The Eternal Bonds-End 0 & End 1

I’ve decided to try Diary from Operetta, even though many said it’s bad. I want to see with my own eyes how bad it is, because Noise is very good (Maybe I don’t believe what most people usually said. And I’m not a person who go along the mainstream-like, when people started Gekka Ryouran Romance, if I don’t like it, I won’t play. Or when people said this game is bad, if I’m interested in it, I would try it.).

This game have 3 main routes. It’s all involve these two main characters, Itou Ayako and Hanashima Rei, who have been close since child. Forgive me if I typed the name of its seiyuu wrongly, because they have such a weird kanji (plus, I’ve never heard of their names before)! That is very well of Operetta, getting some unknown seiyuu. It also happened with Noise, but at least it have Yonaga Tsubasa. And even though Makino Hideki isn’t famous, he can sing very well.


Hanashima Rei (脇麻沙未=Masami Waki-child & 谷古菟夕馬=Yakou Yuma-teenager)

Koga Tatsuya (新藤涼平=Shindou Ryouhei)

Itou Masato (成澤卓=Narisawa Takashi)

Itou Sachi (高木えりか=Takagi Erika)

Mizuno Hiroshi (木村大介=Kimura Daisuke)

Kurosawa Riko (立石めぐみ=Tateishi Megumi)

Gouda Mitsuhide (林友博=Hayashi Tomohiro)

Hanashima Shuuji (谷古宇 夕真=Yakou Yushin)

Katsura Tougo (山田隆寛=Yamada Takahiro)


END 0 (If)

Or, you can say, yandere (kill-kill) ending most people avoid. In year 2001, Itou Ayako in grade 3 elementary school, is going out alone just to find some kids bullied a pretty girl at her same age (?). They wish to make her putting off her clothes, but Ayako will do it to make them promise not bullying that girl anymore. Fortunately, that kids (one of them is called Dai-chan) are afraid of her scolding then running away. That little girl’s name is Hanashima Rei, also third year student. Looking at her beauty, Ayako calls her Hime-sama, remembering her book back then about the princess and her knight. Rei finds her interesting so he will play along with it. She wish to be Rei’s knight and accompanying her home. Though their home are in near each other, that it seems like fate. Some aunts were talking about Rei when looking at him, think if he had been bullied again. But Ayako calls them strange and brings Rei to her house. Oh yeah, she also likes this Muscle Ranger Black.

Rei’s clothes is messed and Ayako wants to take bath with to clean their body. But after she pulled down Rei’s pants, she realizes that Rei is a boy and embarassed. That reaction makes Rei laugh so much (‘coz she doesn’t embarrass say she will take her clothes off but she is blushing to look at his body) and that is rest assuring for Ayako, to see him laughing. Though in the end, they’re still bathing together because Ayako’s father (Itou Masato) let them to. When Ayako’s mother (Itou Sachi) says she will call his parents, Rei stop them. His father is doing research and won’t come back home often. That is his family about. Also, he always eating from convenience store.

His misery life makes Ayako’s father let him live with them and sleep with Ayako. Before going to bed, Rei is talking about his mother, who have gone to a far place. In his home, he is like an invisible human. Now, after he met Ayako, Ayako promised to always accompanying him, whatever happen, he wouldn’t be an inivisible human anymore. For Rei, he is happy that he met her and won’t wish for anyone else.

A year later (2002), Ayako and Rei are becoming close friend, also have befriended that Dai-chan who used to bully him. His real name is Mizuno Hiroshi, but called Dai-chan. The two of them must doing their chores, Ayako taking care of hamster while Rei is taking care of the aquarium. But suddenly, he broke a flower vase and scared if the scary teacher will scold him. Ayako suggests to repair it and it’s their secret.

It goes to another year (2003) when people in her class begin talking about someone they like. A friend of her, Kurosawa Riko, asks what is her relationship to Rei, if they’re dating. Ayako haven’t think about that. She thinks she likes him, but it’s the same as her papa and mama. Then, this Riko decides to confess to Rei because Ayako isn’t his girlfriend. After Riko have leave her, Rei comes and says he likes Ayako. She thinks he is saying the same as her mind so she says she likes him too.

Year 2004. Ayako is now a fifthgrader and is very happy that her chest is getting bigger, although her parents still looking at her as a child. When they both come home from school, Ayako thinks she is very happy now that they have lives together for 3 years now (she is 12 years by now). Rei also looking cheerful than before so it’s a happy moment for her too. Her father told them to take bath together but now, Ayako refused.

In July 2004, Ayako’s mother have heard that Hanashima Shuuji, Rei’s father, will be back. The three of them (Ayako, her father, and Rei) are both going to see Rei’s father. But when Rei is talking about his life with Itou’s family, his father won’t care, saying he just wants to make money. Also, he didn’t want a child in the first place. Just because Yuri (might be his wife) wanted one, he made it with her (the way Shuuji talks is like making some thing rather than a child). He wish his son won’t come in front of him again because he will give money or housekeeper. In the house, Rei says his feelings, that he can’t hate him because he also doesn’t love Shuuji as a father. While they’re at it, Sachi has prepared his room, Itou’s gift for him. Rei will live with them from now on.

Year 2005, Ayako and Rei becomes middle-schooler (Riko has another one she like from now). They have new uniform, new class, and giving a nervous feeling. They walk to school together and Rei realizes someone from their old school have been staring. Ayako thinks it’s for Rei, but he says it’s wrong. Then, they’ve arrived at their class, where Ayako is also in the same class as Riko. She can see of Ayako’s face, there’s something happen. Begin from here, Ayako can’t understand what Rei is thinking anymore and that’s a problem. Well, it’s not like a problem for Riko, because the only person Rei takes care about is Ayako. Too bad that today, Rei must meet his senior and can’t walk home with Ayako.

Though she can walk with Riko, until they separating ways, a guy comes to confess to her. She doesn’t accept and makes this guy angry.  Fortunately, another guy (tsundere) helps her. Looking at his personality, Ayako is very amazed of his similarity with Muscle Ranger Black, saying he’s cool. This guy is also happy to be called like that. They have similar taste. Suddenly, her old friend, Dai-chan, calls to his sempai. Apparently, the muscle ranger guy is named Koga Tatsuya, a year older than her. Tatsuya offering his help to accompanying her home and wants to call her name. It’s the first time they met each other.

Another day, Dai-chan calls Ayako to help him with their teacher’s request to taking care of property. He talks about the first time he met Tatsuya, when he’s fighting with 3 people. His sempai saved him and from that day, he used to be with Tatsuya. Ayako agrees that Tatsuya is a cool person. That reason makes Dai-chan confessed that he like Ayako, although he used to bully Rei. But now, he is alright if Ayako choose Tatsuya. Then, Rei meets them, wants to offering help, but he is busy with student council. Seeing him, Dai-chan says that Rei has changed, he doesn’t like it.

April 2006, Ayako has become a second year student. She feels weird with her body since morning. Also, when she and Rei are going to school together, Rei seems surprise upon seeing a someone taking walk with a dog. But he doesn’t talk more. In class, Ayako realizes something with her body. When she goes to rooftop to meet Tatsuya and give him cupcake, she doesn’t feel well. Tatsuya asked about it and the truth is, she got her ‘first’. Quickly, Tatsuya bought something to help her calm. He begins saying about his family. There’s just him and his mother, his father already died. That’s why, he won’t make woman sad. After talking about it, Tatsuya tells her that he thinks of her as his white (compare to black ranger). Ayako too, her black is only him. She thinks this is her first love.

Today’s food is made by Rei, makes Ayako’s father feels like taking him as his bride. That makes Ayako understand that her father wants her to be with Rei. Though Rei say there’s someone else more important in Ayako’s heart. Her father asks if it’s her boyfriend but Ayako refusing it. It might be bad because her father won’t allow another man other than Rei.

A story from another side. There’s a man, walking in a rainy day. He meets a woman (or he think so) alone so he wants to help her. But this woman suddenly turns crazy, stabbing him as well as saying she must protect something (guess who is the woman!). Morning comes. Ayako wakes up with seeing her father and Rei, all scared from the morning news. A tennis player, Katsura Tougo, was stabbed last night. It is near their house so her father is worried and won’t let her go to school. But she keeps insisting because of test. Rei is also tells he will protect her so there’s no need to worry.

After she came to year 2007, Ayako was scared if she can’t meet with Tatsuya anymore after he graduate. When Rei asks what is her relationship with Tatsuya now, she says she is scared to built it more than just a friend. Though Rei says he wants to cheer her. Suddenly, he asks Ayako to take a bath with him, making her surprise but said it’s just joke. Then, her father comes home just to love being cared by Rei. Masato also warn Ayako not to have a boyfriend in school. When she and Tatsuya have walk together, Tatsuya thinks he will do the same as her father. He won’t let someone take her or else, he might kill that person.

Another news about a serial killer appears on TV. A guy taking his dog is the victim, also with the same wound as the last victim, Honba Tsuyoshi. Ayako feels like she has seen that person before, then telling Rei about it. Her father, again, wants them to stay in home. But as usual, Rei is offering her safety. Later in school, Dai-chan has said to meet her at park after school. But after Ayako comes there, he doesn’t come. The other day, she realizes he isn’t coming to school. Their teacher told them all about Mizuno Hiroshi (Dai-chan) have been missing and the police still can’t find him. It’s best to not walk alone. From what Riko is worrying about, she might like Dai-chan.

After the class is over, Ayako have a talk with Riko and Rei. Rei told her that Koga Tatsuya have became strange lately. Tatsuya and Dai-chan were having a talk, when Tatsuya explained to Dai-chan that person is his woman, he won’t forgive anyone who take her from him. It’s because Dai-chan have liked her. Of course Ayako won’t believe that and says Tatsuya won’t do something like that. But Riko convince her, if she haven’t feel strange from Tatsuya lately. She remembered the time when they’re taking a walk and Tatsuya had said about ‘kill’.

March 2007, Tatsuya had graduated from middle school. He and Ayako are having a talk on the rooftop. Some  girls have took his uniform button, but Tatsuya gave the first one to Ayako (there’s jinx about giving first button and they can be together). This time, he confessed his love for Ayako. But even if she also like him, she can’t be his girlfriend. Tatsuya can understand that and says he is in A class before he leaves. This remarks the end of her first love.

After becoming a third year student, Ayako have the same class as Tatsuya, A class. While she is sad from separating with Tatsuya, she finds something written by him, saying he will wait. After receiving that, Ayako decides not to forget her love and will enter the same high school as Tatsuya and confess her feelings.

Finally, in 2008, Ayako can graduate and enter Tatsuya’s school. She is nervous for some reason that she can’t tell Riko and Rei (she have sent card to Tatsuya to wait for her, because she wanted to confess). Then, under a sakura tree, Tatsuya is waiting for someone. But he is very surprised to see who’s coming. Meanwhile, Ayako is in a quick to meet him. But what she found there was Rei, covered in blood and grabbed a knife. He smiled, knowing Ayako had found him, and said he only had gotten rid of a pest. Everything are his doing, as a killer.

What happened to Dai-chan is very awful, because it seems he takes Dai-chan’s body to be eaten by dog. And the real thing is, Dai-chan convinced Tatsuya to confess his feelings to Ayako, but he refused. Because Tatsuya knows Rei’s feelings and Rei will not forgive anyone who take Ayako from him (The sentences from last year). Even if it will make him seems bad, Tatsuya believes in Ayako. Can’t hold looking at his sempai, Dai-chan will be the one who say it to Ayako (that’s the reason he want to meet her).

Rei says he always loves her. But Ayako doesn’t want to admit this strange Rei and asks who he is. She wants to go but he doesn’t let her and hurting her. Finally, she can see him in the eyes and he won’t become an invisible human.  Ayako begs for help, but Rei will help her…to open her eyes for him. Just by stabbing her eyes then she will look at him. Before he did it, Rei told her he love her and they will be together forever.-END 0-


END 1 (Shouri no Megami)

After completing End 0, there is some question need to be picked. For this ending, some questions in the beginning are similar to leads End 0, about Rei is like a princess and Ayako wish to be his knight, etc. In 2002, Rei broke a flower vase. But instead of keeping it secret, Ayako brought him to apologize to Gouda Mitsuhide-sensei. With Rei apologizing, Gouda-sensei isn’t angry with him because he knows placing the vase around children will make it break sometimes. But what he wants to know is, if that child will saying the truth to him.

Also, this sensei knows that Rei is special, he asks of his goal. For now, Rei doesn’t have his own goal or dream, but he has someone he likes. Knowing it, Gouda-sensei tells him it’s alright, he will eventually become someone who do anything for his loved one, to try walking together with that person. He also will take a match with Rei, to see if Rei can improve reaching his dream. Surprisingly, Gouda-sensei knows about Rei’s father, Hanashima Shuuji in the past. After leaving teacher’s room, Rei says he hates that Gouda, but it makes him wants to win over the match. It’s also the first time Ayako hear Rei can say ‘hate’, might be letting out his own real feelings.

With Gouda-sensei

Year 2003, the first time Riko asks Ayako if she like Rei. Ayako haven’t acknowledge those feelings, but she is sure that Rei is important. Riko will see her as rival and runs away. As the previous scene, Rei comes to Ayako and says he like her with a red face. In 2004, her classmate, Saya, is searching for her Minmin Pen and accusing Ayako for taking it. Saya searched in her pencil case and found it, although Ayako didn’t do it and Rei blamed her own stupidity to placed her pen within Ayako’s pencil case (because they have similar case). After that, Ayako and Rei meets Gouda-sensei to help her, but Gouda-sensei won’t easily believe in Rei’s words (I mean, he did it to make Rei searching clue to prove his own words). Hearing it, Rei needs to be alone.

The day after, the class is talking about yesterday’s incident. Before Saya accusing Ayako anymore, Rei says he have searched for some clue, that Ayako didn’t take her pen. Because the day before she lose it, Ayako was fighting with Riko. Riko told it in front of everyone, and then asking Saya why she would do that. Saya is mad because Rei always like Ayako (and makes everyone in class plus Ayako herself surprised). Though Riko has the same feelings, she won’t let someone do that, because Ayako is her friend. In the breaktime, Rei and Ayako went to meet Gouda-sensei and explained what happened. It seems true that Gouda-sensei teach Rei on how to be a strong person, so he used that previous words to make him rely on himself. Again, this weird sensei ordered Rei to help him with the camp or else, Rei will loose… Rei hates him again.

Finally, in 2005, they are both now in middle school. Rei is talking on how actually he doesn’t hate Gouda-sensei, but is scared of him. Then, he sees another guy from Tateishi Middle School (Remember someone who died back then?) is looking to Ayako, and teases her that this guy might be like her. But Ayako refused to because she isn’t pretty. Rei agrees with it, that Ayako isn’t pretty, but cute. Too bad Ayako isn’t taking it serious and says it’s Gouda-sensei’s fault that Rei isn’t cute at all. But for Rei, it’s true that he see her as a cute one.

After they have reached their class, Riko asked about her morning fight with Rei. Well, she has changed her love interest and also, is pitying when Rei will confess. But Riko thinks instead of princess, Rei is more suitable as Maou (Demon King), that heard by the person himself. But as the route before, Rei excuses himself to met Igarashi-senpai and let Ayako walk home with Riko. On her way, a guy approached her, but someone helped her, Koga Tatsuya. He wanted to take her walk home and called her name, though she didn’t feel anything.

The day after, Dai-chan brings Ayako to meet Tatsuya. But Rei also wants to follow them to make new friend (Dai-chan knows it’s a lie, and will cheer his sempai). While talking about Muscle Ranger, Tatsuya asks if Rei can follow their talk. Rei is fine because he is searching for something he like and that leads about Gouda-sensei, Tatsuya’s mother’s older brother (that means, Gouda is Tatsuya’s uncle!). Tatsuya told about his past, when he used to play with Gouda. Even if Gouda have scary face, he really loves children and easily crying.

For Tatsuya, Gouda is like his father (his father died in accident). Rei also have someone he think of as a father, which is Masato (Ayako’s father). The two continued talking about how Gouda can cried easily while watching about horse. This revealing the other side of that scary teacher. Then, Tatsuya says about he won’t have girlfriend because it’s troublesome but think differently for Ayako.

When Ayako wants to learn with Rei about the next test, Rei asks if she like a person like Tatsuya. But Ayako says instead of that, she likes calm person (Rei?).

Ayako is in second year of middle school in 2006. While Rei and Ayako are excitedly talking about yesterday’s game after study, Tatsuya thinks differently, but Rei says it’s just wrestling. Suddenly, Rei saw a man walking with his dog, a salaryman. But he doesn’t say anything else. This makes Ayako worry. Tatsuya also tells her to look after Rei.

After that, Ayako and Rei are talking in student council room. When she wants to go home alone, Rei turns angry and says he won’t let her go alone. Finally, Rei confessed that he had think to kill someone sinced long time ago. He begins telling his past, when he went to meet his mother (his father and mother separated) in her apartment without his father knowledge. But what he found in the room was her dead body with blood. He saw someone around veranda and as quickly as possible, screaming through neighborhood. The only one left is just the news without finding the culprit.

Also, when he was bullied by Dai-chan and his friend, Rei had thought to kill them then killing himself. But fortunately, Ayako came. Then, this morning, he saw the culprit, might looking for his new target, Ayako. This makes him wants to kill that person really bad to protect Ayako. He also told her that he’s glad Ayako called him beautiful, as her princess, because it gave him the feeling to hate his bad side. Ayako hugged him, telling that she will be with him because it’s what they’ve promised before. Following the wave, Rei says he likes her since their first meeting (Ayako blushed hearing that) and will also protecting her. That night, Rei comes and sleep in her room, also apologizing that he like her.

2007, a year when Tatsuya graduated. He also had been taking Shirasaki High School with his sports talent. Rei and Ayako congratulated him on the rooftop. Ayako says she also will take that school because admission fee is low..? Too bad Rei is teasing her that she won’t go in easily of her present score. But he will help her studying.

It’s near their graduation day in 2008. When Ayako is searching for Rei’s first button, he comes to give it himself. But he also wants to know her feelings. Since Ayako is not good at saying it, she says that Rei already know. But Rei teases her, if she doesn’t say it, he can’t understand. Finally, Ayako can say that she has the same feeling as him, to love him. Rei hugs her quickly out of his happiness, asking if he can be her knight now. Though Ayako won’t let him be the knight so they will have a match for another 3 years. They have become lovers as of now.

Year 2009, Ayako is already in high school and is boring to have more test. Rei will add more of their study time, that she calls him ‘oni=demon’. Suddenly, they heard some classmate were bullying Tanaka Akira because he couldn’t get Mikami Haruka’s sign (Don’t know who she is) despite Tanaka know her. Tanaka explains that she is a busy person but the other guys won’t believe it and saying he lies. Tanaka is fine with it, but Rei asks if it’s true he is fine with that because he really knows Mikami. For now, Rei helped him to stand.

When he and Ayako went home, suddenly, Ayako fell to something but she’s fine. Coincidentally, they met a detective, Watanabe. Rei remembered he’s the detective who try to solve his mother’s case, saying he will catch the culprit. But he couldn’t until now and apologized. Speaking of it, Watanabe told about Katsura Tougo, the tennis player who came to their town. It will lead to the case in the past, so Watanabe will give Rei any information he have.

Masato, Ayako’s father, must go with their mother to London for another 3 months. Before he go, Masato wants to tell them not to…making child! Rei already knows it because he won’t lay a hand on Ayako until he can graduate from university. But this doesn’t solve the problem. With a low voice, Masato asks if Rei is turning to like men, though Rei refuses because he like girl. So then Masato asks again if Ayako doesn’t appealing to him. This time, Ayako is mad and tells them she can hear EVERYTHING! Ayako goes to his room, asking if it’s true he will attend university. The truth is, Rei also wants her child (ゞ (*´ェ`*) Go, Boy!). But he will built his strength to protect three people to live. What the? This seems like a proposal to Ayako but she will wait for it.

As he had said, Masato must go now, leaving his daughter with Rei alone for 3 months later. To use time, the two studying in Ayako’s room  but she makes many mistakes. Rei teases her with pinching her body and won’t give up until she can do her lesson well. This scene is so.. (@ーεー@)

Done with studying, Rei and Ayako must go to have double date with Dai-chan and Riko (actually, they’re watching Tatsuya in a match). After having date together, Riko wants to go to Dai-chan’s room next. It seems the two have done ‘it’ and very surprised because Ayako and Rei haven’t (they have dated for a year). Riko asks if there’s problem with Rei, but he says he’s healthy. Well, while Riko and Dai-chan go to buy drink, Rei, a jealous guy (Because Ayako always shouted to cheer Tatsuya), wanted to have their lovey-dovey time. Though Ayako refused and ran away to the fountain instead.

She met Dai-chan who’s separated from Riko. But without worrying, Ayako goes alone to some hidden place. She hears someone screaming, and it’s Riko’s voice, getting attacked by a guy. After seeing Ayako, the guy runs. After that incident, Rei is angry because Ayako goes alone. Tatsuya, who heard it all, calmed him down and said he knew about Rei’s mother. Tatsuya’s grandma also lived in that mansion 8 years ago and he used to play there. Even though Tatsuya wanted to catch the culprit, but he couldn’t (he’s still 9 years old at that time). Now, the three of them is surely make a (karate) ranger to definitely catch the man behind the killing. Before Tatsuya leave, he says Rei and Ayako are like that of stupid couple but that’s why he can’t confess in the past. That makes Rei a bit mad, saying he won’t let Ayako have an affair or he will kill her. But he said it’s just a joke afterward.

This time, it’s already 2010, but they haven’t catch the culprit. After done talking with Tatsuya, Ayako and Riko are preparing to go home. While at it, Ayako says that Dai-chan will pick Riko up that day too (I guess they aren’t in the same school). Suddenly, Riko feels like Dai-chan have changed from the cute little dog to some wolf. But maybe, part of it was her fault.

Remember about Tanaka? He wants Rei and Ayako to follow him and see clearly that he knows about Mikami. They went to her outdoor photoshoot. Seemed like Tanaka have photo skill and he met Mikami in an exhibition then became friends. Mikami is very happy to meet bishoujo and bishounen, who is Tanaka’s friend. She says after that, Tanaka is like her disciple. They left Rei and Ayako to talk. Looking at them, Ayako says it’s all thanks to Rei, who believes in Tanaka. Rei told her that might because there’s someone believing, Tanaka became strong. That’s why, not want Rei to feel hurt, Ayako will always believe in him.

Not long after Mikami left Rei and Ayako, she came back to offering Rei to be a model for once with White Day reason (to buy present for his girlfriend of course). Without thinking much, Rei agrees to of his own will so Ayako lets him do it. Though he doesn’t want her to see and so, Ayako goes home alone in a worry. Right when she is thinking, Ayako bumps into a lost boy and decides to help him find his home, full of beautiful flowers. But after she have done with it, in a lonely road, someone kidnapped her. He brought her to an abandoned place, and knew it was Katsura Tougo. He already knew Ayako from 3 years ago, always looking at him, so he thought she love him (GAH! Abnormal guy always thinks like that).

Katsura Tougo, the abnormal guy in this route.

When Katsura Tougo tried to hurt her, Rei and Tatsuya quickly punched the guy. Rei realized Ayako wasn’t at home so he searched for her, found the previous lost boy, and finally found her. The boy also give Ayako a flower for helping him. In police station, Watanabe gets mad at the reckless Rei, but he can’t tell how glad he is for this one boy. After fulfilling his revenge, Rei cries, a bit of scared, but is glad to finally capture the culprit behind his mother’s killer. He is sorry for being weak but Ayako will always stay with even the weak him.

Meanwhile, Katsura Tougo begs for help to his father, but he can’t releasing Tougo anymore. His father just say he can’t take him as his son and go, leaving Tougo behind to wait in hell.

March 3, 2011, Ayako’s graduation day from high school. Rei gives her the newspaper that complete all of the murder case. For Rei, 10 years ago, when he met Ayako is the most important day of all his life. With it, he can be more human. Truthfully, all of these years, he always used an adult mask, with the intention of finding his mother’s killer. But to meet Ayako, he can overcome that. So for now, he wants to be an adult man, who give her a symbol of their bond, an engagement ring. Ayako will take it if Rei promise not to releasing her from his eyes, and he agrees.

Many things happened after that, that leads to 2018. They still lived together. Before going to work, Ayako brings his forgotten bentou. Though Rei still tease her, he thinks Ayako is his goddess of victory. And one more forgotten thing before he go, is to kiss her, then asking if she wants to prove it (that she is his goddess of victory) tonight. Ayako refused…-End 1-


Well, what do you expect? All of its stories are murderous or what? Coz here, it also have sweet, cute, or comedies. I’ve just finished with End 0 and End 1, there are still 2 endings more.

I can connect Rei’s killing attempt in End 0. First, he killed Tougo, who have killed his mother. It makes sense and he has motive, though the action is wrong. For the other guys (Dai-chan, Tatsuya), I don’t think he have good motive at it, but his heart might already break from killing the first person. It’s also makes sense. Like, if there’s someone who have stealing for the first time, they wouldn’t get nervous for the second time. But yeah, End 0 is very bad.

Now for End 1. Who doesn’t want that kind of sweet ending? Of course I’m happy they have good ending at last. And Rei also had overcame his revenge without killing. He becomes a good man in this story, protecting Ayako (not only from Tougo, but also for her life because that’s what he choose in the first place). Every weird actions he did in End 0 got revealed with reasons. So I don’t think I’ll hate Diary (like many people would).

So please, don’t just judge by its End 0, ‘coz I think Diary isn’t made for only that. It have 2 good endings, I think (after read alyyn‘s review). I know, the same as many other school life’s story, it’s boring at first time playing (I did neglected it for 2 days of my interviews). But when I’ve reached the truth, it’s became more interesting. Also, look at its CG. It’s not scary (just one scene from End 0, but does it rather cool?) at all, and very sweet (again, this word is perfect to show their love)!


  1. He stabbed her in the eyes? Eeeekkk that is my cue to shut off the game right there. Eyes is my personal squick, and just hearing anything tearing them is enough to make me cringe. Otherwise I can see why this game is avoided….but I must admit a story with a serial killer in love with the main character with does catch my interest, even with the eye thing, so I look forward to the next routes. I do like dark stories, so I’m more forgiving of bad endings than most others.

    • Mostly when playing VN, I don’t really put myself on the line of the heroine so I’m not too scared of that (‘coz I don’t feel like he stab me myself). But what I’m about to say is not for the bad ending. Diary also have good ending, like another VN. Let’s put bad end aside.

      • I don’t put myself in the place of the heroine either, but it’s just a squick for me to even think about it or hear it. Like when I was playing corpse party, that game has multiple characters you can play as so there’s no way you can imagine yourself as every single character, but the ending where you hear your current character’s eyes being plucked out still creeps me out. I guess people focus more on the bad endings because they leave a deeper impression than the regular happy endings, but thankfully I enjoy them so I don’t judge a game for them.

        I’m more looking forward to ending 3 since I saw on another blog that Ren dyes his hair blond in ending 2. Meh, I prefer his original hair. Not big on him being a model in that ending either.

        • It’s up to you to feel squick. Well, I mostly don’t prefer bad ending as one of important ending for one title, so mostly, I think of it as side story. I’ve played Corpse Party too although I’ve just reached chp4 so far. And I’m not the people who focused on bad ending except if it’s saddening like in Seravis’ Noise. That one is the only bad ending I thought of “beautiful and painful” so far.

          Yup, he dyed his hair. All of that was Ayako’s fault too (I don’t like his hairstyle in it too)! But it’s more funny, on how Masato asked him on his daughter before he go for 3 months.

  2. Finally! So you went through the End 0? I loved it and I liked how the menu changed from pink to black lolol x)

    I laughed when he killed the senpai, the heroine comes, look at what Rei done with horror and then Rei is like: あーあ~ バレチャッタ~ 😀

    I only went through End 0 and End 01, might do End 02 when I’ll have some time…

    • Yes, the menu changed and it’s quite interesting. Before End 2, it changed to diary picture and I wonder what will be for next. I forgot to capture the menu pict before End 0..

      Oh, you laughed at that? Well, his way of speaking made me want to laugh too, but this was bad end (I kept speaking of it in my mind)! And for me, its murderous scene wasn’t too long so I couldn’t feel afraid of it. He just smiled at bloody night… That’s my memories of it.

      I think End 2 isn’t taking a long time than End 0 and End 1, but I keep neglecting it for my real life..

  3. As long it isn’t completely illogical and pulled out of the ass, I don’t even care about whether it’s murderous yandere or not. Not to mention I have a tendency to treat all bad ends as nightmares that protagonists had 😛 I’ll give this game a shot later.

  4. It’s disappointing when games you feel look good,you find out aren’t in english and all you can do is say. “Alright, I suppose I’ll have to find another” Have you ever felt like that when you something wasn’t in a language you understand?

    • I think I have the same feelings for Raw manga. I don’t understand Chinese and it’s supposed to be faster than translating group. And it’s not like I understand every words the best when playing games because I’m also in study

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