Walpurgis no Uta ~Walpurgisgedichte~

This will be a long re-written story of Walpurgis no Uta. I put every details to this review and how to full complete the game. I once had tried to play it a few years ago after the release. But I became busier at work so I neglected it. Now, I finally am able to complete the game in a week. I had a hard time to full completed it because I need to choose all choices to be able to complete 100% characters and endings. And I need it to unlock the sub stories.

I will write the review according to my first time playing the game. The characters are listed according to my preferred lines, not about my favorite character. The poem in the first time starting this game is Goethe’s West–östlicher Divan.

Selige Sehnsucht Blessed Desire
Sagt es niemand, nur den Weisen,
Weil die Menge gleich verhöhnet:
Das Lebendige will ich preisen,
Das nach Flammentod sich sehnet.
Tell no one, only the wise
Because the crowd will scorn:
I want to praise living being
Which desires burning death.
In der Liebesnächte Kühlung,
Die dich zeugte, wo du zeugtest,
Überfällt dich fremde Fühlung,
Wenn die stille Kerze leuchtet.
In the nights of love so cooling,
That spawned you, where you spawn
You’re overcome by foreign feeling
When the silent candle gleams
Nicht mehr bleibest du umfangen
In der Finsternis Beschattung,
Und dich reißet neu Verlangen
Auf zu höherer Begattung.
No longer do you stay embraced
In the darkness shading
And you are torn by new desire
Up to a higher mating.
Keine Ferne macht dich schwierig,
Kommst geflogen und gebannt,
Und zuletzt, des Lichts begierig,
Bist du Schmetterling verbrannt.
No distance can prevent you,
You come, in flight, spellbound
And at last, longing for the light
Butterfly, you are burned.
Und so lang du das nicht hast,
Dieses: Stirb und werde!
Bist du nur ein trüber Gast
Auf der dunklen Erde.
And as long as you don’t have
This: Die and become!
You remain a gloomy guest
On the dark earth.


Izumi Shio had just became a second year in high school. When she was a kid, she often went inside a chapel of big western style house, playing with something she called wan-wan (for dog). Her grandmother, Chiyo, was very worried and got mad at her after she found Shio inside the house. That night, was a rainy day, similar to the night Shio’s life would change. On the morning at school, Nina, her bestfriend, told her about a landslide in Sai Mountain. That day, she also met a new transfer student with cold eyes and black hair, Shiga Takashi. When Shio tried to help him lend a book, he refused with cold stare. After that, her life changed and she met Shiga Takashi in the western building again, now in the form of a monster and red eyes. He kissed Shio and forced her to drink something mouth to mouth. Thankfully, two wolves appeared to save her. They are Oogami Toramaru and Ryuumaru, a twin brothers. They had decided to protect Shio from that day onwards, from the evil monster of the hidden world, Shiga Takashi.

After more encounter with Tora and Ryuu, they became Shio’s friends and she made them lunch box. There was a time when her classmate asked Tora and Ryuu to play together with them outside of school. Because they went with Shio, the two also became friendly to other people. Shio has a big brother, named Izumi Suou. He often takes care of her and he is a doctor in her school, as well as working in Matsunaga Hospital. Their mother often works and rarely comes home, living in another town, but she is a kind mother. Nina, Shio’s best friend, says she can’t get a boyfriend if she always stick to Suou.

When visiting the hospital where Suou works, Matsunaga-sensei tells Shio a story of Meiji era, about a shrine in Sai Mountain. The shrine was guarded by two wolves, instead of komainu. There’s a curse in the western style building, the current place of Sai Shrine, which had been demolished, called “Saki no Eyami”. The illness made people suffering from feeling hurt in all body.

At the meeting, Tora explains how to erase Shiga. There are two ways, by burning his skeleton (body) in this world and by annihilating him, makes him disappear after revealing his true nature. After saving Yoshikawa-senpai, the 3rd year girl who likes Shiga and follows him everywhere, she feels sick in all her body. Ryuu and Tora tells her it’s Saki no Eyami disease, creates pain in all human’s body. Shio remembers Matsunaga-sensei telling her about the disease, her grandmother, Chiyo, also suffers from that disease.

After the attack from Shiga, Okina, Oogami’s predecessor / Okina, called Okina by Tora and Ryuu, told Shio about her changes inside her blood. Shiga forced her to eat something, so her body gradually changing to his significant other / partner, including her eyes color will change too. Then, to protect her, Okina ordered his “Kiba”, consists of five people. There are Ushio (the glasses man), Mito (calm black haired man), Nezu, Saruta (the little kid), Usa (long hair with different eyes color, wearing girl’s clothes). But not long after, when Shio sit inside Suou’s car, her body changed. Her hair grew longer and pink, her eyes became red. Both of them were attacked by Maga / The Cursed, in the form of black insects. Thankfully, Oogami brothers came to save them. Shio’s body changed back to normal after they had ben saved, but her clothes was in a mess. Want it or not, they must let Suou know the truth about the other world and Oogami’s family. More and more students suffered from Saki no Eyami and didn’t go to school, so it made Shio and the others in a hurry to kill the monster Shiga.

When Suou and Tora tried to find Shiga’s skeleton in the western style building, they were attacked by Maga. Shio went to Oogami’s house to took care of her sick brother, but found a letter from their grandmother. Inside, it is written that Suou is the child of Mio, Shio’s grandmother little sister, which means that Suou is the cousin of Shio’s mother. After some time living in Oogami’s house, Shio found out that the Okina’s sons are Ushio and Nezu. Tora and Ryuu are cousins of Ushio and Nezu, their fathers are the little brother of Okina.

Shio and Suou came back home. There, Shio had a dream of a man giving something to her left hand as a symbol of their promise when she was a child. The mark was similar to a flower in her garden, so Shio told him she will show a flower to him. After that, Suou thinks he will bring Shio running away from Shiga, to wherever it is as long as she’s safe. Though Tora and Ryuu were not satisfied by the decision, they couldn’t do anything. At night, Shiga came to give a shining thing to Shio. She didn’t want to eat it, so he forced her eating it by a kiss again. Later on, when Tora and Ryuu came the next morning, they found out her mark on her left hand became bigger. It made her told them about the stone thing, it was a fruit from the Hidden World, Kakuriyo no Mi, said to bring immortal life. It is similar to Tokijiku no Kakunomi story, about a fruit that gave immortal life. Coincidentally, Maga appeared in the place near the Sai Shrine in the past. Suou still thinks it’s better to take refugee, away from their own house.

Suou suffered from an illness, but he didn’t tell anything to Shio, even after she knew his pain. Not long after that, Shio revealed that she already know of his true self, that he is the son of Chiyo. So, he didn’t have any choice than to told Shio about his dad, a illegitimate son from Tojo family, the owner of the western style building. His life became a mess by Tojo family. But nothing more could be found in Chiyo’s diary. On the next day, Suou brought Shio to Sai Shrine’s grandchildren so they can learn more about Maga, Tange-san, and old man. Tange-san’s father was the last chief priest in the shrine. After the western building was built there in 1907, many people suffered from Saki no Eyami and ran away. A long time ago, Tojo had visited his father, told him to bring the item. After meeting Tange-san, Suou thinks the land at Sai Shrine is needed for Maga and decides to meet Ooki-san, a friend of Chiyo. He told them the name of the owner in the western building is Tojo, but the caretaker might be different. After they have arrived home, Ooki-san called them that he remembered the caretaker’s name, Shiga Takashi. Twenty five years ago, Ooki-san didn’t receive payment anymore from Shiga Takashi, so he thought that person was already dead. Suou was still one year old and his mother, Mio, died. Then, Suou called Shio’s mother to ask of his father, but she doesn’t know anything. It seems Mio is not married to Suou’s father, there is no marriage registration.

After that, they told Ryuu and Tora about the real Shiga Takashi. They thought the monster used Shiga’s name. Now, they must find truth of Shiga Takashi’s dead. Suou met Tojo Sayako, the daughter of the owner’s brother in the past. But he couldn’t find any news of Shiga Takashi. Then, Shio remembered of when it were all begin. There was a landslide in Sai Mountain and heavy rain at night before Shiga came to her class. Suou also remembered the landslide was at the back of the western style building, the Sai Mountain. So, on the next day, Tora and Ryuu told them to go to Sai Mountain because they had found what it seem to be Shiga Takashi’s skeleton.

IZUMI SUOU (CV Hirakawa Daisuke)

As an older brother, Suou had protected Shio since child, despite his weak body. He is a perfect older brother, working as a doctor in Shio’s high school and in the hospital under Matsunaga-sensei.

After Suou confirmed the skeleton they found, he and Shio stayed at a hotel to prevent them from being chased by Shiga. But because Suou had an attack of his illness, Shio decided to stay at Oogami’s house on the next morning. Though she must hide her real self by being Oogami’s bride, which makes Suou a bit angry to hear it.

The next morning, instead of bringing Shio to Oogami’s house directly, he brought her to Tojo’s house. Suou told her the truth. His father, the young glassesman in the picture, was already 61 years at the time it was taken. He was hired as a servant in the western style house, had a child with Mio-obaasan, and died at 75 years old in 1989, when Suou was born. Suou’s father was the victim of forbidden ritual to bring back the death. After telling her all of that, he brought Shio to inside the chapel. Because that place is where the Maga and mystery would happen. He told Shio to not be afraid of it and when Ryuu and Tora happened to arrive, he asked if they have buried Shiga’s skeleton. But not taking long after the conversation, Shiga came in. In the messed up situation, Suou said he will end all of this with a death, then ran to be stabbed by the monster’s scythe on his chest. He told them “I will give you food. But I won’t die yet”.

Shio woke up in a hotel room again, now in the form of pink long hair and red eyes. When she decided to go out, Suou came in. He didn’t want anyone to notice them, so after eating at the hotel café, he brought Shio to the western building again. He said there isn’t anyone inside, so they can use it. At the chapel, Suou told that the ritual he did (stabbed) before is to prolong life, not to die. Because he could absorb the monster Shiga inside him. And his illness, a rare one, is finally gone, but Shio’s body doesn’t change to normal. They are now living together in the western house, and has a time eating sweet together.

But at night, Shio heard a howl. She noticed her brother is different now, colder, and there’s blood on his clothes. But she kept silent. On some day, Shio went to the chapel again. She met Tora there, asking if she’s an enemy or ally. Because Shio doesn’t know a thing, Ryuu tells her that Suou-sensei is already gone, dead, and a few of his friends are wounded because of Suou. After he was killed, the monster took his body and memories. Tora made a promise to take Shio away from the house at night to save her and she agreed.

When she met Suou, he always told her to drink a herb tea to make her sleep. She was afraid she couldn’t wake up at the time Tora come, so she changed the tea. At midnight, Tora was waiting for her in the chapel. But Shio needed to talk more, of how to change her brother back to normal. In the middle of it, Suou came, already know of Tora. He said the wolves clan also had a deal in the forbidden ritual a thousand years ago. And he accused the wolf, want to eat Shio because of her sweet blood. Then, he attacked Tora with the same black scythe as Shiga had. Thankfully, Ushio was there to save Tora and ran away. Meanwhile, Suou tried to rape Shio because she chose to trust Tora rather than him, but she ran to her room.

The next day, Shio woke up in her room at western building. But every windows were closed and she couldn’t escape. When she could go outside after Suou went out from the house, she was chased by Nezu and his wolf friend. They were going to eat Shio to get revenge and power, but Suou attacked them. After Suou won the fight, he kissed her out of jealousy. Because it seems Shio chose Tora than himself. She feels her brother has changed from a timid and weak boy to a man. He licked Shio’s wound on her foot, changing his eyes to a bright white color, then brought her back to the house. Now he used a chain so she won’t go out. But she tried to run again on another day. Shio realized Suou’s eyes changed to the same color as Tora and Ryuu when they drink her blood.

After Suou came back, Shio tried to kill herself in front of him by using the glass shard she took by the window. As her blood flew from her neck, Suou drank it and became weird. Maga took over his body and killed him. Because when Suou died, he also kill the monster inside. But Shio used her power to revive Suou.

When Shio woke up again, her body had changed back to normal. Suou came in and glad she’s alright. But he bid farewell to her because his feelings is a love for a woman, not as siblings. Shio stopped him from going, saying she also love him as a man. They both went out as a couple. A few years later, when Shio is in college, Suou asks Kaori to remove his name from family register, so he can build a family with Shio. Kaori agrees to it without feeling betrayed because she has raised Suou as her child. They both shared a kiss after telling Shio to call his name as Suou-san, not onii-chan anymore.

END : Together with Onii-chan

Shio decided to believe in Suou. She lived with him in their house together, forever. Her body doesn’t go back to normal.

END : Calm Everyday

Suou and Shio went to their mother’s mansion to live there for a while. Now, everything has come back to normal and Shio lives normally. She still makes bentou for Ryuu and Tora, but they are nowhere to be found.

END : Eat

This is following Tora’s route, when Shio had decided to stay in Oogami’s house and Mito attacked her. Nina called Shio to have a farewell party. Because of the disease, she must go to another town and separated from Aikawa, her boyfriend. After the party at Shio’s home had done, Shio made a decision to choose between Ryuu or Tora. Suou agreed to her decision. Even though he was worried to tell their mother about Shio’s marriage to Oogami. Shio finally chose Tora and at wedding night, she died because Tora sucked her blood (similar to Ryuu’s ending “Dragon Cage”).

BAD END : You are not here

Suou died even though Shio made a wish to revive him. She lived with her mother now.


Ryuumaru is a quiet boy. His twin, Tora, had been living as the next chief, but it didn’t deny that he also can be a candidate too. After playing with Shio, he shows a skill to play arcade catcher game. More of his past will be written in details in the sub story. He appears wearing a hat all the time to avoid his bad hair.

Shio received an invitation from Ryuu and Tora to go outside. She chose to go with Ryuu and he created a fog to sleep without anyone seeing them. But after sleeping for a while, Ryuu noticed a Maga and left Shio with Usa. A few chances appeared of when Ryuu protected Shio and she went to his room at night in Oogami’s house. After the attack from Shiga, Ryuu saved Shio again. But he always stays in his room for a day after that. Shio was worried and went to check on him. He told her that he always have a fever after his battles, he didn’t want anyone to notice it. Because a weak wolf would be considered a hindrance and would be left alone in the wood, dying. This conversation leads to Shio becoming curious of him.

Wolf Cub

Before Matsunaga-sensei’s accident in a car, Shio was talking with Ryuu. She asked if he will choose his bride. But Ryuu said he wouldn’t since only the powerful Oogami should marry quickly and have children. His answer made Shio glad, like she is in love with Ryuu. So, after watching Matsunaga-sensei in an accident, Ryuu brought her home and sleep there for a night. The story continued to when Shiga came in Shio’s room, to give her another immortal fruit and made her mark became bigger. After fighting Shiga again, Shio got hurt and Ryuu licked her wound to heal it.

Because Shio decided to stay at Oogami’s house in the mountain, Okina told her to become a bride and choose either Ryuu or Tora, or Kiba. The man she choose will be the next family chief. When Shio talked with Ryuu, he said to her that he doesn’t have the right to choose his bride. It is for Shio to decide. The next day, Suou contacted them, telling the story of forbidden ritual. It is to use this world’s human body for the soul in the hidden world. The shining thing she was forced to eat is a human soul from hidden world. Tora and Ryuu will search more about it, though it might lead to their clan’s history.

Mito came to Shio’s room at night, in order to protect her. He smelled something nice, like a flower. But they didn’t talk more about it. When Ryuu called Shio and heard about it, he felt strange and told her to sleep with him. Inside his room, Ryuu said he want to be a chief, but it’s not up to him to decide. And because of all the bride things, they couldn’t rely on Kiba to keep Shio away from Shiga. After that, they both slept together, while Ryuu in the wolf form. In morning, Shio helped Ryuu to tidy his bad hair. It made Usa became suspicious of them, because he is the one who always tidying it for Ryuu and the others. Here, Usa says he likes Shio’s hair too, especially her long hair when the Maga wakes up.

After Shio and Ryuu went back to Ryuu’s room, Suou called her to explain about the forbidden ritual of reviving dead bodies in the past and explained Ryuu and Tora about the ritual of putting the soul of hidden world in a human body. When night came, Mito went to meet Ryuu, knocked in front of his room but he wasn’t in there. When Ryuu finally arrived, Mito asked if Ryuu like Shio. Ryuu told him that he like Shio, but she thought it’s a lie so Mito wouldn’t disturb them. At first, Ryuu was a bit angry at Mito because he seem to dislike the rumour about Shio choosing Ryuu over Tora. But Mito didn’t talk more then go somewhere else. When he was asleep, Ryuu had a nightmare and sweat a lot. Shio was worried. Suddenly, he grabbed her hand and called her name. Upon hearing that, Shio is sure of her feelings of love to him. The next morning, the incident happened when Mito kidnapped Shio to a hotel, drinking her blood. Tora and Ryuu came to save her, but Mito must be punished, maybe to brought him to another village.

Finally, Okina called Shio to talk about her choice. He wanted Shio to tell everyone that night, and felt it’s a burden to Shio since she is a normal human. But Okina wanted Shio to prepare for anything, including when her chosen one would go mad after drinking her blood. Shio have faith in both Ryuu and Tora. Meanwhile, while asking if Shio have inform her family, he realizes that both Shio and Ryuu & Tora’s father died when they are just four years old. And he seems to know about Izumi. But he doesn’t tell a thing anymore. When Shio was thinking alone in her room until night, Ryuu called her. He doesn’t care if she choose Tora, because Tora is the one who is suitable to be a leader. But he feels frustrated, although when Shio hopes he likes her too, Ryuu doesn’t know the reason. But if she choose Ryuu when he doesn’t like her, then it won’t be good if she force him to be her husband.

Finally, Shio chose Ryuu to be her husband. So the wedding ceremony will be held at Oogami’s house tomorrow. She called her mom, without telling about her wedding, but her mom didn’t have to worry since Suou knew about Oogami. It made Shio a bit relax knowing her mother accepted everything she chose. Then, after the weird wedding ceremony where Shio must stay quiet all the time, Okina left the two of them in one room. Ryuu asks if she is sure about the choice, and when he is sure about it, Ryuu begins to drink her blood. After so much blood had gone, Shio fell to sleep, where she was dreaming of her childhood. She met Ryuu at the time she got hurt, so he was licking her wound. Meanwhile, Ryuu is glad because his power is not like Tora, who is used to attack when Maga appeared. His power is a softer one, such as healing wound and creating fog (to run away?). Then, when Shio had woken up, Ryuu brought her to do the cold-water ablutions ritual. He told her that it’s necessary since a long time ago, because many brides who got married to Oogami had died.

Ryuu created a fog so Shio can take a bath freely. She can feel his kindness. At noon, they called Suou to talk with Tange-san, the son of the last chief in Sai Shrine. He didn’t talk much, just say that his father had told him that the Oogami had been protecting the mountain with the shrine since a long time ago. After the talk, Shio suggested to make dinner for them. But at night, when she fell asleep, Ryuu had been wondering if he is different than the monster like Shiga. If he eat her again like last night, he can’t bear it. The thoughts makes him go outside the room.

The next day, when Ryuu went outside, Suou called Shio again to tell that Tange-san had said something that he didn’t understand. About if the new chief of Oogami clan have been decided, but if the goddess and princess didn’t choose him, then… At night, there was a meeting to introduce the new chief, Ryuu. A few people were mocking Ryuu as the new leader. Because they thought it would be Tora. Suddenly, Ryuu created fog and slashed a man. But after the fog disappeared, the man is fine. Ryuu told them that it was his power, to support healing with his fog. Everyone who tried to bully him now were respecting Ryuu. After the meeting was done, Ryuu told Kiba to attack Siegfried while Tora and himself will attack Shiga. Tora agreed with cold answer. Outside, he asked Shio why did she choose Ryuu over him. Shio said it’s because she love Ryuu, so Tora doesn’t say anything.

Meanwhile, Ryuu asked Okina about the past story of wolves in that town. Okina didn’t hide anything, that in the past, their clan ate the village’s bride to fight the monster and protecting the village, together with the shrine’s priest. The bride became a sacrifice. But in modern times, the practice was not done anymore. The monster had been living from a long time ago, their ancestors were the one who sealed it. They need the power of a princess who ate immortal fruit to win against the monster. At night, Shio talked to Ryuu about Tora, told him to talk more with his brother. But Ryuu was angry at her, saying if she have concern of Tora, she should just choose him and change her choice. Ryuu left the room without coming back that night.

Usa came to inform that they had found Siegfried, going out from the mansion to search for food. So Ryuu went to attack Sieg, together with Saruta. But he got wounded by Sieg. In the end, Tora is the one who defeat Sieg. After arriving at home, Ryuu was in a high fever again. Shio forced him to drink her blood with a kiss, but suddenly, Ryuu took control over her, similar at their wedding night. He realized it was wrong and stopped, going out to his own room. There, he asked Tora to defeat Shiga. If he won, Tora can be the new chief. Ryuu will give it to him because he doesn’t want to lose Shio. Tora agreed to it. After seeing a dream of her child with Ryuu, Shio woke up by Ryuu holding her arm. When Ryuu woke up too, he was embarrassed.

Then, they hold a meeting with Kiba to defeat Shiga, where Ryuu told everything that after they have won, he would give up the chief position to Tora. Whatever it is, Ryuu thinks he only become the chief to defeat the monster in the first place, and after that, they won’t need Shio’s power anymore. So he doesn’t want to be a chief. When he saw Shio talk with Tora, he felt jealous and said that Shio will be Tora’s wife after he gave up becoming the chief. Shio felt hurt by his words, going alone to the mountain. In the end, Ryuu followed her at dawn and went back with her. He said he just wanted to eat omelette rice and glad she chose him.

The Oogami clan organized an attack to Shiga in the western building. Unexpectedly, Mito saved Shio from Shiga. But after Ryuu defeated Shiga, he suffered more pain and fever. Okina doesn’t know how to heal him and Tora finally understands the reason Ryuu will give Shio and chief position to him. Ryuu probabaly had known what would happen after using his power. After Shiga died, Shio couldn’t give her blood because there is no power anymore. So they let her taking care of Ryuu that night, without doing anything. Seeing him suffering so much, Shio decides to kiss him. Ryuu wakes up for a bit, saying he likes Shio. He’s finally able to say it. Shio also confessed her feelings that she loves Ryuu too.

After Tora became the new chief, Ryuu turned to normal human and didn’t have power anymore. He goes to school like normal, together with Shio. Meanwhile, Tora is too busy being the chief and dropped out from school. When Ryuu and Shio are being alone in the house, Ryuu kisses her. He is glad to become a normal human that he can kiss her so much, but it’s hard to stop. They almost have a lovely moment, had Suou didn’t call. Ryuu thinks Suou have installed some camera in the house or GPS to watch them, but Shio doesn’t know.

END : Dragon Cage

Shio chose Tora as her husband. Upon knowing it, Ryuu went out because he doesn’t need Shio who doesn’t choose him. At wedding night, Tora sucked Shio’s blood until she died.

END : Substitute

Ryuu is dead after telling Shio he like her. Everyday, Shio is suffering so much. Tora doesn’t have any choice than to erase her memories about Ryuu’s death and live by becoming Ryuu’s substitute, even though it hurts for both him and Shio.


At Tora’s wedding night, Ryuu came inside to interfere him. When Shio woke up in the morning, she wanted to say thank you to Ryuu because he saved Tora from sucking too much blood. But he didn’t appear in front of Shio anymore. One day, she woke up in his hug, saying they’re living together. It seems he manipulated Shio’s memory and live together with her. She forgot a few things but she is happy in dream-like world.


Since birth, Toramaru had always been trained as the next clan chief. He had a more open personality and a bit rude at first, but he care so much for Shio and his clan. Tora had an attack skill, unlike Ryuu. It makes him the strongest in battle. He is the first one from the twin who met Shio and very attached to her.

Shio went to the Dousojin Hill with Tora. It was a borderline where God protected the town in the past. Upon taking a walk with Tora, Shio feels refreshed. There, Tora told her that his father already died when he and Ryuu were four years old. Shio thought it was the same for her, to lose her father at four years. Then, there was a time when Shio stayed at Tora’s room. She was amazed at the large mass of stones. Tora is collecting stones, makes him very adult-like, Shio thought.. Then, he saw the mark on Shio’s left hand, asking since when she had it. Shio didn’t remember but since a child, the mark was there. After taking a bath, Shio came back to sleep in Tora’s room.

When Shio stayed in Oogami’s house, she asked Tora to cook with her. They made muffin together, the next was roasted chicken. Ryuu tried to taste it and he said it was so-so. He was a bit jealous to hear Tora and Shio cooked together. Then, Shio met a few wolves kid to be introduced to Okina. After going out with Tora, she asked herself if she would be Shiga’s partner, when he wanted her as a companion / partner. But Tora said she would just be Shiga’s food. Then, the two of them saw Matsunaga-sensei’s accident in his car. Tora brought Shio home to keep her calm, wanted to ask if she can stay in his house. But Suou wasn’t home, so he stayed with Shio until morning.

Because it was dangerous for Shio to stay in her house, she chose to live in Oogami’s house. To help her from any man who wish to take Shio as a bride, Tora told her to spend night in his room. It is when Tora says he have the same power to erase memories as Mito, but he won’t use it, because it’s not alright to erase good memories. Then, Usa came to tidy Tora’s hair. All this time, his hair pin is put there by Usa. When Usa tried to tidy Shio’s hair, Tora admits that he feels jealous if someone touch Shio. After that, Suou called them to talk about the forbidden ritual in the past. And at night, Mito came to ask of Tora’s feelings to Shio. Tora answered that Shio is his precious friend. After hearing it, Mito went out from Tora’s front door. When he came inside, Shio said if he didn’t need to be cautious of Mito. But Tora was angry, forcing her on the floor, saying she should have known of Mito’s looks toward her. She had such a nice smell because of the mark on her hand, and while saying it, Tora put on an act of smelling around her neck. When he realized what he had done, Tora released Shio. The next day, Mito kidnapped Shio to drink her blood, but Ryuu and Tora saved her. Similar to Ryuu’s route.

Before Shio choose her bride, Tora called her, saying he wanted her to choose him. It made her confess she like him out of happiness. But Tora didn’t think of her as in lover’s position. He thought of her as a precious person. It made her a bit sad, remembering he told Mito that he only think of Shio as his friend. But in the end, at the meeting, Shio chose him as her husband. When the two of them already done their wedding ceremony, Tora gave her a medicine to heal her wound, because he would drink her blood. After waking up in the morning, Tora prayed for Shio to be alright. Seeing she is fine, he then carrying her to the waterfall, where she must have a ritual to clean her body (from wound?). The female servant ran away after Tora told her that he will keep helping Shio in the ritual and didn’t need her help. Upon suspicion, Shio asked who is that woman. She was a bit in pain when Tora said the woman is one of his bride candidate. But he doesn’t have any feelings for her. Ever since he was a kid, he always felt scared to touch women because he would eat them, especially to his bride. But Tora was glad that it is Shio whom he should protect.

When Tora held a meeting with the clan from every village gathered, he didn’t want Shio to go to the meeting with him. So Ryuu brought her to a room, where she could hear the conversation. While the people were talking to tell Tora to eat his bride, who already ate the forbidden fruit, Tora got a little bit frustrated and showing them the strenght of his power, making them afraid. The people of his clan finally approved of his power after looking at the powerful Tora, because he had drank Shio’s blood. After the meeting ended, Tora noticed that Shio’s in the other room. At the moment, Suou called to talk with Tora, but he didn’t tell anything to Shio. He just went back to meet Okina.

Tora asked Okina of what happened in the western building in the past. Okina doesn’t have any choice so he tells him that the owner of the house, Tojo, arranged a forbidden ritual and awaken the monster. His clan only sealed the monster, resulting in Okina’s brother, or Tora’s father, died from the wound, and his mother was also died from Maga. He gave warning to Tora that their clan is alive not to protect the people, but the mountain. They need the bride as a sacrifice, but Tora wouldn’t give Shio to have the same fate. He realized it was not the problem for them alone, but every of their clan. In the end, Tora agreed to protect them all. But suddenly, Okina fell from illness of old age.

Tora went back to where Shio was, He didn’t want Shio to meet anyone alone, except with him. It seems to Shio that he is jealous, but there’s no one to tell. Suddenly, Shio’s mother called her and wanted to speak to Oogami, who took care of her daughter. It seemed she’s receiving Tora well, after Suou had talked about Oogami to her. But inside, Tora had a wish to be an adult quickly, so Shio’s mother wouldn’t get worried. At night, when Shio woke up from her sleep, she saw Tora touching her hair. She asked him if she like Tora, then what would he do. Tora said he will do nothing because she will remain his precious friend. It made her a bit sad, telling him to change form to a wolf so she wouldn’t see his face. After that, Shio had a dream of meeting Tora and Ryuu at the western building, giving them an apple to eat.

Before the battle with monster, Shio asked Ushio and Nezu if she can help to fight using her power. With it, she knew that if she try getting out her power in a place filled with Maga, she might use it. But Tora didn’t accept her request at first. Knowing her true intention to help Tora and the others fight, he will be the one to train her the next day. Nezu and Ushio also followed them, because he didn’t want Tora had a divorce if he get mad at Shio. Surprisingly, Shio could use some power, to let out light, and made her a bit glad to help Tora. On the way back home, Tora brought her to her own house. No one is there because everyone have taken refugee to other town, making it deserted like a ghost town.

Shio was dreaming of the past again, where she went to the western building to search for her dog friend. Tora begged her not to go inside, because there’s a monster eating human. He changed from a wolf to a human child in front of her sight, so Shio could feel scary by his warning. Meanwhile, Ryuu brought Ushio along to the western building, to erase her memories of Tora’s human form. Shio’s grandmother came to search for her, but there was a large amount of Maga. Tora tried to protect them, although Ushio and Nezu didn’t care much, only suggested to erase the people in the town’s memories. In the end, Shio came back to her own home with her grandmother, crying after losing something that she didn’t know about. She tells her dream to Tora that night, and he hold her body while sleeping together. He wouldn’t let her dreaming of something like that anymore. Even though he told her they’re friends, right now, they are husband and wife, so he can do anything to her.

Before the attack, everyone agreed to include Shio in the fight because she can show light to deceive the enemies’ eyes and erase a few Maga in one second. But Ryuu didn’t know about it, so he asked Shio outside the meeting room. And when she also consulted about Tora who only see her as a friend, Ryuu didn’t trust it. He said if their marriage ever broken after the attack, he will have a chance to take Shio. Tora heard all of it so he told Ryuu to go. After that, he confessed that he doesn’t want Shio to choose Ryuu. He didn’t know his own feelings. But Shio told him that it is actually love, not as a friend but lover. Tora accepted the feelings and felt stupid. All this time he just thought they’re friends. Shio also confessed her true feelings and they had a kissed. Though Usa and Saruta saw all of it and told it to Ryuu at the meeting. At night, Tora hugged Shio from the back when they’re sleeping on futon together. He kissed her neck and licked her ear, questioning if it’s the feelings of want to eat or embrace. All of it because of her sweet scent.

When Tora and the others went to attack Shiga at the western building, Shio stayed outside with Saruta. She met Siegfried, who tried to eat her, but Saruta and Mito saved her. Not long after that, Tora came to kill Sieg. And then, Shiga found them too. To protect Tora, Shio let her power out and distracted Shiga’s vision so Shiga can kill him. After the battle has done, Shio’s power from Maga disappeared, as well as her flower mark on the left hand. She fell asleep beside Tora, who hugged her from tiredness. When Shio woke up, she was ready to go back to her own home. Her duty to defeat Shiga is over, so her marriage is done. But even though they’re apart now, Shio thinks she can meet Tora at school again. But looking at Tora’s face, when Suou picked her up, Shio cried. After taking Shio to go back to her family, many people from the clan asked Tora to pick another bride. Knowing this, Ryuu asked if he’s satisfied by his choice and won’t regret it. As a mere person, not a clan chief, Ryuu can still meet Shio, but Tora is not. So Ryuu makes a joke to Tora. He did it because Tora’s pain is nothing compared to Shio.

A month later, Shio went back to school. But everyone didn’t know about Oogami brothers. Even Suou didn’t remember them. Shio knew that it meant their separation. Half a year after that, a boy confessed to Shio, but she refused. Not long after that, Mito came to school, asking Shio to follow him to meet Ryuu. There, Ryuu told Shio about Tora, who is searching for another bride. And Mito apologized for his behavior in the past, not because of the Maga, but he was attracted to her. It’s painful to hear about Tora’s bride searching, but Shio agreed with Tora’s decision. Seeing her trouble, Ryuu took her to the chapel near western building and hid her until Tora came. Ryuu said he will live with Shio and go to college outside the town if Tora doesn’t take an action. After hearing Ryuu’s nonsense talk, Tora was mad and said he just didn’t want Shio to suffer like his mother. That’s why he couldn’t bear hurting her by living beside her. Shio went to show herself and accepted Tora’s feelings, telling him to erase her memories. But he doesn’t want to, chasing Shio outside the chapel and hugs her. He confessed again. Two years after their first wedding, Shio and Tora hold another real wedding ceremony, now with her mother attending. They spend the hot night together after their second marriage.

END : Scar From Nails

Because Shio chose Ryuu as her husband and clan chief, Tora came inside to interfere at their wedding night. Ryuu was glad though, to be stopped by Tora before killing Shio by sucking her blood. After that, Shio didn’t have a chance tp talk anymore with Tora and suddenly, Tora fought Ryuu. He won the battle and claimed himself as the new chief and husband of Shio. Even though Ryuu is dying, Tora doesn’t care. He alone will protect Shio from the monster.

END : Separation Route

Shio noticed everyone had forgotten about Oogami, including Suou. At night, she heard a howl. A few years later, Shio called her mother because she need to introduce a man in her life. After that, she heard another howl but couldn’t decide what it was. Her life continues without Oogami.


He was mentioned as a monster who eats human’s blood. Similar to a vampire, but he wakes up from a forbidden ritual. Fins took Shiga Takashi’s identity, but his appearance right now is unknown. Because Shiga Takashi had brown hair like Suou and similar face to him. All this time, his personality looks like a just born kid. He doesn’t many things, especially about feelings.

In this route, Shio found the letter from her grandmother to Suou, explained that Suou is Mio’s daughter. Similar to Suou’s route, the letter explains her brother is actually her mother’s cousin. When the mark on Shio’s hand became bigger, Suou and Oogami brothers were making plan to go outside the town so Shio wouldn’t need to go to Shiga’s house. Then, she remembered the past childhood memory, when she met someone who had Shiga’s voice. She made a promise to meet him so even though she shouldn’t go to the western house, she kept going alone and made it a secret from her family. While Oogami brothers did their own searching for Shiga, Suou drove his car to bring Shio to their mother’s place, outside the town. He told Shio about the Walpurgisnacht, at April 30th, when the barrier between this world and the death weaker, also called the Witch’s Night. It is exactly that day.

When Suou was driving, Oogami brothers told them the safest route to avoid Maga. But they couldn’t do that, even if Suou used a few other routes. There was a landslide in that rainy day, so Suou couldn’t drive outside the town. When he thought of another road, he was distracted by Siegfried. Meeting Shio, Sieg slashed Shio a bit to smell her blood. But Ushio and Saruta came to save them. Suou gets to his car again, thinking to be a decoy using Shio’s clothes that’s already soaked by her blood, while giving Shio time to meet Oogami. Shio accepted Suou’s plan and went outside the car alone, but she met Shiga instead. While losing consciousness, Shiga carried her to his house, telling her not to break her promise anymore. But she didn’t remember about the promise.

When she woke up in the western house, Shiga said he will keep their promise in the past. Her brother and Oogamis are fine, and the Maga only appears inside the house for now after Shiga have Shio, just as he promised. Since Shiga had fulfilled his promise, Shio said her thanks to Shiga, which made Shiga curious of why would she say that. At night, he brought her the immortal fruit again, forcing her to drink through mouth. While kissing her, Shiga said he will make her immortal and live together with him as his partner. After that, Shio went to sleep and had a dream of her childhood again. She was sulking because she couldn’t go to theme park when her brother got sick. Shiga asked if it’s fine to kill her brother so she can go to theme park. But Shio said it would make everyone sad, the feelings of loneliness and scared to be alone. So Shiga said he won’t kill her brother. Knowing it, Shio gave her thanks, but she didn’t know for what. It made Shiga questioning that she kept saying things he couldn’t understand (which made me laugh of that comment from Shiga).

Shio felt boring while living alone in the house. Shiga rarely came inside her room and she just stayed quiet there, like a doll. When Shiga asked her if she want to go back and he will let it come true, Shio couldn’t answer a thing because she’s afraid he would attack her family again and let Maga outside. It made him a bit angry, then asked Sieg how to cure an exhausted human. Sieg said it’s fine just giving her food and sleep, as she is still half human now. After knowing the way, Shiga told him to go since he didn’t have a thing to talk with Sieg anymore. But before Sieg went out, he gave warning to Shiga that human female is very delicate so he need to be gentle. That night, as Sieg had suggested, Shiga cooked a soup for Shio. The taste wasn’t good and the meat was black, but she felt warmth. Shiga said, it’s the meal he cooked according to Shiga Takashi’s memories. Before leaving, he told Shio to remember quickly, though she didn’t know what he meant.

Like following Shiga’s order, Shio had a dream of her child again. She played with Shiga, saying she felt lonely if she can’t meet her friends. So Shiga asked if Shio want to be his partner, forever with him so Shio wouldn’t feel lonely anymore. Shio accepted his request and he put a flower mark on her left hand. Then, Tora found out Shio was playing inside the western building. He tried to warn her not to go inside, changing his form from a wolf to normal human. But Ushio found them and erased Shio’s memories so she could forget about Oogami’s secret.

When Shio woke up in the morning, she heard a howl. It must be from Oogami. So she tried to go outside for the first time since she had live there. But Shiga found her at first floor. Knowing she couldn’t leave, Shio suggested to make her own soup to compare with Shiga’s. She let him tried it and surprisingly he could feel the warmth after eating it too. He told her again to remember his name, the one she had choses for him in the past, but since Shio couldn’t at now, he went outside feeling angry. While thinking that her dream last night was real, she felt bad for forgetting about Shiga. After eating, Shio went to the chapel for the first time and found Shiga playing the cembalo. Suddenly, she remembered the time she went there as a child. She asked about Shiga’s name but he didn’t have one. Shio said her name is Izumi Shio, her mother is Kaori, her grandmother is Chiyo, her father is Shuhei, and her brother is Suou. As a kid would do, Shio gave him name as “Kuro” because he was all black. But he dislike it, telling her to try suggesting another name. Then Shio remembered Suou had read a book to her entitled “In der Finsternis”, a Germany book, which Shiga knew. So she gave him name as “Fins” instead. Fisnternis means deep black and suit him so much.

After she regains consciousness, Shiga asks if she already remember. But Shio said it’s not that, since she was only dreaming. Well, for Shiga, it will be good if she keeps thinking about him, since he always thinks of her. As for Shio, it looks like confessing his love, because he always thinks of her. But she won’t ask much and go back to her room. At night, Shio heard a howl again. She was wondering if Oogami had thought about her death now after so long gone missing. Then, Shiga gives her immortal fruit to eat and say he will buy her another clothes. The next morning, while wearing the new clothes for her, Shio went outside after hearing a howl again. But Sieg found her, gave her warning not to go too far since the wolf will find her scent. He gave her story of Fins, that as a monster, he didn’t rely on human’s blood which is different than normal monster like them. He might be the only, because of his huge power. While talking with Sieg, Shiga found the two them. Sieg told a lie to him that Shio was trying to go outside and run away, but actually she only wanted to see the outside for the howl she heard. Hearing that, rather than getting angry for going outside, Shiga got angry because she still couldn’t remember about him. He ordered her to go since he doesn’t need Shio who had forgotten about him.

Because she wanted to meet her brother and Oogami, Shio did as he said. She came back home after changing back to normal appearance and Suou was really glad to meet her again. But he told Shio that Oogami already made a plan to burn the house and erase Shiga along with it, with Tojo’s acceptance as the owner. When the night comes, Shio was curious and read the Germany book again. Suddenly, she called Fins name. He appeared in front of Shio because of the call, but felt unsatisfied by her answer, that she didn’t remember about him. For her, it was a dream, not the same as remembering. And turned out, Fins didn’t know the word partner is supposed to be used in marriage term. So he asked Shio to marry him, but she refused because there’s no love. When she noticed Fins would go again, Shio didn’t want him to be killed by Oogami. So without thinking much, she asked Fins to go out from town together with her, without using his power or Maga. He changed his clothes to a normal human in black jacket, carried her and jumped outside through the window. Then, Fins called Siegfried to drive his car outside the town. Sieg said the body he borrowed have a driver license so he’s the only one who can drive a car and bring them outside town. Although Shio thinks it’s better to use public transport, Fins keeps using the car.

When driving, someone asked Sieg’s license. But he noticed the face is different. With his power, Sieg manipulated the person’s memory. It made Shio curious because both Fins and Oogami could use that power, to erase, manipulate, and creating new memories. Then, she told Sieg to drive them to the place where no one know them. While Sieg was searching for a place to stay, Fins asked if Shio like him and if she finally want to be his partner because she had been staring at him. But she said that likes can be referred to anything, from friends, lovers, etc. After that, Sieg came back after finding about a hotel nearby.

While Fins was erasing Maga around them, Sieg had a talk with Shio. She asked if Sieg is Fins’ friend, but actually, he just met him recently because he noticed a large Maga near the western building, thinking if he stay near Fins, he will see a miracle from an intersection between life and death and create a miracle. He then explained about the walpurgisfrucht, the shiny thing Shio ate to make her immortal. Sieg didn’t need the fruit anymore because he’s a monster living a long life. But he was surprised to know Fins had found the fruit that only appeared in a few hundred of years. When morning came, Shio called Suou to tell him that it was her own will to go with Fins. Suou didn’t ask much and believe in her, just asked to call him once everyday. But if Shio go with Shiga, Suou gave a warning to her that she will be in the opposite side with Oogami brothers. Then, she took a walk outside the hotel to search for Fins and Sieg, which weren’t in their room. But her appearance changed to a long hair because of Maga near there. Thankfully, Fins and Sieg came to erase the Maga.

When Shio went back to her room with Fins, he asked her again to be his partner. He just wanted to touch and embrace Shio. Yet again, Shio didn’t want to do it if they’re not sure of their feelings. To be able to like someone, Shio told Fins to put his heart onto it. He made a promise not to touch her until he can be sure. Meanwhile, Shio kept feeling weird, questioning if she like Fins or not. The three of them had a check out and go on back to the journey.

Shio woke up with Fins beside her, telling her not to sleep anymore because he couldn’t see her emotions when she’s sleeping. But she couldn’t hold the drowsiness anymore. When morning came and Shio finally woke up, Fins said he will go to erase Maga again near the hotel, but he need something from Shio. Shio didn’t know what he mean, but thinking he’s like a dog. She patted his head while Fins hugging her from behind. They talked a lot and made Ship laugh. He told Shio to laugh more, but if there’s nothing to funny, she couldn’t. After some conversation with her, Shio finally saw Fins’ smile after she made a weird face of being annoyed by his words.

One day, Shio couldn’t call Suou. When Usa answered the phone, he told Shio to go to Matsunaga Hospital because her brother fell from illness. She told Fins to wait at the current hotel while asking Sieg to drive her to Sai Mountain again. But when she found Usa and Ushio inside the hospital, they kidnapped her to Oogami’s house. Tora and Ryuu couldn’t hold their hunger from drinking her blood, sucking it from her neck and put her unconscious. It was because Tora and Ryuu wanted to win against the monster so they tried becoming stronger by drinking Shio’s blood. They thought Shio is sacrificing her life because they are weak against Fins. When she was unconscious, Shio had a dream of her childhood memories, when Ushio tried to erase her memory on the day Maga appeared at the town. Shio woke up by Fins’ embrace, seeing him crying. It’s the first time for him to cry, after looking at Shio’s wounded body. He felt pain seeing her suffering like that, saying he will finish Oogami off to get revenge. But Shio told him to not kill them, because Tora and Ryuu just wanted to protect the town. Fins did as she wanted, to go outside the town, and brought Shio to another hotel.

When she woke up that night, Shio was surprised to see Fins holding her body on his lap. He did it because he wanted to be touched by her, even though he promised not to do it back then. Knowing Fins is there, Shio falls asleep again. The morning came and Fins were still there holding her. He closed his eyes, but he didn’t actually sleep. Fins is just mimicking her sleeping gesture. He asked if Shio wanted to go back to normal human, which she answered yes. The way of it is she must annihilate him first, before the completion of her body changes on the next fullmoon, after eating the immortal fruit for 15 days. Shio couldn’t think to erase him, so she accepted her changes for now rather than killing Fins.

Siegfried stopped a few times in their journey to eat human blood. He said he didn’t kill them because it’s troublesome to take care of dead bodies, telling Shio not to stare suspiciously at him. While Sieg went to eat, Shio called his mother. Kaori told her that Suou only need to rest for his illness, because Saki no Eyami hadn’t appear anymore. After the call has done, Sieg says he still need to search for his food. He told Fins and Shio to go on a date, because they look like a pet and his owner. Shio thinks Fins is the pet while she is the owner. Anyway, Shio went to a underwear shop. There, she felt embarrassed because Fins said they need a bra that’s easy to remove because it would be a hindrance (to release it) while the shop keeper offered them a famous item in the shop. He asked Shio to show it to him after she had changed too. Fins said it’s interesting to see her embarrassed face.

After that, they heard a howl outside the store. While Fins asked if Shio wanted them to be erased, Shio ordered him not to do it. They went to buy some clothes for Shio so she can change. And this is the time Fins wants to choose it. Sieg came back after three hours but he couldn’t find any food. He told Shio that when they eat blood, Maga would appear as their power gets stronger. Unconsciously, Shio asked about drinking her blood instead. But if he ever do that, Fins is ready to erase Sieg. As he’s afraid and only came as their servant, Sieg wouldn’t do it. On another day, Shio and Fins saw Sieg saying goodbye to a woman. He said the woman seemed like someone familiar to him in the past, so he felt sympathetic. It made Shio wondering if Sieg ever had a partner in the past so he wanted to hel them. Seems like the wolves clan keeps interfering with Fins, but he can’t kill them because of Shio’s order.

This time, when Sieg needs a blood because he has been enduring it all this time, Shio asked Fins if he ever need blood too. He said he doesn’t need it this time. It made Shio a bit jealous if he should touch another woman when he need it. But it’s like knowing her feelings, Fins continued to tell that if he ever need one, he will drink Shio’s blood. It made her say that his feelings has been transmitted to her now. Fins seems happy to hear it. At some time, Sieg told Fins that if they wanted to avoid the wolves, Fins should take her somewhere. Fins said he wished to take Shio to his world. So at night, when the two of them sleep in one room, Shio asked if Fins had seen the Hidden World. He said he had once going there, where there’s no tree or living being, but he could see the ocean and the ruins of crumbling castle. It made her worried if she can’t meet anyone after she go there with him. Suddenly, Fins is kissing her and Shio accepted it, giving back a kiss to his forehead. They’re sleeping together on the same bed that night, while Fins makes a wish that Shio can always stay with him.

Suou knew of Shio’s feelings to Fins. When she called him, Suou told her to come back to school again and not to throw everything away just for a common belief of love. He thinks Shio only have a feelings of pity rather than love. After the call has ended, she meets Sieg in front of the telephone booth. Feeling betrayed with Shio’s thoughts, he tells her that he has been helping Shio and Fins to be together although he know it’s just a dream. Their story will end in a misfortune. Sieg ordered Shio to choose between two choices to make up her mind, one is to be together with Fins and the other is to let him drink her blood and he will kill Fins as he gets stronger. If she let Fins alive, he will create another Maga in town. This makes Shio confused of whether to kill Fins or not. She doesn’t want to sleep with him on his lap after thinking of Sieg’s suggestion, so Fins sleep beside her bed while sitting. When Shio woke up knowing he had hurt his hand because of it, she felt she really love this person. She had been thinking if Fins would take another woman with him as his partner, but he said he only need Shio. Because she’s the one who gave him knowledge of light, that he had been living in darkness. Shio is the person who gives meaning to his life. So with it, Shio made decision to think more of how they can live together rather than taking Sieg’s choice.

One day before her changes at fullmoon, Shio is dreaming of Fins’ past. He was forced to drink blood in a forbidden ritual. After that, Fins had always lived alone and scared of it. When she woke up, she asked if Fins was calling her name while she’s asleep. Fins tells her that he has been calling her names forever, since the first time they met. He also drank her blood as a child when she injured her leg. Knowing of his faithfulness towards her for more than ten years, Shio asks him to embrace her, but he refuse. He will wait until Shio become his partner in two more days.

A promised time with Sieg finally comes. Shio doesn’t want to give her blood to Sieg and thinks of a way to live together with Fins. But suddenly, Siegfried kidnapped her back to the chapel in western building, saying her existence is refused by the world, so it’s better to kill her. He sucked her blood and became stronger. Fins came in to save Shio, but she was capture inside a cage by Sieg. When Oogami clan appeared and burning the chapel to attack the monster, Fins gives his body to disappear by opening Shio’s cage and lets his body be engulfed in the fire. He doesn’t need a world where there is no Shio in it and by being beside her for these few days, he has been feeling happy. He kissed her for the last time, saying she is his light and his fate. Even if his body have gone later, his feelings won’t change. Then, he disappeared from the world. Oogami clan took Shio outside and back to her home. It is not known if Sieg have died in the fire or not.

Four months has passed since Fins disappearance. Shio goes to school like usual. The other people already forgets about Oogami brothers. When she walked in front of the western building, Shio heard a cembalo playing and waiting for Fins until 10 PM. Suou found her in the garden then told her to go back home. He called their mother to tell that Shio already return to home, but half of her mine is elsewhere. When Shio opened the window, a hand touched her hair. It was Fins, he came back again to make Shio his partner. That night, they are embracing each other, as Shio thinks she is born to meet Fins.

After the ending song, Fins told her that at that time, he was supposed to be annihilated by the fire. He kept being in the dark place but he heard Shio calling his name. That’s why, Fins must go back to her. The story ended after their marriage in another world, Fins gave her a new mark, now in a ring shape. I supposed it was in another world since her hair grew longer again.

END : The Everyday Came Back

When Shio came back to her home after Fins let her go, she said she will live with her brother. Fins accepted her wish and disappeared from her sight forever. Everything comes back to normal, the Maga also has disappeared.

END : In the Wolf’s Belly

After arriving at home, Shio got a call from Tora. He was glad she came back at the right time because they will attack Fins that night. The next day, Tora sent her a message to go to Sai Mountain. But she was attacked and be eaten by Tora and Ryuu, died.

END : Burnt Down

Four months after the burning chapel, Shio walked to the western house, hearing an organ playing. But the house is going to be demolished that day by some workers.

After finishing the main story, the completion is not 100% yet. I need to start playing again through every character to get until their 98-99% completion, means I need to choose every choices in the game. If not, some sub stories can’t be seen. I played through Fins route twice, Tora 4-5 times, Suou 4-5 times, and Ryuu more than 5 times! It was a hard time for me, harder than Haitaka no Psychedelica which also consisted of the completion of choices (and map) system. After getting all sub stories, I need one more. But Ryuu was not 100% complete yet. Until I played from the beginning again and able to complete all characters in 100%. Finally, I was able to see the last short story about the party in the western house.

The way to choose sub story is weird. I wasn’t able to find it until I found a Japanese blog consisting of the information to full completed it. After finishing all choices in the story, sub stories can be found at the upper right corner of the title menu. It was in lantern form, shining below the title (Uta). Click the lantern and there is a menu to input character’s name. Please copy paste the name I gave beside romaji. Some names only being a nickname, not full name, example Toramaru just Tora in katakana. Every sub story includes a black and white CG in it, so you must open them all in order to full comp the CG too.

Can you see the lantern? It is very small… I couldn’t notice until I found the blog first.

Tora トラ : He met Shio as a child and often played with her alone from Ryuu and his clan when he went to town. His father had died after attacking the monster in western building and his mother suffered from Maga after that. There was a time he had a wish to save his friend, Shio and her grandmother at the time the Maga attacked. Tora’s mother let him go with Ryuu. In the end, his mother died and he couldn’t forget her suffering, so he had a few thoughts before appearing in front of Shio. Tora was scared if he hurt Shio.

Aikawa 相川 : He just recently have gotten a girlfriend from the same tennis club, Uehara Nina. He thinks Nina is very cute. There was a time when he was in first year of high school and in the same class as Ogami. Oogami brothers didn’t want to talk to him even though Aikawa always made conversation first. Rather than talking with him, the brothers were a bit mad at him for taking Shio’s homemade cooking. When they’re in second year, he realized that Oogami brothers just felt jealous of him. It was proven when Aikawa saw them talking with Shio about her dashimaki tamago. Both Oogami brothers wanted to eat it, but Tora already took it inside his stomach. Aikawa thinks Shio is a girl who is ready to get married. But he makes a joke comparing Nina with Shio, that she might get a proposal after living together with her boyfriend when she is 29 years old.

Ryuu リュウ : Since a child, all the things he wanted always being taken by Tora. When his mother made a muffler, Tora requested the blue color first before he could say his thoughts. So his mother gave him the white color instead. In first year of high school, he and Tora always sticks together at school, except when Tora helped various clubs. At that time, Ryuu went to read books in library and often met Shio there. It’s the only time where he could have Shio for himself. After the three of them became closer in second year, he was glad since Shio gave him strawberry and Tora couldn’t get it. Just that small things could made him happy.

Nina 仁奈 : As Shio’s best friend, she was wondering if Shio will choose either Tora or Ryuu because the two of them love her. When taking a walk with Aikawa, she asked why he chose her as his girlfriend. Then, Aikawa explained that he had a wish for his high school life. He wanted a girlfriend who have the same hobby as him, have clear personality, and somehow a good person. Nina said it’s too weak and they don’t have any romance at all. But Aikawa likes her whatsoever.

Saruta 沙流太 (CV Tsuda Kaku) : Inside his house, a princess came. He wanted Shio to be his bride, because there were Tora and Ryuu, he couldn’t take her as a bride. But, if she became the bride of Tora or Ryuu, then he could still eat Shio’s delicious cooking. He had a secret with Shio. Shio gave him a candy and Saruta like it so much.

Usa 宇佐 (CV Enoki Junya) : Wearing a girl’s clothes everyday is his hobby. Usa didn’t know since when he began wearing it, maybe since he came to the main house of Oogami. His little brother is Saruta. When Shio came, he called her as hime-sama (princess) and undoubtedly, everyone thought the same thing. When she got married to Tora, as the new chief, Usa began making dress for her. But Shio couldn’t wear it, at the time the dress was done, she must go back to her own home. So there’s no one who would wear it except for himself. Even though Nezu said he won’t be able to get his own bride if he keeps wearing it.

Mito 巳斗 (CV Kimura Subaru) : Born from a small village, he was brought to the main house after reaching five years old. A bit late than the other, but his ability to turn to a wolf is useful. He couldn’t forget his mother’s face when his body changed to a wolf, a rejection. When he did horrible thing to Shio, he was very regretful. If there is a day he can meet her again, Mito wants to be her friend.

Nezu 杜松 (CV Maeda Takeshi) : He hated his older brother, Ushio, a lot. He couldn’t win from him. And as a son from Okina, the Sendai / predecessor, he couldn’t win against the child Tora and Ryuu as the next chief. When he was sixteen, he met Ryuu and Tora, thirteen years old, and had a fight with Tora. Of course he won. Then, Nezu began to fight in another places, be it with Maga or not. He came back and there was a princess in the house. After eating her homemade food often, he said he becomes fatter nowadays when talking with Ushio and Usa. Ushio answered that Nezu just stopped being rebellious. At some time, Nezu thinks it’s alright to drink sake with his brother rather than fighting with the next chief.

Ushio 牛尾 (CV Okitsu Kazuyuki) : As a son from Sendai / Okina, he never had a warmth from his father. Ushio received a family bond from Tora and Ryuu’s mother, who raised him and Nezu like her own child. After Shio came in their house, Ushio asked Usa and Saruta if they want to go to the same school as her. They wanted it so much but they couldn’t do it before Sendai give approval. Then, Ushio said he will ask the Sendai. It’s the first time he will oppose something from his father, Ino. Because the other people in the clan doesn’t need to go to school except Tora and Ryuu. Maybe Ushio is able to think for the other people because the influence from Shio, who is similar to his aunt. He has never seen his father do something as an individual person named Ino, neither as his father. Saruta and Usa called him as “Ushi” / cow from the  first kanji on his name.

Ino 猪野 : When his little brother became a chief in the village, rather than taking a bride from the village, he brought a woman from elsewhere. The woman head face to face with him so her child, Tora and Ryuu, could go to school for their future and opportunity. As a Sendai, he was wondering how he let them go to school. But it might not be a bad changes. After Shio came in, as a new princess, she never ask something for herself. And after her marriage with the new clan chief, Ino have a wish that Shio and the chief’s child will bring fortune to the clan. Here, Ino also remembered when his wife died after giving birth to Ushio and Nezu and he didn’t take another bride after that.

Suou 蘇芳 : As Shio’s brother, he began to understand that his mother is not the real mother when he reach high school. Everyone said his mother is too young. And while checking on Kaori’s wedding date, it doesn’t match his birthdate. When Suou went to university, he realized that it’s strange to have affinity too much with his sister. He was afraid to check on his family register anymore. Because if they are not real siblings, he’s afraid of his own feelings to change. Suou’s girlfriend ditched him after knowing he choose his little sister more than her. He became jealous when Shio brought her boy classmate in middle school, Toda. For now, Suou just had a wish that things wouldn’t change too fast.

Chiyo 千代 : When she visited Mio’s grave, Chiyo remembered her time with Mio. Suddenly, the weak Mio told Chiyo that she was pregnant. Chiyo knew the father is Shiga Takashi, the caretaker of the western building. She always told Mio to not go there, but her little sister fell in love with him. Mio wanted to take care of the child alone, so their father got very mad. Chiyo brought her sister to live with her friend, then went to meet Shiga Takashi. He didn’t seem to know about Mio’s pregnancy, saying they’re not dating and such. After Chiyo told him to not meet Mio anymore, Shiga just said if it’s okay to pretend that Chiyo have an affair with him instead. Of course it’s just a joke. Chiyo brushed it off. But when he heard about the child, Shiga Takashi said he will do something first before he can raise the child. Chiyo asked if he will marry Mio, but he couldn’t for now and told her to wait for a little bit more. Although in the end, Suou’s parents were both died. Chiyo asked her daughter, Kaori, who were just getting married to take care of Suou. After a few years has passed, Suou is becoming more and more similar to his father, and his body is weak like Mio. But as long as there is Shio with him, he will be fine. – OMG cried with the grandmother’s wishes.

Shiga Takashi 志賀喬 (CV Hirakawa Daisuke) : He was born as a servant’s child when his father, Tojo, the owner of western building, was fifty five years old. His mother was kicked out after giving birth to him, and leaving him with Tojo alone. When his father came back from Germany, he fell in love to cembalo. One day, when he was twenty six years old, after arriving from Germany, his father told Shiga to come to the chapel. His father injected something like poison to his arm, his body couldn’t move. His father also stabbed a knife to his body, trying to kill him. He said to Shiga that after the ritual have ended, he will be immortal. Thirty one years before the ritual, his father built the house after the demolition of Sai Shrine and began to research about a forbidden ritual. There were many other people beside him who had died from the ritual there. When he woke up the next day, which he’s supposed to already died from the knife, he realized the changes of his body. His hair and nails couldn’t grow longer, he stopped growing. After that, his father and his Tojo siblings all suffered from Saki no Eyami. Before he died, Shiga couldn’t forget how his father look at him with jealousy toward his immortal body. Although the truth is, he himself doesn’t want to be immortal.

After his father’s death, all of his families went to another town, leaving him alone as the caretaker. But he was suffering of couldn’t meet anyone. Then, 40 years after that, when he’s 66 years old, he began to change after meeting Mio. While he forced her not to come back meeting him anymore, opposite from his words, he was waiting for her. In the end, he found happiness while being with Mio. Then, he held a small wedding in the western building after knowing of Mio’s pregnancy from Chiyo. On their wedding day, Shiga mentioned that he was only a ghost before meeting Mio and had died once in there. After their own made wedding, the two of them lived in a small building near the western house (Chiyo even said it was a hotate / scallop hut). Chiyo kept asking why they wouldn’t live in the big house, but Suou said the western house hold a curse, so it’s better to live somewhere else. A month after that, Mio gave birth to Suou, but she died from her weak body. While he thought it would be better if he died before Mio, Shiga was saved because of their treasure, Suou. If he truly have immortal power, he makes a wish to be Suou’s strength.

Fins フィンス : As a lonely being, he wanted to meet Shio quickly. When he knew she befriended the wolves, he was very angry at it. Fins saw when Shio got hurt by the window glasses. It was Siegfried’s doing it. He went to Sieg near the school and told him not to touch Shio. Sieg only had curiousity of why Fins was so obsessive towards Shio. And finally, he found the immortal fruit. But he doesn’t want to hurt Shio in order to obtain her as his partner. He was searching for time he could meet Shio again, calling her name many times.

Kaori 香織 : Kaori had a quick marriage with Shuhei, her senior of six years, when she was in university because she wanted to raise Suou. Suou was supposed to be registered as her brother, but at that time, Chiyo was already 49 years old. When she saw the sleeping Suou, Kaori felt pity. At first, she thought it was too fast to get married in her junior year of university, but Shuhei encouraged her. After her marriage, Kaori started her own business with Shuhei. And when Shio reached four years old, Shuhei died from illness. Then, she kept working nonstop and wondering if she had already being a good mother for her kids. Kaori was shocked to hear Shio wanted to marry a man after her graduation in high school. But she approved of her choice, saying the child is supposed to create their own families one day, the difference is either quick or not.

Siegfried Brach ジーク (CV Kishio Daisuke actual name : ジークフリードブラッハ) : When he woke up the first time in the cabin, he was held by a crying woman. She was glad that Sieg, her little brother, is alive. The woman’s name is Marianne Brach. But his soul wasn’t the real brother. Marianne was glad that Sieg had recovered from his illness. The body was supposed to be dead by an illness, that’s why he was kept inside a cabin alone. Two weeks after his awakening, Sieg began to seek for blood. Marianne gave it to him once every three days. As the season changed to winter, the villagers began to be afraid of Marianne, who brought her brother back to life as a witch. They burnt her body and Sieg always remembered her love words for him. He didn’t want Marianne to get sad so he didn’t kill the people. While looking at Fins and Shio at the back of his car, he was thinking if he obtain the immortal fruit in the past, would his fate change?

Ichiya no Yume no Monogatari ~Walpurga~ / One Night’s Dream Story ~Walpurga~ 一夜の夢の物語~ヴァルプルガ~ : Enter “ヴァルプルガ” in the box. The short story of Shio holding a witch’s night party (the night when the living and death can meet) together with the characters at the western building. She was preparing for the party, but she couldn’t find Fins and Suou. They were at a room, where Suou gave Fins an album of Shio’s childhood pictures. All of the pictures were after she cried, which made Fins confused of why she always crying. Shio told them to help the cleaning if Fins want to see more. After that, Shiga Takashi and Mio came. And the next are Oogami clan without Okina. The last person to come is Marianne. It doesn’t describe how the party is going, a very short story.

There are many questions upon completing this game. It was mentioned that Shiga Takashi, Suou’s father, was died after Mio. How could he die? Who is the killer? Then, after Tora and Ryuu were born, which meant a few years later after Suou’s birth (Suou is older), their father was killed by another monster when they attacked the building. Who was living there after Shiga Takashi? Another monster like him? Were they gathered in the building, former Sai Shrine, because it was the right place for the ritual and Maga gathered there? They are mysteries to me.

Another mystery about the monster’s current body. Fins used Shiga Takashi’s identity and memories (when he made soup for Shio). But his body is not Shiga Takashi’s body. How could he get the memories? As for Siegfried, I think I know why he can drive a car. He mentioned before driving the car to bring Shio outside the town, that he gained the memory from a dead body at the landslide incident. He might have sucked his blood and took the driving license, and got his memories? Is this true? Please tell me how? And I have been wondering if Fins already have the current appearance in black hair when Shio met him as a child. Because she always calls him wan-wan for dog. He might have sullen expression so she used that term.

For me, Suou and Ryuu’s route are just an extra. Suou is there to help Shio all the time, a little bit similar to her mother’s role. He doesn’t have anything worth in the fight between monster and wolf clan. His father is there too, just to add a past story of the forbidden ritual. And Ryuu.. Even though I played his route first before Tora, most of his scenes were a copy of both. I was pitying him a bit. He only had slight differences that Tora’s route. Since the first time, the chief has been decided to Tora. So it is not a responsibility to add his route like a servant to Tora.

My favorite character is Fins himself. He seems to be a true male lead. When I played the other route, I was sad that he’s mentioned as their enemy rather than a pitiful being. But finally in his route, I could feel how much he had been longing for Shio. He also mentioned he called Shio’s name everyday since their first meeting. A faithful dog! His story is about his own sacrifice by getting himself killed in a fire. And Shio sacrificed her families to be with him. Both of them made a word of “love”. Meanwhile, my second favorite character is Tora. He protected Shio with all his might, while pursuing the future as the chief for everyone in the clan. He was afraid to touch the fragile Shio, especially if he must drink her blood. But I dislike how he let Shio go just so he can’t hurt her anymore. If so, he is hurting his loved one more than he thinks.

While playing, the BGM reminded me of Star Ocean’s BGM by Motoi Sakuraba. Did you know my favorite RPG of all times is Star Ocean the Second Story? I had re-played it to beat Lucifer for more than 10 times in my life, from PS to PSP (but couldn’t finish the last bonus ruin). There is BGM in Salva village “Weathercock-in English” and it is similar to “I Miss You” in this VN, either from its tone or instruments. The OP & ED songs are in English by John Holiday (who?), but I don’t have any favorite. The ending songs were different for each character. They are one song in different tones and musics. Meanwhile, I understand why Ono Kensho is rarely voicing VN. His voice is too boring. The character he voiced seems weak and similar to after running (tired) human voice. Hirakawa Daisuke is also like always, turning me to sleep. I don’t prefer his voice too much, but he is everywhere in otome games. I just recently found him in Haitaka, Kurochou, and watching Koi to Producer all in one season! Meanwhile, Kakihara Tetsuya is proudly presenting his Germany language reading in the opening of the game, reciting Goethe’s poem. Well, he was born in Germany so it didn’t feel hard at all.

For just four characters, the CGs are too much! The playing time is long, especially to full completed it. Playing Fins route after all characters seems like playing since the beginning again. I had a long time taking to screenshot the CGs and mixed them. The especally longest CG is below (4-5 times puzzling it):

Long for nothing except the shining effect.

While the game fighting scene seems too fast, compared to Steam Prison, which described the fighting scenes very detailed up to the blood splatter, I think the VN is worth to play. The story is not too hard, but it does have touching dialogues. I was almost crying in Chiyo’s sub story. Not crying like in Haitaka though, when I cried so much at Fransisca’s past story. But still almost… I think I cried in most of every past stories, the parents stories, rather than the lead story… How? Despite that, I think the story mentioned forbidden ritual, sacrifice, sucking blood, death, and the endings are all making love. From Fins who have real make-love CG, Tora in nude CG, Ryuu in almost make love CG, and Suou in just kissing CG. The game is for 15+ years. Not explicit like R18 games, but the theme is quiet dark. But it is not up to my favorite game as of now. And getting full complete was a hard job. It’s like playing four characters, but the actual effort is five. There are many sub stories and takes much time too.

After full completed it, the title menu changed to a daylight.

I think there are too many CGs for Oogami brothers rather than Fins, the main male lead. Oogami brothers have many CGs and especially the everyday life scene. Too bad for Fins. He only becomes a main lead in his own route.

Anyway, I’m waiting for Steam Prison Fin’s route next month (Oh my, I played two games with Fins!). I might not play something after this and will calmly waiting for Fin. He is not my favorite character, but I pity his endings. I will be searching for his happiness when playing his route.

I’m satisfied with otome games I chose this year. After more than 5 years hiatus, I finally able to play many otome games again. Most of my favorites are dark and sad theme & story. I feel playing a light story would just wasting my time since I want a deep storyline that I can remember all my life. I hope there are more dark otome games out there to come out. I own a Switch, but I dislike playing in a big console like that. Maybe a PC game will do better.

Link for CG:





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