Missed 4shared…

It’s sad and embarassing. I don’t know why I can’t open 4shared site through my PC. If any of you experienced it too, please tell me. Because I think it’s just me who can’t open it. I’ve tried through my cellphone, and it could, at least to stay log in. Moreover, I can customize the wallpaper (You’ll see KamiKimi wallpaper) if someone want to download it. I’m very fond of it because I don’t need people to download my file to store it forever in its storage. Just need to log in every once a month. When many sharing sites needs people to download it ( around 30-90 days) to stay the file alive. If any of you know any good sharing site, consider to help me find it (preferably something like 4shared which can stored data without downloaded by someone). So far, I’ve created account from freakshare but haven’t try any to use it and don’t know much about its expired date file.



Edit: I’ve changed some settings in my PC and now I can open it again! Thanks for all of your support. I was scared if I must say goodbye forever to it. Thanks GOD!!


~ by twentyninenights on March 5, 2012.

8 Responses to “Missed 4shared…”

  1. why don`t you try mediafire? I think it was a great sharing site too..

    • Yeah, but it have expired date for a file. I want to search without expiring date so it will stored there forever with free account. BUt if there is none, I have no choice then

  2. oh yeah… you`re right…
    by the way, I tried to open my 4shared and it can be opened or upload.. maybe you`re 4shared only broken a while. maybe you can try to use it tomorrow or next time and hope it can be active again.

    • So, it’s just me. I think it’s the problem from my connection or settings (though I didn’t mess with it in the first place). It have been 2-3 days. Maybe 2 days ago, I could open it with Google Chrome, but now, it couldn’t. As for Mozilla, since 3 days ago, I couldn’t open it. I don’t know what’s the problem anymore. I also had tried changing iPv4 number, but still wouldn’t work.

  3. its still not work? if its right, maybe the problem wasn`t your connection, but your account or the settings. try to wait for several days again, if it still not working, then maybe you should make new 4shared (if you want and you don`t mind of course)

  4. Hi, it is working fine with me too. Did you try opening the site using the proxy?If you can open it then I think something wrong with your connection or DNS. Btw for mediafire, I have a free account (only need to register) there and don’t worry I still have my things stored there.

    • Yeah, I think it’s something with DNS error but I don’t know how to change it. This happens almost all the time with my crazy internet provider. Sometimes, I can’t open any site and must change its LAN number. But fortunately, I can log in to 4shared through my phone so there’s no worry about data lost although I can’t upload to it.

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