Furue, Yurayura to ~Jougen no Shou~ & ~Kagen no Shou~ CG (R18)

I only put Furue, Yurayura to CG from Windows version, made by A’s Ring. There are two separate games for Windows, Jougen no Shou and Kagen no Shou.

Why wouldn’t I write a review? Because I didn’t read / hear fully of the story. After finishing Fata Morgana no Yakata previously, I was a bit tired playing VN. But I forced myself to try Oni to Hanazuma and Furue, Yurayura to, in order to get rid of my VN list. Turns out, this series is boring. I skipped most of dialogues. They are many unimportant dialogues and seems to prolong the storyline. But I got very bored with it. I needed three weeks after Oni to Hanazuma to complete this due to laziness.

This Windows version have two parts. The heroine is Abe no Kaguya, but her true name can be changeable. She time slipped from the present world to Heian period then met a few historical characters. Jougen no Shou have this characters list: Minamoto no Raikou (Domon Atsushi / Satou Takuya)-a big man dealing with bandits, Fujiwara no Yasumasa (Yanesen / Watanabe Hiroshi)-a nobleman and poet, and Kuuya (Matsutake Yatarou / Enoki Junya)-a misterious boy with curse. This first part have threesome bad endings for Yasumasa and Kuuya’s characters. Yasumasa with Yasusuke, Kuuya with Ashiya Douman (Chasuke / Katou Masayuki). Since Kuuya is the only character I haven’t heard in history, I would think of him as this Budhist monk.

Jougen no Shou

But Kagen no Shou only have bloody bad endings. The main characters in Kagen no Shou are Fujiwara no Yasusuke (Shinsen Ryoku / Kitayama Kyousuke)-Yasumasa’s little brother, Hayanami (Asagi Yuu / Suzuki Yuuto)-Kaguya’s older brother with different mother, and Abe no Seimei (Yotsuya Cider / Okitsu Kazuyuki)-the person who saved Kaguya when she first got in Heian and true form is fox ayakashi. There is a man who always helps Kaguya in every route except Seimei, which is Kamo no Morimichi (Niinami Ikuya).

Kagen no Shou

Since I didn’t know the full story, I won’t write any ambiguous review. The post will end here and enjoy the CG (note that it is R18).

Link for CG:

Furue, Yurayura to ~Jougen no Shou~


Furue, Yurayura to ~Kagen no Shou~



  1. a´s ring games are a hit or miss (really really a miss in my case though) I do remember japanese gamers giving it low scores citing the problem with the main heroine (too whinny and jerkass) and the removal of 3p routes (onedaria sharemate , orfleurs and enkan no memoria to a extent uses this system ) anyways I am not surprised with this title being trashy -_- otome 18+ as whole can be a genre with really really bad games , hope you can find something enjoyable next time!

    • Oh so it’s not just me who find it boring. The characters only talk and talk here without big problem. I guess I will try Enkan no Memoria later. I will have a rest from playing games in Windows. Thank you for information.

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