Sweet Love-Peter Pan

Peter Pan (CV: Ishida Akira)

John and Michael were leaving the house to begin their new adventure. Wendy doesn’t have choice than choose her own future. Because it’s Peter’s route, she choose to stay in the house and waiting for another day to come.

In the new morning, John complained about his room (because he dislike sweets). That makes Wendy is thinking hard to solve the problem in her room. But suddenly, Peter came without knocking to play with her, bringing her flying. He also makes a onigokko play with John, to search for him, then bring Wendy with him. Even if John had asked her to jump down, Wendy think it would fine to play with Peter.

They are flying through the cloud when Peter say they can eat it. Suddenly, Tink and Tinker appeared in front of them. They held a speed competition but Peter is losing from Tink’s flying speed. He then has an idea to give Wendy to eat shiny-golden cloud and asks Tink and Tinker to be with Wendy because he can’t bring Wendy to a cold place up high (because Tink is a person who will try making Peter surprise, and also Peter has guessed that Tink want to hide Wendy). For Tinker, she is fine with grape’s taste, though what she really wants is Peter’s taste (what kind?).

At first, Tinker and Tink are agree to playing with Wendy’s life-and-death situation. It’s dangerous, really. Then, Tink is trying hard to amuse Wendy if they don’t want to make Peter angry. Of course Tink, which always says つーんwhen she’s mad, refusing to do that action. From there, Wendy heard that Peter is a kind person who always think of his friends. Tink also said he wouldn’t lie to Peter as he is Tink’s most trustable person in the world. As Wendy think about Peter again, suddenly something fall to her face from above. Actually, Peter has succesfully giving golden cloud to Wendy. But of course she won’t eat sweet so Peter give it to as accessory on her hair. Wendy just can blushing but also she can feel Peter’s kindness when he’s cold of the water on his clothes. In the end, the cotton candy cloud makes her shiny when she comes home.

Another day pass by with more trouble. Early in the morning, something fell off the roof of Peter’s house. It’s a giant candy. Tootles, one of Peter’s minion, quickly comes to explain it to Wendy. It’s one of their invention (uh, it’s just Peter, truth is). But because Peter’s motto is whatever problem done by him is also his subordinate’s work and his subordinate’s problem is just theirs, he just easily asking Wendy to play with him rather than repairing the house. Wendy is mad at him, but Peter promised to repair the house after playing. She believed that and going with Peter to play. It’s a dangerous play, where Wendy must jump down so Peter can save her. First, she won’t do that life-taking game, but Tinker comes and push her down. Well, everything ends well and Wendy’s house can be repaired as quick as magic (that also makes John and Michael surprise to knows the speed). In this story, Peter told that he won’t say lies to Wendy ever and his duty is to protect her.

Wendy tries to leave the house and go to sea. She met 4 pirates (Bill Jukes, Smee, Cecco, and Starkey-read wikipedia about other characters in Peter Pan) on her way, who wanted to kidnap her. They’re all James Hook’s subordinate and came to bring Wendy to their ship. There, there’s a bird called Jewel, who wants to push Wendy away from the ship. But Hook came and commanded it to be quiet. It’s a wrong capture because what Hook wanted is a blonde fairy (Tinker?). Looking and knowing at Wendy’s pride and brave personality, Hook just laughing at her. Suddenly, Jewel brings an orgel, very important to Hook so they can’t let Wendy take it even though he doesn’t know anything about the music from it.

Wendy seems to have heard it but she forget it where. Because of it, Hook suggested her to come again if she’s interested in that thing and also giving chance to her to eat and liking Hook’s chocolate. Okay, Hook insisted to take Wendy home so they took a walk together (with his army of pirates). But Wendy realizes if Hook and Peter meet, they will fight, so she ask Hook to stop there. Before Hook left, he said that he didn’t hate woman with bad mouth (like Wendy). Then, Tinker came after looking at Wendy’s conversation with Hook. She’s just saying that she hate Wendy very much.

Later, Wendy decides to go to Hook’s ship again for the orgel. John is against that idea at first, but after Wendy said the pirates might scout man for their work, John is scared to go. Wendy goes alone but too bad, that day is a bad day for Hook. Many of his subordinate are being kicked one by one because of his bad mood. When he looks at Wendy, Hook is telling her to go for now and not interfere with his problem. He even kicked out Jewel (his bird) together with Wendy from his room. In front of Hook’s room, Smee is telling Wendy that it’s better to go now but he also wants Wendy to come again because from what he looks, Hook is having fun while she’s there.

Another day has come. It’s begin when Michael say he doesn’t really care on how long they will be in Never Land. He even suggested Wendy to try eat sweets so they can make judgement quickly. But Wendy is taking that as nothing then try going to town. She meets a sweets shop owner but Wendy doesn’t want to eat anything. Then, she goes asking every people in town if they have seen Peter. One old man said Peter hadn’t come to town because if he is, there would be crowded in it.

While she’s taking a break, Tink finds her whereabout. Actually, he likes to examine human’s behavior through children playing there. Suddenly, a little girl fell off in front of him without anything causing it. It makes Tink laughing so much because of that girl’s strange attitude. He even think to cage the girl to see her fall over again (Yeah, scary). Then, Wendy ask him if he can help her go out from Never Land. Tink said he will do it if it’s interesting for him, so Wendy just can nodded when he ask her to learn flying. She almost died from falling and burst out her angry to Tink. As he knew Wendy can die from it, he helped her. But he think Wendy’s scared face is entertaining so he let her go again. Though he can’t kill her and grab her again as a participant can’t kill the judge. That’s the rule.

Okay, this where the story about Peter gets deeper. Wendy is thinking about something while walking to the wood. She can’t tell it even to Michael so he thinks Wendy is homesick. After that, she walks again alone until Peter surprising her (though he already followed her long ago before she could recognize him). He follows her walking and think it’s good to walk once a while. Also, he will protect Wendy because she doesn’t want to go home that fast even if it’s turning dark outside.

Too bad Wendy almost fall if Peter doesn’t take her body. He is really proud at what he have done and tells her to go home now with him. She agrees after thinking about it again, but Peter takes her flying. Well, she is happy with it so she will make dinner for him too. Even though he never had eat anything from Wendy, Peter said he like her food because it’ll be warm to eat something which prepared for him.

One time, Wendy and Nana are taking a walk when suddenly rain comes. They’re taking shelter in an old abandoned house, which remained her of her past. Wendy almost have mother complex when she wants to grow like her mother, but then everything changed. Her mom even got mad at her cooking. But after rain has stop, they come back again to her sweet house.

Early in the morning, Peter comes to ask her to get ready for the second contest (which she doesn’t know before). Wendy doesn’t have a choice rather than quickly following Peter flying even though she wanted to brush hair, etc (because Peter told she’s already pretty even without it). They came to the place, but when Peter opened the door, there’s already Hook in there, shouting to Peter. Straightly, Peter closed the door again without saying anything (the truth is, he is mad that Hook comes faster than him). When he opens the door for the second time, Hook is asking about the reason. Well, Hook already knew of the reason so he just joking with it, but Peter took it seriously and tried to fight. Wendy, doesn’t want Peter to get hurts, so she shield him with her body. Peter is happy to be inside of her warmth, just letting Hook jealous of it. When he almost reaches Peter, Tokei Wani and its master, Scissor, arrives at the hall.

The second contest became a mess after Tink and Tinker said intimidating words to Hook. While Hook tries to kill Tinker and dangers every person in the hall, John and Michael are suggesting Wendy to go inside the judgement room even though they haven’t eat anything. Without thinking much, Wendy choose the drop of happiness (Peter) and the others are following her choice. But it seems to failed, scattering all of the people in the hall. Peter is the first person who found Wendy. Then, Tinker came, saying there’s a way to end the contest. But if it’s like that, the meaning of the contest, which is to entertain people in the never-ending world, will break. It’s something like killing people of Never Land. For Peter, he will do his best to not let the people die (which is to do the contest for hundred more times?). The conversation is being stopped by Hook’s arrival, with Michael in his hand. They almost have a fight again (Peter and Hook), but Wendy choose to save Peter, so it triggers Peter’s idea to run away from Hook. They can’t end the contest once again…

Late in the night, Wendy and her brothers can’t sleep well because of a loud sound from Peter’s house. They try asking it in the morning, but Peter and his subordinate are sleeping tightly, like one from tired work. Suddenly, he grab Wendy’s skirt while asleep, so she decides to wait for him to wake up. But she can’t hold to sleep too while John and Michael are waiting outside. When she finally awakes, Peter is already there, in front of her, being happy to see her smiling face in sleep. It’s became their secret when John and Michael asked it. Peter always asking to play with Wendy because he likes her. But too bad, Wendy doesn’t want to because they haven’t sleep well last night. That makes Peter think he’s in fault too and because of his innocent mind, Wendy promised to play with him the next morning. But too bad, Slightly and Tootles have awakened, which keeps Peter busy telling them to sleep again so they can play tomorrow.

It’s the promised day to play with Peter. John and Michael are out. Peter came to Wendy’s room just to find her in fever. She tells him it just need a little rest so Peter decides to do everything she usually does because he always staring her EVERYDAY (Wendy doesn’t want to ask more than that)!! When she finally asleep, she’s wake up from noises in the kitchen. Peter is washing the dishes while flying, and also breaking things. Of course Wendy can’t stand to it then giving command to quit. But Peter say he will do her usual chores because it will be boring if she did it everyday. For him, it’s best to find and do new things to avoid dying from bore.

Peter tells Wendy to sleep again if she wants him to stop breaking things. He also said that it’s common to wanted to see the people he loved smiling. That words makes Wendy blush, although it’s come from a boy. They slept together and when she’s awake, Peter’s still there. He wants to get close to Wendy, stronger than being just a friend, like with Tinker. He comes to conclussion that it’ll be good if they’re a lover. But Wendy say it’s the same as always, since Peter’s thoughts of lover is one who always do anything together. Yeah, but it’s just making Peter comes to more of weird idea, that they’re already lover from doing things together… o(´^`)o

That new day, Nibs came to Wendy, telling her that Hook’s already there to kill Peter. She rushed to where the two of them fighting (for Peter, it’s playing), but catch by Hook instead. Peter thinks they’re playing around until Wendy told him to save her life (because Hook took his sword in front of her neck-and Peter still thought it’s playing?). Then, Peter agreed to help her. But… well, Hook took a kiss from Wendy and made Peter really angry. Hook said he will spare Wendy’s life if Peter die. Unfortunately, Jewel gave signal that Hook is already in danger (Tokei Wani?).

What the? This is Peter’s route!

Quickly, Peter grab Wendy, falling on the ground, and kissed her (wildly). He doesn’t want any guy to touch her because Peter feels she’s belong to him. And about Tokei Wani, the truth is, Nibs and all the minions making its sound like Tokei Wani’s. Remembering what Hook have done to Wendy, Peter determined to kill him. But Wendy told him to behave like an adult and so, she didn’t want him to kill people easily. Peter agreed to hear what Wendy have said, but she must also promised that she will do what he said too. It is about the only one who can kiss her is him. Wendy agreed to the promise and playing lover with him isn’t that bad.

Actually, Wendy has prepared bentou for her and Michael. But Peter came and stealing her to the sky. He is happy that Wendy made food for him because there isn’t anyone who make it until now. Too bad, it’s for Michael also, so Wendy promised she will make bentou just for him. Not long after that, Tink appeared. He wouldn’t understand what Peter felt now, just wanted to share information about a big bird. After the conversation with Tink, Peter brought Wendy to the cloud and have a picnic there. He said it’s a perfect time to sleep and asked Wendy to sleep together. Of course she refused (because it’s childish), so Peter grabbed her hand to do what he wanted. Is it a hallucination or not, Wendy can feel Peter’s strenght isn’t like of a child. She even seeing his face become someone she doesn’t know, an adult guy. Without doubt, she pulled out Peter’s hand from her, but it turned out he’s the same child.

Again, Peter brought Wendy to a weird dark place, like a cave. She can’t see anything, but Peter can. He can see anything he want, except if there’s the dark of a new moon. Wendy’s world is the same, dark like that, so he doesn’t like it too. Because Wendy insulted him about the common world, Peter is angry for the first time.

They finally reached the place where there’s shiny mushroom as the mermaid told him. If a lover touch it, their color will be change (maybe to a good one). He wants Wendy to touch it too, together with him, because he calls them lover (actually, Wendy thinks if Peter is an adult more..). After the mushroom changed its color, Peter is so happy, also thinks if he can make it as a mushroom accessory. Suddenly, Wendy feels Peter is in danger so she push him to the ground and save him. But He said he doesn’t need someone to protect him as he is strong. Though he say that, Peter is also glad Wendy did that for him. As a thank you, he kissed her again and saying he love her (actually he already said it numerous times).

Then, he brings Wendy to Scissor’s ship, showing him the mushroom has turn to rose color and it’s accepting Peter and Wendy as a lover. Of course Scissor doesn’t care about that. Because of it, Peter goes to search someone who will listen to him. Meanwhile, Scissor reveals that he feels strange about Peter, who is the only one who can go to another world.

Again, Wendy comes to a house that makes her remember of when her mother changed. She thinks with money, she can be happier and that’s why,Wendy is offering her help to take care of their house. When she fell asleep, she could dreaming of he rmother being mad at her because she’s fail to protect the house. Wendy awakes in her house, in front of Peter. He wants to bring her watching the stars.

It feels strange since Peter is quiet while they’re watching stars together. That is because Peter hates the other world beyond the moon’s darkness. He can’t tell her why for now, but he wants Wendy to spent the night with him. Wendy agrees, thinking he’s still a child. For hsi happiness, Peter kisses her again, a long kiss. Surprisingly, he turns to adult while doing that. That makes Wendy afraid if he’s not Peter (and well, Ishida’s voice is really change!). He just said that finally, Wendy can see him as an adult, because, if people see him as a child then he will look like it and the reverse. That moment just waking up his adult desire. He kissed Wendy again, saying he now know of what Tinker always said (the “like so wanna eat” thing).

Now, Peter is coming to Wendy’s house to eat breakfast together. Sadly, John hate that and he won’t allow Peter to eat with their family. While Wendy is thinking and finally choose to Peter’s side, he already eat the food (so fast!). So, he brings Wendy to a colorful forest, leaving Michael in question about Peter-Wendy’s relationships (because Peter said they’re dating for the first time to Michael and John). That forest is a secret from all creatures in Never Land, made from drop. And truthfully, it’s the same as sad taste. He gave her blue one but she refused. So as an excuse to kiss her, he gives it mouth-to-mouth? Then, become adult Peter again! Suddenly, Wendy is flowing out tears from the drop. While she’s crying, Peter is hugging her, saying thanks.

After she come home, John is mad at that revealing truth of her and Peter relationship. But Michael is alright as long as Wendy is happy. Well, she give the blue drop with mint taste to Michael and ask why she can taste it (sweet). She just told him it’s to make them go home quickly. Now, the only troublesome guy is just John, who doesn’t want to eat it.

For the reason to always eat Wendy’s cooking, Peter is offering his help to be a maid. He helps her clean the house. Suddenly, Tink and Tinker are coming to invite him playing. But he refused so Tinker is very mad at Wendy. She hurts Wendy and that time, Peter pushes her to go playing alone because as long as there’s Wendy, he doesn’t need anything else. After Tink brings Tinker go, Peter said he wants to be with her forever. That words makes him changes to adult form, also saying Wendy is cute. He almost kissing her again if Wendy doesn’t say he’s a liar because Peter must help the cleaning. Well, Michael is also looking at it all and realize Peter becomes an adult in his eyes for a moment. He request explanation from Wendy and can wait for her promise.

First in the morning, Peter came to Wendy’s house to inform them about a contest again. Despite following Peter’s instruction to go quickly, Wendy prefers to have a fight with him so she choose to walk by herself (John and Michael are being brough by Peter). It’s raining when she walked by, no helping to go quickly. Suddenly, Tinker offering her help, as well as saying she’s a puppet to that world and because of it, she can understand that world’s feelings. Tinker won’t let the contest fail because it will break Never Land. For it, she promised to find a way for Wendy to go back to her world.

Uh, but, Tinker choose to kill Wendy as no one will cry over her. In the crucial time, Peter stabs her chest with his knife from behind. He will do everything to save Wendy. Though Wendy ordered him to let Tinker alive and he did it. Peter let her go after he say not to come in front of him again. The truth is, even though he already stabbed her, fairy wouldn’t die. So Tinker is alright. Again, Peter said to believe in him, that he will protect her. When Wendy wants to believe, she begins seeing him as adult again. He kissed her head and took her home (wait, what about the third contest?).

Another day time walking with Peter (in adult form). They’ve come near fairies den. When Wendy mentioned Tinker ‘s name, Peter said he don’t remember that name. The reason is because he always play with fairies, and they have been born in common form, also can live for hundred years. They’re living with world and so called the world’s puppet. Speaking of fairies, a few of them are coming to play with Peter, but after finds out about Wendy, they takes her too. One of male fairy gives Wendy a garland to her head, but Peter said to give to him first then he will give it to Wendy (oh yeah, he’s a egoist). And they really did of what he said, whoever made them, he must be the person who give it to her..

From the fairies suggestion, they came to the lake where mermaid is. Their song is beautiful, also dangerous because it can put people to the water. Peter goes to tell about his girlfriend and as a gift, the mermaid give Wendy a neklace. (I forgot to mentione that it’s the first time I’ve heard something unbalance form text-Ishida’s speaking. It must be: “ここで君に歌お聴かせてくれるらしいよ。” But Ishida speaks: “君にここで歌お聴かせてくれるらしいよ。” Never mind).

After they’ve prepare to return, Hook comes to kill Peter again. The fought against each other but Peter’s put him to fall. Every one of Hook’s pirates are bringing him back to the ship. It’s over but Wendy wants to go home although Peter say it’s boring.

Peter’s minions are scared if their leader won’t come back after eating Russian Pan. It’s said to be the most spicy food of all. Truth is, Peter hates spicy food. In here, Wendy can hear what they thought about Peter. They are lost without him, although they must think of a new game to not make Peter’s bored. After Peter is come back, he think of a spoon competition where they must put glass (marble?) on the spoon and walking with it. But it’s all Slightly’s precious glass so he is afraid if they will break it. Wendy told Peter not to use it, but by using his own precious belongings. That is Wendy herself, of course, but he’s shock on how to put Wendy on the spoon.He keeps thinking it’ll work somehow, but John refused to his thinking and have a fight with Peter (I mean, a normal game). Curly said thanks to Wendy to change Peter’s mind because they can’t do anything of their boss’ order.

At night, Peter comes to Wendy’s room unexpectedly. First, he asked if Wendy hate being his lover. But she told him that she can’t answer that feeling for now, but she will treasure it. Peter is fine with it. Another reason he came is because he want to give her a drop (sad drop) with grey color. It makes Wendy cries for the feelings of sweet but also makes her sad. That represents Peter’s feelings for his beloved, and also Wendy’s feelings for her mother. Peter felt sorry to make her cry but he promised to love her and be by her side forever. And with it, Wendy wants to believe in that. He kissed her cheek.

Peter brings Wendy to the city. But everyone told him to go to their shop so he leave Wendy behind. There, every people said Peter is the “Child of Never Land”, people could see him differently. One sees him as a boy always, one sees him as a young man, another sees him also as a boy. Whatever is it, he’s special. She asked of the things when Peter return. He will tell her everything but a girl ask if Wendy is his bride, so the talk is stop by because Peter will marry Wendy (ah, another fool). Townpeople are very happy to hear it, but not with Wendy. And someone said it’s like a wedding game for children, so it’s alright for Wendy, at least to see it as a play. After it’s Wendy’s turn to say love, she is refusing because she doesn’t understand her true feelings. It’s alright for Peter, he can understand that and ends the ceremony with an intense kiss (of course everyone saw that).

After a party day, Wendy comes to the abandoned house again. She dreams of her mother, and when she wakes up, she is relieved to come to Never Land. John and Michael are glad to found Wendy at that house too. Looking at her two brothers fighting mouth, Wendy feels happy even without money, as her mother always felt.


Early in the morning, Peter comes to Wendy’s house to bring her to a date but she refuse while saying they’re not dating, and Wendy must do the laundry. When thinking that, she begins looking at Peter as children again and thinking he’s cute (or she likes him). Finally, after doing her chores, they have a date. Peter is showing her another path in contest place, a secret between them again. The place is called “Heart Room”. There’s a large mirror to reflect on Peter’s existence because mirror is the symbol of that world. With it, they can feel closer to another. It will help Wendy if she’s feeling unneeded by her mother (okay, he knows about that feeling ever since he saw her). And because he knows Wendy hate her world, Peter comes to take her to Never Land.

It’s thanks to that Peter comes to love her. They’re kissed and Wendy saw him as adult again. After that, Peter explained that he’s always been lost before meet her. He always alone, nothing comes up to feel happy about. Then, he gave Wendy a drop of his mother’s unspoken feelings with no flavor as it is the feelings when his mother abandoned him. Peter’s mother hate him since his birth and with it, she left the feelings for him as well as throwing him aside. But it’s the same as Wendy. Speaking of that, he ask if Wendy hate her world and which world she will choose. Of course in her heart, Wendy became to like Never Land, but she say she doesn’t know. For not knowing it, Peter asks again about her answer for his love, but she doesn’t give a proper answer again and so, he kisses her and they’ll begin lovey-dovey moment alone. *^3^)

Again, this morning is filled with John and Michael’s talking about Never Land (While John is against it, Michael is alright). Suddenly, Wendy is asking them what will they do if she won’t come back to their world. John directly blames Peter for it while Michael doesn’t care whatever world Wendy will choose as long as she is happy. Not long after the conversation, Peter comes to eat Wendy’s cooking. But John isn’t in the mood to look at him and they’re fighting again. For now, Wendy slaps Peter’s hands as he wants to bring her to a date because he says it’s up to him whether Wendy will go back or not to her world.

At night, Peter comes to Wendy’s room, asking what she think about her answer to his heart. But Wendy doesn’t know how to answer it since it’ll be better if Peter can come to her world if she choose to go back. But Peter won’t do that if she doesn’t choose him. Suddenly, Wendy feels curious of what the taste of happiness drop by Peter’s mother will be. Peter gave her some that made Wendy seeing things when Peter’s mother feel so happy after his birth. She feels the same about her mother. Peter’s kind personality to Wendy might make her choose to not go back, but he will surely make her happy (and of course his own happiness).

When morning comes, Wendy wants to tell her siblings of what decision she had made. Also, she knew today will hold another contest as her feelings said so. John doesn’t want to hear her thoughts because he knows it won’t change her mind. So, Michael hear what she has made, it is to live in Never Land. Well, he already prepared for that decision and is fine with it as long as she’s happy with the person she loved. Instead of waiting for Peter, the three Darlings choose to wander around the forest  and eat sweets because Wendy choose to eat what she likes (she likes sweets in the first place and decided not to hate what she like anymore). At that time, Michael said that John is just running away from what he hate so he won’t listen to Wendy’s decision or eating sweets. But the interesting part is, John is happy that his brother understands him the most. He seems fine already.

The fourth contest is begin with the fight from Hook and Peter again! But with Scissor’s help, Hook calms down quickly before he kill anyone near him. And at least John wants to eat the sweets too for this contest. After they eat all of it, they must choose what they think is the best. Wendy knows the feelings of love in Peter’s drop, so she choose it. She suddenly hears a voice saying congratulations, then everything goes white. When she and her brothers comes back from it, they sees the contest hall is full of trees. Peter’s minions are happy that they leader won the contest.

I don’t remember each name but I’m sure the left one is Curly and the other 1 doesn’t appear is Nibs

The contest finally comes to an end and people are doing the festival to celebrate it. Drop of happiness also scatered in that world to commemorate Peter’s victory. Michael chooses to go sightseeing because it’s the last festival for last contest. Let’s put him aside. Now, is the time for Wendy to explain her decision. She apologizes to John because she can’t go back to their previous world. Unexpectedly, John already prepared for that scenario and he left to enjoy the festival.

Finally, after becoming real lovers, Wendy wants a new house with separated rooms and bathroom. It’s because she wants to live with Peter, but also with his minions. While Peter is alright without living with his minions, unfortunately, they said they wants to be with him. So because of it plus Wendy’s request, he finally comes to conclusion to use a big house with Wendy’s criteria. It’s the house in a wood, the place sweet contest is being held! That’s Peter’s in the first place, so it’s fine to use it. He kissed her, and whilst at it, Wendy remembered her last time with John and Michael before they come back to their world.

To go back, they must make a wish together in the judgement room. John and Michael are wishing for Wendy and everyone’s happiness in Never Land, while Wendy herself is wishing her brothers’ happiness. Suddenly, they can see their world in the mirror and leave from that. Of course it’s not that simple because John wants to grab Wendy and go back together. But Michael pushes him to the mirror first. After John goes to their world, Michael says his farewell once again and kisses Wendy (on lips!)..

Not to annoy Peter’s fans.. I guess I shouldn’t put Michael and Hook’s kiss CG here?

The scene changes back when Peter kissed Wendy for a long time. Peter thinks it’s alright because Wendy already becomes his lover. After that, Nana, Wendy’s dog, comes. So, Nana lives with them in Never Land in her old days.

They had lived with Peter’s minions in the contest house. When Wendy is searching for Peter because they have promise to meet tonight, Slighty and the others are jealous because they keeps it a secret (They thought Peter and Wendy are going to a fun place). But fortunately, there’s Nibs who said it’s Wendy and Peter’s privacy. Not long after, Tink is coming. He knows where Peter is and then brings Wendy to fly and look at Hook-Peter’s fighting inside Hook’s ship. Apparently, Tink doesn’t care about Tinker anymore, as fairy won’t have sibling in the first place. They came to Scissor’s ship to seek help from him, but he wanted Wendy to not disturbing him to kill Hook. But with Tink’s help, he say fairies and mermaid won’t allow anyone to hurt people (the truth is he just wants to look at Scissor’s scared face), Scissor agrees with helping Peter. They’re flying to get to Hook’s ship.

The only way to stop Hook and Peter’s fighting is to call him to them. But when Wendy raised her hand to call him, Peter saw him as waving (he also wave his hand). So, Scissor had his own way to do it, it’s to pretend to kiss Wendy. Of course Peter smacked him and go to their place. Tink is laughing at that idea. But it’s just makes it worse when Peter begins to fight Scissor. To stop that, Tink is releasing Wendy from where they’re flying. Peter catches her, and she uses that time to say that Scissor is just pretending. The only one she wants to kiss is only Peter. They’re kissing and Wendy sees him as adult again. Finally, the problem was solved (and Scissor called them バッカプル.

That night, they spent together with watching stars. Peter and Wendy are confessing their feelings, that they won’t be happy if one of them isn’t there. Now, Peter won’t be afraid of the darkness of new moon because Wendy is there. They’re kissing under the moon and stars..


Wendy chooses to return to her world when Peter asks her in front of the mirror in contest hall. The rest is same after he kissed her and turning her down to begin their lovey-dovey. Then, when Peter comes to her room, questioning about her decision. He doesn’t understand what she thought.

She doesn’t change her decision even after the contest has finished. It’s too bad but Peter already acknowledge that. Of course John is very happy for it. They goes back to their previous world. After one year having the same hard life with her mother, Wendy wants to go back to Never Land. But it’s like a dream. Suddenly, she can hear Peter’s voice, in front of her bed. He comes to bring Wendy to his world. But when he is prepared to go, John stops them. At that time, Peter reveals that he is born in the same world as them, but he’s abandoned by his parent so he comes to Never Land. Different from John, Michael can go with that decision. After the conversation, John is also approved after Wendy said she can always come to their world.


Wendy is having a dangerous flying lesson from Tink Bell. He almost drop her down, but finally have their own pace. When Wendy tries to fly on her own feet, he thinks she’s similar to a baby, so called that on her. After that, Peter’s coming to brings Wendy to flower field. She needs help from Tink, but he just leave her alone with Peter.

The night after, Tink comes to Wendy’s house to ask why she wants to go back to her world. Wendy told him it’s because she wanted to live with her precious person, her mother. So, Tink asks what if she make someone precious in Never Land so she doesn’t need to go back. Wendy refused because she wanted to live with her mother, the same with Tink and Tinker. But Tink said if it’s needed, he can kill Tinker although it never happen. He comes to conclusion to where he will give Wendy fairy dust and she will give him knowledge about human. The next day, Peter knows Wendy doesn’t want to play with him. He kills her (oh gosh, that’s really bad end!).


Tinker succesfully kills Wendy at a rainy day.


I think Peter’s route is pretty funny. I can laugh at his egoist personality, always says what on his mind. He’s a brat. Sadly, Wendy is really persistent about not eating sweets in this route (I don’t know about the other). But in the end, she can eat it on her own choice. Thankfully, as she loves Peter, she begins to become nicer. The only thing bugging me from playing all the endings is because we should watch ED BGM even though it’s bad ending! It cannot be skipped and it’s just prolonging the playtime. Oh, by the way, is it too much of pictures here? If it is, I’ll minimize it in the next post.


  1. Hnnng adult Peter. ❤ I didn't dare to read deeply and only skimmed through to avoid spoilers, sorry! But that makes one route down! \o/ I hope you can continue playing haha, since not many seem to be reviewing this game. ^^;

    You should be able to skip the ED with the "start" button…? I'm able to do so, that's odd.

    • It’s okay. We’re both in the same boat playing this long game. Yeah, I hope I can continue it.

      I’ve tried pushing all buttons but none of it worked. This game is already confusing since the beginning, made me upgrading my CFW. I don’t care anymore as long as I can still playing comfortably.

  2. o.O Ishida Akira? No wonder I heard his voice somewhere lol, I didn’t realize it’s him. His route is funny, and you are right he is a brat 🙂 but I’m not complaining since it suits him lol.

    Exactly the same reaction for ED Credit, first trying to push all the buttons and it’s not working, so I gave up and just left my PSP on the bed while I’m doing something else.

    Btw, no.. the amount of CG is okay, don’t minimize it ^^ Tq

    • I like when Ishida’s voice become deeper when Peter turns to adult form. But the only annoying matter is: his laughing voice! Uhm, but it’s not only him who did weird laughing voice. Tink and Hook are also have that kind of voice (it seems like they’re really laughing at you, it annoys me). But overall, I love there’re many romance CGs in here, although it make my job (to capture) double.

      You have the same trouble with me.. I guess I’m not alone.

  3. I can’t wait to play his route. Peter (ღˇ◡ˇ)~♥
    I skimmed through the post or else I wouldn’t be able to suppress fangirling. XDD
    2 dead ends? T_T

    Speaking of the ED, I had the same problem too. It was so annoying to sit through it every after ending. >_> But now, the “Start” button do the trick. 🙂 I was able to do it after, like, my 4th route and I didn’t know how did that happen. ^^;;

    • Whoaaat?? The start button just enable by the 4th route? Gah, that’s uncomfortable! I guess I must take it down after seeing the ed credit. It doesn’t even have ed song, just music and it’s too boring. 2 dead ends and it are all the same.

      • I’m not entirely sure if it’s after 4th route, though. ^^;; I just keep on hitting every button every ending so I might have missed it or something. xD;;

        Will you do the true end now that you’ve finished Peter’s route? ^_^

  4. Uwoaaah Thanks for the review! Peter! OMGOMGOMG
    /me became a fangirl of Peter now thanks to you! I love you!
    Thank you for the revieeeeeew~! Once I’ll play it I think I’ll do Peter 1st, that bratty attitude of his is so cute!(and his adult form is so hawt, gosh) Aww bring me to the Dream Land already NGHH éwè

    I think the amount of CGs you put is just fine! Keep going! o/
    Can’t wait for your reviews on Tink and Michael’s routes! *-*

    And WTF Michael, Hook why are you kissing Wendy this is not your route so get out! D: (Michael’s one still bother me less than Hook’s because I like him! *A*)
    Aww PeterPeterPeterPeterPeterPeterPeterPeterPeterPeterPeterPeterPeterPeter– *just died from exaggerated fangirlism*

    • If it’s fine then okay. Sorry, I don’t know why I just knew your comment these late. Usually, I’ve been looking at it everyday at my dashboard and now, I did looking at yours when I was opening this post.

      Actually, Michael is kissing Wendy in Tink’s route also. Don’t know why they put that kind of scene in the first place.

      But yeah, although I felt bored playing his route the first few scenes, when he already changed, the ドキドキ feeling increased slightly!

  5. Cool! The review is very detailed and interesting! Thank you very much for posting it. It was great pleasure to read and learn more about the game and the characters ! *_*

  6. Argh, The Ananymous was us =_= Somehow, the WP did want to log us in in time =_= Anyway…
    Cool! The review is very detailed and interesting! Thank you very much for posting it. It was great pleasure to read and learn more about the game and the characters ! *_*

    • Oh yeah, I’ve been hearing about WP’s stubbornness from other people too. You’re welcome, althought I’m very slow lately. And now, my urge to play Tink’s route get distracted by 49 Days drama because I must give the CD to my sister’s friend (will finish it about tomorrow!).. Urgh.

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