Oni to Hanazuma ~Hananusutto wa, Tsutsuji ka Tsubaki ka~ Impression

Same with the previous post, I won’t make a complete review of the story. I will only write my impression upon reading the visual novel. This is a R18 otome game, which supposed to be very short. But I did not have good impression on this series. I played in a slow pace and spent my holiday watching Hanyu Yuzuru made a come back in December 2020 Nationals and went to nearby town (in half a day though) for a changing of mood. I’m sorry…

Oni to Hanazuma is like playing a drama CD in otome game format. Almost similar to Ao no Shigyaku, Midori no Higyaku. I didn’t have any feelings playing it. I spent listening to the voice actors while reading news or browsing internet. But I could keep up with the whole storyline.

Tooko (CV Suzumiya Mai / Manaka Keiko), is the heroine in the series. She is a noble girl. One night, a white-haired oni, Masoho (CV Yotsuya Cider / Okitsu Kazuyuki) captured her to be his bride. He brought Tooko to his oni village to be his bride. In Masoho route, he had sex with Tooko as soon as they arrived. Turns out that they have met in the past. Tooko was brougth to oni village to be an oni’s food. But Masoho saved her and they made a promise to get married. When the humans, led by Tooko’s fiancee, Zuryou (CV Yanesen / Watanabe Hiroshi), gathered in oni village to bring Tooko back, she decided to stay with Masoho instead.

The other route is about Masoho’s onmyoji servant, Oomi (CV Margarine Tengu / Fujiwara Yuuki). His route is basically only following Masoho’s route. Most of Oomi’s R18 CGs in the game are from Masoho. Oomi only have two scenes. But they built relationship from zero first before doing sex. Oomi always takes care of Tooko, although he seems cold to her at first. His caring attitude and sad past, that his father cursed him to die when having mutual feelings with his beloved person, made Tooko fall for him. Before she must serve Masoho as his bride, Tooko confessed her feelings and Oomi actually had the same love for her. But he kept on bringing Tooko to Masoho’s room. In his happy ending, Masoho did not embrace Tooko at that night and let her live happily with Oomi outside oni village (run away together).

But this series also have bad endings. One of it is by letting Tooko have threesome with Masoho and Oomi. She loved Oomi but he was killed by humans. It was what she believed. But when she gave her body to Masoho, Masoho told Oomi to appear and have a taste of Tooko with him. Of course there are bad endings of Masoho killing Tooko because her mind is twisted, and Oomi killed by humans and Masoho forced Tooko to drink the blood of the dead man she loved. The sex scene dialogue is long, similar to Koizaru ha Akai Hana. I feel it was boring so I kept closing the R18 picture while browsing my phone.

For me, Oomi’s route is the most suitable. Because he didn’t force Tooko and their loves growing before reaching the “make love” session. So far, the storyline is very cliche and not interesting. I think I only read it to spend my new year’s holiday after Fata Morgana. That was a long story and very dark. So I need some light story. But if you don’t want to waste your time, I won’t recommend this.

All CVs:

Tooko (Suzumiya Mai / Manaka Keiko)

Masoho (Yotsuya Cider / Okitsu Kazuyuki)

Oomi (Margarine Tengu / Fujiwara Yuuki)

Shima, Tooko’s maid (Ootake Miyu)-OP singer

Zuryou (Yanesen / Watanabe Hiroshi)

Village Demon (Shimomame Mackenzie)

Link for CG:



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