrus to keep smiling and watching him from the sky.


While being Yune’s assistant, Cyrus is waiting for his death. His body is getting weaker until one day, he asks her to kiss him. It is the first and last kiss for them. Yune regrets why he have so many wish near his end, but finally died in peace. After that, Cyrus begins working as politician. Her family’s name has been proven innocence. Fin is now working as her secretary. But sometimes, Cyrus can smell chocolate at the hallway, remembering her of Yune. Though she must keep going forward and not looking at the past.


Because Cyrus refuse to be Yune’s girlfriend, he stabbed her stomach with food knife. He doesn’t like her to choose law over him, although he thinks he can love her for sure. So after looking at his dying love, Yune also feels pain. He thinks he will die at peace now. But not. In the morning, Warner knocks on his door to attend meeting. Yune wakes up by himself, leaving the dead Cyrus alone.


Yune was captured by Glissade and made as his experiment for Priscilla. Even though Ulrik came to save him, Yune had already died inside. He kept calling Ulrik as Arcenclimb.


When Yune ordered Cyrus to kill him in the Elrcreed’s house, so Ulrik can believe he is the real Yune, Cyrus got stabbed instead by the sword in the house. She can’t kill Yune and die instead.


Here, Cyrus fought with Fitzgerald before he could kill her parents. She brought him to the Temple, but Warner Evans prevented her from going further. Thankfully, Yune Sekiei found out about Warner and Cyrus’ conversations so he ordered to take Warner to prison. Meanwhile, Yune needed to remodel the assembly after knowing Warner’s evil deed, so he ordered Cyrus to gather some men in the Depths to reconcile between two lands.

Cyrus went to the Depths again without Fin. With Sir Ines help, she came to Eltcreed’s house to pick him as the candidate in the Heights. After Eltcreed talk with the other leaders, they agreed to let him go to the Heights, but the people in Depths should know what the decision in Heights through radio. Eltcreed must bring the radio to the Heights so he asked Ulrik to follow him. And he wanted a doctor to accompany him in the Heights, so Sir Ines introduced them to Adage. The three people were finally agreed to go to the Heights. But they need one more person. Sir Ines suggested Sachsen, but at the promised time, Sachsen refused to see the Temple again. In the end, Sir Ines followed Cyrus as Hounds representative.

But after arriving at the Temple, they were surrounded by policemen, lead by Sir Cordoa Hasse. In the time Cyrus went to the Depths, Warner asked Cordoa to release him and took over the Heights, prisoning Saint Yune in his room. After running away to Cyrus’ house, Fin followed them and told them there’s a secret door leading to Saint Yune’s room at the chapel. Believing in Fin, Cyrus and the others went inside the Temple again, to be found by Cordoa. It seems Fin betrayed them, but at the urgent time, Fin capture Sir Cordoa. Cyrus brought the others to release Saint Yune, but they met Warner on the way. After fighting Warner alone, Cyrus finally won the battle. Warner told them the truth, that his dog in the Depths, Glissade Roselite, is the person who asked him to bring Cyrus down. They finally arrived at Saint Yune’s room, and found he’s alright.

In the end, Yune captured Warner, Fitzgerald, Cordoa, and Glissade to be punished. He reconstructed the Heights with few people from the Depths, including Sachsen. Adage had a reunion with Glissade, his father, and felt relieve he can surpass Glissade. With the radio from Eltcreed, Saint Yune had a diplomatic announcement to the people in the Depths, telling them they will help each other by exchanging technology and medical knowledge. A month after that, Fin’s father had become a new assemblyman, alongside with Sachsen. The people can love anyone and no order to get married anymore. They have freedom. At the last page, it is told that Eltcreed helps Saint Yune in the Heights, Ulrik returns to the Depths and is creating a new transportation such as plane, Adage works in the Temple’s medical research, Sir Ines handles new policemen, Saint Yune watching people to live, and Cyrus keeps patrolling with Fin.


After taking a walk in Liberalitas with Yune, Cyrus let him run to Eltcreed’s house by himself. She felt someone’s presence and got knocked on her head. After she wakes up, she has already on Fin’s lap. He confessed his desire to be with Cyrus and wouldn’t let her with another man, but before he could do anything, a man came to rescue Cyrus. She almost run away, but gets back to Fin and fight the man until he runs away. But the man comes back to shoot Cyrus’ stomach. Fin went berserk and killed the man, but it was too late. Cyrus is dead and Fin makes a promise to follow her.


Cyrus decided to search the antidote for Elt herself. She finally met Fin on the street. Fin said he will give her the antidote if she follow him to his house because he need to make it first. He lives in the house where Rielith and Merlot had lived before. But Cyrus is being drugged to sleep and chained by Fin, who wants to get her.


Before Adage and Cyrus went home after having dinner with Glissade, Cyrus begged Adage to talk more with Glissade. While waiting for Adage, she met Fin, bringing a corpse’s head with blood. Cyrus ran away but Fin kept chasing her. In the end, Cyrus shot him with the gun Adage lent to her before going to the Hounds office. As always, before dying, Fin gave her Tistella necklace. But now, he couldn’t finish his sentence of loving Cyrus. A Hounds soldier found them and killed Cyrus with his sword for killing a Hounds soldier.

In all routes, Fin had either die or became a mad man. It’s too cruel for him, who just wish to be with Cyrus. He had a hard time becoming Hounds, following cruel orders from Sachsen and Glissade. Sometimes, he is being a jerk who tries to rape Cyrus. But I can feel his sadness. If PC version already have his route, I will buy and play it again. I hope his route comes quickly.

As I have wrote above, Steam Prison is full of murder, politics, cruelty, blood splattered everywhere. The topic is too dark. And Eltcreed, sometimes Adage, can make it a bit light. They often tease and seduce Cyrus to make a fun dialogues, despite the heavy theme and world. Especially Eltcreed. He is a perverted glasses man, a perfect definition of playboy. But his personality is rather complex. He is also a good business man and politician, giving freedom to people but still follows the rule. Elt is truly a most unique character in otome game I have played.

As for Ulrik, he still has a heart of a boy, who plays around and being lazy. But he keeps his faith to his Ferrie ancestor. As a Ferrie, he has smart brain too. And then Adage., my most favorite character here. He seems quiet and rarely speaks. But not. His true character appears after Cyrus meets him. Adage becomes talkative and similar to a mother who is protecting her son. He also doesn’t receive father’s love as a child. All main characters have lovely parents, but not for Adage. He is called recessive by Glissade, because he’s born from a woman he doesn’t love. But in the end, Adage can find his own life, rather than following his father’s footsteps.

Sir Ines might be the most boring character here. From the start to the end, he is a good person. But he actually killed people if Sachs would order him. All so just he can go back to the Heights. He can do anything for his goal. But I still think his story is the most boring, for his plain personality. And then, Saint Yune, who is immortal, feels lonely and wish to die. His route includes pure love, but I still hope he can grow bigger in happy ending, together with Cyrus. Yune can throw away everything he had, immortality, wealth, authority just so he can find peace in death. As for Cyrus, she is a strong woman. But at some time, she is not as powerful as man. Her character has strong justice and helps other people. And sometimes, she can also very calculated towards her goal. Even though she was accused of being a criminal, she try to gain innocence by her own strenght.

When will we receive his route in PC??

The story is depicting our everyday’s life. The hate towards differences, afraid of poverty, killing each others to gain money and power. I think Steam Prison is a good otome game. But to become my favorite on my list, it doesn’t have painful dialogue. It will become more attached to my heart and memory, if they includes something more sad and heartbreaking. But the ending stories alone is depicting death. BGMs are very good. Sometimes, my sister would remind of Chrono Cross, with violin in it. And the songs are also good. ED song is beautiful, titled Höyry Vankila – Laventelin Sininen -, a Finnish language, the exact song from Eltcreed’s father’s book. But I wonder why the OP song by its seiyuus was changed to “Suikoden” like song. Though I like folk tone like that… I wish Fin’s route is also included in PC version… Please put it quick before I forget about this! Note that I played this game for more than 40 hours, about 11 days! This is the most long otome game in PC I have played. Before playing this, I completed Ken ga Hana ni Shizumu Toki / Les Fleurswords, but I didn’t write any review.


I have played Fin’s route! Please check my post about him and after stories in this post.

Link for CG:



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