Kannagi no Mori: Youko Kitan

The otome game is made by Matatabi. When I still excitedly playing otome games a few years ago, I had never heard of this developer. Maybe it’s new? Most of their games setting is shrine, non-human beings, Gods, etc. Despite Kannagi no Mori, I was actually more interested in Utsusemi no Meguri. But since it’s for Vita, and I don’t have it, I will be gladly just playing PC game. Moreover, I bought a new notebook recently. Although it’s not a gaming notebook, I’m still satisfied with i7 8th gen, 8GB, 1TB! Anyway, Kannagi no Mori had two titles, Youko and Ryuujin Kitan. While Youko Kitan’s story is centered around the humans (or supposed to be human), Ryuujin is full of another beings : ayakashi, god.

Kinami Mizuki lost her mother and she will live by herself from now on. Her childhood friend, consoled her at home. What made her different than other people is she could see other beings but her mother always told her not to come near them. On rainy day night, she followed a strange figure she thought similar to her dead mother. But turned out it was an ayakashi with fox max, Asahi (Eguchi Takuya), saying he’s working for Mizuki’s grandfather from her dead father, Nanjou Shinzou (Kobayashi Norio). While kneeling before her, Asahi told that Shinzou want Mizuki to meet and live with him in Ugetsumura. While talking with Asahi, Hinata (Kakihara Tetsuya), Mizuki’s childhood friend, suddenly came to interfere to save Mizuki from the strange ayakashi and changed to a dog form. Mizuki doesn’t seem surprise since she already knows Hinata’s real form. Hinata felt it’s strange if she hadn’t meet her grandfather but suddenly wanted her to live with him, fearing if Shinzou is truly her grandfather and asked Asahi to give proof. As a proof, Asahi showed them the picture of newborn Mizuki with her father and mother, and Shinzou. Mizuki needs to know more of Shinzou, so she agreed to live in Ugetsumura and must transfer school. But she must prepare to close her mother’s restaurant and say goodbye to her current school first. To ensure her safety, Hinata will follow her to Ugetsumura.

When walking in Ugetsumura after finally arriving there, Hinata told Asahi to open his mask. So he opened it and there’s a strange mark on his face. Asahi told them that the mark is the proof of an ayakashi who signed a master-slave contract with human, being a Shikiyo. When he wears his mask, he will have power to do what Shinzou, his master, ordered him. But Asahi wouldn’t answer Mizuki’s question of how he became the shikiyo of Shinzou. When she met a villager’s old woman, she put Mizuki to a good term when she knew Mizuki is Shinzou’s granddaughter. Asahi told her that’s because to Ugetsumura’s villagers, her family is regarded as people who possessed God (Kamitsuki). The story was from a long time ago, when the people in the nearby villages were all dead, but Ugetsumura didn’t experience any. Nanjou house had a role to give them blessing.

The three of them finally arrived at Nanjou mansion. Mizuki met Ichimaru, but he didn’t give greetings to them, then go away without saying a word. The three of them then went inside a room, meeting a kind-looking old man. There, Nanjou told Mizuki and Hinata that Nanjou’s descendant, including Mizuki’s father, could see things that normal people couldn’t. They run a shop called “Yorozu Ayakashi-ya”, to solve the problem between human and ayakashi. In the past, they have encounter a problem of an appearance of an ayakashi who eat human’s soul, Kurosame. It appeared on rainy day. Nanjou house had saved humans from Kurosame. So they’re called Ayakashi-tsuki, people who possessed by ayakashi. One of ayakashi-tsuki she have met is Ichiro, a veteran. There are others such as a one year older than Mizuki boy, and some of them is a second year elementary school student. But the people Shinzou wanted to introduce to Mizuki haven’t arrive home yet from their school. Shinzou was glad there are people who help the ayakashi shop, but he would be more glad if a Nanjou, Mizuki, would agree to work there. As the only family Shinzou have, Mizuki agreed to be one of ayakashi-tsuki. After the conversation had finished, Asahi was told to show Mizuki and Hinata their room.

But after they went outside Shinzou’s room, they met a two students talking about festival stand. Asahi introduced them as Nishina Nao (Umehara Yuuichirou) and Sawaki Souta (Yashiro Taku). Both goes to the same high school as Mizuki will attend to, Akanehara Senior High School. Asahi told both of the guys to look after Mizuki. But Nao seems that he doesn’t want to add more work. Meanwhile, Souta seems to know Mizuki. So she also noticed that Souta was her classmate five years ago. He called her as Kinami, Nami-chan. After the nostalgic meeting, Nao-senpai, Mizuki called him that, brought her to her room. It is a cute room in pink theme color. Nao told Mizuki to come to the hall after fifteen minutes preparing. Then, she gathered with everyone at the hall. But they lack one person, Ichimaru. There, Nao introduced his younger brother, Nishina Aoi (Horie Shun), who is in second year elementary school. Mizuki is a bit surprise when Aoi greets her with coldness. But he seems happy to know that Hinata is a dog ayakashi because Aoi likes dog. Not long after that, Ichimaru goes inside. He doesn’t seem to care about Hinata’s real form as an ayakashi, as long as he can do the job. So Mizuki thinks that Ichimaru is not scary. But their gathering was stopped by Asahi, saying Shinzou wanted Mizuki to perform purification ceremony / Misogi. Everyone in the room stayed quiet after hearing it.

When she met Shinzou, he was standing with another Shikiyo in a fox mask, Kouya (Yamanaka Masahiro), and a man. Shinzou said that after Ayakashi-tsuki saved a human, their heart would suffer from trauma, a disease that will hurt them, so they need to erase the memories, it’s called Misogi. All of the man’s memories, from a sad and happy, must get erased. It’s a hard choice, but Mizuki agreed to try it in the end, by placing her hand on the man’s head, and Asahi teaching her how to do it. After successfully perform the Misogi, Mizuki fell unsconscious. She had a dream of the man’s memories, when he promised the person he loved to go outside the hospital. When she woke up, she asked Asahi if the man’s memories would get back. Asahi says that it’s possible, but to get it back means they will suffer again from the erosion until death. He told Mizuki to suppress her power and let him or Shinzou or Kouya to perform the Misogi, because it’s too much for her to bear. And she promised to ask them if she ever find people like the previous man again.

At eight o’clock, Aoi told Mizuki and Hinata to have dinner. The Ayakashi-tsuki gathered in one room to eat Nao’s cooking. Mizuki praised his cooking a lot and Aoi told her to tell her favorite food so Nao could cook it for her. She tells them that she likes fried mackerel. It was a fun dinner for two new members. After dinner, Nao told Mizuki if she ever need something like shampoo, she should let him know and buy it because he’s the one who manage it from Shinzou’s money. After that, she met Kouya again. At first, he seemed like praising her for taking Misogi. But he became sarcastic, saying she’s like a Buddha, made him wanted to vomit. He then excuse himself after talking with Mizuki. But Nao and Aoi didn’t say anything. Then, it’s time to sleep.

Every weekend, Nao would cook something good for the house. Today, he made egg benedict and Mizuki tried to help him. While cooking, Aoi told her that Nao’s cooking could be bad sometimes, when he tried to make a bear but more similar to alien. This made Nao pinching Aoi’s nose. Because it’s the first time she cooked something in Nanjou’s house, Mizuki brought the egg benedict into Shinzou’s room and he ate it while saying it’s delicious. But he doesn’t want Mizuki to do it anymore and let Asahi bring him food as usual. Then, she ate breakfast with the other ayakashi-tsuki. While eating breakfast, Ichimaru told them to investigate a noise coming from a vacant house in the near village. They will all investigate together after a while, because there are the new Mizuki and Hinata. Usually, they will make a group of two. Aoi was glad since it’s been a long time to take a walk with Souta.

When investigating around the mountain, their client, a man who heard the noise appeared, saying an old woman lived in the house but one year ago died from an illness. Since then, he heard something dropped inside the house, or walking sound, or the sound of opening a door. Nao thought it was a sneaking thief. But the man said he had opened the door and saw no one inside, but a drawer closing itself. After searching inside and outside the house until evening, they couldn’t find anything. So they made decision to stay overnight. While Nao and the others were going back home to gather their belongings and food, Mizuki stayed inside with Ichimaru. They saw the old woman’s photo album, found a picture of a little girl. Ichimaru was the first to notice that the girl is not human.

Then, they heard the sound of rain and someone’s walking. A little girl in kimono like the picture appeared in front of them. And Hinata quickly goes inside to protect Mizuki. It turns out the girl is scared of Hinata’s dog form, so Mizuki tells him to change back to human form. The girl says her name is Suzu, a kimono tsukumogami. Her name was made by her mother, the old woman who just died a year ago. Before getting married, the woman made a kimono for her daughter, but her husband died not long after their marriage without having any child. The kimono took form of a little girl and lived with the old woman like her own daughter. Suzu didn’t know that her mother had died. Without consent, Ichimaru told her the truth, telling her not to bother anyone anymore and refrain herself from appearing. Suzu noticed that human’s life is short and felt regret of not showing up quickly in front of the old woman. She promised to keep sleeping in the house and after Hinata apologized for scaring her, Mizuki and the others left the house. On their way, Mizuki asked why did Ichimaru say cruel things like that. He told her that the job of Yorozu shop it to help human and their client, telling Mizuki not to interfere too much on the problem… They go on separate way since Ichimaru needs to meet his client and take money from him. When Mizuki reached the Ugetsumura village and met Nao, Aoi, and Souta together, she told them the real story. Aoi thinks the girl must have cried now after Mizuki had left her.

At her room, Mizuki was thinking about tsukumogami after meeting Suzu. Suddenly, a long haired man in yukata appeared in front of her, saying his name is Shinonome (Matsuoka Yoshitsugu), the hairpin’s tsukumogami. Of course Mizuki would scream, since she’s in the middle of changing her clothes. One by one, the man appeared in her room because of her scream, from Hinata to Souta and Nao, when Mizuki didn’t put her clothes. She told them to keep quiet and go out. So they gathered in the meeting room again. Nao called Shinonome as a hentai criminal and they didn’t believe him as the hairpin’s tsukumogami. The hairpin was inside Mizuki’s room all the time she arrived there. But she didn’t know anything about it. Asahi didn’t seem to notice it when he cleaned Mizuki’s room before her arrival. Because they were suspicious of Shinonome, Hinata even tried to cut his head and pull his hair. In the end, considering Shinonome is a God and he doesn’t remember anything since coming to Mizuki’s bedroom, Mizuki agreed to keep him in the Nanjou house.

The next morning is Mizuki’s first time going to new school. After greeting her grandfather and eating breakfast, she went to school with Nao, Souta, and Aoi. When taking a walk in the village, Mizuki was amazed at the Edo architecture in it. Souta explained that they had many tourists too, because it feels like they had a time travel to Edo era. Aoi asked Souta what time travel is, and he was wondering if he could meet his father if they can do that. Nao shut him up and took Aoi to his school, then continued to go to his school while talking about a festival coming up in their school.

After arriving in her class, Mizuki was glad to be in the same class with Souta again. There, the teacher also introduced Hanayama Tsumugi (Tachibana Rika) to be her seatmate. But the girls in her class didn’t like Tsumugi for stealing their boyfriends, because she is pretty and cute. Although Tsumugi herself didn’t remember about it. Turns out, Tsumugi can become friends with Mizuki easily. But when looking at her bracelet, Mizuki was feeling worried. Tsumugi said she got it from a boy in different class, but she forgot who gave it. When breaktime came, Mizuki told all of it to Souta, who called her Nami-chan like in the past. He said he will help investigating the bracelet even though it’s hard. After that, their friends made a joke to him hearing him called Nami-chan, while Tsumugi also noticed that Mizuki and Souta are close. She told Mizuki that everyone loves Souta, but his minus point is too kind to everyone.

When the school is finally over, Tsumugi asks Mizuki her current address. When she noticed that Mizuki live in Ugetsumura, she was a bit scared because in the past, it’s the village of Dragon God (Ryuujin) who brought flood in the past. When they’re talking, Mizuki noticed that Souta already grabbed the bracelet. He told Mizuki that his special power is erasing his presence, so he could take off the bracelet without everyone noticing. When he and Mizuki brought it home, Shinonome quickly noticed that the bracelet had bad things inside it from the strong love someone held to Tsumugi. He told them to ask Ichimaru to erase the bad things inside, so they brought it to Ichimaru. What shocking them was Ichimaru burnt the bracelet. His power is to burn everything. So finally, it is time for Souta to explain to Mizuki about everyone’s power. Nao’s power is to stop time and things for a short time, while Aoi can heal wound. After that, she went to bed while thinking if she can understand the feelings of love or loving someone too strong could leave bad things in the future, like the feelings inside the bracelet. But she can’t sleep yet and here is the branches for each route. I played Souta’s route first, then Ichimaru, and the last was Nao. Turns out it’s the perfect pattern. Actually, I wanted to play Ichimaru’s route first before Nao, who seemed to be a hero in this series. But I could only choose Ichimaru after playing the two characters route.

Sawaki Souta (CV Yashiro Taku)

Mizuki made decision to follow the sound of piano at night. It was Souta who played Chopin’s Raindrop. When Mizuki said that he’s good at it, Souta told her he just imitating someone. Then, he told the story of when Chopin ran to Paris with his lover. He suddenly realized it was not a time to tell a story. And the morning after that, it’s raining a lot. After making breakfast with Souta, Nao, and Aoi, Ichimaru gathered all of them to either investigating a ghost or deal with Kurosame. At first, Souta said he will deal with Kurosame, but Nao ordered him to investigate a ghost instead with Aoi.

The three of them, with Aoi and Souta, went to Watanabe Yuuki’s house. He always met misfortune since three months ago. Even though he already went to police to investigate if there’s someone who did it, they didn’t find anyone and just called it bad luck. The most bad things happened a week before, when his bicycle’s brake was broken and broke his bone. To make sure of it, Souta suggested they should go together for a day. The four of them had peaceful time together buying law books and eating hamburg. After eating dinner, Souta asked Mizuki to go back home with Aoi while he stay with Yuuki. But suddenly, a car approached them. To save Mizuki, Souta got hurt on his right arm. Even though he’s hurt, he chased the culprit who made all of this. When they finally captured him, the boy with Gundam plastic model told that he is a tsukumogami of that. He always believed that Yuuki will fix his broken arm, but Yuuki threw him away unused.

After everything had been settled, Mizuki and Souta put the broken plastic model one by one to burry it. There, Mizuki told him about her past. She was branded as a strange child who could see things normal human couldn’t. While waiting for a better day, she knew the feelings of the tsukumogami who was waiting for his owner. Then, Aoi asked to heal Souta’s wound even though he refused, but Soyta accepted Aoi’s offer. But it made Aoi’s body weaker, so Souta carried him on his back. It makes Mizuki knows that he doesn’t take care of his body and prefer to care for others. But before they take a rest in Mizuki’s house, she met one of previous customer of her mother’s restaurant. The middle aged man told her that he would be willing to wait the opening of the shop again because he liked her mother’s restaurant.

Because Mizuki’s house was the nearest place, everyone gathered there from Souta, Aoi, Nao, and Hinata. That night before sleeping, Mizuki noticed someone similar to her mother and Souta went outside. She followed them and met Souta with a woman in kimono. Souta introduced the woman as his mother, but the woman called him Yuuya instead of his name. The woman always praised Yuuya for being good at playing piano. Even though it makes Mizuki wondering why she called him that, Souta doesn’t say anything. Only that he will stay in his old house together with his mother. He just went back to Nanjou house the next morning without replying to Mizuki’s chat.

There is another new student in Mizuki’s class, after she’s transferred there. The new student is male, Matsunaga Kyouhei (Nakamura Ryo). Kyouhei already knew Souta and Mizuki, quickly noticed they had went to the same middle school too. Then, the teacher talked about their future plan. Tsumugi already decided to go to Tokyo’s art college to study about oil painting. But she was afraid to get separated from someone she cared about. Meanwhile, at breaktime, Kyouhei went to talk to Souta. But when Mizuki talked to him, and when Souta’s friends called him to go to study with them, she noticed that Kyouhei didn’t feel happy about it.

Because there will be a festival at school, Souta is busy helping all of his classmates. Kyouhei didn’t talk with anyone so he went back alone. When the entire classmates had prepared to go home, they noticed some things went missing. So Souta suggested that he will buy the tablecloth. Mizuki asked to help him buy things. The two of them went out until night, so Mizuki asked him to eat at ramen restaurant instead at home. There, Souta quickly decided on Shio Ramen, and after that, Mizuki chose Miso Ramen. The chef thought they were a couple, so when he knew they’re not, he suggested Souta to confess or another man would get Mizuki. When both of them already finished eating and walked back home, Souta said he didn’t feel burden by the words. When Souta tried to say thanks for helping him buying tablecloth in Mizuki’s room, he seemed jealous looking at her while brushing Hinata’s fur in dog form. But he didn’t take it long and asked Mizuki to do their homework together. After doing homework, Mizuki asked about Souta’s career plan, but he hadn’t think any. Though she’s glad, she felt it would be better if they stay like this forever.

It’s the last day to prepare for the festival. Everyone are so excited to open their café. While Tsumugi noticed there’s something between Mizuki and Souta because they’re being friendly. Suddenly, the topic changed to what music they would play at the café. Because someone suggested Souta to play the piano, all of his classmates begged him to play it. But Souta refused. While they’re talking about it, Kyouhei coincidentally opened up Souta’s locker. There was the missing tablecloth, made all classmates began suspecting him as the culprit. Souta only kept quiet. At home, Mizuki asked Souta when he was playingthe piano, of why he didn’t talk in front of everyone. He told her that his older brother is the one who is good at playing piano. Four years ago, his mother had a divorce with his father. She could only become happy when his older brother stayed with her. But three years ago, Souta’s brother was died from traffic accident. Since then, his mother always called him with his brother’s name. He felt that Souta already died at the time his brother also died.

Finally, it’s the festival day. The atmosphere in the class is still weird, so Mizuki takes courage to say that Souta is not the culprit. Even with it, Souta didn’t say anything. But Tsumugi believed her, felt strange that everyone could think Souta is the culprit. When Mizuki finally had a break, she asked Souta to go sightseeing with her to the one the class’ planetarium. They were amazed at the beautiful starry sky in there. It is the time when he becomes more open to Mizuki, telling her that she’s very bright to reach everyone. Suddenly, one of the guest need to sit beside Mizuki so she moved a bit and touched Souta’s hand. She’s afraid if he could notice her getting embarrassed.

That day after dinner, Ichimaru told ayakashi-tsuki about another case, where the dead people came back on rainy night in Sonoyama Town. Mizuki realized it might be related to her dead mother she often saw. That night, it was rainy. When Mizuki tried to search for Souta but couldn’t find him inside Nanjou house, she went outside. But what she found is her dead mother. Her mother didn’t seem to know that she’s dead, it made Mizuki glad to meet her again. But she remembered about Souta’s mother. If she reach her mother’s hands now, she won’t be any different than Souta’s mother that look at him as his dead brother. After realizing that, Mizuki ran away and searching for Souta again. Suddenly, her vision became white and woke up in a room with a piano. Inside the room, there were Souta and his full family, talking about the next trip. But Mizuki knew what she had to do, she woke Souta up, telling him to get back. At first, the inside of his self refused to go back, because it would hurt him. But Mizuki wouldn’t want to hurt Souta and kept asking him to go back with her. After the illusion disappeared, Souta cried on Mizuki’s shoulder. He just wanted his mother to acknowledge himself, he didn’t think such a grand hope to be loved by his mother.

After he had stopped crying, his mother came. But as usual, she called him Yuuya. This time, Souta had courage to tell her that his name is Souta and he won’t go with her. He will live his own life. Then, he went to Mizuki’s house with her, saying thank you for finding the real him. When morning came, she found Souta already woke up in her living room. For a long time, Mizuki had always been calling him as Souta-kun. Now, he wanted her to call only his name. Mizuki will call his name if he will also call her name. The two of them were getting embarrassed when calling each other’s name. After that, they went to buried the tsukumogami of plastic model outside Nanjou house. There, Souta told her that he was feeling afraid if he tell his mother the truth about himself, like the tsukumogami who was waiting for his master. That’s why when Mizuki said they should bury the plastic model, he felt saved by her words. Mizuki also told him that she was saved by him, who talked to her when everyone bullied her in the past. But then, Souta fell unconscious of a fever on top of Mizuki’s body. When everyone saw the two of them, they teased Mizuki a lot for being lovey-dovey and calling only his name.

When Mizuki gave porridge to Souta in his room, he didn’t want her to leave quickly and told her to let him sleep on her lap. With getting more embarrassing moments, Mizuki couldn’t refuse Souta’s request and let him sleep. They were both getting embarrassed. While being on her lap, Souta said he will tell their classmates the truth, that he didn’t steal the tablecloth. And he made a promise to say something after that to Mizuki.


At school, Souta began to tell everyone that he’s not the culprit. Of course the classmates believed him and tried to guess who’s the real culprit. But Souta already knew of him, chasing Kyouhei to outside the classroom. There, Kyouhei told them the truth that he was bullied sinced he’s separated from Souta. He hated Souta for betraying him. But after letting out his anger, his body grew weaker from the erosion. Realizing about that, Souta asked Mizuki to do Misogi on Kyouhei. After Mizuki done performing Misogi, Kyouhei seemed calmer. But in exchange, she saw another dream of Kyouhei’s suffering from bully everyday. After that, Kyouhei went back to school, but didn’t remember about Souta. Mizuki thinks they will build another good relationships this time. As he already told Mizuki, Souta finally said that he likes her. She always saved him at any time he’s suffered. Of course Mizuki also likes him. But he won’t kiss her as of now because he thinks she is precious and will do it slowly. To make up, Mizuki asks him to go back while holding hands and he agreed.

Mizuki tried to learn playing piano with Souta in his room. After that, he told Mizuki that he will go to music college and aim to become a music teacher. Mizuki cheered him and also told him about she wanted to open restaurant like her mother. They had a happy time, but Souta’s mother still called him Yuuya. Though she believe his mother will change in the future. Not long after that, Hinata walked in front of Souta’s room to search for Mizuki. Feeling jealous, Souta kissed Mizuki to made her keeping quiet. In the end, Mizuki gives him back the kiss.


Souta couldn’t save Kyouhei. After killing himself, Souta didn’t go to school for two weeks. His friends were worried and Tsumugi gave cookies through Mizuki. At that time, Mizuki didn’t know anything because the day before, she met Souta and he was fine. But after coming back home, she found Souta already died in his room. Beside him, Mizuki found a letter he wrote, saying thanks and sorry to her. Mizuki couldn’t let him die alone and took the medicine bottle to follow him.


At school, Souta’s friends were asking if he want to go home together. But his friends teasing him that he will go with his girlfriend instead. Feeling annoyed by that, he told Mizuki that he will have something to do so he can’t go home together. After going back alone, Souta meet the ramen shop owner on his way back. It made him remember about the time they spent when they weren’t dating. He then meet Hinata in the garden. He’s jealous because Hinata is Mizuki’s family. But Hinata has never see her as a family. He feels jealous by Souta, and the people around her now, because he have different world with Mizuki. Considering his feelings, Souta knows that he musn’t act like that and meet her. He tells Mizuki the truth that he actually wants to go home together, and Mizuki feels the same.

Nishina Nao (CV Umehara Yuuichirou)

Rather than going to where the piano sound was, Mizuki chose to grab a drink. In the kitchen, she met Nao, who was preparing food for tomorrow. He told her that it wasn’t his intention of cooking at first, but it’s all for Aoi, his younger brother. He must live separately from their parents when he’s in elementary school. After hearing that, Mizuki wanted to help him. And when the morning came, she already met Nao, already started cooking galette in the kitchen. Aoi told her that Nao already began cooking since five in the morning, after preparing in the night.

When they ate breakfast, Ichimaru began explaining their next mission. It was about kamikakushi (spirited away) that occurred frequently without a culprit in Sonoyama, Mizuki’s previous town. They will investigate in two groups. Because Aoi wanted to investigate this case, Nao would go to the same place as him. And considering Mizuki had lived in there, she would go to check on the people she knew. It needs 4-5 hours riding on train, so the three of them will go right after breakfast. From the client, they understand that a girl had been missing lately. So they will ask the people around town.

After investigating for a bit, they took a rest in Mizuki’s house. Aoi noticed the people missing were similar to Mizuki. So she asked if she can be a decoy. Nao quickly refused it. He didn’t believe if he can stop the time before Mizuki is kidnapped. Also, the people who are spirited away will lose their memories.

When the sun dawn, Aoi told Mizuki to hold hand with him. He also asked his brother, Nao, to hold Mizuki’s other hand, in order to prevent kamikakushi. To give reassurance to Aoi, Nao agreed. And because it was already too late to go back home, the three of them stopped at Mizuki’s house. She then called Hinata about their situation, but he got angry because she wouldn’t get back. In the end, Mizuki played trump card with Aoi and Nao that night. Because Mizuki always lose from Nao and Aoi, Nao called her as “daihinmin” (great poor). In the middle of it, Aoi told Mizuki that playing trump made him remember the time when playing it with his mother. He will do his best to be able to meet his mother again. But it was different than what Nao had told her before, he said their parents were not an admirable one. She made a guess it might be about their father.

When Mizuki already came back the next morning, Hinata was still mad at her. It made Shinonome teasing him so much. After eating breakfast, Mizuki, Aoi, Nao, and Souta went to school together. They were talking about the school festival, when Mizuki and Souta’s class will create a café. Mizuki made a promise to Souta to give some cupcake to him. Meanwhile, Nao’s class will do a takoyaki counter outside classroom. Thinking about takoyaki made by Nao, Mizuki said it will be a delicious takoyaki. Nao teased her than at least it will be more delicious than what she will make.

At her class, everyone were busy decorating the room. But a star decoration was missing. Suddenly, Mizuki saw the star decoration brought by a crow outside. But there wasn’t any people noticing it. So Mizuki tried to talk to it by herself. She begged the crow ayakashi to give it back, but he asked her to search for his shiny ring, the precious treasure he had lost first before giving it back. After searching for a while, the crow remembered to search inside the school’s building. It went first, followed by Mizuki. But when she was searching through the third year classroom, many people saw her uniform already messed up. To add it up, Nao didn’t seem to help her, ordered her not to touch the decoration in his class with her dirty hands. His friends were laughing at his rude behavior toward Nao. After the embarrassing scene, Nao chose to search the ring with the crow again inside her class. There, they finally found the keyholder ring at one of the locker. Seeing them, Nao appeared and apologized. He saw Mizuki’s angry face, so he teased her again by messing her hair. After that, the crow left them alone to go outside. Then, Nao seemed worried if Mizuki followed an ayakashi alone, telling her to talk with him or Souta first. Mizuki agreed to his request.

Nao, Mizuki, and Aoi went back to Sonoyama Town again, now Mizuki wore her old school uniform. Too bad that there were still kamikakushi cases except for the weekend. Then, Mizuki will go separately with Nao and Aoi. She will ask her teacher in her old school, while Nao and Aoi will ask the townspeople. They will gather in Mizuki’s house at noon. When the three of them gathered again, Nao said they haven’t found anything. After the day became night, they had prepared to go home. But even after Mizuki already hold hands with Nao and Aoi, she fell unconscious suddenly.

When she woke up, a girl named Kurata Saki, who had died from traffic accident one month ago, came in front of her. Saki was searching for a person who can lend her a body so she can say goodbye to her mother after they’re fighting before her accident. Of course Mizuki accepted to lend her body, because she thought to say goodbye to her dead mother too. After lending her body, she went to Saki’s mother and apologized for getting a fight with her. At first, her mother asked her to stay in this world. But Saki knew she must go. So the case ended well. Mizuki went home by herself after it was midnight. Suddenly, near her home, Nao grabbed her shoulder in a hurry because he was worried about Mizuki. The usual him always teases her, it’s weird to see him caring for her a lot now.

After telling all her experience of meeting a ghost to Nao, they went inside. Nao was supposed to sleep in her room, but she remembered of her dead mother. She loved her mother so much and cried after finding her necklace. Before she could cry more, Nao knocked on her door and went to her room to give her some food. Even though Mizuki refused, Nao kept telling her to eat. Finally, she is eating the food Nao has made, and feels nostalgic of the fried mackerel she likes. She cries because his mackerel has the same taste as her mother, begging her mother to come meeting her. Seeing her crying, Nao tells Mizuki to let her tears out while patting her head and stays quiet.

That morning, Mizuki was getting embarrassed when she met Nao, she had to greet him twice unconsciously. But Nao seemed cool like usual, telling her to go away because he wanted to take a plate. When they finally went to school together on festival day, Souta mentioned that Shinonome will to go to the festival later. Nao think it will be a mess then, considering his clothes.

The breaktime came to Mizuki so she went to takoyaki stand by Nao’s class. A few mature girls, Nao’s classmates, were serving her when Nao hadn’t be seen. But when he finally noticed Mizuki, Nao brought her to a quiet place, an unused classroom. There, he gave takoyaki so she could eat it. She said it’s delicious, but Nao said if he is the one who cook, it will be more delicious. Nao saw takoyaki sauce on Mizuki’s mouth. He took it and thought she’s like Aoi. Suddenly, Shinonome and Aoi went inside to surprise them, saying they had tried Souta’s class cupcake. But when Nao tried to bring them to his takoyaki stand, Mizuki must go back to her class.

Aoi and Nao were waiting for her to go home together, so Tsumugi told Mizuki to go with them. She called Nao as Mizuki’s boyfriend to tease her. But rain poured down after Aoi wanted takoyaki again for their dinner. At first the three of them hid below a tree, but since it became heavier, Nao suggested to keep going. They are holding hands again, but now, Aoi is placed in the middle. When thunder strike, Nao made a comment that Aoi should hide or thunder will eat him. Aoi said Nao can tease him sometimes, with Mizuki nodded at him. It made Nao said he won’t give pudding to them.

But their happy time was stopped by their mother coming there to ask approval from Shinzou so her children could live there. She didn’t want ayakashi things to bother her anymore, saying that Nao is a unsociable child. His mother also said cruel things to Aoi, who still believes in her promise to take them to live again if he became a good kid. After she went outside, Aoi suffered from erosion and in pain. Even if Asahi had tried to do Misogi twice on Aoi, he couldn’t save him. In the end, Nao begs Mizuki to do Misogi on his brother. She didn’t have any choice and performed it.

After that, feeling guilty and tried to chase their mother, Mizuki went outside on that rainy night. Nao chased her. He was glad that Mizuki got angry at their mother in their stead. But he didn’t want her to get sick in the rain, and they couldn’t change his mother’s thoughts. Then, Nao hugged Mizuki, crying. She kept him crying in her embrace, thinking back on everything he had done every morning to make breakfast and all. Now it’s the time he cried for himself.

Mizuki was preparing to go to bed. But Nao came inside to tell her a story about his past. Five years ago, he and Aoi were attacked by Kurosame. After the incident, they began having spiritual power as ayakashi-tsuki. And two years ago, their mother found out about Nanjou house, so she put them to live there. While thinking it’s better for Aoi to forget his mother’s behavior, Nao also wants him to recover his memories. He’s thinking if he can win against Kurosame and if his power as ayakashi-tsuki will disappear too. For that, he begged Mizuki to help. She’s willingly to help Nao to defeat Kurosame. But the problem is, Kurosame is an immortal ayakashi. They hardly could kill it.

Morning came. Nao and Mizuki tried to meet Aoi, who already woken up. But he doesn’t remember his brother, asking “Who are you?” to Nao. Nao told him about himself, as Aoi’s older brother and he will try to regain Aoi’s memories back. Then, after eating, Mizuki went to Shinzou’s room. He was feeling guilty about Aoi. Shinzou had been refusing their mother’s request to put them living in his house forever, but when he finally accepted it, it made Aoi lose his memories. Mizuki didn’t blame her grandfather because it wasn’t his fault. But she didn’t get any answer about Kurosame from Shinzou. He always told her that he didn’t know anything about Kurosame, from how to defeat it to how to erase ayakashi-tsuki’s power. So she was preparing to go to school after that. But in front of Shinzou’s room, she met Kouya with a man in suit (Nishina Kousuke? CV Sakuragi Akito). They didn’t have important conversation because Mizuki was still afraid of Kouya. When she tried going outside to school, it was raining but she didn’t have umbrella with her. She seemed to see a beast, definitely not a human, under that rain, made her running away and fell to the ground. Thankfully, the beast wasn’t chasing her anymore so she went to school straightly after that.

But her clothes is already wet and she gets hurt from falling. She meets Nao before coming inside the school. Looking at her wound and dirt, Nao left her alone to get a towel. When he was going inside, Nao’s two friends, who were watching her getting dirty the previous day, saw her again. They were making fun of how dirty she is, asking if it’s her hobby. Although their intention wasn’t that bad and only asking her, it was humiliating for Mizuki. After Nao came back, he told his friends to go away. But Mizuki refused his help, saying he’s also the same as them, saying that she’s dirty before. Nao answered that only himself can say it to her (tsun-tsun?), like a little boy would do. He then put the tower to dry her hair. Unconsciously, Mizuki said it’s relaxing. It made him getting embarrassed too. Then, they made a promise to go home together.

Mizuki told him the truth about that morning, when she saw a beast. Nao thinks it must be Kurosame from Mizuki’s description that it appeared on rainy day and she heard a walking sound from a beast-like thing. It’s because he had experienced it before with Aoi. It’s just that something had been bothering Nao. He was wondering why Kouya let Mizuki go outside at the right timing with Kurosame appearing. He told Mizuki that he had been thinking Kouya is suspicious all this time. After thinking again, Mizuki told Nao to investigate Shinzou’s room because he might had told Kouya to search about Kurosame.

Nao stopped the time to let him and Mizuki go inside Shinzou’s room freely. There, Mizuki found a diary book from 30 years ago, telling about Shinzou’s daughter, Sanae. The room Mizuki is using now might be Sanae’s room in the past. The diary also told about the happy days Mizuki’s father and Sanae had in the past. But there was another name, painted by black ink to hide it. She couldn’t read it and the time will move again shortly. When she tried to place the diary back, she found a book about the way to seal Kurosame. There’s a shrine in Mt. Kuno and they must completely seal Kurosame from the inside and outside. The seal from the inside must be done after the outer seal is finished, and it will take a lot of time. But, in order so Kurosame won’t be able to kill human, the ayakashi-tsuki must seal it from the inside. Because Kurosame isn’t exist in this world anymore, ayakashi-tsuki will turn back to human. But if the ayakashi-tsuki remains unchanged inside the seal, Kurosame won’t be able to kill ayakashi-tsuki. The time is already up so she and Nao must go outside. They met the wounded Asahi, but he said he just fell.

At the garden, Nao asked if Mizuki know anything after reading inside. She didn’t want him to become a sacrifice, so she told him that she hadn’t find anything. Nao agreed so he will try finding out by himself too. On the next day, Mizuki woke up early to help Nao cooking breakfast. He mentioned his future path, that he will find employment and help Ayakashi-tsuki after graduating. It seems he must give up on his dream because he needs to find money so Aoi can graduate high school. At first, he thought he would go to higher degree after coming back to their mother, but he couldn’t anymore. It makes Mizuki feels sad for him. Then, they brought pancake to Aoi’s room. He said it’s delicious, so Nao asked him to cook together later.

After eating, Ichimaru told them another case where a shop’s signboard and a house’s fence were destroyed. The client for it is police officer department. The police couldn’t find it on their security camera. Hinata added that it only appeared on rainy days. When Nao asked if it’s Kurosame, Ichimaru explained that there were no one being killed, so it must not be Kurosame. Then, Mizuki told all of them about her experience meeting Kurosame. It made Hinata surprised that she was in danger before. Anyway, to investigate this case, Nao chose to go with Mizuki. But they couldn’t find anything after taking a walk. When going back home, Nao told Mizuki that he will try asking Kouya because he couldn’t open up a conversation with Shinzou. But they were stopped by Nao’s father appearing, Nishina Kousuke. Nao got mad at him for leaving them, but Kousuke didn’t answer anything and just walked away from them. They both got back home. Meeting his father made Nao think that it’s fine if Aoi wouldn’t get his memories back. He will be suffering to have such a mother and father, who abandoned them. When Mizuki tried to change his mind, Nao got mad at her who knew everything. But he apologized soon after that. When Souta, Ichimaru, and Hinata got back home, Mizuki left them to go outside alone.

But Nao and Hinata followed her outside. It was a fortunate thing, since they noticed another thing following them. Mizuki noticed the beast had the same presence at previous day, it’s Kurosame. A huge black nine-tailed fox beast (youko) appeared in front of them, so Hinata changed his form preparing to battle. But they couldn’t attack Kurosame easily. Nao even suffering from erosion. When Asahi came, he told Mizuki to do Misogi on Nao. But she couldn’t let him and the others suffering anymore. After getting so much support from Nao, this time, she chose to support him instead. While closing her eyes, Mizuki made a miracle. Nao’s erosion is able to be suppressed. In exchange for that, she fell unconscious again.


When she woke up and saw Nao beside her bed, she felt pain everytime her hearts beats. It was like her heart was stabbed with black needle. Nao said he will ask Asahi to do Misogi on her, but Mizuki refused. She wouldn’t want to forget about Nao, ever. She told him that she won’t let him being alone, so he just kept quiet and hold her hand. That night, Mizuki had a dream of the child Nao. He was crying and begging his father to come back. Looking at him suffering, Mizuki held him from the back. Then, she woke up with Nao beside her. This time, without hesitating, Mizuki confessed her love to Nao. He also likes her and they’re kissing on her bed.

The next day, Nao cooked udon for her to eat. He tried to help her eat by touching her. But Mizuki remembered she hadn’t have a bath since yesterday, so she ordered him to stay away. Nao didn’t want to release her until she tell the truth so Mizuki didn’t have any choice. But he kept touching her because it didn’t matter to him. Suddenly, Shinonome came inside without knocking so he saw them touching each other. Shinonome told Nao to not bully her girlfriend, it made him blushing, and he forced Shinonome to get out. After all of that, Nao said he won’t tease Mizuki again so she can eat freely. And then, Nao told about the destroying incident, it were all from Kurosame. While talking about Kurosame, Mizuki is wondering if Nao’s father can see things normal human can’t, like them.

Then, after getting healthy, Mizuki asked her grandfather of the sacrifice of ayakashi-tsuki to seal Kurosame. It made Shinzou surprised to hear it from her. But she already knew that Asahi and Kouya were preparing for Nao’s father, Kousuke, to be a sacrifice, so he asked Shinzou the truth about his whereabout. He doesn’t have any choice so tells her that Kousuke is at Mt. Kuno, south from Ugetsumura, on a mountain road going go the shrine there. After knowing that, Mizuki quickly grabbed Nao to go there. He told Nao that his father is actually an ayakashi-tsuki and will be a human sacrifice to seal Kurosame.

They finally found Kousuke, Asahi, and Kouya in the shrine, together with Kurosame. Nao begged Kousuke to tell him the truth with anger. So Kousuke told him that eight years ago when he left home, his company had restruction and he lost his job. After leaving home, he was attacked by Kurosame and became ayakashi-tsuki. In the first place, he doesn’t have any home to return to so he’s fine sacrificing himself. Before the shrine door is closed, Nao says thanks to his father for the last time, and how grateful he is being Kousuke’s son. Then, everything went as planned.

Nao, Aoi, and Mizuki went to the forest near Ugetsumura. After Aoi left the couple alone to play by himself, Nao put a flower crown made of white clover on Mizuki’s hair. Aoi has recovered from his memory lost and the world is in peace now. So he tells her that he will go to a specialty school of cooking after graduation because his father left some money to them. He hopes to open his own restaurant after learning to cook in many places. Mizuki is happy to hear it, telling him that she will go to his restaurant often to eat his cooking. But Nao says she shouldn’t come to his shop often because he will make her eat his cooking everyday. Knowing that Nao will just tease her if she ask the meaning of it, Mizuki feels happy and they shared a kiss.


When Mizuki suffered from erosion, Nao asked Asahi to do Misogi. Mizuki didn’t refuse so she had lost her memory when she woke up.


The boys from Nao’s classmates are talking about Mizuki while looking at her below from the classroom window. They think Mizuki is cute and mature. But she’s also fragile and needs protection. Hearing that, Nao feels jealous and quickly close the curtain. It makes his friends asking him if Mizuki is her girlfriend, because he said they’re not dating before. But finally, Nao tells them that Mizuki is his girlfriend after they’re teasing her in the past. Some boys had their heart broken after knowing that. After school, when Nao is waiting for Mizuki to go home together, the girl from his classmate, Hara, talks to him about Mizuki. When thinking about her, it makes Nao happy and smiling in front of her. Hara noticed it and she told him to take care of his girlfriend. When Mizuki appeared, she feels jealous until home. Nao grabs her hand, brings her to his room and asking why does she run away from him. She told him about her jealousy, and Nao had the same experience on the same day. They are both similar. But when he tried to tease her, he remembered Shinonome’s suggestion not to tease the girl he like, so he will cook her what she wanted for dinner instead. They’re kissing before going outside.

Ichimaru (CV Okitsu Kazuyuki)

He had once told Mizuki that his kimono was chosen by Shinzou when she thought the kimono is beautiful. He also told her that his power is to burn anything when she asked. One night, Mizuki found him at the garden, playing with sparkler he got from a case. After Mizuki asked him to play it together, he told her he would just play with her for three sparklers. And he won’t light the sparkler with his power, so Mizuki goes inside to get lighter and a bucket. She asked him if he ever had lost someone, but he replied that he didn’t remember anything from before coming to Nanjou house. Hearing it, Mizuki felt she had asked a wrong thing to him earlier. Then to made the fun mood, Ichimaru told they should have a battle of whose sparkler will die first. When Mizuki won the first time, Ichimaru laughed at her reaction. But even after four or five times, his sparkler kept losing from Mizuki. So in the end, he burnt the last sparkler to make her surprise. She thinks he behaves like a child.

After breakfast that day, Ichimaru chose to search for the lost treasure because of an ayakashi. So they will go meet the mother of Kawano Hiroyuki, Akanehara Town major, named Fujiko. At their walking time with Hinata, he said he couldn’t sleep because Shinonome kept talking about science fiction movie he had watched for all night. So Mizuki tried to ask if Ichimaru like some kind of movie. But he questioned her back of what will she do after she knows it. Mizuki just wanted to know his hobby, though. After they have reached Fujiko’s house, the one who has waited for her is the maid, Yoshikawa, because Fujiko is sick. They went inside the house and finally met Fujiko, who couldn’t walk. She then begins telling the story of one afternoon, when she sit on the sofa after opening the window one week ago. She always kept her precious thing in the book shelf. But when she opened her eyes, her precious thing, a rabbit doll, disappeared. She saw a beast thing, similar to a raccoon walking with two legs. Even after she had chased it, the beast disappeared into the mountain direction. So, Ichimaru said they will try searching at Mt. Mizusaki. Before they go, they met Hiroyuki, the middle aged major. He was pleased to meet them and begged for the treasure to be found.

When they tried searching inside the mountain, they found a weasel ayakashi. He said the ayakashi they’re searching from Fujiko’s picture is Toomaru, an ayakashi who had already lived for a long time in the mountain. Because Toomaru is weak and not clever, he often is being bullied. But they couldn’t find the raccoon’s whereabout that day. Though Fujiko is kind enough to give them sweets after they got back with nothing. At dinner, Souta explained of their case, where Nao must play igo with an ayakashi. He won after using smartphone to cheat. After taking a bath, because Mizuki asked if Ichimaru ever had played igo, he asked her to another battle of playing it. She began telling her story that her mother like to play igo, so she could understand a bit. When she noticed she was talking about her parents again, she apologized because he couldn’t remember a thing. But Ichimaru just pretending to not listen at all. They had fun, although he lost to Mizuki again. And he was laughing at her after responding to his request to play igo again. They had a promise to play igo again the next day.

Aoi woke Mizuki up that morning in a hurry because she will be late. Recently, she played igo at night with Ichimaru. and that’s the reason she often woke up late After school had over, Tsumugi asked to whom Mizuki would give the trial cupcakes they made for the festival. Mizuki answered that she will give it to an uncle in her house. She encouraged Tsumugi to give her handmade cupcake to the person she likes. At home, Shinonome smelled the cupcake, so she gave him one of it. It was a delicious cupcake for him, saying she’s a genius. The conversation then went to her festival at school. Shinonome couldn’t wait to go at the festival with his friends. It made Mizuki think if Ichimaru will go too.

After giving cupcake to Shinonome, Mizuki gave one to Shinzou. He apologized because he can’t come to her festival for a business. Then, Asahi brought Ichimaru to his room. Shinzou wanted Ichimaru to deal with Kurosame, and let him not to do the usual work if rainy day come. Mizuki agreed, though she’s asking why Ichimaru accepted the dangerous job. Because he wouldn’t say anything, Mizuki will ask Shinzou to not let Ichimaru do the job. He didn’t have a choice than to tell her the truth about his life saver. Shinzou performed the Misogi to him in the past, gave him a place to live, even a name. Ichimaru was really grateful to Shinzou. For Mizuki, she was glad to hear his reason, that Ichimaru had such a warm memories from Shinzou. Ichimaru will do anything Shinzou ask him to do. She then apologize but Ichimaru doesn’t make it bigger. He asked Mizuki to play igo again early because he knew she often go late to school.

This time, Ichimaru suggested a penalty for the loser. He will do anything she ask if he would ever get lost. So Mizuki asked him to go to the festival at her school. After winning, Aoi asked her to help preparing dinner. Outside, he told Mizuki that she is now seems energetic and asking her if it’s because she likes Ichimaru. She couldn’t deny that she like him. At the next breakfast, Shinonome told everyone that he can’t wait to go to the school festival with Aoi. But Ichimaru said he is not interested in it.

Again, with the previous group, they went to the mountain searching for raccoon ayakashi. They finally got it, but it seemed scared at humans. The raccoon introduced himself as Toomaru after Mizuki calmed it down. He was protecting the dolls he gathered when Ichimaru and Hinata tried to capture him. After that, Mizuki said she just wanted to get the rabbit doll, but Toomaru just wanted friends. It had befriended humans many times, but they’re all dead now. It realized that it couldn’t die, so he collected dolls that wouldn’t die. Even after hearing Toomaru’s story, Ichimaru just asked him to give the rabbit doll back to Fujiko, which made Mizuki surprise. She asked Ichimaru to let Toomaru have the doll because they already know the place. Without refusing, Ichimaru agreed.

They went back to Fujiko. Surprisingly, she wanted Toomaru to keep her doll, considering he had lived for many years alone. Then, Fujiko said Mizuki look similar to Lady Sanae, Shinzou’s daughter. It’s the first time Mizuki heard that name. Fujiko told her that Sanae died at similar age with Mizuki and Shinzou really loved her. After hearing that fact, Mizuki was feeling sad to know that Sanae had died. And then, the three of them went back home. But before going back, Mizuki asked Yoshikawa about the rabbit doll. The doll was a present from Fujiko to Hiroyuki, her son. It was the last time she could give something to Hiroyuki because he went to school outside the town and left her alone. When they walked back home, Ichimaru got mad at Mizuki for getting too deep to someone’s problem. He warned her again to separate work and feelings. At home, Mizuki met Kouya on the way, tried asking about Sanae to him. But he suddenly got mad, telling her not to mention that name anymore and went away.

That festival day is near. But suddenly, Yoshikawa was in hurry to come to Nanjou house and told Mizuki about Fujiko’s critical condition. Even after all that time, Hiroyuki is busy and can’t see Fujiko. So to help Fujiko meeting her treasure, Yoshikawa asked Mizuki to borrow the rabbit doll from Toomaru. Mizuki couldn’t refuse the request from Yoshikawa this time and went to Toomaru. But Toomaru’s dolls were all disappeared because it was being bullied by another ayakashi. Until dawn, Mizuki kept searching with Toomaru but even though they had found some dolls, they couldn’t find the rabbit doll. By the time Mizuki found it, they could only find the ear and arm from the remains. Mizuki tried to search inside the river, while Toomaru cried, she said she should be able to fix it if they find all bodies.

Suddenly, Ichimaru came and helped Mizuki search inside the river. She was surprised because his precious kimono would get dirty. But they kept on searching the other part. When Ichimaru finally got it all back and he and Mizuki went to Fujiko’s house, the person they met was Hiroyuki saying that his mother already died one hour ago. They came late and what made Mizuki more sad is how Hiroyuki just talking about his plan on Akanehara land after losing his mother. When she and Ichimaru go back home, Mizuki keeps crying while holding the rabbit doll. To calm her down, Ichimaru says that her work is not futile at all. It makes her a bit glad, that he also stays with her on the way home. After arriving at home, Mizuki asked Asahi to lend her a cloth so she can clean the doll.

That morning is raining. But Mizuki woke up early to cook breakfast as her thanks to Ichimaru. She asked Nao what kind of food he would like, and Nao told her he didn’t know, just that Ichimaru would prefer Japanese food than Western. So she made Japanese food to him, and she was glad Ichimaru said it’s delicious. Then, Shinonome came suddenly to feel jealous because only Ichimaru had Mizuki’s cooking. He almost let Ichimaru know about her delicious cupcake that she couldn’t give to him, if Mizuki didn’t quickly change the topic. After school, it was still raining a lot. Tsumugi asked if Mizuki have lovesickness because she’s thinking through by herself. She was thinking about Ichimaru, who should be chasing Kurosame at this rainy day, but she didn’t think it is love for now. That night, Ichimaru didn’t go home until late, even though Mizuki already waiting for him.

It’s the day of the festival. All this time, Mizuki had been thinking if she can meet Ichimaru. But she kept being busy at her class café to serve customer. Aoi and Shinonome finally arrived at her class. There, Shinonome asked if Ichimaru had gone to meet Mizuki, because he didn’t see Ichimaru’s footwear. But it seems he hadn’t arrive yet. Meanwhile, Aoi said it would be better if Ichimaru did come to calm Mizuki. After she finally had a break, Mizuki went outside. She found a udon stand couldn’t light their stove, so she tried turn it on. Suddenly, the stove can work (by Ichimaru’s power). She saw Ichimaru nearby and went to chase him inside. There, Ichimaru said he went to the festival because he already knew about Shinonome eating her cupcake. He thought the cupcake should be for him, to say thanks, but Shinonome ate it. Although Mizuki was nervous and told a lie that it’s supposed to be for her grandfather only. After the festival, she thought to give the doll back to Toomaru, asking Ichimaru if he could go with her. Ichimaru agreed to her request, even though he’s supposed to be tired for searching about Kurosame.

It’s a surprise that Ichimaru went to Mizuki’s sweet café. But when he came, the only drink they have is coffee. He didn’t have any choice than to order the cupcake set menu with coffee in it. But, he was more surprise when he got black coffee, saying it like the world will end. It seems Ichimaru can’t handle coffee. To hide the smell and all, he ordered many milk and sugar. After he was gone, Souta asked if he truly saw Ichimaru at a festival, because it’s very rare. And he also in awe to know Ichimaru could drink coffee, because he couldn’t stand even the smell of it. Of course Mizuki didn’t tell him about the milk and sugar to help Ichimaru’s image. After the festival was over, Mizuki and Ichimaru went to meet Toomaru. The ayakashi said he will go to see Fujiko’s house to say goodbye to her and place the doll in her place instead. But when they walked, Toomaru said that Mizuki is similar to a miko-sama he was befriended with, Ayano-sama. She died when there’s a flood hundred of years ago. Though Ichimaru found strange that in the story, no one died from the flood. For Toomaru, it was sure that Ayano-sama died, though the other people weren’t.

By the time the three of them arrived at Fujiko’s house, Toomaru felt scared of the person in there, Hiroyuki. Hiroyuki was the person who stormed his house, the forest. Without any fear, Mizuki asked if Hiroyuki is the one who stormed there. He accepted the question, because he didn’t think the treasure his mother lost was only a stuffed doll. He thought it would be some precious heritage. Yoshikawa then appeared to let Mizuki understand about Fujiko’s feelings. Even though after getting separated with his son for a long time, when she met him again and took a picture, Fujiko smiled happily. Their bonds as son and parent can’t be chosen by anyone. After saying goodbye to Fujiko, Mizuki and the others were prepared to go home and meet Ichimaru outside, but they met Hiroyuki again, who considered their job as funny and didn’t believe of ayakashi. To save Mizuki, Ichimaru burnt Hiroyuki’s wristwatch, saying he shouldn’t insult her anymore. Finally, Hiroyuki feared them and the two of them left the house.

When they took a walk, Ichimaru held her hands. He said he didn’t want that kind of man to hurt her anymore and she must understand now the consequence and pain of putting feelings to their job. Though for Mizuki, her anger already disappeared after Ichimaru got mad for her. At home, Ichimaru went inside the kitchen to eat Mizuki’s cooking udon. There, he asked about her restaurant because she told him that her mother opened it. After telling about her restaurant, Mizuki asked if Ichimaru have anything he likes, such as book or movie. So he said he likes trivia book. When he arrived in Nanjou house, he couldn’t remember anything and couldn’t live normally. Reading trivia books made him get his normal life back. As for movie, he avoid them because he kept wondering they’re all written stories. So she asked him to watch movie with her later and he nodded.

While eating her udon, Mizuki told the truth that she was supposed to give the cupcake to him, but Shinonome found out so she gave it up. Knowing the truth, Ichimaru asked her if she likes him. Mizuki couldn’t answer it. Before Ichimaru could answer her question of how he feels to her, Shinonome came in again (he’s interfering anywhere and in any route) to ask for Mizuki’s udon. Even after thirty minutes had passed since Ichimaru ate her food, they couldn’t say good night. So he suggested to drink tea together. It made her feel happy that he might want to stay with her a bit longer too.

A week after that, it is raining in the morning. Aoi thinks he wants to eat fried shrimp, so Mizuki offers to buy it alone. When taking a walk, she remembered when she and Ichimaru played igo together the last time. It made her want to meet him. But suddenly, she noticed a stepping sound from a beast. She thought it might be Hinata, but what appeared before her is a black nine tailed fox, Kurosame. Thankfully, Ichimaru saved her when Kurosame tried to attack her. Ichimaru wounded Kurosame on its right hand. And suddenly, Kurosame appearance changed to a man with the same face as Ichimaru, but with black hair. He look at Mizuki, calling her Ayano, then he said that he’s also Ichimaru. They’re the same ayakashi. After saying that he will kill Ayano and Ichimaru will die if he died, Kurosame ran away. Meanwhile, Ichimaru’s right arm is also wounded, the similar place as Kurosame. Mizuki brought him to the house to take care of him. It seems Ichimaru is fine so Mizuki goes to Shinzou to ask him the truth.

Shinzou told her that Kurosame was the Shikiyo (ayakashi that made contract with human) of a miko, Ayano. His name was “Ichimaru”. He didn’t know the exact story, but Ayano sealed Ichimaru before her death. Twenty years ago, when Shinzou tried to save Sanae, Mizuki’s aunt, he coincidentally released Kurosame. But Sanae still died after that, and Shinzou tried to search for a way to defeat Ichimaru. Ichimaru began to live in his house since ten years ago. He was already losing his memories that time, and had a dagger beside him. Shinzou tried to investigate about the dagger then found out it was the dagger which can divide two souls. But he didn’t know why they were divided. Shinzou even knew that Ichimaru will die even Kurosame is killed. But he still asked Ichimaru to deal with Kurosame. Knowing that Mizuki is worried of Ichimaru, Shinzou says she is similar to his son, for wanting to support ayakashi. She shouldn’t believe in ayakashi at all. But Mizuki keeps on believing them and she is sad because Ichimaru believes in Shinzou all this time.

When she go away from Shinzou’s room, she meets Ichimaru in front of there. Shinzou also noticed him. Ichimaru told Mizuki to not make that kind of angry face for him, then go outside. Mizuki quickly chased him, asking if he have heard all of that and if he will go to kill Kurosame after this. Ichimaru doesn’t deny that and he doesn’t care of his life, if he can save the people. Mizuki suggested they should go and ask Toomaru about Ichimaru in the past, because she wouldn’t want to let Ichimaru die like that. At first, he refused and made her sad, but finally he accepted it. The two of them went to ask Toomaru in the mountain.

Toomaru didn’t know his name, but Ayano had a Shikiyo with her. The Shikiyo was an ayakashi, their chief, and had similar immortal body as Toomaru, but with stronger power. He didn’t know why a strong ayakashi like him wanted to be a Shikiyo, but at that time with Ayano, he had a kind atmosphere. After Ayano’s death, Ichimaru couldn’t be seen anymore. There are more another questions about if Toomaru know about Kurosame, or the dagger, but it didn’t seem to know anymore. So Ichimaru asked her to go back.

Mizuki said she won’t go home if Ichimaru won’t go with her. Though he kept to go to kill Kurosame and told her right now, there might be someone that died because of erosion or losing memories from Misogi. But Mizuki kept on stopping him. After she said she like him, Ichimaru questioning her about what would happen next, that he wouldn’t get older even if she had died. Even if Shinzou said he’s an ayakashi-tsuki, actually he isn’t. He mentioned there’s a thing he wanted from her, when they were playing igo, and asked her to forgive him before kissing Mizuki under the rain. But it’s also painful, she wanted time to stop. Then, he said Mizuki should go with him to defeat Kurosame, because it will be a danger to let her go alone.

When the two of them went to the forest near Ugetsumura, they found Kurosame and began fighting. Ichimaru doesn’t care if he will die alongside Kurosame. He asked why did Kurosame killed many innocent people, but he didn’t answer and continued fighting. Before Kurosame could run away, Ichimaru strike him with the last attack and won against Kurosame. He changed back to human form and called Ayano, asking why did she left him. He cried so Mizuki hold his hand, watching his memories.

In the past, when Kurosame was standing on rainy day, Ayano asked what’s he doing. He ordered her not to call him with a human’s voice. But as a miko, she knew that he is half human. Because he didn’t want to answer his name, Ayano made his name, Ichimaru, Ichi (市 a town) because they have a lot of people. It seemed like a fun name. And Maru (丸 round) because his face look at her when they talk, the shape of it. She made that name so he wouldn’t feel lonely when he’s alone. After becoming his friends, suddenly Ayano told him she can’t meet him anymore because her family ordered her not to. She could live with ayakashi because they’re Shikiyo, and Ichimaru wasn’t. So he asked Ayano to be her Shikiyo. She finally agreed, but later, she must be a sacrifice for the villagers. Ichimaru was very angry at her decision, saying the other people can live but not her. If her family were the people who told her to be a sacrifice, he would kill them all. Hearing that, Ayano locked him in the shrine, gave him order to erase his own memories about her. But he didn’t erase his memories, and Ayano died after that. Then, his soul was divided into two, so the Ichimaru without memory will kill another one. Mizuki told Kurosame that everything has over, then he died in peace.


But his appearance changed to the current Ichimaru in white hair. While suffering from the pain, he wanted Mizuki to keep smiling and he wished to play igo with her again. After that, Mizuki had a thought to give him half of her soul to Ichimaru. She might die from that, but she had no choice. By stabbing her chest with the dagger, she will give her soul. Surprisingly, Mizuki didn’t feel any pain, just a white light. She heard someone called her name, maybe her mother.

When she woke, she was sitting beside Ichimaru who was reading under a tree. After giving him half of her soul, Ichimaru live. But their time might be not long. It can be a month or a year later. Ichimaru told her to sleep again, but she already woke up. They’re talking about a fantasy books he’s reading. And some time, they will go to watch a movie. Although they have a short time, Mizuki is happy as long as she can live and die together with him (similar to Kurosame and Ichimaru who will die if one of them die).


Mizuki couldn’t save Ichimaru. She cried a lot after he had disappeared. In the deep forest, she couldn’t stop her tears.


When Ichimaru goes home together with Mizuki from investigating a case, she asked him if he hate Shinzou. It’s weird if he doesn’t have any grudge, but he doesn’t think about it anymore because he met Mizuki. He might feels betrayed by Shinzou, but he accepted Ichimaru as someone who will kill Kurosame. Suddenly they meet Yoshikawa in a rush. She is searching for Hiroyuki, who runs away from home and makes his wife worried. Ichimaru offered to search for him alone and told Mizuki to rest at home, then found Hiroyuki alone near the river. Hiroyuki said he hate the people in his town who reject his plan to built the town and third grade university in it. Now he lives miserably. Ichimaru calmed him down by saying it’s good for a man to have a dream. But sometimes, he should stop thinking too much and he will have time to do new thing. Hiroyuki agreed and decided to go home. After Ichimaru told Mizuki about all of it, Mizuki asked him to stay beside her when she go to sleep.

Kannagi no Mori. I didn’t have too much expectation before playing it. I was afraid if the story wouldn’t be too deep, similar to 7’scarlet. It wasn’t bad, but not good either. At first playthrough, when I was in Souta’s route, I didn’t feel anything. His story ran in a steady pace, without exciting or entertaining or makes me cry. In fact, I hate his story. There is nothing, no mystery in it. But he has more CGs than the other characters. Since I played his route first, I went through a long prologue to get nothing. The prologue was filled with many secrets about Shinzou and Yorozu Ayakashi-ya, but Souta’s route didn’t have any battle and just got some stupid quests. It made me confused and regret playing it. His burden is not too big, only about his mother, compared with Nao and Ichimaru, but his bad ending ended in a suicide. He’s a very weak character.

My review will be better for Nao’s route here, more like better! At some scene, my heart was hurt from Nao’s choice of dialogue. It’s also suffering to see Mizuki in a dirty appearance while in his route. He also told Mizuki to go away, though he only meant to tease her. It’s very hurt, considering Mizuki always had a reason being dirty. Moreover, it happened twice when she was chasing a crow and after she had chased by Kurosame. He’s a real tsundere by words. But he can turn very lovely after knowing that Mizuki met Kurosame alone. Nao begins to care much for her, melting his coldness. In his omake, he mentioned that he didn’t want to get near women from a trauma by his mother. But he could love Mizuki is a miracle. I now know why he’s the main male character in Youko Kitan. His route is the only one that made my heart in a roller coaster. Though the sacrifice made by his father is an extra, to make it short. I thought Nao would be a sacrifice instead then Mizuki will take his place. But it didn’t happen and chose his rarely appeared father as a sacrifice.

And then, we have the second route I like, Ichimaru. I don’t know his age, but it seems his appearance is of 25+ years old. Everyone is supposed to see him as a human. That’s why I thought Youko Kitan is only for humans ayakashi-tsuki. But it turns out we have the youko here. I knew his route will explain the past story, so I didn’t get surprise by knowing he had connection with Kurosame. That’s why his route is a bit normal for me than Nao’s. But one thing I’m praising for his route is the mystery that he himself is the ayakashi. How could Mizuki not know, when she can see things normal humans can’t? It’s a mystery to me…

I think Kannagi no Mori Youko Kitan have quiet good storyline, although the battle ended fast. What Mizuki described in the prologue, happened one by one in each route. All puzzles will reveal itself after playing all routes. I wonder what will happen in Ryuujin Kitan too, since most of the mysteries are revealed in Youko Kitan. Does it have different story than Youko? Well, I should play it later.

I need three days playing Kannagi no Mori Youko Kitan. It’s not short nor long, a normal time. I think I played the first route of Souta in 8-10 hours, then Nao & Ichimaru in 5 hours each. Just need about 20 hours to finish it. But it will be long to mix it with Ryuujin Kitan. I had a long time taking screenshots of the scenery. It have gallery for the beautiful sceneries too. All galleries almost for more than an hour!

The BGMs and sound effects are beautiful. After getting started, I feel like I’m in a place near a pond, on rainy summer day. The sound effects are often about water splashing and soothing water droplets. BGMs are calm and makes me want to sleep (in a better way). Though they’re not as unique as my favorite BGM from Chuugakusei Nikki. Annabel sung “銀の月、夢の雫。 Gin no Tsuki, Ame no Shizuku” and although I dislike mellow song, it appeared to have a calm theme. I think most people will like this kind of menu. It’s new to me. The menu has life in it (but too bad it doesn’t contain koi fish swimming around the background menu). The character picture on every scene can change often. Matatabi made many expressions and it’s fun looking at their pretty face.

While the story inside this otome game have lack here and there, I think it is quiet a good story. Not as heart breaking as Kaminaru Kimi to, but they had the same atmosphere and theme. The protagonist helps human and ayakashi. I wonder if Ryuujin Kitan will make me cry. Please try playing it, because it does have some mysteries and beautiful art CG, BGM, menu. Matatabi also have tons of pictures on their twitter account, not as stingy as some developer. I will try playing Ryuujin Kitan maybe on Friday because I need to rest first.

Link for CG:





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