Koezaru ha Akai Hana CG Uploaded

I haven’t had enough chance to write some post these days. Been busy with work, especially before the yearly tax payment (both for me and company). So, this time, I’ll just put CG link. Someone requested it and made me remember I hadn’t upload it in the past ꒰ू•௰ू•๑꒱

BeniBana Misc-050

I can’t even finish the second character from Ken ga Kimi after a few weeks completing Enishi’s route. Oh, but I can’t wait for Koezaru PSP.



Without anymore blabbering, this is the CG link (NSFW, put children far away from this):



      • Oh okay, that makes sense! I only was able to play the PC version, so I am curious on the PSP version. I won’t ever be able to play it, but pls let us know on how the extra scenarios and routes are like too. I am very curious on the new things. I love Koezaru, it’s a well-written game with great characters 🙂

        • I don’t know if I can write review. But I’ll try in any way. I’m glad you’re also think it’s a good scenarios. I love Operetta’s game and hope the company wil make more games in the future (Cause it ended up with Koezaru from long time ago and hadn’t introduce new game).

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