The House in Fata Morgana Impression

During Christmas holiday as soon after I finished playing Ao Shigyaku Midori no Higyaku, I was reading The House in Fata Morgana / Fata Morgana no Yakata, both the original VN and the Another Episodes. I didn’t have PS Vita, so I watched Youtube about the Reincarnation. Here, I won’t make review of the story, but my impression still contains spoiler.

Rather than an otome game, Fata Morgana no Yakata is a dramatic visual novel. It might seem to be a horror at first glance. But I already thought it was not, after I reached the first story about two siblings. There is not any single thing of horror in it. This VN is supposed to gathers tragedies in all the characters stories. A very dark-themed VN. The stories are mostly focusing on dramatic, tragic, and fantasy. I had not read any spoiler before reading this VN. I just knew that it is not a horror.

I need almost two weeks completing the first Fata Morgana, because it is very long. There are many sentences. After I reached Morgana’s past, which didn’t have character sprites, I thought of skipping a few boring words. But I kept reading all the sentences and still understood them though. I think I spent around 12-13 days reading the first VN. Meanwhile, I took three days finalizing A Requiem for Innocence and Another Episodes. After I was done with Another Episodes, I watched Reincarnation (it is the seiyuu anime version) on Youtube for two days until I could write my impression. Such a long journey, I almost spend a month reading this VN! Though it got boring at some point, I would miss the songs it had.

The VN itself were not voiced, except for the Reincarnation for PS Vita. To made up for that, the BGMs had songs. Not all of them, but they were such a blessing as not to let my eyes got sleepy all the time reading full texts. As I have mentioned above, all characters in Fata Morgana have bad endings, not to mention a tragic death! Until the fourth part of the story, where Giselle took Michel to watch their story of when Michel had a cursing power to destroy live, I found they were interesting despite the tragic ends in all routes. But after reaching the fifth story, the true story of Michel and Giselle, I got boring reading all texts. Not only that, the stories are all desperate and suffocating. They put me to read all gore, unacceptance of someone’s negativity, human sins, and many more dark words. I thought I could not keep up and wanted to drop it. But thankfully, the ending for first Fata Morgana is good.

Now, I already knew what happened with in Another Episodes, because they were mentioned in the first Fata Morgana. Even though I know that, I want to read Morgana’s story. Rather than Michel, I like Jacopo more because of his cool behavior, his super tragic past and present, and his unrequited love for Morgana. I also like Morgana’s cool expression more than the calm Giselle. It turns out the story of Jacopo and Morgana really ended up in tragedy again. I almost cry in the wheat field extra after reaching A Requiem for Innocence ending. PS : I had not think that the Jacopo from the third story in Giselle’s route is the main hero in Morgana’s past. Because he was younger in Morgana’s time table and all Jacopo’s with White-Haired Girl CG always in mad mode (except the first CG).

The last version is Reincarnation. It told us the story after all characters being reincarnated in present world. They lived in Europe, although from different countries but gathered in France. Michel and Giselle have their ultimate happy ending, although the ending have appeared in the first and second version too. It was just revealing more stories of their daily lives and how they encountered Mell, Nellie, Yukimasa, Pauline, Maria, Jacopo, and Morgana again in the present time. But even after I have reached Jacopo and Morgana’s story, I didn’t feel satisfied. They both have tragic past, if I compared to Michel and Giselle, Jacopo will be more tragic because he killed his beloved person. Some words by Jacopo even pierced my heart in Reincarnation. I could not stand watching him for lowering his pride and love for Morgana by cursing himself and wishing for Morgana’s happiness but not himself. When finally reaching the real ending, I was glad though. Morgana finally forgave and accepted Jacopo and might open her heart for him. I like how Jacopo stopped Morgana from going. He finally able to confessed his true wish. Though travelling with Maria is not a last CG option for me. I want them hugging! They never have hugging CG, just carrying Morgana on Jacopo’s back in A Requiem for Innocence.

I have complex feeling. Most people feel great reading this VN. It’s the most touching story they ever had. But as for me, I don’t feel this is the most tragic. Maybe because I had read more tragic VNs now, for example Tsumikui or Kannagi no Mori. I just think the stories are relevant to each other. The writer had a good job gathering all pieces from three (four with Michel) men’s past and future stories. But to call it the most tragic or the best, I don’t know. The story seems promising and horror at first. But when I reached near the end of the first Fata Morgana, it feels boring. There are many exaggerated sentences that makes the VN really long. Most sentences describing the story well, but at some point, they are not important because it is too long. I think Imeon’s (or Noemi) story in Another Episodes doesn’t feel important to the main story, only to add more to the second series. They lacks comedy, although included in some interactions, for example Giselle and Michel’s often fighting mouth. But it doesn’t make me laugh. We have Backstage for more comedies though. But it can’t be reached before finishing main story.

Art is unique. It feels more like reality in Japanese artstyle. But in Reincarnation, the art changed to anime style. Even though Fata Morgana have unique artstyle, I don’t feel attach to it. Maybe because most of them were drawn in surprise, angry, and horror facial expressions.

Why should all main heroes in Fata Morgana must face painful death of being stabbed in all parts?


I think that concludes my impression of Fata Morgana series. The novel reminds me of an old Western novel such as His Dark Materials. I love fantasy and a bit of puzzle in the story. Fata Morgana is good, but I won’t put it as the best VN I have read / played. That was such a long journey until all characters reach happy ending, although for some heroine such as Nellie, Pauline, it was not as happy as Giselle. But happiness comes in many forms. As long as they are fine with the current life, it is their happy endings. Seiyuu for Reincarnation (and drama CD) includes Michel (Sakurai Takahiro), Giselle (Seto Asami), Morgana (Koshimizu Ami), Jacopo (Suwabe Junichi), Mell (Hoshi Souichirou), Nellie (Asumi Kana), Yukimasa (Suzumura Kenichi), Pauline (Toyosaki Aki), Marie (Horie Yui).

Link for CG (only have the first and second series, don’t have Reincarnation):

Fata Morgana no Yakata


Fata Morgana no Yakata Another Episodes


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