Koezaru ha Akai Hana After Disc ~Ayanasu Mirai~ Full Review

This will be my last Koezaru ha Akai Hana review. I hope this is the end of the series. I have played the first series three times, from 2012 Windows version, 2014 PSP version Taiga ha Mirai wo Tsumugu, and 2017 Windows Itoshiki Hibi ha Mune ni Tsudoite. Ayanasu Mirai is the after story, while the extra story can be read since the PSP version. I thought the after story will be full of laughter because of the chibi wallpaper. But it turns out wrong. There are some route which is creating bigger problem. I think the biggest problem are in Tooya and Ruji’s route. That’s why they have the longest story. While the other routes only tell about vacation, the thought of having children, and throwing the past.

I will write according to my playing order list. This is also the list of my favorite character in Koezaru ha Akai Hana series.

01. Uru (Yukino Ayashiro / Yukishiro Ayano)


When Naala woke up from bad dream, one year after their marriage, she couldn’t find Uru on the bed. So she went outside and found him at the rooftop. He was thinking if he’s worth as Knoll’s disciple and Naala’s husband. But she told him not to think much about it. After that, he wanted to hold hands with Naala while sleeping together.

On another day, an emissary, his wife and three daughters came to meet Uru and Naala. He was afraid if he would meet Knoll, but what would he do if he know that Uru is Knoll’s disciple? Though Uru said thanks for complementing his master. The wife said Uru is near their children’s age and their daughters complimenting him for being a lovely lord. The youngest daughter asked her two sisters if they would want to propose to Uru then. This makes Naala jealous because the girls are targeting Uru. Their father even asked Uru if he need more than wife, but Uru refused until the emissary told him they should talk if Naala isn’t there. It makes Naala annoyed so much at the emissary’s behavior. But she chose to leave them and call a maid as courtesy. Before she go, Uru stand in front of her and protected Naala. He got mad at the emissary, saying it’s because of his immaturity (to refuse) so Naala became nervous. The emissary apologized but Uru went outside. Naala chased him at the garden.

Uru is blaming himself to become a burden for Naala and lets her getting disrespect from the emissary. And because he has a small body. But Naala made him calm down and said thanks for protecting her. She kissed Uru’s cheek, saying that he will live with her longer than if she live with older man because he is younger. His time will be used for her, because she will die before him. It makes Uru happier and kissed her lips.

A few days later, the emissary came again. In order to build a good relationship with Nasla, he wanted Uru to search for an aristrocrat for his daughters. Uru made a promise but once again, he refused to marry the emissary’s daughter. In the end, the daughters came out and glad Uru made that decision. The trip is like their training to be a bride and knowing there is a man who only makes an oath to one woman is delightful to them. Now that he lost to his own daughters, the emissary will have to move some women to Nasla as his bet with the girls. He actually wanted to be Uru’s father-in-law for his position as the next political assistant and for his cuteness, but the emissary left all of that now. After the family had left, Uru smiled to Naala. He will do anything to protect, even if he must kill. And his feelings won’t change for her.

The two of them went to the rooftop to see the emissary left with the carriage. There, Uru said that the person which the emissary acknowledge is the him who love Naala. All this time, she let him to become the proud person. So in the future, Uru asked Naala to always stay as his guide, while kissing her left hand. He is hoping to be her bone (support) as fast as he can. A few days has passed and the three daughters now live with Uru and Naala (to search for husband?). They are very naughty and made Naala and Uru tired easily. One night, Uru asked Naala to take a walk outside the palace. It’s because of the girls that he finally noticed he wanted to do more things with Naala. He asked her to move close, but kissing her lips instead. It always makes Naala’s chest becomes hot with him.

A few years later, Uru and Naala gave a document to Knoll. Uru is now a more mature man, but he’s still beautiful. It makes Uru wants to tease Knoll by holding Naala on his lap, because she said Uru doesn’t need her guidance anymore. He said if there’s no Naala with him, it’s like walking under the sky without moon. This scene makes Knoll goes outside (In every route, he’s always the person being a hindrance, but he lose to Uru?). After that, Uru said that tomorrow, he will be appointed as the new political assistant by Tooya and Knoll. He finally achieved his success and wanted a reward, their first night together. Naala is happily giving it after waiting for a long time. *But it seems that I was watching two womans doing sex instead because of Uru’s female seiyuu and his face appearance.


Because Naala said she will protect him and made him crying for being immature, Uru never touched her. After 10 years had passed, he just kissed Naala before going to work. It makes Naala so sad because she will keep being a virgin in her old days and is still waiting for Uru.

02. Sefu (Odagiri Hyouma / Oda Toshimitsu)


Sefu suddenly needs to visit Litos, a small village, so he and Naala goes on a journey using horse to reach there. The climate is hard and raining a lot because it’s in the mountain. But when Sefu talked like it would be their trip as well as his job, Naala couldn’t refuse to go along. She also noticed that Litos is famous with an onsen and shiny minerals. She doesn’t ask Sefu to buy it. But if he will, Naala will be happy to receive the stone, which is said to have the power of spirits. When they arrived in Litos, Sefu almost touched the steam but a villager old man told him it’s dangerous. The steam comes from the heat source so it will burn him. The onsen is there because they have flame mountain nearby, the place of the mineral stone, at the shining cave. But recently, there’s an accident of landslide, so they musn’t go to the cave and the tourists becomes lower now. That’s bad since Sefu wanted to mine the mineral himself in the cave. Because of that, the two of them chose to go to the inn first and try the onsen. There, the two of them have a steamy sex since they are under the starry night and maybe, there is no one watching including Knoll’s man.

On the next day, Sefu brought Naala to the market. There, they saw the house of Litos’ new mayor. The people at Litos were proud to the mayor because he restored the village quickly after the accident. When Sefu asked if the bracelet seller have any shiny mineral, he said there have none of it after the accident. But what seems strange is a large number of people gathered in the shop which sells it. Because they couldn’t find the stone, Sefu bought the bracelet he sold.

On the next morning, Naala couldn’t find Sefu after she woke up. She chased after him and found Sefu near the cave. When Sefu heard Naala’s calling him, he said his job have done and they should go back since the cave is not dangerous now. But Naala knew there’s something on his mind, so she pushed Sefu to the tree, asking what is his real intention for bringing Naala to Litos. She thought he might want to investigate about the mineral, but Sefu doesn’t really care for that. After Sefu said her face is scary right now, Naala released him. Then, he asked to hold hands with her to reach the inn, because he always wanted to be proud having her as his wife.

But a day before going back, Sefu needs to talk to the mayor. He claimed himself as a sink merchant to buy the stone, which the mayor gathered in big buy after the cave accident. When the mayor revealed that he is the one who made the rumour about the accident and he will monopolize the stone, Sefu also revealed himself as one of the twelve ministers in Nasla kingdom. Before the mayor could push Sefu outside, Naala came with Esta to help.

After they have caught the mayor, Sefu told Naala that it was all Knoll’s order. He couldn’t say the truth behind their trip because he doesn’t want Naala to get involved in something dangerous. But in the end, she helped him. And if Sefu doesn’t go with Naala, Knoll made an offer to go with her himself, so the villagers won’t get suspicious. He doesn’t want Naala to get near Knoll often. After that talking, he asked to do sex for the last time in Litos. After having sex, Sefu hugged Naala from behind on the bed and hearing her talk that they are the similar couple. They always think of the partner more than themselves. From now on, they won’t release each other and live together.


Because Naala is angry at him, who doesn’t tell the truth, after they got back at the inn, they are in silence. When arriving home, Naala asked Sefu again of why he didn’t tell her before. He said it’s to protect her. She knows that it’s all because of Knoll’s order. But her saying Knoll’s name makes Sefu jealous and thinks to make a child with her before going to work that day.

03. Naran (Noriyuki / Sugiyama Noariaki)


Naala and Naran were visiting Laal, an island country located south from Nasla, as Naran’s job to be a goodwill ambassador. Now, it has been seven years since Naran made his bloody efforts and achieved as much service as his former military commander, Suren. When the general came in the room, Naala found resemblance on his eyes color, which is purple, from Suren. The general’s name is Bengani. Bengani seems to know about Suren. He also told them he doesn’t have a wife and their King is busy so he couldn’t greet Naran. There are a lot of pirates in Laal since seven days ago and made the King busy until he’s collapsed now. While the King is taking a rest, the military can’t do the job before the King’s order. Along their journey, Naran also brings his troops and says he will help Laal if it’s needed. Though Bengani refused for now because he couldn’t ask a visitor to help.

After greeting Bengani, Naran and Naala were taking a stroll at the market. While in the foreign country, Naran wanted to enjoy it so he know that he couldn’t help much to Laal. But Naala realized he’s the one most concern about Laal’s problem. To forget about that problem, they continued to go shopping and trying spicy food. Because the two of them are getting burnt by the spicy food, Naran kissed her lips twice to heal it at the market. For him, kissing her is like eating sugar and sweets. Looking at Naala getting angry for kissing her on the street, Naran suggested to buy a present for his wife. Meanwhile, Naala saw a beautiful cloth, which made Naran remembered that Suren had given something similar of that. When he said he had received something similar to the shop owner, the owner said the person who gave Naran that cloth must think of him as someone precious since it is rare and only a respectable person could buy it. For Naran, Suren might think so of him.

When Naran left Naala to buy a drink, she saw two guys forcing a girl. Although her guard has told Naala not to interfere, she kept chasing them. But even though Naala is proud of her fighting skill, a man grabs her leg so she can’t fight back. That time, someone attacked the two bad guys and it made Naala remember about Suren. The person is Bengani and after losing from him, the two bad guys run away. He told Naala his thanks for protecting Laal’s people, but as a woman she shouldn’t fight men. Naala gave back his words and made Bengani laughed for her strength. It makes Naala staring at him for his resemblance to Suren and Bengani noticed that too. He said, his mother and Suren’s mother are sisters. Hearing that makes Naala stays shock and Bengani is also laughing at her petrified figure. It seems Suren didn’t know about that because Bengani was told by someone. And when he met Suren, he couldn’t talk to him but could feel some connection. When Bengani told about Suren to his aunt, she explained that Suren’s mother was missing in the past. Naala said it must be because of their blood that makes him strong like Suren. But Bengani didn’t want to think of their blood. They got strength from the heart, so he is also proud that Suren could be a strong man too.

When Naala gave her thanks for talking about her former husband, Bengani told her that it would become a disaster because he had known of why Suren took an interest in Naala. He kissed Naala’s hand, but Naran saw it. Bengani went back to his job and leave them alone. Naran couldn’t get mad because Bengani saved his wife. But as someone who cares of Suren, Naala thinks she must tell the truth to Naran. At the inn, she told him about Bengani’s kindness. Naala wants Naran to get close to him because Bengani is similar to Suren, but when she said that, Naran placed his cup roughly on the table. When he said he’s only tired, Naala suggested him to take a sleep. But he embraced her that night. He said the sheet got stained and he wanted to show it to Bengani, to show that Naala is his wife. But he’s just teasing Naala for jealousy.

The morning after that, Naran and Naala woke up in a rush to Bengani’s place. He said they should leave because the pirates used other country’s strength to attack Laal. But Naala will stay there and realizing he can’t loose Suren’s cousin, Naran will also help Bengani. The fight happened in the coastal area. When fighting together with Bengani, he said he will have a match with Naran. If Bengani win, he will steal a kiss to Naala. But Naran won’t let that happen and said he’s talking like Suren. But he knows that Bengani is tired now, similar to the King, so he tells Bengani to back down and rest. Looking her husband fighting alone, Naala takes initiative to charge at the front. Although their guard doesn’t last long because Naran is also tired. At the crucial time, Nasla’s army came to help, led by Esta. He was told by knoll to help Naran and Naala as Nasla’s important commander. Bengani also helped after taking a rest. After winning the fight, Naran kissed Naala and Bengani saw them, saying he had lost. Though he must say thanks to Naala so he might ask her to eat fish with him. It makes Naran accompanied Bengani’s joke and they seem to get along well. After Bengani left, Naran kissed his wife again.

At home, Naala was eating sweets she got from Bengani because they couldn’t buy gifts. This made Naran a little bit jealous and wanted Naala to give the sweet to his mouth. He said, after fighting together with Bengani, he remembered that they are supporting each other as husband and wife. So that night, they’re back embracing each other on bed. When they went shopping at the market on the later day, a seller gave them apple. He said it’s very sweet and there is no shop selling it like him. Naala was amazed at the good apple, but Naran stole a kiss on her lips, saying she’s much sweeter in front of the seller. He told Naala that he will steal her from all the man in the world. They are calling each other’s name after that to convey their feelings.


Naran got hurt at the battle in Laal but they were saved by Nasla’s army. After getting back home three months later, Naala told Naran, who just got back to home, that she will enter the army starting tomorrow. At first, Naran refused her decision, but he said he will be a greater shield to protect her.

04. Suren (Horikawa Shinobu / Miyashita Eiji)


Naala is dreaming of Naran. In her dream, Naran said thanks to her, although she wanted to apologize. But she couldn’t meet him anymore. After she woke up, Suren was already staying beside her. They must make child in order to erase the suspicion that Suren will betray the country. Although Tooya knew he wouldn’t, Knoll kept suggesting to have kid. Last night, they did sex while opening the window (the continuation of Extra Story 2), so in the morning, the servant already prepared their breakfast. After talking for a bit, Suren went to training. While being left alone, Naala is thinking about Saraana, who is expecting her and Bal’s third child. She have something to tell Suren, so Naala followed him outside.

Looking at Naala, Suren is teasing her if she want to look at his body. So he begins to make a move, but Naala doesn’t want to do it outside. Meanwhile, since Saraana’s third pregnancy is a bit troublesome, she must be checked at Ruji’s laboratory since tomorrow. So her two kids will stay in Suren’s house from that night. Suren didn’t refuse but he’s wondering why Naala said the kids will be excited to meet him. Naala told him that Saraana’s first child like Suren so much and want to be an soldier like him. But he’s not that cheerful to hear that. Though he just told Naala not to sleep with them.

Then, the two kids came, named Saruhi and Ayanga. Saruhi, the first son, holds his younger sister’s hands and seems like he’s caring for her so much. Soon after arriving, Saruhi asked Suren to train with him. After training for a bit, Suren thinks Saruhi is similar to Naran. He doesn’t get tired from training with the kid when Naala asks them to take a rest. But if they ever have a daughter, Suren will keep her away from Knoll. Speaking about Knoll, Saruhi explained that he’s a good person who taught him of an easier formula when he came with his father to deliver goods. But Suren said not to get near Knoll or he will keep Saruhi as his piece. Hearing that, Saruhi doesn’t want to be Knoll’s person because he wants to be Suren’s disciple. This makes Suren suddenly being quiet and Naala knows that it reminded him of Naran. She came near Suren to tell him about her dream. Naran was smiling but when he pointed her, he looked below. Their conversation was interupted after they heard Saruhi told Ayanga not to sleep outside so Naala wake her up. Looking at them, Suren said he is happy if Naala also do that with their child later.

That night, Suren went to Knoll’s room because he captured the man whose son tried to kill Suren and Naala. Even though Suren already told Knoll to capture him legally, Knoll ordered Suren to kill him. Seeing that Suren hadn’t move, Knoll killed the man himself. It made Suren a bit angry because he thought the man’s son sin is not his sin, asking if Knoll still couldn’t trust Naala too. For Knoll, if Naala is not stay as his wife, he won’t believe her one hundred percent. Moreover, Naala already took Naran from Suren. Even if it looks like that, Suren won’t let Knoll do something to Naala.

When waiting for Suren, Naala is practicing sword alone, like she did for three years in Nasla while waiting for Suren to come pick her up. Suren saw that and asked to practice together. He didn’t back off from Naala and won against her. When she asked about her power, Suren said it’s similar to his Aniki, Ollie. Maybe because they had practiced together in the past. But after he asked her to take a bath together, Naala said she already took it with Saruhi and Ayanga. This makes him jealous, pushing her to do sex outdoor roughly. He doesn’t want other man to see Naala’s naked body. But after that, she told Suren that Saruhi is actually a girl, which made Suren very shock, saying normally, a girl’s hair should be long. But Naala thinks Saruhi doesn’t want to be seen as a girl, so she cut her hair short. This also makes Suren takes a deep breath to know there’s someone as tomboy as Naala. He apologized for getting rough, but she actually likes his jealous side and would love to have another round with him. So he suggested to take a bath together to create the same scent. But Naala thinks she likes his smell of sweat a lot and thought hugging him. Well, the only problem for now is about the fox face (Knoll), because he seems interested with Naala. The two of them took a bath together while talking about how they got jealous even if the opponent is the same sex. Suren said he would destroy Rusu or Nasla if he couldn’t take Naala to his side again.

The two kids had went home after their father picked them up. Naala met Knoll at the palace corridor and asked if he’s still thinking she is a spy. Knoll said that he couldn’t believe anyone, so they made a bet. If Naala’s child is a boy, he will relieve his guard towards her. But if it’s a girl, he will make a surveillance guard on the daughter. Because if Suren becomes a noble, a daughter won’t be able to inherit his name. Moreover, the boy will inherit Suren’s power as a commander. But if it’s girl, she can be Tooya’s queen or getting married to Knoll himself. Naala got mad of his decision towards their child, but finally accepted it. He also gave her advice on how to make a baby boy from pharmacist, that she must enjoy the sex with Suren. Knoll even offered to have sex with her just so she could make a boy. But Suren noticed them and gave warning to Knoll because he have someone to protect. After going from the palace, Suren asked of their conversation. He will accept the bet that if his child is a boy, his son will get in the army. But the only problem is if it’s a girl. He won’t let their daughter be taken by Tooya or even Knoll. Whatever happen, Suren will protect Naala.

After taking a bath, Suren gave a letter from Ollie to Naala. It’s just a normal letter from their brother, but it makes Suren jealous. Because when they fought, Ollie almost beat him because he wanted to take Naala back. Although Suren is much stronger, Ollie could match his fight. And if he is Ollie, he won’t be able to release Naala like that. He begins touching her chest and thinking he won’t be able to touch it if they have a child later, he gets jealous again.

A few days after that, Naala got sick when she’s cooking. She wanted to be examine by Ruji first before telling it to Suren. After that, she woke up with Suren beside her. She now knows that it must be why she have a dream of Naran telling her it will be alright while pointing down (at her stomach). Now that they will have a child, Naala made a promise it will be a healthy one, telling Suren not to get worried. Even though he doesn’t say it, Suren will always love her. Five years later, Naala is playing with her two children. The son is similar to her, while the daughter is similar to Suren. The son name is Naran, and the daughter is Uren, both are twins. With this, she has fulfilled the bet with Knoll and won. Naran, as the boy, protected his sister by saying he’s the one who messed up the laundry. But actually, it’s Uren and Naala knows about it. After that, she goes to the bedroom and meets Suren, getting jealous because she always plays with the kids. He suggested to add the third child and wanted to do it now, but Naala refused. Their kids came and told Suren not to tease their mother. But Suren made a reason because he love Naala. Both of them said they will marry their father and mother, but both them refused. Because their only partner is there.


Five years later, Naala had a daughter, Uren, which is similar to her father. Esta was watching Uren playing, but Suren told him to go back to Knoll, because he know Knoll will take Uren as his piece. Though Esta refused about that, he still went back. Because they have a daughter, Knoll put a surveillance guard, Esta, to Uren as he promised. Though it doesn’t make Naala think so much because she already happy to marry Suren. It’s already a miracle that she survived her childhood past, being killed if Tooya didn’t save her, and finally got married to Suren.

05. Knoll (Shibahara You / Suzuki Chihiro)


When doing sex with Knoll that night, he let it outside, thinking Knoll doesn’t want a child. The next morning, Esta brings her to meet an embassy alone without Knoll, but noticing she isn’t feeling well. Naala kept asking Esta to do their job as usual though. As they walked again, a woman told Naala that the representative of an aristrocrat want to say their thanks for doing the charity. But Naala refused to meet because of her condition. Looking at Naala wanted to vomit, the woman asked to call a pharmacist because she thought Naala is pregnant. After getting examined, she is not pregnant yet. But she didn’t have appetite and Knoll came home after finding about the rumour. He just told her not to force herself if she feels sick. After seeing Knoll, Naala can eat again, like being casted on a magic spell by him. When she asked if he had put another magic, Knoll said it might be curse though. Naala felt sorry to not attending the report, but Esta already took her place, so she don’t need to worry about it. Knoll will stay beside her when she sleeps and made a promise to stroll at the town tomorrow.

The morning she woke up again, Naala was amazed at the big number of presents in their room when Knoll is working, from fabric to toys. It must be from Knoll’s parents, as they have made an uproar about pregnancy. He doesn’t seem to like his parents because they only wants to be forgiven after knowing that Knoll is still alive. But Naala doesn’t want to throw them away because they might need it for their child someday. Knoll tells her that he doesn’t need another cuff, like a child for now, because he can’t move faster if there are more people he must protect.

Naala and Knoll went to the market. She smelled Rusu food and wanted to eat it until she become a pig, which Knoll said it’s good so she could not go outside. But Naala teased him that she will be a pig who can go outside. So he should prepare the drug to make her blind. After laughing at his usual sarcasm, Naala saw a beautiful flower. Knowing his wife wanted it, Knoll also bought a necklace that will suit her. After that, they met a little girl with the same name as her. The mother told them that it’s because she wanted her daughter to be the same lovely girl as Naala, the political assistant’s wife. She asked Naala to hug her daughter and it made Knoll also agree that the child is cute. Looking at him smiling at the child, Naala is confused if he also likes kid, but he doesn’t want them. They went back home with holding hands. That night, Naala could hear that Knoll said he finally wanted to have it (child) when she pretended to sleep. It makes Naala happy in silent to hear his real feelings.

When she wanted to talk about it, Knoll already left in the morning. She thought of practicing outdoor but suddenly, Esta called her to meet Tooya. Tooya seems worried of her condition, but Naala says she is fine. Although he also noticed she seems sad when he asked about pregnancy rumour. Tooya realized that Knoll and her became a sacrificed that enlighten Nasla, but if so, the shadow behind the light will also grow. That’s why Knoll doesn’t want to have a child now. It makes her thinking about it when she’s alone in the garden. A woman named Hawal, who came from an island country, called Naala to ask about her concern. She told Hawal all of it, but she made a joke to be Knoll’s mistress because she had lives hard before going to Nasla. Hearing that, Naala is wishing for her happiness to get a man she love. Knoll suddenly appeared in front of them. Seeing her husband had arrived, Hawal tried to go but she almost fell and Knoll caught her arm. After that, he asked about the conversation with Tooya before. He will be working outside until tomorrow, so he tells Naala not to go anywhere. But she already made a promise to have a party with Hawal and the other girls. Knoll accepted her plan, though he gave her warning not to drink too much because she will look cute. After he informed her about his work, Esta called Knoll to start the job.

The next morning, Naala was in a deep thought and need advice from someone. She met Suren, who happened to notice her worries, that Knoll didn’t want to have children. He said, Knoll doesn’t want to getseparated from Naala. He might be afraid that their child will be captured by enemies, and they would kill Naala in the end. If that happen, Suren is sure Knoll will destroy any kingdom after that. That’s the same thoughts as Tooya before, that Knoll have many enemies. It will be futile to seek Suren’s opinion anymore, so he move to touch Naala, asked if she wants to make child with him instead. Naala slaps his hand and then apologizing, but Knoll came to them and said she shouldn’t apologize for that thing. After Suren had gone, he quickly brought Naala to his room and told her to strip. If not, he will lock her in the basement. Naala didn’t have any choice than to do to what he told. As of now, Knoll even thinks of having a child with her. After they have done the job of making child on the table, Naala told him that she is strong and she will protect herself, so he must believe in her power to have a child. But Knoll still didn’t seem to like the story, made Naala ran away outside after cursing him to polish his brain.

After the day turns to night, Naala keeps going outside for her promise with Hawal to have a party, even though she have bad feelings after looking at the red moon. When she reached the place, a few men were already waiting for her. One of them said he must get revenge for his friend, who was killed by Naala’s husband. If so, they must kill her too. Then, Hawal appeared to say that she is behind all of that, because she have married the man who wanted to kill Naala. But Naala still sees Hawal as her former friend. Before they could kill Naala, Knoll came and killed the people’s hearts who tried to kill Naala. He said he didn’t actually kill their bodies, but kill their stone inside. After done finishing the bad people, Knoll kissed Naala and said he love her, but doesn’t believe that she won’t harm him. It must be because he turns crazy that he will forgive Naala even if she kill him, rather than being killed by someone else. Then, after the bloody night, they make love in Knoll’s room. He put rope as her punishment so other man couldn’t snatch her.

Then, three days after that accident, Esta told Naala to go back to her room because he must protect her as Knoll had told him. To release her boredom, Esta brought a board game but Naala always lose to him so she kept wanting to go outside. She wanted to see the people and the world her husband created outside the palace. Esta didn’t have any problem with that, because it would be what Knoll wanted to. So she freely went outside and met Suren. He was surprised at first, but amazed at the Demon Fox’s wife, who can go outside after the accident. She told her wish for Suren would get his own wife, but he kept picking up on Naala until Knoll came to interfere. Knoll carried her on his arms, saying he should punish her on the bed. He thinks it won’t be bad to have a daughter like her, because even though their daughter will be his cuff, he still can move. And he told Naala about his changes in feelings. He doesn’t believe in people, but Knoll will believe in the future she will create for him.


When fighting Hawal and her husband, Naala’s leg got stabbed. And when she was in danger, Knoll came to finish them off. Knowing that she’s alright now, Naala fell unconscious. Three months after that, Naala is busy embroidering cloth. Knoll came home and said she must have hated him for saving her that night. But she is glad for that. Knoll is happy to know she doesn’t want to go outside from her own will, because there are many enemies targeting them. Although it’s like that, she is happy to be his wife, because she has chosen it herself. They shared a kiss after that.

06. Tooya (Sumeragi Mikado / Tachibana Shinnosuke)


That morning, Naala woke up beside Tooya. Now that he already accepted of himself, Tooya called him as “ore” rather than using “watashi”. He said he feels grateful to love Naala everyday and tried to embrace her again after not doing it properly at night. But someone knocked on the door so Naala told him to go for work. It seems she is refusing his embrace nowadays, but Naala tells him a lie that he’s just imagining things.

When she was thinking alone in the garden, Knoll made a suggestion to use his toy. But Naala doesn’t want to use it. Then, she asked Knoll of what she should do, because Knoll might know of her physical examination from the pharmacist. She drank a poison during a grand ceremony to protect Tooya because a high ranking nobleman offered it to him. When Tooya almost drink it, it will be rude if she ask if there’s any poison in it, so she drank it herself. Naala doesn’t feel any regret doing that. As a result, she lost ability to have children. Although the twelve ministers have told Tooya to have a concubine, he always refused and resulting in their vengeance. Naala thinks it’s alright so he can have a successor, even if her hearts says different. She still haven’t told Tooya about her examination result, but Knoll ask her if Tooya won’t love her if he know the truth. Morover, Naala is the woman who saved people from Fushi, she could create another miracle. He will be waiting for a good report from his subordinate who watch them on the bed later, as Knoll is a hentai. He also told Naala that Suren will have a marriage interview, so he need her help too.

Naala came back to her room, looking at Tooya preparing a good sake for her. He drinks another sake, so the new sake would be for Naala only. After that, she felt weird and her body feel hot at the place he touched. He made Naala promise to have him everyday after all the trouble she created, especially tomorrow. But after they did it, Naala couldn’t remember the promise. Though she accepted she feel good that night.

Naala was waiting for Tooya to come home at the garden. Suddenly, a beautiful noble man talked to her. She realized he is the third son of a high ranking aristocrat who gained momentum recently. The three brothers are beautiful. And according to the woman in the palace, this noble man is the worst but the most ambitious. He said that Naala’s hair is beautiful, so she thought he wanted to gain advantage if he’s close with her. But when she tried to go, he stopped her. Thankfully, Suren appeared to push him away. Naala mentioned about his marriage interview after saying her thanks for always protecting Tooya and herself. Hearing that, Suren brought her to talk in another place.

Suren told her that he had a proposal from a princess in the small country, who came to play secretly and made him couldn’t protect that woman. He already refused the proposal. But the war in her country got worse and the arrow flew to the princess’ face. The wound won’t ever disappear. But he already told her to find another man even if she have that scar. Although for now, Suren will be waiting with her until that time come. But Knoll already made rumour of it and number of nobles are supporting him with gifts. Naala said she will be happy if her friend also find happiness, but it made Suren said he doesn’t hold any woman after meeting Naala. Because he keep his feelings for her, and she is the only person he is wishing to not tell him marrying another woman. But he will remain her best friend.

Before their conversation end, Tooya came and asked of what happened. Suren told him about the noble man who got near Naala and made Tooya ready to punish that person. But Naala finally convinced him not to make a mess if she give what she had promise the night before. For Suren, he think he won’t be able to get married. Even if he did, he will have a quick divorce because of a disease. He asked Tooya to make the treatment quickly because the disease have high rate infection and if it’s still happen, women may not come to the men who can’t have children. He left after talking a bit. Then, Tooya said that they are in the middle of researching for the treatment and will soon create it. He even tried on his body himself. But he doesn’t tell about the development to Suren because they need more time to confirm. He then asked her if Suren had made a move to her before, but Naala said he won’t make a move for now because his feelings is true. He wouldn’t accept that easily and forced a kiss, although he know nothing had happened before. In the end, he said he believe in Naala and Suren. For Naala, she already accepted him so she is happy if he got jealous.

Before heading to the bedroom, Naala smell something sweet, similar to the sake she received from Tooya the night before. The soldier in front of her is breathing out of order. When she asked if everyone had gotten the disease, Tooya was looking somewhere else, and saying Knoll’s name. Knoll might did it to keep Tooya shut his mouth to Naala. After he said Knoll will take care of the soldier they saw, he could brought Naala to their room. But before that, they met Knoll at the corridor, ordering Esta to let the soldier and his lover to some room. Knoll said his research had finally contributed against the declining birthrate. He also said the drug could get back the male function that was lost. So Naala thought of it as an aphrodisiac. Knoll said it’s not that, but a treatment. While talking with Knoll, Naala noticed that Tooya didn’t look at them and became nervous when she called him. She realized it’s because he had given the treatment to her last night. When they fought, Knoll became an intermediate as Tooya’s ally, saying that Naala is running away from her place as the wife of a king, so they should bring her heart back. But for Tooya, it’s because he doesn’t want her to get lost form the examination result. In the end, both of them told Knoll to shut up for interfering and head to their room to talk more.

Naala had a dream of the red flower field that night. She always wanted to see her mother again on the back side of the river, but she found Tooya there. Naala apologized for not noticing his real feelings all this time. She woke up with him beside her, greeting her with a good morning. Tooya apologized because he couldn’t postpone his mind to give the treatment to Naala. But she already accepted him. Meanwhile, Knoll came to lead Tooya to work again. He also teased Naala for running away. But Tooya got mad at Knoll and told him to go. After that, he will continue the research alone because Ruji have fell unconscious from tiredness. Hearing that, Naala asked to help in the research. Actually, Tooya doesn’t want to put her in danger, but he can’t refuse his wife.

When they got back late that night, there were a few attackers who tried to stop the experiment. They didn’t want a weak man to have woman, because if the descendant came from a weak man, they won’t have a good nation. Tooya doesn’t believe all of that and keeps fighting them. Naala and Tooya got hurt, but she fought back with full power to protect the unconscious Tooya. When Tooya finally regained consciousness, he told Naala to run or she will die. But the two of them were almost getting killed if Esta didn’t appear. He finally saved them, but Naala refused his hands to carry her back. She chose to walk alone.

Tooya woke up three days after that. He felt bad for not saving Naala back then, but she convinced him that she is happy just by being with him. She lost something, but she got him in the end. Hearing that, Tooya hugged her and said he love her. After that, they both got back at working until the night. Tooya gave her a request of what he haven’t got before. He gave the aphrodisiac to Naala and embraced her. Before that, Tooya made a wish so they could die together and not running away anymore. Naala is happy for that. Although they did it more than twice and even in the morning after that.

Six years had passed. Tooya was talking with his brother under the moon, saying he is a kind person. Then, he came to Knoll’s place. Looking at the bright moon, the two of them thought about meeting the older brother Tooya. He came to Knoll’s place because six years ago, Knoll didn’t believe of the treasure Tooya had. The treasure now had gotten bigger and even Suren protecting it. In order for Knoll to not hold any sword on them anymore, Tooya asked for his little finger. He knows that Knoll is the person behind a princess who couldn’t bear child. If Naala couldn’t get pregnant, Tooya must pick another bride from the prominent country. Because Tooya already knows his motive, Knoll cut his little finger himself. Part of it because Tooya already created an amazing Nasla as Knoll wanted, like playing on the board game. Because he had gotten a new piece (the treasure, their daughter), Knoll was thinking happily of how he would put it (in the game). After getting out of Knoll’s room, Tooya met Esta. But he wouldn’t punish Esta because he had saved them before. Esta told him it’s all because of Naala, who already talked to him, which was supposed to be a doll. Tooya is happy to hear that Naala have raised Esta well. He told Esta to call a pharmacist to take care of Knoll and got back to his room to meet Naala.

That day, Naala is playing treasure hunt, searching for her daughter. She finally catches the girl on the rooftop. She has the same hair color as Tooya and a beautiful face. Her smile is also resembles Tooya a lot. Naala is getting mad at her for skipping class. The daughter says she have more fun practicing sword with Suren and being praised by Knoll, also talking with Ruji because he looks at her as a child, not as the future queen. Her daughter likes the three of them so much, so when Naala says Knoll is sick, she wants to pick flower for him. Naala tells her that it’s okay to say “like” to them, but she must use “very like” to her fiancé later. Although Naala says to keep away from the three of them, the daughter also says that her father actually told her to always play with him alone instead of them (monopolizing his daughter). When her daughter says that she loves Naala so much, Tooya appears and says he must be the person she loves the most though. He tells her to remain a virgin, which makes Naala says it’s too early for that word. But he knows that kid grows fast. From now on, they will go on a series of adventure to live in comfort.


One year after the accident, they still haven’t had a child. The only person Naala wants to protect is Tooya. She is heading to talk to Knoll, but she meets Tooya there. He doesn’t want Naala to get close to Knoll because he is interested in her now. For one day, he will have Naala for himself.


When protecting Tooya from the attackers, Naala got stabbed with poison. She woke up with Tooya by her side, but he had changed to a mad man. She apologized because she couldn’t protect him. It seems he has killed Knoll too. The country can’t be saved now and they can’t see the light anymore. Even so, he’s still loving her.

07. Esta (Sanraku Shou / Makino Hideki)


Esta had been busy with work lately and it made Naala worried so much, thinking if he did dangerous job because of Knoll. When she got back home, she tried very hard to stay awake and finally Esta came home. She could smell the sweet scent from Knoll on his body, which made Esta noticed her face is hard to recognize by him. She forced a kiss on him because she had waited for so long to touch Esta. But Esta didn’t feel satisfied by just kissing, so he wanted to embrace Naala on bed and erasing Knoll’s scent on him. When Naala finally could smell all of his scent, she felt satisfied. If he die, she might follow him to die too.

When she was waiting for Esta the next day while doing her job, Sun, Esta’s subordinate, came to inform her about Esta’s condition in a hurry. He was injured while protecting Knoll from an assassin. Hearing that, Naala was shocked and trembling, remembering the time Esta protected her in front of Minister Orte’s house. Quickly, she got back to her room and found him being treated by a pharmacist. But Esta asked if Naala is his wife, with the expression similar to before she met him, a doll-like expression. The pharmacist told her that Esta had lost his few years of memories, along with her. But she kept treating him like before, because Esta is her husband. That night, Naala noticed he is in high fever because of the wounds. But he said it doesn’t matter, since he is only a sacrifice and all this time, he thought of dying without someone crying. Naala got mad and shouted at him, that he is not a sacrifice. Hearing that, Esta was surprised and Naala apologized for shouting.

The next day, she went to work as usual. But even if she wanted to ask if he have regain some memories, she couldn’t. Naala was crying at the garden for remembering their wedding time. That time, a man who was against their marriage, asked if it would be good to forget about Esta, who had forgotten about her now. He doesn’t have any feelings of love anymore, so she is the same as a widow. But Naala got angry and said that Esta haven’t die yet and she won’t give up. But the man said there’s nothing she can do. Moreover, Knoll will get what he wanted after this. Because Knoll had told him that there’s a woman he is interested to get married to, a woman who act without considering her own life and changed the era. Naala thought it’s a joke, but the man said Knoll wouldn’t be joking about that. Thinking it might be because of Knoll, Naala wanted to hit that man right now. But the man said he saw Ester with Knoll before. Knoll asked him to get divorce with Naala, because he doesn’t remember about her. Naala realized the man in front of her is not a bad one, and only told her about the truth. She asked if it’s alright for him, but he wanted to support Esta. And looking at Esta who love her and became more humane, he felt jealous. He gave warning to Naala that Knoll had prepared to ask to meet her in work disguise, so he can get Naala. Although the decision is in her hands, he is wishing for Esta’s happiness before leaving her alone.

That night, Naala is crying because Esta haven’t arrive home yet. She is crying for the whole night and falls asleep. When she wakes up in the morning, she sees Esta there. Naala couldn’t pretend anymore and forced his body on the bed while crying. She told him that she is still his wife and doesn’t want to get divorce. Esta is half of her soul, if they are separated, her soul will die. Esta felt twisted but he just apologize then went outside. He might still have feelings for her even though he lose memories.

When she was alone, there was a letter saying Orte asked her to meet him. As Esta’s father in law, he might have heard some rumour about them. At the time she reached Orte’s door, there were attackers. The guardian in front of the gate told her to get inside quickly, but it was almost late. Until Esta came and got hurt on his arm to save her. She asked him why would he safe someone he doesn’t love. But before he could answer, he got attacked again. Now, after Orte’s guard had arrived, Esta finally had a chance to answer that even from the past, Naala has always been his half of body. He had regained his old memories and apologized for bringing her to a bad dream these few days. But she told him no need to apologize after hugging his body. It doesn’t make her giving up on her love because it’s only burning more. So for Esta, he doesn’t need to ask why because he must fall in love with Naala.

After arriving home, Esta said that Orte didn’t send her any letter. Because she had created peace in Nasla, there must be many aristocrats who don’t like her. But thankfully, the accident happened in front of the house so Esta could save her quickly. If she was attacked inside some home, he wouldn’t be able to save her. And he regained memories at the same time. For that, Esta was glad to save her at the right time. After Esta made a promise not to put her into bad memories like that anymore, they had a steamy night again as husband and wife. While he kissed Naala’s leg, he made a promise to his princess to live together and said his thanks because she didn’t throw him away when he lose memories. After they woke up in the morning, Esta said as his sun, he will fall in love to her no matter for how many times. Naala also said that she will get him back no matter what happen. Because Esta is her soul and her moon is there.


Even if he lose his memories, Esta kept protecting Naala in front of Orte’s mansion. Because she had given mark to his life, which was similar to a doll. After the situation had calmed down, Naala said he always protects her. It’s Esta’s wish, to protect her and doesn’t want to make her cry. But Naala believe he will accept his feelings someday, because they soul have been connected and their love won’t disappear. After half of year, Esta still can’t retrieve his memories. But the two of them still live as husband and wife. That night before sleeping, Esta called her his princess like before. He doesn’t remember, but hearing that word makes Naala happy.

08. Ruji (Sawa Mannaka / Nakazawa Masatomo)


After living in the small island, Naala and Ruji were busy taking care of the islander as the only pharmacist there. An old woman and her husband came to give them gift for taking care of her knee. After they had gone, Ruji asked Naala to take a rest when he’s working to research on the new medicine. But looking at Naala who seems lonely, he kiss her lips. Though they lovey-dovey time couldn’t get long because there was a person telling them to go to where a fight held on because someone’s head got injured. Ruji and Naala quickly went there after making preparations.

Ruji got angry at one of them because he almost hurt the eyes of the one injured. He, who usually kind, is angry at the two men who fought. Naala told him to regain his mind back and he finally smiled after the two men apologized and made a promise not to fight anymore. After that, one of the man tells Ruji that he is glad Ruji came to the island and doesn’t want him to go. Ruji made a promise to him to live there, because he and Naala like the island so much. But it seems a lie to say Naala doesn’t get lonely. When looking at a red flower on the beach, she was reminded of the Nameless Flower in her country. But as long as she is with Ruji, and knowing him loving her, she is happy.

At night, Ruji tried to make love with Naala by kissing her everywhere but they heard someone knocking on the door. The man asked to come in first before telling who he is, so Ruji didn’t have any choice than to let him come inside. The man is Shin, an embassy from Rusu. He wanted their help because he have heard there’s a good pharmacist living in the small island. The Rusu kingdom is now suffered from an illness, including Ollie since seven days ago. He’s getting weak from the fever without cold, and half a month after getting that, he might die. When Naala called Ollie’s name, she almost made Shin suspicious of her. But Ruji quickly said there are three similar people in the world. Shin asked Ruji to go to Rusu and save the kingdom, but he need more time to think about it because he’s the only pharmacist in the island. Shin went out first to give their time. Looking at Naala gets worried of Ollie, Ruji said they should go, but Naala need more time now.

The next day, she went to the white flower field, thinking if she go, everything might change. She wants to stay at the small island forever. If she go, Tooya and the other people might know of their current living place. Naala apologized for being an evil little sister to Ollie, because she doesn’t want to go but if so, she must go alone. For that, she thought of talking to Ruji. But he already got where Naala is, telling that even though he wanted to live in the island and monopolize her there, if he doesn’t live with her, he will get crazy. That’s why, he will go everywhere with her, even to Rusu. Although they didn’t meet Shin, someday, they will be found too because they are a fugitive. Hearing that, Naala got so happy and said she will protect him. Ruji too, will protect Naala. They had a lovely moment in the flower field. He forced Naala to make love there as a punishment for thinking to go to Rusu alone.

At the morning before leaving, Naala woke up first and kiss Ruji, laughed because he looks like a kid. But he woke up and teasing her, tried to continue to do it with her like last night. Before leaving, Naala told Shin about their real identity. He didn’t seem to hate that truth, made a promise to make their identity a secret, even to Ollie. After reaching Rusu, they will live in Shin’s house. He could be in danger because of hiding a fugitive, but Shin will do anything for Ollie’s health. At noon, the three of them board a ship to go to Rusu. When looking at Ruji, he seems to be worried about something but can’t tell Naala. He is happy to go to where his mother was born, but he can’t talk anymore.

The three of them finally arrived at Shin’s house in Rusu. But she found out that he lived in Saraana’s house. Naala can even see the wedding dress she and Sharu made for her. It’s because Ollie have heard from Tooya that two researchers might appear in Rusu someday and hope that Ollie will treat them good. Ollie seemed happy knowing it, meaning he accepted Naala with Ruji. And both Nasla and Rusu have tolerated them. Even though Shin will keep Naala and Ruji arriving in Rusu a secret, the people there have made a legend of them, being a picture scroll. The legend says that the princess of Rusu, who was protected by the good spirit, fell in love with the enemy pharmacist, and the two mutual love saved the world from an evil spirit-Fushi.

Then, Shin also told them about the drug for Fushi. It is popular in Nasla, but not in Rusu, because Rusu is more conservative. There a is rumour that the princess had swallowed the red flower because she have the spirit’s protection. But some people believe the contrary, that without the protection of the spirit, they will be evil. The red flower is ominous. Because of some people still thinking bad about the red flower medicine, the distribution of the medicine got delayed. After listening to Shin, Ruji and Naala were making preparation for the research of the medicine as quickly as possible.

Two days after that, the research still haven’t had any result. As soon as the fever went down, it went back again. Naala told Ruji to take a rest first, but as she left the room, Ruji continued to do the research. He said, it’s because he wanted to heal Naala’s older brother quickly and relieve her worries. But he still need to get rest. On the morning after that, they still couldn’t find the perfect medicine. So when Naala tried to ask a patient about their new condition and went outside, she found a fight. A man tried to punish a woman because he said the woman had took an evil spirit’s charity. Suddenly, they heard someone’s voice and the man ran away. The voice came from Ruji, who was searching for Naala because he’s worried.

When they asked the woman, she said she is fine. But her sister will die soon. She explained to Naala and Ruji that she got Fushi treatment to save her little sister, but the man destroyed the bottle. After hearing that, Naala will create the medicine for her. It makes the woman notice that she is the King’s little sister, with the golden hair color Naala has. But the woman won’t tell anyone about it. After she got the medicine, the woman gave it to her little sister. But when the fever had gone, she felt thirsty and after drinking much water, the fever came back. Ruji also noticed the unusual fever will come back, and made conclusion it’s the new disease which came after the Fushi had recovered. It makes Ruji must think of a new way of creating its medicine.

He went outside with Naala to have some fresh air. When looking at the moon, Naala remembered of their time in Nasla. Ruji tells her that the moon also have connection with death and paradise. Naala will feel lonely if they get separated by death. So they should do what they can right now, for example kissing. After saying that, he kissed Naala’s lips. But people will change, even if the moonlight doesn’t. Her words makes Ruji thinking hard, and runs away to his room. He wants Naala to get the red flower because this time, it’s the red flower that creating the illness. The flower becomes red to fight against the toxic and becomes the toxic itself. That’s why, most people die after eating it. So they created medicine for Fushi with the pollen. But Ruji had thought the toxic came from elsewhere, from its root into the soil. So the problem might be the increase in water consuming. That’s why the disease is not transmitted as a child, because the water intake is still short. After thinking about it, Naala is amazed at how clever Ruji is. But he said it’s because of her words about the moon before. They should also inform Tooya about the toxic, and Naala will handle it.

The people finally recovered after knowing the new way to fight Fushi. Ollie also gradually recovered from the disease. But Ruji was lonely because they haven’t make any love since they came to Rusu. They now moved to where Naala’s room was before she was taken to Nasla to get more view on Ollie’s health. When thinking alone that the medicine is like her and Ruji’s own child, Ruji asked her about the meaning behind her happy face. It’s because they have saved Ollie. But the opposite of her feelings, Ruji was worried about what she’s thinking after crying when Ollie held her hands before. But she also feels jealous if Ruji is in deep researching work. She knows that he is a genius, which doesn’t hold a sword but using his brain. Doesn’t want to be called a genius, Ruji says he is only a normal man. Because even after he has completed the development, he still have a pain in his chest. He kissed Naala after that, asking her to heal his heart disease. In exchange, he will give her a lovesickness until she’s crying. He asked her if anyone have seen her naked body before, but it seems she had taken a bath with someone as a child. But Ruji is glad to be her first time that rainy night, because he was saved after getting the protected first time for Naala.

After making love, Naala asked him if the truth is, he wanted to save as many people as he could. But Ruji answered that as long as he is with Naala, he doesn’t wish for anything else. Naala wants to ask if it’s the truth, but she leave it for now.

Ollie has fully recovered now. But Naala was told by Ollie to bring her groom if she come again to Rusu. Because ever since he got married to Ollie’s little sister, Ruji haven’t greet him. Ruji made a promise to Naala to greet Ollie the next time they come to Rusu. But they must go back to the island. Before that, Shin knocked on their door to bring a man. The man is an embassy, asked Ruji to save his King of a western country, from an illness. Knowing his feelings, Naala tells him to accept the request. It’s the perfect time, since they have prepared their belongings. Ruji can’t talk anything because Naala knows his heart.

Before boarding the night ship, Naala asked Ruji to go sightseeing in the town. They met the woman with her little sister. The young girl asked Ruji after saying her thanks, of how to become a great pharmacist like him. Ruji told her as long she have the heart to save someone, she will get stronger. Then, Naala holds Ruji’s arm and go to the red flower field. There, he asked why Naala accepted the job. Naala answered that she knows his heart, the will to save people. But for him, he just wants to be with Naala. To answer that, Naala wants him to go around the world and makes the whole world his, because she will keeps staying by his side. And her husband have a large amount of love, so the small island won’t fit him. The people around the world is waiting for his skill. Ruji is smiling of her words. There is a boat waiting for them beyond the red flower. It’s a ship that will cross a river to the ocean. A wide world that Naala dreamed of many times as a child. There will be many people waiting to be healed by Ruji. Together with him, there’s nothing she should be afraid anymore. While holding Naala’s hand on the red flower field under the night sky, Ruji asked her to go together. To the new world.


Naala accepted Ruji’s feelings to live together with him. She also comes back to the small island with Ruji, by refusing the man’s request to heal his King. But after coming back, Ruji has changed a lot. He often look to the horizon for a long time, somewhere far away. When she asked if he’s happy, Ruji told her he thinks of that place as a paradise. Because he live with her, and the child on her belly. Hearing that, Naala also got surprised because she didn’t know that she’s pregnant. She thought the reason he refused is because Ruji had given up on his dream. But Ruji told her that he doesn’t need the vast world as long as he live with Naala. Because he wants his precious person to be happy. Though Naala is worried he will collapse after working too much, so she wants him to live longer than her, although he is older than Naala. But as he’s getting older, many people will seek his help. So it’s still the same. They shared a kiss after that.

The menu in Koezaru After Disc is more lively than Itoshiki Hibi ha Mune ni Tsudoite. But I found similarity with Tsumikui for the red banner tabs on below. Well, compared to Tsumikui, I like this one more because Tsumikui’s menu is too stiff and rectangular.

Why do I like Ruji’s story here? It’s the sweet story which Naala doesn’t think much about having a child. They got it in the normal end though, in which I think seems like the best end rather the New World end. But here, Ruji is confusing, so I will leave it. Travelling around the world is also good. Being a genius pharmacist really fits his kind personality. But I hope someday, they will live back to Nasla with Sharu and Saraana’s family.

Most of the story tells Knoll as the antagonist. Expecially in Tooya’s route. He is the one behind all the suffering Naala had in Tooya, Suren, Esta, Sefu routes (well, Sefu is just making order to investigate Litos though). And in almost all routes, Esta became the person who saved Naala and her man. Tooya’s route seems to have more prettier ending as a family, but I like how Naala and Ruji don’t think of having a child much. They chose to save people before themselves. If it’s not Tooya who is the main character, I think it will be Ruji. Because after Ayanasu Mirai, his route have completed all problems. From creating Fushi medicine, getting accepted by Rusu and Nasla after a long time and doesn’t create war, and live fully for helping people. Meanwhile, in Tooya’s route, it’s just explaining about Knoll’s game of creating a perfect kingdom. In Esta, it’s sweet and all but I don’t like amnesia problem. For Knoll and Suren, they’re almost similar, having problem of wanting a child. Sefu is also fun, to have a trip and all, but he’s the easiest to get happiness without worrying too much problem. Naran, his route is mostly reminiscing about Suren. And Uru… He has the most CGs, while the others only have 6 type of CGs. How could? Only adding his smiling face and it becomes a CG… I don’t like Uru that much, and especially since he’s too attached with Naala like his mother. How could Naala have the feelings of embracing him since Uru was still in a child’s body? She’s waiting until he got bigger, but it’s weird…

I like the song of “Ayanasu Mirai” by Suzuha Yumi. But the ending song, “Owaranu Koi” is not as special as the first Koezaru’s ED song, “Eien no Na”. I think the first Koezaru have more eye-catching tone on me and have special feelings rather than Ayanasu Mirai’s songs.

This After Disc is good for people who have played Koezaru ha Akai Hana before, because it have completed future for Naala and her chosen man. Especially for Tooya and Ruji’s route. We could know who is the main culprit on the shadow behind Tooya’s reign as the King. And in Ruji’s route, it told the after effect of their Fushi medicine. Creating medicine is not as easy as it sounds and needs trial and error.

I have played three Operetta games in a row now, after Tsumikui and Koezaru Itoshiki Hibi, now this Ayanasu Mirai. I think after this, I will have a rest for 1-2 weeks from otome game and continue with FF XV. This game can be completed in three days. At first day, I played Uru and Sefu routes. The next day, I played Naran, Suren, Knoll, and Tooya’s routes all in a day. The last are my favorite Esta and Ruji.

Link for CG






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