Tsumikui ~Sen no Noroi, Sen no Inori~ Full Story

I bought Tsumikui ~Sen no Noroi, Sen no Inori~ (Sin Eating ~A Thousand Curses, A Thousand Prayers~) together with the soundtrack and song lyrics, Hana wa Utau. I had posted the soundtrack earlier to be downloaded. I had played a few of Operetta’s games before, such as Diary, noise -voice of snow- and Koezaru wa Akai Hana.

So far, I like their strong willed heroines. Let’s see what impression will Tsumikui give me. The review will be long. I had though of separating the post into 1 or 2-3 characters, but I decided to write them fully here. This review will be similar to playing the game itself. For completing the game, I played Morihito route first in about 12 hours, Souta in 7 hours, Shiou in 17 hours (yeah, his route is like twice more than everyone’s route), Touji and Kagerou in 8 hours, and the last is Ren in 10 hours. Total playing time is 54 hours including writing a review in the middle of playing. If I didn’t write full reviews, I think I could complete it in 48-50 hours? This is the longest otome game I’ve ever played! Maybe? I didn’t remember my past time playing before 7’scarlet. But I only need 8 days to complete it (of course plus working in the daytime). I also neglected my Final Fantasy XV until chapter 5. The review is based on Windows version and I think the Vita version have more CGs & scenarios (always for every game). Let’s start.

Vita version added more CG

The story opened when Renki, begged a man in black hair, Morihito, to kill him. Morihito said he doesn’t want to kill Renki but if he kept begging for it, Morihito will grant his wish. He said he actually wanted to grant him and Sera’s wish. But it made Renki laughed, because he had killed Sera and said he want to grant her wishes. Though it was denied by Morihito, saying he loved Sera. But Renki didn’t believe him, saying he will curse him with his words. The first one is, Morihito won’t be able to ever hold Sera again in the next life. The second is, Renki will love Sera in the next life.

Anzaki Kaoru (Uchida Mami), our heroine, woke up from that dream because her father (not real father), Anzaki Tsukasa, 29 years old, (Miyazawa Shinichi) had been calling her to eat her meal. She called him as a handsome man in woman’s attitude. They’re living together since the death of her parents.

After talking a bit with her father, Kaoru went to school and met her classmate, Tai Souta (Enoki Junya), who teased her for being unlady like. Kaoru had been living as a tomboy and she couldn’t believe if there’s a man who would love her. But Souta seems to change his perception, that a girl like Kaoru is also good. Then, another classmate, Tai Motoko (Hirayama Emi), came to talk with them. She is Souta’s little sister, whom he loves a lot, because they’re twins. In her class, many people were talking about the recent murder news. They haven’t found the culprit yet. Hearing it, makes Kaoru scared a lot, reminding her of her parents being killed. But Souta and Motoko were there to calm her down. Then, a few people also talked about a new transfer student. They mentioned he’s handsome, but it’s weird to transfer at this time. Aside from that, Motoko asked Kaoru to help her take care of a cat she found.

After the school was over, Kaoru and Motoko went to the park to meet with the cat. But the cat was wounded from some crow. Kaoru was searching for a cardboard to put the cat inside and bring it to the hospital, but when she got back, a man tried to kill the unconscious Motoko with his knife, saying he will dispose of her. But after attacking the man and afraid he would kill her precious people again (her mother was killed), Motoko suddenly had an urge to eat the man. She grabbed his neck, and the killer vanished like a breaking glass. But Kaoru suffered from breathing and asking help. A man with white hair suddenly said he will help her, no matter what the situation. He kissed Kaoru and she finally could breath again. He said he’s her servant and protector from her life of a thousand years ago, and his name now is Nagami Ren (Akabane Kenji). She needs to rest first after all of that though, because it’s her first sin-eating ritual.

When Kaoru woke up, she was already on her own bed, so she took the event before as a dream. But the cat was already in her house, and at school, Motoko also remembered about going to the park together. But she had lost memories after that. There is a new student in her class and turns out it’s Nagami Ren.

So Kaoru asked him when they had a breaktime. Ren explained that if she eat someone with great sin, she will turn half human and half demon (oni). She thinks oni is bad and she even eats humans as one of them, but Ren doesn’t think so. He said she’s special and have value in his eyes, as her servant. A long time ago, in this land, they’re all called Kamiki no Mono (上樹の者=The Upper Tree) because they had overflowing powers from the Earth (their eyes turned red). They are the crystal of the Earth and exhaled to the ground, just like a trash. But for Ren, only Kaoru was beautiful from them all. But despite he called them as a trash, people also considered them similar to a God. That’s why, people are calling them oni, for having the power to kill humans. One day, the oni built their own village in the mountain to hide from humans. Nowadays, only Ren could hear the Earth’s voice like the oni clan in the past. Other people might’ve forgotten about it.

There are two clans of Kamiki no Mono. One of it is Kamiha (神派=God), the clan who should lived in the ground. And the other one, they who should watch over the people and lived higher than the clouds in the mountain, they’re called Ukigumo (浮雲=Floating Clouds) clan. In the end, Kamiki no Mono abandoned and ignoring the Earth’s voice. The princess from Kamiha, Sera, had a marriage with the prince of Ukigumo, Morihito, to create strong child from them. As Sera’s servant, Ren was against their forced marriage in the past. He doesn’t choose any side, between human and Kamiki, acts just for Sera’s happiness. At first, Sera agreed with the marriage. But later in her reincarnation, she thought the same as Ren, that it’s a stupid thing to do. Meanwhile, there was an attack from humans to Kamiki, and she thought the humans were not worth living. She killed many innocent people. The Kamiki from Kamiha didn’t care for humans, so they were not stopping Sera. Meanwhile, the Ukigumo needed to protect humans, so Morihito killed Sera. He put a curse on her, that her sin won’t be redeemed until she eat the thousand deadly sins. Now as Sera-hime’s reincarnation, Kaoru is living with the curse to eat great sinners. The proof of it was last night, she performed the Tsumikui no Gi (罪喰いの儀=Sin-eating ceremony). If she doesn’t do it, she will die from the attack of hunger and dryness.

Ren said he kissed her the night before as Chousei (調整=Adjustment). When Sera-sama haven’t completed the Tsumikui no Gi, he has a power to prepare the inside, something like being awarded? Kaoru was scared to know she’s not a normal human, but for her precious people, she chose to live. Though she will always hates herself that eats people, Ren tells her that she shouldn’t care about that. Moreover, she only killed bad people. He did the Chousei (kiss) again after Kaoru asked him to save her, when she was getting weaker. His name is Renki in the past.

Ren wakes Kaoru up in the class when everyone has already left. He said he had found the new Great Sinner for her. He had been searching for them to help Kaoru. She asked if it’s only at her era that they had a Great Sinner in short interval, but Ren answered that it’s the same in Sera’s time too. It made her wondering that she would die in near future if not completing it in a short time, but it seemed she actually had one month before dying. While they’re at it, Kaoru asked him again why do they need one thousand Great Sinners? For Ren, it seems it’s to store Sera’s soul in the strong body. It made her wondering of where did Ren stored Sera’s body. But he wouldn’t tell her until she beats the 999 sinner. When Kaoru tried to find the sinner that night, she didn’t perform well and apologize. Ren said it’s fine since she’s not the real Sera, which made Kaoru glad because he didn’t look at her as Sera. Then, the two of them changed to their battle uniform, in where Ren thought she have cute uniform. But Kaoru said he didn’t have any feelings while saying it. Though he said all of that because they are the truth for him.

When they meet the man Kaoru should eat, she is shaking, afraid of killing him. Ren told her that the man had killed many people, he only chose a sinner who had killed many, though he have family too. He asked if she’s prepared to kill the man. So now, without thinking much anymore, Kaoru performed the Tsumikui no Gi because she will get revenge for her parents, who were killed. After that, Ren gave her Chousei again. He asked Kaoru to stay in his house because he have to tell her of something, but before that happened, a man appeared saying he will take Kaoru. He is Morihito in the past. Ren told him to let her have her final moments with her family and friends, after all, she had lost her past memories. The two of them were arguing a lot for this, but Kaoru felt weird. Why would the person who killed Sera, wanted to take her as his bride? But what Morihito was getting mad at is because Ren had kissed his bride. He made Kaoru lose consciousness after having a fight with Ren, then brought her to his home.

The story changed to Kuga Shiou (Tachibana Shinnosuke), a 17 years old rich man. He understood that he had an urge to kill people. As a student president, he was preparing the festival with a student council officer, Yumi. She wanted to stay longer with Shiou, but he just wanted to kill her. Suddenly, he feels a presence of a woman he wants. He owns Hachisuka, the tools to kill Sera, and he has been living for only that purpose. When Yumi noticed Shiou is a bit strange and wanted to call a doctor, he put her unconscious after saying he’s an oni. But before he could do something to her, his buttler, Kuga Touji (Takemoto Eiji), came to tell him that Morihito already found Sera. But she doesn’t have memories, so she’s still a half Kamiki. Though Shiou is thinking that he might find something interesting in her, rather than fighting with Sera until death like usual. Then, Kuga Kagerou (Yukishiro Ayano) came too, a child like immortal being of homunculus, made by Senya. Kagerou is lie an older brother of Kuga Touji. Kagerou told him that his father gave him order to meet with Sera and they must obey him no matter what. So for now, Shiou is preparing to greet Sera.

Kaoru woke up in a new room. The maid there told her to talk with Morihito after she wake up. In the room, she found Ren too. It seems Morihito was afraid if Ren lied to him before, thinking Sera’s curse had been lifted and Ren asked her to run away from him. After apologizing to Kaoru, she wanted his explanation of all this, together with the answer of why he wanted to marry her after killing Sera in the past. But she asked him to bring Tsukasa to listen too. When he met Kaoru and was glad she’s alright, Tsukasa got angry at Morihito, but Morihito also said it’s also Ren’s fault. In the end, Tsukasa let Morihito explain first. His name is Kamiki Morihito (Ono Yuuki), the chief of Kamiki clan. They wore Kamiki (上樹) name because the Ukigumo was annihilated before, and the founder put Kamiki name, not Kamiha, to remember about them. So it makes Kaoru have a guess that if someone doesn’t hold Kamiki name, they are not his friends. Hearing that, Morihito was proud of her since she also had similarity with Sera. But Tsukasa wanted to hit him because he called Kaoru as Sera.

Then, Morihito explained after sealing Sera, Ukigumo clan had different opinions. The first is Kamiki, who wants to help Sera end her atonement. And the other clan, Kuga, wants to annihilate Sera. Kuga won’t be satisfied by killing her, but they also want to erase her soul. And about the time when Sera killed many innocent people, one of the reason of that massacre was Morihito’s little sister, Hana, who was close with Sera like real sisters. One day, Hana was killed by humans. It made Sera thought that humans should be destroyed. Because of Ukigomo’s sin, of not being able to stop Sera, they will help her end her curse while also putting the curse for themselves. All Kamikis won’t be able to live after 50 years old. That’s why one them chose to live separately, which is Morihito’s uncle, Kuga Senya (Oda Toshimitsu), because he objected the curse (he is Shiou’s father). At first, it would seem that Sera had made great sins. But for Kamiki, she had given their revenge, because humans called them as oni and killed their clan too. And about why Morihito wanted to make her his bride, it was the last request from Sera. Before she died, she made a promise to be his bride in the next life. After hearing that, his father at that time, Byakuya (Makino Hideki), made their marriage as a condition to solve the curse. Morihito didn’t have power to disobey the condition, so they need to get married, or Kamiki clan will have the curse forever (to die at 50). But for now, Kaoru doesn’t love him so she won’t marry him.

She asked Ren for his opinion. But he said if they don’t do it, Sera, now is Kaoru will die. Whatever it is, Tsukasa is getting mad at Ren, because he put her life in danger. Tsukasa knows that his daughter is strong, so she will win from Sera. After getting mad at Ren, he also told Morihito that he didn’t get convince if they should get married. Both Ren and Morihito apologized to Tsukasa. But if it’s for Kaoru to live, he will let her stay in Morihito’s house to ensure her safety (from Kuga?) and because he knows that Morihito loved Sera in the past, so he won’t hurt Kaoru. While at it, Morihito is smiling at Tsukasa, saying that Kamiki clan respect their parents so much. But Tsukasa won’t let something bad happened to Kaoru, or he will cut Morihito. Anyway, Morihito finally got what he wants, so he makes an oath not to take Kaoru’s body without her permission in front of Kaoru, Ren, and Tsukasa. If he ever break it, he will lose his life. Because Kamiki is a clan who keeps their oath over their souls. After that, Tsukasa chose to go back to his house, leaving Kaoru in Morihito’s house. Though she was angry with Ren too, Kaoru just punched his head. And she was angry at Morihito for calling her Sera, but he didn’t seem to understand.

When Kaoru took a bath, she was surprised to see Morihito went inside too. He wanted her to get used before their marriage, but Kaoru didn’t want to let him in without washing first. He answered that he already washed his body before going in. After that, Kaoru asked his thought of killing people, that it’s not a good thing for killing innocent people. So, Morihito told her that the humans also confused them as an oni in the past. But right now, the humans also discriminate against each other and made their own classes. For Kamiki, humans made them confused. Though Kaoru compared it to his big house, any people would get confused too. Hearing that, it made Morihito laughed at her fun thoughts. Now, Kamiki also live between humans and only use their power to fight Kuga. It might be to lead a happy marriage life with Sera. When Morihito finally get out, he showed his body to Kaoru without thinking, which made her embarrassed of it.

After getting back to her new room, Kaoru was satisfied with the scent. It was the servant, Kikyou (Tezuka Yuuko), who prepared for her bed. Knowing that there’s a woman who became her maid, Kaoru asked her to be friends, holding her hands. At first, she refused because she’s only a nobody in Kamiki house. But finally, she was glad because such a cheerful girl came to be the lady in the house. They’re calling each other names now. If anything happened to Kaoru, Kikyou said she will give her life on it. She won’t die even if she gets hurt, is what Kikyou said. While at it, Kaoru asked her of Ren’s relationships in Kamiki house, because he and Morihito are enemies in the past but now is living together. Though Kikyou couldn’t answer it, and she told Kaoru that Ren is actually hate the Kamiki house so he’s going outside right now. But Kaoru said she can feel his presence even if they’re being separated, which made Kikyou a bit confused, because if Kamiki could feel each other’s presence, it means something. Suddenly, they heard something big broke and enemies are coming there. Kikyou told Kaoru to go to Morihito’s room and run away, but Kaoru chose to go back to save Kikyou after that. This is where the branch started.


Morihito is a straight man who always loves Sera. He is not a bad man, but he can’t break a rule even if his beloved person is suffering. While he seems cold, sometimes, he can be very cute when gets blushed. Often fighting mouth with Ren, though he takes care of Ren too in Kamiki house.

After meeting Morihito when he’s fighting Kuga clan in his house, Kaoru asked him to help her save Kikyou. At first, Morihito refused and chose to go to a save place with her, but she finally convinced him to help the people who protected her. When they got back to Kikyou, she was already badly wounded, and Morihito also got hurt there. The enemies from Kuga finally appeared. Kuga Shiou, who is Senya’s son, and Touji his butler, arrived in front of Kaoru and Morihito. Shiou called Sera as his woman, because he lives only to kill her, which made Morihito disgusted at it. He thinks Kuga clan is a people who don’t know love and pity them, like a broken doll. After fighting for a bit, they were stopped by Kagerou. He told Shiou to go back because his father only wanted him to greet Sera, not fighting them. Before leaving, Kagerou asked Kaoru to play with them until her death next time, which made Morihito said Kagerou is an Earth Doll like the rumour said.

When they found peace again after Kuga left them, Kikyou need to be treated for her serious wound. But she won’t die, because Kamiki can’t die just by some wounds. In this moment, Morihito told Kaoru about the use of a barrier and Senya, his uncle, who seems to be the only one who knows about the technique because Byakuya isn’t there anymore. And about Kuga clan, he have heard some rumours that they becomes strong by eating the soul of the same family. It made Kaoru ask him again, if Morihito’s father didn’t know of what would happen in the future if he made a curse for Kamiki clan, about Senya became their enemy. For Morihito, he thinks that his father might wanted to protect them (from Senya too), so he made it. Then, they were wondering about Ren’s whereabouts, he didn’t appear all night.

In the morning after a few days has passed, Kikyou is still recovering and can’t serve Kaoru. This time, Kaoru is preparing to go to school again, but she needs to eat sinner in the near time. She feels her body changes a bit because of not eating them for a while. When she asked Morihito to let her go to school, he wanted to give her his subordinate to guard her. Actually, he wanted to go to school himself so she will be safe, but she refused. Kaoru finally convinced him again to let her go to school after she called him wanted to confine her like a criminal would. Although as her future husband, he thinks she won’t need to graduate school. Though for Kaoru, if she do it, she feels like her presence is not there anymore. When she asked Morihito to help her doing Tsumikui no Gi, he said Kamiki only live to help her end the curse, but they couldn’t help her doing the atonement. The only one who can help her is Ren. So she won’t ask about it anymore.

At school, she met Ren, Motoko, and Souta again. The twins thought she was getting influenza for not attending school. After she hass getting well, Motoko invited Kaoru to go to a cake shop after school. Even though Morihito had told her to go straight home, Kaoru chose to go with them, together with Ren, who said he likes sweet food. Before going, Motoko mentioned there were some girls in another school who had gone missing, so it would be dangerous to go out until night though. But the four of them were having a good time inside the cake shop. Motoko also mentioned there is a handsome patissier in the shop, which she likes to see. Although Souta was worried of Kaoru, she said she will go back alone, together with Ren. When their friends had gone, Kaoru and Ren noticed something weird about the cake shop. It was closing at 5 PM, even though it’s written to open until 8 PM. They also smell sinner from the clerk in the shop.

At home, when Kaoru and Ren were talking about who is the sinner and chose to investigate more on the next day, Morihito came to tell them that the sinner is the patissier after investigating about him. He said, he couldn’t interfere the Tsumikui no Gi. But he also couldn’t let her not knowing about the sinner and not helping to remove the curse. Also, he had put guard around Kaoru even if she didn’t notice them. Hearing that, Kaoru was mad for being stalked. Morihito also got surprised and apologizing to her. The next morning, Ren came back after investigating the people in the cake shop. He found out that the only person who could be the real sinner is only the patissier, the shop keeper. The patissier refused to go to school in the past, when he’s still in high school. He had been hating women after he was betrayed by the girl he was dating. This makes him becomes the culprit behind the high school girl’s missing too. When Kaoru finally arrived at school, Motoko mentioned to go to the cake shop again. But because of the recent incident of a missing high school girl, and it’s Mai, their friends, Kaoru informed her not to go and Motoko agreed.

Because Motoko is craving for sweets but she can’t go to the cake shop, Kaoru tries to make cookies for her. Knowing she makes it for her friend, Morihito smiles and together with Ren, tries to bake cookies with her. But Kaoru’s cookies failed a lot, more similar to senbei, while Ren and Morihito’s cookies are good. Although Morihito keeps saying she made it with feelings so he likes it, Kaoru wants to make another good cookies. Suddenly, Ren asked if she’s thirsty of not eating sinner for a while. Kaoru answered that it’s true. So tonight, Ren suggested her to eat the patissier, after he had confirmed the truth last night.

At night, Ren and Kaoru went to the mansion where Mai was kidnapped. But Mai didn’t believe if Kaoru could save her for real, fear Kaoru will betray her. Meanwhile, the patissier found them and tried to attack Kaoru, though Ren finally stopped him to ask the other girls whereabouts. Feeling hurt of Ren’s attack, the patissier told them about the other warehouse. But Ren and Kaoru had a guess that they’re all have been killed, so Kaoru perfomed the Tsumikui no Gi on the patissier at that time. Ren already put a barrier so Mai couldn’t hear or see them. After Kaoru released Mai’s rope, she was saying thanks to her. It’s the first time someone had been thanking her, because Kaoru doesn’t see herself as a hero.

On the next night, Kaoru was baking another cookies for Motoko. Knowing it, Morihito who happened to notice the smell, tried her cookies. But after he took it inside his mouth, he shared one to Kaoru’s mouth. It seems like a kiss. He said the cookies taste like her usual, her honesty, then went out from the kitchen. Though for Kaoru, it seems that he feels the honesty comes from Sera, not her. There will be a test shortly at school, so Motoko suggested Kaoru to learn science from Souta. But she just asked Ren at home. Though she still couldn’t understand and said his teaching became useless for her.

When she said that, Morihito heard and didn’t want his bride to not be able to do something. So he taught her again about integral. Through Morihito’s teaching, Kaoru could understand easily and was amazed at how great he is in teaching, saying he will be a great teacher. But he doesn’t seem to have courage in teaching. He was brought by a normal family who didn’t understand about school’s study, so he could relate with Kaoru’s worried of not understanding math. In the past, he hardly could understand his study so he often felt sorry for his teacher who should explain more to him. Moreover, he couldn’t use the Fuuju (封呪=cursed seal) as the clan chief, a power to seal the target’s power and memory. If someone used the perfect technique, they could kill a person’s power for a long time. It’s a technique only Kamiki could use. The only people who can use it are Morihito’s father, Hana, and Renki. He feels inferior to them, but Kaoru doesn’t think that. If she is his father, who have a son who does his best like Morihito, his father should be proud. There’s technique Morihito can perform well though rather than Fuuju, it’s a Kouju (抗呪=anti-curse). It’s a difficult technique actually, so Kaoru keeps saying he must have done his best, which makes him happy. He is sure that Kaoru is an honest person.

Kaoru and Morihito took time to study and it made her feel lonely to go back to her room after studying with him for two hours. But she thinks it’s like a loneliness from being separated with her brother. Suddenly, he said her name as Sera again, so Kaoru felt jealous of Sera, wanting to know of why he likes Sera until he did all of it for that person. It makes him blushing, getting embarrassed if he must say it in front of the person himself. Looking at him really loving Sera, Kaoru changed the topic that if Sera really love Morihito in the past, she must have had wanted to meet the person again. It makes Morihito surprised, because he knows Kaoru doesn’t want to be Sera. Anyway, Kaoru knows of his kindness and thinking that Fuuju is a curse that tied him to his duty right now. It makes him telling the truth that he sometimes feels pain from his duty, but after knowing about Sera’s curse, he can’t abandon his duty. He feels strange that after working his duty for a thousand year, he doesn’t talk about it. But he can talk in front of Kaoru. She told him it’s because she isn’t Sera and she doesn’t think about Kamiki clan, not a woman he love, so she was just saying her mind. Morihito agreed that she is really not Sera, because he wouldn’t be complaining about his weak side in front of Sera. For him, Kaoru is an interesting girl and it makes her feeling closer to him now.

Because Kaoru is afraid of not knowing about Sera, she wanted Morihito to tell her the past story of them. Suddenly, he came closer to Kaoru, and he said he will give her of his memories, when he was living together with Sera. Kaoru was brought to the old times when Morihito told his sister, Hana, not to meet Sera-hime often. But she wanted to draw Sera-hime, a beautiful being. When they finally came inside, Sera said that Hana looks similar to her previous maid. Her past maid didn’t hear their warning, tried to pick peach in the human’s ground and was killed by them. That’s why Sera-hime shut herself deep in the castle so she won’t feel human’s presence anymore. But she could feel Hana was in front of the gate earlier, because she could see everything within the God’s barrier. Anyway, Sera beg for Hana to play with her for one day because of her resemblance with the maid, but Morihito will grant it if he can attend together with Hana. The first memory stopped after Morihito saw Sera-hime for the first time inside the curtain. From there, Kaoru asked if Morihito fell in love at first sight to Sera-hime, but he didn’t answer. Even though he didn’t answer that question, Kaoru believe it was true.

The second memory is about Hana. She always wanted to meet Sera even though Ukigumo and Kamiha were in a fight. As her caring brother, Morihito didn’t have any choice than to let them play together. He always attending Hana and Sera’s playtime, when he also realized his love for Sera. One day, Sera asked him about his feelings when meeting her. For Sera, she’s glad to meet them and wanted to meet again and again. Morihito answered that she should have known of his feelings too. That time, he was feeling happy to meet her but also in pain to know of their clans, and he couldn’t touch Sera even though he really wanted. But Kaoru knows that he’s just feeling happy.

The next memory is of when Hana needs a color to paint Sera’s lips. Sera will help her to pick from their family’s artist’s paint to make her happy. But suddenly, one of her maid said Ukigumo clan was found by humans. Hearing that, Morihito noticed it might be some young man in the clan who asked him about human’s place but he couldn’t stop them from going to human’s world before. He will release them alone and tells Hana to stay with Sera. But before he went outside, Sera kissed him as a hope to come back. Looking at her brother and her love, Sera, are kissing, Hana cried from jealousy but also happy for them. The memories stop at there, although Kaoru still wants to see more. Kaoru told him that she’s not the beautiful Sera, so Morihito must feel disappointed. But he patted her head with a smile, saying she’s different than Sera but she also have good points. It means he thinks of Kaoru as a different person. She feels happy by that. But she won’t become Sera.

The next day, Kaoru went back after school and met Kikyou again. She was happy to see her healthy. Kikyou went in her room to give a present from Morihito, a cute puppy chopsticks. Then, because Kaoru had a tired studying time, she wanted to relax a bit at the dojo. There, Morihito found the light inside so he went in and chose to be Kaoru’s kendo partner. After fighting a bit, the two of them took a rest sitting before the wall and talking about Sera again. Kaoru feels she is inferior to Sera, so Morihito says that it’s the truth. Instead of Sera, she’s cheerful like her little sister, Hana, a lovely person. At first, he thought of Kaoru as Sera’s vessel, like she said. But now, he is attracted by her clumsy and straight personality, her feelings of wanting others to be happy. She asked if he really feel like that, even though he still love Sera. But Morihito couldn’t answer, making a sad face, then went outside. It was not her desire to make him sad, but she felt happy to hear his thought that he began to think she’s different than Sera.

When Kaoru took a walk the next morning before going to school, she met Morihito. It turns out he always wakes up early because he wants to practice more to protect his people and help Sera. Because he only have 50 years old to live, he will do his best. Knowing of his manner as the clan chief, Kaoru took her handkerchief to clean his dirt from practicing while saying that he’s been working hard from a thousand years ago. But it made him surprise because he had been living like that. It’s the first time someone said that to him, so he’s troubled, saying it might be some kind of technique from Kaoru. Although if she have some technique, she will say something different than that. So it makes Morihito curious of what would she say. It felt weird for her, not knowing what would she say, so Kaoru ran away from him, even skipping breakfast so she couldn’t meet again. So before she went to school to have a test, Kikyou brought her a onigiri made by Morihito. That day, Kaoru will do her best on her test.

Kaoru did her best at the test and it seemed easy because Morihito had taught her. Before going home, she noticed a sinner’s presence inside the school. So she went back in to meet Ren. They found Kagerou with the sinner at the back of the school. While Ren and Kagerou fought, Kaoru ate the sinner. After she had done, Ren used the barrier to stop Kagerou and stabbed him. After everything was over, Ren told her that she had eaten the 999 sinners. Only one more until she changed to Sera completely. But before they could talk for more, Shiou came and broke the barrier, hurting Ren. Kaoru must fight him alone with her sword. When she thought she won against Shiou, he was suddenly hurting her arm. Kaoru was thinking if she will die there. But it was interrupted by Morihito. While fighting with Shiou, Morihito got hurt but he could beat Shiou. Before he could kill Shiou, Kagerou brought his little brother to run away. Meanwhile, Kaoru fell unconscious and woke up in Kamiki house.

She didn’t want to eat because Morihito was still unconscious for three days. While waiting for Morihito to wake up, Ren explained that it seems the 999 sinners were prepared by Kuga clan. Ren didn’t know anymore if Kuga’s real intention is to kill Sera or attack Kamiki clan. Before going to her school, Kamiki led by Morihito had fought the people in Kuga. But the people in Kuga didn’t feel any fear, like a doll. It must be all Senya’s work. Even though Kamiki attacked them, they always fought back and Morihito was the person who fought the most. So the core of his soul must be hurt from all the battle, which resulting in him can’t wake up. The repair must take a lot of time, so it makes Kaoru cries beside him. Ren went out after she told him to go. After he left, Kaoru was thinking to save Morihito. Not long after that, he woke up calling her name and was worried of her wound instead of his. It makes Kaoru crying a lot more, because he isn’t supposed to protect her with his life. He could meet the next Sera again later. Hearing that, Morihito finally tells her that he doesn’t want to lose her instead of Sera. It means he finally accepted Kaoru and chose her more than his one thousand years love. He asked Kaoru to sleep beside him for now.

Morihito could eat alone now but he only ate a little. So Kaoru tried to make ochazuke and prepared to go outside to take tea for it. But he didn’t want her to leave, grabbed her arm and getting embarrassed only after that. In the end, Kaoru still went to the kitchen. There, she heard Kikyou were talking with another servant, saying the house became cheerful now thanks to Kaoru coming. They noticed Kaoru who needs tea, so Kikyou told her to talk with her if she ever have a love problem with Morihito. After going back to Morihito’s room, Kaoru told him not to do the same thing again, to protect her with his life. Though he couldn’t make a promise. So this time, Kaoru accepted his protected behavior and wished he would win the next time. They know that Shiou will come again.

Kikyou told Kaoru to take a warm bath. While she’s inside, Morihito also came because his servant told him to take an autumn bath too. At first, he was prepared to go out, but Kaoru asked him to stay because he will get cold. They took a bath together. When thinking of it, Kaoru realized the maids were planning that all. And even though they took a bath together last time, it was before she like Morihito and Morihito saw her as Sera. This time, it’s different. Morihito also said he didn’t care about the situation and asked if she dislike it. For Kaoru, she didn’t feel to dislike them bathing together. It made her blushing a lot and fainted.

I don’t know why it looks like Kaoru takes a bath with her father?

She woke up in her room with Morihito sleeping beside her. He said after she had fainted, Kikyou was crying and the other maids blame him to do something to Kaoru. It was a mess so she brought her quickly to her room and put on her clothes. It made Kaoru blushing a lot, because he already saw her naked. One week after that, they’re taking a bath together again. This time, she was waiting if Morihito would ever make a move and touch her. But he didn’t and while thinking about it, she fell unconscious again. When Kaoru woke up with Morihito beside her, he said that he’s used to be waiting. But it’s just made her frustrated so she’s inviting him first. After saying he can do anything to her, Morihito stand above her body, asking if it means she’s ready to get married with him. So she answered yes. But before that, Morihito have something to confess and if she accept it, he will do it as her request. In the previous reincarnation, he had killed Sera before her. After hearing that, Kaoru was surprised because he had loved her so much. But she didn’t care because she love him now. So they did it that night.

When sleeping together, Morihito hugged Kaoru from behind and said he finally understand that it’s a miracle to give back someone’s love after embracing her. Then, Kaoru noticed she had the same flower mark on her hand. He told her that it’s Hana (覇名=dominate reputation). In Kamiki’s family, a strong man would be born with a unique pattern on their hands. On her hand, it means their souls are tied, a marriage relationship. But he won’t tell more because he is sure that Kaoru won’t ever cheat from him. She feels happy to hear that he chose her over Sera, even though the mark won’t disappear until his death. And it makes Kaoru think if her mind right now will lose to Sera after completing Tsumikui no Gi. Morihito always thought for that until she meet her. Now, he had changed his mind. He is sure that she will win against Sera’s memories because she is strong. Moreover, it’s strange that it’s the first time she had ever lose the previous memories so it would mean something will change too. And she had created a bond with him through Hana. His love for her is strong so he will always say it to her. More about Hana and the things about it, when Morihito doesn’t tell Kaoru, it will be revealed in Shiou’s route.

In the morning, Kaoru woke up in front of Kikyou, who congratulated her for becoming their madam. She gave her a letter from Morihito, called kinuginu (後朝=after morning) poem. At first, Kaoru is questioning why would he send her a letter even though they’re living in the same house. But she accepted it. Kikyou even said that the paper Morihito chose was also very attentive, a mix between sappanwood and yellow-ish green, creating a shinobu (忍=patience, endurance, self-restraint) from his feelings. But sadly, Kaoru couldn’t understand the meaning of his poem, so Kikyou translated that it means “My feeling is violently overflowing like a waterfall. But don’t be afraid like a small fish, and show yourself to me”. Of course it made Kaoru blushed a lot in front of Kikyou. When she went outside, Ren congratulated her after being Morihito’s wife. He already knows, even before he see the Hana on her hand.

Kaoru asked Morihito if Kuga clan would launch an attack shortly, a week after their first night. Morihito said they will attack in front of Kamiki house in the near time, and it seemed the attacker was not led by Shiou. So, Kaoru decided to protect what he protected, and chose not to go to school that day. She had a walk near the house and realized Ren already re-casted the stronger barrier. Kouyou, one of Kamiki’s guard, told her that they are very thankful for Ren to help them a lot. After that, she saw Tsukasa came to give her the test result. She was very happy and thankful for Morihito to teach her, she got 83 in math. For that, Tsukasa was glad because she have love the people in her new house, though he also feel lonely to be separated from her now. That night, Kaoru found that Morihito was practicing sword at the dojo. She told him to rest but he didn’t want to, so they had another practice fight. This time, it seemed Morihito won against Kaoru. When he tried to make love, they felt another presence broke the barrier.

The story change to Senya. He was jealous of his brother, Byakuya. His beloved wife died by humans. Before she died, she told Senya to keep his kindness. His brother, Byakuya, put a curse in the clan just for Sera-hime. Senya turned to a real demon after his wife’s death and Byakuya put a curse on the clan. Now, after knowing that Sera had eaten 999 sinners and near awakening, he killed his own son, Shiou, and took his strength. Senya just wants to kill the Kamiki clan.

While Morihito was preparing the Kamiki men for battle, Ren told Kaoru that he should find Sera’s body. She had died, but Byakuya store her body somewhere after using Fuuju. After telling her that, Ren went alone to find it. Then, Kaoru went back inside to meet Morihito. They had the same thought and finally met at the corridor. But before they could talk, Kouyou explained that a huge shadow had went inside the barrier. So they went to the back gate and found a huge shadow there. Inside, Morihito could feel Kuga Senya and Shiou’s soul. He thinks Senya must have thought of using Shiou beside killing Sera. After fighting the shadow, Morihito finally broke his technique and met his real body. Senya told them that Shiou is only a foundation to fulfill his supreme ambitions. Because Kaoru needs time to prepare the attack, she keeps giving Senya question. She won’t forgive him, but she is respecting his strength. Also, she asked why did he do all of that, but Senya didn’t answer. So, Kaoru pretends to beg for her life. For that, Senya wants her to make an oath with her life, to be his subordinate.


Before making an oath, Kaoru stopped for a moment. She and Morihito finally had a chance to attack him close. It’s because Morihito needs time to use his technique. Finally, he could stab Senya and Kaoru ate his sin a bit. Morihito said it must be the will of the Earth, so without hesitation, Kaoru began eating Senya. With his cries and screams, Kaoru had completed the Tsumikui no Gi ceremony and changed to Sera. She began remembering Sera’s memories one by one. But as her husband, Morihito called Kaoru to come back. She then had a stronger feelings to be Kaoru again and woke up after winning against Sera’s personality. Morihito was glad because she had came back. So, Kaoru asked him to call her name again.

Three months after that, Kaoru had been waiting for Morihito to begin their wedding. But he’s still crying for two hours inside his room. After waiting for him and feeling hungry, Kaoru made her own onigiri, but Ren noticed her. He said, actually, he really wanted to attack Morihito with a bomb right now because he found his happiness and still crying a lot, making all attendants waiting for him. But Kaoru told him not to kill her husband. Then, Morihito went inside, was angry at Ren for talking alone with his wife, so he told Ren to ask permission if he want to talk with Kaoru later. He said that with his tears flowing too, so Ren brought him a cloth to wipe. Knowing the husband has come, Ren goes outside. Before he goes, Kaoru says she is wishing for his happiness too. So, it’s now the time to begin the wedding ceremony for Kaoru and Morihito. He says she is beautiful in her wedding dress and asking her to stay with him forever.


A few weeks after her marriage, Kaoru goes to Tsukasa’s house. She wants to find peace in her former house. Tsukasa also cooked her delicious food. In the end, Kaoru asked to sleep on his lap. Doing it heals her trouble so much and she chose him over Morihito to heal it. Because her heart will throb a lot with Morihito, but she finds peace in Tsukasa. She wants to be a mother similar to Tsukasa if she ever have a child later.


Kaoru didn’t make an oath, but instead, Morihito told her to run with the woman. He believes she will protect them, because he doesn’t want to lose anyone anymore. Kaoru does as he wants. Before separating, Morihito kissed her and made a promise to come back. But after the battle, Kouyou informed her that Morihito was killed by Senya. Even if Morihito is their chief, nothing from his body, even his bone, could be found. Kaoru cries a lot after that, thinking it’s all a lie.


Souta’s route is following Morihito so it is not long. He is Kaoru’s classmate and have been friends at high school. Have a twin sister named Motoko. Even though he sometimes being a tsundere for Kaoru, he takes care of his friend so much, also for Motoko’s happiness. At first, he seems like a normal boring high school boy. But when his past is revealed, it leads to a shocking truth.

His route followed Morihito’s route first. Kaoru was taught by Morihito to study math and she was thinking of him as her older brother, as well as seeing the past story of Sera, Morihito, and Hana. Suddenly one day, Souta called her to ask about her preparation for the exam. As for him, he’s too busy preparing for his concour on his art club. He must draw a portrait. He had asked Motoko to be his model, but recently she’s busy. Although Kaoru knows that she is busy dating her boyfriend and Souta doesn’t know about it. Then, she changed the topic that compared to Picasso, Souta’s drawing is more beautiful. So he asked if she had evaluating his work. When Kaoru answered it’s because she likes his (painting), Souta thought she like him. Their conversation was changed to how Picasso drew his picture. It’s best to draw someone he likes, so he asks Kaoru to be his model. She agreed if he would teach her to study, although it’s similar to confessing he likes her. But for now, Kaoru didn’t want to see him troubled by his concour. They had a promise to begin drawing Kaoru’s portrait after school the next day.

After school, the two of them did the drawing time alone. At first, Kaoru couldn’t stay put and was nervous for being a model for the first time. But he asked her to imagine Tsukasa cooking something. Then, he began to draw her. The tension became more nervous, since Kaoru hadn’t stare at him seriously for long before. Suddenly, he asked her to look below, so she was surprised to see there’s an eraser below her foot. She tried to take it, while Souta came near her to fix her hair. When they both look up, they’re kissing instead. They should release each other after touching their lips for a long time, but it happened for a few seconds because they’re shock. When they finally realize, Kaoru’s heart beats fast. Considering it might be his first kiss, Kaoru wanted to apologize, but he did it first. So she’s thinking that he doesn’t like it. Though both of them are only apologizing again and again.

The next day, the two of them didn’t talk until class had finished. She was trying to ask him to study together, but she didn’t have any chance. While thinking, Souta greet her from behind, so Kaoru scream in surprise in front of him, which made him also shouted. Souta just wanted to ask her to study together, so she agreed. It was the same thoughts she was thinking, so Kaoru was glad that they had the same feelings. When they’re studying, Kaoru kept making wrong choices. She wanted to go home because it’s already the time, but looking at Souta, who seemed sad for her to go back, Kaoru thought he wanted her to listen to his explanation more. After that, Souta explained about a good teacher and how not to get red score. Hearing that it’s easy to get 60-70 points, Kaoru hugged him from happiness and made him blushing again. Then, she said she had fell because of marathon earlier, but Souta wanted to massage her legs, thinking it was his fault. Because she became his model, she must sit for a long time. Though the two of them were blushing a lot at massaging time, Souta still did it for both of her legs.

After the math test had over, Kaoru realized the sinner’s presence inside the school. She fought Shiou and while at her pinch, Souta found them. He didn’t want to run away, but he went to find someone who can save Kaoru. After Souta had gone, Shiou realized she wanted to protect that boy. Kaoru told him that she will protect the people she wanted to live with, so she wouldn’t lose to him. But Shiou kept telling her to die because she shouldn’t be able to live, after losing all memories of the past. But until death happened to her, Kaoru wouldn’t give up. Shiou said that she is Sera, making her asking if he didn’t see her as Sera before. Suddenly, Shiou had a strange behavior, and said he will be released after killing Sera. She noticed it and said that he was at a lost, unlike usual.


Kaoru didn’t give up. When Shiou tried to stab her, Souta appeared and grabbed the sword, stabbing his left arm. His eyes changed to red, like a Kamiki, and uttering some unknown words. He wouldn’t let anyone die in front of him anymore, which made Kaoru surprised if he ever had one. He used his power and won against Shiou. Shiou realized he is a Fuujutsukai (someone who used the Fuuju technique). After Shiou ran away, Souta fell unconscious. When she looked at his wound, it was already healed. Morihito came after that. He seemed to know Souta so he brought them to his house to treat their wound and will explain everything after Souta have wake up.

After getting home, Morihito said to tell Motoko to come so she wouldn’t get worried of her brother. She is a Kamiki after all, so it’s not like the problem doesn’t concern Motoko too. Souta woke up after that. Seeing her best friend already recovered, Kaoru hugged him but releasing him quickly. When he asked for explanation, Morihito said that Kaoru is his fiancée, which made all of them surprised. Kaoru said it’s just in the past though, then telling Souta the true story. Souta didn’t have any choice than to believe he is not a human too. But it’s strange that all of them are reincarnated from the past. So what about himself? Morihito said he is Hana’s reincarnation (shock!). That’s why Morihito always look at him with a kind expression. Motoko is a separated soul from Hana, so they are twins now. But she is still a human right now. And about his power, he was a great Fuujutsukai in the past and couldn’t use other power. Fuuju is a temporary power, a seal technique from a long time ago. The use of it has a large or small effect depending on his ability and at that period, only three Kamikis could use it which were Byakuya, Hana, and Renki. Sadly, Morihito couldn’t use Fuuju, but he could use Kouju. It makes Souta thinks that if Morihito ever have a fight with him and Ren, Morihito will have a hard time, which makes him laugh and asks Souta back if he wants to confront Morihito. He was just teasing Souta and said not to think about it because he was Sera’s fiance (did it mean it was only in the past, and Souta can fight to get Sera in the present?).

It made Souta angry because it seems that his power couldn’t be used to fight. He wanted to protect Kaoru. Kaoru noticed he always look sad when looking at Souta, so it must mean there’s something happened, like a fight before Hana’s death. Looking at his urge to protect Kaoru, Morihito told them that Hana actually loved Sera, not as sisters, but in romantic term. She had always likes beautiful things. That’s why Souta can draw too. After hearing about Sera and Morihito’s engagement, Hana was crying so much it’s painful for Morihito too. In the end, she went down to the lower world and got married with a man there, who healed her heartbroken heart. Morihito couldn’t forget how their father was very mad until he shook Kamiki’s barrier. Because of breaking that taboo, Hana couldn’t get inside the Kamiki’s barrier anymore. And after Hana lived in human world, the humans called them as oni and killed Hana and her family, together with her child. It made Morihito blame himself, if only he chose Hana over his love to Sera, Hana wouldn’t have to die like that. But Souta doesn’t have Hana’s memories, so he won’t let Morihito suffered from that anymore. Then, Morihito explained about the sinner they met in school, he might be a bait made by Kuga. And Shiou won’t be able to chase them for a while because Souta has sealed his power. It will take a long time to revive from his curse.

The next day, Kaoru and Souta were waiting for Motoko to come. They have some time to talk, so Souta tells her that he will be head over heels to his girlfriend, which made Kaoru felt jealous if he ever had one. He said he will treasure that girlfriend. Then, Motoko came, and after being explained by Kaoru, she took it well. She was thinking to fight with Souta, but he ordered Motoko to live forever as a normal human, unlike him. When Kaoru and Souta went to the gate to see Motoko off, they found a wounded child. He was not from Kamiki house, so when Morihito and Ren came, Kaoru asked about it. Morihito is the one who answer it, the kid is the 999 sinner’s child from Kuga clan. After his father have died, Kamiki will take care of the child. But he and Ren wouldn’t explain more of what they would do to the kid anymore. The kid will be explained in Ren’s route.

Kaoru and Souta were talking alone in the garden. He was very surprise to know that they’re not normal humans, when they had no memories of the past. That’s why, he knows of Kaoru’s pain too all this time, to be a Sin Eater so sudden. His words made Kaoru wanted to cry, so she put her head on Souta’s chest. Souta said that he wouldn’t stop her from eating humans, because it would keep her alive. That’s weird since he is happy when she suffered so much from eating sinner. So Kaoru mentioned that it’s because they’re only friends. But Souta didn’t accept it, saying he have someone he likes. All this time, he’s been thinking of protecting that person, and he confessed to Kaoru after that, saying he likes her. If she’s suffering, then he will be suffering together with her so he wants to enlighten her burden.

When thinking alone in her room, Kaoru doesn’t know about her feelings to Souta so she wants to meet him again. But at the corridor, Morihito have something important to talk with her. First, he asked if she have any problem to inform him. But Kaoru only said she felt guilty of eating someone’s portion miso soup. So he asked about the problem when she hugged Souta before, Morihito knew about it. If she have something to cry, Morihito will also lend her his chest. When he asked about her feelings to Souta, Kaoru didn’t answer, so he said that she might just feels guilty to Souta that he must get involved with their problems. It made Souta angry and came inside the room, saying it’s not an illusion. He got mad and couldn’t talk back to Morihito, went away outside. So again, Morihito asked her, if it’s not guilty, what’s her true feelings for Souta. She must think about it thoroughly.

At night, Kaoru went outside after suffering from not eating sinners for some time. She met Ren, who asked her to do Chousei with him. At first, she didn’t want to, but finally wanted to find a little bit peace by doing it. Kaoru realized Souta saw them kissing, so she chased him inside the house. But she felt hurt from the pain. Looking at her, Souta came back. He knew that he mustn’t get jealous, but he’s still jealous of Ren’s power to help her. As for Kaoru, she told him that recently, she always feels nervous with Souta and it seems she likes him too. Souta offered to carry her on his back and brought Kaoru to her room.

When he’s about to leave, Kaoru asked him to stay and sleep with her. They’re sleeping side by side, talking about what they would do after everything have over and after their graduation. They must talk with Morihito after the fight is over, that they will live together. Souta wanted to use their power not for killing / taking from someone, but to help people and travel around the world. So Kaoru mentioned she wanted to go to tropical country, while Souta would go everywhere as long as he is with her. It looks like a honeymoon though. Then, he told her to live together.

That night, Souta was begging Ren to teach him how to use Fuuju. He was waiting for Ren’s answer, while also thinking if Ren likes Kaoru too in his mind. But suddenly, Ren said yes, and Morihito would forgive Souta. He had another aim to use the power, so Ren wouldn’t get mad at Souta for taking Kaoru for himself. From that night, the secret training has started and Souta calls Ren as Shishou (師匠=master). On the next day, Motoko came to Kamiki house and was surprised to know Kaoru and Souta are dating. But she is wishing for their happiness while also looking down at Souta. Suddenly, Kaoru and Souta noticed an evil presence. Motoko didn’t know, but she could feel something will happen and chose to go home quickly.

After watching Motoko had left, Kaoru and Souta went to Morihito’s room quickly. He noticed the two of them already sense an evil presence from Kuga clan and said the power is not from Shiou, but Senya. They couldn’t find Shiou after the fight at school, so Senya must have had used Shiou to get some power since they could still feel his presence. Souta was a bit sad to know that Shiou might have gone, even though he hated the person to attack Kaoru. Before the fight started, Kaoru made her will to protect Souta.

After Kaoru and Morihito changed to battle uniform, together with Souta, they met Senya. Senya noticed that there’s Hana among them, but as Souta, he didn’t remember the last moment of being Hana. It was weird that Senya knew of Hana’s last moment. As a Fuujutsukai, Hana couldn’t die easily by human’s hands. It was Senya who made her near death, killed by humans and forcing Sera ran wildly at that time. He remembered the last time he was talking with Sera, when he informed her about Hana’s death. Only her child remained, but they didn’t know if the child is still alive or not after being captured by a daimyo. If she wanted to release the child, Sera must surrender to the daimyo, while Byakuya wouldn’t do anything even if his daughter had died. Senya also blame Byakuya and Morihito for not taking actions, because of Byakuya’s anger when Hana married a human. Because Sera originally hate humans, it didn’t take long until she killed them to save the child as Senya’s plan. After knowing the curse was made by one person, Senya, Morihito and Kaoru took action to fight him. In the middle of fighting, Senya noticed that Kaoru was searching for Shiou. He asked if Kaoru was worried of him, but she said no, so he told her that Shiou was actually thinking of her. But he already ate Shiou to gain power.

When Senya was mocking Souta for doing nothing, Souta released his Fuuju power. It was thanks to Kaoru and Morihito who had fought Senya and gave him time. Now that he must begin his fight, Souta brought Kaoru to be treated by Kikyou in the house. She wouldn’t want to run away and asked Kikyou to treat her wound there. Meanwhile, Souta and Morihito fought Senya together. Souta remembered of when he was practicing with Ren to isolate an apple from the outside world and stop the time. He thought it was like a magic, but Ren told him that a stupid person wouldn’t be able to do Fuuju, because it needs calculation and not magic. Finally, Kaoru goes back to where Souta is, to fight with Souta and Morihito after being treated by Kikyou. Souta used his power thrice and helped Morihito and Kaoru to attack Senya. Then at the final moment, Morihito ordered Kaoru to eat Senya’s sin and redeem Sera’s sin. Kaoru performed the Tsumikui no Gi for the last time and Senya broke to glasses in silent.

Kaoru didn’t become Sera after fighting Senya. After her high school graduation, now is the time to travel the world with Souta. Motoko, Ren, and Morihito bid farewell to them. When Motoko cries and hugs Kaoru, Souta is sad because she doesn’t bid farewell to him. After that, Souta asks Kaoru if it’s fine to be with him. Though it’s already too late to ask that, because Kaoru loves him so much. So now, she asks him to say the same feelings in front of everyone. Finally, he says he will make her happy and it seems like a promise of marriage. Souta grabs her hand and begins their journey.


Shiou killed Kaoru after Souta left them to search for someone to help at school.


Instead of using Fuuju to stop Senya, Souta used it to seal Senya with his life. In the end, he disappeared with Senya together. Kaoru saw him smiling as he disappeared within the light. That day, Kaoru woke up with her granddaughter, calling her to wake up. She didn’t marry anyone, but she had a child. As she saw the flower in the garden, she heard Souta’s voice saying it’s a fine day. She answered yes, which made her granddaughter confuse. While looking and smelling the flower’s scent, the old Kaoru said her thanks for always watching over her.


Shiou always interfered and fight everyone in every route. But when getting to his story, he is the most kind, the most suffering, the most cute, the most fun, the most knowledgeable, the most lovely person in Tsumikui (for me). Shiou’s teasing Kaoru can be crazy sometimes, and looking at their conversation made me laugh too. Because Kaoru often used a cute voice when fighting mouth with him, she didn’t use it in other character. I think he is the strongest male in this story, apart from Ren’s Fuuju but it’s not useable in a fight anyway except to create barrier. Beware of the longest storyline in Tsumikui below.

At the first attack from Kuga clan, Kaoru chose to protect Kikyou alone rather than beg Morihito to fight with her. When Kikyou was almost killed, Kuga Shiou came with Kuga Touji, his butler. He said Kaoru is his woman, because it is his destiny to kill Sera. But Shiou was a bit surprise to know the present Sera looks like monkey (tomboy). Kaoru will do anything to protect the people she love and for that, she will also see them as an enemy. Meanwhile, she needs time to bring Kikyou to a save place first. Surprisingly, Shiou said he’s a gentleman so he and Touji will let them go to fight later.

Before fighting, Shiou asked her why did she keep fighting after knowing she will die as Sera. But even though she’s just a half demon, and live to kill people, she wouldn’t beg him to understand all of that. Shiou was surprised and kept quiet after listening to her words. After that, he said she’s interesting for saying pretty words even though she’s the same as him, killing people. Knowing that this time Sera is interesting, he changed his schedule to kill her right this time, rather than just greeting her. He asked her name and after knowing that it’s Kaoru, he fought her. At some time after getting wounded by Shiou’s katana, Kaoru said his father must be sad to know that his son is pitiful. But Shiou said his father, Kuga Senya, doesn’t have feelings for him, only a family by gene. After telling her that he’s supposed to change Kikyou into her bait, Kaoru became very mad at him and lose control to attack him. But he easily stabbed her arm. Before she die, Shiou said he will keep her for himself first before killing. Kaoru couldn’t release herself. But when he said he will also kill her family, Tsukasa, Kaoru took the sword off her arm and fight him back. It made Shiou laugh crazily and wanted to quickly bring her to his house.

Before that happened, Morihito saved Kaoru and gave his vitality to heal her. She cries a lot to be saved by Morihito. After that, Morihito went to fight Shiou as her fiancé. Although for Shiou, Sera is Morihito’s fiancée, but Kaoru is his toy. So, Morihito said that the rumour is true. Because Kuga clan ate their families, their head is weird. But before they could fight, Kagerou came to stop them. The rest is following the other route. But before Shiou went back home, he asked her to play again when there’s no one interfere. Kaoru answered she doesn’t want to.

At school, her absent for one week was written caused by food poisoning, instead of influenza in Morihito’s route. Souta hugged her and Motoko together after they found she’s alright. Motoko also was glad to see her came back before their school trip. Speaking of the trip, Souta wanted to go somewhere and Motoko mentioned it might be a shrine for relationships. It made Kaoru think he have someone he like and cheering his relationship. Of course it made Souta cried to Motoko, his sister already made his heart broke because Kaoru think he have another girl. When the class started, Motoko gave her a letter that she wanted Kaoru to attend goukon with the boys from Housen Gakuen, a high class school. Kaoru doesn’t have any choice than to follow her.

After school, they went to the cake shop where the owner was missing without clue recently, so his little brother managed it. Before the boys from Housen came, Motoko said she already chose Takai Kakeru, a third son. When two boys came, Kaoru was very surprised to see Kuga Shiou with Kakeru, a man with glasses. While sitting together, Kaoru noticed Shiou’s legs often bumped on hers, but she tried not to care. Motoko was happy to know that Kakeru is a student council member. But Kakeru said Shiou is more popular as an excellent student council president. The female students there also called Shiou as “The Dawn Knight” because his hair color is natural. After that, Kakeru asked Motoko if she is targeting Shiou too, but she chose Kakeru. And while at it, Shiou kicked Kaoru’s leg again, made her thinking through quietly so Shiou lied teasing her that she looks sick. Now, Kaoru is sure that this Shiou is Kuga Shiou from before. She asked him to go to the toilet and talk alone at the back of the shop, and Shiou agreed.

At the back of the cake shop, Shiou changed his form and said because she had given her name at their first battle before, he could search the entire school and found out that Kakeru wanted to go to a goukon with Tai Motoko. Kaoru remembered that she had given her name to him, thinking she was stupid. But he said he didn’t come to kill her today, just wanted to fight a little bit. When she glared at him with hatred, Shiou became more excited. She noticed that he is a Do-S man too. He will save her life if she beg him to be his pet. But Kaoru refused even if she have to die. It was strange for him, since he is proud to be a good man. Kaoru said it only hurt her ears to hear his undecent words. It made him became more attracted to her interesting words, because she should be begging for her life. They began fighting and in the end, Kaoru’s body bumped into a building. But she will keep fighting for the people she love.

Then, Shiou asked her to cry or he might release her. But she wouldn’t cry in front of him anymore. So he used his tongue to lick her neck and body, making her cry on herself. After crying, she asked him torelease her after that, but Shiou refused. This made him go insane and said she is his woman in longing voice, even though he wanted to kill her. Suddenly, Motoko came to inform her that she and Kakeru will go to a karaoke. Shiou quickly changed his battle uniform to school uniform, told Kaoru to do the same while pushing her body to the wall to hide from Motoko. Kaoru said she have stomachache, so she won’t go. Hearing that, Shiou tried to be surprised of her stomachache, which Kaoru answered that it’s all his fault (for throwing her to the building). In the end, Motoko didn’t go to the next place and exchanging number with Shiou. Before going back, Shiou told her to wait for his contact although she didn’t want it to happen in the near future. When she is alone with Motoko, Motoko said she actually wanted to cheer Kaoru with her brother, but the most important thing is Kaoru’s happiness so she will cheer her up for Shiou too. Kaoru couldn’t deny it because Motoko seems happy talking about the goukon.

At Kamiki house, Kaoru must tell Morihito everything that had happened because he smell Shiou on her. It seems stupid for Kuga to go outside in the town, because Kuga clan never did it. Morihito told her not to go to a goukon again and hug her because she came back safely. On the next day at school, Motoko asked if Kaoru had contacted Shiou again. But they haven’t. Meanwhile, Motoko is still contacting Kakeru. Suddenly, there are messages from Shiou. If she doesn’t reply, he will kill Motoko. Motoko noticed that Shiou had contacted Kaoru, though she didn’t know the message, so she’s cheering Kaoru. But the contents of his message was absurb and made her angry instead of being in love.

Motoko was still looking at her, so Kaoru said her love skill is bad to reply Shiou’s message. Then, Shiou mentioned he wanted to fight Tsukasa for fun, which she replied that she won’t forgive him if that happen. Shiou told her that he was wondering who had raised Kaoru, so he met Tsukasa quietly. Tsukasa noticed his presence though, because of Tsukasa’s Chiyomi (地読み=Earth reading). Shiou told her that there’s a few normal human who could read the Earth, some presence different than them, moreover because Kamiki hold Earth power. Even though they’re not a real father-daughter, Shiou gives them respect to care for each other. It made Kaoru think if Shiou have bad relationship with his father. He asked about her school trip to Kyoto, and said he won’t meet her because his school trip will be to go to England. Of course she is happy to hear that they won’t meet. After some messages, there’s no reply anymore. While thinking of Shiou, Kaoru doesn’t think she hate him. It’s something different but she doesn’t understand for now.

The night before Kaoru’s school trip, she was thinking about Shiou. She was wondering how to get rid of thinking about someone she dislike, so she asked Kikyou, who happened to be near her. Kikyou didn’t know, but she told her past. When she was still a trainee with Kouyou, she hated him for being good at everything. But when she saw him got depressed, she didn’t feel happy by it. One day, Kouyou confessed that he had been thinking of Kikyou, and so did she. It was the story before Kouyou became her husband. She means that what Kaoru feels might be the beginning of love and just let it flow. Though Kikyou doesn’t know that the person is not Morihito, but Shiou. Before Kaoru tried to sleep again, she got a message from Motoko, asking if it’s true that Shiou had confessed to her. She didn’t reply and counting onigiri to sleep.

In Kyoto, Motoko asked Kaoru to go back to the previous shop because she was interested in a comb at Gion Street to give to her mother. To go back, Motoko suggested them to ride a taxi. But when they finally got in, Kaoru noticed a great sinner’s presence from the driver. In the journey to get to Gion, the driver always talks to Motoko, saying she’s cute, while Kaoru is thinking about how many people he have killed before. She also noticed a charm in his car. After arriving at Gion, the driver gave Motoko something he called as Kyoto specialty, then warned her to take care of herself. The taxi driver went to his car again and the smell of sin disappeared together with him.

What awaiting them at Gion was Shiou. Then, Kakeru also appeared, hugging Motoko with happiness and made Kaoru surprised. Kaoru asked them of the England trip, so Kakeru told them it was canceled at the last moment and Shiou told the teachers to go to somewhere more Japanese instead. Kaoru didn’t believe everything was canceled perfectly though, in cynically smile. After that, Kaoru asked Motoko to let herself and Shiou take a look at a shop. Motoko thinks she wants to be alone, but Kaoru will be killed if they’re alone (she says nervous though to hide it from Motoko). When they’re finally alone, Kaoru asked him why did he go to Kyoto too. She’s wondering if he like her, but he answered yes but as his pet. Then, he made an oath not to attack or hurt Kaoru in the school trip with his life as a Kamiki. While she’s surprised, Shiou took a picture of her confusing moment and laughing hard at her expression. Looking at him made an oath easily, Kaoru asked if his family wouldn’t get mad for not killing Sera. But he said there was no order for him yet, so he will do as he please. Meanwhile, he told Kaoru that he lost something important in the taxi he rode because Kakeru was in a hurry to meet Motoko earlier. This time, Kaoru laughed at him.

Shiou saw a fabric of pale blue-green color (asagi-iro) that will suit her. He put her hand on his arm and kissed her cheek for a surprise, then show the fabric to Kaoru. He said the color will suit her skin and wanted to embrace her while wearing it. He kissed her cheek again and made her angry, teasing her for being flushed. He said Motoko will be hurt to see her punching him. And Takai house actually won’t accept if Kakeru marry common people too. He said random things here. After that, Shiou suggested Kaoru to help him find his lost item and he will help her do the Tsumikui no Gi on the taxi driver. Eventually, he lost it at the same taxi. At first, Kaoru didn’t want to help, so Shiou told her that he is very strong, unlike the Kamiki elites. He knew a few of them, even about Morihito who likes her. Even now, he could find Kouyou at the tea shop, looking at them. It made Kaoru notice of Morihito’s kindness. Because everyone were kind to her, she feels guilty of making them worry. Shiou didn’t laugh and he thought it’s normal to protect a tool, because Kaoru is a tool to revive Sera. Also, because they are feeling guilty if Kaoru will die after becoming Sera, at least her soul. Hearing his words makes her glad because Shiou sees her and Sera as a different people. He added so it’s alright to do what she wanted freely, to lessen their guilt.

Suddenly, he asked her to have date because she must do something freely. Also, it won’t be good if some Kuga clan find and try to kill her too. Realizing that, he made a second oath to protect Kaoru in the whole trip, even if he must fight his clan, as long as he have a fun game with high risk. But she told him not to put his life in danger because of a game. For him, everything had been ordered, even about how he must kill Sera. It made Kaoru asked him, why wouldn’t he run away from home instead, if he hate his father. Though he didn’t understand why he would do that.

Anyway, Motoko asked them to start going on a double date. While walking, Kaoru asked of his lost item, but he said it’s a secret. So she made a guess that it’s a present from his family, because he already have a lot of money and won’t see money as something important. It turns out true, but they’re just fighting along the way. Suddenly, Kaoru asked him to keep quiet to prevent Motoko hearing them, but he said they’re just being a BGM in Motoko and Kakeru’s own world. They were fighting mouth but with full laughter. Then, Shiou said the item is something from his butler who had raised him, from Touji. So, Kaoru think he must be lonely being separated by Touji. But he said Touji have been there with them all along and she finally found him smiling at her too. Knowing Shiou is with his butler who also tried to kill her, she gets scared. But Shiou said Touji won’t fight if he didn’t order him to do it. And if she’s anxious, she just need to entrust her body to him. It made Kaoru surprised but they finally arrived at the shrine after that.

When they have arrived at the shrine, Kaoru was looking at how Motoko changed a lot because of someone she love. It made her think about love and asked Shiou if he had ever been in love before. It made him surprise. Shiou answered her that he have never been in love before. So she asked about the girl he was playing with. Shiou called her stupid of not knowing that there’s a ritual in Kamiki before connecting their bodies, so they can’t do sex with someone who is not their partner. The ritual needs them to make a lifelong promise and if they break it, the woman will die. Anyway, he doesn’t know about love so he asks Kaoru too. Actually, they’re both clueless about it. Shiou said if they like someone, their heart will beat fast with happiness and the blood will arise. Whatever it is, Shiou doesn’t want to make the face Kakeru made right now, the face that looks like he only see Motoko. But Kaoru is jealous of Motoko and she tells Shiou that he will love someone someday. But to love someone means he must have sanity, and it’s useless in his house. Even though he used a small voice, Kaoru heard it and was thinking it would be good if he run from his house.

After that, she told him to do omikuji (fortune) at the shrine so he will find love. He’s smiling looking at her excitement, and Kaoru feels strange. Because doing omikuji will be their match, Kaoru asked him not to use his power. Though he can’t do clairvoyance anyway. Kaoru got luck in the omikuji, but Shiou got great luck instead. Knowing that, Kaoru said if someone like him got great luck in woman, all woman will be taken by him. He said it’s fine if it’s only Kaoru who exist because he doesn’t find other woman interesting. As for the fortune, Shiou got “at least everything will be granted”, while Kaoru got “if she doesn’t give up, her fate will be tied”. Shiou said her fate had been tied with Morihito anyway. Looking at her face, Shiou knew she didn’t want to be with Morihito, so he said to run with Ren instead. But if she do that, Kamiki will chase them or she will be killed by Kuga. Because after the trip is over, Shiou will kill her. Hearing that, Shiou made a sad face because he must fight her again.

Suddenly, they felt sinner’s presence at the shrine and Shiou pulled her to his side. He said the sinner is only a small one, so Kaoru musn’t take the bait. After that, she thinks that the Kamiki is a strong people. If they want, they can conquer the world. Shiou told her that he actually have Tsumikui’s power like Sera, but he won’t use it. He doesn’t think that Kamiki is like a God too, nor evil or good beings. The power is like a balance of the world’s system and will attracted another abnormality if it’s too much of them. It made Kaoru think if her parents were killed because the sinner was attracted by her power from Shiou’s explanation. Seeing her in a trauma and almost crying because of his words, Shiou fixed it that she wasn’t attracting the sinner, but it’s only an accident. Shiou said he changed his previous word because he doesn’t want Kakeru and Motoko see her crying, but also because he doesn’t want a child to think that it’s their fault for the parents death. It makes her saying thanks and he’s a kind person actually. But he doesn’t want to receive her thanks if it’s without feelings. So Kaoru explained to him that it was her real feelings, because the feelings of gratitude didn’t stay for long, she wanted to convey it quickly to him. Although Kaoru shouldn’t say that to her enemies and they will fight to death in other time.

Hearing that, Shiou became strange. He pulled Kaoru deeper in the wood, making her afraid if he would kill her. She can smell the sweet scent coming from his body as he licks her body again, the same scent at the cake shop. Shiou told her to just say that he made her hurt and he will die after that because of his oath. But he doesn’t know why he did those things to Kaoru.

Before Kaoru could say she’s feeling hurt by Shiou (and killed him from the oath), Touji came to inform him that his barrier will be broken shortly and gave him warning that he had release his Yuuga (誘香=incense). Shiou himself was surprised to know it, but Touji said it’s because of his feelings to dirty Kaoru, his soul release the Yuuga outside. When Kaoru tried to ask Touji to explain about Yuuga, his master told him not to do that, so he refused and told her to ask Kamiki house instead. Touji was glad that Shiou have made a friend, but Shiou didn’t acknowledge it. Though Kaoru wanted to be his friend so he will spare her life in the next battle and because there’s similarity between them. They wanted to run away but couldn’t because of something they wanted to protect and couldn’t dispose of that belief. The trip will also be her last time because she might change to Sera, so she wants to treasure it by being friendly with Shiou. After that, Shiou can fight her and she will fight him back to protect everyone. After that, Kaoru asked if he wears a perfume because of his sweet scent, though he wouldn’t tell her what it is, also getting flushed. Their conversation must end because Motoko was searching for them. But when she saw Kaoru, and there was a kiss mark on her neck, she and Kakeru told Shiou to not do that in the shrine.

At night, Kaoru sneak out with Shiou as promised to capture the taxi driver. While searching, Shiou said to do something about her guard (Kouyou) because he’s being a hindrance to Shiou. But Kaoru couldn’t do anything because they’re actually enemies. So she asked him about Touji’s barrier technique, which had similarity with Ren. Shiou told her that they are different. Renki’s power is to protect the target, but Touji is putting trash to someone’s eyes and ears. But even though Touji’s barrier seems stronger than Renki, Renki is just putting the target in the box while Touji must grasp his competence to win against the hindrance.

When Kaoru noticed the sinner’s presence is coming near them, Shiou asked her if she have something she’s worried about the Tsumikui no Gi ritual. She said she often felt bad after eating the sinner and she wanted to perfectly do it, Ren also didn’t say anything and just performed Chousei to her. Hearing that, Shiou compared it to something like their taste in food. They would vomit if they were told to eat the food they dislike everyday. Because there will be no solution to separate it from a reason of why she hates doing it. She must keep doing it, but she actually hates it. Eating something she hates makes her can’t forgive herself. Because she only eats a human who doesn’t needed by society, he tells her not to feel bad by eating them. But then, he said that Kaoru must hate eating the sinners, but actually she doesn’t feel any symphaty, which shocked her again. He said she’s just being a good kid who doesn’t want to be called of killing people. So it makes her cry, because she doesn’t want the people who treasure her know of this side of hers, killing people. After crying and letting all out, she gives her thanks because Shiou has helped her by not telling her not to stop falling, a kind man. But before she can say that she wants to know more of Shiou, the taxi driver appeared.

They could smell the corpse inside his car. When the driver noticed Kaoru and Shiou, he thought they’re cosplaying with red contact lens. When Shiou tried to get something similar to human’s body of a girl out from his trunk, the driver got mad at them, but Shiou scared him off. He asked about a small bag inside his car, but he didn’t know so Shiou let Kaoru do the Tsumikui no Gi when the rain poured down. After eating the driver, Kaoru was in pain again. But this time, Shiou said she’s cute like that, which calmed her down. He thinks she is cute for hating herself but won’t die by that. Shiou already threw his feelings of ugly and beautiful, so he is jealous of her being reluctant to accept her feelings. Now, because of his words, Kaoru wants to search for a way so she won’t die without performing the ritual, but if she will die, she will keep doing it to live because Tsukasa will be sad if she die. It was all because she met Shiou and stay with someone who is not from Kamiki house, so she could think of another way. She is thankful for Ren, though. If she hadn’t met him, she would have died now.

That made Shiou said that Ren had hid something to her, about another way than eating great sinners. In order for Sera to not run away, Sera’s body is being kept. One thousand years ago, Byakuya sealed Sera with Fuuju into one point seal. If they break the seal, Byakuya’s technique will collapse. Kuga clan haven’t try breaking it because there’s a barrier in Kamiki house, and for breaking the power, it’s only Byakuya himself who could store the Earth spirit to break the Fuuju. But except Byakuya, only Sera could break it, even Morihito couldn’t do that. Though Renki doesn’t have zero probability of breaking Fuuju, she must make him agree to help. Well, Shiou said he will help her and she must do the rest. But she asked why wouldn’t he do it right now. Shiou asked if she wanted to run with him right now, but that made her stay quiet, so he said it’s a only joke. Well, he couldn’t find his charm from Touji in the end. Hearing that, Kaoru remembered she had picked one charm in the taxi before and gave it to him. So all this time, Shiou just need to search inside her body… After saying this is the end of their trip and he will kill her the next time they meet, Shiou gives her a charm from the shrine when they do omikuji.

In his house, Shiou performed the Tsumikui no Gi ritual on someone he didn’t know. But he felt pain because it wasn’t complete for the first time. When resting, he was thinking about how he must kill Sera. But killing Sera means he must kill Kaoru. Shiou asked if it’s what human called love, mumbling her name and doesn’t want Kaoru to see him suffering like that. After that, Senya, his father came after noticing he didn’t perform good at the ritual. He said it’s because he hadn’t perform in a long time. So, Senya told him to do another ritual because there are five more sinners. He told Shiou to not get shaken and asked if he have feelings to the girl, while doing Tsumikui no Gi because the next bait will be a stronger one. It was because Senya realized he’s shaken after coming back from Kyoto. Senya thinks it’s not all bad because the Earth power will have mercy for people who hold a heart, so he wouldn’t suffer too much like before. From that, Shiou noticed the ritual was hurt so much because he couldn’t keep up with the vessel from growing rapidly. But he won’t run away from that and will be there until the end.

One week after the trip, Kaoru didn’t hear any words from Shiou. She was thinking it might be good if he run away from his house. When she prepared to ask Ren if she can call Shiou, Ren came to her room and said Shiou must feel happy to have a date with her before. But if she kept wishing in the charm, it would become useless. If she prayed strongly on the charm, the Earth will know of her will. Ren surprisingly knows of Kaoru’s feelings because somehow, their hearts are connected. After that, he asked of her problem and said he had already put on barrier so Morihito wouldn’t listen to their conversation.

Kaoru asked if he hid a way to avoid Tsumikui no Gi on purpose. He apologized, but his power couldn’t break the Fuuju by Byakuya and Kamiki house wouldn’t want him to stop the marriage of Morihito and Sera because it’s their will. Another reason is because he doesn’t want to put Kaoru in pain and wants her to live a normal life. Kaoru couldn’t hate Ren because he’s also suffering. So, she asked what would make him happy. After thinking for a while, he said he’s jealous because she chose to love other people than him. Ren asked her if she love Shiou, but Shiou is just her friend. Rather than hating Shiou, Ren is thinking that Shiou is strong to resist his fate.

Anyway, he told Kaoru that he have heard Shiou or someone betrayed Kuga and was sealed in the underground of Kuga’s house. Ren will help her because they can’t ask Morihito to help. It will be painful for Morihito since Kamiki house wants her to get married with Morihito and end the curse of dying in 50 years old. If she doesn’t become Morihito’s wife, the curse will remain even after Morihito have died, and Kamiki will try to kill him and Sera. After knowing about that, Kaoru could see a vision of Shiou while he’s in danger. It must be because of the charm’s power. So she and Ren didn’t have time to prepare and went out to release the captured princess (Shiou).

In the Kuga house, there’s no barrier but full of people who can use similar technique with Kaoru. Then, Ren felt another presence, which is Kuga Touji. Touji believed Kaoru would come because she have strong connection with Shiou and he was glad Kaoru chose to came to save Shiou. It seems Senya have another plan to eat Shiou, that’s why he captured his own son. Kaoru asked what did Touji mean by Shiou is being sealed. Touji  explained that it’s because Senya captured his mother to kill her, Yuri, who gave birth to him, if Shiou refused to eat all great sinners. She was a kind mother. As soon as she noticed Shiou’s power, she wanted to save him from his own father and created a seal for Shiou. That’s why they couldn’t take Shiou out easily from the seal because her mother is captured by Senya. But Kaoru will save him no matter if she lose her life. Although Ren wouldn’t let that happen. When Touji said he will use his power to hide Kaoru and Ren’s presence, Ren refused. And after talking of how to infiltrate the underground, the three of them began moving to save Shiou.

When Kaoru reached the place where Shiou was chained, she saw Senya giving order to eat the last sinner or he will kill Yuri. Yuri, who is sleeping beside Senya, has a face of a young woman, maybe because she have used the seal for a long time. For Senya, Yuri is only being used to get a hybrid like Shiou and help him to get more power. Because he couldn’t eat a soul like Shiou to gather power from Tsumikui no Gi. Now that Yuri is sleeping in a good dream, Senya made her disappear forever in front of Shiou then stabbed his body, ordering him to do the last ritual. But he kept on refusing until Senya thought of marrying Kaoru so they will bear a great children next. Because a female human can’t get released from their Hana after being tied and will give birth to many children as they want. Of course Shiou wouldn’t let that happen and beg Senya to eat himself instead. But Senya didn’t want to eat a child from a human woman, he chose to eat the next child from Kaoru, who hold more power. It made Shiou called him lolicon and Kaoru, who heard all of that, felt sick.

To prevent that from happening, Shiou chose to eat the last sinner instead. But he have one condition, if Senya win against Kamiki, Shiou wants Senya to just kill Kaoru and not using her like he told before, similar to what Senya had done Shiou. Senya refused because he had found a way to have a child with Kaoru. Before he could do something, Kaoru came in their way. But Kagerou interfered their fight, even though his little brother, Touji, chose to save Shiou. Kaoru chose to fight Kagerou and asked Touji to release Shiou’s chain. Not long after that, Shiou helped Kaoru and hurt Kagerou. He called Kagerou as his onii-chan, because they’re both tools for their father, Senya. Before looking at Shiou’s leaving, Kagerou told him that it’s better to give their life to his father so he would love them, because they wouldn’t be able to live for anything else. Though Shiou is questioning if that person have any love to begin with.

Kaoru and Shio finally reached a park, a safe place. But Kaoru had lost her strength now. While Shiou teasing her, Ren came and told them not to be flirting there. And he actually didn’t want to save Shiou. But because Kaoru like him, he tagged along. Kaoru added it as being friends though. Before leaving separately, Ren told her that he love Kaoru as his master, so Kaoru also said she like him so much. It made Shiou a bit jealous, because Ren made a joke to run away together with Kaoru. In the end, Ren chose to go back and explain the situation to Morihito. The Kamiki wouldn’t kill him because of some reason, so he will be safe. After Ren had gone, Shiou asked her if it’s alright to run with him, because she can go back to Morihito. But Kaoru already made her mind to protect her friend, even though Kamiki and Kuga would chase her. It made Shiou let out his Yuuga again, so he told Kaoru to not smell it. The reason why Morihito won’t kill Ren will be explained in Ren’s route.

That night, Kaoru saw a little girl in her dream, crying. The girl said she’s a liar because in the past, she had made a promise that the only one who love her is Tsukasa. If she break it, she will get hurt. When she woke up, she was screaming in front of Shiou. She wouldn’t tell him of the dream she had, so Shiou told her to sleep again because he will be in front of her after she wake up later. Then, she went to sleep by hugging him because he have a nice smell.

Until three days later after they are staying at an onsen hotel, Kaoru likes to hug him for the scent. Touji told them they have a private bath to use. Of course he asked Kaoru to go in the onsen with him, telling her that Kamiki used that method between male and female to strenghten their bonds. She agreed if there is a swimsuit, so Shiou asked Touji to search for a place where they can go with swimsuit. Before that, Touji gave him a handmade selected dating spot by himself, which amazed Kaoru too. After that, he told them they need two days to get to the place where Sera’s body is placed, Shitenjo (至天城), because Byakuya made the barrier so normal human can’t enter to protect the family. But surprisingly, the clan chief right now believes in the human, demon, and youkai. If Kaoru can’t walk more, Touji said he will carry her. But it makes Shiou angry because she doesn’t let him carry her. Kaoru was just thinking that Shiou had done so much, so she didn’t want to create another burden for him.

While at it, she asked what’s the different between Kuga and Kamiki’s power to Touji. He told her that Kamiki had the power from hearing the Earth’s will, but Kuga couldn’t hear it so they must study to use the distortion. In short, his technique is not a consultation but a one-sided request to the Earth. If the Earth refused, they couldn’t use it (Gosh, Touji explained in a long way for how to pour a tea, etc). This made Kaoru amazed at him for being a dandy, a clever and strong man who would make girls fall in love. Looking at his master gets angry, Touji excuses himself three times because Kaoru wants to help him. He begins explaining in a quick words and go leaving her and Shiou alone.

After Touji had left them, Kaoru smiles in front of Shiou because she can’t believe they are friends now. She feels happy by it, so Shiou asks her to move closer if they’re friends. A few times he told Kaoru to sit closer to him, but she’s afraid he will do something. When she’s finally gotten close, he said to look at him and put his hand on her neck. Shiou has been living to kill Sera and he thinks he won’t understand the old Sera. But he is interested in the present Sera, as Kaoru, for saying she won’t give up until her death. As a tool for Sera, he always thinks about her. And the present Sera is now on his side, it makes his chest hot, like she is born for him. After Kaoru countered his attack, he was feeling goosebumps and made him struggling so much until he kept thinking of her for 24 hours. It seems a lie to Kaoru, because he must be sleeping too. So he said even in his dream, he saw her fighting. Well, not all scenes are fighting though but he gets embarrassed and stays quiet. He means that he’s always thinking to be with her, he is interested with Kaoru. She also said that she like him, so he asked what kind of like is that. At first, she thought they wouldn’t get along. But after taking a day together, she knew of his suffering and pain too, made her think of him like a comrade. Shiou was happy to hear that, though.

While looking at each other, Kaoru said his scent is nice. Then, he asked Kaoru if she like it. She said yes, but Shiou wanted her to only use the “like him” words, told that he also likes her scent. Again, he kept on repeating asking her to say she like him, but always added something after “like”, as a friend or comrade. Finally, Kaoru said she like him and he asked her if she’s feeling some crisis now. Because her heart beats fast, the same as him. It can only mean something, but Kaoru doesn’t understand and makes him a bit angry.

Then, Shiou asked about her current situation with Ren and it made him also asked if she ever have to wear a swimsuit before. Kaoru said that she had wore a bikini because Motoko told her to, which made him said she’s not supposed to wear bikini, but a one piece type. Though he said her chest felt good when he pushed her to the wall when Motoko came at the back of the cake shop. Then, Shiou said he likes her eyes, her lips, and the most of all is her personality. It’s now her time to tell him what she likes about him. So Kaoru said she likes his body and his big hand, until finally she thinks that all of him is cool. After that, Shiou gave her order to sit closer again, until she was on top of him. He said he didn’t feel heavy for her body. But Kaoru didn’t have anything to say so she moved a bit while looking at the dawn sky. Her body fell when she tried to stand. Shiou said it’s because she is not with Morihito. He had an anti-curse, which made the curse on Kaoru’s body have stronger impact if she’s not with him. So, to give her power, Shiou will let her drink his blood.

When she finally drank it, she wanted it more and more because of the overflowing power from him. But when he was getting hurt, Kaoru stopped and cried. She doesn’t want to use him like that because he’s a proud Kamiki. It makes him surprised to see her crying just for him. If she won’t stop crying, he will eat her. Though Kaoru thinks he will eat her in a ritual term rather than her body? Then, she said she wanted to make the two of them happy. It made Shiou requesting to sleep on her lap. While sleeping on Kaoru’s lap, Shiou asked what did Ren do when he use Chousei on her. But she said he should have known it since he’s a Kamiki too. Actually, he doesn’t know the actual way, and will strip her if she doesn’t tell the truth. Kaoru didn’t have any choice and said it’s a kiss on both lips and made him more angry when she said her body feel warm after Chousei. Shiou wanted to kill Ren if they ever meet again. But Kaoru won’t let him kill Ren and feels sleepy. Shiou gave her warning that he will eat her if she sleep like that, but she couldn’t wake up anymore. When Touji came back, he was surprise that nothing happened between them, so he gave him another book he made about the way to make her realize his feelings. Shiou refused to read it right now and told the sleeping Kaoru that he will eat her next time.

The three of them walked through the woods to reach where Sera’s body is. But Kaoru felt sick because of the barrier Byakuya had made a long time ago. To help her walking, Shiou held her hand. Kaoru said she doesn’t feel afraid of him anymore because he’s kind as her friend now. After hearing that, he put his hand on her shoulder like a couple would do to help Kaoru walk instead of holding her hand. Looking at his master’s happiness made Touji cried in happiness too. Meanwhile, Kaoru could smell another perfume from Shiou’s body, asking what kind of brand is that. But he still refused to answer and she mumbling he’s running away again. Though after that, Kagerou came and made them surprise. He came to pick Shiou to go back to Senya and became Senya’s tool. He was not alone, brought many soldiers without soul as a tool like them. Before fighting, Kagerou asked Kaoru if she think that Shiou can be happy after killing so many people.


Kaoru thinks that they have the right to be happy. She wants Shiou to be happy and won’t regret living until now. After that, Shiou and Kagerou begins their fight. Shiou got a trouble to fight Kagerou’s elite, which Kagerou had made for 35 years, as instructed by Senya. It made Shiou surprised to know that Kagerou kept on living doing that for Senya, because Senya is crazy. But he doesn’t have any reason to live rather than that, Kagerou isn’t born from human. When Shiou knew the soldiers were born from humans, he was surprised on how many women Senya had killed for that. Kagerou told him that they were born from about a hundred women, but they didn’t have the soul as his little brother, Shiou, though. Rather than protecting Kaoru, Touji went to his master’s side and created an opening for the elite soldiers to capture Kaoru. Kagerou said she will be the wife of Senya, to give birth to more powerful soldiers. Hearing that, Shiou used all his power to beat the elites and finally reached Kagerou, stabbed Kagerou’s arm numerous times while saying that Senya kept on targeting his woman. Because Kaoru stopped him from killing Kagerou, Shiou told Kagerou to go back and tell his father that he will be the last to be killed by him if Senya keeps trying to capture Kaoru. Kagerou ran away and told him he will kill Shiou next time.

Rather than take care of his wound, Shiou carried Kaoru because her leg is hurt. She kept on crying to beg him putting her down because she didn’t want his wound to get untreated. But Shiou wouldn’t put her down. Until night, Kaoru woke up and said to see him in pain is different than the feelings when her father is hurt. It was more sad and it’s like her own body got sliced off. Maybe because she thought of him as someone precious although they will get separated someday. It made Shiou couldn’t hold his feelings anymore, kissing her with force. It’s the first time Kaoru was kissed in pain. Then, Shiou told her he will engrave his Hana on her. Kaoru finally released herself before Shiou could touch her anymore. It made him asking her if she doesn’t want to be touched by him. Kaoru said it was supposed to be done by married couple, as her father had told her. Moreover, they just had met for a month. Though for Shiou, he did it because he wanted to right away. He began comparing their one month meeting with Souta, whom she had known for one year. Even though they’re always together, Kaoru didn’t look at him. After Kaoru had stopped refusing, Shiou told her that he love Kaoru as in a special meaning. He finally accepted his own feelings, so he told Kaoru to accept it too. He told her to think again and tried to take off her clothes, but Kaoru punched him and ran away because she was scared.

She met Touji, who apologized for his master’s behavior earlier. Then, Kaoru asked him about Hana, which Shiou had mentioned in Kyoto. Touji said that the strong Kamiki man will have a flower pattern somewhere on their bodies since birth. They will share the Hana when becoming a married couple and before the man dies, the Hana won’t disappear on the woman. If the woman have another child with another man, a sin, the Earth’s Will will take her life. It was bothering sometimes, but it’s maybe the Earth’s Will of not having too much Kamiki with strong power. Purebreeds are hard to be born and and birthrate is low among Kamiki. And when a man says he will engrave Hana on someone, it’s equal to a marriage proposal, which won’t forgive betrayal. Though it might mean something else to the human Kaoru.

Touji didn’t know of a man who would break their proposal after becoming a married couple, except for politics. It made Kaoru blame herself of hurting Shiou’s feelings earlier. He won’t betray Kaoru no matter what, because he asked her to take his Hana. Moreover, Shiou had fell in love with her the first time they meet. At first, Kaoru didn’t believe it as first sight, so Touji said Shiou had let out his Yuuga since they met. It’s a scent which Kamiki male wear to invite the woman as his wife in a ritual (sex). She was getting embarrassed knowing that Shiou had think of her like that since the first time they met.

Then, she asked Touji since when he had been loving Shiou as his own child, if Senya had put him in chain before. But Touji said he was free at that time. The only thing he was giving to Senya is his time. Because Senya made a research of how to live longer than 50 years old. But Touji is a failed experiment, his time was elapsing and he can’t die (getting older?) instead of living after 50 years. Knowing the experiment was a failure, he was exiled. After the exile, he was happy not to be chained anymore, but he felt empty because everyone died before him. Kaoru is amazed on how he look at Shiou as his own child. Normally, Touji would hate Senya and wouldn’t raise his child. But for him, it was the first time he started his own life, when he felt he want to live and decay for Shiou. But Kaoru wouldn’t let Touji to die in pain. Hearing that, Touji was glad she is Shiou’s wife and said he won’t die until they have a kid. He is teasing her because Kaoru is cute, but he won’t do that too much or Shiou will get jealous. When both of them came back to Shiou, Kaoru held his hand, but he refused, saying he won’t touch her if she doesn’t want to. They should move to the next place with heavy feeling.

After that, Shiou didn’t touch Kaoru and wouldn’t talk much to her. When she was almost fell, Touji helped her to walk again. Then, Shiou told them to rest while he took a patrol around. After he’s gone, Touji says he feels grateful to know that Kaoru is thinking of Shiou. And then, Kaoru had a dream of the little girl again, soaked in blood. The girl told her not to refuse someone who will protect her to death, Shiou. When she woke up, she felt hurt for not being able to be with Shiou. Noticing her staying quiet for a long time, Shiou called her. He was thinking if she hate him in her mind earlier. But Kaoru didn’t think like that. Knowing she came closer, Shiou told her not to do that. Kaoru said she will keep on thinking that he’s a precious person even though he hate her now, and she will protect him next time. Shiou didn’t reply and asked Touji to stay with Kaoru because if he stay there, he will hurt her more. When Kaoru had another dream again, the girl was blaming her for not becoming happy by following her advice. For Kaoru, it would just make her loose something important, so she will stay like that for a while.

Kaoru woke up in Touji’s chest. Then, she said thanks because Shiou already protected them by patrolling. Though looking at Shiou is irritating and Touji accepted her gratitude. She noticed a smell of blood on Shiou, thinking he’s getting hurt but he said it’s from a bird he caught to eat. He went alone again, and Kaoru finally noticed that he’s lying. Touji said, if she know the truth, it would be hurting her. But Kaoru wanted to know, even though she hadn’t prepare yet. When it’s about time, Touji took her to the place Shiou was performing Tsumikui no Gi in pain. Kaoru tried to call him because she couldn’t bear looking at him suffering alone, but Touji stopped her a few times until he said Shiou performed the ritual on the sinners of Kuga who had killed innocent people. She didn’t know that the ritual could be that hurt. So Touji said that originally, Shiou’s body couldn’t hold the ritual more than once for a day. To be able to regain his power, he must do the ritual fast. When he cough, blood came out, Kaoru couldn’t stand looking and called him. But Shiou stopped her.

He got mad at Touji for bringing Kaoru there. But as someone who cares for him, Touji must do it. Meanwhile, Kaoru said it’s her fault for being weak. He told her to not go near him because he will hurt her. But Kaoru wouldn’t get hurt by him, saying he’s a kind man. That’s why she ran away, because she was scared of losing him as someone important. Kaoru loves him in a special meaning, but she is afraid if it’s too late to accept her fear. Looking at her crying, Shiou touched her tears on the cheek, saying he’s very happy until his heart almost stopped.

Because Kaoru didn’t feel scared of him anymore, Shiou kissed her gently then put her body on top of the flowers to do the marriage ceremony. They don’t know how to do it, so Shiou will do it as written in Touji’s book. Speaking of Touji, Kaoru was nervous if he’s looking at them. But Shiou said he already put a barrier on himself, so he wouldn’t see them. Before doing it, Shiou said he might kill her if she changed side to Morihito later. Of course normal man wouldn’t say it to the person he loved. Knowing her man is not a normal human, Kaoru told him to kill her if that happen. But she will do her best not to die by that, because he and Tsukasa will cry. Shiou also thinks she is not a normal human, who is supposed to beg him not to kill herself. Before doing it, Kaoru asked him to give his Hana. Shiou is almost crying by that words.

That night, Kaoru was looking at her mark, matching Shiou’s. He teased her again for being so bold in front of him. Shiou realized that he likes teasing the woman he love. She said not to tease her anymore, but for Shiou, he’s not teasing her right now, but being sweet to her. They’re talking of how Morihito will try to kill Shiou if he know that his bride already became someone else’s bride. When that happened, Kaoru wanted Shiou to fight for her. She said she like him so much, resulting in his sweet scent coming out. Shiou said it’s embarrassing, because it’s like something crappy was leaked. Though Kaoru like it, he told her to stop breathing. She would die if she must hold her breath forever, but Kaoru tried it. In the end, Shiou kept letting out his Yuuga.

I cut the CG here, but it’s not cut in my download link album

Kaoru could hear Shiou’s thoughts now after being connected to him, similar to with Ren. Shiou is always thinking that he wants to embrace Kaoru again when they takes a walk, but he tells Kaoru not to see him anymore. Though at next, she could hear him saying in his mind to look at him. So, it made Kaoru confused of what’s his real feelings. At some point, he also teased Kaoru about last night, resulting in her blushing a lot. Speaking of Ren, it seems Kaoru can’t hear his thoughts now. She’s thinking if Ren is in danger, but Shiou calm her down. It made Touji cried in happiness looking at them, asked Shiou and Kaoru to just leave their child’s Shichi-Go-San (3,5,7 years old ceremony) to him. Then, Shiou told Touji to bring his clothes. Kaoru asked him when will they arrive at Shitenjo, where Sera’s body is there, and he said it will be tonight. But before they could talk more, Kagerou arrived with Senya.

First, Shiou asked if Senya is thinking of others than himself to make sure that Kagerou heard that. Senya said he doesn’t care about anything than himself, although Kagerou still believe in his father. Senya didn’t know that Kaoru and Shiou had been connected, telling Kagerou to catch Kaoru to become his. But when Shiou used his mind to talk with Kaoru, saying she must believe in him to fight Senya, that if Kaoru doesn’t help him when he’s in trouble he will die, Senya finally found out that Kaoru already became Shiou’s. Though he will kill Shiou to break the mark. When Shiou is fighting Senya, Kagerou goes to Kaoru. She is in the barrier made by Touji and Kagerou couldn’t stay near them. Touji asked Kaoru to leave it to him, and he is ready to fight Kagerou. But Touji got hurt a lot to strike an attack to Kagerou. Kaoru told him to run and not die there, but Touji kept on creating barrier while fighting Kagerou. Senya ordered Kagerou to quickly kill Touji even though Kagerou will die himself. He did as his father had ordered to, and died.

Now that Kaoru was left alone, it’s the time to use her power after she remembered Shiou’s words that he will die when she didn’t help. After fighting together with Shiou, they finally beat Senya. When they realized of Touji’s last moment, Shiou went to carry him. Touji told Shiou not to heal him with his power, so he can break Sera’s seal. Even though Shiou had made a promise to kill Touji, he was glad that his son wouldn’t need to kill him in the end, as a rule of living. Shiou said that Touji will always be his father, no matter what. And Touji told him that he also love Shiou so much. When Shiou finally reached his own happiness, there’s nothing he would want anymore. So, he just wanted to be forgiven by Shiou for crying. Shiou forgave him, then Touji died in peace after becoming shattering glasses.

Because this CG can be animated, I put two of them to feel the motion.

But Senya is still alive. Shiou asked him if he have dying wish before he kill Senya. So he said that he hate Shiou, a monster born from human. He let Shiou live freely because he thought Shiou would become more powerful as his tool. But Senya regretted doing that. Then, Kaoru asked if he have something to reflect on. He said there’s none because his beloved woman had died in the past. After saying that he didn’t want to raise the monster like Shiou himself, Senya grabbed Shiou’s sword to kill himself. Shiou is glad though. If he kill his own father, all of them will hate him, even Touji. Because Kamiki respect their parents.

After arriving at Shitenjo, Kaoru cried because she let Touji died. But Shiou himself is strong, he will grab his own aim. As his partner in life, Kaoru will get strong too, for him. They made a promise to cry together later, after everything have over. The one who was waiting for them at Sera’s body is Morihito. He knew that Kaoru just wanted to help Shiou, so he will take her back as Sera. But he finally saw the Hana on her hand, changed his eyes to red color to fight Shiou for taking his bride. Shiou told him that Sera was all in the past. Kaoru doesn’t have Sera’s memories and have chosen him as her husband. When Morihito stabbed Shiou, Kaoru told him to not kill Shiou or she will be reincarnated to hate him. Hearing that, Morihito stopped in surprise and Shiou fought back. But not long after that, Morihito finally stabbed Shiou again the second time. Before his death, Shiou told Kaoru to do what she must do. Looking at him not moving anymore, Kaoru cried to call him back. She wanted to believe in his word saying it will be alright. Morihito said it must be for the next life, but Kaoru and Shiou didn’t have next. This time, as his bride, Kaoru will find a way to revive him back. Because if it’s not Shiou, Kaoru doesn’t want anything anymore. The song of “Hana wa Utau” played here.

Suddenly, she let out a prayer. The mirror on Sera’s body broke and her body disappeared into the light. But only Shiou’s body, Kaoru won’t let him disappear. She just need him in her life, letting out another wish. Not long after that, she could feel his blood flowing again. Shiou woke up saying Kaoru won’t give up easily, but it’s a good thing. When he was in the dark and finally found the light, he looked back because of Kaoru’s voice saying she doesn’t want anything except Shiou. He didn’t know how he could go back, but he heard her voice. Then, he saw another woman similar to Kaoru (Sera) in the next scene with different voice like a different people. She told him if he doesn’t need anything than her, if he accept all of her, she will lend him power. Morihito couldn’t believe that Sera gave her power to Shiou. But Shiou said he had absorbed Sera’s power as she had captured his soul, so he couldn’t give it back. He said sorry because it’s supposed to be Kaoru’s power, but she accepted it because it’s Shiou that she wanted.

While Morihito still couldn’t accept it, Shiou told him that it’s the truth. There’s nothing to tie him up with Sera anymore, because Byakuya’s seal had broken. He can’t be Kaoru’s wife anymore. Morihito still fought Shiou and he was stabbed after a few strikes. Shiou didn’t reach Morihito’s vital point though. But it’s sad to look at Morihito, losing his one thousand years love like that. Kaoru begged for his forgiveness and said it’s because she is not Sera, she couldn’t be with him. It made him realize that he couldn’t be with Sera anymore. Morihito called Ren to come and they had another talk. Shiou said that Ren wanted to kill him even though he’s smiling, so he could not believe in Ren’s words. For Ren, Morihito is a bit of an eyesore, but he needs him too. Then, he will take Morihito back to treat him. The next time they meet, might be for Kaoru and Shiou’s wedding, though Shiou said he doesn’t want to invite Ren. Before leaving, Ren said he’s wishing for Kaoru’s happiness. Ren put a barrier though, for Kaoru and Shiou to have time together. Shiou hugged Kaoru from her back, asking if she feel regret. But she didn’t at all.

Three months later, Kaoru holds a tea time with Morihito in Kuga house. Now, he finally called Kaoru, not Sera anymore. He asked when would she give him the wedding invitation, but she asked of his thoughts of her before that. Morihito didn’t answer for a long time, so Kaoru thought he still look at her as Sera. But Morihito finally answered that he look at her as a woman now. But he’s still couldn’t see Shiou as his friend. When Shiou came back, they had another fight in talking. Shiou had a long time at his company because he felt some presence. Now that everything had over, Kuga and Kamiki clan built good relations. After that, Ren came too. Shiou said he’s only being a hindrance. Anyway, Ren had received the wedding invitation, but Morihito hadn’t. It’s because Kaoru wanted Ren to attend as her friend. Meanwhile, looking at Kaoru in wedding dress made Ren wanted to snatch her. Of course Shio was angry at his words, telling him not to come. Then, Shiou carried Kaoru on his arm to take her away from Morihito and Ren, telling her to only look at him. She called him as a tyranny, which made him let his Yuuga out. He didn’t care too much now, even though he’s still blushing. Then, Shiou asked her of what is on his mind right now. She said “I like you so much”, but he actually wanted to say “I love you”. So Kaoru said she love him too. They have a happy time now. Sorry his route was very long, I played it in 16+ hours. Adding two endings more, about 17 hours.


Shiou died after Morihito killed him in front of Sera’s body. Kaoru could see her mark disappearing all along with Shiou. She stabbed herself because she doesn’t want to end up with Morihito. Morihito quickly called Ren to erase Kaoru’s memories, but he refused. Ren hates Morihito for taking Kaoru’s happiness, so he will let Sera love another man in the next reincarnation, won’t be Morihito’s bride again. After Ren had no purpose, he ended his life too, leaving Morihito in anger because there’s no one who love him.


After Touji lose from Kagerou, Kaoru got stabbed and dying. Senya said Shiou will also be left alone like him. Shiou carried her body, saying not to leave him alone and will give his blood to her. Kaoru told him to eat her instead. She didn’t want to repeat the reincarnation and be with Morihito, she wanted to be with Shiou. It was scary to die, but she apologized for being weak to Shiou. Shiou told her that she is actually a strong woman, to face death forward. Before the end, Kaoru said she likes Shiou so much. He answered with love. He ate her life and Kaoru fell to the most relaxing place. Three years later, Shiou finally found peace after killing Kuga clan for revenge. Kaoru is still with him, even though he can’t see, hear, nor touch her anymore. He’s asking for how many years he must live without her. But he corrected it right away, that he’s only joking. Because as long as he live, she will be with him.


Touji is a loyal butler to Shiou. Even though he’s made by Senya, Touji only loves Shiou. If he is a human, his age is around 50 years old.

Following in Shiou’s route, after eating the taxi driver in Kyoto, Shiou gave her a charm then went back. Touji asked Kaoru to warm her body because she is a cute lady. But she doesn’t think she is cute. Kaoru asked him if he feel oppressed in the Kuga house, but he didn’t think like that. If so, he will be sad all the time. When thinking on how kind Touji is, Kaoru wants to have more power so she can save both Touji and Shiou from Senya. Because one of them will be sad if she just save one. Touji thinks she should have tell it to Shiou instead, her words that shook a heart. After that, he went with Shiou.

After getting back from school and received a greeting from Kikyou, Kaoru said she have come back. It makes her smiling a lot, thinking about Touji who must be greeting his master. Then, she gave her thanks to Kikyo for all of her help. This makes Kikyou flushed, saying her husband, Kouyou, must be getting jealous if he knows. Because he is jealous of her time with Kaoru, Kouyou wants to be Kaoru’s friends too. Then, Ren informed her they have a guest which he didn’t want to meet though. He doesn’t say who, but he asks Kaoru to meet them or not. Kaoru said she will meet them, although she know Ren’s feelings, she want to follow her time.

How surprised Kaoru was when she saw Kagerou and Touji drinking tea in Kamiki house. When she asked for their reason, Morihito said they wanted to make an agreement of ceasing fire, and reconcile with Kamiki. Touji will explain from Kuga house. They are thinking that because Sera’s release is getting near, the number of murderer increased rapidly. Even though they also wanted to kill Sera, there’s one more concern. At first, some people in Kuga wanted to erase the curse of living just for 50 years old. But because of Tsumikui no Gi will finally end, the Kamiki thinks that more sinners will not be redeemed, because the ritual won’t be needed anymore. Also, if Kuga and Kamiki always forced their difference, in the future, they will be declined by nature. After thinking about it, Senya himself wants a reconciliation with Kamiki. But it was weird that even Senya nor Shiou came to talk to Morihito as the chief. Morihito could understand about Senya if he doesn’t want to go outside. But Touji said Shiou is sick and lying on bed right now. If Morihito want, they can talk with Senya in Kuga house. Morihito accepted the peace, though. While at it, Touji also requested something to Morihito. In order for Sera’s revival ritual to be completed, he and Kagerou want to be her guard. Because if Kaoru abandoned her duty, they have to wait for the next generation and it will be hard for Kuga house to wait again. Kaoru doesn’t think that’s bad, so Morihito agrees to the request from Kuga and sign the contract.

At night, Kaoru is think of Shiou. He didn’t come so she’s worried. While holding a hot milk for Kaoru, Touji told her that Shiou thinks of her as someone precious after the trip. So she said she also thinks of Shiou as an important friend to her. As his father-like person, Touji was happy to hear that. She thought of him similar as his father, Tsukasa, so Kaoru will believe in his words. But she wanted to get closer, telling Touji to not use distant words to her. Touji was amazed at how strong her goal is, but he gave her warning that he’s also a man. Though it feels like he’s looking at her as a child. Because Shiou and Kagerou like sweet food, Touji also likes them. He made the hot milk sweet for Kaoru.

She felt Touji is similar to Tsukasa and remembered the time she was crying as a child to meet her dead parents. Tsukasa told her that the two of them had became stars, and Kaoru pointed her finger at the two stars. Tsukasa said it might be them because they had a kind light. Remembering about the stars, she couldn’t see them in Tokyo and made decision to go to the planetarium on the next day.

Morihito was opposing Kaoru to go alone to the planetarium. But she didn’t want to go with Ren. Knowing that they’re being abandoned, Kagerou said he and Touji will protect Kaoru. At first, Morihito didn’t agree, but he finally asked one request. They could guard Kaoru after make an oath for life to not kill her. The two of them didn’t have a will to kill Sera, so they made it right away. Touji used friendlier words to her now, while Kagerou put his hand on hers. At first, Kagerou thought she is scared of him. But Kaoru said because he looks similar to a cat, she didn’t take caution anymore. After that, Kagerou begins using –nyan after his words, saying he wants to be her friend. And because he also gets friendly with Kaoru, Kagerou is mocking Touji for always being reluctant and only tells her to warm her body. Unlike him, who hold Kaoru’s hand and makes her warmer.

Though as long as they’re in the planetarium, until the projection event begins, Kagerou still sticking his hands on Kaoru. Touji told him to release her, but Kagerou didn’t want to by using the “if someone kill her in the dark” story. In the end, Kaoru accepted his worries if he stay calm. Kagerou likes her sweet behavior to him, saying she’s cute until he wants to raise his fangs on her. Her docile expression is similar to Shiou, though, makes it unbearable (to eat?). Kaoru also asked Touji to sit beside her. When the event begun, Kagerou slept because it’s boring. But Kaoru cried because she remember her parents and thinking about her fate as Sera. Quietly, Touji gave her his handkerchief to wipe her tears, but it made her cry even more.

After the event had finished, Kaoru gave her thanks to him. When looking at her red eyes, Kagerou asked what have happened when he’s sleeping. Kaoru said she feels sad about her dead parents, but Kagerou doesn’t understand because human will die someday. As for his father, he will be reincarnated, so he won’t feel sad. But he’s jealous for having that feelings. As for Touji, he can relate to her sadness. But it’s just made her cry again and apologize. Touji told her that her patience is beautiful, so he won’t stop her crying. Because strong people also cry to move forward.

After changing place outside, Touji wanted Kaoru to keep her handkerchief because he actually wanted to throw it. He told her that having her beloved person died is painful. He too, wanted to be able to die someday. When he walked further, Kaoru held his arm because he didn’t want Touji to disappear. It’s lonely to have dying wish in his life, she wants him to keep on living. Not because she wanted to be someone special in his heart, but because there are more things they must try such as food, or going to the moon. That’s why she wanted him to grant her dream if she’s disappeared someday. After hearing that, Touji was surprised and said her existence will always stay in his heart.

When Kaoru was studying for her test, Kagerou infiltrated her room to ask her playing fighting game and reading manga with him. She told him to get out though, because he’s being noisy. Suddenly, Touji came in to give her dinner, a delicious risotto. Kaoru was praising Touji’s cooking a lot, so Kagerou wanted to try a bit. After receiving the food from Kaoru’s hand, he fell asleep on the floor. But Touji kept staying there to help Kaoru study English and Math. It made her saying he will be a good teacher. But Touji said he can’t. If it’s a teacher, Morihito is the best to guide people. He told her that when Morihito was still a student, he taught him to study once. It made her wondering when that happened because Touji always stayed with Shiou. She asked how is Shiou’s condition but it seemed he still can’t get up. So Morihito’s teacher is Touji.

Then, she remembered she must give her thanks for his handkerchief and suggested to massage his shoulder. He first refused because Shiou or Morihito will get jealous and it’s not good to stay near a man, but Kaoru said it won’t matter to them and he only thinks of her as a child. While massaging Touji’s shoulder, she was wondering how he build his muscle. When she was thinking, she smell something nice from him. But he told her to stop when she’s deep in thought, saying she must hate touching an old man like him. But Karou doesn’t think of him as old man, he’s more relaxing than being with the same age boy and has a sweet scent. It was not shampoo or perfume, so he was surprised to hear Kaoru talking about his scent. Not long after that, Kagerou woke up. He wanted Kaoru to lend her lap for him to sleep, but she refused. Then, he read manga noisily. Touji asked him to shut up, but he will do it if Touji make donuts for him tomorrow. To keep him quiet, Touji agreed to Kagerou’s request.

The next day, Kaoru asked Touji to help her studying again after he brought her dinner. When their hands were touching each other, Kaoru quickly removed it from Touji’s finger. After the question had done, Touji quickly excusing himself. Thinking about it, Kaoru asked Kagerou if she had done something to Touji, but Kagerou said he’s the same as always. The conversation changed to how jealous Kaoru to Kagerou’s straight personality. But Kagerou likes her worrying expression because it’s cute. Kaoru was thinking if Kagerou won’t change and stay cute like that. But for him, he had changed since looking at her crying over dead people. He always thought it’s not sad, because Kuga and Kamiki will be reincarnated. Though after thinking again, Kaoru won’t be able to get reincarnated as a same person. He will be disappointed if Kaoru is not the same anymore. Then, she said Kagerou will always stay as a younger boy to her. He answered that he will keep staying in 14 years old body anyway. Then, he gave advice to go to planetarium again if Kaoru want to build a bond with Touji because he won’t run away there.

Again, Kaoru went to planetarium with Touji and Kagerou. When the projection begins, Kagerou is sleeping as always. Kaoru also feels sleepy and let her eyes watery. But suddenly, she felt Touji’s hand on her cheek. He might be thinking she’s crying again. If so, it would be better if she cry again. After the event was over, Touji got embarrassed because he had touched her, thinking she’s crying because of her parents again.

At night, Kaoru couldn’t sleep thinking that Touji’s hands are big. She wanted to meet Touji and went to the garden. But when they finally met, Kaoru was nervous and fell to the pond together with Touji who tried to save her. Because they got wet, Touji carry her back to change clothes in her room. After changing, she wanted to give thanks to him and opened his room. She was surprised to see him naked, but what’s more surprising is his skin have many lights in it. She found his picture with a kid similar to Shiou and him, so she was thinking it’s Shiou’s little brother.

But it’s actually Touji himself. He’s always at that age. Kaoru wished to hear about Touji’s story and he told her that he had already been living from a few hundred years ago, couldn’t remember his exact age. His parents were Kuga clan, so is he. In order for Kuga clan to establish a conversation with the Earth’s Will, they need many trials. Hundreds of experiments were failed. To try if the experiment is a success or not, they must try it on a human’s vessel. He is like a previous existence before Shiou is born. He keeps on living as a 50 years old man because of the experiment. He lose his course of time, and being outside the Kamiki and Kuga nor human’s reincarnation cycle. It means he won’t get reincarnated after he dies, as a failure to the experiment. But in exchange, he can live freely. Kaoru was at a lost, blaming herself to say he must thinking of living so Touji expected her to feel disgusted at him. It made her cry, touching his chest and said she was just at a loss of words, apologizing for giving him symphaty. And she was thinking that it must be love. But as Touji also touched her hand, he said hearing her saying that is like cleaning all of his curse, made him feel comfortable.

The next day, Kaoru was thinking of Touji’s smile which made her feel good. Kagerou told her to stop daydreaming of Touji, made a joke that he could read her mind too. But it might be good if he could read her mind, although it could only be done by a romantic partner. After asking Kaoru to play with him, suddenly he vomitted blood. He said it’s always happened so she doesn’t need to get worry because it’s his life span. Kaoru knew that Kamiki and Kuga only can live for 50 years old, but Kagerou is still 14. Then, he explained that he’s called the Earth’s Doll by Kamiki for a reason. He was born from Senya’s experiment, a homunculus, so 14 is not his exact age. He and Touji are an experiment to create Shiou. When his father’s technique expired, he would collapse. It made Kaoru cry over him, because thinking he would be gone shortly made her heart break. For Kagerou, he had accepted that he will be gone one day, not a special thing. Kaoru asked why didn’t Touji tell her that. But Kagerou said he’s a quiet man, it’s not an important thing because he saw everything than himself as Kagerou (蜉蝣=ephemeral) being. He told Kaoru to smile when he die later and said he likes her. She doesn’t change since the first time they met, making Kagerou wants to eat her because of her cuteness.

Touji was thinking to go from Kamiki house. Kaoru is a woman for Shiou, but he wants to touch her. It was a long time ago since he touched a woman. Is it the feeling of love? But as an old man, he isn’t supposed to have feelings for such a young girl. Even if she accepted him, it will just hurting her to be with him. As he wrote a farewell letter, Kagerou asked him if he is sure. Touji is just smiling in silent when giving his letter to Kagerou.

When Kaoru was about to sleep, she heard something hard breaking. Quickly, she went outside to ask Touji and Kagerou. She finally met Touji at the corridor, asking if the two of them are allies or not. Touji answered with his smile, telling her that they just came to create time for Shiou to get stronger. But now, Touji told Kaoru to run away, because he is her guard. But she refused. If Touji won’t run with her, she will stay, because she wants to be with him as long as he live. Kagerou came too, swearing his loyalty to her and fought with Touji. The people they fought were a top secret elites, only Kagerou know. After getting separated from Touji, Shiou attacked Kagerou. He said all of the peace contract was all a lie to do his duty. When he almost killed Kaoru, Touji came between them, begging Shiou to spare her life because she is the woman he love. For Shiou, Touji is like his own father. He asked if Touji had betrayed him and he accepted that, saying he did it for himself, so she won’t be killed. After Touji accepted to die first, Shiou attacked him. But thankfully, Morihito came and fought Shiou. He knew Shiou already ate a few sinners to gain his current strength. When Morihito finally hurt Shiou, he ran away.

After waking up, Kaoru tried to meet Touji. But Morihito is already waiting her. He knew of her feelings to Touji, asking Kaoru to kill him with the dagger he gave her. Because if he die, Kaoru doesn’t have to perform Tsumikui no Gi or die because of not doing it. But she can’t kill someone for her own happiness. Knowing of her kindness, Morihito asked her keep the dagger and go to his room whenever she want to kill him. Whatever it is, Morihito will keep on living for Sera. But Kaoru said she isn’t Sera. It made him sad, because she hold Sera’s soul and no other except her. Then, he asked Kaoru to keep walking to Touji’s room. When she finally reach Touji’s room, she cried. Touji told her to come and hold his hand, because looking at her crying alone without being able to touch her is painful. He knows what Morihito have asked her. For Kaoru, thinking about it only makes her hating her ugly self. But Touji said he think of her as a dazzling person who move forward with her heart. She loves him so much and wants to be with him. While kept on crying, Touji asked her to face him, saying that he had been longing for her, loving her. But to live alone without the person she love is hard, he knows that. All his life, he had thought he would die for Shiou whenever it is. But after she had encouraged him to live, he wanted to answer it. After everything have over, he wants to go watching the stars with Kaoru. It’s like a dying wish, but she will agree on it.

Today, Tsukasa came to see Kaoru in her room. Without knowing what happened to her, Tsukasa told Kaoru to get happiness. Even though she must endanger her life to protect someone she love, he will always cheering for her. After talking for a while, Tsukasa bid farewell. But before that, he told her to bring that person someday. At first, Kaoru is thinking if she can bring him, but she finally agree.

After she is finally alone, there’s something shining inside her pocket. Through the charm, Shiou sent a message to meet him at the park tonight to talk about Touji. If she doesn’t come, he will kill Tsukasa. He also will tell her some way to not do the ritual. It’s weird that Shiou will help, but Kaoru believe in him. When they finally met, Shiou asked of her feelings to Touji, if she really like him. Kaoru told him of her feelings. She love Touji and won’t be Morihito’s bride, even though she must die if she doesn’t perform Tsumikui no Gi. But if she kill her heart, it would be the same as dying. Even though she and Touji don’t have the same time, she want to live by his side. After knowing of her feelings, Shiou went alone.

When she told about Shiou to Touji, he was glad that Kaoru didn’t get hurt. Then, she told him to greet Tsukasa. But Kaoru is nervous, thinking of how embarrassing to meet Tsukasa with her beloved. Touji also became nervous, because Tsukasa is Kaoru’s father. She told Touji to call her name, so he called her “Kaoru-san” instead of “Anzaki-san”. But it made her crying then hugging Touji’s body. She is happy with him, the same feelings as Touji. Suddenly, they could feel another presence and went to meet Ren and Morihito.

Morihito told them there’s a rebellion in Kuga house, led by Kuga Shiou. He was leading to Shitenjo, where Sera’s body is kept. Morihito asked Touji to give them explanation about Shiou, but Touji wouldn’t say it because it will be Shiou’s disadvantage. The only thing he’s worried about is because Shiou is tied with Senya. This makes Morihito thinks that Shiou is a good person. Kaoru asked Morihito about the Shintenjo’s condition, that there’s a strong barrier there. The only person who can make it stronger is Ren. They will help Shiou from Senya’s attack. Before Morihito went to Shitenjo with them, Kagerou said he will be the one to protect Kaoru and the others. So Morihito will protect Kamiki house, while Kaoru go with Kagerou, Ren, and Touji.

But what awaits her in front of the house is Shiou himself. He didn’t go to Shitenjo but tried to kill Kaoru again. After fighting with Kaoru for a bit, Touji came to fight his son. Before Shiou could kill Touji, Morihito came after realizing that Shiou had ate his father. He will be the one to fight Shiou, telling Touji to protect Kaoru. But Shiou won against Morihito stabbed and killing him. Before his death, Morihito said he will keep on loving her in the next life. His body disappeared like shattering glasses. After it’s over, Kaoru is thinking how could Shiou do that, when he finally got his freedom, it’s all a mess. Shiou said it’s all because of her. It will be her burden for all her life, a revenge from Shiou. Kaoru realized it’s his way to give her and Touji a few more years, by killing Morihito. Shiou told Kaoru and Touji to walk under his corpse and be happy. Then, he disappeared into the light, the same as Morihito. Touji and Kaoru cries together, hugging each other without saying anything.

Kaoru walked in the Kuga house garden, while thinking the of the event five years ago. Everything had changed a lot, including Kuga clan. Kikyou came to bring her a guest, Ren. He called her as madam, after her wedding with Touji. It’s just recently that she met Ren, because he had disappeared after the incident. At first, he was thinking it would be painful for Kaoru to be with Touji. But he changed his mind for Kaoru’s happiness. He is expecting of what would become of Kaoru next, as a Great Sinner. To reach her happiness with Touji, many people had died. But if she wants to talk, he will help her. It makes Kaoru says that she is always feeling thankful to Ren. After that, Ren went home because he just meet to see her. He is glad that Kaoru is well.


Then, Touji came to the garden, asking about Ren. He said their child is sleeping now. But after Ren have left, Kaoru wants to go inside because her daughter will be lonely if they’re not at her side when she wakes up. It made Touji felt that he finally understand of Senya’s feelings. He had a wife in the past, named Mokuren. Senya had once said this “It’s unbelieveable that humans are cunning. My wife had taught me by betting on her life”. Now he understands that as a Kamiki, if their partner is taken from them, their life would be more suffering than death. If perhaps such an unreasonable thing taken his wife, Kaoru, and his child, he might become crazy too. Then, Kikyou told them that their child is crying. It seems she has woken up and tells Kikyou to bring her outside. After Kikyou left to bring her child, Kaoru told Touji not to cry. When she touched his cheeks, Kaoru apologized because after she have died later, she will leave a curse on him to be alone. But for him, as long as he have their child, her blood will always remains with him. He will keep on living by raising their child. Touji said he loves her so much and so does Kaoru.


Shiou asked Kaoru if she will die for living a short time with Touji, but she thought it’s selfish. Looking at her confused, Shiou had a clue to end their suffering. Kaoru doesn’t need to perform the ritual, by being killed by him. After being stabbed by Shiou, she called Shiou’s name in surprise, asking why would he did it. He said, she could say Touji’s name after being reincarnated again if she kept wanting to meet him. So at least, right now, he wants Kaoru to call his name for the last time.


Shiou attacked Kamiki house again. It turns out Touji is on Kaoru’s side. But when she move outside with Kagerou, Shiou killed her. The time she die, it looks like she is seeing an illusion.


As a homunculus made by Senya, Kagerous always looks up to his father. He was made before Touji, so that’s why he says he is Touji and Shiou’s older brother. A cheerful but scary boy in 14 years old.


Following the Touji route after marriage, instead of hearing her daughter cries, Kaoru goes to see Kagerou. He told her to go to the garden at 12 AM and she did as he wish. There, Kagerou is wondering if the baby will remember about him because he also raised the kid, but it will be hard. He tells Kaoru that he likes her, kissing her lips. Even though she is Touji’s wife, Kagerou still wants to convey his feelings to her. That’s why he had been waiting for his final moment to confess. Kaoru still wants to spend her days with him, but Kagerou is happy now. He will be a star that’s protecting her from above and he wants Kaoru to search for him. After that, he disappeared like a falling stars. When she knows she can’t grab even one light of him, Kaoru is wondering if Touji will have the same feelings when she die later.


Ren is a loyal servant of Sera. In his route, there are many past stories, much more than in Morihito. He doesn’t care for other people except to protect Sera. There’s a reason that will be explained in his route. But when he seems cold, sometimes, Ren can fight mouth with Morihito and Shiou, even Kaoru too. He is the same as Morihito, reincarnated numerous times in this thousand years.

When Kuga Shiou attacked Kamiki house for the first time, Kaoru made a wish for Ren to come and help Kamiki. After he had appeared, he said it’s a cruel wish. Because he hates Kamiki for letting Sera die, he doesn’t think it’s a duty to help them. But Kaoru insisted to fight alone, because she didn’t think they’re inferior or superior. In the end, as Sera’s servant, he will lend his power to help Kaoru. He could sense that Kikyou is alright because the enemy wanted to wait for Kaoru. So they went quickly to where Kikyou is and found Kuga Shiou and Touji. Ren thinks it’s true that Senya’s new toy is a bit stupid. But as someone who broke Ren’s barrier, Shiou doesn’t think he’s stupid. Shiou said he was born to kill Sera. So as her servant, Ren called him a mischief, trash. Hearing that, Shiou told him that it’s true he’s just a mischief even though he have the same power to eat soul, Ren would just call Sera pretty and he’s not. But before they could fight, Touji interfered because it’s dangerous to fight Ren right now, and Morihito will come shortly. When Morihito finally came there, he made a joke that Shiou is a living copy of Senya and made him angrier. Ren also agreed with Morihito to kill Shiou. But before that happened, Kagerou came and ran away with Shiou and Touji.

After the battle, Kaoru asked Morihito of what happened to his father, Byakuya, after sealing Sera. He used much power and the whole soul disappeared. Ren added that he had been living for a thousand years so it’s normal and felt glad he’s dead. Then, Kaoru told them her feelings. While she’s afraid if Sera will revive soon, she also wants to quickly end the Tsumikui no Gi.

Kaoru got a high fever before the school trip. Ren was taking care of her, saying it might because of her stress. Normal Kamiki won’t get human sickness easily. But she is still a half. Although she musn’t need to worry because there are four people who will protect her, which are Morihito, Souta, Tsukasa, and recently there is Kikyou. Kaoru told him to include himself too. Even though he was missing at the Kuga attack, he took care of her like this. She is always feels gratitude towards Ren. Then, Kaoru asked him if she have any similarity with Sera. But he said they’re different, except for moving forward. Sera is more similar to Ren himself, a person who deeply loves with narrow general purpose. It means he doesn’t feel anything than for the person he loves and very self-righteous. He loves both Sera’s good and bad side, which makes Kaoru thinks if it’s as his master.

Then, he suggested to go to the hospital because Kamiki’s doctor might not understand much about human sickness. Kaoru just wants to be by Tsukasa’s side, but Ren says that he is a person with Chiyomi, who can read different being other than human with the Earth’s power. And for the school trip, Ren will not attend it too. He had gone to numerous school trips though. And Morihito would want Ren to be Kaoru’s guard until she is healthy. Looking at him when saying Morihito’s name is very sad, so Kaoru suggested him to run away with her. But he will always hope for her happiness so he won’t. Moreover, a servant’s will must not affect his master’s decision. But for Kaoru, he is a special person, which makes him blushing. Thinking again, if they run from Kamiki house, they will be over by Kamiki and Kuga clan. And if they haven’t break Byakuya’s seal, Morihito will always chase her. It’s hard to break the seal and they must go to the specific place too. The late Sera’s reincarnation couldn’t break it with their powers because it hadn’t complete through Tsumikui no Gi.

So Kaoru asked if Ren could also help too, but he refused again because he’s afraid it’s still weak. Even though she might die from trying it, at least she would be happy because she will only live once, unlike Ren and Kamiki. But if they were to failed, Ren would get kicked and they should think of another way. He faced her seriously and said it must be because she was raised by Tsukasa as her father and mother, but he wouldn’t say why. It’s just that, he doesn’t want to lose her, Kaoru, and not Sera. He is a bad self-righteous man after all. Anyway, for now it will be safe inside Kamiki house. He will go anywhere with her, even to hell or heaven. Kaoru told him not to say that kind of words without thinking, but he said it’s to show his respect to his master. So, she wanted him to release her hand because he would get her sweat. This time, Ren said it’s also nice, since he love her. Even though Ren love her, it’s as his master, so he told Kaoru not to think much. After that, Kaoru changed her clothes to go to the hospital with him.

Ren brought Kaoru to a famous hospital with so many people waiting there. It’s because he had searched for it and Kaoru gave her thanks. Ren said it’s no problem since it’s for his beloved, he added a beloved Kamiki though (Kaoru thinks it means as a human). To talk back, Kaoru said she also love him as a Kamiki. Though she’s not sure if Ren could be so happy with it, Ren said her words have value and in the old times, they said there’s power in words. So he wants to say he loves her and hoping for her happiness. Looking at her getting red, Ren touched Kaoru’s head with his to measure her fever. But a little girl who saw them said that she’s a princess who got a kiss from a prince. Kaoru was getting more embarrassed, she explained the truth to the girl. After the girl had gone, Ren said the girl must be saying it because Kaoru is cute. But to her, Ren is cuter because of his face and she is more suitable to be a prince. But if Ren got a request from princes to kiss him, he will refuse all of them and waiting for Kaoru. When Ren picked a cold drink for Kaoru, a grandma, Kasuga, said Kaoru have a love sickness (instead of fever). But Kaoru refused because they’re not lovers. So Kasuga apologized if she had a heart broken, though looking at them, they have a chance. When Kaoru was thinking it’s only a joke, Ren came behind her and said it’s considerably like that to the grandma. Then, Kasuga was called by a nurse and left them. Before Kaoru’s turn to be called, she saw a girl give her thanks to the doctor. Thinking that the doctor must be a good one, she was happy, but she didn’t know that Ren wasn’t. When she went inside the doctor’s, Kaoru could smell the sinner from him.

When she got back home, Kaoru asked Ren if someone died by accident, would the person who treated he/she became a sinner. Ren said it could be, if the person took a life that shouldn’t end. Morihito also heard that conversation and he knew about the hospital when he gave a gift for someone. The hospital also operated as a shelter for those who have no prospect. It provided housing free of charge regardless of the age, a charity. But every year, the shelter lost several people. The news said that the operating expense was from the private property of the director. But Morihito didn’t hear anything except the skill of the treatment in that hospital is good and it doesn’t take charge for transplant operation. Also, there is no story about surgical failure. They didn’t have any proof, so Ren would search from the back. Kaoru was worried of him, asking if she can help him. But Ren refused her help and told her to rest. After Ren had gone, Kaoru gave her thanks to Morihito who had given them clue about the hospital.

Ren came back to inform Kaoru that he have heard from the nurse. The doctor there buy and sell human organs in the shelter. The nurse could hear crying child at night sometimes. Ren asked her if she will do the Tsumikui no Gi or not, but Kaoru answered with yes. She wouldn’t wait too much because there will be many more victims. And even if Ren suggested her to just sit there and he will bring the doctor, Kaoru refused because she wanted to know more of the people she should eat or she will feel disgusted.

At night, the director was busy operating someone with his wife beside him. Before he could begin, Kaoru came inside to eat him as a sinner. But the doctor ridiculed her, saying he only saved the people who had a purpose, not trash like them. Hearing that, Kaoru was ready to use her sword. But his wife begged mercy, that her husband just wanted to save someone who need organs. She doesn’t want to be separated with her husband and Kaoru can feels that it’s coming from the wife’s heart. Right now, she saw herself similar to the people who took her parents’ life. But before Kaoru could say something, Shiou attacked them.

He grabbed the director’s neck and ate him until become nothing. The wife screamed a lot. Kaoru asked him if he’s also have a curse like her so he ate the director, but Shiou said he’s just disposing the accumulated trash. Then, he asked back if Kaoru denied killing a criminal similar to the people who killed her parents. But Kaoru didn’t think of them as trash though. She wanted Shiou to go because he already fulfilled what he wanted to do, but he refused saying she is his woman. After that, Kaoru could smell something nice from Shiou, but Ren told her not to smell it while his eyes changed to red. Kaoru told Ren to calm down and not to fight because there might be Shiou’s reinforcements. Because Ren, whom Shiou called as a genius, didn’t want to fight him, he went alone after saying goodbye. Kaoru was feeling down after looking at the wife. But Ren told her not to feel anything because she’s an accomplice. The wife is supposed to die too. That’s why he didn’t want Kaoru to look at the sinner’s condition and suggested to just wait until he bring them to her.

Outside the operating room, Ren apologized for thinking to fight Shiou because he’s angry of the scent. For Kaoru, she didn’t think that’s bad, Ren just wanted to help her. Then, he asked if she thinks the ritual is hard. So Kaoru told him that looking at the wife, she thought of doing something bad in the ritual. Ren said that she’s not the same savage as Shiou. Still, Kaoru didn’t say she’s different than Shiou. But even though it’s ugly, she will keep on living. Because she had experience the sadness of losing someone, Kaoru wouldn’t let her family, Tsukasa, to lose her. So she asked Ren to help her. Until the curse have broken, Ren will help her with his life. But she doesn’t want that to happen, because there is only one life. Ren is just smiling after hearing that.

That night, Kaoru is happy to be able to see the stars, which reminds her of the time with Tsukasa. Ren came to inform her about something he hid, but Kaoru didn’t feel surprise to know he hide something and more. Actually, Morihito was mad at him for doing Chousei because when he did it, his feelings will stay in her, and Kamiki wouldn’t accept it without permission. It’s like a bedroom for married couple (he said 閨=neya). Kaoru wouldn’t hit him though, even if she’s surprised. Kamiki might be thinking like that, but Ren have some reason, like he doesn’t want Kaoru to feel pain from the confusion. So she forgave him. But the story will be different if he try to put off her clothes. Ren said he wouldn’t do that, even though she’s a target for it. She thinks of herself as a mountain monkey all this time. The words makes her thinks that Ren have special feelings to her. But Ren said it’s his true feelings, although he wouldn’t embrace her for no favor.

There’s one thing he wanted to say to Kaoru. Because she hadn’t perform the ritual, her body would be weak and felt hungry. So at today’s Chousei, Ren wanted to be careful. Kaoru felt embarrassed but Ren seemed not. So he explained that even though he thought of Kaoru as an attractive woman, Kaoru only thought of him as her pet. She shouldn’t feel embarrassed of him. Before doing the Chousei, Ren said she must take a note that he will be careful, unlike before. They’re kissing below the starry night. At first, it’s a calm kiss. Kaoru could smell something nice like a perfume from him. But later, he put his tongue inside her. When she finally could breath, she asked of what he did before. Ren told her that the Chousei would be more efficient like that, though Kaoru was confuse if he said the truth or not.

Ren brought her to her room, telling her to stay and resting at home. But Kaoru said if it’s Sera, she wouldn’t let him busy with taking care of her sickness. For Ren, he is happy to help someone he love, as in the meaning of his master. Suddenly, when Ren’s face got near Kaoru, who is sleeping, she could see the past. Ren in gakuran clothes was telling Sera to quickly do the next ritual so she wouldn’t get hurt. But Sera only thought of marrying Morihito. She couldn’t do it anymore. It made him feel angry because he still couldn’t touch Sera, but she always thought of another person, made him wanted to kill Morihito. The vision ended after Ren asked her what’s wrong with her. Kaoru thought of seeing a strange dream because of her fever. Then, when she was sleeping, she could hear Sera crying and said sorry to Renki.

After school was over, Ren teased Kaoru a lot until she got embarrassed. It’s because he feels fun teasing her and changing face color from red to blue. She said Ren is actually a S from sadist, but he changed the topic to Service. Then, he said Kaoru is M because she bit his tongue when doing Chousei before, asking if she like it or not. Kaoru told him she doesn’t like it, so he teased her again not to do it anymore. The truth is, she wants to do it though and realize it’s like seeing Ren not as her servant but something else. Looking at her face becoming red again, Ren asked if she want to do Chousei at school. Kaoru refused because it would take long, what if someone see them. And recently, she could smell perfume-like scent when staying near Ren, made her forget the time. It made him shock, saying they shouldn’t stay close for a while. After that, Motoko asked them to eat the parfait together. But the shop was closed that day. Suddenly, Kaoru could smell great sinner in the café though.

A boy running through Kaoru and the others. The boy seems fine but a convenient store clerk calls him a thief and will bring him to the police. Looking at him made Kaoru buy the bread he stole and gave him drink and her bentou too when they sit on the park. In exchange, she wanted to know his name. The boy said his name is Aki, means the bright is coming. He is thirteen years old and his father recently is busy to go home. When he was hungry, he thought of stealing, but he wouldn’t do it anymore. When Kaoru asked if he feels lonely, Aki didn’t think like that. It’s just that he didn’t know if his father would come home again or not. But Kaoru is sure his father will come back. After that, Aki said he will marry Kaoru because she is a good woman. Even though she have a fiancé, he will always remember her kindness. They exchanged contact information so if he’s hungry, he could call her anytime. When looking at Aki went home, Kaoru said he is cute, which made Ren asking if it’s the meaning of protecting him. He’s just feeling jealous because the kid could say he will marry Kaoru. He had someone he wanted to marry, but Ren didn’t want to talk more. When he and Kaoru were ready to get home, Kaoru saw momiji and felt hurt on her head. She said, even looking at one momiji could hurt her since a child. It’s strange though.

At night, Kaoru saw Morihito is still working so she asked him. He said that recently, Kuga clan had been absorbing great sinners. It seems they will make a move shortly. It’s a good thing that sinners are gone, but it makes Kaoru hard to find another sinner.

That morning when Kaoru and Ren walked to school together, she felt sick. Ren hold her up. This makes Kaoru thinks that he first told her to not touch him, but he touched her himself. While holding her, Ren was very quiet and looked at her with lovely eyes. Then, he performed Chousei. This made Kaoru’s heart beat faster but it must be herself. She called his name numerous times in her heart, wanted to be poured by his kiss more. It’s like she is touched by Ren’s heart. But when they had done, she saw Ren’s face is red. He asked what did she say before but he quickly stopped and went to school. When Ren left her, she could see a vision of someone holding a sword.

And after arriving home, Kaoru also had another vision of someone wearing an old clothes. Then, she heard Ren’s voice, angry at Morihito. Morihito just wanted to love him as his family. But what Ren is wanted is for Morihito to release Sera. Suddenly, Ren called him “Ani-ue”, his older brother. Morihito was surprised and happy to hear him after a thousand years. Though Ren went out in anger after refusing Morihito’s touching him and said he is Ren now. Looking at them, Kaoru suddenly feels painful.

She took a rest in her room until dawn. After waking up, Kaoru asked on herself why would Ren as Morihito’s little brother from Ukigumo, became the servant of Sera from Kamiha. But she couldn’t think anymore because of the pain. Ren suddenly came inside because he could feel her heart was shaking inside his barrier. At first, Kaoru didn’t want to say it, but she finally said that she had a dream of the past. To calm her down, Ren will give her his past memories.

As a person with no name, he spent his days inside a dungeon. He noticed he have no name when the maid who brought him meals three times a days became disgusted at him. When he asked the maid of why he couldn’t go outside, the maid said because he’s a child which no one wouldn’t want. He could be killed even now, so he must feel thankful he could live. But it’s boring to be alone. So he began communicating with the Earth’s voice. Unlike the maid, who only gives straightforward answers, the Earth’s voice is knowledgeable and interesting. One day, a man visited him. The man was staring at him and gave a long explanation. From him, he knew that he was born from a wife with another man. The man’s name he’s facing now is “Ukigumo’s Byakuya”, who protected him in the cage. Byakuya is in a bad terms with Kamiha. He understood that those who gave birth to him are to blame. But why should they condemned him? When he asked Byakuya that, he looked strange. There seemed to be a mixed emotion than hatred alone.

After several years, there was a change. A woman named Sera-hime came, a beautiful woman which he hadn’t seen before. With her beautiful face, she felt sad at him and held his hands gently. It was the first time he felt the body temperature of another. He didn’t know why, but he’s crying. Sera wiped his tears with a nice-smelling cloth. That was the first time he met Sera-hime and sinced then, his days were colored. He worshipped the woman like his own God for teaching him colors. She is beautiful and knowledgeable. When he asked her if she is a God, she shook her head. Then, he asked if she is his mother. If so, she will give him happiness because he once was told that a mother will give happiness to her child. But Sera said she is not his mother, but she will be his older sister. It was the first time he ever heard of that word. As she touched his fingertip, the woman whispered, she is also his cousin. Sera-hime’s aunt is his mother. His father is Byakuya. Although his father was a member of Ukigumo clan, he fell in love with someone’s wife in Kamiha. It was unacceptable. That was a story from a long time ago. If Byakuya never had to fall in love, he could still save himself. But he made a grave mistake. The person he loved is the wife of another man. That’s why he could not really love himself too. The result of that assumption is him. The Kamiki couldn’t have children unless they truly love each other. No matter how many times they met, Byakuya was sure he wouldn’t have a child. But that was stupid. He had killed his beloved woman without being careful. So, that’s why his mother’s husband had said that it was his own father (Byakuya) who killed his mother.

When a married couple performed a ceremony, a flower-like pattern of the Kamiki man will be engraved on the woman. So, what would happen if a woman who had been engraved with the Hana from Kamiki man, had a child with another man? She would die as soon as she gave birth. No, her life was taken by the Hana. Byakuya was violating the law which resulted in him losing the woman he loved. According to Sera-hime, his mother refused to kill the baby, as everyone had told her to. There was no one who understand the reason. But as a woman, Sera-hime could understand it. Sera said his mother got the Hana from a political marriage. Perhaps, she really loved Byakuya more than she did before the marriage. When she finished her talking, Sera-hime shed a tear. He didn’t know why, perhaps she was feeling sorry for him. After that, she said that originally, he is from a royal family so it’s not good to be in this kind of place. But she didn’t have power. So she asked one thing from him, which he told Sera to create him a name. But Kamiki always got their names from their father. Well, she didn’t have any choice so she called him “Ren” because he have high responsibility which belongs to his clan.

A year after Sera-hime gave him a name, a major turning point appeared. It was her to-be-husband, Morihito of Ukigumo, came to see Ren. He said sorry that he just could see him now. Just like Sera-hime, Morihito taught him about the outside world. Actually, Byakuya had told Morihito to do whatever he wanted with Ren. But if he help Ren now, it will only deepen the gap between two families. Morihito talked with tears on his eyes. Ren’s only world is when Sera and his brother came to see him. He didn’t feel any grieve and satisfied just by that. After knowing that Sera had given him a name, Morihito also wanted to add more. Because Sera had given a name of tsuranaru “連なる=extending”, Morihito will give it more firm shirusu “記す=write”. After a few decades passed, Renki heard that his brother will get married to Sera in order to release him. Morihito already took everything from him, and now Sera. From now on, Renki won’t be Morihito’s little brother.

After he was released, Renki became Sera’s servant. To look at the woman he loved from a far, made him actually wanted to die numerous times. What’s more terrible is Byakuya begins writing him a letter. Even though he had never met Byakuya again, Renki could understand the wavering letter. Byakuya apologized for sacrificing him for hundred of years to avoid conflict between two families. But at least, he told Renki not to hate his brother. Byakuya was happy to know that he was born and will always pray for his happiness. The letter just made Renki disgusted at it, wanted to curse him to death. But if so, he will be the same idiot as Byakuya. Then, Sera came and called him as her little brother. Truthfully, he always wanted to kiss her lips. But he couldn’t and only being called as her dog.


When Kaoru woke up from the memories, she understood of his love for Sera. Ren said he had loved Sera in the past. But now, he doesn’t have that feelings anymore, so his relationship with Kaoru will be the same as before, a master-servant. Suddenly, Kaoru felt another pain. When Ren tried to give Chousei, she refused his hands. But as her servant, he won’t let his master in bad condition. Ren forced a kiss to her lips. When she realized about his scent, Kaoru said it’s sweet. Ren apologized if it made her unpleasant, but Kaoru said she likes the scent and wanted to always be wrapped by it. As her servant, he musn’t do things like that. But Kaoru told him that she just wanted to be wrapped by Ren. It made him surprised and releasing her, saying that if he continues, he will be the same as that person. He went out from her room after that.


At school, when Kaoru was thinking that she seriously likes Ren’s scent, she could smell the great sinner. Kaoru found a man at the school’s outdoor, telling her to quickly kill him or someone else will. He tried to kill Kaoru with a knife, but suddenly, Aki called him father. His father was lying to go on a business trip. As his son, Aki wouldn’t want to leave Kaoru alone with his father, who became strange. But she have Ren, who came to her side. Kaoru told Ren to bring Aki to a safe place, but when she got an attack from Shiou, Ren protected her until he got hurt. Aki also came back and wanted to fight Shiou. But Shiou made him unconscious. Shiou doesn’t want to kill an outsider because it will create a mess. This made Kaoru must fight Shiou alone.

But she got captured by Shiou. He licked her neck and made the same feelings as when Ren did the Chousei. But it’s different because Kaoru didn’t feel good with him. She realized it’s because she like Ren. When she finally requested more power, she became quiet and had different personality to get released by Shiou. Shiou quickly knew that it’s Sera. Shiou keeps fighting to kill her, but her power is not to his match. Because Shiou have hurt her precious servant, Sera won’t have mercy. But Touji came and begged Sera to let them leave. After that, Sera ate the man, Aki’s father, before Ren could stop her. When Sera had finished doing the Tsumikui no Gi, Ren told her that she ate a person who wasn’t supposed to be eaten. For Sera, there’s no sinner who she shouldn’t eat. Ren asked her to not erase Kaoru too, and she fell unconscious.

When Kaoru woke up, she saw Aki on the grass. She tried to help him stand, but Aki stabbed her for erasing his father. Ren quickly made Aki unconscious and took him to Morihito, sealing his memories. Kaoru asked Ren if he have a power to seal memories and turned out Ren had sealed her memories when her parents died. Because it would endanger her life if he didn’t do it. For now, she must rest first and go back to Kamiki house.

That night, Ren apologized to her and asked if she want to end the ritual. Kaoru decided not to stop. And he wanted Ren not to erase her memories anymore, even if something happened to her. Because Kaoru wanted to remember everything and it would be painful not to remember anything. Ren said he knows, but Kaoru could feel he will erase it again. So she said Ren doesn’t know anything, including how she feels. But she understands now. Kaoru likes him not as a master. She doesn’t know of Ren’s feelings, but her feelings won’t change. It made him surprised though and couldn’t say anything. He just said thanks and didn’t look at her. Kaoru fell again from being weak on Ren’s body, but she kept on saying she likes him at that time. It made Ren asked how could she be so straight. He hugged Kaoru and said he also love her. At first, he loved Kaoru because she is Sera’s reincarnation. But now, he loves her without concerning that. But he’s supposed to wish for her happiness, so he must kill his own feelings. Then, Kaoru saw a vision of someone being killed. He noticed Kaoru had a fever and brought her to her room.

When she woke up, she called him as Renki. It made him tried to stop her calling that name by kissing her lips. He told her than he love her. But Ren didn’t want Kaoru to remember (Sera). When she told Ren to stop, Kaoru kept on calling him Renki. Then, she fell to another sleep.

When she woke up, she was thinking about Ren. He should be at school now. Kouyou asked if she’s alright and Kaoru answered that she want to go to the garden with Kikyou. Hearing Kikyou’s name, there’s a sweet scent coming from him. Kouyou told her that because he was thinking of his beloved person, he made her uncomfortable. Kikyou is his wife. While talking about his wife, Kouyou thought she’s thinking of her engagement with Morihito, so he told Kaoru to prepare for Morihito’s Hana. She asked what is Hana, and Kouyou said it a flower of domination, which all strong Kamiki holds. After getting married to the Kamiki who have Hana, the woman will also engraved with it. But he wouldn’t say anything other than it’s a kind of contract because it will took off the thrill of their first night. Other than Hana, Kaoru also realized married couple have the same scent. He said it’s an inviting scent “Yuuga”, which Kamiki men all have. When he thinks more of his wife, the scent will get darker. It made Kaoru think that every Kamiki man will have that nice scent when being with his wife, but Kouyou explained it only happened for example, when their bodies touched each other. Kaoru became embarrassed. When she saw Ren outside and tried to call him, he didn’t notice and wouldn’t see her face. Suddenly, she felt pain again so Kouyou called a doctor.

Kaoru woke up in the same pain in her head. When she feels jealousy of Hana that Kikyou have and thinks that if they’re being separated, they still have Hana, she says she is also supposed to have the Hana unconsciously. It made her feels pain again. She wanted to call Kikyou, but her body moved faster on her own until she came to the park. All of her bodies are in pain so she called Renki. Then, when she realized it’s her beloved husband’s name and the person who killed her, Kaoru fainted.

This time, Ren in gakuran uniform appeared in her dream, telling her to perform the ritual to keep living. But Sera doesn’t care anymore after she feels exhausted from killing many people. She did as Renki told her, to not care about anyone, so she didn’t feel guilty. It’s a selfish thing, but Sera just wanted to save that child, Renki. But, even if she told the truth of her feelings of tiredness, Morihito wouldn’t change. He is a good person who wants to take care of humans and Kamiki. The man she loved, didn’t save her. But even if Sera knew that, it had been the same after a thousand of years. Day by day, Sera had mixed feelings of Morihito, who was just watching. She didn’t mean to hate him, there’s still affection towards Morihito. However, Sera had lost her passion. To become his wife, she must continue eating people, but he disappeared and she couldn’t ask anything to him. She sometimes said it to Renki, and he looked surprised but soon whispered with the most beautiful smile “If so, then let me kill you”.  He was serious when he said that, and made Sera realized his love for her. If he can’t get her, he should kill. He holds that kind of love.

As times goes by, his murderous intense is getting stronger. Different than Morihito who wouldn’t touch her, Renki kept cuddling to Sera because he love her crazily. Then, she became reluctant to be Morihito’s bride. Finally Sera told Renki that she doesn’t want to be Morihito’s bride anymore and just die. Renki said she is a hateful person. While she doesn’t want him to touch her, she said that to him and makes him wants to kill her. “Even though the two of you can get reincarnated”, he laughed when saying it to Sera. His words touched Sera’s heart gently and sweetly. But knowing of his personality, Renki loves her and won’t ever kill her. He is a kind man who won’t murder someone. If things goes like this, Sera will ends up marrying someone other than the man she miss. She wanted to resist getting reincarnated but Byakuya’s seal is strong. Her feelings became distorted and one day, she revealed her true feelings, she love Renki. Renki cried in joy and took her as his wife.

After becoming a married couple, Sera got the Hana from him. She couldn’t forget that moment. Sera cried of happiness that she hadn’t feel about a thousand years. Then, Renki said that he couldn’t give up on her anymore, suggested to fight Morihito. But Sera stabbed him, saying she already gave up. She decided to make that time when she stabbed him eternal. In order to get reincarnated with Renki, Sera killed him. But Renki didn’t hate her, hugging Sera with tears, filled with agitation and despair. What’s even more sad is there’s no anger from him at that moment. She was the only one who gave up from despair, couldn’t believe in her partner and regretted it after had done killing him. She made a plan that after seeing Renki return to the cycle of reincarnation, Sera will put the blade on her chest so she couldn’t be reincarnated anymore.

That moment, she saw Morihito from a distance. He knew of what happened but didn’t stop them. Knowing her Hana will disappear, Renki put a blade on Sera’s heart so she could still get reincarnated. As her heart stopped beating, Sera tried to resist but she couldn’t. Although she didn’t want to forget the most unforgiveable sin she made, which is killing Renki, Renki tried to block her will. The condemnation for killing her husband is by dying now. And the next generation of Sera would know nothing about their love story, become able to connect with Morihito, free from the curse. Sera told him that Renki is a gentle and cruel man. She actually chose her soul to be destroyed by him, rather than he killed her heart. Before facing her death, Sera is wondering with what kind of eyes her dear husband would look at her, after choosing another man. Well, she could imagine it though. Sera is sure, Ren will see her off with a kind look, even though he is hurt.

The dream had over. Kaoru is happy to know she chose Ren again in this life. After that, she heard Ren’s footsteps and told him, his barrier won’t be useful to her anymore. Ren asked which is inside Kaoru’s body and she told him she is neither, she’s the usual her, who love Ren. While touching his cheeks with tears flowing, Kaoru apologized for making him wait. The Kaoru right now will not give up on Ren’s happiness, won’t choose to die. But when he opened his mouth, Ren is talking of how Morihito won’t forgive them because his heart has been tied up for a thousand years of loving Sera. If she must suffered because of that, Ren will choose to seal his feelings. After she have completed the ritual, it’s up to her to choose which partner she want to be. When Kaoru asked if he had given up and let her choose anyone, he smiled and asked her instead, if she thinks he already gave up or not. Then, he kissed her lips, their first kiss that isn’t a Chousei.

That night, when Ren was ready to go back to his room, Kaoru pulled his shirt to stay for a while. But he couldn’t wait. So he put his body on top of Kaoru, said he won’t engrave his Hana on her for now, but he will reserve her first with a mark. When he asked if she’s ready, Kaoru said she could smell a nice scent from him. So he told her about Yuuga, the same explanation as Kouyou did to her before. It made her embarrassed, so he said he will always say he likes her because he is a jealous man. After that, they would say love numerous times to each other.

Ren was looking at the sleeping Kaoru. He was thinking to touch her so much and kissing her. It would be good if he can have her, but if he say that, will she run away? Before putting Hana on her, he must be careful of his feelings. In the end, he did the same thing as his father. “If you have precautionary line, your partner won’t love you”, is what he labeled himself as such a selfish man. One thousand years ago, Ren hated his father and wanted to vomit at him, but finally he understood what he meant. How ironic. His feelings of loving Sera now became affectionate to Kaoru. But he have a greatest problem of all, Morihito. Ren thought of killing him and lived together with Kaoru until 50 years old, but Morihito might be telling him to kill his own life for Ren, as his little brother. Ren became confused if he want to kill Morihito or not. So as expected, it would be fine to destroy Sera’s body. It will be hard to destroy Byakuya’s seal at Shitenjo, so better if he die alone. But for once more, Ren patted Kaoru’s hair.

When he stepped outside, the other problem arise. It’s about Kouyou. His father as a Kamiki married a woman who didn’t have power, and it’s rare. Because of this, Kouyou had been looked down. But after Morihito recognized his power and became his guardian, no one pointed fingers at Kouyou anymore. It wasn’t funny for Ren though. Because of Kouyou, he made it harder to kill Morihito. But when he was ready to go to Shitenjo, Shiou had been waiting for him. He asked Ren to take on his side, but he refused Shiou’s help. As a hybrid, Shiou claimed himself to be more powerful than the pure blood. After that, he could only say Kaoru’s name.

It has been a few days after Ren disappeared. Every day, Kaoru is waiting for him at the gate. Suddenly, Kagerou came before her, saying he have good news. Ren is alive with Kuga clan. And because Senya need Renki’s power to obtain Sera, he wanted to do some technique to them. After catching Ren he should be able to manipulate Sera’s power and strengthen it as a weapon. He caught Renki to do an experiment if she ended up refusing. Senya knew about her power, awaken after she fought Shiou before, so he will use it completely. But Senya’s experiment on Renki was a failure because he couldn’t control Ren’s power and it went wild. Because Ren becomes a monster, the only Kuga clan who are still living right now are only him and Shiou. Touji also had died. Kaoru felt he’s suspicious for taking it calmly. But for Kagerou, because his father will get reincarnated, he doesn’t feel anything. And Shiou had something (his mother?) in the house’s underground. But after Ren destroyed it, he didn’t have anything anymore. Shiou came and said he is thankful because Renki already killed his father.

But their conversation was stopped after an oni with white hair came. Shiou said that Renki had finally came. But Kaoru knows that it’s because Ren is chasing Shiou’s blood. Looking at Ren became ugly like that, Kagerou asked Kaoru if she won’t love him anymore. She answered that what’s important is inside his heart, so she will keep on loving him. Hearing that, Kagerou is pleased with her words, giving her clue that Ren’s power embedded in the abdomen. He bid farewell to Kaoru and disappeared into the light in front of her because his time had ended. But before leaving, he told Kaoru to keep on accepting Ren no matter in what form. After that, Shiou also disappeared.

Feeling grateful towards, Kagerou’s advice, Kaoru won’t make it useless. Morihito and Kouyou also attacked the demon Ren, but they couldn’t win against him. When Kaoru tried to fight too, he grabbed her neck and put her upside. To save Kaoru, Morihito shouted to him that it’s the woman he love. So he finally regains his consciousness and calling Morihito as Ani-ue. As he already woke up, he vanished within the air. Morihito noticed that he’s aiming at the Shitenjo, to release Kaoru. He will go alone to atone for his sin and he only need shorter time than if Kaoru go there alone. The past Sera’s reincarnation killed his little brother, but he didn’t stop her. And when Ren tried to seal Sera’s memories forever, Morihito also stand there quietly. Realizing that, he claims that he is also a great sinner. When Kaoru asked if he finally gave up on Sera, Morihito said that when Ren called him Ani-ue, he wanted to be Ren’s suitable brother. He will return what he had taken a thousand years ago. But Kaoru didn’t blame him because Sera also loved him in the past. The bad people are the Kamikis who put Ren in a cage. Then, the two of them went together to Shitenjo.

But after getting in front of Shitenjo, Morihito couldn’t stand more from his wound. Kaoru suggested him to take a rest and let her go alone, but he refused at first, thinking that Ren must have hated him and actually wanted to kill him. Even though it’s true, Kaoru knew that his heart is connected to Ren, because Ren regained consciousness after Morihito called him. Ren also love him. In the end, Morihito agreed to rest there. After she finally met Ren in wounded body, he told her to not getting close to him. Because his body won’t return back, he can’t hold her with it and will make her hurt. But if so, Kaoru will be the one who hold him. Looking at him trying to break the seal with his wounded body, Kaoru couldn’t hold it anymore. Because she is not a princess who is only waiting for the prince. She will be Ren’s sword. Then, she tried to break with her sword, the invisible barrier. But they still couldn’t break it.

In the middle of it, Kaoru remembered the technique Ren taught her. She will bet on it (Hana wa Utau played here). Little by little, Kaoru could get near Sera’s body even though her own was wounded so much in blood. After a moment of pain that can’t be forgotten, her blade caught the edge, breaking Byakuya’s seal. The cracked can be heard and pieces of crystals cut her cheek. But she won’t lose to Sera and will live as her own self, Kaoru. Finally, they broke the seal and the only sound she could hear is Ren’s breathing.

He faced death with such a wound. Before that, Ren told her not to cry and it’s not Kuga clan that killed him, but his own self. If he couldn’t get the person he love, he will kill. Until the end, he is only a stupid dog. Borrowing Sera’s power, Kaoru heals his wounded body and he wakes up again. Ren asked why could she do it and Kaoru said it’s because she is a prince. As a prince, she will kiss Ren to wake up. As for Ren, he says that Kaoru is a cool prince. They touched each other’s lips after that.

Five years later, under the blue sky and faint red petals, Kaoru had a picnic with Ren and Sakurako, their daughter. But besides them, Shiou and Morihito also came. Kaoru is wondering how can they know about the hanami today. Morihito is alright, but Shiou keeps playing with Sakurako too. Sakurako, her daughter was born when sakura blooms, like the spring sun who bring smiles and hopes. When Sakurako asked Shiou to play with her, he told her to climb to his side first, on a sakura tree. But Morihito stopped him, because Sakurako wouldn’t be able to climb there. They had a fight, so Ren finally said both of them shouldn’t have come. Sakurako told her father not to make Morihito uncle cry. But he said because Morihito have made him cry so much in the past, he must be discipline too. If not, he won’t be qualified to see Sakurako again. Looking at them, Shiou told Sakurako to call Morihito a “Do-M” uncle. He accepted that name, which made Shiou said he have an illness. But the reason is because Sakurako had said for his pain to go away, so Morihito let her call in whatever she wanted. Though Shiou claimed that he’s the first one Sakurako had ever told that, when they’re playing piggyback. It makes Morihito jealous and tells Sakurako to play with him too.

Looking at their daughter playing with two uncles, Kaoru says to Ren that he will be in trouble if she gets married to one of them. But Ren will stab them 10 times before that can happen. Whatever it is, he always wants to kill them (Morihito and Shiou) for always staying with Kaoru. And his precious person is only her. For Kaoru too, he is the most precious person. To be able to make him happy and live with him, she won’t give up. In exchange of a thousand years curse, she will pray a thousand times in her heart. Even if it’s far away, she will be praying for her loved one to be happy.


Kaoru wanted to save only Ren when they must break Sera’s seal. But she got captured by those red eyes. Inside the dark cave, he ate her day and night. She thought she will die anytime. But because of Senya’s curse, after drinking Ren’s blood, she will recover in no time and gets eaten by him again. Kaoru thinks that it’s because of his desire for her, turning it to an appetite. At first, he resisted, but it came back every time and made him greedy both physically and mentally. In the end, she could not save anyone. She must have more lifeless eyes than Ren now. Kaoru could see tears coming from his red-like-jewel eyes. And the demon kept eating her salty skin.

I think my playing order is already good. From Morihito-Souta-Shiou-Touji&Kagerou-Ren. Because Ren’s route could be played after finishing the other characters. Morihito’s route is an easy story. Kaoru could catch his feelings after studying a few times with him. And her changes personality to Sera only comes out for a while. Then, Souta is Morihito’s brother. His story could be understood easily after playing Morihito’s route. As for Shiou, he has a completely different route. To get Touji, I must played Shiou’s route first. And Ren is just following Morihito’s route, so it’s not as long as Shiou’s. I will write my impression on every character according to my favorite below. As usual, the heroine from Operetta games I have played are all very strong willed. Kaoru seems like a crybaby sometimes. But when she must fight, she always use encouraging words. My heart was moved a few times for Kaoru’s strong sentences. Especially if she is with Shiou or Touji. I think I like Operetta’s games mostly because of their heroines.

This might be from Vita version too

My first favorite character is Kuga Shiou, of course. My heart was in a roller coaster when reading his route. The first time he met Kaoru, Shiou seem scary, crazy, and a sadistic man. After he met Kaoru at the cake shop and in Kyoto, Shiou became a funny, cute, also crazy, and kind man. There are many funny dialogues I could laugh even though I had stiff shoulders (and it’s painful too) from playing too much while sitting in front of my notebook. And when he was captured by Senya, his story is sad. But that time, it didn’t touch my heart. After Kaoru refused his love, it made my heart aching a lot. Shiou had been very caring to her, even giving his own blood. But Kaoru was too stupid to realize her feelings, even after he asked her in the onsen hotel of why her heart beats fast. But, I could relate to her feelings of being afraid doing sex with him directly before confessing. Then, the most heartbreaking moment is when Shiou suffered so much doing Tsumikui no Gi. These few days, he had been doing it without being known by Kaoru. She thought he’s just avoiding her. His body couldn’t take too much and coughing blood. It made me realize Shiou had done so much for his love. I need this kind of man in my life too. And when finally he’s connected with Kaoru, I was very happy for my boy Shiou to get the woman he love. As I have said, a roller coaster feelings. He also did much in Touji’s route by killing Morihito and himself so Touji could live with Kaoru before Morihito got reincarnated again. But of course, he used the most crazy possible way of helping Kaoru. And in Morihito & Souta’s route, he’s always killed by Senya.

He changed Kaoru’s perspective in life, unlike the other characters who only go with the flow and praise her visible personality of being straight-forward. Shiou often using harsh words to her, in reality as other person’s perspective. As the man who have similar fate with Kaoru, Shiou had suffered much, although he didn’t live with the past Sera, Morihito, Ren, Hana. He is not a reincarnation from the past, which makes me tired of all the males plotline, so he is a refreshing new person for Sera (Kaoru). And when the other characters, except Souta, always hides truth from Kaoru, in Shiou’s route, he reveals everything they hid although in 1-2 scenes (example about Hana, Yuuga, etc.).

Morihito is the second because his route made me feels that I’m being loved by someone. His story is the easiest after Souta, but there are many lovey-dovey moment. I could relate why he said he had killed Sera in the past, by just watching her and Ren killing each other. When I played his route first, I thought I would make his route my favorite, especially after playing Souta’s route. But of course his sad story is nothing compared to Shiou’s struggling so much. Morihito didn’t struggle to fight for Kaoru. As Sera had said, he was only just watching. But he is a man who loves his family too much. Morihito surrender his love after Hana (Souta) and Renki (Ren) took Kaoru from him.

The third, Ren. I thought Ren’s route will be more cruel and more sad, because he is the main character. But it turns out normal. But it’s as to be expected. If his route doesn’t include the true happy ending for all male characters living and not dying (except Souta is just mentioned by Kaoru), I think the hero must be Kuga Shiou. Ren has many kissing CGs. But his story consists of only the past. His present story is not as much as I wanted. It’s also could be expected, since he is also a Kamiki. Only Shiou and Touji are from Kuga, the enemy clan. I didn’t know that Ren is actually Morihito’s little brother. The storyline in Tsumikui seems to follow the plot of Morihito’s family, so it won’t make him angry if his little sister and brother takes Sera from him. Even though I could understand why Ren is twisted like that, from being in a cage all his life, I think his personality is not my favorite. And playing his route in the last makes me feels boring too. Also, loving a woman who is his brother’s fiancee is a big “no” plot for me. I don’t like taking someone else’s boyfriend in reality too. Even though Ren might have loved Sera before Morihito (I didn’t know the plotline in this), it’s not good to keep the love for a thousand years when the woman is not his lover.

After Ren, I think it’s Souta’s route. For consideration, I always hate shota (I mean boy character). It will be a flat story. But when I got to Souta’s real identity, which was a girl, it made me surprise. I didn’t think he will be Hana. I thought his route wouldn’t put him to have any power. But Hana’s power can be compared with Sera and Ren. Although how he got more power in the finale is a bit strange. How could he fight Senya with just a few days training with Ren? He maybe is a genius like Ren, but Ren have lived in a thousand years memories. Souta wouldn’t be compared with Ren’s power, especially he didn’t get his memories back.

The last person is Touji. His route looks like just adding more character in Tsumikui. There’s no lovely moment, except the happy ending. His CG doesn’t have any kiss, but I will vomit if it does too. While I felt that Kaoru loved him because he’s like a father, I didn’t think she should have more feelings to him. And his happy ending is too good to be true. He lived in Kuga house as their new master, huh? A manmade being changed to Kuga’s master is a like a dream came true. They should just run away and live quietly in some country. Even more because of his age and his body is too old to be with a teenager. I could relate love between poeple, in no more than 10 years old difference! But Touji’s appearance is a 50 years old, when Kaoru might be in 17 years. Made Touji a lolicon, like Shiou called his father (Senya) in his route. And in Touji’s route, his father (who took care of him) finally became a real lolicon.

Okay, back to Tsumikui overall game review. I have done writing my list of favorite characters. I like the songs but not BGMs. There is no BGM that is attached to my heart and ears. But it doesn’t really matter. The menu is a bit lacking. Why would Operetta used red tab-like menu? It’s too big, like reading a manga. The menu is too full of big texts.

Note that I didn’t put about Yuuga in Morihito and Souta story. But if I remember correctly, Morihito also let Yuuga out. It’s just that Yuuga is not important in their routes, and just being explained in Shiou’s route after I played the two of them.

Then the CG! I don’t know why the CG is too small. Only 720P? It’s made in 2016 so it should be HD! Even Kannagi no Mori have bigger resolution than this. Operetta should have been more popular than Matatabi and more brains in the project making. I could understand that some CGs are unique and can move, being animated. But resolution is also an eye candy for Windows player.

For Tsumikui, it won’t be my favorite otome game. The only route I like so much and won’t be able to forget is Kuga Shiou. The other routes are similar to each other, especially since it’s always being in Kamiki circle. It will be good to have more people which is not in Kamiki. Touji is from Kuga, and his story is not as strong as Shiou, so it’s not comparable to Ren and Morihito. How could two main guys (in the main picture) be in the same family? Made it three with Souta. It’s too boring for me. And Ren, as the main character, I keep thinking of him as a thief from snatching his brother’s lover. So for me, the main character in Tsumikui is definitely Kuga Shiou! Period.

I’m sad because the Windows version doesn’t have more CGs. PS Vita always have more than Windows version, even though the price is similar. But I don’t want to play in Vita. It’s such a burden to recharging and I can’t play as much as I played in my notebook. Despite that, I think Operetta just added more of Kagerou’s route and a few side stories. So I don’t care much. For notes again, this is a very long otome game. Worth the price, but not as touching as some titles. Though if you would get bored, just play Shiou’s route. He is the best and fun character, but also suffering much. I played this in November’s autumn and match the CG! So fun, although I didn’t think it would match before. I also played Kannagi no Mori in summer, similar with the theme too.

This CG seems fun

After this, I will be playing R18 game maybe? Koezaru wa Akai Hana & it’s After Disc…

UPDATE NOV 15th, 2020.

I played Koezaru ha Akai Hana the third time and reached Tooya’s route (yes, I have played the first Koezaru in Windows version, then Taiga wa Mirai wo Tsumugu in PSP, and now Itoshiki Hibi wa Mune ni Tsudoite). I found he had similar past with Tsumikui’s male lead, Ren. They were both suffered their childhood inside a cage. Their older brothers often came to explain about the outside world (in Koezaru, Tooya are twins and his older brother also named Tooya, when he doesn’t have name). Both Ren and Tooya had thought of killing their brothers, Ren to get Sera and Tooya to get freedom (and also Naala). But despite of that thoughts, they couldn’t really kill their brothers. In Tsumikui, Ren loved Morihito and chose not to kill. In Koezaru, Tooya had tried to kill his brother in a sword fight, but his father attempted suicide when his father knew he had released the women.

Link for CG:





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