Koezaru ha Akai Hana ~Itoshiki Hibi ha Mune ni Tsudoite~ Review

I was surprise that I had played this series for 3 times now!! I played the first Windows version in 2012, then the PSP Taiga ha Mirai wo Tsumugu in 2014. Now, since I had forgot most of the storyline (hey, it was 6 years ago since the PSP came), I played from the beginning. Also, because I want to know the story before playing the After Disc Ayanasu Mirai, I hold on my mind to play all routes again, the third times. Despite mixing a few old stories and CGs from the first Windows version and PSP version, there are also a few CGs from PSP not include in this version. And there is no Jigi’s route. This post will only review the added storyline that is not in the old version I have played. For more review, you can read from Koezaru ha Akai Hana categories. For referrence, since there are 8 characters in Itoshiki Hibi ha Mune ni Tsudoite, I need a day to complete one character. So prepare about 8 days, almost the same lenght when I played Tsumikui ~Sen no Noroi, Sen no Inori~.

I won’t write all stories since I always wrote full reviews of them, both the first game and the PSP. So I will begin with Uru’s route, since he is the only new full route here. I wonder who had asked for his route. I don’t like doing romance with a boy, and in Ayanasu Mirai, they will have sex scene too. Below is the list added in Itoshiki Hibi ha Mune ni Tsudoite:

  1. Add Uru’s route
  2. Add R18 scene in Esta’s PSP route
  3. Add Esta’s extra story R18 scene of his route in Knoll’s route
  4. Add R18 CG & scene in Ruji’s bad ending
  5. All 8 characters have R18 extra stories (I wrote as EXTRA 2 here because I wrote EXTRA 1 in Taiga ha Mirai wo Tsumugu review)

URU (Yukino Ayashiro / Yukishiro Ayano)


The first time Naala met him is when she fell at the market. Uru gave his hand to help her. And the two of them talked a lot about Uru’s job as a servant and he’s actually not that young. But Naala thought of him as a girl.

On the second time meeting at the market, Uru asked Naala to go to a moon viewing festival with him. Naala said if they exchange sake and vow under the moonlight’s blessing, it will stay forever. They meet again when Sharu got captured. Uru tried to help Naala by bringing her as his wife. It made the guards teasing him, saying he’s a bo-chan (rich boy). Sefu came and helped Uru, saying his older brother, Muru, is also someone they should afraid so they must accept Uru’s words. After the guards left them, Uru said he will explain everything in his house and Sefu is like his older brother, so they can be relieve. He also claim he had reached adult age. Even though Naala had thought of him as a girl before, and she was at lost in the real situation, but for now, she will be Uru’s wife. Sharu was left alone, when Naala, Sefu, and Uru came to Uru’s house. But after reaching his bedroom, Sefu went to leave them talking. Naala accepted his apologise and tried to kiss his cheek.

But not long, Tooya came as the inspector for their first night. He also mentioned that Uru’s family is from Gekkoujuu House, who had served as the King’s servant since old times. The big tree in their house is a proof of protecting the 5th King. It will bloom in beautiful white flowers and the petals will glow from the light, so it’s called Gekkoujuu (moonlight tree). Uru will be protecting Naala and he is sure his father will be happy for that, although his mother is already died from Fushi. His story makes Naala wants to hug him, but Uru tells her to do it after 5 years. Tooya makes a joke that if they will only hug after in 5 years, their kid will be born after 10 years. Before leaving them, Tooya put blood on their bed as a decoy. After Tooya left them, Uru told Naala to write a letter to Sharu. But when he got back, Naala is already sleeping.

That morning, Uru takes Naala to the market and leave her for a moment, Minister Zamda approached Naala. Uru stopped him but before he leave, Zamda said something he mention as a suggestion for the newlyweds, made Uru scared so much. Though after that, he became the usual kind boy. A few days later, they hold something like wedding ceremony at the park. Uru said he will help Tooya researching about medicine for Fushi. Even though many don’t cheer them, it might lead to the release of Rusu women. So Naala made her mind to help them.

Tooya was happy to see Naala also help them. He told the two of them to go to Ruji’s laboratory. Before going there, Naala said to Uru that he is similar to a sweet candy that will melt in the mouth. And when Uru asked her to take a rest after helping Ruji, she also said she likes him. In the garden, Uru put on his handmade star cookies for them to enjoy, which makes Naala so happy to get him as her husband. But their happy time was get disturbed by Zamda again. He said they are just playing mother-son (well, I think Zamda is right though). When Uru tried to fight him, Knoll came and push Zamda to go because Knoll didn’t think Uru and Naala are just playing, but the real husband and wife. Though after that, Knoll also ordered Uru not to condemn a minister if he doesn’t have any power.

I don’t think this CG is suitable for a game. They should have made the faces too.

So, Uru resquested Knoll to make him his heir as a political assistant because he doesn’t want to be adopted into an aristrocrat’s child. But when Knoll asked if he study another language, Uru stayed quiet because he didn’t. But he have another way, to make Minister Orte approved of him as Knoll’s heir. Uru made a promise to Knoll to study in three months to proof his right and get signature agreement by people. But Knoll created a bet with him, if Uru can’t do that, Naala will be Tooya’s wife. Moreover, the law which said that an aristrocrat’s wife won’t be taken as someone else’s wife might change someday. Uru won’t let all of that happen and agree with Knoll’s bet.

That day, after Naala and Uru asked people to give them signature, they got attacked by three people. Instead of fighting, Uru was scared and being protected by Naala. Thankfully, they could push them away. Suren told them that if Uru took Knoll’s side, they will be many people who opposed Knoll and they should take caution. Hearing that, Uru became more obsessed in studying until he fainted. When Naala took care of him, Uru requested two things. One is to hold his hands, and the other is to wait for him (until he can be someone’s proud). Naala agreed to fulfill that promise. But when she woke up in the morning, Uru had already gone from their bed.

Naala made a request to Knoll to help her husband, Uru. But Knoll just said he doesn’t need an heir who can’t study hard, even if they must be in pain. After he’s gone, Ruji gives her cold medicine to Uru. Ruji also told her in whisper on how to make Uru drink the medicine he hate. It makes her blushing. Then, he asked about her weird hair color, so Naala told him that she had suffered from Fushi before, but was saved after eating a red flower. It will help on Ruji’s research on the medicine. After meeting Uru in Ruji’s research room, Naala teased him that she want to drink sake with Ruji or Tooya. And she also said he’s too cute so she won’t let other girls getting know of his face. But Uru became jealous and said he will drink it instead. After drinking all of it, Naala told him that it’s actually an aphrodisiac, which made Uru became strange. Hearing that, his blood raising and hold Naala’s hands. He feels sorry even though she must be doesn’t want to be touched by him. Then, he kissed her hands. But Naala feels strange because she put Ruji’s medicine in it and made a lie about aphrodisiac in the sake.

Two months after that, when Naala took a rest with Uru after asking for signature at the park, Uru told him of his worries that someday, she will go back to Rusu. But Naala said she will stay with her husband in Nasla. She wouldn’t want to get re-married. Suddenly, a woman came in front of them. She told them that she was sold to marry a man, that she originally came from an island country. The man’s rice field is in disaster now, so someone said he will help them if the woman’s sister and daughter get married to him. Hearing that, Uru asked for Knoll’s opinion, as his mentor. But Knoll told him to not take care of that because it’s already a cycle, and the woman came from the island they shouldn’t help. Thinking again about it before bed, Uru chose to protect Naala instead. But she said there might be not only one answer to the problem, so he shouldn’t surrender easily to Knoll’s opinion.

When Uru gave his writing about the woman’s problem to Knoll, he was expecting more of Uru and praise him, but he must talk alone in the meeting. It makes him very happy because to get expectation from Knoll is the same if Tooya and Suren do it. A few days later at the park, a few women are gathering to Uru when he asked for signature. It makes Naala jealous of them, mumbling if only she is born five years later than Uru. But it seems he heard it and says age is not matter. Then, she asked to go back because she doesn’t feel good. But they got attacked again. This time, Uru fights alone because he realize Naala has a fever. In the end, the attacker was killed and Uru didn’t look happy by it. But knowing his bride is safe, Uru doesn’t need anything.

At home, Uru and Naala noticed that the one killed their attacker must be Knoll’s subordinate. When Naala tried to sleep, she asked Uru to sleep together with her. It’s because she had realized her love for Uru. Thinking it might as a friend and she’s juts forcing herself, Uru tries to stab himself with a dagger. But Naala stopped him and convinced him of her love. They finally slept together, but Uru wouldn’t kiss her for now. He have another goal before doing that.

When Uru finally got Minister Orte’s signature, Knoll’s subordinate died after protecting him from an attacker. When he asked Knoll about it, Knoll said their life is not as important as the king’s life. Even if Uru wants to help everyone, when he became Knoll’s heir three months ago, many people sacrificed their lifes for his goal. Knoll asked if Uru will give up or not, but he stayed to reach his objective.

The meeting with ministers is finally there. Apart from talking about the medicine’s success because of Naala’s advice, Knoll also tells Uru to make a speech. He already made a promise with the island country where the woman came from too, got a ring as an exchange. But Uru couldn’t sleep peacefully that night. Naala knows he hid something as Knoll told him, so she will keep on believing him. Uru doesn’t need to tell her but she will fight with him. She is happy to be his wife. Uru also says that his soul will always live and fight with her.

Uru finally convinced the twelve ministers to change their law about women with the help from Tooya and Knoll. He told everything to Naala, who was waiting in the garden. The next talk will be about to release of Rusu women. For that achievement, Uru asked to kiss Naala as her husband. When they finally had a kiss, Uru said he finally had gathered the beautiful days in his hearts. He will change everything, even the world for Naala. Though Naala told Uru not to change her love to him.


Naala keeps begging Uru to tell his plan with Knoll. It is to put bomb in his house, so if the ring is taken by enemies, they will be killed in the house. It is dangerous, so Naala suggested them to run away. Uru agreed with his wife, but some men captured them and stabbed Uru numerous times. When the man finally went out, Naala asked where did he put the ring. She realized without talking that Uru already drink it inside his body. When Knoll’s subordinate arrived to save them, Uru couldn’t be saved anymore. After looking on his last moment, she let out her anger at Knoll. But she will keep working for Uru.


Naala asked Knoll to let Uru have a rest sometime. But Knoll told her of a rope way to make his body healthier. It’s because he wants Uru and Naala’s child to be one of his piece (after Uru). At first, Naala didn’t sure but she finally tied Uru with the rope, as Knoll’s suggested. Looking at her husband’s body being tied, made Naala thought of obscene things. But suddenly, Suren came. When Uru asked Naala to open the window, he also asked Suren to kidnap him somewhere. After getting released, Naala found Uru at the garden. He wants her to have another way of getting him take a rest, by sleeping on her lap. Though Naala always asked him when she would be able to eat him, or she will be an auntie later, Uru kept telling her some other day.

There is no 18+ CG / scene in Uru’s route here. But it will be added in the After Disc. I can’t wait to complete his route first, so I won’t feel disgusted…

ESTA (Sanraku Shou / Makino Hideki)


This is a CG from Taiga ha Mirai wo Tsumugu

Minister Orte already took Esta as his son and Naala as his daughter. After the people in Nasla Kingdom created a small wedding for them, they spent the night together. Though Esta said they should enjoy their night with a new tea he bought first. After Naala makes him jealous, Esta finally move to bed with her. All of his techniques was told by Orte, which made Naala going tired of Orte’s nasty advice. After their first night, the two of them made an oath to live and die together.


Recently, Esta is busy helping a woman from overseas in her laboratory. It makes Naala jealous so she gets advice from Knoll. She drank the drug to attract male and touch herself. But before she had finished, Esta came back. She finally had a chance to close his eyes with a cloth from Knoll (too) and did sex with him. Esta said he doesn’t embrace her lately because he is suppressing himself and for that woman, she have similar eyes color with Naala.


In the actual first Windows version, Naala already called Esta’s name at the happy ending. But I don’t why in the after story, she is still calling him Knoll. After a few days living with Esta at the small hut, Naala became attached with his kindness and loved him, but as the new Knoll. When they should change clothes after getting wet in the rain, Naala hugged him from behind because she was longing for Knoll’s embrace. But Esta refused. He doesn’t want Naala to regret having sex with him when she is still looking at Knoll.

The next day, Naala woke up but could not find Esta in the hut. She finally could see again and found Esta’s diary. There, he wrote how happy he is when Naala stays with him. When they made a snowman together and said she want to live with him (as Knoll) and their child. One day, Knoll spread news about Naala’s death, made Ollie attacked Nasla. But Rusu lose. To help Rusu so Nasla won’t attack them anymore, Esta asked his friend to burn the Sheg River. And by the time Naala read the diary, he won’t be with her anymore. But he will keep on loving Naala. After reading that, Naala understands who shall she love. She ran outside to search for Esta, but captured by Knoll’s subordinate. Though Esta finally saved her and he didn’t kill the man because Naala is with him. Naala confessed that he is the person she love now. But Esta keeps refusing because he already snatched her happiness. When she heard that, she begged Esta not to snatch her love to him. So he finally agreed to embrace her in the hut that night. He knows that someday, war will come again. But for now, he and Naala will keep living together.

TOOYA (Sumeragi Mikado / Tachibana Shinnosuke) EXTRA 2

After getting married for a while, Tooya and Naala didn’t have any children. Naala is blaming herself, but Tooya says it must be because he have had a high fever in the past. That night when she’s dreaming, Naala saw her mother in the red flower field. It makes her rushing to reach Tooya in the field. She asked if he try to die, and then gave him pleasure. Even though someone might be watching them, the two of them makes love under the red flowers. This story is similar to Kuga Shiou’s first time with Anzaki Kaoru in Tsumikui?

I should cut the CG here

SUREN (Horikawa Shinobu / Miyashita Eiji)

Suren noticed that there’s Knoll’s subordinate watching them that night. To make sure of his relationship with Naala, Suren keeps making love with her that night, with the window open.

KNOLL (Shibahara You / Suzuki Chihiro)

Lately, Knoll has been busy working. When Naala asked that to Esta, it seemed Knoll hadn’t been sleeping for four days because his subordinate made a mistake that endanger his position as the King’s assistant. At night, Naala was alone. She smelled the flower scent which Knoll likes and tried to do it alone because it have similar scent with him, until Knoll came back and saw his wife in a mess. But he just told her to continue and finally doing sex together.

RUJI (Sawa Mannaka / Nakazawa Masatomo)

Ruji already warned Naala not to go to the festival in the island they live. But when he had gone to help people, Naala was attacked by a man. Before she could be raped, Ruji found her and ordered the attacker to go or he will use a drug so the man won’t be able to see anymore. To get revenge on Naala, who doesn’t do what he told, Ruji gives her pleasure outdoor.

SEFU (Odagiri Hyouma / Oda Toshimitsu)

Lately, Naala and Sefu weren’t enjoying their sex. That morning, Sefu asked for another round. And after that, they finally found it was all because of Knoll’s words. Knoll had told Sefu that as a middle aged man, he is loved by a young woman and can’t escape from that. But put that aside, they will enjoy their time together forever.

NARAN (Noriyuki / Sugiyama Noriaki)

That day, Naran had a party with women. It made Naala couldn’t focus because he’s late. When he finally got back, Naala asked her husband to take a bath together. She said Knoll had taught her how to wash him greatly. Naran and Naala makes love in the bathroom (always, since their first time).

Overall, this is not a complete route. There is Jigi’s route in PSP and Vita version. But too bad, he is not in this Windows renewal version. I think I like Ruji before, as my favorite character and it stays the same now. Because his route is full of laughter, especially Naala’s friends also found happiness there. Ruji is a good man and loveable, despite his obsession in bad ending (now has R18 CG which is very terrible, he keeps doing sex with Naala until she gets pregnant twice-1st prince of Tooya, 2nd & 3rd from Ruji). But I’m still hating the CG from PSP. They are very different than the rest of Tsukino Omame’s arts. I noticed the changes in Sawa Mannaka’s voice. The old game, he used kind and higher pitch. But in the new after stories, he used lower tone.

Although I’m happy for Uru, I don’t think putting romance between him and Naala is a good choice. He claims he is already an adult, but I will slap my face if he’s 15 years old, not 11. His age is not mentioned here. I wonder about Ayanasu Mirai After Disc though. Though Naala thought something of 5 years gap… If she is 17 or 18, then Uru might be 12 or 13?

I’m glad for the extra R18 scenes they added. But it’s not complete without their future. Although Sefu might be the one which have happiness because in his happy ending, it’s already mentioned they have a daughter. As for the other endings, I will keep as in Tooya’s extra story 2, Naala can’t get pregnant…? But Operetta might have safe them for Ayanasu Mirai. I saw Tooya’s daughter too. Though the other characters are still barren. Hohohoho…😅 I will go to Ayanasu Mirai right away tomorrow. I hope it will be the end, since I will have to play 4 series of Koezaru ha Akai Hana. I think this is my favorite R18 otome game with a good plot (hey, I have played 1 character of Jooubachi no Oubou Kaguya-hen and regretted doing that. There’s no plot) and a mature conflict, not something like a school life and easy to read. Put the disgusting bad endings aside, this have a good storyline.

I don’t why I lost 1 CG in page 8 of Gallery. I saw someone put the CG of Esta and Suren below. But I don’t have it. Is it only is Vita version, or I lose some route? But I have completed all endings though. Please give me clue and I will update this post later. I have used 2 walkthroughs but don’t have any clue. So I re-starting every character. I played the version 1.00 first before and after finishing 3-4 routes, I just downloaded the version 1.20 patch. It might be because of that?

I don’t know if this is the CG I’m missing

Also have radio drama CD by Uru & Esta on the website here and here.

Link for CG:





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