Steam Prison Switch Impression & CG

After completing Steam Prison on Steam apps last year and Fin’s route, I tried the Switch version. Of course I skipped every routes because I still remember most of the storylines. I need the new bonus scenario included in Switch version. Overall, the Switch version is the latest and completed version of this series. Beware of some SPOILERS.

I won’t write every scenarios in it. This will be my impression about the Switch version.

  1. The happy endings have character songs! And new Opening song “Brilliance” I like them so much. Did you know that in the Vita version, Furukawa Makoto (Adage’s seiyuu) was bad at singing for my ears? Well for Switch, he is the best! Compared to the other seiyuu, he did vibration in the end of the long sentences for his song. Below is the list of character songs:

Firmament = Eltcreed Valentine (CV Shirai Yusuke)
Love Strikes = Ulrik Ferrie (CV Takatsuka Tomohito)
déraciné = Adage Roselite (CV Furukawa Makoto)
Tsurugi (Sword) = Ines Heinrich Heine (CV Kimishima Tetsu)
Hyou (Mark) = Yune Sekiei (CV Takase Yasuyuki)
Fin. = Fin Euclase (CV Shingaki Tarusuke)

After looking at the song list above and its sample on Youtube, I will tell you my favorite songs. The first one is “Firmament” by Elt. His song is like EDM music, refreshing and techno. The second is “déraciné” by Adage. Like I have told before, Adage’s CV Furukawa Makoto is the only seiyuu using vibrato in Steam Prison character song. I think it is hard to do that for normal people without practices. The third is “Love Strikes” by Ulrik. The tone of “Dakara motto motto motto motto” keeps ringing in my head, although the rest of the tone is so-so. After that, we have “Fin.” by Fin Euclase. His opening lyric stabs my heart, considering his hope to be loved by Cyrus. And then “Hyou” by Yune, didn’t have much impression. While “Tsurugi” by Ines is very similar to his boring personality, a boring 1990’s kind of tone.

I wish I could buy the character song but sold out everywhere. Maybe I supposed to pre-order? But I think Hunex only released limited songs and drama CD for Vita. Compared to other otome games, Steam Prison’s songs / OST is the hardest to buy. I hope I could buy even the used item later in mercari or so (if I don’t forget about it).

2. Have new novel-like scenarios before marriage, the wedding eve (Kekkon Zenya). This is without adding new CG, though. But we can read how the 6 main characters felt a day before their marriage with Cyrus. I think Adage is the most loveable and cute scenario of asking Cyrus to try wearing her wedding dress. If I remember correctly, Eltcreed’s scenario is about sleeping together with Cyrus but he promised her not to do anything before their marriage. Ulrik was asking Cyrus about the marriage ceremony in the Heights. Ines brought Cyrus to the new landscape of lake in the Depths at night and made promise to travel together one day. For Yune, he is working on fixing things on the day before his wedding, then bringing Cyrus to have lunch outside and to Ferrie’s library. In Fin, he bought books about marriage because he didn’t have confidence to do it but Cyrus believe in him.

3. Include one more CG every character. I don’t know where the CG was put because I mostly skipped all older stories. Maybe they were in the bonus scenario I have read before? Please tell me…

4. There are new bonus stories for every CG from male character’s perspective. I’m very satisfied reading from their point of view. But it took much time, I warn you. Though some scenes, expecially bad endings, are very touching.

5. Movies gallery! Including the Windows OP & ED version, while adding new character songs video in it. What a complete set. Of course if Vita song is also included in it, it will be a full complete gallery.

6. Character profiles plus seiyuu’s comments, also each character’s perspective for the other characters. This is like hearing a drama CD. Sadly, there is no subtitle in the comment’s part. Including 6 voice samples per playable characters (sub characters only have 1-2 samples). The “Relationships” part is where (ex: Ulrik) will talk about his impression for Cyrus, Elt, Adage, etc. before the ending and after the completed story. For example in Ulrik’s perspective for Adage before his completed route is : he doesn’t know Adage. After the ending, because Ulrik rarely meets Adage, he says he still doesn’t fully know Adage. It’s quite informative and fun at the same time, but only if you understand Japanese.

Ines is the oldest playable male characters.

I think the Switch version will be the end of Steam Prison’s port. That’s why the developer put so much informations and bonuses in it. I hope Hunex will create other otome games with heavy plot like this, in the way we could enjoy it so much. Steam Prison is a dark, heavy, but have cute and funny moments. A balance situations. I think the funniest character will goes to Eltcreed for his explicit mature content jokes. While Adage will be the second funniest character. When Elt is an active speaker of jokes, Adage is calmer. But in his calm jokes, I could laugh too for his cute expressions and choices of dialogue example where he asked Cyrus to get rid of cockroach. They are two irreplaceable characters for me in otome game’s world for their roller coaster personality and balance of dark and fun at the same time.

After this, I think of re-playing Clock Zero the third time, in Switch Devote version. I will play the story since the beginning so it might take more time. I have forgotten some parts and stories. Hey, the last CZ I played was in 2011 PSP version. It means 10 years ago! Oh right, I have completed Persona 5 Scrambles from January – April 2021, that’s why I could only start Steam Prison after that. Though I completed in easy mode… But I have fused Alice! She is cute and deadly.

Link for CG:




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