Thread of Red Flower-Suren

Suren (CV: Horikawa Shinobu / Miyashita Eiji)

Suren is a military officer, as I’ve wrote in the first post. He is arrogant and has pride that Naala will be his wife.


Remember the time Naala went to gather information in town? She sees a lost child rather than meeting Tooya nor Knoll. When she is prepared to follow the kid go to the direction he gave to search for his parent, Suren appears and catches the kid, though he doesn’t bring the kid to jail. Turns out the kid was known for lying after receiving money from aristocrat then brings them to be sold to a hungry men. After Naala knows it, she gives thanks to Suren and makes him surprise. Even after a few times rejected by Naala, Suren always says she’ll be his wife. A few moments after, another guy who called Suren as his ‘Aniki’ appeared. His name was Naran and Suren introduced Naala as his wife. They were going back before Naala could speak more to Naran. The story then continues about Sharu’s objection for Haru’s marriage.

Suren & Naran

Almost same as in other routes, Naala finds Sharu when three guys captured her. But there’s also Suren there, who leads them to catch Sharu (he said it’s a hunting and has prepared that three guys to catch girls like Sharu) and decides to eat her. It’s because Sharu wants to save Naala and seek help from Ruse so she did the runaway attempt but failed. Of course Naala wouldn’t let her friend be eaten by Suren so she’s willing to be a replacement. Sharu doesn’t agree with it and begs Surne to get her instead of Naala. Too bad he doesn’t like Sharu and refuse her. Then, Suren made announcement that from now on, Naala is his wife.

Suren brings Naala to her own room, which there’s many things for woman. He said it’s not from his girlfriend or any girl, Naala is the first woman he ever brought to that room. Which means, he must had prepared it all for his wife someday (Cute?). Same as Knoll, he also ordered Naala to put off her clothes. He sees her body will fit to give birth to his heir and they’ll be aristocrat. He begins to hug Naala and kisses her, saying he’ll do nice because it’s her first. Though Naala thinks whatever he’ll do, he’ll hurt her dignity, so she tells him to quickly do it. Hearing her pride words, Suren doesn’t think in that era, women has dignity over men. It makes Naala hate him more. Here, Suren really do what he means as husband and wife (While Knoll didn’t do it that quick). He says he’ll forgive her if she give birth to his child.


Naala wakes up in hurt. She notices someone knocks her door and if it’s Suren, she’ll pretend still sleeping. But it’s Naran to be exact, introducing himself as Suren’s henchman. He comes to tells Naala that Suren has waited for her to eat breakfast together. Suddenly, he saw the ointment from Ruji has been used. Naala thinks it might be for her because it’s her first time anyway.

Suren has prepared the breakfast in his room and teases her. He also notices Naala won’t eat meat as much as he wanted so he tells her to eat it. But Naala says she’ll do it in for evening. Then, Naran notices Suren doesn’t behaving kindly to his wife so he tells him to become nicer. As if it’ll work for Suren to hear Naran’s words. He then going out for work, leaving Naala and Naran alone. She asks what is the real reason behind why Suren wanted to be aristocrat. Naran says it’s because Suren is a military officer so it’s normal to have dream to be aristocrat. Even if he thinks Suren as a commander already cool. Then, he also tells that Suren is a very strong one to have saved him when invader attacked and almost kill him. That strength was admitted by King.

When Naala is alone at her room, Naran comes in. He notices that Naala was brought by force to be Suren’s wife. He also thinks that maybe Suren has noticed her feelings of scared and that’s why, he let her stay in another room (They must sleep together or so). Then, Naran gives her a drink he made so she can calm down. It might be funny that her enemy help her, but Naran wants to see her health. This time, she cries for receiving the kindness from Nasula’s man.

Naala doesn’t want to eat her meal with Suren when Naran tells her to go. She has stayed with him at night and thinks she doesn’t need to follow him at day too. But Suren comes in and instead of eating in his room, he ordered his servant to bring it to Naala’s room and they’ll eat together. Naala wants him not to get close to her and he thinks it’s like a wildcat. Though she eats it in the end.

At night, Naala refused to pour sake to Suren. He warns her by telling that Sharu comes to his house everyday to make an exchange. She quickly pours it without thinking back, but without feeling. Then, Suren (like he’s jealous or what) says she behaving good with Naran, not at him. When he asks her to drink, she refused so he kisses her to make her drink sake. After that, Naala doesn’t want to lose from his teasing so she will do what he wanted. Again, they did it. But after that, she feels like he becomes softer to speak to her (saying she’s a pervert woman) while she falls asleep.


After that second night, Naala woke up early. She realizes that Suren is weak against morning but he must attend to precious work. She wakes him up like a real wife so he is happy to it. Then again, Naala asks if she can go outside because there will be a banquet from the King to Ruse women. But Suren tells her not to go because there are bad guys outside so she is better inside. After he has gone, Naala sees his sword still hanging in her room. She remembered there was time she wanted to kill him, but this might endanger the Ruse women. She then brings it to him outside her room. After receiving his sword, Suren says she can go with Naran because she has send him off to work like real wife.

Not long after Suren has gone, Naran comes to Naala to tell her about today’s meal. She asks if she can go to meet her friends and Naran is agreeing to go with her after his “Aniki” told him before. It means that Suren maybe believes in Naala not running away and it’s strange.

Naala is surpise to know that it isn’t the first time Naran comes to where Ruse women are staying. He talked about Naala everyday to make them relieved by Suren’s order. The women were telling about Sharu, whom had given her best to make Naala’s dream come true and forgave Haru who married Nasula man. Still, she can’t meet Sharu because she always goes somewhere. As for Saraana, she has someone she like. After going to where her friend is, Naala and Naran are seeing the festival. It’s from Tooya to make Ruse women feel happier. Here, Naran says her hair is shining like sun and isn’t bad as she thought of. Suddenly, a monster appeared inside town and will go to the plaza where many Ruse women were celebrating the banquet. Of course Naala went quick to try to save them, leaving Naran.

Meanwhile, Suren is fighting that thing with his soldier. He let women run away first to make them safe and fighting alone. When he thinks he already kills the beast, the truth it hasn’t died yet. Fortunately, Naala helps him with her skill to fight (Huh? Where is it all this time instead in Suren’s route?). He finally killed the beast with his own power and says it’s their first collaboration as a couple. Even if they won, there’re still many people died from it and surprisingly, Naala could feel that Suren is mourning for them. He lets her go home first before his work done.

That night, Naran was seeing Naala to tell of her dinner. Seems like Suren hasn’t come back yet. Naran then tells bad rumour about there might be someone who kept the beast around town to wreck the relationship between Suren and Tooya. Whatever it is, Naala can’t think more for now.


In the morning, Naran comes in while Naala is putting clothes. He is blushing because of it, of course, makes Naala thinks he’s sick. Anyway, Naran wants to give her clothes from Suren, even if she thinks it won’t suit her at fight. Suddenly, Suren goes in and saying sorry if she think he gave her improper clothes. Then, Suren also gives her bow instead of sword, the one she wanted. Everything is done so he goes off to work. Meanwhile, Naran is wondering why the two of them didn’t know each other’s real feelings. Trutfully, she must know that Suren is thinking about her. He also gave her beautiful necklace though she think it wouldn’t fit her.

When Naala wants to try the clothes given by Suren earlier while Naran is also still in there, Suren  goes in again because he forgot to give Naala her arrow. Seeing the two of them in that scene makes him tells joke that he doesn’t know Naran is into Naala. Again, he closed the door and leave. As for Naran, he seems like he has something to say to her, but for now, he is fine to be her little brother (although they’re in same age, he said) and wants her to pat his head. He also murmuring that he can’t take her anyway.


On rainy day in her room, Naala is thinking when will Olli come to save them. It can be heard by Naran and he asks her who is that Olli, though she says he’s misheard it. Then, when Naala asks him to eat with her, he refused by saying it can’t be done by them. Just husband and wife can eat together. He feels like he is happy before but that turns out to be painful now when he sees Naala and Suren looks like real couple now. But he will keep it inside and agrees to eat with her.

Suddenly, someone informed Naran that Suren fell from the cliff and hurted his leg. He tells that to Naala and she quickly wants to go over his room, even if Naran stopped her. When she came in, Suren asked if she wanted to ensure that he’s dead already as a joke. Of course Naala is worried of him and asks why he went to a cliff on rainy day. Suren tells her it’s because of his job. Although she could think of a reason that it’s to make her eat something, while he’s gone. Suren tells her that in the past, he brought an injured wildcat. It’s wounded badly and wouldn’t eat until die. That’s why, he didn’t the same thing happen to Naala. He said it while clean up Naala’s tears on her face, made her say she hate him. It’s fine to hate him as long as she is smiling in front of him. But Naala won’t do as he ordered to, though she keeps her smile to him.

Even if he’s injured, Suren keeps wanting to drink sake, now from Naala’s mouth. He keeps saying his hand is hurt to make her give it from her mouth. She does it, but must touched by him. Too bad he can’t do more as he’s wounded. He asks if she loves him but Naala lies that she isn’t. As she sees his mark on his right shoulder, Naala says she likes it again and again. It’s like a Spirit’s protection symbol for Suren.


Right in the morning, Naala is talking with some servant. Naran then tells her to bring him if she wants to go shopping. But they can’t do it right away because Saraana is waiting for her. She gave Naala the fabric her husband made as her wedding gift, even if it’s a bit late. Also, Saraana says her mission is to give birth of their child in Nasula, that’s what her mind made up. Saraana tells Naala to be prepared if Sharu comes, because she will do anything to change back Naala, as she is a precious person for Sharu. A sudden warning gives Naala another thoughts, of why the tragedy happened one by one.

Naran and Naala were separating when they go buying things at the market. She then happened to meet Sharu, who asked to speak with her alone (Naala had sensed something dangerous from her). Sharu lies by saying there’s a girl who needs Naala’s help so she will follow her without thinking. But suddenly, Sharu is pretending that she forgotten the place, makes Naala knows it’s all lies. She asks why Suren fell from cliff and Sharu tells her the truth, she dropped him. Sharu already knows of Suren’s habit to go there and used somebody to push him off (by using her body to command any guy).

She did all because Nasula had taken her precious thing, Naala. Naala was her hope and everything so she will do anything to take her back from men. Sharu also ordered a few man of Olli’s subordinate to take Naala back to Ruse. Olli will accept her even if she’s pregnant with someone else’s child. But she won’t follow their request. At that time, Naran finds them and he also won’t let Naala be taken by Sharu. Because Naala still doesn’t want to follow her thought, Sharu stabs Naran with a knife, then killing herself because she can’t accept reality.

In his final moment, Naran kisses Naala after he asked Suren to have her for awhile. Even if Naala keeps telling him to stand, Naran can’t win against death. He closed eyes after Suren is sure that he already becomes a great guy.

Naala thinks because of her mission, two people have died. She can’t eat and cries all the time. It makes Suren worried of her, asking if she wanted to die. Naala begins to says all her thought, of why she doesn’t get punishment for it. Of course Suren keeps telling her that it’s not her who have to be blamed. He tells her since the first time he saw her eyes filled with hope and sparkling, it made him love her. Naala too, doesn’t hate his eyes. They’re hugging and go to sleep together, hoping to see the same dream.


When Naala comes to Suren’s room, she sees him with sad face. To make him happier, she pours sake and drink together with him. He then tells Naala about the law, if woman already given birth, she must be given to another man. But this law won’t apply to aristocrat. Suren told her a story of his mother. His mother was taken to his father by force, but they fell in love in the end. But after giving birth to Suren, she must be someone else’s woman, because their family wasn’t an aristocrat to begin with. His mother didn’t want to be touched by another man, ran away, then being killed as punishment. As for his father, he blamed Suren, thinking if he didn’t born, his wife must always be with him. Maybe that’s why, Suren hates women, but part of it makes him wanted to be aristocrat.

Suren thinks that woman, even more Naala, is strong and kind. Though Naala thinks it’s all the same for man and woman. After the two of them confessing that they’re thinking of the same plan to prevent someone dying again like Sharu and Naran, Suren hugs her. He wanted to touch Naala, which he think is cute. But as he begins to feel her, Tooya goes in, asking if Suren called him just to see them making love. Knoll also comes to talk about their plan. After everyone has gathered, Tooya explains that he wants to make alliance with Ruse. From this conversation, Suren reveals that he already knows of Naala’s past, she’s the Ruse King’s sister. As they’re talking of the plot, Suren suggested that he’ll be the one to go alone to speak with Ruse. Although it won’t happen since Naala is similar with him, so they’ll go together.


After riding horse for a long time, the two of them finally seen the border between countries. They also saw a red flower field. At first, Suren thinks seeing it makes him feels eerie because it’s connected to death, but when Naala says she likes it, so he is agree with her (part of it because she’s cute). When  they met the guard at that borderline, Naala goes first to ask them about a meeting with Olli. Thankfully, they agreed to inform it.

After meeting Olli, he hugs her of longing. Naala introduces Suren as her husband and gives him their intention to come, which makes Olli gets mad because he already pulled out fang at him before, even more to take his fiancée. Still, Naala believes in Suren so let Olli ask question to him. Of course with proud, Suren thinks even more he’ll be killed, Naala’s heart cannot be taken. Although Suren is answering Olli’s question with so much arrogant, he still thinks of Naala so Olli lets them stay.

At night, when Naala was thinking alone under the moon, Olli goes to talk with her. He said he wouldn’t kill her husband, for what he did and said was very brave of him. Also, Suren successfully took Naala’s heart and made the unmanageable woman like her to be more calm. He then tells Naala to go to her husband quickly. As in her heart, Naala is very grateful of Olli’s kindness.

When Naala went to their room, Suren became jealous of Olli after he hugged Naala before. He’s a King who loves Naala and very different from himself. If he is Olli, Suren might have to kill the guy who took his lover. Still, Naala is choosing Suren and she will do anything to make him feel good that night.

Too bad Olli has a deal for them in order to accept Tooya’s offer. He wants Naala and Suren to separate themselves until it’s becoming clear, also, they won’t be husband-wife anymore. Nasula must give back their women too, together with Naala. The two accepted it to find their goal. They’re separating at red flower field, not wanting to say they’re loving each other or any goodbye words. For the last time, Suren kisses Naala and he says the next time they meet, they won’t be husband and wife anymore.

Three years has passed after that. Naala still hasn’t received any contact with Suren even if they have successfully created medicine for Fushi and thinks he might have other woman. She saw two guys fighting over one girl on her way, then tried to calm them, but she almost lose. Fortunately, Suren saves her as Nasula’s military commander. After he got to meet Naala, he said he love her and wanted to her to be his girlfriend, as he said before about not becoming husband-wife again (It’s the reverse? Their relationship does sure is weird). Naala makes it as joke, questioning if he won’t ask her to be pregnant because that’s what he used to say everytime.



Naala is okay with following Sharu alone. But on their way, as expected, she’s been knocked by someone until she fainted. When Naala wakes up, she has already brought to red flower field in Ruse. A guy approaches her, saying with Sharu’s help, they can take Naala to be Olli’s wife again. As for the other women, after Naala disappeared, Nasula ordered them to be taken by their men as they wouldn’t trust Ruse anymore. This feels like her own sin, deciding that she won’t be anyone’s bride.


After Sharu has killed Naran and herself, Naala accepted the guy who brought her to Ruse. She lives there for a year, but because of her disappearance, Suren fights Ruse with his whole heart. He finally reached the castle, but this time, Naala wouldn’t want to go to him anymore. Her heart is already sleeping in that tower. She said she like Suren’s tattoo, then stabbed herself.


Naala wishes to protect Suren when he is against Olli. But it makes Olli more angry to him, then killing Suren. It couldn’t be stop anymore.


When Naala is talking with Naran, a news about Suren fell of a cliff comes. But she thinks he’s safe so she decides to not go seeing him. Meanwhile, Naran can’t hold his feelings anymore. He pushed Naala on the ground, kissing her many times. He says he is the guy who can’t hold feelings for woman and he already likes her when they first meeting. Of course as a man, he is jealous if Naala was being hugged by Suren. But for now, he’ll just kiss her. After they’ve done, Naala thinks she must go to see her husband anyway.

Suren realized she’s a bit late to come to look at his condition. Naala tells him she was in deep sleep that time so she’s late. He can sense something different from her. Then, she goes outside his room to take sake, but meets Naran. He is angry and says he always heard her voice when she’s with Suren. It makes Naala can‘t bear to see him in suffering but that time, she just come back to Suren and says she love him to stop being suspicious.

In another morning, Suren is preparing to go for work. Until he told Naala to wait him for night, Naran suddenly gave a scary face to Suren. But he doesn’t ask more and go in the end. As for Naran, he himself didn’t realize that he make that face. Later, she thinks it’s better if Naran doesn’t help her anymore because she can do everything by herself.

At night when Naala is waiting for Suren, someone kisses her over and over. When she realizes it’s Naran, he tells to keep silence and it’s not her fault because she thinks he is Suren. But for that night, he wants to kiss her only. Though Suren can realize there’s something weird of her when waiting him. He asks when will she get pregnant of their child, blaming her heart that doesn’t wish for it so she is still can’t get it. He wants Naala not to go to other man.

The other day, Naala is thinking of Naran so she is surprise to see Suren comes home quick. He asks for sake and gets mad at her for no reason, telling her that he won’t forgive if she have other guy beside him. Naala agrees with his rule. Although Suren has warned Naran to be careful before he leaves, he is still doing bad thing to Naala. Suren gives her aphrodisiac and lets Naran feels her too. In the end, Naala becomes his prisoner, saying she loves him like she has no heart. But of course, he hates that lies of “I love you” think coming from her mouth.


Yeah, Suren… Even though I don’t hate his route, I also don’t like his beginning. I mean, while the other guy could suppress their desire, he just happily took her virginity. Well, I think it’s one of regrettable scene because his personality isn’t that pure bad. We could see his cuteness when he had thoughts of separating their room (through Naran), or when he would pretend to push her to eat and we got to know his reason. So all this time, he just pretended to be bad kid, huh? I can’t seem to write more than this as I’m not in healthy state right now. Shall end it here and we’ll see the last route for me, Naran, on the next post.

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