The Eternal Bonds-End 2 & End 3

It’s finally the end of my post about Diary. Truthfully, it will be quicker if I play it all day, but yeah, can’t stand playing school’s theme for a long time per day. Even though End 2 isn’t long, it have fun time and funny dialogues. But maybe, I’ll prefer Rei with black hair (Rei has blonde hair in End 2), though both endings are good.

END 2 (Kishi no Kusari)

The scene from End 1 are same. The changes begins when Ayako tells she like self-confident person, rather than Tatsuya, when talking in Rei’s room (They have became middle schooler now). Also, when she thinks what Muscle color would suit Rei, she thought it’s silver. Here, Rei also told about his mother’s death and hugged by Ayako. As for high school, Ayako will choose the same as Tatsuya not because of admission fee, but because the uniform is cute.

Rei and Ayako already a lover and in high school. They have taking a walk for window shopping together. While at it, Rei said they will go to sea and Ayako must wear bikini as she promised in middle school, because Rei had teached her, though Ayako didn’t remember that. He suggests to buy one if Ayako doesn’t have any bikini (she just have her school swimsuit). Speaking of money, Rei makes sure he will do something that only him can do it, it is for his face. Suddenly, a man asking Rei to be a model for his agency. That man is sure that Rei will be a top model. But Rei refused after taking the man’s business card.

In his room, Ayako feels it’s a waste if he won’t take the scout. Actually, Rei hates that because his mother, Saiyuri (I’ve been confused a while because in End 1, Shuuji called her just as “Yuri”), is also a model. That is the reason for his broken home. His father, Shuuji, wanted Saiyuri to stop modeling, but she wouldn’t want to and left home. As for that, Rei also hates his mother, who have similar crazy-worker personality as his father. There’s one more thing that he hates about modeling, it’s because it looks similar as to being naked, not for body, but heart. When the camera captured the picture, it would seemed as if it also can see all of a person, be it beautiful or ugly. After hearing that, Ayako still wants Rei to try being a model, because it will make him more cool (?). Rei, will do anything to become someone she like, so he will think about it again.

Saiyuri, Rei’s mother

February 2009, Ayako can’t do the test well. But Rei is saying it’s fine because she can be his wife (His hair.. already changed to blonde! Who’s there?)..  He teases Ayako more than before, but he says he firstly is like that…for Ayako. When she went to toilet, she heard some girls talked about her, being so-so for Rei’s girlfriend. Also, when she is back at class, Rei is already gone. Quickly, she searched and found a girl confessed to him. But before she can confess, Rei already refusing, getting angry at why someone can confess knowing he had girlfriend. The girl apologizes, but still, Rei lectures her more.

After that, he goes to Ayako who seen it all. He says, he can’t behave good at girl like that, moreover, of they also talking bad about Ayako (Seems he heard it and checking all of them, preparing for time like that). Then, they’re going home together just for the same meeting with Detective Watanabe. The other dialogues are same with End 1, so skipping it. About Ayako’s father who must go for another 3 months and leaving the two behind. But rather than saying he won’t lay a hand on Ayako until he graduated university, Rei says he still haven’t do anything. Masato quickly talking in a low voice if Rei will do it after he’s gone. Rei said he won’t, but it just made Masato confuse, so he asked again. This time, Rei says “yes” with じゃ、はい。。。の否定の否定の否定の否定、です。(This means he is saying yes out of denial to Masato). Quickly, Masato asks えーっと、はいの反対の反対の反対。。(The opposite of ‘yes’).

Though Masato haven’t leave, but Rei still does his work as model and leaving Ayako worrying over until night. When he comes home, the jealous Ayako talks about separating. Hearing it, Rei jumps on her, pushing Ayako onto his bed. He says, Ayako can’t do anything without him as expected. He might do everything for her, from cooking or taking a bath. Or maybe, if she doesn’t have legs, she will always need him. Rei forced his kiss to make her quiet. From what he saw, Ayako ddin’t seem to like him from the beginning. He threaten her to eat her throat or anything to make her scared. But Ayako says she loves him. Rei won’t believe at first so Ayako tells she is worrying if he is with another woman or if she is the perfect person for him. After knowing her feelings, Rei says it might hurt a bit but it’s alright (wonder of they did it that night but I guessed so).

The next morning, Masato leaves them to London. Rei asks if they shall continuing from last night butthey have promise to go double date with Riko. While talking about Riko wants to go to Dai-chan’s house, Dai-chan suggests to have fun playing instead, he also asks that Ayako might not know what they will do in his room. But Ayako stays quiet, so Dai-chan can understand she have done it with Rei last night. Then, Riko and Dai-chan leaves them to buy drink. It seems Rei is jealous on how Ayako cheered Tatsuya for his match. The rest of the story are the same when Riko gets attacked by some unknown man.

After the incident, Rei says he will dress as girl to lure the culprit if it’s needed. The conversation about that gets interrupted by Tatsuya, who doesn’t want Rei to danger himself. He explained how he always played to Saiyuri’s apartment because he had grandma who lived there, as the previous scene. The rest are same after Rei says a joke that he will kill her if she look at another man.

It’s 2010 now. Rei doesn’t eat many so Tatsuya asks if he goes for a diet, though Rei asks back if he need diet for such a body of him. Tatsuya says the narcist Rei might go for it. It’s finally end of the class. Rei asks if she is prepared for tomorrow, then Tanaka Akira comes to asks if Rei can go for Mikami Haruka’s photoshoot, the first with him and Haruka. It seems Ayako doesn’t know that Rei and Tanaka have become friends. Rei wants to reveal his work ‘that night’, that he works with Mikami Haruka, but Ayako is embarrassed by it and won’t let him say anything.

It’s the photoshoot day. When Mikami and Rei are having breaktime, Mikami comes to talk with Ayako. But Rei doesn’t like on how she look at his girlfriend (Because Mikami is that kind of woman who can seduce woman too). Being interfered with Rei, Mikami asks if he already ‘eat’ Ayako. From Rei’s answer, Mikami knows it all.. Then, she say that Rei is different from Saiyuri, but she like him as a model.

Rei explains how his perspective about modeling changed after meeting Mikami. He can’t be as beautiful as his mother, but he can do what he can, being as himself is fine. He is thankful to Ayako because meeting her, he can be more human-like. But Ayako says there’s one person he should thank too, which is himself. Rei agrees with that. The photoshoot takes long until evening. Ayako must go home alone because Rei still need to take care of something. But as End 1, Ayako meets a lost boy, taking him home, then gets kidnapped by a man, Katsura Tougo.

Rei and Tatsuya comes to save Ayako and everything settled down. Rei is crying because finally, he can take revenge for his mother, saying sorry and thanks to Ayako.

2011. It’s nearing their graduation. Rei have good and bad news for her, asks what does she want to hear first. The good news is Katsura Tougo have been imprisoned and live like living hell. Seems Katsura Gin (Tougo’s father) second wife is a bad person, not behave like real his mother and always abusing him. So, Tougo began to see his life as a monster. Rei’s life is similar to Tougo. If he hadn’t meet Ayako, he might do something similar with that murder. But what he is thankful for is also the same as Ayako, that meeting Rei is what makes her the present ‘Itou Ayako’. They both are thankful to each other meeting.

So from now on, Rei can walk alone as an adult man. He gives her ring, saying he wants Ayako to be his bride even if it’s too quick. But he wants to create bond with her. For Rei, there’s no other girl who will suit him best other than Ayako. He will always love her.

2018, Rei and Ayako went to a party for famous people. They are husband and wife now. While Rei is teasing her (he likes how her dress showing her bodyline), Ayako says his fans will sad if they know his action. But Rei says it’s fine, nobody will see them. Whatever it is, Ayako will be his loveable wife in Rei’s heart.-END 2-


END 3 (Kowareta Sekai)

In middle school, Ayako doesn’t care about Rei and leaving him without being told of his previous life (about his mother’s death). In the middle of rainy day, Rei killed a man. But Tatsuya saw it all, asking what he did. Tatsuya knew the person died was Ayako’s stalker, but what he regret is why couldn’t he stop Rei before killing that person. It’s because sinced 5 years ago (the tragedy of Rei’s mother), Tatsuya had always like him (?=blank for the first time, but at that time, Tatsuya might saw Rei as a girl because of his pretty face). Rei have a request to Tatsuya before he is captured…

That morning, instead of seeing Rei, Ayako sees Tatsuya in her house. They saw the morning news about Katsura Tougo’s death. Before the announcer talked about the culprit, Tatsuya said he will protect Ayako from now, because it’s his promise to Rei. Ayako never can see Rei anymore.-END 3-



Finally done with Diary!! It’s a short VN but I love the CGs (might love Tsukino Omame’s art more). Although the first part of it are just common school life, it does have some mystery around it. I choose End 1 better than another endings. Because End 2 just repeating End 1, with the different future of Rei. But yeah, this game sure like it makes me see different future of Rei and Ayako, with some part changed from the last. The first ending (End 0) told about Rei and Ayako, who have no future other than murderous scene. While End 1, they have a happy common life ending, in End 2, the two have famous celebrity’s life.. Let’s skip End 3. Had not know what its true intention of putting it like that. Why is Tatsuya in Ayako’s house? Did he want to live there like Rei?

Oh, forget to mentioned Riko and Dai-chan. They are.. also a funny couple. The same stupid couple as Rei and Ayako. Though they haven’t had another story than in the park. That’s too bad. I wish to know how they get along together and who is the first one confessed. Itou Masato (Ayako’s father) is also very funny. He had daughter complex (If that words is true), but also love taken care by Rei (Because Sachi, his wife, always gone for her job and he longed for a wife taking care of him). While Masato doesn’t want Ayako to have child early, he also have thoughts that it must be cute to see his grandchild (a complex person). In End 2, we can understand on why Katsura Tougo killed many women. That’s a part of his past too. So, everything have reasons, right?

I’m happy I’m not someone who make judge of Diary by only its one ending so I can like it a bit (It’s not my favorite, but it does have sweet moments), and not hating it by all means. Well, I’m not a person who will judge something bad if I haven’t try it myself. And I won’t tell bad things to other people’s work based on rumours. You’ll see how I can’t tell bad on another posts of mine if it’s not as bad as to hate it (The only work who can’t be good as I’ve expected and makes me hate it is just the anime of Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi! To be truth, I dropped watching it and hate it even more). I’ll try to see many sides of works I’ve tried, from different perspective, so many of my (games or animes) reviews will have its good side known by other people. Of course I won’t recommend something very bad. So, best to know what’s your preference better. As of Diary, it’s just good to fill time before playing another game because it’s very short. If not for writing review or going out often in real life, I maybe done with it after 3 days.





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