Steam Prison Fin Route

I finally bought Fin’s route on steam. This is the continuation of Steam Prison otome game from my previous post. The route is supposed to be there on PSVita version, with the song “Yuuen”, sung by all the male leads. But when it was ported to Windows version, the song had changed by m@o. But finally yesterday, all Windows gamer can finally able to play Fin’s route! I used walkthrough from Japanese version but it is still useful.

I won’t write a long introduction, so let’s begin with Warder Route from Fin Euclase (CV Shingaki Tarusuke).


The story began after Cyrus was blame for killing her parents. While being captured, Fin made announcement that he’s the killer, instead of Cyrus. At his trial, Fin revealed all of his feelings and made up story that he because he love Cyrus, he killed her parents. Even though Fin doesn’t kill Keef and Misty Tistella, he has a sin of loving someone who isn’t his fiancé. In the end, he was sent to the Depths. But he didn’t know that Cyrus must be sent there too, because she lost her partner, and worked in the Hounds.

At Hounds, Cyrus always avoiding to fight Sachsen by being a calm soldier. One day, she found Fin in the market but he quickly went to another place. While chasing him, Cyrus met a few bad guys trying to snatch her belongings. But thankfully, Fin came to save her from the guys. He brought Cyrus to his own house at the Depths, saying he is now work to repair things. He wanted to work and tried to live by himself, unlike his life in the Heights. Cyrus was proud of him, but she couldn’t return his love. There was a time Fin tried to explain about his love to Cyrus by kissing her. It made Cyrus heart throbbing fast but she couldn’t tell what it is.

When she received her first payment as Hounds, Cyrus bought a wine to celebrate it with Fin, as a commemoration of her first salary and the first time Fin opened a repair shop at the market. They had a party in his house, while Fin cooked hamburg for her. After Cyrus got drunk and Fin tried to bring her back to Hounds, he kissed her forehead, saying he will hold his feelings for now. They found Sachsen was trying to capture a woman after they move forward. Cyrus saved the woman easily, but it made her worry. The next day, she was suspended as Hounds for unmentioned time. So she went to the market to meet Fin. But she was shocked to meet Sachsen there, trying to stop Fin from working at the market. Suddenly, there was a smoke and someone brought Cyrus and Fin to a sewer. He was Ulrik. Ulrik explained to them that his master wanted Cyrus to work under him, and brought the two of them to Eltcreed’s house. There, Eltcreed told Cyrus that he want her to be his bodyguard, but not sure about Fin. Though he promise he will take care of Fin staying in the Depths.

Good Ending (I LOVE YOU)

Cyrus agreed being Elt’s bodyguard because she didn’t have any choice rather than coming back to Hounds, so Elt let them rest in one room. He thinks both Fin and Cyrus are lovers. In the end, the two of them slept on the same bed, where Cyrus noticed her feelings of love to Fin when her back touched his. But she couldn’t let Fin know about it for now. The truth is, Fin also can’t sleep while thinking about his loved one sleeping beside him. Knowing the truth of his embarrassing moments, Cyrus kissed his cheek so he could calm down. Though she still couldn’t tell her real feelings to Fin.

In the morning, Elt asked Ulrik if he know what the two of them do at night. But even though as someone who gathers information, Ulrik doesn’t know some things. After Fin and Cyrus went outside from their room to meet Elt and Ulrik, Elt gave them a house to live in the Depths. Cyrus made a choice that they will both do only for one house, because she already realize her feelings to Fin. The same as his own decision, Fin will work to repair things there, while Cyrus is being Elt’s bodyguard. At their new home, Fin proposed to Cyrus to marry him, though he mentioned it might be a miracle to happen. Feeling down because she can’t say her own feelings, Cyrus grabbed his should to kiss him. There, she confessed that she already love Fin. In the end, they got married in the Depths. After one year of their marriage, Fin made another hamburg to eat. But Cyrus didn’t remember that it’s their first year wedding anniversary. To make up for her mistake, Cyrus said she will do whatever he order. So Fin finally let his thoughts comes out, to embrace her as husband and wife. At first, Cyrus doesn’t notice (similar to Adage’s story but here is more laughable), but finally she understands what he means by “dakitai”. He let her sit on his lap, and they will spend their first night that day.


When Sachsen tried to fight with Fin because he dislike Fin opening a repair shop at the market, Cyrus tried to save him. But Fin went out on his own to fight Sachsen and stabbed. He remembered the first time he met Cyrus. He failed police officer entrance exam twice and finally became a police. But his happiness was just a moment until Sir Cordoa told that his partner is a girl, Cyrus Tistella. Fin thinks he’s being a letdown and have a weak partner. But after a few week working with Cyrus, he realized she’s the only person who see him as a strong person. While his father, Finis, doesn’t care about him and will pick his brother as the successor for their business. Cyrus is the only one who knows his purpose to live. He cried in front of Cyrus, so she hug him to let him calm down. Then, the story goes to the dying Fin. Again, he confessed his love to Cyrus before his death. After that, Cyrus went mad and fight Sachsen with a few of soldiers. But she got shot by Sachsen’s gun.

Bad Ending (DYING VOICE)

While agreeing to be Elt’s bodyguard, Cyrus decided to go back to Hounds and say goodbye to Sachsen. At first, Fin won’t let her go. But Cyrus kept being a rock. To make sure she’s safe, Elt asked Ulrik to let her go to the sanctuary district again. Though before she arrive at the Hounds, Cyrus asked Ulrik to let the others know that she won’t come back, giving her pendant as exchange. She offers Fin as Elt’s bodyguard, rather than herself. While grieving over Cyrus, Fin was being calmed down by Elt. He must keep on living. Meanwhile, Sachsen captured Cyrus and played with her mind and body.

AFTER STORIES (The short stories followed after happy ending for all routes)


Following after his happy ending “MY QUEEN”, Elt went back home late at night. He doesn’t wear umbrella at rainy night. It makes Cyrus worried if he will be sick. Then, he explained on how his mother was punished to the Depths. Elt’s mother could differentiate between real and fake stones. But she sold a fake one with high price. But the truth is, she just want to advance the Heights technology to create real stone. After telling Cyrus that story, Elt was ready to take a bath, but he unbutonned his shirt in front of her. It made Cyrus gets embarrassed. Elt even said that the inside of him is drenched (uchigawa, when the translation is chest). Knowing she can’t take his joke anymore, Elt kisses her lightly on lips and take a bath by himself (although he wants to be together with Cyrus). The truth is, he feels the needs to tease her because she refused to marry him.


Ulrik is in a long thought because Elt noticed he doesn’t become lovely enough for Cyrus. Elt even said that at this rate, if it’s not Cyrus, Ulrik’s girlfriend should already gone to someone with the name Elt—and —tine (Eltcreed Valentine). When he’s at lost, he saw Cyrus with a flower bag. While being tsundere, Ulrik asked to bring the bag since he’s a man. And he had a hard time asking Cyrus to eat dinner at a restaurant. But she finally noticed his struggle. But she told him to ask her one more time. When Ulrik finally said it again, Cyrus made another attack by calling him “honey” and hold his arm.


Adage found a cockroach in their house and told Cyrus to get rid of it. Cyrus easily captured and let it go outside the house. She was wondering how Adage could touch lizard but not cockroach. He said when he was in the orphanage, cockroaches often came on his bed (I always met them on my bed too, but not as scared as Adage. I could even grab them when I was in high school. This is karma…). That’s what building trauma to him. Then, Adage went to bed after Cyrus. He wouldn’t embrace her that night because it would hinder his job the next day. He just touched Cyrus cheek after she woke up so he could feel she is real, asking what kind of word would she prefer between “suki” or “aishiteru”. Cyrus said it didn’t matter so he used both words to her to say good night.


Similar to Ulrik, he needs someone to tell him to take action. Now, it’s Adage who told him to go on a date sometimes. Even though they live together after Ines became the leader of Hounds, they rarely go on date. So Ines asked Cyrus before going back home to take a walk outside. But she considered it’s patrolling together. After arriving at home, Ines gave Cyrus a hair clip. Realizing he’s supposed to give it on their date, Cyrus apologized for not knowing his intention. Then, after putting it on Cyrus’ short hair, Ines hugged her from behind. He will keep on living together with her and take everything slowly.


It was the day to celebrate Yune’s birthday at Elt’s house. He wore the saint clothes after a few months living in the Depths with Cyrus. But she couldn’t give him a present because Yune already received so many from Elt. When the two of them went back home, Yune sold toys now, he asked Cyrus to give him the present. She didn’t have any choice and gave him a topaz stone. He realized the meaning about it is hope. He told Cyrus that eventually, he will die. But he’s happy to celebrate his birthday with everyone, even though it’s only a date he was picked by his step father, Keisha Ferrie. Yune kissed Cyrus modestly, saying because of her, he finally break his shell. Then, Yune said he want to sell his shop so he could go travelling, with Cyrus. She agreed, but he felt Cyrus only saw him as someone younger. So he tells Cyrus that he has grown taller after being a human again. He wants Cyrus to love him more.


Realizing Fin had been using honorifics when talking to her, Cyrus suggested they should have a fight. Fin should use normal friendly words while Cyrus used formal words. So they took a walk around town together while taking a fight. When Fin saved Cyrus from bumping someone, Cyrus gave him a cute smile. While being with her, Fin had always thought she is very cute all the time, it made him scared too. Unfortunately for Cyrus, she must lose to Fin. She told him she will buy it his favorite hamburg, but he said he only need her by his side. He kissed Cyrus lightly on street.


The story follows after Grand Finale Ending, where Yune gathered the men from the Depths to work in The Heights. After a year, he wished to know what of their opinion after his speaking to the Depths. But Cyrus is not there yet, for having a physical examination as an officer. So, everyone teased Fin, when Elt and Ulrik revealed they had a bet if Fin already confessed or not. Ulrik won because Fin hadn’t done that. Adage thinks he might snatch Cyrus then, followed by Ines. The story ended after Cyrus came to Yune’s room.

Actually, I have all the bonus pictures after downloading from zerochan site before playing Fin’s route. But I still need to buy Fin’s route in order to know his story. It feels very short, I could finish it in about 3-4 hours if not playing the after stories for everyone. The Fin’s route is a bit tricky. I need to open a separate application from original Steam Prison icon and selecting it from steam library.

I feel his route is very short, despite he is also a main character. In the song “Yuuen” below for Vita version, Shingaki Tarusuke sang more lines than a few seiyuu, such as Furukawa Makoto or Takase Yasuyuki. I think the two of them aren’t that good at singing. The most lines were sung by Shingaki Tarusuke, Shirai Yuusuke, and Takatsuka Tomohito. They made perfect combination to sing it. Me and my sister thinks Yuuen is the best song we have ever heard from a seiyuu, since most of seiyuu songs don’t have such pretty tone / rhythm, except Makino Hideki.

Below is the OP for Nintendo Switch for 2021 (I still think the Vita version have the best tone, which I could differentiate between voices):

While thinking it’s very short and doesn’t feel like the writer thinks more, I feel his story is cute. He should have live again in the Heights. But the writer made it that they live in Liberalitas, which is the easiest plot. And the fight with Sachsen was uncomplete because they ran away with Ulrik’s help. I feel Fin is supposed to get back his innocence, it’s too cruel that he must suffer and be blamed by other people in the Heights. Even though Cyrus had asked Saint Yune to help Fin’s parents, Finis and his wife, Elaine, but it’s not being told. I feel it is lacking something, compared to other route, which had me playing for more than 5 hours each.

Anyway, I finally have satisfaction playing his route. He finally found peace, compared to all bad endings in other characters. Fin is a pitiful character here. He always live beside Cyrus, protecting her and innocent. But he must get separated from Cyrus (in other routes), brought to the Hounds, getting tortured by Sachsen, then died in almost routes without being able to confess, or becomes an evil rapist villain in some endings. Here, he gets Cyrus love and they got married for the finale.

After Fin’s route and after stories, there are a few short stories novel-like without voice. Most of them told the after story of some normal endings (not happy ending), the past stories of Elt and Ulrik’s mother, etc. I won’t write it here, it’s best to read it yourself. Truthfully, I hope the after stories would be for after Cyrus’ marriage with all main male characters. I need to make sure one of them have child picture in it. But sadly, most of them hadn’t even have their first night… Or I wanted to see Saint Yune grew taller. From all after stories, I like Adage and Fin the most. They are very cute. Meanwhile, even though Elt’s story is always sexy, it is a bit boring to talk about his mother. I don’t know why Steam Prison has 17+ rating… I feel they are mostly used in otome games, though the bloody description is a bit to the point. But I don’t feel they are gross. Anyway, I have finished all Fin’s route DLC in a day (maybe 8 hours or so)!

I feel with those kind of short extra stories, the price is a bit expensive on steam. But anyway, I hope there will be more otome games on steam. I need Vita port too for some series. I am interested in “Utsusemi no Meguri” but I don’t have Vita. So I think I will play “Kannagi no Mori” next by the same developer, Matatabi. And I am waiting to get my copy of “Tsumikui ~Sen no Noroi, Sen no Inori~” together with soundtrack CD. I like Makino Hideki’s song and Suzuha Yumi after Noise -voice of snow-. Btw, before playing Fin’s route, I had completed Valkyria Chronicles 4 in True Ending for about 12 days! Yay! I might write its review later. But I’m very disappointed in VC4.

Link for CG:



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