100,000++ viewers achieved!!

I want to say thank you for all of your support to this blog. Finally, early in this year, my blog achieved 100,000 viewers! But that’s not all. Also, early in this year, I graduated from my university! Yeah, finally…

Even though I didn’t get the best score (really, I couldn’t answer most of the questions), but they let me got a “B”. Thank you so much, my adviser and 2 other juries!! I don’t know you two, but one of you really make my day even more troubled by doing more research after graduating. Anyway, I’ll do my best to complete it and end my task before Chinese New Year or else, I won’t have any holiday (again). And that’s the cause I don’t post review these days.


~ by twentyninenights on January 12, 2012.

27 Responses to “100,000++ viewers achieved!!”

  1. Congrats with the graduation and getting 100000 viewers! *_* Wish you the best to finish all the tasks ^o^

  2. oh wow congrats!!!! best wishes xx

  3. おめでとうございます! ( ^_^)o自自o(^_^ )
    You have a good start for 2012! ^_^

  4. Don’t worry about us and do your best! o//
    Congratulations! (○´^ω^`)

  5. congrats for the graduation and 100,000 viewers!
    Do your best for your research! 😀

  6. Congratz for the hits and yay for graduation. So glad you thesis turned out good ^^

    • Thank you!!! It still haven’t finish 100% because one of the jury is making me going all the way to find the answer even after I went to campus everyday (it won’t satisfy him). Whatever it is, it won’t change my graduation.

  7. Congrats, and all the best! Just that bit more to go! (:

  8. congrats for you~
    for your graduate and for your 100,000++ viewers.

    hope you always success, . hope you success on your finish tasks and get the perfect score in your final tasks ^ ^
    I love to read your blog

    • Thank you very much for always supporting me!! Urh, doing the task won’t change my score. It just needed to repair my thesis. Thank you, thank you, and I hope you’ll get your succes too

  9. (*^ω^)ノ∠※PAN!オメデトクラッカー♪
    Now you can aim for 1 million x3

  10. yatta!!! Congratz you finally graduate and let’s job huntinnng ^w^
    OMG NICE HITS! :DD AIM FOR THE SKY HIGH looking forward for more reviews!

  11. Congrats on graduation! Oh man, I know how tough it is. I graduated in 2010. My grandma died 4 days before I had to present my graduation work, so I got only a C, since I simply didn’t have time to prepare. Besides, exams were 大変.
    Hope to read more reviews! :p
    Btw btw! Have you seen that new Takuyo game in B’s Log? It’s still far away from its release but it looks similar to Shinigami to Shoujo. Do you know naything about it? I was so excited to see them make another game. I guess it’s all thanks to the huge success StS had.

    • Thank you very much. Oh, that’s such a sad experience. My grandma died 6 months before I graduate too (I know it’s long but she’s died when I had final exam). I really wanted to present my thesis for her (Because she lived with me since I was born). My friend had almost the same experience, but it’s her great grandmother (mother of grandmother?), a few days before she had thesis presentation too.

      Takuyo’s new game? I thought it’s Kamisama to Koigokoro, the one with exorcist theme? Or is there another title?

      • Oh damnit, it is KtK! It looks less appealing than StS but still I’m super curious about it. It’s kinda weird how Takuyo totally changed their style and… leveled up?

        • Uh-huh. It less appealing than StS but still anticipating it. In case they will built another deep storyline. And yes, I also thought Takuyo’s art style already leveled up.

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