Kannagi no Mori: Ryuujin Kitan

After playing Youko Kitan, I went straight to play Ryuujin Kitan while I had the urge to play the second part. I was afraid if I took a long rest, I would feel it’s not gonna happen to play the same title. Ryuujin Kitan happened after Mizuki moved to Shinzou’s house. She lost her memories there, and befriended other beings, rarely humans. Ryuujin Kitan is telling us deeper about supernatural powers, other beings, and tales in Ugetsumura. It took longer than Youko Kitan for each character’s routes.

Mizuki woke up from her sleep. She noticed someone’s voice is calling her and holding her hands. It is Hinata’s (Kakihara Tetsuya) voice. But when she opened up her eyes, she saw a white-haired man instead. He is Asahi (Eguchi Takuya), a shikiyo, ayakashi who served human. She doesn’t remember anything, so Asahi tells her that her name is Kinami Mizuki, 16 years old and have no parents. She currently have no memories because of Misogi, a ceremony that cause her to lose memories. They must perform Misogi to her because she had an erosion, and if not, she would have died. Mizuki is an Ayakashi-tsuki, a people who are affected by ayakashi and have special power, something like developing a disease. Mizuki had an erosion because she tried to perform Misogi on someone and in the end, she suffered from the same erosion. Kouya (Yamanaka Masahiro) is another shikiyo of Nanjou Shinzou (Kobayashi Norio), Mizuki’s grandfather, who performed Misogi on her. After that, she asked who was the person who stayed with her earlier. So Asahi told her that it’s Hinata, a dog ayakashi, her childhood friend and someone who is as important as her own family. There are four more ayakashi-tsukis and a hairpin tsukumogami living in the house, but Asahi will introduce them after she wakes up again later. She doesn’t have any choice and continue sleeping.

When Mizuki woke up the next day, Asahi appeared to introduce her to Shinzou. She noticed hydrangea on her desk and asked Asahi who gave it, but he didn’t know too. Asahi told Mizuki not to talk formally with him because he’s only a shikiyo, a servant, so she called him by his name. When she finally met her grandfather, he’s waiting with Kouya in his room. Shinzou said he apologize that she must lose her memory after coming to his house. Though Mizuki didn’t feel that it’s his fault. Meanwhile, she noticed the other ayakashi with Shinzou is Kouya. Kouya also tells her not to regard him formally, same as Asahi.

Kouya, always being an evil ayakashi here.

Then, Shinzou began telling her of her past. She lived there until three years old. But because her father Itsuki, died, her mother brought Mizuki out from Nanjou house and lost contact with Shinzou. After he knew about the dead of Mizuki’s mother, he brought her back to Nanjou house. She asked him if she’s attending school before losing her memory. Shinzou says that she’s attending Akanehara High School, a new school, but because of her current situation, she must leave school for a while. He just tells her about that and always stays beside Asahi as her attendant. Moroever, she still can’t walk normally and Asahi must help her. When she and Asahi left the room, they met two high school guys. Asahi introduced them as Nishina Nao (Umehara Yuuichirou) and Sawaki Souta (Yashiro Taku). They’re attending the same school as her. But since they should go to school that morning, the two of them left early.

Then, she went to the hall to eat breakfast. She met Shinonome (Matsuoka Yoshitsugu), a hairpin tsukumogami, and Ichimaru (Okitsu Kazuyuki). Asahi said that Ichimaru is the person who takes care of Yorozu Ayakashi-ya, Nanjou family business, and solving case between human and another beings. She’s surprised about Yorozu Ayakashi-ya, asking Asahi that he didn’t appeared to be any different than human. But he can only hold supernatural power if he put his fox mask on, so Mizuki can notice his presence is different. But turned out she couldn’t feel his ayakashi presence since she lost her memories. Asahi also told her that when a shikiyo put off their mask, they will be the same normal human and shouldn’t show it to fight. Then, Mizuki asked him about the mark on his face. It’s the sign of a master-servant contract with Shinzou, “Shin” from Shinzou. When an ayakashi signed a contract, one of the master’s name would be put on their body. After telling her all of that, Asahi went to pick her food, while Shinonome went outside the room to watch TV. Suddenly, Hinata appeared. Mizuki gave her thanks for taking care of her that night, though Hinata seemed sad that she didn’t remember about him and didn’t want to look at her longer. After Asahi came back with her food, Kouya came to tell him that Shinzou asked for his presence, so Asahi left Mizuki with Ichimaru.

After eating her breakfast, Mizuki had no one to ask than Ichimaru about where she should clean it. He have no choice, so he’s the one bringing him to the kitchen. It seems she can still remember how to wash dishes. Ichimaru told her that it’s her rememberance, so she should still be able to do it herself. Suddenly, Shinonome went to the kitchen and asked Mizuki to eat pudding with him and Nishina Aoi (Horie Shun). He brought her to Aoi’s room, Nao’s little brother. Aoi is a little bit sad to see Mizuki can’t remember him, but they will befriend each other again. After that, they asked Hinata to eat pudding and play with them, but he refused. Then, Shinonome brought all puddings so he can eat them all. Aoi told him, that the pudding was made by Nao and he will get mad at Shinonome for emptying it. But Shinonome doesn’t care and starting to play Jinsei Game. He always lose though.

It’s finally time to eat lunch. Nao had made four donburis for everyone there, so they should just heat it. But when Aoi gave it to Hinata, he said he doesn’t need it, so only three of them were eating the donburi. After done eating, Shinonome told them to sleep for a moment with him. Aoi tried to sleep beside him and fell to a deep sleep without waiting fo too long. Looking at them, Mizuki took a rest beside Aoi. When she saw Shinonome’s hair, she thought it’s pretty. Shinonome also said the same to her hair. The three of them had a nap. Suddenly, when she woke up, it’s already evening. She had thought to clean the dishes before Nao come back, but it’s too late. He and Souta were already at the front door. When Nao saw what happened, he ordered the three of them to sit and questioning them one by one because his handmade pudding had gone and dirty dishes everywhere. He didn’t have mercy for Mizuki too. After looking at Mizuki’s hard to talk, Shinonome said he’s the one who told them to do it with him and ate the rest of the pudding while Aoi and Mizuki only ate one. Of course Nao couldn’t forgive him so he won’t get food for dinner.

Before eating dinner, Nao told Aoi and Mizuki to make miso soup. He and Souta asked Mizuki to call them friendlier, such as Nishina-senpai and Souta-kun, like in the past. After that, she met Asahi, asking if he will do something when he’s not working. He said he didn’t do anything. And he’s a bit surprise to hear Mizuki ask him to eat together. Because he is only a servant and he doesn’t need to eat. Then, he told Mizuki to try doing Yorozu Ayakashi-ya’s work, because she also did it before. She thinks it’s a good suggestion and will have to try it.

The next day, Asahi told Hinata to help Mizuki working as ayakashi-tsuki. Their client is a farmer, Mikami Shigeo. Everyday, Shigeo’s front door will get messy and it’s a trouble for him. He asked them to investigate about it. After the police tried investigating the case, they have decided the culprit isn’t human. The three of them went to Shigeo’s house. After greeting him, Shigeo talks about his concern. Since a month ago, trashes and grass, or flower pot became messy in front of his door. When Shigeo was talking, Mizuki noticed he didn’t look at Hinata. So Hinata himself said that the man can’t see him. After showing the trash, Shigeo said there’s also white clover in the trash. After searching, he found out the meaning is “revenge”, so he’s wondering if he made an ayakashi angry at him. It’s because before everything had happened, he had threw a snake he caught from his front door to the river.

After searching for a while, Mizuki noticed a Chinese bellflower (kikyou) at Shigeo’s home. Shigeo said it’s his wife’s hobby. But he also remembered the flowers were not doing well when he found the flower pot got messy. After that, he remembered to change the flower’s soil and made it healthy again. Maybe it’s the first time he had ever felt glad of the mess. Before going to lunch, Asahi made a barrier to capture the culprit. The three of them sit beside a river. Mizuki asked Asahi to eat with them, but he refused again because he didn’t need it. So Mizuki gave up. Though she feels it would be more fun if everyone eat together. Knowing her thoughts, Hinata agreed to eat the onigiri Asahi made. It makes Mizuki happy, and she sees Asahi smiling too. At that time, Mizuki asked why did Shigeo called her and Shinzou with –sama. Asahi told her that Nanjou house is a “Kami-tsuki” family in Ugetsumura, who possessed God. It was a story from a long time ago, where there’s a flood from a heavy rain. The heavy rain and flood was caused by Ryuujin (Dragon God) which they had faith in. Many people around the village were dead because of the flood, but only Ugetsumura had not even one human died. Everyone believe it was thanks to Nanjou house. It made Mizuki think that Nanjou house is great.

When they had done eating, Asahi noticed his barrier caught an ayakashi. Hinata changed his form to a dog and search around the house. But it’s not dangerous so he changed back to human form. They found a Suzume (sparrow ayakashi) who did the mess in front of Shigeo’s door. It apologized, so Mizuki also said sorry to made Suzume afraid. Actually, Suzume is grateful for the owner of the house because he already threw the snake which endanger Suzume and its family. So it gave the owner a few things as thanks. And Suzume gave white clover because it heard human will be happy if they get flower. Asahi told Shigeo about all of it, and Shigeo said Suzume doesn’t need to give thanks anymore after all of it. It seems like he’s changed from a mere old farmer to a hero, because he saved the sparrow’s family. The case ended well.

At home, Mizuki met Shinonome, who just woke up. He wanted to take a walk outside, asked Mizuki to go with him. When they’re walking near home, he smelled something nice from one of the house. So he wanted to play a game of guessing what kind of meal it would be. Shinonome had guess they’re cooking nikujaga (meat and potato stew), though Mizuki thought of it too. So they had to guess another round cooking. He asked Mizuki to guess it first now. Mizuki said it’s a curry, but it’s a new word for Shinonome. So she had made promise with him to cook curry together later, then went home to eat dinner.

Hinata (CV Kakihara Tetsuya)

Mizuki read a few chats from her friends. But she didn’t remember about them, made her thinking if she’s the real herself, so she didn’t reply. Then, she went to the garden on rainy day because she heard something. Mizuki found a large rabbit. It got hurt so she need to carry it inside and heal its wound. But while holding her umbrella, she almost fell down. Thankfully, Hinata took the umbrella and helped her taking care of the rabbit ayakashi. It made Mizuki surprise because she didn’t know the rabbit is an ayakashi before. She then asked Hinata about her past. That her mother opened a restaurant and Hinata lived with them, helping her mother carrying heavy things and all. But he still didn’t smile much at her, because she had lost her memories.

On the next day, Mizuki gave the rabbit ayakashi a name, Momo. She was wondering what it would eat, because it didn’t eat the cabbage she precviously gave. When she tried to ask Hinata or Asahi about it, she found out that Nao was angry at Aoi. Aoi wanted to keep a stray cat as his pet, but Nao said they couldn’t mess Nanjou house and he already have Hinata as a dog. Of course Hinata was a bit mad, to be considered a pet. When he met Mizuki outside, he told her that he won’t tell anyone about the rabbit. Then, he brought her to a Mt. Mizusaki. There are many kinds of ayakashi, from the appearance similar to human or animals. They eat something human can’t see, same as some human can see something others can’t. Even the white flower he grabbed have something Mizuki couldn’t see. It makes her thinking that Hinata’s world is different than hers. So she said she wanted to see the world Hinata is looking. Mizuki wanted to touch the white flower he explained earlier and Hinata gladly gave it because he didn’t need it.

At the shrine deeper in the mountain, they found a man. His face is half hidden by a cloth, makes Mizuki thinks he’s an ayakashi. Though he introduced himself as Kaguna (Nakajii Daisuke), a God born from human’s feelings. The shrine is his place. It’s the first time Mizuki met a God, but when Hinata agree to it, he was thinking about something. Then, he asked Kaguna about where he could find a red grass for the rabbit ayakashi. Kaguna told them that they should go deeper again to find the grass. They finally found it and went back home but met Kouya at the corridor. At first, he said he’s glad they could be friends again. But then, he told Hinata that he must have been feeling happy the girl forgot about him. He must have some things he wanted her to forget. It made Hinata angry at Kouya, told him to shut up.

When the rabbit finally ate the grass, Mizuki was glad they could find something it could eat. Then, Hinata asked if she had already forgot about everything. Mizuki apologized, but he said it’s not her fault. After Hinata went to eat his meal, Mizuki was thinking if Hinata got hurt because she couldn’t remember him at all. While looking at Momo eating the grass, she also look at the white flower from Hinata. She’s thinking to get her relationships back with Hinata.

Mizuki came to the hall when Shinonome was begging Ichimaru about something. She thought it was about the cat Aoi wanted, so to hide Momo, she just pretend not to hear them. When she and Hinata were waiting for Asahi to work, he told her that he had another business from Shinzou. So Asahi left Mizuki and Hinata to solve another case alone. The case is from Ugetsumura villagers, saying that an ayakashi picked up their vegetables so they wanted Yorozu Ayakashi-ya to catch it. So the Mizuki and Hinata went to their client, Sagawa Nobuo to hear more about it. Hinata asked if Mizuki can handle talking with the client, because he couldn’t be seen by humans. And Mizuki thinks she will be alright. At Nobuo’s house, he told Mizuki that he’s a vegetable farmer. But his vegetables were stolen recently. He was sure the culprit isn’t human, but something huge cat-like beast. When Hinata told Mizuki to ask where’s the direction the culprit ran away to, Nobuo told them it was running to the mountain. Mt. Mizusaki, where she and Hinata searched for Momo’s grass. Today, they will search the mountain instead of waiting for the culprit to come.

Mizuki suggested they should try asking to Kaguna about the culprit so they went to the shrine. There, Kaguna got a cucumber from a tiger ayakashi. When Hinata asked about their vegetables, Kaguna said it’s from Kotetsu, the ayakashi with him. Hinata asked Kotetsu where did it find them, but Kotetsu said it found the vegetables soemewhere. Kotetsu couldn’t answer where did he found it and ran away from them. After he’s alone, Kaguna almost fell down and he seemed weak. Hinata helped him went inside the shrine to rest. After he’s back, Mizuki said she’s thinking that Kotetsu maybe stole vegetables for Kaguna. So they were searching for Kotetsu until dawn but couldn’t chase it. To capture it later, Hinata will create a mark so they can differentiate the vegetables Kotetsu will steal. From what they found, Kotetsu only steal cucumber and tomato.

When they arrived at home, Mizuki asked Hinata to help her feeding Momo before they eat dinner. Hinata gave a white grass, something like supplement so the rabbit can heal faster. Before Hinata go, Mizuki said she apologize for being scared at him when he changed his form earlier. To remember about his beast form, Mizuki wanted him to change now. At first, Hinata didn’t want to, but he finally shower his dog form to her. Mizuki was glad because after looking at him again, the dog form have similar eye color to Hinata. She thinks they’re the while as smiling. Then, she asked Hinata to be her friend again. Hinata agreed and told her to stop using formal language to him. So she called him “Hinata-kun”.

Meanwhile, at dinner, Mizuki couldn’t find Shinonome. Souta told her that he’s in the middle of boycotting dinner because they refused to get a cat. When Ichimaru went outside, Shinonome and Aoi asked him if Nao have said anything about the cat. Ichimaru answered that Nao didn’t say anything so Shinonome already lose. But Nao heard all of it, keep staring at them. Shinonome even said his face is like an oni.

Mizuki woke up with Momo beside her. Momo already got healthier thanks to Hinata’s supplement, so she said her thanks when they made breakfast together. She noticed Hinata didn’t touch the milk, so she asked if he hate it. He answered that it’s because he had always mimicking her in the past. Mizuki didn’t like milk as a child, but after she received it at school, she began to drink it even at home. Because he used to do whatever she did, Hinata still chose to drink tea in the morning rather than milk. Of course he got embarrassed for telling about his past. Later, Asahi apologized for not being able to do the job with them again. At the hall, Shinonome smelled everyone’s breakfast and asked for one bite, though he’s supposed to not eat anything. Mizuki thought of giving him some, but Hinata quickly put in the croissant into Shinonome’s mouth. He was happy though it’s too big. Meanwhile, Aoi tried to make a poster for the cat.

When Mizuki came to Nobou’s house again, he said the ayakashi stole his vegetables again, but only where they had put marks on it. The two of them must catch Kotetsu to know if it really stole Nobuo’s vegetables. When it appeared at the shrine again, Hinata caught Kotetsu and found the mark on all its vegetables. He asked if Kaguna know about it, but he behaved strangely. To explain about their situation, Kotetsu brought Mizuki and Hinata near the river. It seems Kaguna only have a one day memory, so he can’t remember about Kotetsu. Hinata felt it’s strange that a God could forget. Here, Kotetsu told them that the people already forgot about Kaguna. Because he was born from people’s feelings. Right now, he will be disappear shortly. Twenty years ago, people became forgot to visit his shrine so Kaguna had a grudge. He will do something to annoy the people. As a messenger of God (shinshi), Kotetsu did it. But one day, two ayakashi-tsuki from Yorozu Ayakashi-ya appeared to tell Kaguna and Kotetsu not to harass human anymore, and listen to Kaguna’s worries sincerely. After that, the two of them asked the villagers to worship Kaguna and they came often to also worship him. So Kaguna could live until today.

But a few years ago, Kaguna grant a wish from the two Yorozu Ayakashi-yas people in exchange for his memories and past. Not all Gods are almighty. For a God to listen to a wish, they must consider the price. If they can’t pay the price, they will disappear. And there are many Gods who disappeared after granting human’s wishes. Kotetsu didn’t know what they were wishing to Kaguna. But after ten years had passed, they didn’t come to the shrine anymore, so it thought humans are cruel. But Kotetsu did remember the name, they were Nanjou Itsuki and Miyako. They are Mizuki’s parents. After hearing both of them already died, Kotetsu felt sorry. Although Mizuki offered to worship the shrine and told Kotetsu to not steal again, Kotetsu said she shouldn’t do it and will stop stealing. She asked what kind of wish her parents made to Kaguna, but Kotetsu didn’t know. When walking back to the shrine, Hinata asked Kotetsu if it’s painful to be near someone who lost his memory. Kotetsu said it’s very painful and hard. Everyday, he would ask Kotetsu’s name again and made it cry, almost running away. But its form was made as Kaguna’s messenger, so even though Kaguna told him to be free, Kotetsu couldn’t leave him. As long as he smiles, Kotetsu will be happy. Kotetsu’s feelings is the same as Hinata. Mizuki saw Hinata made a sad expression after talking with Kotetsu.

After Mizuki told all the story to Nobuo, he said he will worship the shrine later. To ask about her parents, Mizuki tried to ask Nobuo’s father. He told her that before marrying Itsuki, Miyako was a servant. She was a kind and bright person, while Itsuki was a man with manner. After Itsuki’s dead, Miyako brought Mizuki out of the town, but finally she had came back now. After hearing the story of her parents, Mizuki is happy and think she should ask Shinzou later. Hinata encouraged her to do it.

Seems Aoi is busy making poster for the cat. But when Nao and Souta came back home, Souta explained that Nao already found someone who will be taking care for the cat. Even Ichimaru also asked his clients to take it. After saying thanks to Nao and Ichimaru, Aoi regained his friendships with his brother again. Meanwhile, it made Mizuki wished to know more of her family so she tried going to Shinzou’s room to ask more. There’s Kouya again with Shinzou. She told Shinzou about her experience with Nobuo’s father but Shinzou didn’t seem to care much. As his only family, Mizuki asked if there’s something she can do for Shinzou, apart from Yorozu Ayakashi-ya, but Shinzou didn’t feel anything to ask her now. It made Mizuki wondering if Shinzou and her mother had something in the past.

After going out from Shinzou’s room, Kouya called her. He said it’s too bad she couldn’t ask something from Shinzou, but it’s to be expected because her mother had killed his son before she went out from the house. Nanjou house is being worshipped and respected by villagers so his father’s death is told by accident, but it’s the truth. Mizuki didn’t believe it because Nobuo’s father said her mother seemed kind. For Kouya, it’s okay to not believe him, but looking at Shinzou not talking about her mother, that should be true. Shinzou can’t forgive Mizuki. Suddenly, Asahi called Kouya and made him go. On her bed, Mizuki held Momo because she’s thinking hard about what Kouya had said to her. He wouldn’t freely lying to her for no reason.

In the morning, Mizuki couldn’t find Momo everywhere at the house. She asked Hinata to search for Momo in the mountain so they met Kotetsu but it didn’t know about the rabbit. And because Kaguna was sick, he couldn’t use the power to search the rabbit. When they tried to search again, Mizuki had a blackout for not eating breakfast so they went back to the house. After resting for a while and searched in the mountain again, Hinata said it will rain. But even after it’s raining hard, Mizuki kept searching for Momo. She finally found it but its body is cold. So they brought Momo back home while trying to warm it with the stove. Though it’s futile and Momo died peacefully after getting the same flower as Hinata had gave Mizuki. Hinata said the rabbit must already near dying when Mizuki found it, but it kept on living to meet her. (I cried here for knowing the rabbit’s feelings) Though when they tried to bury Momo in the garden, Kouya saw them and acccused Mizuki had killed it. It’s not surprising since she’s the killer’s daughter. After saying that, he said he had another task to do.

When burying Momo, Hinata said that even though Mizuki couldn’t save it, it must have been saved by her. Because Hinata feels the same too. If not, Momo wouldn’t be able to keep on holding the flower for Mizuki. After saying that, Hinata touched her cheeks as if embracing her, telling her to smile because it’s what Momo would want.

A few days after that, when Hinata finally sit beside Mizuki again after she had lost memories to eat breakfast, Shinonome said they’re being lovey dovey. It makes Hinata gets embarrassed, saying they’re not like that. So Mizuki is a little bit mad and says she will clean the dishes, but Hinata holds her hand under the table. He didn’t say anything so Mizuki also became red. After Aoi and Shinonome went to wash the dishes, Hinata said they should give the vegetables to Kaguna and Kotetsu later. When they arrived, the two of them already played ayatori. Mizuki tried to play with them and she could do it perfectly, while Hinata was bad at it. So she helped him, but getting him nervous by touching his hands. To help them getting on the mood, Kotetsu said there’s a lantern festival (Tourou Nagashi) in the village today. So Hinata asked Mizuki to go with him, with a red face. She accepted and they went to eat dinner there.

At the festival, a few kids running through Hinata. His body became transparent and it made Mizuki surprise, so she took his arm. She asked if Hinata couldn’t be touched by human and it’s true. It made her heart hurt, that he feels like a dream. Ever since he’s born, he had been like that and he couldn’t feel lonely. He’ll be just fine if someone precious to him look at himself and talk with him. But when he thinks that their world is different, it makes him feel lonely and sad. When the night came, Mizuki put the lantern on the river and prayed for her parents and Momo. Hinata was just looking at her. Realizing their world is different, Mizuki is thinking why human should live. She then asked Hinata if he’s thinking of the future, but he isn’t. Though for Mizuki, she have things she’s anxious about, like what will she do after graduating and all. But Hinata tells her to not think too serious about it and do what she wants to do. When she asked him again, where does he find his happiness, Hinata answered that it lies on the people he love. This makes Mizuki wants to live with the same thought as him, to be thinking that the happiness of others is the happiness for her own. Although she wants to know who Hinata likes, she’s afraid to ask more.

Mizuki tried to go back quickly, but Hinata stopped her, thinking if she’s afraid of him. Mizuki denied it, saying she feels happy because she likes Hinata. But quickly, she corrected that it’s not love. Because the town is already dark, Hinata holds Mizuki’s hand while walking back. He could see in the dark a bit. Mizuki gave him thanks for staying with her. But even after coming back home, Mizuki still doesn’t want to get separated from him, so she makes suggestion to eat dinner again. Meanwhile, Asahi and Kouya were talking of something important when they came in. After meeting them, Hinata told Mizuki to go to bed instead. It makes her worried.

After taking a bath, Mizuki still couldn’t stop feeling worried about Hinata so she came outside her room. She heard a noise in Shinzou’s house, so she opened the door without waiting. There, Hinata changed to his dog form, attacking Asahi and Kouya, together with Shinzou. He brought Mizuki outside, breaking the window to the garden, then kidnapped Mizuki to a vacant house. She could hear Asahi and Kouya tried to chase them, but couldn’t keep up with Hinata’s speed. Even though Mizuki wants explanation, Hinata doesn’t say anything. She didn’t eat nor drink until he explain it. On the next day, she’s still refusing to drink, Hinata doesn’t have any choice than to give her water through mouth. It’s like he’s not the real Hinata. Mizuki didn’t have any choice than to eat and drink as he ordered her, or he would kiss her again.

When Hinata went outside that day, a little girl came out in front of Mizuki. She noticed that Mizuki’s hands were roped, so the little girl tried to free Mizuki. She told Mizuki that her name is Suzu, they had met before but Mizuki forgot about her. For Suzu, she didn’t think that Hinata did anything bad to Mizuki because he always treasure her. If Mizuki wants to run away, it’s better to think again if it’s the right thing. Mizuki also knows that Hinata is a good person, but is it okay to keep quiet to her?

Then, Kouya finally found Mizuki. He asked Mizuki to keep quiet and become Ryuujin’s sacrifice. But it seems she doesn’t know, so Kouya will explain it. His master, Shinzou, wanted Mizuki to be the sacrifice for Dragon God (Ryuujin), as a replacement to Nanjou Ayano in the past, and die. That night, Hinata heard them talking about it and brought her to run away. After knowing that, Mizuki was afraid if something had happened to Hinata, and she also need to run from Kouya. But Kouya captured her easily, saying he had been hating her ever since she was born. Shinzou also didn’t have any feelings for her, because she will be a sacrifice. Not long after that, Hinata came to release Mizuki from Kouya. Kouya asked why didn’t he tell her about the sacrifice thing, was it because he love her. But Hinata got mad at him, because it wasn’t that simple such as mere love. Mizuki is his everything, his meaning to live and die, his happiness and unhappiness. Then, he fought Kouya, changed his form to a dog and took Mizuki to run away. But he got hurt.

When she look at Hinata, who had gotten hurt because of her, she had a wish to remember about him. Then, her memories came back one by one. From the time she received a phone call about her mother’s accident, Hinata was there with her, and then about her meeting with Asahi, Shinonome, and Souta. Another memory was about Kouya called Asahi as a killer, that he shouldn’t ask him about how to contact the lady and become sweet all of sudden. He added it that Asahi had stabbed the lady’s mother, so he shouldn’t look great. But Kouya and Asahi noticed her after that and he erased her memories for hearing them talking. Another memory of her childhood came after that. She was crying for being bullied by her friends, then found a weak little dog. She thought the puppy must be lonely so he held it in her body while crying.

After that, Mizuki woke up because Hinata was calling her. She called Hinata without –kun now, so he noticed her memories had already back. He hold her tightly, and happy because he won’t feel lonely anymore. Mizuki hold him back and they were staying like that for a while. At night, Mizuki told Hinata all of her memories about Kouya and Asahi, and about her mother killed her father. But she and Hinata didn’t believe Miyako killed Itsuki. She thought maybe because her mother knew about Shinzou’s plan, she ran from home. And Asahi might killed her mother because Shinzou ordered him to find them. If so, Mizuki can’t forgive Shinzou and Asahi. After talking, Hinata caught a fish so Mizuki could eat dinner. She reminded him of when he gave her water from mouth, it made him blushing a lot, saying she shouldn’t tell anyone. But actually, Mizuki didn’t get angry about that, rather, she felt weird. That night, she was sleeping in Hinata’s warm fur.

But when she woke up at morning, she found Hinata in human form, hugging her. Mizuki was feeling nervous of it, made her remember of their kiss. She woke Hinata and he got blushing after noticing what he had done. But their time together was not long, until Kouya came to catch them again. After fighting a bit with Kouya, Hinata finally had time to escape (again?). But he got more wound. Because Mizuki told him to run away by himself, Hinata remembered he have another power to release from his magatama. The magatama was from Miyako, maybe she got it from Kaguna. Miyako told Hinata that the magatama could erase the spiritual power from Nanjou house. But he just knew after he had heard Shinzou talking with his shikiyo on the lantern festival day. He said they could erase Shinzou’s power for a day, but they just only could hide from his shikiyo from a few hours. They must find Shinzou before Asahi and Kouya found them. But it’s strange that her mother didn’t use it before. Hinata said it’s because her mother is an ayakashi. The villagers said her mother is a servant, so she should be Itsuki’s shikiyo. And because Miyako didn’t use her mask, no one could notice her as an ayakashi, even Mizuki and Hinata. Hinata said even though he wouldn’t have any form in this world anymore, he will keep staying with her.

That night, Mizuki was scared if Hinata would be gone. She asked him not to go away from her and of her love to Hinata. Looking at her sadness, Hinata kissed Mizuki, asking why did she cry. He will blow her tears away. After that, Hinata told her that her sacrifice event should be held later at this month, one week before June end. He will explain their situation to all the members in the house, and watch Shinzou.

But their conversation stopped after Kouya came. Shinzou shouldn’t be ordering him because his power had already gone from the magatama. But Kouya just wants to kill Mizuki. Kouya revealed that he’s the one who killed Itsuki, for Sanae. Because they wanted to save Mizuki from being a sacrifice. Mizuki’s mother was Itsuki’s shikiyo. After he married Miyako, his power to control Miyako as shikiyo (the master-servant relationship) was gone. Originally, if they try to harm their master, they will die. But Shinzou believe easily that Miyako had killed Itsuki, because they had gotten married, not thinking it was Kouya who killed his son. After telling them that, Kouya began to fight Hinata in the dog form. But before Kouya could harm Hinata, Asahi came to fight with him. Asahi won the fight and Kouya asked if it’s to atone his sin. Before Asahi answered, his body disappeared gradually while he look at the sky, saying “Sanae”.


After that, Mizuki asked if Asahi had killed her mother. He nodded and apologized, then leaving her alone. When she noticed Hinata wasn’t there, she called his name numerous times. He finally appeared, but his body was transparent. For the last time, he hugs Mizuki, saying he loves her. He will love her forever, asking her not to forget about him because his feelings won’t change. But he disappeared when the sun rises after saying goodbye. But it didn’t make her sad for long because she quickly thinks of something. She ran to Kaguna’s place, wishing to meet Hinata again.

It will be fireworks festival shortly. Hinata and Mizuki sit on the cliff, while he hug her from behind. He asked her to kiss him, but she’s didn’t want to be seen by Kotetsu. Because she teased him, she made atonement to kiss Hinata after that. Hinata asked if she feel regret becoming an ayakashi. She said she didn’t feel regret at all. After becoming an ayakashi, she could see other things like Hinata. The price for that is, she can’t be seen by humans, even for Nishina Nao or people who can see other beings. But as long as Hinata is with her, she is happy.


Hinata disappeared forever after Asahi had killed Kouya.


After living together for a year, Hinata often have lovey dovey moments with Mizuki. It happened when Mizuki was making something for Kotetsu, then she patted Hinata’s head. Suddenly, Kotetsu came and saw them, saying Hinata always have flower garden inside his head. Kotetsu just wanted to ask if they need any vegetables, but he saw the brush Mizuki made, saying it wanted to be brushed by Mizuki again. It made Hinata jealous, running away after calling Mizuki a cheater. Then, he remembered the time Mizuki was calling his name after she changed into an ayakashi. He was surprised to know she could see him again on rainy day. After realizing he likes Mizuki so much, he comes back and confess again. Mizuki feels the same and actually, the brush she made is for him. He will treasure the life with her better.

Asahi (CV Eguchi Takuya)

When Asahi went to Shigeo’s house with Mizuki and Hinata, she asked him to eat together because it would be more fun. But he feels he is lower than her, so he just drink tea. At night after solving the case of Suzume, she found Asahi in the garden (instead of a rabbit). She asked if she is the same person as before she lose her memories. Hearing that, Asahi brought her to a river and showed her the butterfly ayakashi. They are shining in white. Asahi told Mizuki to touch it. At first, she’s afraid if it will die. But Asahi said it’s fine, so she touched it. Surprisingly, the butterfly changed to blue light. For Asahi, even without memory, she is still the same kind person.

That morning, Aoi and Shinonome were playing picture shiritori. Mizuki must draw picture with “ra” in front of the word, so she drew a rappa (trumpet?), but she didn’t remember much about it. Even though her drawing was bad, everyone said it’s cute. After they asked Ichimaru to draw too, Asahi came. Mizuki was curious of his drawing, so she asked him to draw. Everyone said he’s good at it. Asahi then curious of her drawing. When he saw it, he said it’s cute. When looking at Asahi, she noticed about the bell, and the string attached to it. When she tried to ask, Hinata came in. Then, Asahi explained about the next case. The client is Hanayama Yuuko who lived in the next village. Her daughter is obsessed about ayakashi, so she wants Yorozu Ayakashi-ya to solve it. When Yuuko saw Mizuki, she thought Mizuki was too young for the job. But Asahi quickly told her that Mizuki’s power doesn’t have inferiority to Shinzou.

Yuuko explained that her daughter is now in second year high school. Next year, she’s supposed to have an exam in an art school in Tokyo and always works hard for it. But suddenly, her daughter stopped thinking about taking the exam and didn’t tell the reason. Sometimes, she also didn’t attend school. When Yuuko tried to follow her daughter, she realized the daughter always go to the mountain and meet a young man in kimono. Yuuko tried to talk with him, but he and her daughter ran away by jumping to the cliff. They both were save, when normal people couldn’t. One day, her daughter came back but she always felt sick and only sleeping. After that, Mizuki and the others tried to search for the girl to the mountain.

They got her name, it’s Hanayama Tsumugi (Tachibana Rika). Asahi said she might get hypnosis from the young man. Asahi put on his mask to search for the girl. Finally, they found two rat ayakashis talking that the girl always monopolized their Sakaki-sama (Takayama Kou). They realized Mizuki and the others were from Yorozu Ayakashi-ya, so they’re reporting it to Sakaki. Hinata changed to a dog to chase them, and Mizuki followed him together with Asahi. They found Tsumugi, and she seemed happy to meet Mizuki, her friend. But the rats ayakashi told him to run away instead, because they know Asahi is from Yorozu Ayakashi-ya. Sakaki told one of the rat, Gisuke, to be quiet, then he wanted Asahi to open his mask. So Asahi removed his mask. Tsumugi could finally see him. It made Sakaki surprised too, that a shikiyo will look like normal human after they removed their mask. One of the rat, Narisuke, told them that the people from Yorozu Ayakashi-ya wouldn’t listen to him. So Tsumugi wanted an explanation from Mizuki about Yorozu Ayakashi-ya. Though Asahi told her that Mizuki had lost her memories.

Mizuki explained everything to Tsumugi, also about Yorozu Ayakashi-ya. She could understand that’s why Mizuki didn’t reply her chats and accepted it. But she told Mizuki to tell her mother that she is safe. Tsumugi said that it’s all her decision to not attending university, and she would feel sick sometimes but it won’t endanger her life. So Mizuki went down to meet Yuuko again. On their way, Gisuke and Narisuke followed them but Mizuki and the others had already noticed them. At Yuuko’s house, she was getting mad at Mizuki for not doing her job perfectly. She told Yuuko to just watch over Tsumugi for a while, but Yuuko wanted Tsumugi to prepare for university exam. She even said that Yorozu Ayakashi-ya didn’t do their job, different than the rumour. Because Yuuko already stopped requesting from her, Mizuki went back to the mountain and asked the rats ayakashi about the real situation. Gizuke and Narisuke finally agreed to explain.

Sakaki is an ayakashi who have been living since 200 years ago, a sakaki tree ayakashi. He first met Tsumugi one month ago, when Tsumugi was drawing inside the mountain. She was attacked by one of her high school’s boy friend, and Sakaki saved her. But she lost her precious brush. To stay near Tsumugi, Sakaki suggested to help her searching for the brush. After being together for a long time, the two of them have gotten closer. Even though they have found the brush, they’re still meeting each other. But it won’t be long since Sakaki suffered an illness. They had tried searching for the medicine, but it’s futile. His illness affecting the surroundings, including Tsumugi who got sick. Recently, bugs didn’t approach near him either. But it wouldn’t kill his surroundings so Tsumugi still keep staying with him. After telling her that, Narisuke and Gisuke guided them to town again. But before she left, Narisuke gave Mizuki a warning not to believe the shikiyo or have feelings to him. Because Asahi had done a terrible thing to them in the past. A shikiyo couldn’t refuse his master’s orders, so they didn’t know what is the order. But they couldn’t forgive him. But to Mizuki, Asahi is a kind person. Hearing it, Gisuke and Narisuke told her that a shikiyo doesn’t have heart so she should be cautious.

That night, Mizuki met Kouya again after washing dishes. He asked if Asahi didn’t make any trouble because he rarely talk. Mizuki said it’s fine. But he is just lauging at her, saying she is a carefree and stupid girl. He also mentioned if Mizuki have any interest in Asahi before leaving. After he left, Mizuki wanted to search for a presence near the window befor etalking with Kouya, but it’s already gone. In the morning, Mizuki woke up late and she felt sick. But she keeps standing because she must do her job. When Asahi noticed her condition, he told her to sleep instead of working. He thought it might be Sakaki’s influence. Even though she only met Sakaki for a moment, she had stronger power so it affected her a lot. After Asahi left, Mizuki was thinking that Tsumugi is a strong girl. She got sick like that after being together with Sakaki, but she always went to him again. Mizuki had a dream of when Sakaki said there will be a lantern festival to Tsumugi. He told her about that because she likes food stalls and cotton candy. But Tsumugi said he is just talking in circle just to ask her going with him. Sakaki talked back that Tsumugi also doesn’t get true to her feelings that she wants to go with him. Then, they made a pinky promise to go to the festival together.

After she woke up, she found Asahi near her. He brought hydrangea so she asked if he also did it before. Asahi nodded, then gave it to her. Then, he brought her food and medicine. She asked if he’s busy, but Shinzou already gave order to him to take care of her for a day. Mizuki still want him to take a rest, though. For Asahi, she shouldn’t care for him too much, asking her if she wants something from him. So Mizuki told him to stay with her when she’s sleeping. After sleeping for a while, Mizuki went to Asahi’s room to say thanks. But she felt another presence beyond the glass door.

Suddenly, something broke the glass and tried to attack Mizuki. Asahi came to protect her. It was a rat ayakashi, named Yorisuke. After knowing there was a shikiyo who met its friends, Yorisuke thought that the shikiyo had hurted them. Moreover, a shikiyo messed up their home in the past. So it want to hurt Mizuki, because she couldn’t attack back. Asahi said that the ayakashi told her the truth, but he will protect Mizuki. To make it satisfied, Asahi hurt his arm with his dagger until it bleeds. Not long after that, Narisuke and Gisuke came to tell Yorisuke that Mizuki is the person who help Sakaki. Sakaki was the one who picked them after their home was attacked by shikiyo, and Mizuki helped that Sakaki. The three rat ayakashis apologized, and about his wound, Asahi thought it’s an atonement for their home. Then, the ayakashis went out after giving him a leaf to heal his wound. Mizuki realized that Asahi still bleeds. But he didn’t think Mizuki would care for him, saying he will clean his blood stain on the carpet. It made her angry, so in the end, he agreed to be taken care by her.

Mizuki brought him to her room, telling him to sit. He refused at first, but finally sit on the chair beside her bed. While taking care of his wound with the leaf, Mizuki asked about the past again. Asahi said, Shinzou had ordered him to destroy their home. Shinzou is different than her, he would never hear ayakashi’s problem. A shikiyo can’t refuse their master’s order. So he and Kouya both have an unforgiveable sins. He thinks there must be many ayakashis who want to kill him because of that. Although he said he will tell everything to her one day, he didn’t want to talk about it right now. Looking at him frightened, Mizuki stopped asking. That night before sleeping, she thought of Asahi again. He is a kind ayakashi, and there must be others like him.

The morning after that, Mizuki went to see Shinzou. She said thanks to Asahi, her sickness had recovered fast. Shinzou said that it was the right thing to ask “it” to take care of Mizuki. It made her thinks weird, Shinzou calls Asahi like things. Then, she asked why did he brought Asahi to be his shikiyo. Shinzou answered there’s a thing he must do. But his body is already old, so he need supply. Asahi became his shikiyo not long after Mizuki was born. It was when he’s still a child ayakashi, not sure if their power would be strong or not, so he asked Asahi to do an easy job. Hearing that, Mizuki told Shinzou not to hurt Asahi anymore. He was surprised, saying Mizuki is similar to his son. Also, ayakashi is different than human. They don’t have emotion or reason. So he must make contract with them to rule over them. But for her, Asahi had emotions, he felt hurt to kill. Though Shinzou kept telling her to differentiate human and ayakashi, telling her to think again in her room.

When she opened the door, she met Asahi there. He said thanks for thinking about him. But when she asked if he have changed his bandage, it seems he haven’t so Mizuki pulled him to her room again. She was surprised to see his wound had already healed. For him, the wound only need half a day to get recovered. He just keep putting the bandage on because it was her who did it. It made Mizuki embarrassed, but Asahi need to do the laundry so he excused himself. At the hall, everyone was eating soumen. Shinonome asked Ichimaru what the kimchi he was eating tasted like, he would like to try only if it’s sweet. Ichimaru answered it’s sweet so he put it in his soumen. When finally tried it, Shinonome was coughing a lot, because it’s spicy. Mizuki saw Ichimaru smiled a bit, so it was on purpose.

After eating soumen, she met Asahi at the corridor. He already finished bringing food for Shinzou, which were brown rice, grilled sweetfish with salt, thinly sliced dried strips of daikon, dark seaweed, and miso soup. He will cook it if Mizuki ever need it. Hearing that, it makes her heart beats fast. They’re both becoming red and can’t talk. Suddenly, Ichimaru called Mizuki to meet her guest, Hanayama Tsumugi. She ran to meet Tsumugi, and she told Mizuki that Sakaki suddenly collapse. But Tsumugi also fell down on the floor. In a hurry, Asahi asked Ichimaru to take care of Tsumugi while he and Mizuki went to the mountain.

When they meet Sakaki, he asked Asahi if he’s suffering from being a servant of Shinzou. It seems Sakaki already knows what Yorisuke told him. Then, he told Mizuki about Tsumugi’s drawing. It was too good beyond normal people would draw. But she skipped classes and being with him, although his life wouldn’t be for long. He wanted Mizuki to do Misogi on Tsumugi so she can move forward. Turned out Tsumugi heard it and got mad at Sakaki for asking about it. To keep her calm, Sakaki won’t ask about Misogi anymore.

While walking down the mountain, Tsumugi told Mizuki about her story. She had always wanted to go to an art college as a child. She always thought it was stupid if someone give up on their dream to be with their loved one in a drama. But after meeting Sakaki, it was all changed. She wanted to treasure their short time together. Then, Tsumugi asked what kind of relationship does Mizuki and Asahi have. Mizuki answered that Asahi is like her helper, but Tsumugi didn’t believe it was all. So she asked if Mizuki like him, though she just seemed to feel at peace when she’s with Asahi for now. To help Mizuki, Tsumugi told her about the lantern festival before going back to Sakaki, saying she should ask Asahi to go. After that, Mizuki remembered of her dream about Tsumugi and Sakaki made a promise to go to the lantern festival too. Asahi told her it might be because she was suffered from Sakaki’s disease and saw some of his memories.

When she arrived at home, she asked Asahi to go to the lantern festival that happened that night with her. Thinking he should be her escort, Asahi accepted it and will go to her room at 6 PM. When he went to Mizuki’s room, he saw her bringing her kimono but couldn’t tie the obi. He asked to help her tying it, so she let him inside her room. While tying her obi, Mizuki kept feeling embarrassed, especially to hear him talking beside her ear. Finally, it was done and she was satisfied with his work.

At the festival, the two of them were just staring at the lantern. Asahi asked if she wanted to eat something, but Mizuki was fine because she wanted to have fun in it, when he thought she just being considerate of him of not eating. Anyway, she already got a water balloon from Asahi. After she said thanks, Asahi seemed sad. Then, Asahi told the lantern festival was already made after the flood, to comfort the spirit of many dead people. He asked if Mizuki wanted to put the lantern on the river, but she couldn’t pray for anyone because she didn’t have memories. She just thought about Asahi, if there ever a time she should erase his memory. Can she do it or not. Then, the festival ended so they should go home. But not wanting to be separated, they’re talking about Aoi and Shinonome. After getting at home, Mizuki saw the hydrangea from Asahi had already withered after a week. So she made something as a thanks to Asahi.

On the next evening, Asahi told Mizuki to see Shinzou. He told her that when the flood arised a few hundred of years ago, there was a miko sacrifice from Nanjou house, Nanjou Ayano. The Ugetsumura had faith in the God who controlled water and life, Ryuujin (dragon). The Nanjou house enshrined Ryuujin. But Ryuujin is a hard-to-tell God. One year, the God made a great flood. The neighborhood villages were destroyed, and Ugetsumura would be next. The miko from Nanjou house, Ayano, had a shikiyo who killed many people in the village. For loving the village and wanting to save them, she went to the pond where Ryuujin was, and saved the villagers’ life. But it’s not Ayano’s wish that saved the village. Her mere life alone wouldn’t save so many people. So Ryuujin told her to get reincarnated and gave her life then. Ayano accepted it and the village is still standing now. After telling her that, Shinzou asked if she understand the story, but she didn’t. Kouya teased her for pretending and Shinzou told him to shut up. Shinzou said that she is the reincarnation of Ayano. The reincarnation of Ayano was born only to be Ryuujin’s sacrifice. And she must be a sacrifice at sixteen years old, the same day as when Ayano died and the flood happened, ten days from now. He will tell everyone that Mizuki is dead from an illness though. Shinzou told her to keep quiet in her room until her time of death with Asahi by her side.

When she got back in her room, Mizuki kept thinking about being a sacrifice. She didn’t want to die for the people she didn’t know. It was hurt and her hand was shaking. She was wondering if Asahi already know too, when they saw lantern festival together. At the time Asahi gave her tea, she dropped the cup, telling Asahi to go outside. After he left, Mizuki knew that it wasn’t his fault. She realized that she love him. When she was asleep, Asahi called her name. He asked her to run away. When a shikiyo refused his master’s order, they would die. But Shinzou only told him to take care of Mizuki, so he would be fine. He said it’s not Mizuki’s responsibility to be a sacrifice. She accepted his offer after he said he will protect her.

The two of them were holding hands and running to the mountain. After an hour, Asahi put on his mask after hearing a stepping sound. It was Kouya who chased them. He said he will keep quiet if Asahi return the girl to Shinzou. But he refused Kouya’s order. Before their fight, Kouya asked if it’s his atonement. After talking, the two shikiyos fought each other. Kouya kept asking if Asahi could kill him like he killed someone before, and said that Asahi is strong and to be expected from Shinzou’s favorite. But for Asahi, Shinzou doesn’t have a favorite ayakashi. Kouya said he wouldn’t tell about Asahi’s killing someone to Mizuki, because he is Shinzou’s faithful servant. Before Kouya went to attack Mizuki, Asahi built a barrier to stop him and put him inside it for a short time. Then, he brought Mizuki to an unoccupied house inside the mountain. Asahi said that he would know if Kouya ever run from the barrier before he could find them, so Mizuki can take rest for a bit. Mizuki asked him if what Kouya said is true, about another order from Shinzou. But Asahi just said it’s just Kouya threatening him. After sleeping, Mizuki had a dream of her past, the same as in Hinata’s route. Where her mother died, and she heard Asahi and Kouya were talking about Asahi had killed her mother. After knowing she heard that, Kouya erased her memories.

She woke up and asked Asahi if her dream was true. Asahi accepted it, that he had killed Miyako, then Kouya made camouflage as an accident. She couldn’t believe it, so she put Asahi under her, tried to stab his neck. She wanted Asahi to say it’s all a lie. But Asahi didn’t have any reason to be forgiven by her. He knew that her mother was a kind person and anyone wouldn’t want to kill her. Mizuki was angry at him, saying he must give her mother back, then scratch a bit of his neck until he bleeds. But she couldn’t kill him. Asahi knows she doesn’t want to see him right now, but she must bear until the day of the sacrifice have ended. Until then, she must stay at her old home, then Asahi will prepare a barrier and a place to hide. After she is save, he will be gone from her sight forever. But now, he will protect her with all his life.

He told Mizuki to eat something before they went out. After trying to eat onigiri he bought, she realized Asahi hold his chest in pain. But he said he’s fine. When thinking she hate Asahi for killing her mother, she also knows that Asahi is always kind for her. When she arrived at her old home, Asahi went outside to prepare a barrier to hide Mizuki’s presence. He took two hours so she’s worried. When she saw Asahi in front of the house, he was holding his chest and seemed in pain. But he said he had made a barrier, the only thing left is to find her hiding place. So he went alone once more, leaving her in the home until night. While waiting for Asahi, Mizuki was afraid if Shinzou tried to kill him, that’s why he’s in pain. But Asahi got back, saying he already found a place. Mizuki noticed his face is bad, but Asahi didn’t say anything and told her not to get worried. He kept holding his chest and finally fell down. Mizuki told him to rest and asked why did he do all of it, is it to make atonement.

Then, he begins telling her about his past. He began living and became Shinzou’s shikiyo 17 years ago, didn’t remember anything before that. After forming a contract, he didn’t have any way to refuse and spent his days with Kouya doing everything Shinzou told them to do. But he felt freedom after Mizuki came. She and her parents were always taking care of him, gave warm to his heart. But when Mizuki was four years old, Shinzou told him that her mother did a sin, so she brought Mizuki outside the house. Asahi couldn’t tell what the sin is, but he believed she wouldn’t do it. Though Shinzou believe in it, and had been hating her mother. He told Asahi and Kouya to bring back Miyako. If she refuse to go back, it’s alright to kill her. A few years ago, Asahi already found her house, but didn’t report it to Shinzou. But this spring, Kouya found it. He was wondering if it would be alright to report to Shinzou quickly. But he couldn’t hurt Mizuki and Miyako. As a shikiyo, he must obey his master and doesn’t have any believe or pride. He has always hating himself for that. After hearing that, Mizuki understands that Asahi has been protecting her all this time. But he didn’t feel like that, the reverse of it. He revealed that he himself who shouldn’t do it, met her three years ago. He knew it would be easier to trace her if he meet Mizuki, but he was suffering from the other ayakashi’s hating him. He needed Mizuki to warm his heart. After he fell asleep, Mizuki thought of calling Hinata, but she stopped after thinking it woukd endanger him.

That night, she had a dream of when she met Asahi at the street, on rainy day. She wanted to buy a book, but she didn’t have an umbrella. She knew there was an ayakashi in a fox mask, but her mother told her to pretend not to see any ayakashi. Suddenly, the ayakashi lent her his umbrella. Before he was gone, Mizuki said she just need it to go to the bookstore. After that, she said thanks to him. One year after that, she already befriended Asahi. They met each other occasionally. Mizuki just wanted to stay with Asahi. They’re talking together until the sun went down. Before going home, Asahi gave her a bell with red string. She said it’s similar to his mask, but he didn’t chose it based on that. But she was happy to take it. Although she didn’t know what he thought. It’s not a ring, but a bell. She asked Asahi to tie it on her hair. After saying thanks to Asahi, they were preparing to go back. But before that, Asahi wanted to meet her again for one more month. She agreed.

Though in May, Asahi didn’t come. Mizuki didn’t know his family or home, but she understood her feelings. She loves him. While playing with the bell, Asahi ran to go to her place in a hurry. But he said it would be the last time he will meet her because of his work. Mizuki was angry at him, asking if he’s happy to meet her. Asahi is happy, but he will get busy so he couldn’t meet her. After Mizuki said she likes him so she doesn’t want to be separated with him, Asahi placed his hand on her head. He said thanks for her feelings, that the time he spent with her is his treasure. He wished for her to be happy, even if she couldn’t meet him anymore. After that, Mizuki couldn’t say anything and kept crying.

When she wakes up in her living room, she understands that Asahi had erased her memories that time to protect her. She believe in Asahi, that he wouldn’t kill her mother. Asahi woke up, looking at her crying. He said what’s the sadest thing for him is to see her crying, so she stopped. After he fell asleep, Mizuki was thinking that she won’t let him die. For that, she might need to erase his memories, and go back to Shinzou. If Kouya didn’t say anything to Shinzou, Asahi would be fine. After she made up her mind, Asahi grabbed her hand, saying she musn’t. Even if he die, it’s as a revenge to Mizuki’s mother. Though Mizuki knows, she said Asahi didn’t kill her mother. He told her that although it wasn’t like that, his sin is still there. Suddenly, Asahi noticed Kouya had gotten released from his barrier, so he wanted to take her to a safe place quickly. While talking, Mizuki saw her mother in front of their house while it’s raining. It wasn’t only her. Asahi also saw her appearance and surprised. It was like on the day Asahi appeared, she was chasing her dead mother, but now, Asahi saw her too.

But her mother disappeared when they reached the front. Mizuki and Asahi went outside to search, but it was futile. Until they met a woman in kimono, she is Souta’s mother (but didn’t say about it in this route). Asahi quickly put on his mask so she wouldn’t notice him. She asked if Mizuki also wanted to meet someone. Quickly, Asahi realized the woman in kimono is an ayakashi-tsuki. They realized Mizuki’s mother is also with her. The woman called Asahi as Kouya. She said thanks to Kouya because he taught her how to made the knot, so she could meet Yuuya, her dead son. Yuuya himself also appeared beside her. Then, she said that Kouya is crazy to kill the woman beside her, Mizuki’s mother, twice. Asahi was shock, asking what did she mean. She said although Kouya couldn’t meet her (Sanae) anymore, he always wanted to see her again. But what she said is the reason, not about the two times killing a person. After Asahi asked her again, the woman asked him back, that he’s the one who is supposed to know the reason. He had told the woman that he will kill the woman (Miyako) again and after that, he will ask her power to call Miyako, and let the young man attacked her then killing her. When Asahi asked who is the young man she meant, she said Kouya always said he doesn’t want to fight the young man, but he jumped with his swaying blade trying to hit Miyako. After that, the woman excused herself to hear Yuuya playing his piano. As she went further, Mizuki’s mother disappeared.-I think Souta’s mother explained that Kouya had already killed Miyako before Asahi came to her. Using Souta’s mother’s power to call a dead person, Miyako appeared again in front of Asahi. When they had a fight, Kouya jumped and put his blade to kill Miyako again, accusing Asahi as the killer. Her story was too roundabout and I had a hard time translating it.

Asahi couldn’t move when he know he wasn’t the one who killed Miyako. When he put off his mask, Mizuki saw him crying. It wasn’t his fault, so he shouldn’t blame himself anymore. Then, Asahi told her all this time, he had been hating himself and wanted to die. But he was afraid Shinzou would harm Mizuki, he couldn’t die yet. Mizuki said it’s good that he didn’t die yet, while hugging him. She’s wishing for his warm happiness in the future.

After that, Asahi seemed to suffer from his pain again. But when they tried to reach home, Kouya appeared and still saying lie that Asahi killed Mizuki’s mother. But they had known Kouya’s sin. He just hate Asahi who kept asking if he should kill or release Miyako. But it doesn’t matter to him anymore because Shinzou already used his power to hurt Asahi. Looking at Asahi suffering again, Mizuki said she will go back to Shinzou. But before that, Kouya need to wreck her neck first. He doesn’t care about Shinzou’s order. When Asahi tried to fight Kouya, he just fell unconsciously. So Kouya just brought Mizuki back to Ugetsumura without having to fight Asahi.


While they’re walking through to mountain to Ugetsumura, Mizuki asked why did he frame Asahi. He said when he found out about her and Miyako’s whereabouts, Shinzou had asked Asahi to take Mizuki back first. But he already had a guess that Asahi will put his emotion to her and her mother after saw him talking with them at the village in the past. So he helped Asahi for a bit. When they reaches further, Shinzou is already waiting for them. He brought the two of them deep to the pond, but Kouya was asking that the place is supposed to only be used for Ayano’s reincarnation. They arrived at what Shinzou called the Ryuujin’s pond. But there’s no water in the pond. They are supposed to not have any water if Ryuujin is not there. Shinzou told that they won’t need a sacrifice anymore because Ryuujin had disappeared. But Kouya wasn’t happy of it. He said Shinzou had let Sanae die to be a sacrifice, so it was stupid to save Mizuki instead. He wouldn’t let Mizuki alive after all of that and tried to kill her there. She need to run away, but her legs couldn’t walk. Before Kouya could reach her, Asahi killed him. He disappeared after that.

When Mizuki realized Shinzou is there, he asked if Mizuki hate him. She answered that it would be a lie not to resent him for giving order to kill her mother and told her to be a sacrifice, moreover he have hurt Asahi so much. Hearing that, Shinzou told his past. He had a daughter named Sanae. She was the same as Mizuki, to be Ryuujin’s sacrifice. He had always opposed to offer her as a sacrifice. But to fulfil the promise to Ryuujin, Sanae became a sacrifice in the end. So he would always believe in the promise between Ayano and Ryuujin, and would always protect it. But looking at the empty pond, the sacrifice isn’t needed anymore. When looking at Asahi, Shinzou was amazed at him, he didn’t care about his body disappearing to protect Mizuki. Asahi nodded. After that, he told Asahi to go to him, placing his hand on Asahi’s head while chanting something. The mark on Asahi’s head disappeared. Shinzou had took out the contract between Asahi and himself, telling him to live freely after that. Before he went back to his house, Shinzou said he wouldn’t beg to her forgiveness. But he will be wishing for her happiness now.

Asahi and Mizuki took a walk near the river before coming back home. He asked if the wound on her neck is still hurt, but she said it’s fine. Then, she told him about Kouya, who have hated her for not becoming a sacrifice. Asahi said that Kouya already became Shinzou’s shikiyo before Sanae’s death. It seemed he was Sanae’s shikiyo before. It made Mizuki realize that Kouya must be sad after Sanae’s death. But he told her not to think too much about Kouya, because he already killed her mother. Meanwhile Asahi didn’t know if he hate Shinzou and Kouya, but he feel relief now. It’s because he already knew he didn’t kill Miyako, and his purpose is to protect Mizuki, apologizing because he’s just a shallow man. But he just wish Mizuki won’t hate him, because it was what he feared the most rather than death. Mizuki answered that she won’t hate him ever. Then, she asked him to call her name, instead of Ojou-sama, and made him realize she had already remembered their past. Asahi called her Mizuki-sama then, the same as when they first met three years ago.

Asahi told her he had always love Mizuki, kissing her after that. Mizuki also said she likes him a lot. After he finally get his freedom, Asahi wants to go to the sea and the park. He never had any chance to go to such a bright place before. And he wants to grow vegetables. Mizuki answered to him, that they will go to the sea and park, and grow vegetable in their house’s garden. All this time, he thought he would die protecting her. But now, he wants to protect her when he lives. They will live together forever.

One year after that, Mizuki and Asahi grew many vegetables on their house garden. Mizuki put a mini tomato in his mouth, but Asahi couldn’t tell the taste if she won’t put another. So Mizuki took another one and put him in his mouth again. This time, Asahi said it’s delicious. Mizuki is now in third year of high school and after graduating, she will work at Yorozu Ayakashi-ya, she won’t go to higher degree. Shinzou have disappeared after that day. Now, Mizuki finds the work to meet ayakashi is her happiness, while living her life with Asahi. It seems he also had befriended Narisuke, though he said it’s still begin. It makes him wondering sometimes, afraid if his happiness is just for a short time. But Mizuki said it’s his reward after working hard all these years. He kissed her forehead after that.


Asahi killed Kouya, but he already stabbed Mizuki. After Kouya disappeared, Asahi went by her side to put Mizuki on his arm. He asked her not to leave him, but Mizuki didn’t have much time. She said she love Asahi, and he also love her. He won’t forget about her ever. But she didn’t have any power to give back any word to him now. She makes a wish so she can be born again beside Asahi next time.


Mizuki was on a school trip and left Asahi alone in the house. He hated that rainy day, made him remember of the past. When he was asleep, he had a dream of when he thought he had killed Miyako. After meeting Mizuki for one year, he tried to ask Miyako to run away (this might happened after Kouya killed Miyako before and requested Souta mother’s power). But she thought he wanted to bring them back to Shinzou, so Miyako had a fight with him. Even though he feel he didn’t stab her, she was stabbed by sa dagger and died. Kouya came after that, saying Asahi had killed Miyako and will camouflage her death to a traffic accident. He ran away to the place he often visit with Mizuki before erasing her memories. Asahi just wanted them to be happy, but he killed her mother instead. After that, Asahi woke up in a tired face. When Mizuki finally arrived home after the trip, she asked Asahi if something had happened. But he said nothing. Looking at them, Souta who just came back too, was getting embarrassed and said he will go to his room. Then, Asahi picked up her belongings and brought them to her room together. He hold Mizuki tightly there, afraid of his own happiness.

Shinonome (CV Matsuoka Yoshitsugu)

When Mizuki, Aoi, and Shinonome took a nap together, he said he likes Ugetsumura village. After taking a walk with Shinonome before dinner, Mizuki said she will try cooking curry because he had never eat it. And that night, she went outside before sleeping, met Shinonome who is sleeping on the grass. He told her to do the same, then both of them were looking at the stars. He asked if she have any worries, so she said she is worrying a lot of things since she couldn’t remember. Shinonome told her to talk to someone, such as him, so it would less her burden. She thought of him as kind person.

That morning, Shinonome was hungry even after eating bread from Nao. So he tried cooking rice on the rice cooker. But he failed. Mizuki helped him change it to porridge instead. He said it’s delicious. When he asked Ichimaru if he wanted some, he refused and switching the TV on. There, a woman reporter told the viewers about a shrine broke by heavy machinery, only the part of the base and the wall remains. The area is overgrown by trees, far from the mountain road. It seemed the shrine was broken without the working people there noticing. The reporter heard from the workers, there was a stone inside the shrine, carved with something strange. They don’t know how the shrine was built, is it haunted, so it makes the workers worried. Mizuki also thinks it’s weird. From the place in the TV, Mizuki only need to walk around thirty minutes to get there.

Today, Asahi told Mizuki that they wouldn’t have to work for a while. After that, Aoi asked Mizuki to help him hide his futon from dropping orange juice in it. Mizuki said she will wash it off to help Aoi, because he was afraid Nao would get angry. After she had done washing Aoi’s futon, she made soap bubbles from the straw and playing with him. Shinonome saw them having fun and said the bubbles are beautiful. He told Aoi that everyone must have had failure in their life, so it’s okay to drop orange juice on his futon. For example, he couldn’t cook rice even though using rice cooker. Aoi, who always called him jii-chan (grandpa), said that it’s actually easy. Then, the tree of them played soap bubbles in the garden. But suddenly, Mizuki saw a raccoon-like thing staring at them for a short moment then ran away. Seems like she can’t tell the difference from human and ayakashi after she have lost her memories.

Before cooking dinner, Nao asked Aoi to buy some food. Mizuki offered help, and Shinonome also followed them. On their way, they met a few kids talking about anime, something about Jean Cat Paradise. When one of them, named Akira, met Aoi, he asked why didn’t he go to school and calling him weird. Mizuki and Shinonome tried to cheer him up, but Aoi was still thinking about it. That night after Aoi went to his room, Mizuki asked Nao why did Aoi not go to school. Actually, Nao didn’t know the reason, but he had been like that since two weeks ago. He couldn’t ask Aoi the reason for now, so Nao asked Mizuki to tell him if something happened to Aoi. After dinner, Mizuki was left alone in the hall with Shinonome, thinking about what she can do to help Aoi. Shinonome explained to her that it’s about someone’s feelings and not about a task, there will be many answers. But for him, rather than the answer, what the person feels is more important and he will treasure it. He is sure that Nao and the others feelings will reach into Aoi.

The next day, Aoi said to Nao that he will go to school since today. Because Shinonome came in too excitedly at the hall when Ichimaru was eating, he dropped his cup. Of course Ichimaru got amd at him. After Nao, Souta, and Aoi went to school, Mizuki is thinking about Aoi again. When Shinonome came in, she asked if Aoi will be okay at school. He answered that he doesn’t know. But what he already did will result in an answer. They should just have to wait for him. When he asked Mizuki to play a game, she refused because there’s some work for Yorozu Ayakashi-ya. But at the corridor, she met Kouya. He will be working with her instead of Asahi. When she wanted to pick Hinata, Kouya said he already have another job. They must go to the client’s home before 9 AM and it’s not that far.

While taking a walk to the client’s home, Kouya told her that their client’s name is Nakano Makoto, 63 years old. His daughter was puzzled because recently, there is someone who can revive the dead. It made Kouya surprised and had something to think until Mizuki asked if it’s true. Kouya answered that there is no one with that power. But until they had reached Makoto’s home, Kouya didn’t say anything. He wore his mask so he couldn’t be seen, and told Mizuki to handle the client by herself. It’s because Shinzou had told Kouya not to be seen by people so he must wear his mask. The job to talk is usually handled by Asahi. He was wondering why Shinzou asked him that, because compared to Asahi, he’s more talkative. Though Mizuki had a thought maybe because he’s not polite?

Makoto asked Mizuki to go inside his room, because he thought she’s alone. There, there is a dragon picture hanging on his wall. She asked what about the picture and Makoto said it’s the picture of Ryuujin that was painted 800 years ago, had been passed down in his home from generations. His predecessor already lived in this land for a long time so his family was handed down the story of Ryuujin and the great flood. She asked why did the people not talk much about the Ryuujin, even though it’s their God. Makoto answered that it can’t be helped, since they fear Ryuujin. Ryuujin is a ruthless God. But thanks to Nanjou house, he and the people in Ugetsumura can live together with that God. As a family which countered Ryuujin, the people had been calling Nanjou house as Kamitsuki family (possessed God). So it was all thanks to Nanjou house that their village could still stand until now. Kouya stopped her about asking too much and said she should just ask about the client from now on.

Makoto explained that his daughter was puzzled because of the rumour of someone reviving dead people. She was puzzled if it’s actually delusion, but some people called that person as God. The God lives in the mountain village and rarely showed himself. But a voice can be heard from the small shrine. One year ago, Makoto’s daughter had a son, but died from an accident at three years old. Since then, she had never came back to his house. But recently, she had became more cheerful. Though he is wondering if it’s because the God had deceived her. So he wanted Yorozu Ayakashi-ya to investigate it. His daughter’s name is Mikoto. He told Mizuki that his daughter must be at the small shrine in the mountain right now, so she and Kouya quickly go there.

When they arrived, they met the woman named Mikoto. The young man beside him used the voice Kouya wants to meet, Ayano’s voice, and called his name. Kouya was surprised. The God said it’s because he know everything and can do anything. He even knows that Mizuki lost her memories. Kouya asked him to try reviving the dead right now. But the God said he couldn’t. Because he is sealed in that small shrine. Around five hundred years ago, there was a woman who wanted her son to be revived. He revived her son, but they were killed because of inheritance problem. One of the woman in her house was pretending to be hostile toward him, but it was a tactic so they could seal him in the shrine. Recently, one of the seal has broken so Mikoto can talk with him. The seal was located in the north, south, east, and west of the shrine. It made Mizuki remembered about the news she had watched. The God said there’s only one seal left after Mikoto helped him break the other two. He made a claim that he will be able to grant anyone’s wishes if he’s able to break all seals. Though Mizuki feels strange about it.

When the three of them walked back, Mizuki asked what does Kouya think, if the God is real or not. Kouya said that if he’s the real God who would grant wishes, he wouldn’t be able to be sealed. But Mikoto still believe in him, because she could hear his son’s voice again and gave her hope. But Mizuki asked her not to break the seal until they can investigate more. Mikoto got angry and told the outsider to shut up. She said no one would ever know the feelings of losing her son and she didn’t care for her body if she can meet her son again. To make sure of the situation, Kouya suggested that he will follow Mikoto while putting his mask on. Mizuki wanted him to take a rest sometimes and said her thanks. But he became quiet, thinking of something. After separated from Kouya, Mizuki was thinking about whose voice the God used to Kouya. It was a woman’s voice. Suddenly, Hinata appeared in front of her in a dog form after Shinonome told him that Mizuki works with Kouya alone. He changed to human form and they walked back home together.

At home, Mizuki was cooking curry for Shinonome because she had a promise to him. While she asked Shinonome about her experience that day, he said the God is a fake one. Because even for God, reviving dead human is an unforgiveable thing. He could relate with Mikoto’s feelings, that it’s a right think to do as a mother, but it’s a different thing with unforgiveable for Gods. Mizuki couldn’t understand that, but it’s fine for Shinonome. After Shinonome tried eating curry, he said it’s very delicious. But Mizuki saw a raccoon again, though it ran fast. It’s weird to see it the second time. Then, she asked Shinzou if he know about the sealed God. But Shinzou haven’t heard of it. Though he thought Nanjou house probably had sealed the God. So he suggested Mizuki to read the books in his library.

Mizuki couldn’t find the book until 3 PM. She was worried of Aoi, who hadn’t come back yet so she go to his school with Shinonome. She met Akira, asked if he saw Aoi. But Akira said Aoi didn’t go to school that day too. So Mizuki tried to search him in the mountain afetr thinking he might went to the place without people. They found the raccoon ayakashi in the mountain and followed it to search Aoi. Mizuki thought she had met Mikoto and Kouya there too, but she must be imagining things. After following the raccoon, they found Aoi near the river. He was thinking to go to school, but his stomach got hurt before he could. It’s because his friends noticed he doesn’t live with his parents since this year’s winter and bullied him and his brother. There was a time he had a friend, but after knowing about his situation, he bullied Aoi too. Aoi was sad because his brother, who did everything for him, was being bullied by his friends. For Shinonome, Aoi is a strong child who thinks of his family instead of himself. That’s why he gets mad for bullying his brother, not for himself. Aoi is a kind child who thinks strongly of his family, so he should have more faith in himself. Hearing that, Mizuki also wanted to cry from Shinonome’s words. But she hold it because Aoi is crying now. For today, Shinonome will lend his back while carrying him, so Aoi can cry all he wants. While walking down the mountain, Mizuki was thinking about the voice Kouya heard. The voice was similar to hers in some way. But she couldn’t do anything for now.

Nao had prepared to preach on the kids who had bullied Aoi. Ichimaru also wanted to go with him because he hate brats, and turned off the TV he was watching. Meanwhile, Mizuki and Souta tried to calm them down. Souta even said the kids will have trauma if both Nao and Ichimaru preach them. Asahi interfered to tell there’s someone who asked for Aoi. It was Akira, Aoi’s friend. He came to look at Aoi, but he’s sleeping right now. Though after that, Aoi appeared before Akira went home. Akira apologized for saying he’s weird before, and asked him to go to school tomorrow. With a smile on his lips, Aoi said he will come tomorrow. Mizuki had thought that Aoi must be wanted to be as stronger as Nao, but he is himself. She will treasure that scene in her memories and won’t forget it.

That night, Asahi told her that he wouldn’t be able to work with her again because of some work. Then, Aoi said Shinonome is still sleeping in his room. Mizuki gave him futon when he’s sleeping after searching for Aoi and carrying him back from the mountain. When she put him on the futon, Shinonome is mumbling Ayano’s name in a painful face. It made her think that so many people know about this Ayano. When searching for books about God, she finally found one. But it was only wrote about how to seal the God for two hours, not about what was sealed inside it. She tried to search again until midnight and went to bed. She met Shinonome at the corridor. He was starving for not eating dinner so Mizuki made a pancake. There, Shinonome said he will tell her how to call the raccoon ayakashi in the next day.

At morning, Aoi already woke up since 5 AM and made Nao couldn’t sleep well. Aoi couldn’t wait to go to school, so after Akira came to his home again and said they will play baseball, he didn’t go to school with Nao. After the others had gone to school, Shinonome asked Mizuki to play with him so the raccoon would come out because he’s interested in the game. They will play searching for the treasure, when Shinonome hide things, Mizuki must find them. When waiting for him, she brought some books to search about the God again. She was in deep thoughts, but something white covered her body. It was Shinonome, hugging her from the back with a white sheets. He was asking of what she is thinking, so Mizuki said she’s thinking of him. But he knows that she’s thinking of Mikoto, saying she shouldn’t get too worried. It’s her good side, but she doesn’t have to think deep for other people. So Mizuki asked him why did he know so much about human’s feelings. For Shinonome, he couldn’t tell all people’s feelings, for example Nao and Ichimaru always got mad at him. But for Mizuki, he always said the right thing when they got in trouble. He added it that if she understand so much about him, it would mean she like him. Because he likes Mizuki, he will do anything to erase her sad face. It’s a simple thing. But when Mizuki asked about his like, Shinonome said he like her and Aoi. It made her a bit sad.

Finally, they’re back to play searching for the treasure. The only clue Mizuki have is “inside the white circle at the top”. While searching, her head bump to Ichimaru. She realized he had white hair and circle might be about his face. So she asked if he hold Shinonome’s treasure, but he doesn’t have it. But she had another guess that the paper was on the back of Ichimaru’s neck, between his haori and kimono. Ichimaru got mad at Shinonome for including him in his game. But Shinonome said he should put the paper (kami) on something white (hair=kami), because he’s a God (kami). He noticed it’s like a pun, a white paper inside a white hair by God. When she tried to find the second thing, she found the raccoon. Its name is Toomaru, and she doesn’t need to say her thanks because he found Aoi accidentally. Then, Toomaru said it just went to the house because it felt Ayano’s presence. She was a miko in the past. After the raccoon went home, Mizuki asked if Shinonome had heard of her name, but he didn’t seem to know. So she is back at the game and found a candy as a treasure. But Shinonome said the most important thing for him is not a candy. Suddenly, Nakano Makoto came in a hurry to meet Mizuki. He said Mikoto disappeared so Mizuki and Hinata were searching for her in the mountain, while Shinonome stayed with Makoto. He will come later.

At the small shrine, Mikoto opened its door and a young man in red hair came out from it. His name is Yako, an ayakashi. He said he was finally released after his chief disappeared a few hundred years ago. The chief became Ayano’s shikiyo, the miko, so he became human’s friends. Yako couldn’t lay his hands on humans because of that chief. But he disappeared after Ayano’s death someday and he was sealed by some human five hundred years ago. But thanks to the stupid woman, he finally gets released. Mikoto was angry, saying that he should fulfil her wish, to meet her son again. So Yako said he will let her meet him, in the underworld, while trying to kill her. Hinata quickly stopped him and after realizing he was surrounded, Yako ran away. Makoto finally found his daughter, telling her that she must know his feelings as a father. He wouldn’t let Mikoto die easily. While they’re both crying, Hinata realized there’s another presence. It is Kouya. He wanted to make sure the God is real or not, so when it’s an ayakashi, he didn’t care anymore. Mizuki thinks he did it because he might want to meet this Ayano. Kouya went back after saying it’s up to her to report him to Shinzou. After that, Shinonome came to find Mizuki too. He said they should eat lunch, but Mizuki still need to search for Yako. Though Hinata told her to go back home with Shinonome and he will search for that ayakashi.

When she and Shinonome arrived near home, rain poured down. He brought an umbrella and shared it with her. She asked why did Mikoto’s son must die? But human doesn’t need a reason to die. When someone died, human will try to find the reason. But actually, someday, everyone will die, be it good or bad people. So it makes her asked again if God will disappear one day. If so, a God is not immortal at all. She apologized for suddenly saying about it, but Shinonome didn’t blame her, because it’s a right thing. Though she kept thinking of his sad face while talking about it.

The rain is pouring until night. Meanwhile, Mizuke found a book about Yako. He was an ayakashi who had killed many humans so he was sealed by Nanjou house five hundred years ago. They couldn’t kill Yako so Nanjou house only sealed him. But the seal will break after a thousand years have passed. Then, Nao and Souta called her to eat dinner. At first, she wanted to read more, but they ordered her to eat first. Then, they realized Hinata and Shinonome weren’t there. After talking for a bit, Hinata came back in wet because of the rain. He couldn’t find Yako for now. But what happened to Shinonome, that he skipped dinner?

After eating her dinner, Mizuki came back to her room to read more about Yako. There’s one way of sealing Yako, instead of using the four directions seal. They can use Ofuda seal (charm?=神符). It takes shorter time and doesn’t take much effort compared to making a shrine. After finding that, she talked with Shinzou to make the seal in a hurry, so he asked Asahi and Kouya to help her. But Kouya was in his room, so Mizuki went to his door and asked him to go with her. Kouya agreed and was a bit surprise to know she found the way to seal Yako. Then, the three of them went to the mountain again that night. When walking, Kouya kept being sarcastic to Mizuki until Asahi noticed a sound coming from the shrine. There, they found Shinonome fighting with Yako until the trees broke. Yako said they’re an interesting people. He could read everyone’s memories, but not for Shinonome. While Asahi and Kouya are fighting him, Mizuki will prepare the seal. But suddenly, Yako asked if Mizuki can seal him, because she will die soon as a sacrifice for Ryuujin. After hearing that, Asahi and Kouya tried to attack Yako at the same time. But Yako was fast, suddenly came at her. Suddenly, Shinonome changed his form to a dragon. Yako quickly realize he couldn’t read Shinonome’s memories because he’s a God.

Meanwhile, Shinonome asked Mizuki to create the seal when he fought Yako. She finally able to seal Yako, but after knowing Shinonome is Ryuujin, Kouya tried to avenge Sanae. The dragon ran, flying to the sky when Mizuki helped him. After that, Asahi wanted an explanation about Mizuki being a sacrifice. Kouya told them that there was one sacrifice during the great flood a few hundred years ago. The sacrifice was Nanjou Ayano, a miko. Ugetsumura village had faith in the God controlling water and life, Ryuujin. But Ryuujin was a hard to tell God. One day, Ryuujin created a great flood. One of her shikiyo had killed many villagers. In order to save the village she loved, Ayano came to the pond of Ryuujin to be a sacrifice and revive the village. But one life wouldn’t make Ryuujin satisfied. But she kept wishing to save her village, so Ryuujin told her to get reincarnation and be a sacrifice. And Mizuki is the one, Ayano who have reincarnated. After hearing all of it, Mizuki said that Shinonome had told her reviving dead people is an unforgiveable thing, even to God. Kouya didn’t understand what that means so he went back first. Meanwhile, she asked if Asahi know about Sanae. But he didn’t, saying that Kouya is the one who know, since in the past, he was Sanae’s shikiyo.

Mizuki chased Kouya to ask about Sanae and investigate her case, but Kouya couldn’t. There’s no written book about a sacrifice, all Nanjou house knows that there are a few of them died. His master, Shinzou, also didn’t know about the previous sacrifice. He just know that at the same age as Ayano’s death, 16 years old, the sacrifice girl will remember Ayano’s memories gradually. Because she was a powerful miko, her memories remained to the girl she got reincarnated to. And even though someone tried to stop them, they would die as a sacrifice. The sacrifice is still going on after she gets reborn and won’t stop. After saying that, Kouya agreed to investigate about the sacrifice, not for her, but because he wanted to know the truth about Sanae’s death. Asahi also offered his help.

In the morning, Mizuki said everything to Shinzou. Shinzou also agreed to help investigating about the sacrifice. Meanwhile, he asked her to investigate with Asahi and Kouya. So, Asahi told her he and Kouya must first investigate about how many cycles Ayano had gotten reincarnated, and how many people lived in Ugetsumura in that period. When Mizuki read the book, Asahi and Kouya went to Nakano Makoto’s house. They got a report about 26 people were living in Ugetsumura that time. And Mizuki found out since Meiji era, there were about 16 girls had died. So they read some more books.

Until dawn, Kouya went to meet Shinzou. But Mizuki wanted to know more, so she asked if she can go to the pond where Ryuujin was. Though Asahi told her it’s dangerous. Sanae was died after going there alone, and if they’re not the sacrifice, they couldn’t go there. Like there was a barrier. But even after hearing Asahi, Mizuki still wanted to go. She didn’t want to wait only for her death to come. She wants to do something. Asahi couldn’t stop her, and went with Mizuki. But at some point, he couldn’t go further after the flower field. So she must go alone. Before she go, Asahi holds her hand, saying she must be careful.

Mizuki found the pretty pond. She called for Shinonome, and he appeared in front of her. He didn’t think she would go there. She went there to ask about his words, that reviving human is an unforgiveable thing to God. But why did he told Ayano to be a sacrifice to revive the villagers. To answer this, Shinonome told her that God isn’t a being who can do everything. In order for a God to grant human’s wishes, they need an exchange / consideration. Without it, a God would die. 800 hundred years ago, he didn’t have an exchange for stopping the great flood. So he thought if he disappear, the flood would also stop. But while he was thinking for the decision, a storm came and caused a great flood. Between giving potential danger to the village or sacrificing himself to death, he chose his life. In the end, the story is as it has been told. The truth is, the sacrifice meaning after Ayano got reincarnated and died is already over. But it kept continuing after more have died. Even though he already tried to stop them so many times. He made conclusion that it’s his punishment. Because a God have three things they shouldn’t break. The first one is, they need an exchange to grant wishes. The second is they can’t change the past. And the third is they musn’t revive dead people. He had some knowledge about life because he’s the God of water and life. So now, he had found a way to revive human’s life. He already broke the third rule, so in exchange, Ayano kept repeating her death as his punishment.

He finally found how to end the punishment now. When she asked about it, he said it’s not about her being a sacrifice so she didn’t need to worry. But he wouldn’t say it now and asked about her wound yesterday. Mizuki asked him to go back because everyone would be waiting for him. He couldn’t, though. He said that after the lantern festival is over, he will go on a trip to all around the world and try their foods. So she go back alone to where Asahi is waiting after getting Shinonome’s answer. After going back home, she explained all of it to Shinzou, Asahi, and Kouya. All of them need time to think, so Mizuki goes outside. Asahi said not to think about Sanae or Ayano more, because it’s not her fault. Then, she went to the garden, found Kouya and an old picture of him and Sanae. She looks just like Mizuki. Noticing there’s Mizuki, Kouya asked her why did she could live when Sanae died. Because ever since she was born, Kouya had been hating her. Her being born is the proof of Sanae’s death and the continued cycle. He told her before going back that her mother killed Itsuki, her father. So it makes Shinzou doesn’t care if she die, unlike about Sanae, so he broight her back to Ugetsumura to be a sacrifice. It makes Mizuki surprised, thinking of the reason she is born.

That morning, Mizuki couldn’t sleep thinking of Shinonome and Kouya’s words. Aoi asked her about Shinonome, but she couldn’t answer the truth. Meanwhile, when she went to the garden, she met Asahi there to ask if Asahi ever meet another God. But he hadn’t meet a God who is as powerful as Shinonome. So she tried asking Toomaru in the mountain. Toomaru knew about Ryuujin, and it is actually an immortal ayakashi too. In the past, Ryuujin often met people. But after Ayano’s death, Ryuujin never appeared anymore. Then, Mizuki went to the pond to meet Shinonome and gave him a bento. He wouldn’t die without eating, but it would be lonely not to eat his favorite food. She asked about his past, why wouldn’t he appear in front of people anymore. Shinonome answered that it’s a not a good thing, so he stopped. Also, he didn’t think that it happened after a long time and didn’t remember much about it. Then, he asked Mizuki to follow him to the sea. They both went to the nearest sea in Ugetsumura. He saw her thinking about something, so Shinonome suggested she should shout out with him. He even asked her to build a castle from sand together. But before that, Mizuki went to search for a God there, though she couldn’t find any. At home, she met Kouya but they didn’t talk to each other.

When Mizuki met Asahi that morning, he said he had found a God in the mountain. He brought her to where Kotetsu and Kaguna were. Asahi was the one who talk with Kaguna, to ask if he know how to stop the sacrifice cycle. After some time, Kaguna told her that in order to stop the punishment, the partner who made the promise should disappear. It means that Shinonome will disappear. If the person who is the sacrifice was born, they must die so the God wouldn’t need to disappear. After knowing that, Mizuki wanted to go to the pond to talk with Shinonome, but Asahi stopped her, asking if she want to die if she help Shinonome. He already hide it from her, to save her life. Of course she wouldn’t want to die, but she couldn’t let him die like that. After saying thanks to Asahi, Kaguna, and Kotetsu, Mizuki went to the pond again.

Shinonome answered that everything she had known is true. He didn’t want her to feel guilty, so he hid it. Moreover, it was not her fault to begin with. It makes Mizuki angry, because she wants him to be happy. So they made a promise to search for a way to stop the punishment. Shinonome kissed her forehead because he thought it was a trend right now, to make promise by kissing her head, from a drama. Mizuki told him that it’s not normal (only for couple), and made him laugh. After he stopped kissing her forehead, Mizuki brought him to the sea again. She had found a small shrine there, so they should find a God to ask about how to stop punishment.

Shinonome and Mizuki asked if there’s a God in the shrine. But they didn’t hear answer. Suddenly, Shinonome messed up the shrine’s door and made noises, so the person inside shouted at him that normal people would go if they didn’t hear answer. Though Shinonome noticed it was a shinshi like Kotetsu, instead of a God. The name is Kogura. Kogura wouldn’t let a human meet its God, because it made him weaker. So Mizuki and Shinonome gave up for that day. They went to the lantern festival instead, at night. Shinonome was having fun looking at the food stalls. And finally, Mizuki ate ikayaki near the river. He saw her hair got to her mouth, tried to release it, but he kissed it instead. It made Mizuki getting embarrassed, saying that she didn’t mind but the other people would notice. Shinonome was a bit down to hear that she didn’t mind, calling her name Mizuki instead of musume-san like usual. He offered her takoyaki he ate too.

The lanterns had already been released to the river. Mizuki asked if it’s for Ayano. Suddenly, Shinonome walked on the water river, telling her to go with him while holding his hand. So she did it and the both of them walked beside the lanterns. It made her wanted to make a promise with Shinonome, what would they do after the punishment had been broken. Going on a journey like Shinonome had said is also good. Shinonome agreed with it, but then she was worried of her school and Yorozu Ayakashi-ya work. Then, she asked him why did he suddenly say her name. But he didn’t reply. At home, Asahi was waiting for her without saying anything.

When Mizuki was sleeping, she had a dream about Ayano. A villager said his thanks for the medicine from her. After that, another villager said to look at his beautiful hydrangea, because she like it. She thought it was pretty, so she asked to bring some to Shinonome-sama, the Ryuujin. But she must go with her shikiyo, the ayakashi in black hair (Ichimaru). She likes the villagers and will protect them all. After that, Mizuki woke up in the morning. She found out something about Yako’s seal, that it wasn’t complete yet, so she asked Asahi to go with her. But this time, Shinzou will go with her too.

When they arrived, Shinzou noticed the seal is still incomplete. Without Shinzou and Asahi knowing, Yako told Mizuki that the person who had killed her mother is Asahi, from Shinzou’s order, after reading their memories. After Shinzou had completed the seal and Yako’s laughter couldn’t be heard anymore, Mizuki asked Shinzou about the truth. So he ordered Asahi to give her back her lost memories. Everything from her mother & Hinata, when she heard Asahi and Kouya’s conversation, had all returned. After she woke up, she met Hinata and called his name. Hinata noticed that her memories had already back. But she couldn’t explain of her situation to Hinata for now. She told him to go back first when she must visit Shinonome. On her way to him, she saw a mother walking with her daughter. It made her think about her mother too. Then after she met Shinonome, Mizuki couldn’t hold her tears anymore, hugging him and cry. Without talking, Shinonome hugged her back. She realized why did she wanted to cry when they found Aoi before. Because she felt the love from parents to a child from Shinonome. Why did Asahi killed her mother, although they had played together when they were a child? She was questioning about her reason to exist, but with his big hands, it seemed that he had forgiven her existence in this world.

After crying for a while, Mizuki decided to go back. But she met Kouya, who said she should have died after regaining her memories back. But she already made up her mind, that her life is not for someone else’s to decide. She will keep on living and she doesn’t have any connection to the death Sanae. Mizuki asked him what was his expectation of her. Did he want her to die or suffering. Because her life is not his to choose. After telling him that, Kouya couldn’t move and was stopped for a while. He didn’t chase her.

That night, Mizuki had another dream of Ayano’s past. She was apologizing to the villagers when they died from the storm. Ayano went to the pond to meet Shinonome, where his smile wasn’t there anymore. She begged him to revive the villagers, there were six of them, and offering her life as consideration. Because she couldn’t offer her shikiyo, she offered herself. At first, Shinonome refused. But he finally made a decision to grant her wish, but there were two considerations / exchange. The first one is, she have to offer her life as the sacrifice. Ayano accepted it and said when she get reincarnated, she will be the sacrifice. The other one is he, Ryuujin, will keep on staying in the pond for eternity, even after she have sacrificing herself. Ayano apologized that Shinonome must stay alone there, but he had the same thought about saving the villagers, so he thought it’s cheap. Though Ayano will come back again tomorrow after she talk with her shikiyo. In front of the pond, Ichimaru had been waiting for her.

Mizuki woke up and realized it’s Ayano’s memories. She should do something and thought Kaguna must know something she wanted to ask. She went to his shrine as quickly as possible. When she met him, Kotetsu wasn’t there. She asked if there’s another exchange in order so Shinonome could leave the pond, because he offered himself as an exchange. Kaguna quickly closed his eyes and searching for it. It took a long time but Kaguna finally found the way. It’s to sacrifice her life and not to get reborn anymore. So the sacrifice is stopped and Ryuujin won’t have a reason to be stopped at the pond anymore. If they pull him out the pond without stopping the exchange, he will disappear. Because if a God doesn’t pay the price, the body will grow weaker and gradually disappear. While thinking about it, Toomaru came after it was searching for Ayano’s presence. Because she has similar presence with Ayano. It made her thought of something, requesting her wish to be granted by Kaguna. Her wish is to see the past with her own eyes and make sure about the time Ryuujin revived the villagers. The price is “she can’t see anything anymore”. She won’t be able to see any scenery, even the person most precious to her and stay in the darkness as long as she live. She won’t be able to change the past even if she saw it. Kaguna asked her to make sure if she really want that.

Before Mizuki could offer the price, his grandfather appeared to pay for it. Because Kouya already told him the truth that he killed Itsuki and Miyako. He had thought that Miyako was the one who killed his son all this time. Even though he already knew, his sin couldn’t be forgiven. So he will pay the price. Asahi brought Kouya’s mask to Mizuki, so it meant that he had already disappeared. For Asahi, Kouya had been living by hating Mizuki all this time. After his hate had disappeared, he didn’t have any power to live anymore. After all of that, the memories began.

After Ayano and his sacrifice, the villagers were revived. But they said thanks to Nanjou house, instead of Ayano. When Shinonome appeared in front of the villagers in Ryuujin form, they were scared and tried to attack him for bringing the great flood. Everyone didn’t remember about Ayano and Ryuujin. It made him grieving, why must Ayano died. He regreted saving even one of them, questioning if he had been choosing the wrong choice. When she woke up, she saw Kaguna was looking at the sky. But Asahi and Shinzou had gone. Noticing Mizuki already woke up, Kaguna came beside her, asking if she’s alright. She cried while wanting to save Shinonome. But she’s alright and will go to him after saying her thanks to Kaguna.


Mizuki asked him to go to the shrine near the sea again. While looking at it, she wanted to treasure that time and won’t forget the warmth of his hand, because it will be the last she will stay together with Shinonome. She said she need to take a drink and left him alone in the sea, took a taxi and ran to the pond. It was raining when she arrived at the pond, it became more beautiful. She walked inside the pond until half of her body to sacrifice herself, stopped to look at the hydrangeas there. Suddenly, Shinonome called him, asking if she wanted to become a sacrifice for him. He already found happiness when she asked him to search for the way together, and wanted to believe at the future they talked. She knows that Shinonome won’t cry, so she hugs him and crying. Shinonome says that he must have continued to live for a long time to meet her. He tries to kiss Mizuki but stop midway. So she forced the kiss to him, and he gave it back. After that, he said the punishment is only for him, because Mizuki didn’t have relation to it. But she said the punishment is still there because both he and Ayano are still thinking about the villagers. Hearing that, he said that Mizuki had always been saving him. He could understand about happiness from her.

When thinking about the Gods she had met, Mizuki thought that she must apologize to Shinonome. Because the Gods must disappear, while humans kept on living. After all they had done for them, human couldn’t give that back. Though for Shinonome, it’s true that they will disappear because of humans, but the humans are the one who gave them life. Because they are here from human’s thoughts. Before he vanished, he made a wish to Mizuki. He wanted her to keep wishing to meet him again. Because a God will be born from human’s wish and believe, he wants her to keep waiting for him. He will be waiting to go with her, trying many delicious foods. So they made a promise to meet again. After the night comes, Shinonome tells her to go back to the house. She wanted to see him for the last time, but Shinonome wanted to see her off like usual. So she agreed to go back alone. When she was on the way, she looked back at the mountain after hearing Shinonome’s voice calling her. She saw a dragon flying to the sky, to the Heaven in the red sky. As she shouted to him not to go, Shinonome’s form became smaller to the indigo sky. He must have spakling more than the stars in the night sky right now.

When she arrived at home, Mizuki told everyone about Shinonome’s real form. Everyone was so sad he had gone. Before she went to her room, Hinata saw something inside her pocket and hairpin. It was a letter from Shinonome, about the treasure he hid inside a potted tree in Akanehara Soba Shop. Ichimaru noticed it too, that they had played searching the treasure before. When Mizuki prepared to go there, Hinata asked to go with her. Everyone agreed to go together to search for it that night. They found another letter that said it’s near Kawahara River. But it’s too long. Mizuki remember their time to watch the sky together while resting on the grass. There, she found another place to search, at 4.30 AM, standing under a tree growing on top of Mt. Mizusaki. After reaching the top at 4.20 AM, they haven’t found anything. But she will keep believing, although miracle won’t happen. Suddenly, when the sun rises, they can see the town from the place they’re standing. Mizuki realized Shinonome wanted to show her that light. When she asked about his favorite thing, other than candy. His most precious treasure is this village. It doesn’t change even after hundred years have passed. Inside the villager’s soul, there is the feelings of Ayano and Shinonome. She will always believe they will meet again. Mizuki will be waiting for the God who likes to eat, a cheerful God, and the most kind of all, but loves this village more than anyone.-Is this happy end? Because I cried a tons after reaching this monologue. The first time reaching here, I wet my clothes. The second time, I replayed because I need to write more of Mizuki’s feelings towards Shinonome, and the third time, I was proofreading and uploading pictures here.


Shinonome came late to save Mizuki at the pond. Her body already grew weaker. He said it’s not what he wanted. He wanted her to keep on living, shouting at her. But she couldn’t answer anymore. She said she likes him. She died after that.


That day, Mizuki came late to meet Shinonome at the pond. There were two more days until the sacrifice day to come. He was thinking that as a God, he was supposed to grant human’s wishes. But the person who said would grant his wishes, only Mizuki. When she came, her face already near crying. He hugged her and patting her head. He said it was alright to cry. While holding her, Shinonome thinks that a God is like a child, born from human’s wishes. That must be why they want to protect the humans like their own parents. He wants Mizuki to not change (her heart) forever.

I knew that I would cry a lot in Ryuujin Kitan. I didn’t cry at all when playing Youko Kitan. But this… Oh no, I cried in every characters’ route!!! I cried in Hinata’s route when he told Mizuki about the rabbit’s feelings after it had died. In Asahi’s route, I cried and my heart hurt when he put a barrier around Mizuki while holding his pain. He didn’t tell her about his suffering and pain, keeping it to himself. Then Shinonome!! Gosh, I wrote it above. I had cried three times in his happy ending…, but actually more below. Even remembering the dialogue created water in my eyes.

My favorite route here is Asahi. Because it also hurt my heart looking at him in pain. But to compare with Nao, I like Nao’s character better. Asahi is too quiet and maybe have no fun? But compared to other 6 characters, his story revealed that he’s the first love of Mizuki. He must have been her fate all this time. The red string also means fate, right? It seems Mizuki keeps choosing the wrong man in all routes, after playing Asahi’s route. But well, it’s not that it’s wrong. But it’s like, he is the true ending. Mizuki tried to stab him is also a surprise scene for me. Didn’t know she could become stronger in his route.

The second is Shinonome. But I only like his ending. My favorite story is the sad, setsunai. And it’s in his ending! The most setsunai dialogue I read this year, or maybe more. From his ending, I even think to place Kannagi no Mori as my second favorite otome game… Just read my review til the end to find if it’s true or not. I’m still voting right now. His route is the most boring. I played his route the last, and Shinonome rarely appeared, because he didn’t do Yorozu Ayakashi-ya work or go to school. In Youko Kitan, Mizuki is mostly going to school. But Ryuujin Kitan, she mostly does Yorozu Ayakashi-ya works and not attending school for a few months. Mizuki is mostly goes out with Kouya and Aoi.

I told you despite that, I cried in three scenes of his. The first one, when he and Mizuki found Aoi. He said he’s a strong child who doesn’t think of himself more than the others (Nao). The second time, the ending when Mizuki realized his most important treasure. The feelings of the God who had saved Ugetsumura. And the last, about Shinonome’s feelings in the omake. God is there because of humans’ wish, like their child. But God also wants to protect their child, the humans. I can’t forget about that for the rest of my life now. I’m not a fan of protagonist kissing a God, but the story ends with one of them die / disappear. I would just like his route more if they kept being a father-daughter.

The least favorite is Hinata’s route. Of course I like him too. His route turns out better than most childhood friend’s route. Compared with Souta, I like Hinata’s route better. You know, I hate kidnapping scene in otome games. The first one is in Amnesia. But his scene is not that annoying and not for long. So I can bear reading it. Also, he has his own reason to kidnap Mizuki, so I forgive him. I still hate 7’scarlet‘s kidnapping scene… Though he could win against Kouya because of Miyako’s magatama and Asahi fought Kouya, not him. He’s weaker than I thought, his running away scenes drags the ending too much. But I could relate, since Hinata had been living peacefuly with Mizuki and Miyako so he rarely had a fight.

I will review my feelings after playing six routes of Kannagi no Mori here.

The list of my favorite route is this : Nao, Asahi, Ichimaru, Shinonome, Hinata, Souta.

I chose Nao as the first because his route have included fun in the festival, in the omake, and some pain when he bullied Mizuki too. But he’s sweet inside. Asahi is the second, although he is the true ending, because he rarely have fun moments with Mizuki. Ichimaru the third, because he had always stayed with Ayano and had a few mysteries of the past. Though his ending resulting in both him and Mizuki’s short time to live, I didn’t cry. It lacks something though, but he’s still cute (remember when he couldn’t drink coffee). Shinonome after that, because I didn’t like his kissing scene, and 3/4 of his route is boring. Until I reached the ending. All this time, Mizuki asked two Gods (well, the sea shrine is not included but she tried) for a futile ending. But his sad scene was too good and rise up my vote on this series. Hinata is the next, because even though he’s Mizuki’s childhood friend, I found his changing character when she lose memories is weird? How could he didn’t talk with her after she have changed? Even Nao talked to Aoi to retrieve his memories back. Hinata is too self-righteous. But his story is okay, I can relate. Oh and Souta is the least favorite. I don’t even think Matatabi should put effort into making him a male characters. He could stay Mizuki’s friend in the house, like Kouya? Souta has the most boring route in an otome game I had ever played. Maybe there are more, but compared to the characters here, he is the most I hate.

I have already wrote my reviews about BGM, background, CG, and even start menu in the Youko Kitan’s post. So I won’t write about them anymore. I will go straight to my feelings. Of course my most favorite otome game is still Clock Zero ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~. It is not as setsunai as Kannagi no Mori, Shinigami to Shoujo, and Kaminaru Kimi to. But I like the change in Takato as a person. His “Kimi no inai sekai nante iranai” words keeps repeating with Namikawa Daisuke’s voice, attached in my heart and head, I could never forget it after years. So I can’t change it for now. The second place had always been Shinigami to Shoujo, for the time I didn’t play otome game. Recently I thought to change it to Haitaka no Psychedelica, because I didn’t remember anymore of Shinigami to Shoujo’s stories. It had been too long for me to remember anymore. The third place, had been Kaminaru Kimi to. It’s similar with Kannagi no Mori, but it’s not too popular. I wonder why this kind of story is not popular outside Japan, and rarely gets translation. Steam / mangagamer should have translated this kind of story sometimes. They always translated most VN without feelings attached, Steam Prison is an exception, it’s dark but not sad (setsunai, except Fin in another route).

So what about now? I think for now, my most favorite otome games are Clock Zero, Kannagi no Mori, Haitaka no Psychedelica. Why did I chose Kannagi no Mori rather than Haitaka? Because I cried a lottt!! I only cried in Haitaka, at Fransisca’s past. The story of Haitaka is also complex. Kannagi no Mori also have complex storyline. Because some things are described in the prologue, some mystery must be played through other character first to reach a conclusion. Here in Ryuujin Kitan, after I played Hinata’s route, I know that Kouya said Mizuki’s mother had killed her father. It was explained more in Asahi’s route. that it’s actually him who framed Miyako. Then, in Shinonome’s route everything has been revealed one by one. But I’m wondering about Tsumugi’s future with Sakaki…

Kannagi no Mori is also made into PS Vita, titled Samidare Tsuzuri. Sad, I couldn’t play it in Vita. There is omake about Mizuki’s father and mother there… Also, about Kouya and Sanae!

Miyako?, Itsuki, Kouya

Link for CG:





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