Thread of Red Flower-Knoll & Esta

Knoll (CV: Shibahara You / Suzuki Chihiro)

Knoll is a counselor who helps Tooya and wants the best to the country. But his smile is dangerous and he hides some evil mind (of using Naala) inside. Although I wanted to do Sefu’s route first, but his route must be done to get to Sefu, so I played his route before Sefu. That’s too bad since I wanted to finish an old man route in the beginning.


Instead of meeting Tooya after she asked an old woman about Ruse, Naala got to meet Knoll on her way. They also sees a few girls taken as slave, which makes Naala gets mad at their behavior. But Knoll won’t care much. The rest story is the same as prologue, about Haru who wants to marry Nasula guy. In a dangerous time when Naala and Sharu are were captured by the guard, Knoll appeared to bring them to Tooya. But Naala says she wants to marry him, although Knoll refused, saying he won’t marry anyone as a counselor. Still, Naala insists him with sarcastic words so Knoll also plays with her game to take her as his wife. He then ordered the soldier to bring the other woman home while he spend time with Naala. Though Naala is scared of his smile, she’s still saying thanks for helping them.

Knoll really brought Naala to his room, telling her to quickly sprinkle her leg so he can see she’s still virgin (Yeah, shame on me). He also mentions that a virgin is troublesome. If Naala won’t do as he say (to open her clothes while he’s staring), he will make Sharu to be the man’s wife. Of course Naala won’t abandon her friend and does as he wishes. Before Naala did more of it, Knoll gave a bet. If she can win, he’ll give back Ruse women to their country. But Naala must do as he told her to. For now, his worried is about Orte (CV: Ire Taizou), one of minister in Nasula. He wants to kill him so badly because it hinders Tooya’s place, but he adds it as a joke (which isn’t funny). Well, Naala must take Orte down so she can win, without penalty but bad thing is, she musn’t be an ordinary woman to get rid of Orte.

Knoll Inside His Room


Naala wakes up in Knoll’s room. In front of her, Knoll is already waiting for her late wake up with doing his job (apparently, he got blood on his clothes). Then, when Naala wants to change clothes, he wants to see her changing while teasing her. Suddenly, he notices Naala is staring at him so she makes decision to ask where did he came from. Knoll says he’s from a country in north island, just that. Not taking long from that, Tooya comes in his room to ask Naala to help him build a way so he can give back Ruse women to their country. Naala will think of it first before deciding to do. Before Tooya went out, he told Knoll to not be late to go to parliament even though Naala is a beauty. So Knoll asks him not to be jealous.

Orte just appeared in that small box

Naala thinks they’re very close. Knoll brings her to the parliament afterward, where there’s Orte and 12 wise men. Third part of it were royal to Tooya but the rest were problem. But before that, Knoll introduces Naala to Esta, his subordinate. Too much similarity between Knoll and Esta, that Naala finds it weird (their laughing were similar, Esta also a weird person who didn’t speak much). He wanted Naala to not add “–san” to his name.

Esta!! Looks cute..

At the parliament meeting, Orte, a guy who opposed Tooya, doesn’t want to accept his king’s decision to do research on Fushi. He also tries to make Tooya looks terrible for not believing in Spirit’s curse. Knoll  just stays quiet with Naala (she introduced as Knoll’s wife and wanted to observe them) and looks at the horrible thoughts of Orte. After the meeting was over, Naala tried to talk to Orte about the matter of why he called Tooya as not believing in Spirit’s curse. Orte just wanted to give hope for the women infected by Fushi to believe in Spirit’s salvation so they can at least accepted the disease, because they believed in Spirit protection. Thus, Naala won’t stay quiet because she wants to safe the women. The conversation resulted in nothing though.

The day after, Naala has a meeting with Tooya. He said Orte had spread out rumour of ‘Knoll’s wife putting a fight’ with him. The reason why Naala meet Tooya is to ask why he doesn’t think Orte is lying of when he said Tooya doesn’t want to believe in curse. First, Tooya told about a strong and kind woman who died from Fushi. If it’s a Spirit’s curse, he couldn’t forgive it. But then, it won’t be accepted so he tries another reason. There are two obvious reasons. First is, there were people whom have faith in Spirit who weren’t infected by Fushi. Second is, there were priestess in temple who have infected by it. After he told her that, Tooya think Orte might had another plan by spreading the curse.

Today, Naala was going to Orte’s mansion but his servants said he wasn’t there. Although Naala waited until dawn, he wouldn’t care (seems like she notices Orte is in his house). So, Naala will come back tomorrow and after until he wish to see her. Noticing that, Knoll pats her hair but doesn’t say anything. When sun rises again, Naala goes to Orte’s mansion but still, Orte won’t come to meet her. She is murmuring on how weak she is when Knoll comes back from work with data about Fushi (sadly, Naala can’t believe he’s helping although Knoll says it’s because of Tooya’s order). He warned Naala to be careful because if she’s dead, he can’t tease her anymore.

Orte’s mansion, colorful (!)

The next day, Naala is still going to Orte’s mansion. She thinks to search another way to go in but stop and wait more. But still won’t do much. The other day, she sees Tooya is begging to Ruse women to help in his research with bowing his head. His sincerity finally bears fruit. The women agreed to help him. Meanwhile, Naala goes back to Knoll’s room and seeing him just done getting data. When Naala is talking on how kind Tooya is instead of her husband, Knoll becomes serious and says it might be good to choose to stay with Tooya who helped her rather than with him. Naala thinks he’s jealous but she stops when she notices Knoll won’t do that cute thing. Before Knoll ordered Naala to go, he stared at her long and made her nervous.

Again, Naala goes to Orte’s mansion. But on her way home at sunset, she meets Suren. He gets mad at seeing Naala because it will make him remember about Knoll stole his woman (even though Naala isn’t his woman). To tease her (and Knoll), Suren kiss Naala’s neck. When she is in Knoll’s room with Esta also, suddenly, Knoll asks something to Esta and then tells him to leave. Surprisingly, he also gave order to open Naala’s leg so he could see inside then told her to leave. In front of his room, Naala asks Esta what that is all about so he gives answer about Knoll asked about her red mark on her neck. So the previous order was to examine if she’s still virgin..(?). Naala (and me) thinks Knoll can behave like a kid too.

This time, Naala brings some food to give it to Orte’s guard. Then she yelled in front of his mansion that even though it’s like a dream, it’ll be best to try and not giving up to it.


Inside Orte’s room, he could hear what Naala said. A servant brought the gift from Naala to Orte and said because of her, Orte and Sefu couldn’t go out. Orte told his servant to not bring anymore from her again to his room (but he is also considering her courage).


Naala is waiting in front of Orte’s mansion ‘til night. Of course it’s bad for a lonely girl to walk at night and some guys are capturing her. Even if Naala can fight (but now, can’t), some of them knock her so she can’t stand up (plus, she’s tired). Suddenly, a guy with mask comes to save her. Too bad she couldn’t say thanks to him because the man went fast like shadow. In his room, Knoll notices something happened to Naala. She told him about the masked-man, wanted to say her thanks. Then Knoll told her there’s no need to say it (because he already heard it?). But inside her mind, Naala thinks that man must be a nice person.

There’s no exact explanation if he’s really Knoll. Or am I missing something?

When Naala is ready to go on rainy day to Orte’s mansion, Esta told a message from Knoll to not go in these day, although it would be useless. Suddenly, Naala is curious on how Esta and Knoll met so she asks that to him (Esta isn’t feeling trouble by Knoll’s order so she thinks he must like Knoll). First, he wouldn’t tell because he thought Naala won’t amazed by his story. But she insists that she wants to know it from him because to her, he’s a strange person. Though Esta just tells her it’s time to go for her.

Naala goes to Orte’s house again even though it’s raining. She collapsed from tiredness and coldness of the rain, seeing Knoll before she fainted. She also heard him saying if can, he wanted to kill Naala right now to make his heart calmed down. But actually, Knoll brought her to his room. When Naala couldn’t sleep well from her sickness, Knoll held her hand so she can sleep well afterward. After she woke up, she told Knoll that his name is very suit to him, ‘The Blue Lake’, which was pretty and had clear color. But Knoll doesn’t want to be called pretty by her.

Even if Knoll tells her to sleep, Naala can’t do that so she says her father told her stories to make her sleep. That time was a happy moment for her. So, Knoll told her a story about the excellent and clever Prince from an island country. Too bad he was born a seventh child. His brothers always sought help from him so he thought he must be precious to them. But no matter what he did, he couldn’t have place position. One day, the second brother sought help from him again. This time, the Seventh Prince asked for position to him, but the Second brother told him to be the best. Everyday, the Seventh Prince studying and working hard to finally achieved the best. But the Second brother just told him that he had forgotten their promise. Let’s end this story quick. The Seventh Prince attacked by pirates which brought him to the north country. He met a King who wanted his strength, look him for his skill. So the Prince now lives in that country.

Naala asks if the Prince is happy now because she thinks he must be seeking reward for his hope and work. But Knoll just says she’s stupid like the Prince. Though the most troublesome thing is Naala’s not waver but stupid personality which makes him worry. Before he can complete the sentence, Esta knocks on his door because Tooya wants to meet him for tomorrow’s meeting. Seems worried, Naala asks if he hate her. But Knoll kissed her, ordered Naala if she believe in him then just stay quiet. He then goes out after telling Naala to sleep.

The next day, Naala meets a woman when she waits for Orte. Surprisingly, Orte tells the woman (Her name is Mine) to calm down and apparently, Mine is his wife. She asks Naala to speak with her husband but when sees Naala’s weird haircolor, Mine asks her husband to take it. Of course Orte, who loves his wife, asks Naala to give her hair and the exchange, he’ll talk to her. That was a stupidest thing to do because in Nasula, a woman’s hair is the prove of beauty, but she’s cutting her hair. She is thankful to Mine for opening her path but fell unconscious in front of them. After she awakes, Knoll says she’s finally done what he was worried about before (a stupid thing). He goes out to make her think of what she has done, which is a regret for not accomplishing the conversation with Orte. (NOTE: I wanted to cry when Naala was cutting her hair. It’s rare to flowed out tears except a few one like Noise, KamiKimi, StS).


Knoll was about to go to Tooya’s place but Orte greet him. He wanted Knoll to give his approval letter of Tooya’s research and send it to the King himself. Orte was amazed by Naala’’s strenght and courage, but also was joking of how troublesome she was for falling in front of his house, etc. But he wanted Knoll to treasure his wife. After Orte has left, Knoll is thinking on how he has taken a far more than expectation woman to be his wife.


Finally, Naala has recovered from her sickness. As Knoll waits for her awakening, he tells her that he has lost to Naala, explaining of Orte’s endorsement on their King’s decision. Of course he isn’t forgot on his promise even though it’s a bit troublesome for him and thanks to Naala’s work, his work also has increased. Their act towards each other are still same, Knoll teases her and Naala finds his joke to be serious. He then notices about her hair and says it suits her, makes her look beautiful. Before Knoll go to work again, he ordered Naala to not go out so to prevent her from doing that, he kissed Naala’s neck (So it will leave a red mark and she can’t go out like that).

After her mark has disappeared, Naala can go outside again. She meets Knoll while talking to Esta. When he looks at Naala who come outside, Knoll is very worried, saying she needs protection (Naala notices he’s very worried of her condition) as to not fainted again. But the pure Naala just wanted to help his work. Suddenly, Tooya greets them and saying his thanks to Naala for her courage to receive Orte’s endorsement. He also has work for her, which is to think of something that can fulfil his work on medicine. Though Knoll quickly tells Esta to bring Naala to their room because she isn’t healthy enough. Naala can see a little smile (from Esta?) as Tooya and Knoll walks away for their work.

Inside her room, Naala can notice that Esta isn’t like his usual self, to do things just for work. She then asks if he have friend, to make connection of people and to have fun. Sadly, Esta doesn’t have any. He is also surprise to hear Naala thinks their conversations are fun. So, to make her feels happier, Esta decides to tell his thoughts on Knoll. He sees Knoll has desire to possess, so he wants to protect Tooya no matter what because he sees him as his own. He also thinks Naala as his possession so he tells her to be careful. Although he knows it’s a dangerous words to say, Esta doesn’t want the first person who make him understand a connection to feel unhappy. Naala also sees him as her friend, so she won’t mind his warning.

Knoll will make his promise come true about taking Ruse women to go home. It makes Naala very happy, saying she always believe in him because she sees him everyday. This makes Knoll asks what inside her memory of him from morning. To answer this, Naala takes his morning habit for example, seeing him using perfume looks beautiful. After hearing her answer, Knoll kisses her (he said it’s to love her as his wife) and says he’ll look forward to tonight. He does mean it because there’ll be a dinner party for emissary. But Naala doesn’t think everyone will think good of her hair. They’ll make fun of Knoll for having a ugly wife. To keep her company, Knoll says he’ll do something before the dinner party.

That evening, Knoll brings Naala a pretty dress which makes her amazed. He’s also surprise to see her acting like a real girl, seeing pretty thing. He also gives make-up to increase her beauty on face, even though her hair is short (just to make her remember the kiss). Finally, Knoll wanted to put perfume oil on her skin so he ordered Naala to put off her clothes. She can’t resist his order and having fun with his touching ability (Just play it yourself or imagine if they can’t make it to the party).

Okay, they made it. Knoll brings Naala to a dinner party but he’s just teasing her after an emissary approaching her. He makes her necklace as reason to touch her then after they’ve come back to their room, Knoll continues to give his affection.


This is told from Naala’s perspective. She waited for Knoll to come back but before he bring her to the party, he teased her with that perfume oil. But here, her heart already decided that she has feelings for Knoll. In that dinner, a guy tries to ask Naala but Knoll protects her from talking to other guy. And when they’re back, Knoll says he might have special feelings for her since the first time they met. He wants Naala so bad that night.

Look at the party’s room. Love that bird ornament

After Naala awakes, she calls Knoll’s name, who is working on writing letter (that he doesn’t want to do for real). It makes her curious of why Knoll protects their promise, even if he’s a counselor who is stronger than her. It’s because Knoll doesn’t feel like losing to her, without looking at her beauty. To added it, he also says he doesn’t have free time to be with the one he doesn’t admit (So, Naala is a person he admitted). He still has some work to do so he tells Naala to sleep first, calling her his ‘wife’. Naala also calls him as her ‘husband’ and sleeps within his protection for a first time.


To see Naala is quite nervous, Knoll teases her if she doesn’t feel satisfy for the last night’s event. Then, he told Naala the guest for that night’s dinner party will be quiet troublesome, the Second Prince. Naala is worrying of it, if it’s okay to show himself because they’ll think he’s dead already by pirates. So, Knoll already made joke by using story of losing memories (he claims the King already died and there’s just Naala left who knew the real story). It makes Naala happy and she also sees a bear stuff (seemed like Knoll made it). But their time must be interrupted by Esta’s message to meet Marg Minister who claimed to become his ally. But Knoll knows there’s something suspicious as to be hinder for him to meet emissary at dinner party. Marg Minister also suggested Naala to go to his side, but this time, she wanted to stay with Knoll to the party.

Before she go with Knoll, Naala hears some strange guys conversation. She told Esta about it and also Knoll. After Knoll ordered Esta to do something, he asked Naala to go with him to the party. There, they meets Cadis, Knoll’s brother. He wants Knoll to call him ‘Brother’ but he refused to say so. Cadis also mentions that he knows about Naala from Knoll’s letter. The conversation continues on Nasula’s research to make medicine from Nameless Flower. Knoll says he’s believing in their research.

Hearing Cades’ talking of his fake worried on Knoll makes Naala can’t stand it. But Knoll used that time to say thanks to his brother, so he’s been able to meet a great wife. He said it with a smile as if he’s forgotten Cades’ behavior towards him.

After Knoll and Naala went outside to look for stars, he said he wouldn’t be able to look for stars again if someone precious to him died again. Naala asks if it’s Tooya, though it’s obvious he’s talking of her. One reason for his worry is, if Naala decide to go back to Ruse because he have lost and the research almost done. So she asks him if he’ll let her go. Of course normally, Knoll won’t care about it. Though he makes it as joke. He tells her to make a new bet, if Naala can take out his heart who is loving her (means if Naala can make him not loving her anymore) then he’ll let her go while kissing her under starry night.

A few years later, Naala is studying another language. But she can’t spell it and decides to wait for her teacher. Though suddenly, Knoll appears to spell it for her. When she read the book again, Knoll hugs her and tells its meaning is, “If he let it be, then it’ll lead to a mischief”. And another words is “My lovely wife, it’s time to love me”. They were being in lovey-dovey though Knoll still teasing her.



Naala decides to go alone to Marg Minister’s place while Knoll lets her do that with Esta’s company. When they’re walking to Minister’s house, an explosion happened. Someone informed Esta that it’s the attack from Suren who had planning it to take down Tooya. Naala wanted to see Knoll quickly, but Esta stopped her from going to the castle. Esta knows his master already died from his belonging. The guy who informed them also told Naala of Knoll’s last request. He was saving the emissaries and gave Naala her golden hair, wanted to save only his wife. As his master already died, Esta now calls Naala as his new master and waits for her order (Esta knows Suren will take Naala if they won’t escape). Naala gives him order to bring her to a safe place in Nasula, not to go back to Ruse because her husband’s body is in there and they still has mission to do. She will think of a plan to fulfil her bet with Knoll.


After Esta tells his mind that Knoll thinks of Naala as his, she says she isn’t someone’s belonging. A few event happens that makes Knoll feels jealous so he makes Naala put off her clothes. After he has done with her, Knoll puts something (a plug or something) inside Naala and gives her order to send data to Tooya with it. When he sees Naala is holding on to something, he thinks she has fever and let her go rest in his room. But when Naala refusing it, Knoll came and say he’ll take care of his wife. As Tooya goes, Knoll feels her again at that corridor because she belongs to him. It’s because Naala choose to stay with him than taking Tooya’s offer.

I have to cut this CG no matter what……..

The result is, Naala is kept in a room, can’t go outside. She called Knoll as “Knoll-sama” because she can’t think anymore. With blindfold, she wants Knoll to have her.


In this route, Naala seems like preferring Tooya more than Knoll. There isn’t much differences with the previous route so I don’t know what to write more because Knoll gives her drug so she doesn’t know anything rather than living in Knoll’s possession.




As Naala refused Tooya’s offering to rest in his room, Knoll behaves the same as previous route. He closed Naala to a room but this time, still giving her drug. He wants her to say that she belongs to him, Knoll.

The other time, Naala wakes up with something closing her eyes. She can’t see anything except a man asking if she feels better (Esta’s voice?). Although Naala thinks he is Knoll and asks why he behaving kind to her. Esta says he always kind to her since the beginning and he will help her to eat. He also tells he isn’t Knoll numerous times but she still can’t think of it. Esta is worrying of Naala’s condition but he can’t help her now. He just can hug Naala with regret in his heart. She kept asking why Knoll can change his heart and flowing tears. It makes Esta thinks more to save Naala, the one who told him he is human, from Knoll’s cruelty. He asks Naala to go with him, pretending to be Knoll just to make her relieve about Ruse women. Esta will risk his life to not hurt her anymore because since she think of him as her friend, it born to a new feeling. Seems like he says he loves her but it’s what he can do to save Naala and to make her happy even if he must take her from her precious person (Knoll).

Esta brought Naala outside even though some guys were chasing him. When he finally escaped from them, he introduces a little shack in a forest to Naala. Feeling him nicer, Naala is asking why Knoll suddenly changed again, which just makes Esta agree to it. In the next day, Naala, still can’t see anything, receiving food as Esta feeds her. It’s an amazing thing for Naala, knowing Knoll can make her food. A sudden words came from Naala’s mouth, which was asking about Esta. She is asking herself if they can be friends, that now might be useless when she can’t meet him.

Seems like Naala can do more things without Knoll’s (Esta) help. When he comes home from catching fish, Naala is surprised and scared if it’s the previous Knoll, but she is rest assure after ‘this’ Knoll is very kind to her. He tells her as Knoll, he won’t hurt her because he loves her and treasures her more than anyone. Naala asks to go seeing the river with him but Esta refused to bring her there for her safety. Then, before he goes out again, Naala says ‘ittekimasu’ to him, but calling him “Knoll”, which makes Esta doesn’t feel happy of it.-Here, Esta always behaves like Knoll, even his way of talking-

When she’s alone, another ‘Naala’ asking her in her mind that she must actually know why Knoll becomes good. She just scared to know the truth but it’ll just hurt the nice person. After she awakes from hearing that voice, Esta comes back home. As Naala says about he is her husband, Esta tells her that he just wants to be her friend. That ‘friend’ word makes Naala remember about Esta, why he is loyal to Knoll, etc. Of course Esta, who knows everything about himself, telling her it’s because his memory has faded and he just act by order. He also thinks he doesn’t have qualification to be Naala’s friend, as he is just a slave. Before Naala can ask more, Esta stops her to eat first.

This time, Naala tries to go outside alone after Esta has gone. But she doesn’t know where is it and she’s weak. Fortunately, before Naala fell to the ground, Esta caught her. Seems like she is worried because he doesn’t come back as usual so Naala wants to look for him. After that, Esta asks her to take a walk to nearby river. But suddenly, Naala called him as “Esta” and said thanks to him, made him surprise but is happy. Naala is happy to call his name again, after she thinks it has been a long time that she doesn’t say it. Esta also wants to call her name, but there’s no need to rush. Because he will be by her side and wait for her forever to love him


Esta is prepared to bring Naala to a safe place but some guys catches his act. They killed him, though he had regret of not saving Naala. Through his dead, Naala can open her mind, surprise that he isn’t Knoll. But her danger is coming again after that man whom have killed Esta now targeting her.

I’m glad that like their previous game, Noise, Koezaru also have another subcharacter’s route (Uru & Esta, I don’t know if there’s more). They hid them very well, I didn’t even think of it from looking at the character’s profile on its site. Thanks to it, I really am happy they keeps the hideous character so it’ll be interesting to see it myself.

Anyway, I like Tooya, Ruji, Knoll and Esta’s route (I didn’t include Uru as his route just ended up with nothing more than friendship for Naala). Each of them has high point for example, Tooya is kind king and care for his people. It moved my heart seeing him working hard for his people. Ruji is very nice, although he cries a lot. But he seems like a sad person, for having no confidence in taking some woman as his wife. Knoll is a suspicious person who teases people with sarcasm and that scary eyes. But actually, he cared for Naala, saving her from unconsciousness. He finally opened up his heart to her and when that’s came true, seemed like a dream. His best point is, Naala cuts her hair to help Knoll and Ruse women. It’s still moves my heart up ’til now. For Esta, he’s very kind though he have no confidence on value-ing himself. Because he thinks he’s a slave, Esta is backing off from people and that’s sad… I realized Naala in Knoll & Esta’s CGs were all in short hair.

Next, I’ll be sure to end the old man’s route before continue to younger guy again..!! Better prepared myself before feeling sucks at Sefu.. Or, is there some ending which will make me cry in sadness, not in rage?



*Edit : Esta’s CV is Makino Hideki! He was voicing Seravis in Noise -voice of snow-


  1. Knoll…. I think I love him more that Toya, and also their bickering is fun to see. And yeah I don’t catch the words about him being the mask man, but someone explained it to me that he is Knoll. Naala found the mask inside the drawer but she doesn’t discuss it with Knoll. So you are not the only one who missed that sentence xD

    Oh and his best ending is totally cute, I just love it when he is jealous with textbook LMAO.

    • I think even though each of them has best part, but Tooya’s route does seems normal. Thus, I think I like Ruji. Might be because Knoll was rarely appear and his story much were telling about Naala as a strong woman. Not that I hate that her naivety, but it’s too bad she’s taking many times in front of Orte’s house. Need more of their lovey-dovey moment.

          • Oh well. Everyone have their own likes. I honestly don’t think Orte looks that old either >.<

          • Sefu is already 35 years old so I’m sure Orte is around 50++… Well, I agree everyone have their own likes. It depends on our favor. And I think I’ll also prefer Orte over his jobless son (although he changed in the end). Better choose a rightful man.

          • Yaaah, the artist totally sucks at making people look old :/

            I fangirl at otome game guys for their looks only, so age/job/personality doesn’t really matter unless it’s something that really bothers me. E.g if the guy is so terribly sexist that I can’t forgive him no matter what.

            Orte and Sefu are both cute, so I’m fangirling over them 😀 At least Sefu is available to date X3

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