The Scarlet of Rebirth

This post will be about 7’scarlet English PC Game.

Yeah, I know the game is already released since 2016 on PSV. At that time, I didn’t have PS Vita. Now in 2020, there was a summer sale at Steam, so I bought the English translation of the game. I rarely buy something from Steam after the last otome game post, but my sister informed me about a sale. The sale was quiet big. This is my first otome game after a long time hiatus from playing them. The last time I played otome game two years ago was also bought from Steam, Teikoku Kaleido in 2017. I have tried playing the R18 Jooubachi no Oubou Menou-hen, but after completing first character, I gave up. It’s a rare occassion to give up an otome game I was playing. Maybe because I felt gross?




Hanamaki Ichiko is the heroine. She lost her older brother one year ago. In the summer holiday, her childhood friend, Kagutsuchi Hino, as well as her college friend, asked her to go to Okunezato. The village is where Ichiko’s brother lastly known. Hino already became a member of Okunezato’s Supernatural Club online to find clue about Ichiko’s brother. Even though Ichiko wanted to search for her brother, she herself didn’t remember his face or name, which is weird.



The two man here are Kagutsuchi Hino (left) and Isora Amari (right)


Together, the two of them meet more people that would get them clue about Ichiko’s brother, or not. Ichiko and Hino spend their days in Okunezato at Fuurinkan Hotel. It is the one and only hotel there. The people she met are Isora Amari (a hotel’s chef), Kushinada Toa (a clumsy glasses man who likes cat), Tatehira Sosuke (a medical student who is very clever and serious), Murakumo Yuzuki (the hotel owner who likely never comes out). Inside the hotel, Ichiko also met Susano Yua (a girl around Ichiko’s age as the hotel’s maid), Hirasaka Yuki (a middle school student who is very clever apart from his age), Karasuma Chikage (a hotel guest who is mysterious and unfriendly, a novelist), Tsukuyomi Kagura (a hotel guest, a friendly photographer), Kukuri Yasuhisa (the village’s only policeman who is stupid and lazy), Murakumo Kyouji (Yuzuki’s father, the village’s chief). There are so many people, so I will review them according to main male characters.



Full member of Okunezato Supernatural Club.


There are numerous people in Okunezato, that will help Ichiko. But danger might arouse too. So not all of them are good people. But sadly, in Hino and Isora Amari’s routes, there aren’t any specific clue about Ichiko’s brother, or even the culprit. Their endings didn’t include something important, just telling a story about their childhood together. I will create a post about the male characters you can get, it may contains spoiler, but I won’t write full stories of them. It is just a specific events or important scenes until their endings, be it happy, normal, or bad end.



The person at the most right is Tsukuyomi Kagura, then the girl with short hair is Susano Yua.



Kagutsuchi Hino (CV Shimazaki Nobunaga)




Hino is Ichiko’s childhood friend who is very devoted to protect her. Because Ichiko’s brother disappeared in Okunezato, he used his summer vacation to help her searching for her brother. Hino is a righteous man, a bit naughty, and lazy but good at sports. At first, Ichiko doesn’t think of him as someone special, just as her childhood friend.




Hino protected Ichiko from someone with a fox mask in black cape and got hurt himself. As he stayed in hospital, Ichiko found a letter. Tsukuyomi Kagura gave it to Ichiko while he stayed at the hospital too, because someone attacked him. In the letter, it tells Ichiko to go alone to the abandoned shrine at the wood. There, she was attacked by the man in fox mask (again). Thankfully, aside from Hino coming to help, who should be at the hospital, there is also Karasuma Chikage. Chikage seems to be searching for something and found the masked man is a bad guy. In happy ending, Hino and Ichiko were saved by Chikage. He pushed the fox masked man to the edge of cliff and died. But the masked man dead body is not found. Before the two of them went back home, they created a small funeral for Ichiko’s brother, who is nowhere. Hino’s ending doesn’t have clue about Ichiko’s brother or Okunezato’s mysteries.




Hino’s normal end: He saved Ichiko by pushing the fox masked man to the cliff and died.

Hino’s bad end 1: Ichiko was talking with Tsukuyomi in his room. After she went back to her room, she forgot to lock the door and killed by the fox masked man.

Hino’s bad end 2: Ichiko went back to Tokyo and getting chased forever by the masked man.

Hino’s bad end 3: Hino died in the hospital after Ichiko went back to Tokyo alone. Sosuke went to the same college as Ichiko.


Amari Isora (CV Kakihara Tetsuya)




If you remember about Toma from Amnesia, the same otome game from Otomate, then Isora might be the same person in 7’scarlet. The usual himself is cheerful. But at summer festival, he tells Ichiko a story of his parents. In old days, his parents have a successfull restaurant in Okunezato. But because Murakumo families, the chief of Okunezato, all of the village’s famous spot is now gone. His father then died. But he told Ichiko that some day after his father’s funeral, Isora saw him again in his house. But it looks like a dream. After the death of his parents, Isora’s mother work at Fuurinkan restaurant. But she got sick so Isora is now doing his mother’s job.




At some point, Ichiko saw Yuki from Murakumo’s house at night. She followed Yuki, but got captured by a masked man. The man is hurting Ichiko’s hand by step on it. Thankfully, Isora came and save Ichiko, brought her to the basement of Fuurinkan Hotel. He kept Ichiko by himself, saying he would release her outside after she’s recovered from injury. Day by day, Ichiko felt it is weird. Yuki disappeared after Ichiko followed him that night.




She wanted to go outside, but Isora always tried to prison her there, thinking it would be good if Ichiko can’t walk again so he can take care of her forever. One day, when Isora goes outside, the masked man finds Ichiko’s whereabout. He attacked Ichiko, but Isora came at the right time. They had a fight in fire. But in happy ending, Isora won. Both of them went outside the basement and saved by some people in black cape. The place they went to was near Murakumo’s house. In the end, Yuki was found. In his route, the child Isora gave Ichiko a strawberry cake. But the strawberry was not fresh and made her stomach upset. That’s why Ichiko hates strawberry in all routes.



I think every male characters stayed at hospital except Sosuke.


Isora’s normal end: Isora is mad at Ichiko for doubting him. In the end, Ichiko goes back to Tokyo after saying goodbye to Isora at hospital.

Isora’s bad end 1: Ichiko died after being attacked by masked man on the street.

Isora’s bad end 2: Ichiko left her hotel room, killed by the masked man after guessing he is Isora.


Kushinada Toa (CV Morikubo Shoutarou)




Toa is the most complex character in the storyline. He’s hiding his real identity as A-TO from AUK-ZERO despite his clumsy appearance who always tripped and loves cat. AUK-ZERO is a popular band member which is already disbanded now. He went to Okunezato, his hometown, to hold a solo concert. It is because in the past, Toa was always getting bullied by his friends. So he wanted to show that he’s now bravely enough to sing in his hometown, who reminded a sad past to him.  That’s the reason his concert is very important. His parents lived in Okunezato and had onsen inn. But Murakumo house made Okunezato a lonely village now. So he must give up about his inn. Because of that, he wanted to attract tourist by creating a Okunezato Panda for the village’s mascot. But it doesn’t get approved by people at first. He doesn’t know why Okunezato Panda is now popular in the village as souvenir.




His manager, Gamou Makiko or Gamaki, followed Toa to Okunezato. After she heard danger and three people are dead, Gamaki pushed Toa to go back to Tokyo. But he still wants to sing at the concert. One day, when Toa helped Ichiko to search for his brother, he’s capture by some group of black cape man, thinking he is a Revenant. But Sosuke told them that Toa is not a Revenant because his back is clean. Though here, Sosuke doesn’t explain more.




At one night, Ichiko got a letter that asked her to go to the cliff near new shrine. But truthfully, the sender is a fox masked man. He attacked Ichiko but Toa came and saved her. Because of that, he got a scar on his cheek. It makes Gamaki cancelling the concert. In happy ending, Toa released Ichiko to Tokyo and they had a kiss. He promised to meet her again. It is also revealed that the one who gave lapis lazuli ball to Ichiko is Toa when Ichiko went to Okunezato in the past.




Toa’s normal end: Ichiko went back to Tokyo and got a letter from Toa. The inside is not known.

Toa’s bad end 1: Ichiko tried to meet Toa at the cliff, but got killed by masked man.

Toa’s bad end 2: Ichiko came late to the cliff and stabbed by masked man.


No, this is not the end of Toa’s route. After clearing Sosuke and Yuzuki’s route, there is another story. That’s why his storyline is very complex.


Toa’s true end:

After saving Ichiko at the cliff, the masked man is captured. He is actually Tsukuyomi Kagura. He tells them that there is another Revenant at Fuurinkan Hotel that killed male villagers. Because Kagura only have fun killing women. Revenant is dead people who came back to life after rainy days because of some flower at Okunezato’s wood, named Violacia. Violacia is a violet flower that gave Revenant a new life. If they don’t kill people, they will cease to exist. But they can be killed by throwing salt then burn it.

After some detective plan of finding who is the Revenant at Fuurinkan, they found the other Revenant is Toa. When he drove his car to Okunezato for his concert preparation, his car fell below the bridge. Toa got rebirth as Revenant in the field of Violacia, and he have never kill anyone until the end. That’s why his back doesn’t have purple mark. When a Revenant kill a person, one mark will appear. So the mark will show how many people the Revenant has killed.

And Yua is actually Toa’s twin sister. Because Yua saw Sosuke’s father, Tatehira Shinryu, following Toa, she pushed Shinryu to the cliff until he died. Every sin in Okunezato is now revealed. Shinryu is one of Ensepulchers, the village’s group lead by Murakumo Kyouji to kill Revenant. In his work, Shinryu killed Isora’s father who already became a Revenant. And by revealing it, everyone forgave the sin made by Yua. They decided to make Toa’s concert a success. Here, Yuki revealed himself as the administrator of Okunezato Supernatural Club.




On the day of Toa’s concert, Yasu, the policeman, tried to kill him because Yasu is Ensepulchers. But Yua saved Toa and got stabbed instead. Toa only sing one song because he doesn’t have anymore time left. He can’t kill, so his body will disappear. The ballad song was accompanied by Gamaki’s piano and it became a sad song. At the end of the concert, Toa disappeared to a purple light.





Toa’s true bad end: This is a continuation of Toa’s normal end. Ichiko went back to Tokyo and received a letter from Toa. It says he is already gone from this world by the time Ichiko read the letter.

In the end, Toa doesn’t have a happy ending. But because he finally hold a concert, his wish that made him a Revenant, it is considered happy ending for him, not for Ichiko, who lose him.


Tatehira Sosuke (CV Sawashiro Chiharu)




A serious and clever medical school student, one year above Ichiko. He never had fun in his life, until Ichiko brought him to the summer festival and playing catch fish together. Sosuke revealed to Ichiko that he saw his dead father but he didn’t have a clue, thinking it’s like a dream. Later on, he met Murakumo Kyouji because the Ensepulchers caught him with Ichiko in the wood near Violacia. Murakumo told the story of Okunezato. It was because the Violacia flower, the villagers who died can be revived as Revenant. But Revenant must kill living poeple to keep alive. So Murakumo made a group of Ensepulchers, to kill Revenant. Sosuke’s father, Tatehira Shinryu, is one of Ensepulchers. But Shinryu was killed.




Murakumo gave them warning that a Revenant will kill Ichiko. So he wanted the two of them to be Ensepulchers too. But they wanted to think. When Ichiko was alone at the hotel, she was attacked by a fox masked man. She went to her room quickly, and more people came to see her. The first person is Tsukuyomi, Hino, then Isora. On another day, they held a meeting of who is the Revenant who tried to kill Ichiko and it is revealed the Revenant is Tsukuyomi Kagura. Tsukuyomi tried to kill Ichiko, but Sosuke is the one who got stabbed in his arm. Yasu captured Tsukuyomi and the Ensepulchers will destroy him. After Sosuke has recovered, he brought Ichiko to Violacia field. They reminded of the past, when Sosuke carried Ichiko at the forest. They kissed and found the purple flower field.




Sosuke’s normal end: Sosuke saved Ichiko from Tsukuyomi, giving his phone number on Ichiko’s hand.

Sosuke’s bad end: Rather than continuing to choose the real Revenant, Ichiko went to her room then got killed.


Murakumo Yuzuki (CV Miki Shinichirou)




His route began when he’s capturing a Revenant, named Karasuma Tsuzuri. It was his first experience as the heir of Murakumo, to be the leader of Ensepulchers. But he doesn’t kill the woman. Instead, Yuzuki helped Tsuzuri make a call to his husband, to congratulate him for his first novel debut. But she got captured by the other Ensepulchers. Yuzuki then was removed from his job as Ensepulchers by his father, Kyouji.




He seems to be an evil and unfriendly person at first. But he is fragile and gets blushed easily. Ichiko took care of his fever and numerously helped him, until Yuzuki fell in love with her. One day, Ichiko got kidnapped by Karasuma Chikage. It was to lure Yuzuki because Chikage thought Yuzuki is the one who kill his wife as Revenant. After the misunderstanding is closed, Chikage is missing.




The climax for his route began when Ichiko met Tsukuyomi Kagura, the Revenant who likes to kill. Ichiko was waiting for Yuzuki at the hotel, but she met Kagura instead. In the end, Yuzuki captured and brought him to the wood to burn Kagura. There is also Sosuke who helps Yuzuki, because Sosuke becomes Ensepulchers too, like his father. But Kagura is too strong, he released himself before Sosuke can burn him. Thankfully, Karasuma Chikage helped them throwing salt and start a fire, so Kagura disappeared as purple light. Though Yuzuki got hurt in the fight and was brought to hospital. In happy ending, Yuzuki wakes up after Ichiko. He teases Ichiko by not remembering about herself. The story ended with Yuzuki and Ichiko kissing each other passionately.



The first kiss with Yuzuki, after Yuzuki got hurt by Kagura.


Yuzuki’s normal end: Ichiko was chasing Yuzuki to the forest and finally found him. Yuzuki asked to be killed by Ichiko but she refused. Ensepulchers appeared and kill them both.

Yuzuki’s bad end 1: Because Yuzuki told Ichiko and Karasuma Chikage that Ensepulchers killed Tsuzuri, Chikage tried to stab Yuzuki. Ichiko protected Yuzuki and got killed. But whether Yuzuki is alive or not is a mystery.

Yuzuki’s bad end 2: When waiting for Yuzuki at the hotel when school festival happened, Ichiko ran from Tsukuyomi but got killed in her room.

Yuzuki’s bad end 3: At the battle with Kagura in the wood, Ichiko was killed.


Yatsukami Hanate (CV Midorikawa Hikaru)




Hanate is the one Ichiko has been searching since the beginning. The truth is, he is a eternal Revenant after eating Ambrosia. He won’t disappear even if he doesn’t kill people, unlike normal Revenant. Hanate knows that if the violet flower of Violacia becomes scarlet, it means a Revenant will appear. The number of scarlet flower is the same as Revenant who has awaken. In the past, he saved Ichiko from Revenants trying to kill her. It’s because Ichiko is special, an Albino because her eyes eminates red light. To save and protect Ichiko, he brought Ichiko to Tokyo and live together as her brother. As a special Revenant, Hanate could create memories as he’d like. But if he doesn’t stay near the person, the memories will fade. That’s why Ichiko doesn’t remember her brother’s face after his disappearance one year ago (he’s being captured by Ensepulchers).




His story brought Ichiko to understand that he’s been protecting her. Ichiko’s heart began to fall for Hanate. But they are in danger because Tsukuyomi Kagura, the mad Revenant who likes to kill, is searching for Ichiko. In the past, the human child Kagura is the one who made Ichiko in danger by pushing her onto the river. Hanate saved her and now, he will save Ichiko again from that evil man. At the field of Violacia, Hanate asked Ichiko to burn the flower so they can beat Kagura. With the help of Hino, the violet flower disappear with fire, alongside with Kagura’s body. Hanate’s body is also disappearing, after all Violacias got burnt. Of course Ichiko’s memories about Hanate will disappear gradually. But at her home in Tokyo, one of Violacia began to bloom in her garden…





I think this game is a bit weird. There are many CGs for characters who don’t reveal the truth, example Hino and Isora. But for people who have more mysteries such as Yuzuki and Hanate, there is only a few CGs you can get. I don’t know why the main character is Hino. I think Toa and Yuzuki are the special character here. Their stories have hidden truth of Revenant. Meanwhile, Hino and Isora’s route doesn’t even mention about Revenant.

There are many songs in it. I like Oda Kaori’s “World End Syndrom”. And I feel Shimotsuki Haruka is also a best choice. The BGM is normal, there is none become my favorite. At first, the story seems promising. But there are too many dialogues, most of them don’t feel important. It becomes boring even after I just finished playing first character, Hino. But then I remembered his story didn’t reveal anything. I must go to the mystery of Okunezato quickly, so I can play until the end. The first part of Toa’s route is also boring. His true end only appears after I have completed Sosuke and Yuzuki’s ending. So I finally felt it is not boring in Sosuke’s route, the fourth character after Toa happy ending. That’s a long journey…



The fox mask is actually a furniture at Fuurinkan Hotel.

Tsukuyomi Kagura might have took it.


Truthfully, after completing one route, the playing time is not long, except for Toa plus his true ending and Hanate, who got many dialogues (because he doesn’t talk in any route). But because I played it while translating Omachi Shitemasu Shitamachi Wagashi Kurimarudou 3 volumes manga, plus reading Umineko no Naku Koro ni manga since the first series, I didn’t have much time. This game took me more than a month to finish. After this, I have Kokuchou no Psychedelica and Haitaka no Psychedelica. I have bought three otome games at Steam summer sale. So I must play them, right! Today is summer too. But we don’t have summer holiday for office worker.


7'sc fu



Link for CG Download (as usual):



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