Jakou no Lyla ~Allure of Musk~ 1 Europian Night, 2 Asian Night, 3 Arabian Night

I really played this game in a very slow pace, each episodes in three days and total of 9 days. Each episode have three routes, two characters and one Double Spy Route. But I think playing three Double Spy Routes is the same as playing two routes. So let’s think there are 8 characters (actually 6 + 2 playtimes) in the series because of the playtime.

Jakou no Lyla is actually considered a R18 otome game, without explicit CG though. But I will consider it R18 because of the theme, sexual activity, and the bad endings are disaster! The bad endings are in similar term with R18 otome games bad ending, with violent or bloody scene. I think you are fine to play the only the third series, since I feel sleepy playing the First and Second Night. After reaching the Third Night, I feel “What did I just play before? Are 1 & 2 from the same series? Because there is nothing in them and all mysteries are revealed in the last and Jemiru & Lizaru are the fated persons for Shirien since she is a child”. Well, let’s go right away to the story and I will write my impression in the end.


Shirien is a famous dancer from Show Salon Kamal, in Shanasa Kingdom. But she works as a spy for the Master (Katsu Anri), a man in purple colored hair. She lives with her little brother, Jemiru. But he is not her blood relative, because Master picked him five years ago. Shirien also have a best friend, Aisha (Taira Ellen), who often cheer for her love life. There will be a meeting in Shanasa, which gathered all princes from overseas. In European Night, the country is focused on Lugan and Crydelle. Theodore Ballish (Ookawa Genki) came to Kamal with the lost prince from Crydelle, Rolan Crydelle (Tachinana Shinnosuke). They requested Shirien to search for Rolan’s younger sister, Pamela Crydelle, which he believed is captured by the Crown Prince Vince Lugan (Taniyama Kishou). To help Rolan meet his sister, Shirien sneak in the party at Shanasa Palace.


END 1 : After Theodore created coup d’etat, Shirien followed Vince to go back to Lugan Kingdom. But they were captured by Theodore. He had killed Vince’s father, the King. To save Vince from a poison, Shirien gave the antidote mouth-to-mouth. After that, the two of them ran away and gathered allies to be his solder in Shanasa, as well as being helped by Lizaru. When there’s a party in Lugan, Shirien finally got to meet Theodore in his room. But she was captured. Though before any man can rape her, Vince comes and save her. He fought Theodore and after winning the battle, Theodore explained that he’s been jealous of Vince as a prince. But Vince is also jealous of him, being loved by his subordinate. In the end, Theodore couldn’t be save and died there. Shirien went back to Shanasa to meet the Master. He told Shirien that Rolan had found Pamela and both of them wanted to be a spy like Shirien. Then, she goes back to Lugan just to see Vince becoming a new king. But before she can say goodbye, Vince stop Shirien and kiss her in front of the audience, saying she will be his queen. After accepting his proposal, the poeple in Shanasa are happy for them.

END 2 : Theodore ordered his soldiers to rape Shirien. He said he already took the receipt to create the same drug as Shirien’s henna tattoo from Master. She was indulge in pleasure until Vince came late. He killed all the man there, including Theodore. But Shirien is now twisted. She thinks all men are the same. When she finally married Vince and became a queen a few months later, she made him his bee, who pursued her honey as the queen bee.


END 1 : Shirien is captured by Pamela and being sold in an auction. The Rin empire bought Shirien and a few months after that, Rolan appeared to exchange Shirien with the Iberis flower seed from Crydelle country, which said to give health from various illnesses. Even though Rin Kourei love Shirien, he let her find happiness with Rolan. Rolan is now a Lugan Kingdom’s lord, thanks to Vince teaching him about politics. After getting Shirien back from Rin Empire, he explained that Vince killed his older sister because he saw her having an incest with Rolan’s older brother. Because Crydelle is a country which believe in royal blood as its power, his queen sister used her own brothers to have descendant. Pamela’s whereabouts is unknown but she seems to go back to Lugan Kingdom. In the end, Rolan and Shirien go back to Crydelle to help Vince. Rolan will make both men and women possible to inherit the reign of whole country.

END 2 : Shirien refused to be kissed by Roland so he strangled her neck. That night, he kisses Shirien for the first time after she died. Then, he used the medicine that grants eternal beauty and made Shirien’s body to a wax figure, living together in Crydelle, in his previous room.

END 3 : In exchange for Shirien’s freedom, Rolan used his body to be sold in the auction. When she finally woke up after a long time sleeping, she got to the market at night to save Rolan. But his mind is already messed up after being a male prostitute. But he is happy because many people needs him now. There’s no way to change back his mind for eternity.


Shirien couldn’t choose between Vince or Rolan. She slept with both of them. One day, when Shirien was talking with both Vince and Rolan near Eleanora’s room, they found her scream. When they went inside, Theodore introduced Eleanora as his fiancée, with the real name Pamela.  But Pamela refused being Theodore’s fiancée, she wanted to get married with Vince instead. Theodore explained that he saved Pamela at the attack in Crydelle Kingdom through secret passage so she can marry Vince. But Theodore wanted her for himself, so he tried doing coup d’etat to be Lugan’s crown prince / king. Knowing that, Vince captured them. But he wanted explanation from Shirien’s side. Rolan told him that Shirien only help him meeting Pamela. Although the problem has been settled, Shirien comes back to Kamal and lives with the Master.

Not long after that, Vince and Rolan came to Show Salon Kamal to bring her back to Lugan Kingdom. Rolan gave them a choice to live together and doing threesome all the time, after knowing his older sister had similar relationship with his two older brothers in the past. They could live happily, so Rolan thought it would be the same for them. After Vince becomes the king, Shirien and Rolan live secretly in a room connected to the King’s room. When a maid comes in, the two of them will hide in another room. But Shirien can’t escape from the two loves forever.


In Asian Night, the main characters are brothers with different mother. Rin Kourei (Okitsu Kazuyuki) is a crown prince of Rin Empire. He came to Shanasa with his younger brother, Rin Kirei (Satou Takuya). But Kirei is very worried of Kourei because he doesn’t feel interested in women. He always talks about White Snake Legend (Hakujoushi / Bai Suzhen) and won’t love any woman except the White Snake. So Kirei needs Shirien’s help to seduce his brother and change his mind. But without realizing it, Kirei fell in love with Shirien too.


END 1 : All the time Shirien seduced him, Kourei didn’t seem to have feelings for her. Even though she used the henna tattoo, Kourei kept running away. After Kourei and Kirei went back to Rin Empire, Shirien was kidnapped by some eunuchs. She could escape and met Kourei on her way. After meeting her again, Kourei decided to confess his feelings and the two of them had their first night. The day after that, Kourei introduced Shirien as his wife to his mother, the Empress. Though she didn’t accept, the Empress only did her plan to kill Shirien on their back. But before that happened, Shirien tried to investigate about the inner palace. She heard from Miran (Sendai Eri) that her older sister, Shunran, was taken to the inner palace, where the King harem is, but she had never met her sister anymore. That’s why all this time, Miran wanted to be Kourei’s fiancée to save her sister. While investigating, Shirien also got close with Kourei and Kirei’s three little sisters.

After investigating about the Empress and the inner palace, Shirien told Kourei that it’s actually all the Empress’ doing. She bought young eunuchs to play with their bodies, and the money was taken from selling the girls in the inner palace at the black auction market. Kourei had known her mother’s sin since he’s a child and Kirei’s mother is the person who introduced him to the White Snake Legend at that time, to cheer him up. Maybe that’s why he lives as an adult who’s afraid to love a woman. Kourei and Kirei finally interfered the auction and released all girls being sold there. The Emperor also came to apologize to Kourei’s mother, Karin, because he had abandoned her for a long time. They knew that the Empress is the one who put poison on the Emperor’s body, though Shirien cured him with an antidote. But the Emperor didn’t blame his wife anymore. After the incident, Kourei became the new king and released all girls in the inner palace, including Miran’s older sister. Kourei will only marry one woman, and that’s Shirien. The story ended when Kourei drew Shirien’s picture on a fan.

END 2 : The Empress didn’t get to meet the Emperor at the black auction. She let her rage out and put poison in Shirien’s food. Her life was saved, but Kourei got his revenge and killed her own mother. But his inner heart wasn’t satisfied by it. He then put his own life and Shirien inside his room for a few years, without caring for their people. In the end, the people had a rebellion, breaking the dam that stopped water from the lake around the imperial palace. It was a rainy season and the water could create flood in the entire palace. Kirei was brought outside by his subordinate, but Kourei and Shirien stayed inside their room. While kissing, their bodies are sinking to the lake.

END 3 : Shirien agreed to have sex with the Empress’ soldier. But she didn’t know the Empress brought Kourei to see that. He saw his beloved woman intertwining with an unknown man like a snake. So he became twisted and believed his mother. Kourei brainwashed Shirien to believe that she is the Hakujoushi, makes love with her and say he wants a boy as their child. Because if they don’t have a boy, the story won’t continue.


END 1 : Even though Kirei have confessed to Shirien of his love before going back to Rin Empire, Shirien rejected his confession because she doesn’t love him for now and she must work for the Master. But in the middle of going back, Kirei returned to Shanasa and met Shirien a few times. Until he got a letter from Kourei, telling him about Miran’s condition. Miran loves Kirei, but he loves another woman, so Miran chose to attempt suicide. Knowing that, Shirien told Kirei to go back to Rin Empire so he could apologize properly to Miran. He did what she told him. But the Master wanted Shirien to take Kirei back to Shanasa, so he can do research about Kirei’s blood. The Master needs his blood, which is different than another and might have some special substances such as poison mixed in it, to heal the Master from his illness. To help the person who is like her father, Shirien goes to Rin Empire alone and meets Kirei again as a pretend-maid.

But when Shirien tried to befriend Miran so she would release Kirei, Miran stabbed her. Thankfully, Kirei was near the place and took care of Shirien’s wound. But he thought the person who attacked Shirien is his aunt, Kourei’s mother, Karin. Because he knew that Karin had killed his mother with poison. At some point, Miran’s anger accumulated and tried to burn Shirien. But Kirei brought her out to the lake and they survived the fire in Kirei’s room. But Miran’s whereabout is unknown. Meanwhile, Kourei told Kirei and Shirien to take a rest and have some vacation, giving them a map made by Kirei’s mother, Shirei. After confessing her love to Kirei, the two of them went to the house where Kirei played often with his mother. There, they read the diary of his mother. It explained about how his mother loved Karin so much as her friend, but Karin killed her first daughter, Kirei’s older sister. When Karin finally gave birth to Kourei, Shirei was glad because Karin might stop hating herself. But when she gave birth to Kirei, she poisoned her son. Thinking of stopping Karin’s anger and she didn’t have much time to live because of her illness, Shirei had planned to drink poison. But Kourei, who was getting friendly to her, told Shirei not to die. Though in the end, she kept drinking the poison to save her child.

Knowing about Kourei’s love for him, Kirei wanted to talk with his big brother. But Miran captured Kourei and attempted to kill him. That time, Kirei explained that he doesn’t want to hold Miran without love. She finally understand and found her older sister, Shunran. After Miran had given up, Kirei gave his mother’s diary to the Empress, Karin. Knowing of her friend’s real feelings, Karin apologized to Kirei, but he already forgave her. Not long after that, Kourei came to inform his mother, that the Emperor actually love her so much. He told them to retire and give the Empire in his hands. And after that, Kourei told Kirei to be his eyes and go to the outside of the palace to give him information. Kourei did as he told. The last mission before his marriage with Shirien is to attend Vince’s coronation in Shanasa and also have a pre-honeymoon. Kirei gave his hairpin, from his mother, to Shirien. He told her to give it to their child in the future and she agreed to do it.

END 2 : Kirei couldn’t save his brother from getting killed by Miran. Miran was killed after that. Because Kirei was blaming himself for his brother’s dead, he told Shirien to go back to Shanasa and couldn’t live with her. They had the last sex and after that, ten years had passed since the separation. Shirien is still a famous dancer in Kamal and received various marriage proposals. She also sleep with many men to do her job as a spy. But she can’t give her heart to anyone but Kirei. Later, some customers are talking about the rebellion happened in Rin Empire. She quickly goes there but at the time she arrive, the rebellion has ended. It was led by Shunran, Miran’s older sister, for killing her family. Even though the current Emperor, Kirei, is a good person, she killed him for revenge. Shirien finds Kirei at the palace, dying. Before his death, he apologized for bringing such a tragedy to Shirien, and he still loves her even after ten years. But before she can reply, Kirei closes his eyes forever. Shirien thinks she can’t live or smile anymore after his death.

Why, you only cut hair in bad ending??


Before going back to Rin Empire, Kirei and Kourei confessed their love to Shirien. They also kissed her while giving ayran (some kind of yoghurt) to her mouth and had sex together (yes, three of them). But she couldn’t choose who is the person she love. So they stayed for 10 days more in Shanasa to each gave pleasure to Shirien, so she can choose the man she love the most. But in the end, Shirien said she love both of them. Both Kirei and Kourei were glad because they could live together, the three of them didn’t do anything wrong. Shirien lives in the palace and gets close to Kirei and Kourei’s three sisters fast. When they asked which wife she is, Shirien told them it’s a secret. At night, she met Kirei and Kourei to have a secret rendezvous at a detached house, without anyone ever know of their secret. Meanwhile, the Master released Shirien and he finally found two woman to be the next spy. One of them is Miran. The other girl is Pamela.


Arabian Night the last series. Here, all of Shirien’s past is told. So I think you don’t need to play the First and Second Night if you don’t want to read a separate story.

The story takes place when the Master have a client, Leila Ali, the daughter of Tahil Ali, an aristocrat in Shanasa. She wanted to run away from her duty as the King’s fiancee, Lizaru Shanasa (Morikawa Toshiyuki) so she can live with her beloved servant, Hasan. In order to do that, she wanted Shirien to pretend as herself, while she and Hasan run away to neighboring country. The Master accepted her request. Moreover, he needs royal blood to research about a medicine to heal his illness. Shirien accepted the request and finally is being introduced as Lizaru’s fiancee. But suddenly, Jemiru (Murase Ayumu) attacked Lizaru to kill him. When Shirien asked Jemiru, he said it’s because the King had kidnapped women.


END 1 : In order to get a proof that Shirien is Leila Ali, Lizaru held a fast wedding ceremony before the overseas meeting have done. But different than other men, who should be captivated by Shirien’s henna tattoo, Lizaru noticed the tattoo and erased it with an oil. He was surprised to know that their first night is the first time for Shirien, but glad to have her. At another night, Shirien followed him outside the palace and found out he saved many girls, Toi’s sisters, as a good thief, Lyla Noor (correct me if the translated name is wrong). He noticed Shirien’s presence and revealed his other job as the thief. Shiren is glad because her husband is not the person who kidnapped girls. On the next day, Lizaru explained to Shirien as Leila, that he will open an orphanage for kids like Toi in the palace. He also introduced his friend, a hookah seller. But suddenly, Toi came to inform him that his sisters are kidnapped again by many people.

When Lizaru found the place with Toi’s help, Karoo, his friend, died protecting him from the soldiers who guard the prison for the girls. But they still saved the girls. The girls they saved told Lizaru and Shirien that the person who kidnapped them also injected some green liquid that made them feel sick. The described person is similar to the Master in Kamal, so Shirien met him the next day. But instead of asking him, she couldn’t say anything in front of him rather than to listen to his suspicion against Lizaru. It’s true that he holds a rare blood, but it seems he is not the real King of Shanasa. Lizaru told Shirien before, that he drank poison from Black Mamba because royal family must prevent their assassination by inflicting it in their body since born. After coming back, Lizaru also suspected her of being someone suspicious so he asked of her real intention while holding a knife to her neck. Because she really love Lizaru, Shirien tells him the truth that she is not the real Leila Ali, and she comes to get his blood. But she fell unconscious after hearing Lizaru called her real name and revealed his true name, Luto.

After she woke up, Lizaru told her everything that he is actually Luto, who had met Shirien as a child. He is the thief, Lyla Noor, who will steal from bad people to give it to the poor. At some day, he went to the real king, who always got sick. The King told him to pretend as him and the real King live peacefully now. So the only suspicious people is the Master. Shirien went to Kamal when the Master is gone and after reaching his underground laboratory, she got her real memories. Luto saved her in the desert when she ran away from the Master’s experiment, nine years ago. They became close, together with Karoo, inside the Telomeana’s cave, where Luto found about a great minerals inside. When Luto got hurt from stealing, Shirien took care of him. There, Luto said he became a thief because his mother died, from refusing a nobleman’s trying to rape her and accused of stealing. So he will change the world. But after living a month with him in the cave, the Master found Shirien and got her back, erasing her memories. When Shirien finally got back her memories and knew that the other two subjects are Miran and Pamela, the Master came and tried to erase her memories again. But this time, Lizaru saved her and finally captured the Master.

It seems the Master is researching about eternal life by gathering royal’s blood. He have a friend who helped him, the author of the book called “The Medicine that Grants Eternal Beauty”, Miles F. Cuteria. But they couldn’t capture him for now. Jemiru decided to go by himself. As the Queen, Shirien also have portion in the meeting. She makes changes in the government. Shirien and Luto keeps on living in triple identities, the King (Lizaru Shanasa) and his Queen (Leila Ali), and at night as Lyla Noor and his partner. The two of them will take care and raise Shanasa, the country they love, like their own child.

END 2 : Shirien got captured by the Master again at his laboratory. Half a year have passed, and Lizaru can’t be a good king. He is thinking of Shirien a lot, which he never find anymore. But when he is near the servant’s room, he hears a woman’s alluring voice. He opened the door and found a man doing sex with Shirien. Seeing them, he grabbed Shirien and put his thing inside her to move the man out of the room. To get an excited man’s blood, the Master of Kamal uses Shirien’s body. So until she can find the real King to gather his blood, Shirien will be Lizaru’s captive / slave.


END 1 : After knowing Shirien will hold a wedding ceremony with Lizaru, Jemiru forced a kiss on her because he love Shirien all this time. But she denied his feelings, thinking she only saw him as her little brother. That night, Jemiru attacked Lizaru so he couldn’t hold a wedding the next day. While searching for Jemiru, Lizaru took Shirien to a prison because he thought she will get in danger while the assassin have not been captured yet. Shirien agreed, but Jemiru sneak in the prison to release her. His attempt was found by Lizaru, capturing both Shirien and Jemiru. Lizaru asked them why they lied to him and about who ordered them to kill the King, whipping Jemiru a few times. He still doesn’t tell Lizaru the truth, so Lizaru forced an aphrodisiac to Shirien’s mouth. If Jemiru doesn’t tell him the truth, Lizaru will insert a Telomeana’s stone into her thing. Jemiru surrendered and told Lizaru of their Master. While searching for the Master’s whereabouts, Jemiru and Shirien were left alone inside the King’s room. There, because of the aphrodisiac made from winter jasmine of Rin Empire, Shirien almost put in the Telomeana to her body. But Jemiru kissed her and became Shirien’s first man to calm her down.

When she woke up, Jemiru has left. Because Lizaru had told him to search the Master, after telling him about the kidnapping case. It might be because of Kamal’s Master, who is researching about immortality. Jemiru found his diary in the laboratory inside Kamal’s underground, but he didn’t tell Shirien the truth. When she found out Jemiru’s in critical condition, Shirien took care of him with Lizaru’s help too. Knowing of his condition, Shirien went to Kamal and asked the Master to give her medicine. The Master told her that he will leave Shanasa and go back to his birthplace, Frain Empire. He gave a medicine, which he claimed to heal Jemiru’s illness because of his scale bruises. And he also ordered Shirien to take the King’s blood for creating a medicine too. If the person who smell Shirien’s henna tattoo could be annoyed even though she haven’t put off her clothes, it will be the mark to differentiate the royal blood, which have changed because of the Black Mamba’s subtances. Coincidentally, when she got back, Jemiru noticed her different scent from the tattoo, got mad because she went to the Master and embraced her again that night.

After he regained consciousness, Jemiru went outside. Shirien chased him and gave him the medicine from the Master. But he threw the liquid on the flowers and made it wither, saying it is actually a poison. The Master wanted to kill him because Jemiru have betrayed him. Shirien told him that she actually love Jemiru, but he couldn’t believe it, saying he’s actually a real killer. When he was a child, Ishak’s family raised him well. But until he’s nine years old, Ishak’s family changed because they needed more money. In the end, Jemiru was sold as a killer for aristocrats and many people, until he found out that Ishak’s family had plan to sell him. He killed all Ishak’s family and many people who use him as a killer. Then, he met the Master, saying he need his killing ability and will give him happiness in exchange for it. Jemiru accepted it and met Shirien. He knows he has love her since the first time they met. But Jemiru didn’t tell Shirien about the Master’s research on her body. He just cries on Shirien’s hug, after accepting him as a person.

But he doesn’t want to let Shirien unhappy. Jemiru decided to kill the Master alone and leave her unconscious. After Shirien has woken up, the Master sent her a letter to gather Lizaru’s blood. But after she sent a sample, the Master kept asking because he believe it was fake. Shirien doesn’t know what to do anymore, decided that she must talk with Lizaru, who brings in a man in a hood. He claims to be a hookah seller (he also appeared in Lizaru’s route when Lizaru decided to create an orphanage, but Shirien didn’t know the hookah seller’s real identity in his route). But the man has the same bruise on his face, like Jemiru. So Lizaru told Shirien that he’s actually the real King, Liza. In the past, Liza had a child with his servant, Riko. The child is a rare albino, Jemiru. Many people was against their marriage, so he put his own child to drink a poison from Black Mamba, to avoid assassination. In the end, Riko died after protecting Jemiru. And Liza brought the child to Ishak’s family, the person he trusted. Though after knowing the truth, Liza is blaming himself for giving his child to Ishak. After knowing it, Lizaru offered his help to find Jemiru.

Shirien finally found Jemiru and Master in his laboratory. The Master had brainwashed both of them, so Jemiru couldn’t move to attack him. Meanwhile, he also made Shirien moved according to his will. Master told her to kill Jemiru, but Jemiru kissed her and grabbed the knife. Quickly, he stabs the knife unto the Master’s chest and he died. After everything had over, Jemiru fell unconscious for a few days because he fought against the brainwash. When he woke up, Lizaru introduced him to the ministers as his illegitimate child, which made all the people stopped moving in awe. It also made Jemiru and Shirien surprise for the news. Lizaru told them that he will raise the 17 years old Jemiru as the new King. And his coronation day will be the same as his wedding day with Leila (Shirien). Of course Jemiru couldn’t accept it all and need time to think. But Shirien said she will keep loving him and follow him no matter where he go. Finally, Jemiru and Shirien hold a wedding. The people of Shanasa are shouting in cheer for the new king.

END 2 : Shirien is searching for Jemiru. But she can’t find him everywhere. Jemiru is now crazily killing innocent people. Before he can kill a girl, Shirien takes the knife and died. Realizing he has killed his beloved woman, Jemiru holds the knife and stabs his own chest.


END 1 : When searching for Jemiru at Kamal’s laboratory, Shirien found him with Master. Lizaru and Liza also came there, finally revealed that Jemiru is Liza’s son. The Master knew there’s something suspicious of them and collected Jemiru’s blood. After drinking his blood, the Master is now immortal. He showed his gun to them, so Shirien and the others run away.

While talking with Lizaru, Shirien finally knows that he is Luto, the man she met as a child. Lizaru said he love Shirien ever since the first time they met, but Shirien was still confuse of who she love. After talking with Aisha, who is getting married to a minister, Shirien becomes more confuse. But that night, she did a threesome with Lizaru and Jemiru, realizing she fell in love with them. Meanwhile, both Pamela and Miran disappeared from their country. Vince and the princes from Rin Empire sent Lizaru a letter about their sudden disappearance and made him wanted to gather force to investigate about it. Realizing about the book the Master created about “The Medicine that Grants Eternal Beauty”, Shirien is worried about Aisha because she and all the female dancers in Kamal have read it. After Shirien investigating the book, she found out the musk inside the book is what caused men to fall in love with the woman wearing it. Shirien tried to make the musk and while smelling the scent, Jemiru and Lizaru felt their minds are becoming weird.

When Shirien, Jemiru, and Lizaru found the new hideout of the Master, they were surprised to see many living women inside a show room. They’re still alive but can’t move for now. The Master came out to meet them, but his half of face had changed to a snake-like scale. His body is now immortal, but he can still gets hurt, so he wish for someone to kill him. Suddenly, his neck is cut by a woman, Aisha. She seems different though, claiming that she is Miles F. Cuteria. After drinking Shirien’s blood from her ears, Aisha or Miles gets very happy, thinking she will create the immortal medicine better than Master. The Master told them all that there are three subtances need in creating the immortal medicine. The first is the Telomeana, affectionate feelings with both Telomeana poisoning and Black Mamba resistance, and the last is testosterone (blood of the most excited man). But Shirien is not a maiden anymore. She falls in love with two man, Jemiru and Luto. When thinking about how she was being told lies by Aisha, her best friend, Shirien remembered the past. Her parents used to help her run away to a desert and gave her a name, Shirien, but they left her alone to be a decoy from Master. While being left alone in a desert, Luto found her. And that’s the story before she met Luto / Lizaru. In the end, Aisha’s body changed faster to an old woman. Knowing their experiment have failed, the Master runs away like a lizard rather than being in a show, as Lizaru suggested. They burn Show Salon Kamal after that.

Shirien finally understand about Plan β Amrita, the study about immortality. Her parents, given the codename of Adam and Eve by Master, fell in love to each other and had Shirien. Because Shirien might become a good test subject, the Master, real name is Louis Wyler, raised her in an experiment. Aisha or Miles, had been researching for the immortality with Louis from a long time ago, maybe about thirty years. So, Aisha’s changes after drinking Shirien’s blood might be because she returned to her real age. Because Shirien noticed her face hadn’t change since she met Aisha. After that, the story followed Jemiru’s route. King Lizaru, around thirty years old, claimed that Jemiru is his illegitimate child. It’s almost unbelieveable since Jemiru is 17 years old. Before Jemiru’s coronation ceremony as the new king, both Jemiru and Lizaru are fighting mouth, being sarcastic to each other but seems friendly. Shirien goes to pick them up to attend the ceremony, but they’re still fighting. Though from now on, the three of them will live happily forever.

END 2 : Shirien didn’t love any of them. So when Aisha finally drank her blood, she regained eternal youth. But Aisha’s research hasn’t been completed yet. She gives order to Pamela and Miran to seduce Vince and Kourei to take their blood sample. Meanwhile, Shirien, Jemiru, and Lizaru are all becomes her guinea pig. She needs their pleasure inside the glass room to gain immortality.

I won’t put Jakou no Lyla as my favorite otome game. The story are very boring in 1st & 2nd Night. I always feel sleepy in Rolan’s route, for his voice is always have long pause. I think Jemiru is the fated person for Shirien. In his route, her past is revealed, especially about Master’s real identity. The Master actually needs Jemiru, Vince, or Kourei’s blood. But in Jemiru’s route, he finally gained the blood, while in Vince or Kourei’s route, Shirien didn’t give him the sample. I wonder what will happen in the other routes except Jemiru (he killed Master) and Lizaru (he captured Master) route? Will the master use Pamela and Miran to gather blood and finally gain immortal life? If so, the four other characters route aren’t worth playing. Recently, I read a manhwa “Sultan’s Love” and the heroine’s fate is almost similar to Lizaru’s route.

If I must choose who is my favorite character, it is Vince. Especially because the seiyuu is Taniyama Kishou. But his cold expression is very lovely. He is not a playboy as Kirei and doesn’t believe in love. But in the end, Vince is attracted with Shirien’s honesty and kindness. She keeps helping him in his hard time. The second is Jemiru, because he is cute. But I don’t really like Murase Ayumu’s voice. Not because of that, I think Jemiru’s a bit weird. He doesn’t know about politics and he becomes king easily. He should be studying for years first before the coronation. The exact list is : Vince-Jemiru-Lizaru-Kourei-Kirei-Rolan.

For favourite route / story list : Jemiru-Lizaru-Kourei-Kirei-Vince-Rolan.

The menu is weird! There are many unused pattern and the bottom right pattern can move. It makes me dizzy. But they are unique. Though my eyes can finally able to get used to them since the second series. I still find them annoying. The BGMs are also unique and ear-catchy. I love them. Especially Lyla song, sung by Itou Kanako. I keep repeating the song. But Aika no Fajr by Shimamiya Eiko is not as unique as the OP song.

Overall, I feel I don’t need to play 1st & 2nd night! They are not worthy and only prolongs the story. If only I know about it, I would play only the last night. But I like the first story’s seiyuus, so I feel satisfied listening to their voices in first night.

After this, I might not write story review anymore and just my impression. Because I will keep playing R18 games, which are not as popular as Otomate or Operetta. I don’t know where to begin, though. My lists are “Furue, Yurayura to series”, “Fata Morgana” (not R18 though), “Oni to Hanazuma ~Hananusutto wa, Tsutsuji ka Tsubaki ka~”, “Kusunoki Yashiki no Monogatari ~Himitsu no Ochoumen~”, “Enkan no Memoria”, “Ao no Shigyaku Midori no Higyaku by Operetta Due”, “Iai no Uta”, “Kusunoki Yashiki no Monogatari ~Himitsu no Ochoumen~”, “Yoshiwara Higanbana”. Which one should I choose first? I think I will prefer a cute and easy fluff, short playthrough, because I mainly came back with serious theme otome games this year. But Yoshiwara Higanbana is the strongest candidate for now. What about FF XV? Have been more than a month not playing it…

Link for CG (only Mediafire except if there is a request on Mega):

The First Night European Night

The Second Night Asian Night

The Last Night Arabian Night


  1. I was searching a review for a long time thank you ( since game is japanese and i was confused at some points) Thank youu

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