The New Story of Love

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ~Taiga ha Mirai o Tsumugu~ is a remake of the PC one which released in 2012. It is an R18 rated otome game, but this time, the PSP one is rated 17+. Developed by Operetta Due, a branch of Operetta, and ported by dramatic create. It comes with new CGs (R18 CG is replaced by the new CG) and new scenarios (because the R18 dialogues aren’t appropriate with the new CG and there are new character, Jigi and Esta have full storyline).

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-001

Actually, I wanted to finish Ken ga Kimi first, before playing Koezaru, but it’s not a perfect choice because I couldn’t play it for a long time. My notebook, which is already too old, always crash whenever I browsed or playing games. It doesn’t when I just watch movies and it’s weird. Besides, I already am experiencing backache by sitting for long time everyday (You know, work and sit and seeing monitor). Then, I will write the seiyuu first before writing the stories. Well, with their R18 nicknames.


Naala : Tezuka Ryouko / Tateishi Megumi

Tooya : Sumeragi Mikado / Tachibana Shinnosuke

Suren : Horikawa Shinobu / Miyashita Eiji

Knoll : Shibahara You / Suzuki Chihiro

Naran : Noriyuki / Sugiyama Noriaki

Ruji : Sawa Mannaka / Nakazawa Masatomo

Sefu : Odagiri Hyouma / Oda Toshimitsu

Esta : Sanraku Shou / Makino Hideki

Jigi : Kakihara Tetsuya

Uru : Yukinoaya Shiro / Yukishiro Ayano

Olli : Seiryou Hijiri / Inamura Tooru

Saraana : Hoshioka Kanae / Waki Masami

Sharu : Momoi Ichigo / Ookubo Aiko

Erusu : Natsumura Isuke / Nakamura Keisuke

Bal : Karasuma Hazuki / Narisawa Suguru

Muru : Miyazawa Shinichi

Orte : Ire Taizou / Shiori Tsutomu


I will write the new scenarios for old characters, not about the old storyline though. It is too much of a work. Besides, I also wrote a story before the new scenarios to match where’s the new line put inside the old story (Hopefully, I already wrote it all). There are also extra scenarios for each character, except Jigi, after completing good ending.


Tooya (Tachibana Shinnosuke)

Tooya had explained that he wanted to search for Fushi medicine because his kind maid had died of it. And he told Naala that the maid taught him a good-luck words to make her sleep. After knowing her mother already died, Naala cries in Tooya’s arms.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-012

A new CG came up while Naala brought food for Tooya. He is angry at her because he’s in the middle of working and stress, but then comes to like the food.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-014

Naala finally knows that Tooya is her childhood friend, Bayal. They worked together to make the medicine for Fushi. Suddenly, he helped Naala from her back and touching her hand. They’re becoming embarrassed.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-022

The first night the two of them was quite fun sinced Tooya say “Aishiteru” and “Daisuki” a few times (Well, even though for Tooya, it’s not his ‘first time’, while Naala claims the kiss is also her first). He was afraid that the happiness would go easily. But Naala wouldn’t leave him even if he didn’t ask her to. They held each other with warmth.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-031

When Naala and Tooya knows about the attacks from Olli, Naala finds out a new room hidden underground. There’s Tooya, looking at the sky that seems not real for him before. He was afraid of his own bad things, not suitable for Naala but she said she had loved his ‘humane’, the him whose afraid of dark and seek light. Tooya now thinks that a life is very precious beside Naala. Suddenly, Naala asked if his wound already healed after fighting with someone (their childhood memories) and he said it had. Though it’s all revealed later the story of the Blafka twins (see previous PC post for more detail. The ending is also same. His bad ending which contains R18 is being replaced later in my post below).
Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-038


Because Naala sought Tooya’s past (his twins), Tooya used chain to bind her from going outside. In the end, Tooya died similar to the PC one. It’s too long to write again, but Sharu and Saraana tried to save Naala by giving her a knife.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-046


Tooya asked Naala to go to the mountain with him. Even though it wasn’t good for his job, Naala wanted to spent time together with him. After won against a few obstacle from Knoll and Esta, they arrived at a lodge on a mountain. A few times Tooya wished to hug Naala, but she took it busy to cook etc. The next morning, Naala went to search for their needs but she came back late. Tooya already waiting for her and glad she’s alright. At a time to spent the night, again, obstacle comes because of Knoll. Knoll wanted to bring Tooya back to his job, but Naala asked him to wait until morning. Glad Knoll can’t refuse her, though Tooya becomes jealous. In the morning, while they’re going back, Naala almost fell. Thankfully, Tooya caught her and as he held Naala, he said ‘love’ to her. Naala and Tooya took lovely time before they go back to the routines.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-053


Suren (Miyashita Eiji)

After the first night, Suren calls Naala few times with sweet voice, saying thank you for choosing this path to be his wife. Naala half awakes and asking why he did that.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-059

Again, after doing something rough to Naala, Suren whispers that he bought things for her. The only problem is to give it.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-063

Naala helps Suren to defeat monster in town.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-065

Naala doesn’t want to wear new clothes from Suren so she tries it on Naran. Suren suddenly came in, to feel weird of the situation.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-067

In Rusu, after Naala speaks with Olli, she and Suren have a goodnight conversations on bed. While Naala keeps thinking they’ll have many rough son like the father, Suren afraid their child will be born a tomboy. But they wished happiness. Suddenly, a red flower petal comes in on their hands, like a fate. But Olli decides to separate them because of the ministers until 3 years they will meet again. (His good ending didn’t change)

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-098


Suren knows that Naran loves his wife. He decides to kill Naran and makes Naala goes insane. She keeps saying she love Suren, without the ability to think anymore. Suren hugged Naala and cried, as if he was saying he love her.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-104


Olli sent Suren to war, saying Naala might think he is her enemy because he put danger to Suren. But Naala wouldn’t think of that as Olli is her brother. She then helps Suren in the war and has lovey-dovey moment at battlefield. At crucial time, Olli also helps Suren to finish off their enemies. Naala then goes to Suren’s arm after they have won. Of course Suren says that she will only run to his arm.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-106


Knoll (Suzuki Chihiro)

After Knoll saved Naala from fever, he told a story of a seventh prince. Before Knoll went to let her sleep, she asked if he hate her. But he kissed Naala and didn’t care if it is what she believe.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-111

Before the banquet, instead of “H” scene, here, Knoll just ordered Naala to put a beautiful pose for him. He did her makeup etc and wanted to see (observe) her clearly. After that, Naala found the mask in his bedroom, knowing that he’s the one who saved her. She felt happy to know that.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-118

Knoll feels strange of his own feelings. He didn’t want to see Naala that night. But she kept following him onto the pool and they spoke up their feelings.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-121


Knoll became possessive about Naala because he loved her. He began to watch her everywhere and didn’t like her talking with other man. He patted Naala’s head, but his smile was scary.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-131


To make it worse, Knoll gave Naala poisonous fruit everyday that made her can’t see. He then keeps her as his ‘food’ and can’t think anymore, except “Knoll”.



Naala became insane that she wouldn’t want to go outside because she feel safe inside Knoll’s room. Knoll used that condition so he could keep her just for himself

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-134


First, Knoll told Naala that he had a fight with Tooya and Suren. He explained to them that they must marry a woman quickly for Nasula. But they insisted they will marry if it’s someone like Knoll’s wife. Knoll also including Ruji at this matter. He promised to tell them the goodness of marriage. After hearing that, Naala already had thought this will turn bad. But she kept following Knoll to a banquet, as he lied it’s a job. There, Knoll already prepared women so Ruji and Suren can choose. Though Tooya came late after running away and Esta found him. In the end, Knoll wished to keep Naala for himself, wouldn’t care if he must force the other 3 guys to marry someone else.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-136


Naran (Sugiyama Noriaki)

On the first night as husband and wife, Naran pretended to flirt her so the watcher will notice they’re for real. It made Naala blushing.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-182

Different from the bathing scene, here, Naala keeps saying she likes Naran as she drunk. Naran wouldn’t attack her as in the actual PC, but here, he brought Naala outside and letting her sleep on his arms. Naran keeps asking why everyone wants to protect him, and the servant who also served Suren before, says it’s not his fault that Suren died. Rather, the servant is glad that Naran is his new master because he also has the heart similar to Suren.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-196


7 years later, after Naran had came as an army, he proposed again to her to be his real wife. Naala accepted him then they’re kissing passionately.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-200


Saraana gave Naala some medicine to make her husband ‘stronger’ sinced Naran always working until late. At first, Naran teases her so she can explain what is she giving him to eat. But looking at her keeping a secret, he asks numerous times, until Naala realizes he already knows. She got embarrassed, then go outside. Naran pushes her to a wall, and says he’s happy she thinks of him. They make it out through kisses.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-208


Ruji (Nakazawa Masatomo)

At a drink party, while having fun listening to Erusu, Ruji suddenly talks beside Naala’s ear. She can’t hold to blush, though Ruji just wants to talk near her about their friends.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-141

The ‘H’ CG for Naala & Ruji’s first time has been changed. After they met again at the research room on rainy day, Ruji gave her warmth through giving his wet finger by rain to her mouth. He then still remembers the warmth with Naala until next day.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-159


And the ending CG is replaced by kissing one. Because Naala read a letter from Saraana who had given birth and Sharu who was pregnant, Ruji insisted they mustn’t loose from them.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-161


Bal and Erusu came to Ruji’s house without being invite. Despite getting shock like Naala, Ruji pretends to be cool and it’s normal for his friends. They took fun time though Bal and Erusu couldn’t stay overnight to see their wife. After that, Ruji became strange and Naala saw him making poison from the Nameless Flower. He said it could be medicine but also poison, one that could erase memories. The next day, Naala found Ruji at the flower field, crying alone. He says it’s because of him that Naala must live with him without her friends in that small village. He nearly wanted to give her the poison, so she wouldn’t feel lonely and just remember being with him. But as his wife, Naala will go anywhere with him. Finally after the problem had been solved, Ruji gave her the flower necklace he made day by day.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-166


Sefu (Oda Toshimitsu)

Naala goes to town alone. She met a few bad guys though Sefu saved her while saying she is his precious person.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-212

Naala & Sefu slept together, even though nothing happened, after he asked what Knoll had done to her before.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-223

Kissing scene after they‘ve done ‘it’ the first time, at the place where Naala kissed Sefu’s cheek.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-226


New CG for Epilogue. After women’s life can be saved, Sefu and Naala kissing to share each other’s love.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-230


Naala thinks Sefu has other woman so she follows him to be a pub’s hostess. When she’s in trouble by her customer, Sefu saves Naala quickly and brings her to his lap. He does surprise but feels happy to see Naala in sexy dress.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-236


Esta (Makino Hideki)

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-003

This is his new route, played from beginning. Naala went to market by herself and she tried to catch a suspicious man. When she is in danger, a man approaches her and it makes the suspicious one running away. That guy claimed himself to be ordered by his master, different from the suspicious one which wants to sell her. Then he introduces himself as Esta, Knoll’s subordinate. Later, when Naala tried to save Sharu from being captured, Esta was the one taking Naala as his wife. He said the purpose is because Knoll ordered him to take Naala as his bride if other guy would marry her so it would be easy to give her to Tooya. Anyway, here, Naala agreed to be his wife.

At first, Knoll is questioning Esta’s action to marry Naala, but in the end, he wants the two of them to do their first night but Esta is willing to go from their room rather than doing something she doesn’t want. He gave the room key to Naala, but strangely, he could go inside the room at morning before she unlock it. Naala wished he would be her friend and Esta agreed to it despite he didn’t have knowledge or something he like. He just feels weird that Naala wants to be friends with someone like him. Also, he introduced his subordinate, Sun, and revealed he had about 20 others. Before he went outside to give information about Naala’s condition to her friends, Esta asked Sun how to make his friend happy. Though Sun also the same person as Esta himself, he doesn’t know how to.

After Esta came back, he brought something sweet for Naala to eat (by Sun’s suggestion) and letter from Sharu and Saraana. He also brings a bell for her. Then, Naala wanted to not locking the room because she trust Esta and Sun. But Esta refused because hearing her saying “おかえりなさい” and “いってらっしゃい”. To heard Naala’s bell is also a ‘like’ feelings for him. Suddenly, Sun knocks the door to inform Esta about “Jigi”, one of his subordinate so Esta must go. After he came back, he brought another food for Naala. Suddenly, Esta declared that he wanted to see her smile, which Naala thought she musn’t think wrong of his words.

This time, Esta comes back in a hurry because Suren asks Tooya to have Naala for him. At this time, Naala said she didn’t want anyone else to be her husband, except Esta because she like him. Now, Esta revealed that he wanted to help her because he like Naala as a person and as his friend. She’s the first person who acknowledges him as a human.

In another night, Esta makes a surprise come back from the window and makes Naala worry because he gets hurt on his arm. She wanted him to make spare key quickly. Then, he said that he was saved by Knoll just to be his ‘thing’. But different with Naala, he like her. Naala grabbed his hand and said she like him to as a friend. But Esta keeps telling he likes Naala (though he didn’t say it as a friend but as a person). But the next day, Esta came back with deep wound. Sun gave Naala information that the job was ordered by Knoll and they couldn’t refuse anything. It’s a cruel mission and Naala can’t hold back to talk to Knoll.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-238

As expected, Knoll doesn’t hold feelings for humans and thinks of them just like a bird. Naala pitied him for can’t feel tears nor smile inside. Anyway, like his route, Knoll wants Naala to persuade Minister Orte about Tooya’s plan. To help Naala, Esta brings her to see Orte when he’s talking with Hatosu, the parliament member, at the garden. Orte is being sarcastic towards Esta, but Naala helps him to speak up. After the conversation with Orte, Esta wished her to be safe while protecting her friends and he like her strong mind. Naala thinks Esta becomes more like a ‘mother’ now (captious). Similar to Knoll and Sefu’s route, Naala goes to Orte’s mansion just to meet with his servant. He claims not to be at home.

That night, Esta comes home and says he’s being pampered by Naala so much with her kindness. Naala says he becomes more like a woman. For Esta, Naala is his precious person and he’s being nice just to her. When Naala meets Knoll, who is teasing her hard work, she is being grateful that Knoll won’t betray his promise to her. Not because she trust Knoll, but because she knows he won’t do that. It surprises him so much. But again, she can’t meet Orte.

Today, Esta made baked goods by learning from Uru. It makes her happy and she goes to Orte’s mansion with strength. But Naala can felt suspicious presence following her. Some arrows attacking her, but Esta is the one who gets all that piercing his body. Esta could protect her by Knoll’s saying that she might be in danger. He wishes Naala to run away and confessing his feelings of love to her, as a woman. She won’t leave Esta alone anyway. Thankfully by seeing their love, Orte brings them to his mansion.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-245

After the two of them came back to Knoll’s place, Naala gave a letter from Orte, saying he will help Tooya to make the medicine for Fushi. It’s a great win by Naala, because she thought she got lose of her bet with Knoll. And at Esta’s room, he wishes to know Naala’s feelings of him. She said “愛してる” and Esta replying her feelings he always wishes to touch her. But he must know if Naala want it too or not. Well, despite his cool stare, Esta couldn’t hold to touch Naala that night (Not that kind of ‘touch’. Esta is a genuine guy).

It’s weird that Knoll comes to Esta’s room everyday, just to see him and Naala. Esta made a jealous expression for the first time thanks to that matter, while Naala wouldn’t think that way. At night, the two of them are looking to the moon. Esta was afraid if Naala and him would be separated, thinking that she will go to the moon someday. Though Naala said wherever he go, she will follow him as well as to the Hell. So by that answer, Esta proposed to her once again, to be his wife, by kissing her hand. She ‘s the one who gave him, a doll, knowledge about human feelings. Naala agreed because in her mind, Esta is also her light.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-247

They became lovey dovey. One night, Esta asked Naala to be touch by him, although he already held her unto his arms. He kissed her head and asked to go outside with fun because he had learnt another feeling, loneliness. But…Knoll also following them. While Naala insisted Knoll to go separate way, he and Esta begins to attack. It makes her surprise to know there are few men attacking them. Knoll and Esta protected Naala altogether. In the end, Knoll teases her by giving a kiss will be enough to say thanks. But Esta makes excuses to kiss Knoll instead of his wife.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-252

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-258

It’s the night before the congress. Naala is worried about tomorrow’s decision about Fushi and the women from Rusu. When Esta came back, he already wounded his finger by feeding Knoll’s pet(?). Also, he thinks the congress decision’s might include their divorce, because Naala is Olli’s little sister. But everything will be settled because Orte wants to make Esta his step-son. This time, Naala wished Esta to make love to her, but he said this time wouldn’t do.

At the big day, Hatosu, a friend of Orte, comes to Naala to talk about her feelings. At first time, Naala thinks Nasula is a cruel country who takes women. But she changed her mind. She loves that country now that she knows she can feel the people’s feelings is like anything human can have. Such as drinking sake with Hatosu now, that she is a Rusu and he’s a Nasula people, make it proof that they can be related by bonds. Well, she haven’t drink the poisonous sake, but Hatosu already did. Hatosu changed his mind about Naala and he will to die alone. That is his feelings of friendship towards Orte and his decision to help Tooya.

After Hatosu went outside, Naala quickly met Esta after the congress. She wanted him to go to the Nameless Flower field at her hometown. They’re kissing without saying any words.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-261

At the wedding day for Naala and Esta made by Tooya, Orte pretended to have a heart illness. By the way, he thinks of Naala as his own daughter, because she’s his son’s wife (Esta now is his step son). Tooya and Orte wished them to be happy. And in the ceremony, Esta asked Naala to always stay with him until death.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-262


Naala drinks the poisonous sake from Hatosu. She died and leaving grief for Orte, especially Esta. As he said, Naala will go to the moon and leaving him alone in Orte’s care.



Naala is getting mad at Knoll because he always giving order to Esta and they can’t be together for a month. So to make up for it, Esta brings Naala to outside. But strangely, the fortune-teller said she will give birth to Knoll’s child. Hearing that name, Naala and Esta runs away. But they met the real Knoll. Knoll knew about the fortune-teller, so he must be the one behind it. When he says it’s fine to be together for the three of them, as Knoll is like Esta’s brother, Esta can’t bother to not agreeing that. He carried Naala like a princess and run away from Knoll.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-266


Jigi (Kakihara Tetsuya)

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-005

In Jigi’s route, Naala thinks that Esta is the most dependable man in Nasula, not because she like him. After she gave letter to Orte, she saw an apple and took it because it might be taken by bird, but a guy called her ‘thief’. He has red hair and tsundere, hate Naala because she changed his master, Esta. While saying his name is Jigi, he also called Naala as ‘mesu=bitch?’, a rude one to call someone. Jigi wanted Naala to give report about Esta for himself because he like his master so much.

Again, Naala met Jigi while she’s feelings down after coming back from Orte’s mansion. Jigi calls her as “Mesu Ushi=Cow bitch?” now. Thanks to him, she can feel alive again. But suddenly, after a while, Naala came to the garden again because she’s tired. When crying, Jigi, who slept above a tree, woke up. Now, he called her “Mesu Buta=pig?”-finally that words. When Jigi is messing Naala’s hair, he explains that she has freedom. Unlike him, Jigi was an orphan sinced child and an old aristocrat woman bought him to be her favorite pet. Thankfully, when Knoll ordered Esta to kill the old woman, Esta found Jigi and made him his disciple. After hearing that, Naala said she will cry if anything happen to him, though Jigi didn’t want her to cry an ocean.

Now, Naala has becomes closer to Jigi and she tells him her worry and anciety. When Naala said Jigi is beautiful with his hair and eyes sparkling, he didn’t think it that way and he hate her. Though Naala thinks it’s a real hate because of his tsun behavior. But she can sleep peacefully beside him. She thinks it’s a dream, but Jigi truthfully has said “I will eat you” beside her sleeping body.

After sleeping until night comes, Naala is being teased by Jigi. But not long until then, Jigi must go to work. Naala says she doesn’t want him to get hurt, which is her true feelings because Jigi is important. He just answered it with “I hate you” and “You’re not my friend” although Naala is stupid and couldn’t notice it. She cried for his safety, and Jigi licked her tears, trying to see if it’s salty or sweet. Surprise, Naala just thinks that they’re human and that (tears) can’t be sweet. Jigi is grateful for being called as human by Naala.

Following Esta’s route, there are a few men following Naala. Deep inside Jigi’s heart when he follows the group, he doesn’t think that the first living thing he wants is his own master’s bride. Then, he killed the men. But it must be paid by big wound. Esta called Naala to see Jigi and felt jealous of her worry. It seems Jigi is fine now and can answer Naala even if in a weak voice. He suddenly said that if he didn’t get hurt then he can’t kiss her. After kissing Naala, she thinks it’s a prank but Jigi explains why he save her. It’s for his own feeling, which can’t bear to not hear Naala’s angry words to him. Anyway, they thought they’re important for each other and continue the lovey-dovey time, while Jigi said he hate her because she had break his heart after Naala asked if he already like her.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-284



The story continues like Knoll’s route. To persuade Orte, Naala cuts her hair then falls from fever. This time, Jigi saved her and brought to Esta’s room. There, Jigi said Orte already agreed to help Tooya and Naala won the bet with Knoll. He then kissed her numerous times because it’s fun to tease her, while Esta had not come back of course.

Jigi thinks it’s fun to tease Naala in her room. When thinking if the Fushi problem will be done, Jigi says she doesn’t have to worry because Tooya and Knoll are both incredible. After that, Naala can’t see him coming too often when she’s someone else’s wife. But Jigi can’t hold to ask if she has done it with Esta. Lying, Naala said she and Esta already did many things as husband and wife, which made Jigi became serious and held her tightly.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-286

Meanwhile, Esta, who knew of Naala and Jigi’s relationships, thinking alone at night. Sun offered him sake and they have a drink together. While thinking that it’s thanks to Naala he can smile now, it is his turn to return the favor.

When waiting for the congress, Jigi wanted Naala to run away with him because they’re lovers now. Although still questioning when he have confess, Jigi says “Suki-desu” numerous times. He hated her before and scared to take her from Esta, but he wouldn’t want to be separated from his love one.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-288

Suddenly, Esta comes and says he will let Jigi go and break his relationship with Naala. Because Naala had helped Knoll to achieve his goal to save Nasula, he also gave her a chance to live as she wanted. Of course Esta said that mimicking his master. Jigi and Naala goes to Rusu to live there. And as his wife, Naala will follow him anywhere.

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-291



Jigi tried to save Naala by fighting the men following her. But he died. Esta explained that someone found the wounded Jigi outside the mansion. After knowing that, Naala quickly saw his dead body and crying, like he said before, crying like an ocean. No CG




NOOOOO!! MY FAVORITE RUJI!!! Did you see it? The CG consistency is suck. I don’t think it’s done by the same artist. Why?~~ I like Ruji and his ending CG!! I keep my previous choice. I love how Ruji was scared of how he can love someone. He didn’t have courage to make a girl happy and he’s too kind to be true (No it’s true there is. I already met someone very kind in real life o(〃^▽^〃)o ). Despite I like the tsundere relationship, Ruji is one of the nice people I love so much (Put Sakaki Narumi in “Kaminaru Kimi to” inside this circle).

Koezaru ha Akai Hana ThMoT CG-002

The second character I like is, of course, Esta. He also has this low self-esteem similar to Ruji, but he is more grateful to Naala. I think his dialogues moved my heart for he felt indebted by Naala’s kindness. More and more he learnt feelings by living beside Naala. The third one is Tooya. I like his strong heart and mind. Too bad it’s all ruined by his twin past. Although it’s not that he killed his brother, but something was ruined by telling me the past story like that. But well, in good ending, I must say that I am touched by his strenght, be it power, mind, words to persuade others, etc. He’s the King after all. ꒰♡ˊ͈ ु꒳ूˋ͈꒱.⑅*♡

Jigi’s route is… like a bonus. Though he has cute side, I don’t think it makes memories that much. Uru doesn’t have new scenario or CG. Anyway, I played this one from beginning without skipping the dialogue I haven’t read. So it’s like playing a new game. That’s why I need a month to end it. For me, Koezaru PSP is safe (for you who hate R18 games) and some new dialogues are very touching. Especially, for Esta’s heart, how grateful he is to Naala and wants to protect her with his life. I don’t think I know he has disciples and is a kind one to release Naala (in Jigi’s route) and help her to live with another man if I haven’t play this PSP one. I’m grateful I play it again! I will play Chronostacia next, together with building my spirit to continue playing Ken ga Kimi because of crashing problem. ┏((= ̄(エ) ̄=))┛ Sorry, this blog is almost die this year……. But I’ll keep to write something I have played and answer any comment as far as I can.





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  1. I’m actually looking forward to play this because R18 isn’t my thing… also yea I noticed some CG inconsistencies which is annoying and made the CG look like crap lawl.
    thanks for the review!

    • I played R18 game based on art and the deepness of the story [while some of them came to disappointing after playing]. Well, I also don’t like to play R18 to be truth. But Koezaru was worth to the story. It has touching words and deep meaning and also well-written. The PSP is a good remake and the adding scenarios are also won’t disturb the real storyline.

  2. I want to play this! Especially since I play PC games really slowly since I don’t like to open Windows with Bootcamp much! Btw about your laptop, unless you’re planning to get a new one soon, you might be able to add RAM (memory sticks) into it to make it faster 😀 (I did this and it got a lot faster)

    I hope you enjoy Ken ga Kimi and Chronostacia! I’ll be looking forward to your opinion on both!♡

    • Yeah, play it!! すばらしい言葉はいっぱいあるよ {{^^}}. I like touching lines and it reflects the despair pretty well. Though it can be a little annoying with kissing sound effect (it’s CERO D anyway).

      I will try keeping up with PC game because I won’t buy PS Vita in near days. Many new games will be released on VITA (espc Otomate games) so PC game is one kind I can play except the old PSP released. Sad… I don’t think otoge need to use high tech so much to release it on new platform.

  3. Thank you very much for the detailed review!! You are awesome! I only got the PC version (which I very much loved), so I was curious on the added scenarios/routes. But why must so many of the CGs look so derpy!? They should have used the same artist.. ah well 😛

    BTW, I’m trying to downlaod the CGs from your link, but the link is not working? It said the link has a redirect loop every time I click on it 😛

  4. I’m planning on writing a review/comparison post for Koezaru’s PSP port as well. Would I be able to use some of your CG rips for it?

  5. Oh lucky! I played the R18 ver before using Translator Aggregator and I really liked it. Now after some time learning Japanese, maybe I should play it again. Was going to play the PC version but stumble upon this review 😀


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