Thread of Red Flower-Sefu

Sefu (CV: Odagiri Hyouma / Oda Toshimitsu*)

I don’t know Odagiri or his real name whatever. At first, I wanted to play his route before Knoll, but seemed it’s a branch of Knoll’s story, so I played his route first. Sefu is a 35 years old man who likes to play around and jobless (what a perfect old man!!).


This route is a branch of Knoll’s. It’s when Naala tries to decide whether she will wait outside Orte’s mansion or she’ll search another way. For Sefu’s route, Naala chose to search way to enter inside his, though she meets a man with beard in front of the house. The guard called him as “Sefu-sama” and he introduces himself as Orte’s son. When Naala wants him to tell his dad of her request, Sefu just go without caring for her. At least she has introduced herself as Knoll’s wife.. The rest is about Tooya is begging help to Ruse women and Knoll looks jealous.


Naala was going to Orte’s mansion without anything happen again. As in Knoll’s route, she also meets Suren on her way back. Some other time, she asks the servant if she can meet Sefu, but they said Sefu doesn’t stay at home often. Then, when Naala is sleeping without knowing it, Sefu wakes her up. Naala can tell that it’s not on his own knowledge to see her sleeping, but of Orte’s servant information. She thanks the servant and asks if Sefu is really Orte’s son. He said so, though he also think of himself as prodigal son (he admit it himself). She begs Sefu to help her telling her mind to his father but he refused because Orte might not listen to him.

Like that ever make Naala surrender. She tries to meet Sefu again the next day, even though Sefu has tried to tell his father through message and Orte just ordered her to give up. That kind of refusement made Naala said she did it for Tooya and the continent. Of course after hearing it’s related to the King, Sefu explained that it wasn’t like he was against Tooya. Well, he agrees to give Naala’s letter to his father in the end and thinks she must fit her father’s image (of a woman?). This is when Naala thinks Sefu isn’t a bad guy and won’t throw her precious letter away.

The next day when she waits for Orte in rain, she almost falls to ground if Sefu doesn’t help her. Feeling her body became colder and weaker, he brought Naala to some inn & bar. The landlady teases him for bringing a woman along. Well, he brings Naala to a room, let the landlady changing her clothes. While Naala is alone with the landlady, she asks if the old woman knows Samal (Naala’s mother) and if she wants to go home to Ruse. But the landlady doesn’t know Samal, and she prefers to stay in Nasula as she’s living her days there.

The inn where Sefu brought Naala of her sickness

After the landlady has done changing her clothes, Sefu comes inside. He tells Naala to give up and let everything be done by her husband, but she won’t accept that. If she do it, the future won’t change. That kind of thinking makes Sefu thinks she’s cute. Then, he brings her food from the landlady, saying his mother already died (the current one is Orte’s second wife) and he always comes to that inn often. When Naala asks if he has job or wife or girlfriend, Sefu says there isn’t anyone who want to be his girlfriend, even more when he’s jobless.

Naala wakes up very late so Knoll teases her. She also goes to Orte’s mansion even if it’s already night. Again, same as Knoll’s route, two guys approaching her on street. Thankfully, Sefu comes to rescue her, saying she’s his important person (too bad he also says he is weak at fighting=useless?). For letting his wife went alone at night, he asked if Knoll didn’t feel worry of it. Naala says she indeed has informed it to Knoll, though he didn’t stop her. Sefu then says it’s fine to come back again tomorrow rather than going at night alone.


Sefu comes home with his father’s questioning him after he get Naala back home. Orte told him that his job is to get Naala home, not concerning of her situation. But inside his heart, Sefu knows that his father is very strict and against Naala’s hope. He just says that Orte is running away from Naala, and going against Tooya’s decision. Of course he won’t listen much to his father’s lecture about his family just contains him, his father, and Mine.

Sefu’s room in his house


There’s no special event happening. Everything is the same as in Knoll’s route, Esta comes to ask what is her thoughts and a few stories of Naala when she’s going to Orte’s house each days. The peak of it was she’s falling unconscious in a rainy day.


Sefu decides to help Naala, though his father stops him. But his mind won’t flatter since he thinks if he let Naala falls like that, he won’t be a human anymore.


After Sefu holds Naala on his back, he decides to bring her home. But on his way, Knoll meets him and telling Naala to wake up on her own so they can go home. It’s like he ordered her to stand up in sickness, so Sefu is against it. Knoll then speaks ill of him, saying it’s because his mother was died in Fushi disease so he can’t keep up a woman into his life and about his jobless rumour. In the end, Knoll makes an agreement with Sefu. He will let go of Naala if Sefu successfully persuade his father to agree of Tooya. The dissolution words from Knoll makes Naala surprise and thinks like she have no freedom to choose. Naala is falling unconscious again.

Sefu brings Naala to his room and when she’s awake, he asks her to be his wife. Anyway, the country’s law is a woman who have been divorced by her husband must search a new husband within a year. He might seem like a strange old man and knows his own limit (his face can’t be compared to Knoll), but he wants to be Naala’s strength. It’s at this time when Naala tells him the true story behind her becoming Knoll’s wife. It’s to save the women from Fushi and let Ruse women go back to their country. This even more raising Sefu’s will to help her. He will let her choose her loved one after they’ve success but he wants to help her no matter what. Naala accepted his help.


It’s the day of her last moment in Knoll’s mansion. Ruji goes to her room and gives her some gift from Tooya, as he’s now Tooya’s agent for becoming a researcher in Fushi. He hopes her the best and asks if she have information about the disease. Naala remembers her time when she ate Nameless Flower and so, she’s free from Fushi. This will be a great information to fulfill their wishes.

Now, she goes to Orte’s mansion to stay with Sefu. Rather than going against it, Orte’s servant was hoping Naala will change everyone’s perspective of Sefu, especially his father. After she’s in his room already, Sefu asks if Knoll also sleep with her in the past. Though it must be like that, Knoll always goes working until late night so they haven’t even done a marriage life before. For Sefu, he’s questioning if Knoll is a homosexual because seeing a cute girl like Naala, even him has feelings to hug her. When he realized his sudden words, Sefu was blushing. Then, he asks Naala to sleep together and promise won’t do anything to her.

That morning, Sefu introduces Naala as his wife to Orte. He accepted the fact but he wouldn’t let Naala speak to him. In exchange, he’ll write the replying letter. The conversation was futile but Sefu think his father must have known of Naala’s true self. He just can’t say it out loud. Seems like he and his father were different. While Sefu says what he thinks, his father makes it more complex. But he wanted to be as strong as Orte.

He then tells Naala of why his father doesn’t want Tooya to declare that Fushi is just a mere disease. His real mother died from it, thinking the Spirit will help her. That’s why, Orte wanted to make it true that she’s blessed by it. He thinks inside his father’s heart, Orte must’ve known that Fushi is only a disease. That time, the one who console him was Mine and that’s the beginning of their love. To Sefu, his father does seems to truly loving his mother. When Naala appeared, Orte was just afraid to be saved by her. His father and him likes a strong person after all. Sefu tells her his true feelings, of why he wants to be with her is because he likes her. Though he won’t say anything anymore and won’t hug her, thinking a confession from ossan is troublesome to Naala.

Doesn’t he looks good when blushing? My answer is “no”

The next day, Sefu goes to his father’s room again to tell his feelings of siding with Naala. Naala has powerful words to convince Orte, which is her concern of Sefu. She wanted Orte to believe in Sefu so, he agreed to help them as long Sefu following his footsteps.


After receiving proof of approval from Orte, Naala gives it to Knoll. Though it seems like a great success, Knoll warns Naala that it’ll just be the beginning. Even after Orte has approved it, there’re many other who are against the research. But no matter what, Knoll will help them, especially to Sefu, that he’ll be the one who convince the other member to agree with Tooya. Suddenly, Sefu says he’ll get angry if there’s person who think low of Naala, the woman he likes. But she surely will stop him if that ever happen. For that job, Sefu and Naala must stay in castle for a while. When Sefu asks three of the member, the result isn’t quite good. One agreement and two objections makes them have more work to do. Even if it’s not good, they’ll believe in each other.


Again, Sefu and Naala convinces the member of council but they won’t listen to some traitor. It’s a hard work for them so they’ll continue later. In their break time, Sefu says he doesn’t feel painful because there’s a person who follow him at this hard time. Then, at the time like that, he wanted to see Naala in sleep but sadly, he can’t touch her. Okay, over with the teasing line. Sefu decides to meet Knoll in his room, even though it’s late night already. Fortunately, Naala thinks she haven’t seen Knoll in sleep so they might not be too late. After talking to Knoll, Sefu tells him to sleep or they won’t go to rest either. He has a reason for this. In the past, his father worked so hard then fainted a few times. He just didn’t want Knoll to have the same thing happen. This was spoken when Sefu and Naala were on the way home. It’s cold, so Sefu holds her hands, saying his father’s line for his mother (about he’ll make her hands warmer). This means, a guy in love can be different in everything..

Another rejection when Sefu tries to change the member’s mind. He feels like he’ll be more spirited if receive a kiss from Naala. Seems like she also likes Sefu, Naala kisses his cheek. This sudden kiss makes him blushing and says he wants to hug her after that. Naala just ignored it, by the way.


Knoll makes joke for Sefu and Naala. He tells his servant to put whatever it is that makes their tea taste bad. He says it’s like a punishment to make Tooya’s job added more. A few minutes after that, Esta gives them information about Orte, who has collapsed from poison. Quickly, Sefu and Naala go back to Orte’s house and look for him. Orte is fine but sleeps after he ate medicine.Though he is awake of his son’s back home. He’ll put trust on Sefu to attend the parliament meeting, replacing himself. Even if Sefu doesn’t believe he can do it, Naala says she’ll believe because he doesn’t surrender quickly after the member rejected his words. That convincing words from Naala lets Sefu does his best to prepare. When they’re going to their room, these two couple holds hands, hands of a husband and wife.

In their room, the two prepared for their first meeting on parliamentary. Naala gives Sefu courage by saying she’ll be staying with him, even if they must do that the second time. Then, Sefu says he wants to kiss her more than just on cheek, so Naala let him do more. A similar thing happen as in Tooya’s route, where Sefu wants touch Naala more but he doesn’t want to do what she dislike. He’ll stop, but Naala says she is fine with it. Turns of he had done it with other women before, which made Naala a little jealous (You know the rest). In that scene, Naala lets her real feelings comes out by saying she loves Sefu.


Before going to his real battle, Sefu says he’s a weak guy whose hands is trembling. But Naala is believing him, doesn’t think that he is weak because he will surely go further. The meeting was a very hard time for Naala and Sefu. Even after Sefu tells them to change the situation, everyone are thinking he speaks nonsense, especially for a guy who took a woman from another man. But quickly, Knoll says the truth about his dissolution with Naala. He also helps Sefu to convinces the other parliamentary member by saying they’ll build medicine so they won’t need to take women from other country. Knoll asks Naala of what she feels after being taken to Nasula, of her hate before she came. This time, Naala is speaking of her thoughts. She really hate the man who took her mother but she’ll stay in Nasula even if she can go home. That concludes the meeting.


Ruse women finally have been brought back home, even some of them stayed in Nasula after the medicine was done, like Saraana for example. Naala could hear Sefu and Orte’s fighting mouth to give name to his unborn child (seems like it). He then tells Naala of what he think of their child’s name but she is sure Sefu’s child will be a kind one. Then, Sefu asks if she want to go back to Ruse like Sharu, but truthfully, Naala won’t do that. Though she thinks Sefu will stop her to go rather than saying he’ll let her go. Once again, Naala tells that she loves him.

Five years later, Sefu comes home after work. He is happy that Naala is waiting for his return, together with Sansaru. Turns out Sansaru is playing with Orte in their garden so Sefu thinks it’s the perfect time to talk with Naala. He asks if Knoll still come over because he’s jealous, saying Naala might love him if he’s late. But of course Naala thinks her husband and loved one will forever be Sefu. After saying that, she’ll do best to make Sefu happy. Then, he thinks because of their 17 years age gap, he’ll die first. Naala tells him when that time comes, she’ll remember him under the moonlight, together with her mind of being fortunate of loving that person (Sefu). But she added it’ll be good if he will have long life.

Again, must cut it


Before Sefu and Naala go to the parliament, someone tried to stab Naala from behind. But Sefu who realized that, grabbed her and being stabbed instead of her. The man wanted to kill Naala because he think if she wasn’t there, then everything wouldn’t change. He wishes to say to Naala to search for another man and forget that ossan, but he knows it’s futile. Naala won’t do as he said, so in exchange for that, he wants Naala to grant his dream. Sefu knew she can do it because she’s strong. Then, his last word is that he’ll wait for her in moon.

Even though I don’t know Odagiri before, but he has done a great voicing act in this. I could say his sound when Sefu almost died in bad end sounded real (his weak breathes and all). It turns out I didn’t dislike him very much because he changes personality to a good and dilligent person who thinks of his family more than throwing his life away. Might be one of good ossan I’ve encountered in otoge. I know most of ossan will try to good look in every otoge with their blushing style, but there’s no one with touching dialogue. For Sefu, he had quiet a good deed to know Naala’s behavior perfectly (In bad end, he knew she wouldn’t try to search for another guy) and wished her happiness. But again, I’m not into ossan who have more than 8 years differences…

I’m glad Operetta Due didn’t make Knoll as bad person in this route. It’ll be too cliche and common for a storyline. Sefu just had a little bit of CG (Most of it on bed) so I couldn’t put it much than I thought.


*Edit : Odagiri Hyouma is another name for Oda Toshimitsu. Edited after the PSP came out.


  1. That ossan tampangnya muda banget, hahahahaha XD Nggak kelihatan tuanya.
    Kinda sad there’s no ending with Orii/Olli whatever, because he looks so cute >.<
    Do we ever see Orte's face?

    • What? Doesn’t look old? Okay, you’re right. His beard is the one cause which made us seeing him as untidy person. I didn’t think I like Olli that much for I wanted to see his ending, but it’ll be good if it did have it because Olli is also an important character. I think I have putted Orte’s face in Knoll’s post. Try to look at it.

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