Dousei Kareshi Series ~Butterfly Lip~ & Wishing a Merry Xmas

Nice to post something again in my WordPress blog. I mainly posted on blogspot a few months ago, but not about games /anime related. I also in the middle of actively translating manga on MangaLator / Raff, though my skills is just beginner level. But if I’m not busy, I will also translating by request if the manga has been uploaded there (Ok, I got much leisure time in my working hour too). Put that aside, I finally finished playing Dousei Kareshi ~Butterfly Lip~! It had been months (maybe half a year) sinced I began playing. But the story is too boring and I wasn’t in the mood to play otome games too (very sorry). Even though I completed Kei’s route, I skipped a lot through Himeno’s route. But I could managed to understand Himeno’s storyline because it’s cliche and easy to guess. Let’s start now.

Butterfly Lip-129

Our heroine, Kanzaki Hina, had a boyfriend who wanted to be an actor, Ichinose Kei. They attended movie club in their university, although Hina was happy enough to work at backstage. There, they had a senpai (senior), Himeno Kazuhi, a beautiful black-haired guy (yuck, I don’t really like his character though. What is beautiful?). Another friend of Kei & Hina is Takanashi Michiru (Sorry, I forgot to capture her picture, but she has short-brown hair). Michiru is a easy-going but also understandable of her friend’s situation, a best friend indeed.

The whole game CG can be chosen with glasses or not for the two main catches (Kei & Himeno). Also, a few dummy-mic scenes is added to feel like listening to its drama CD, although I noticed the dummy-mic portion is very little. Himeno’s route is also very short, continuing from Kei’s troubled scene.

Ichinose Kei (CV: Kishio Daisuke)

Butterfly Lip-052

Along his route, Kei is immature. He often thinks easily of something and can’t notice Hina’s feelings. But he takes care of her when she’s sick. He also knows anything about Hina’s likes and dislikes, revealed in Himeno’s route, which showing his affection.

Kei’s route is mainly of his busy schedule, because he wishes to be an actor. He likes acting and often plays as main character in their club’s stage event. In his past, he’s the one who confessed to Hina at summer fireworks festival, wearing a mask because he’s too embarassed. It’s cute, though. But after they have living together in one room, he doesn’t seem to think of her loneliness. That’s why, Himeno took advantage of their problems. When Hina asked him when would he want to marry her, Kei always said that he wanted to pursue his dream first. It’ll be too long for Hina to wait for him, but in their happy ending, they finally got married after Kei became a famous actor.

Butterfly Lip-078

His other endings didn’t seem important. Although in his bad ending, Hina and Kei were taking separate ways because of his selfishness. Well, not that I care since I can’t like him very much. He’s immature and can be rude. Though I still think Hina is perfect with him rather than with Himeno.

Himeno Kazuhi (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke)

Butterfly Lip-112

He is Kei and Hina’s senior in university, by one year. He graduated first before them of course, and most of the story, he’s already working. A mature, but crybaby adult.

When he knew that Hina often cries because of Kei neglecting her, Himeno took it for granted and confessed to her. It made Hina confused after his confession, but in his route, she decided to love him more than to Kei. Even though Hina lives together with Kei, she doesn’t want to live with Himeno until their engagement. It’s in his good ending, when the two of them decided to get marry and started living in one roof.

Butterfly Lip-117

In another ending, after he asked Hina to get married, he wasn’t sure if he’s the right person for her. It’s always in his heart that he felt guilty for separating her and Kei (In his route, Kei obviously still loves Hina). Though at bad ending, because Hina also feels guilty of rejecting Kei, she can’t get along with her friends. Himeno then decided they must break up for the purpose so Hina will get freedom. What a troublesome man! He took her away then he broke her up. Definitely, Himeno is also not my preference. He often crying and feeling guilt, but he stills confessed. He should know boundaries between a girl taken or not.

All in all, Dousei Kareshi ~Butterfly Lip~ might not be for me. Boring storyline, unlikeable characters (I dislike the two main guys), not enough ammount of dummy head-mic, etc. There is special story for both of Kei and Himeno, telling about their lovey-dovey time. Though in Himeno’s route, he uses necktie so Hina can’t see his face (is that going to “that” way?). Well, it’s safe though, no R18 CG anyway. After this, I will continue playing otome games, obviously. Although because I don’t need PS Vita right now, maybe I’ll play PSP and PC games only. There are many games in my backlog, so I won’t add Vita games too. Maybe I’ll play Clover Toshokan no Juunin-tachi by Mio because I already installed it.

In the end, through this post, I want to celebrate Christmas!!! Let’s have a merry happy Christmas…

Link for CG:


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