Ao no Shigyaku Midori no Higyaku Impression

Since I found this in my HDD, I thought of try playing it. It is a R18 otome game that will end fast, so I thought of finish it this weekend. And I need 3 days slow playing, it was boring. I’m not writing full review in this post since I let the voice run while opening other website etc. This is only my impression and CG download link.

This otome game have drama CD format. It’s like playing a dummy mic R18 drama CD on my ears. Since the drawing rarely changes, and the text format is like reading a novel, I always feel sleepy easily. The characters are Eduardo (CV Amano Haru / Tamaru Atsushi), Giada (CV Shinjuku Dokon / Furukawa Makoto), and Scelta (Sawa Mannaka / Nakazawa Masatomo). In Eduardo’s story, the heroine is his slave, always being punished. But in Giada’s route, even though he’s the one who bought the heroine, he preferred to be a M character. While Scelta always appears in each route since he is not a human.

All CGs are labeled R18, except for Scelta. Only 9 CGs available. But the game size is big. I wonder for what, since the picture resolution is small. I don’t have an option to full size-ing it. This is a very weird otome game. But if you like hearing drama CD, this is a good visualization. I need 5 hours of total playing it, because I can’t fast forward except if the voice / SE have finished playing in each page. Yeah, even the sound effect of opening door, walking etc., you must hear it until it is ended. For me, I often fell a sleep while hearing a drama CD on my bed. So this is also a good choice before going to sleep. I don’t have favorite character or route here. I can’t have much impression of the male main characters since it is only three chapters each. Overall, like I have wrote, this is boring!

Link for CG:




  1. wow such shame about this game since it´s operetta the same ones responsible for koezaru :/ welp, are you planning to play sachi no tenbin? it´s another game made for operetta but to tell you the truth the premise sounds so much like a soap opera

    • Hi, I think I will pass Sachi no Tenbin for now. I don’t know in the future though. This is similar to listening a drama CD. For people who like drama CD< this will represent in pictures and sounds. But I always fell asleep while listening to drama CDs.

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