Sweet Love-Prologue

Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan ~Sweet Never Land~ is a game by Quinrose. This tells a story about Wendy, meets a strange boy, Peter. He brought her to a whole new world where the sweet competition is being held. Okay, let’s go right through the common route! Ah, this feels memorable to write another serious review after thesis took my life for last full months… But… Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan have such a really long prologue….!! Though it also have many funny dialogues which makes me laugh all the way (obviously because of Peter’s innocent naughty idea, or Hook’s chased-by-crocodile scene). Whatever it is, I feel sorry for not completing it fast enough because it has fun storyline.

Common Route

While buying stuff for dinner, Wendy, a girl with long-blonde hair meets a strange boy with orange hair. He seems lost so Wendy doesn’t have a choice rather than helping him. But hearing her thoughts, that she thinks this boy is lost, that boy just laughing really hard (I don’t think I might like Peter for this laugh). Because of this, Wendy feels stupid enough to ask that, so she decides to go and leave him alone. This boy, with much pride on his heart, ask Wendy to be his minion because she’s the first one who wants to help him. Though she refused casually. The boy began telling about his strenght, that he already defeated James Hook, a bad pirate.

Continue from the last, the boy told he is waiting for his friend, Tinker. So that explains that he isn’t a lost child. He wants Wendy to wait with him, but sadly, she must make dinner for her two younger brothers. As a parting gift, Wendy gives him sweets she got from Michael, her brother. Hearing about her brothers, the boy realizes he must bring 3 person with him, whoever person it is, so he decides it’ll be Wendy and her brothers. After telling his name, Peter Pan, he promised to come again tonight to bring Wendy with him. Before Peter lets Wendy leave, he kisses her cheek, saying from now on, she’ll be his special minion.

At Wendy’s home, she, her two brothers (John & Michael Darling-John had blue hair and Michael is blonde), together with their mother are having dinner. But before they can finish the food, their mother must go to work. She is a good mother before, but become workaholic after their father died. John might appreaciate her working passion, but he doesn’t like that kind of attitude. While Michael decided to studying after dinner with their dog, Nana, Wendy cleans up the dishes. Okay, when Michael knows his sweets already gone (Wendy gave it to Peter), he is sad.. Okay, that’s happened because Wendy didn’t know it’s a handmade. She told that she’s on diet, so she might not be able to eat Michael’s cooking, but Michael thought she’s already pretty without dieting.

Wendy’s Mother

Michael feels guilty because he’s alone can’t study well, the same as Wendy and John. But he thinks there will be many jobs which doesn’t require study (ex: chef or patissiere?). Hearing his blabering minds, John gets out of his room, asking Michael to bring his work because he wants to see it. Sadly, Michael prefers Wendy to do it.

When Wendy is preparing to go to sleep, she hears something’s coming. When she opens her eyes, it’s Peter, already flying in her room. Peter comes to bring her to his world, that he claims is more fun than Wendy’s world. And the things makes him flying is fairy dust, from Tinker, a fairy. Hearing loud sound from Wendy’s room, John and Michael are coming too. They’re surprise to see someone’s flying. While Michael is against the to Peter’s idea, John just can stand alone to the wall because of his surprising moments.

Well, they don’t have any choice than to come with Peter. The Darling siblings must go flying with Peter to his world, in the backside of moon’s shadow. Tinker brings Nana along because that dog always bothering her since her coming. Suddenly, Peter have his mind to go dancing with Wendy above the town, but of course it doesn’t take long ‘til Tinker asks him to go back to their world quickly, or else, they must wait for another night. Along with their path to Peter’s world, he explains the Darling siblings is brought by him to be a judge for sweets making contest. The contestants are Peter, Hook, Tink, and Scissor. They can’t decide by themselves, so they decides to bring judge from another world.

His world is a magical world, where people, flowers, rainbow, or other things won’t die. That surprises the three siblings a lot. But Tinker told them it’s in the past, because people might die if they’re killed. Then, John and Michael are fighting over who is the strongest to protect their family, but Peter says he is the strongest of all of them. Still, this contest is a bit dangerous because Hook wants to kill Peter, and Scissor wants to kill Hook. As of Tink, he is a special participant and also has good sense of sweets. At that time, Wendy also knows that Tink is Tinker’s older brother.

After so long flying up in the sky, they finally found the Never Land. But Tinker suddenly tells Wendy that she will help her to go back to her world if she promised to keep it secret from Peter. As for now, Wendy is agreeing to it, then also talk to John and Michael.

Arriving (falling) at the Never Land, Wendy thinks she’s already dead. But a man with white hair comes to her, telling she must stand up quickly because she has landed on his precious pet, a Clock Crocodile (Tokei Wani). As a tsundere, this white haired man just telling his crocodile to eat Wendy, although it won’t happen,right? Because Wendy is all alone after falling, she needs that man, which name is Scissor Gavialwatch, to protect her. But he won’t do it ‘cause all he want is just killing Hook. Scissor prefers to go and leaving Wendy alone.

While she’s thinking that she might die alone in that land, a man with one eye and a hand from iron hook is coming to her place. From the appearance, Wendy can tell he’s James Hook. After Hook knows Wendy is from another world, he decides to kill her to make Peter go from Never Land and search someone again in another world. Before Hook can slay Wendy with his sword, Peter save her and brings her flying. They can escape from Hook’s desire to kill them because Peter was lying about a clock’s sound. While going to the wood with Wendy, Peter expains about Hook. Before, this Tokei Wani had ate Hook’s arm. That crocodile thinks that his body might be delicious as his arm, so it’s always chasing Hook… Near the wood, Tinker came where Peter and Wendy were flying. From this point, Wendy can sense danger from Tinker also, because she doesn’t care about Wendy’s falling time (it might’ve been Tinker’s doing all the time).

In the wood, Wendy feels cold and she can smell something sweet. Peter explaining that in Never Land, they can smell sweet from anywhere. After they’ve arrived at contest place in the wood, John and Michael were already waiting for Wendy. They also had a tea party. Too bad, Michael doesn’t satisfied with just drinking tea. He is hungry and wants something to eat. So, Peter is giving him a drop, where Michael finds it is really delicious.

Suddenly, someone comes. A man with the same hair as Tinker, which is Tink Bell, one of the participant. Urh, actually, he and Tinker greets with their weird compliment to each other, saying one of them have become pretty or cool (sounds like narcistic here). Not long after, Hook also coming. He wants to begin the contest quickly, but they must wait for Scissor to come. The time won’t be wasted by Hook, so he begin attacking Peter. Tink and Tinker just stay and having fun watching them fighting.

And when Scissor came with his Tokei Wani, Hook must stop the fight, showing his embarassing side when he’s afraid of Tokei Wani. The meeting to judge who is the most skillful person to make sweets begin after Scissor have commanded Tokei Wani to stop. Each of the contestant showed their handmade sweets: drop of happiness (Peter), the only chocolate (Hook), biscuits of destruction (Scissor), and rainbow ice cream (Tink). But too bad, Wendy doesn’t want to eat sweets because of her diet, and John doesn’t like sweet. So, the only person who can judge is Michael. He ate them all and unfortunately he couldn’t decide because it were all delicious.

Wendy began asking what will they get when they win. Tink, for example, wish to be a human. Hook wished to fly in the sky, to chase Peter easily. And actually, Wendy can also wish for something (it’s obviously to get back home). But Michael wants to be a patissiere.

After the conversation, they must go in one room to vote their judgment (without Nana, the dog). Too bad they can’t complete the task and must wait for another contest (it’ll be a year or two, or shorter than that?). For home, Peter suggest them to stay at his. But they must fly again to get there. Arriving at the place, Wendy is thinking on how many people lives there. Peter says it’s full before but now, he just lives with his minion. It’s a waste about so many houses there, so Peter makes it his ‘Omocha bako’=toy box. And what’s more surprising is Peter’s home! It’s deep under cutted trunk. Wendy couldn’t realize it before one of Peter’s minion, Nibs, came out from one of it.

Michael goes off first to see Peter’s home. Then, Wendy also jump down. She found another child, Tootles and Slightly. Another child is in different place, Curly (Uhm, where’s Twin?). Hearing about big dog being a guest too, Tootles and Slightly are quickly searching for tea cup. Meanwhile, Michael is having peaceful time drinking tea with Curly. After some conversation, they’re having mushroom dinner without Tinker. Then, Wendy ask for a room to sleep. Peter gives her the best room, and while he’s at it, Wendy asks for bathroom. Well, Peter suggests to take shower in the spring (Means, there’s no ofuro). While she’s taking a deep sleep, Wendy remembers about her mother’s command, which is to be useful as an older sister.

When Wendy woke up from her sleep, she’s very surprise to see Peter’s sleeping with her too. She is waking Peter up quickly, giving command to him to go back to his bed, but Peter just continue sleeping. Again, she tries push him to wake up and move to his own room, but Peter says it’s his room, the best of all because he’s the one making it (Really, I couldn’t stop laughing at Peter’s attitude that time).

Oh, how cute of him!?

Firstly in the morning, Tinker comes to give Peter’s request, which is to bring new clothes for his guest (And when Peter gives cold answer to Tinker, Tinker says her first feeling that she dislike Wendy very much). Michael and John are also wake up from the noisy thing, though John can’t sleep well because Tootles’ snoring sound. When Wendy wants to change clothes, innocent (pervert) Peter follows her too. She’s mad at it, so Peter makes an idea to built a house for Wendy and her brothers.

Peter gave her a seed. He asked Wendy to think of a house then throwing it. A huge house was grown from a tree-like thing. They went inside and Michael found his preferred room, which grew cookies (yes, the house can grow cookies, not fruit, while Peter’s house can grow jelly beans and such). For John, whichever room he get, he wouldn’t like that sweets fragrants. Wendy gets her own room which is filled by candies, marshmallow, and drops. It’s a magical house in magical world that’ll be Wendy’s place in her new adventure.

That’s all I can write about the prologue. There are many CGs and I don’t know where to put, so sorry if I placed it everywhere. For now, I dislike Wendy’s attitude towards how she doesn’t want to eat sweets. It never kill you if you eat some of it, or try it. But she puts diet on purpose here (really, how bad it is to eat 1-2 sweets when youre dieting?). But overall, I’m not angry with her or anything ‘coz she and Peter is a good combination.

I’m nearing the end of Peter’s best route. Hope can finish all of his ending fast tonight or tomorrow…


  1. Yay, so glad you are playing this game. I only played Hook and Michael’s routes and I am only know a part of story. And you are right this game has a lot of CG. Wendy is ok, and at the first time I don’t like Peter but it turns out he is ok lol.

    Can’t wait to see your summary 🙂

    • Same with you. First, i don’t prefer Peter, but he’s keep bugging me on why he can change so I don’t have any choice rather than playing his route first. I like Wendy’s strong personality, but in Peter’s route she’s persistent not to eat sweets. It’s just make failure in the contest.

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