Beyond the Memories-Shuuya & Masato

Shuuya (Maeno Tomoaki)

To meet Shuuya again, Mana use her hair as a reason. When Shuuya takes a look at it, he says it seems fine. But she feels worried because she can’t use shampoo. To makes her happy, Shuuya takes the challenge to find something useful for her hair and tells her to wait.

Inside, Rurimaru tells her that Shuuya already brings his monkey for the reason he doesn’t know. At the other place, Akatsuki, who seems to searching for Shuuya can’t find him in the house. So he walks back through forest and really surprise to see it. Akatsuki says, “Under the tree is Shuuya, and above the tree is..Ruri’s monkey.” Akatsuki feels weird about that, while Shuuya keeps telling the monkey to search for something above, for Mana’s sake. Then, Shuuya realizes there’s Akatsuki and prefers to try using human instead monkey (I don’t know what Shuuya is doing to Akatsuki, but Akatsuki is screaming).

Finally, Shuuya can bring his experiment to Mana. Her hair looks shiny (I don’t know what Shuu has found), and when Aya-hime looks at that, she wants that too. Shuuya gladly gives it and Mana is happy from his gift (Akatsuki is being forgotten and is mad about that). Meanwhile, when Mana meets Rurimaru and Masato, Ruri tells that in Takeda Shingen’s side, the thing Shuuya gives is popular. Every woman are searching for it.

Shuuya brings Mana to the riverside. While talking, the fireflies appearing. Mana is happy to see it. Shuuya asks if there’s one in Mana’s world, and she tells him, there is but is hard to look at them as much as in that world. With the thought of fireflies (because Mana really likes it), Shuuya will search for way to see fireflies whenever Mana wants it, even if he still doesn’t know the plan.

It’s night already and looking at the stars, Mana it’s pretty. Again, Shuuya asks if she likes the stars and she agrees. But this time, he is grateful for the light of stars which lighten the moon (as ninja, it can lighten up their way, something like that?). After hearing it, Mana says she will like the stars more because they helps Shuuya and the others. This makes Shuuya thinking hard if he can reach the heaven or not (to bring the stars), that even he can’t reach it and maybe useless.. Looking at him nervous like that, Mana is laughing. But she wish if it’s Shuuya, he can make the fireflies or stars won’t go away.

Meanwhile in the house, Akatsuki is getting angry at Mana’s words. He is asking what kind of talking is that (the stars and fireflies won’t disappear thing). Suien asks if he peep all of that (that Akatsuki doesn’t want to be called like that). After all, Shuuya’s mind is always blank, he doesn’t notice Akatsuki’s presence. Suien just agreed with it and saying if it’s with Mana, then stars and fireflies would be pretty in Shuuya’s sight (Too bad Akatsuki didn’t seem to understand it).

This few days, Mana meets Shuuya a few times. At some night, she meets him in forest are, where, as my mind thinking, is an area full of ridges in deep valleys to enemy. Mana asks if Akatsuki has once falls to it, but Shuuya just surprised why she asks of Akatsuki. The truth is Rurimaru is the one who has fall to that and gets help by Masato.

Today is the shrine festival. Aya-hime tells that to Mana, but Mana says in her world, they’re always use yukata to go there. So, Aya-hime asks Tsuyano to make one for Mana. She orders Shuuya to follow her o the festival too. While walking, Shuuya is wondering of Mana’s clothes clinging, and makes her can feel the wind between her legs. It’s cute to see him worried over small matter like that. Then, he walks quickly but Mana can’t catch up to his speed. She holds Shuuya’s arm.

As they walked, Shuuya said he Mana didn’t need a 紅 (something like a lipstick?). She is already beautiful (Mana can’t say anything for the sudden compliment). And Shuuya is late to realize it. There are two choice to go. One is to go to sweet stand where Mana gives the sweet to Shuuya with her hands. The second is she pretends to give it, but eating it instead. Shuuya is mad because she eats his sweet. Like a child, he wants to open Mana’s mouth. But she have one more. Before she can give it properly to him, Shuuya already put it inside his mouth (with Mana’s finger).-No comment with this scene…

Shuuya, while eating sweets (and Mana’s finger)

After the sightseeing, Shuuya realizes he holds Mana’s hand. Quickly, he put that off and says sorry. But actually, Mana wants to hold his hand and feels lonely after he release it. Not too long, Shuuya changes his mind. He feels lonely even though they’re in a festival. After he released Mana’s hand, he couldn’t feel the remaining warm. So, he asks if he can hold her hand again and Mana agrees with it.

This night, Rurimaru comes to visit Mana’s room. He works with Shuuya. While walking through forest, Mana is wondering where is Shuuya because she can’t see even his shadow. Rurimaru says it’s his job as a shadow, to not be able to reveal himself. Ruri brings her to flower field, telling a story about the moon. If someone shaking water until the moon disappear, she can be pretty. Mana wants to try it but Ruri says it’s not needed since she already pretty. After all, she won’t need a bodyguard if she can make guys ドキドキ.

Speaking of that, Mana is wondering if Shuuya is there. Ruri tells her a secret (that even Shuuya can’t hear it) to know about it. He said with the magic of love. It means, to wish to see the face of someone she likes. Mana thinks it’s work when Shuuya appearing. But it’s really him. He just want to say that it’s already late and so much wind outside, so they must go back. But Mana is sneezing that makes him worried. Shuuya touches her head with his, and examine her body temperature.

To make sure they don’t catch a cold, he give medicine to Mana and Rurimaru. Not long after he takes the medicine, Rurimaru feels sleepy. Shuuya will take Mana back to the house, worried if Aya-hime realizes Mana hasn’t come back yet.

When she comes to Shuuya’s place, he is sleepy because he makes medicine all night. While sleeping, Mana thinks to make something for him to eat. Kanehisa helps her with starting the fire. He just came to visit Shuuya, and wanted Mana to told him, to not be reckless about his body. He leaves, but now is Masato’s turn to come. He talks about cat to Mana and brings sweets that Shuuya likes.

The day turns to evening. A cat wants to steal Mana’s food, so she chasing it. But she and the cat almost falls to the fire. Fortunately, Shuuya saves them. The truth is, he already wakes and somewhat, his chest feels warm while watching Mana make the food. He tries the food and saying it’s delicious. After that, Shuuya takes her back home.

Mana meets Shuuya in the flower field, where he must work at (even Shuuya work to grow flower!). When Mana asking if he like flower or not, Shuuya is thinking hard. It’s because he doesn’t think of what he like or dislike since forever ago. To makes it easy, Mana uses cookie for example and Shuuya can understand that easily. He says he likes it. Then, Mana makes it deeper, asking about the thing he really like, that can’t be compared to anything else. He straightly answer that he likes Oyakata-sama (Uesugi) and Mana! He says it a few times that makes her blushing. Also, while saying it, Shuuya can feels his chest goes hotter (Ah, finally he know about it)… Meanwhile, Rurimaru says maybe he won’t work as Mana’s bodyguard that night after seeing Shuuya like that. But Suien comes and tells it’s his duty so he musn’t slack off.

The war almost began. Mana comes to Shuuya’s hosue to help him with sick people. Rumour said that thanks to Mana’s cheerful and kindness makes the sickness and illness goes quickly. But, the fact about Shuuya, being a ninja is a harsh truth for her.

At the riverside, Akatsuki says that he already create firework (senkou hanabi, Mana said-so it’s true, if he is the inventor?). Mana tries using it and she feels happy that Shuuya made it. He tells that he is sorry it is so late, because of Akatsuki (after the tree incident, I don’t know what kind of action Shuuya used Akatsuki for). Until night comes, she and Shuuya still at the riverside. By the way, Shuuya did mentioned if firework could be use as weapon.. Mana gives the fireworks to Shuuya, asking to play together. But with it, he suddenly feels worried, saying he is the bodyguard of her, protecting her is his duty, etc. (I think maybe he feel love to her).

Shuuya asks her to come back and Mana agrees because it feels rather cold out there, but it feels warm because of Shuuya’s hand. After that, Shuuya gives his outer wear, saying he is fine if he can help her. For that, Mana says she wants to help him too that makes him surprise. But it seems it’s fine for him if Mana is there with him (though he can’t express it to words).

In the house, Mana told to Rurimaru about the firework could be use as weapon or not. Before he leaves, he says that Mana seems not too happy. Of course she is, because she remembers when Shuuya saying he is ordered by Uesugi to be protect her (means, he musn’t feel anything towads her). She told all of that to Rurimaru, and he said it’s better if she didn’t think much of it. Shuuya has his own work and it makes all the ninja worried if Mana is making a hard face.

Akatsuki comes to Shuuya’s house that night to ask if Mana is happy about the firework. He even says that maybe she’s cute if saying something like that. Hearing the word ‘cute’, Shuuya is surprise and shouted at Akatsuki to stop calling her cute. This makes Akatsuki realizes Shuuya’s feelings. Akatsuki told that they’re Uesugi’s ninja, who just protecting Mana. He can’t accept if Shuuya comes to deep with Mana, they don’t know what is her true self.

Also, he makes Shuuya remember about Kanehisa’s little brother who died as a ninja from other country. But it’s not all of it. While Kanehisa’ brother is hiding, he makes a wife too. To go with that woman, he end his path as a ninja. As his brother, Kanehisa took his brother’s life, making it his sin. Akatsuki thinks there’s no other way than that (and he may do the same action, because he doesn’t want to lose his friends). Shuuya promised that he would just protect Mana as Uesugi’s order. Hearing it, Akatsuki goes deeper that if Mana is a spy, than they’re the one who must settle that. Shuuya agreed with it, but not too happy. He tells to Akatsuki not to worried about him. After he leaves from Shuuya’s house, Akatsuki is questioning Shuuya’s words to not worried over him, if he makes the face like that..

When Aya-hime and Mana are talking about the festival, Mana tells that Suien makes something to her. Aya-hime is really jealous of it. Tsuyano thinks, after all, Shuuya is really skillful with crafting. After hearing it, Mana tells them about the firework Shuuya created. While telling it, Aya-hime can know that she has develop feelings for Shuuya. But Shuuya is a ninja, which life is in his master’s hands. As a shinobi, his life can be taken whenever. It’s better for Mana to not go deeper with it. After all, she must go back to her own world.

Then, Aya-hime said the feelings of Mana, who worried if she can be useful was the same as her in the past. Aya-hime always thinking what she can do for Uesugi. And no matter what will happen in the future, she wants to protect Uesugi. After that, she apologizing to make Mana sad. Also, she is happy to meet Mana, that she thinks like her little sister (Same as Mana, who thinks Aya-hime is similar to Aya, her older sister).

Mana comes to a place with some grave that is built by Uesugi to commemorate the ninja, Suien tells her. One of it is Kanehisa’s little brother resting place. Suien told her the story about Kanehisa’s brother and his wife, while in other country, everything can be done to gather information, and that brother ended his life. Mana feels sorry for the deceased ninja at that place, and with just her feelings, Suien says it may makes them happy. Then, Shuuya comes there to replace the flower. After Suien leaves, Mana asks if Shuuya knows about Kanehisa’s brother too. Shuuya thinks it’s common for ninja if they ended their life, can be anytime.

For a while, Mana remember of what Aya-hime said about ninja’s life. Shuuya realizes she is not in a good mood, and when he asks that, Mana says she is afraid of the sudden words from Aya-hime and  Suien, and then Shuuya himself. She maybe missed her family so much, but she felt worried for the people there (that actually she doesn’t want to be separate from Shuuya). Hearing it from Mana, Shuuya almost say to her to stay in that world, but he prefer not to continue it.

When arriving at Mana’s place, it’s already night. After she comes in the house, Shuuya is questioning his feelings. Why is that time, he thinks he wants her to stay there forever? Then, he remembered of what Akatsuki had said about he was being to go deeper about Mana.

It is autumn already. Mana and Shuuya are walking through the forest when he look at her finger. Shuuya can tell from the changing color of Mana’s nail, she feels cold. It makes Mana a bit surprise herself that he realizes that kind of change. The conversation turns to Mana’s feelings. She really miss her families and friends, but in her era, there are no Aya-hime, Rurimaru, or even Shuuya. But before she can continue the words, Shuuya asks her to quickly go to his house because it’s cold outside.

Shuuya gives Mana a cup of honey to drink to warming her body. While talking, the conversation turns about 450 years after that era, where Mana is born. Shuuya is wondering what kind of place is that (where Uesugi has becomes a history).. Speaking of Mana’s world, she asks what kind of child Shuuya is.

He told her, before, he lives in Myoukou, as Mountaineering ascetic ‘修験者’(I’m not sure if this is the translation). His parents already died protecting him to be born. His uncle (his mother’s little brother) raised him as the Mountaineering ascetic, that they’re always going through mountain. The mountain is the place to study things for him such as bug, animals, poison, or medicine. When his uncle brings him to Kasugayama Castle, he lets Shuuya serve Uesugi (about 10 years ago). He doesn’t know where is his uncle, but he is devoted to Uesugi now. That’s why, he will make Uesugi’s order come true with all his might. When saying that, Mana realizes his tone is change. And the order now is to protect Mana’s life with his life.

But Mana doesn’t want it. She wants Shuuya to live. For her sake, she doesn’t want him to die. Shuuya touches her cheek. The sadness from Shuuya’s words, makes her crying. This makes Shuuya confused on how to stop it, and he promise not to die. After saying it, Shuuya apologizing to Akatsuki in his heart, who worried about him, because Shuuya’s feelings of Mana is already (go too deep)..

Akatsuki comes to tell Shuuya that the date to fight with Shingen already decided. After he leaves, Shuuya brings Mana to the riverside, showing the fireflies he has find when working with firework. He told that fireflies had deep meaning to the ninja, the same meaning as fireflies. But now, Shuuya wants to always watching that fireflies with Mana. The same feelings as she has. Mana puts her head towards Shuuya’s shoulder and saying poem that Aya-hime tell her. She apologizes to her families, that she prefers to be with that man.

The war has ended and Mana helps in Shuuya’s house now, preparing medicine, etc. This time, he is sick but can’t let Mana do his medicine job. Mana realizes he still calls her ‘Mitsukai-sama 御使い様’, although the last time he asks to live with her, Shuuya calls her name. It’s because Shuuya hasn’t accustomed to it, but he promise he will call her name someday. To make him eat, Mana cooks porridge to him. She also feeding him the porridge. After try eating it, Shuuya says it’s delicious and Mana reveals that it’s the teachings of her mother. But she doesn’t want to talk about her families more than that. Then, to makes his body feels warm, she hugs him tight, like he did before when she is sick too. Before she close her eyes, she can her Shuuya calling her name.

While sleeping, Mana dreams of when the time of happiness is almost end. It is when she must go back to her world. But she refused because there’s someone she likes already. Even if she can’t see her families and friend anymore, for now, she just wants to be with Shuuya. That has limited time though. Mana awakes after Shuuya calling her name. To know how Shuuya feels, Mana asks what is his feeling if she go somewhere. Shuuya asks where does she want to go, and if he can (go with her). He already turns back to call her Mitsukai-sama again. Mana says it’s nothing, she won’t go anywhere and they’re promising. After hearing it, he closes his eyes again, as if he feels relax now. Then Rurimaru comes to take Mana back. With it, Shuuya must open his eyes again. But she let her go. Before going out, Mana tells him she will come again tomorrow (and makes Rurimaru thinks he is interfering them).

On their way, Rurimaru said he realized Mana had some problem involving Shuuya. This makes Mana thinks he is like a counselor, and a good brother. Whatever it is, Rurimaru will hear of what her problem, but for now, he knows she can’t tell him anything. That’s why, Ruri brings her to Aya-hime place to talk with Uesugi. He knows from Mana’s face that she has something in her mind. Uesugi and Aya-hime gladly hear it. It’s about she must return to her world. Uesugi thinks it’s the matter she must think herself whether she want to go back or no. He lets her rest and thinking about it. In her room, Mana remembers of Shuuya’s voice calling her name. With it, she apologizes to her families and friends because she can’t go back, with crying.

Aya-hime comes to her room, knowing her feelings. Aya-hime apologizing if Mana doesn’t want to come back ‘cause maybe it’s the prayer of her. She always pray to let Mana live with her. Urgh, wrong. Mana tells her that it’s about Shuuya, not because of it. Man also told about Kanehisa’s brother, that she knew ot from Suien. She just wants to be with Shuuya, but he has not yet call her name, much more saying he love her (just say to be with her). Then, Aya-hime tells a song, about when someone is in love, then she/he must longing for beautiful word from the loved one. From it, Aya-hime told her to wait a bit loner for Shuuya. She and her brother will take care of Mana if she want to be there. Whatever, Aya-hime is happy Mana want to talk to her about it. It feels like she is Mana’s sister (but they’re similar all the way!).

After the talk with Mana, Aya-hime telling Uesugi about it. That Mana just want to be by Shuuya’s side, even if she can’t be his wife. Tsuyano thinks it’s a hard problem since Shuuya is a ninja. So, this makes Uesugi thinks of a way.

That day, Mana tells Shuuya about she must go back thing. She doesn’t want to be separated with Shuuya, it’s fine is she won’t be his wife. Just stay with him. Hearing of what she said, Shuuya asked her to stay with him and Mana wouldn’t go.

Akatsuki comes searching for Shuuya but he leaves searching bug for his medicine. While still in there, Mana asks everyone from Akatsuki, for example, Masato is gone because of his job, or Rurimaru is fine with Kanehisa. He leaves before Shuuya comes back. When Shuuya is back, he knows Akatsuki comes from Mana. They promised to see fireflies again. Not too long after that, Rurimaru comes to take her back. She wants to stay helping Shuuya preparing medicine but Shuuya says it’s fine, and she leaves with it. Again, when walking, Rurimaru tells her to wait for Shuuya because he can’t express his feelings well with words (Ruri knows everything even though he still a child).

It’s a talk about Aya-hime and Uesugi, where he already changed his name to ‘Uesugi Terutora’ (Gosh, I read history because of his name). Truthfully, Uesugi is worried about Mana and Shuuta too that he asks it to Aya-hime. She told that it’s like usual, when Mana helped Shuuya with medicine. Also, she thinks Mana will be fine, she is strong.

Late at night, Akatsuki comes to Shuuya’s house again to heal his wound when Shuuya is preparing something. He also tells him when autumn come, they, as ninja, will have new work with Shingen’s problem. Gathering information and medicine is needed. Akatsuki wants Shuuya to prepare for it, as it is his job (For some reason, Akatsuki emphasize the word ‘his job’). Shuuya realizes that he must prepare quickly because there’s not much time.

When walking with Mana in the forest, Shuuya told his new job to her. But she can’t say anything to him, she even not his wife. Suddenly, Shuuya says Uesugi has gives Mana to Shuuya, that he wants to go with her to somewhere. Mana agrees, that she wants to go anywhere, if it is with Shuuya. There’s no time to say goodbye, so they’re going quickly through forest.

In their journey, Shuuya always worried if she is hurt or tired (he is a good person!). They rested in some abandoned house at night. But at that time, Shuuya had bad news because of hard rain, the ship wouldn’t come. When saying it, Mana realizes Shuuya has a tired face. For now, they agreed to rest. Before sleeping, Shuuya asks if she feels discomfort, but Mana says it’s fine. He hugs her as they sleep. They’re talking about being close feels like that and Mana asks if they won’t see fireflies again. But after that, she sleeps and Shuuya asks for her forgiveness as he calls her name.

Later, Shuuya tells Mana that the ship still can’t arrive. But suddenly, Akatsuki and Rurimaru comes there, telling Shuuya about the order from Uesugi. It’s really confusing for Mana since Shuuya tells that it’s Uesugi’s order to them for leave. Akatsuki realizes it’s Shuuya’s lie. He orders Rurimaru to brings Mana back, but Ruri realizes Mana doesn’t want to, so he tells to wait until morning. Akatsuki agrees with doubtful eyes.

Akatsuki talks with Shuuya about his doing (and seems really angry) outside the house. Mana doesn’t even know about his lie. But one thing he knows, Shuuya already leaves his path as a ninja. And they must fight because of it.

The fight still hasn’t over until morning. While Ruri brings Mana to go back, Akatsuki is prepared to kill Shuuya because he almost lose the battle.

When Mana arrives at Uesugi’s place again, he, Aya-hime, and Yatarou are really glad to see her fine. They let her rest first. When she walk outside the room at night, Akatsuki comes back alone. She asks about Shuuya, but he orders Ruri to not let her go outside her room. He also told her that Shuuya was already dead with an angry tone because Mana thought it’s a lie. After hearing it, Mana fainted.

After she awakes, Aya-hime comes to her room. Looking at her in pain, Aya-hime is sad too and hug her. She offers Mana to go to some quiet place because her place is filled with Shuuya’s memories. But Mana doesn’t want to go anywhere where Shuuya isn’t there. Aya-hime just can cry with her.

Akatsuki and Rurimaru brings Mana to the forest again. Akatsuki tells her that Shuuya already died and he brings her there to let her leave Uesugi’s place. He betrayed his path as a ninja, and to be ninja, means he must die for what he has done. While saying it, Akatsuki tells that he alredy finish Shuuya’s life. Hearing it, Mana hates Akatsuki for that and hit him continuously. But Akatsuki tells her to look to another side. Meanwhile, Uesugi and Aya-hime speaks about Kanehisa’s brother, that he doesn’t want the thing happen twice.

Mana is still can’t believe it but Akatsuki ordering her to go, as he doesn’t see ghost there. She quickly comes and hugs Shuuya. While in that pose, Shuuya calls her name and saying he love her. Also, he wants to apologize for making her crying. Akatsuki feels angry because they still stand in there and hasn’t leave. Ruri teasing him with touching his wound on the chest and making him angry.

Finally, they can live together. Shuuya brings her to see the flower at moonlight. It’s like a promise to her. But he asks what kind of story Rurimaru has told her before. Mana tells him everything, except for the one she think of. This makes Shuuya going crazy wondering of who is that person, if she has another person she like. But it’s just makes Mana more angry and calling him stupid. Looking at her angry like that, Shuuya is worried and touch her shoulder. He calls her Mitsukai-sama again but Mana tells him to call her name. When he said it, Shuuya revealed that because his chest always hurted when saying her name, he couldn’t say it. He is a ninja and can’t make wife. But it’s fine now as for Mana, being with Shuuya is her happiness.

Mana ordering him to show his face. With it, she makes sure that Shuuya is himself, he is alive. After it, Shuuya told the truth. It is their plan after all, to make him looks dead. Uesugi even told him to take care of Mana. And he also see the conversation between her and Akatsuki. Even if it’s painful for Mana, he shouldn’t show himself. It is the promise he makes with Rurimaru. Looking at her crying, Shuuya feels hurt in his chest and wants to say he is here. But also, the most thing he feared of is if Mana will hate him. He also doubting if she want to forgive him. Yeah, she is angry because of it. But she won’t happy if it’s not with Shuuya. The only thing she regret is she is the only one who doesn’t know the truth. Later, Shuuya speaks about Akatsuki, that he is the most in pain because he loses friend. He lost Suien and still helped them.

It’s time for them to leave. Shuuya suggests a place with snow and mountain. Mana will follow him anywhere he want. But first, she wants to know if they can see fireflies again. Shuuya tells her that there is no place that they can’t see it. With it, they’re going to far away place from Echigo because Shuuya is already dead.

A few years later, Shuuya brought her the promised fragrant that he made by himself. He said sorry because it need a long time, but he finally can made it for Mana, his wife. Mana hugs him with happiness because Shuuya always makes his promise comes true. They’re kissing after that.

It’s raining hard outside. Suddenly, a voice saying that he is a traveler that needs shelter from the rain. Judging from his voice, Mana and Shuuya realizes something. This traveler is talking about even if it’s snowy and cold outside, but here, Mana and Shuuya always feels warm. When Shuuya gives him drink, he feels nostalgic and really glad there’s one with medicine knowledge there.

After the rain has stop, he is ready to leave and maybe can’t come back again. He gives them a wastepaper before leave. It really is Akatsuki and he seems fine (How come they’re behaving like not knowing each other? Oh right, Shuuya already dead). When Mana open the paper, she finds Masato’s gift. Not only Masato, but also Rurimaru and the other. Mana is happy to see it.

This time, Shuuya brings her to riverside to look for fireflies. He is happy to be with her and wants to always see fireflies with Mana. When fireflies are showing itself, Mana thinks what Shuuya said is true, about there is no place they can’t see it. While seeing fireflies and standing besides each other, they’re telling love, that they don’t regret to live like that.


Shuuya can’t keep his promise to see fireflies with Mana again. She is sad but there’s nothing they can do. They kept living separately.



Masato (Maeda Takeshi)

Mana went to the river, where Masato was doing something he couldn’t show to her (painting nature or something…). Later, Mana sees a fish and Masato can easily tells that it’s a ヤマメ (He said, of course he could tell. He is a shinobi after all). The next is カワセミ. When looking at Mana, who is so excited seeing new things, Masato murmuring that she always has face like that over something cute. Next time Mana wants to look at something again, he shouted to not look at his clerical error. After all, it’s about Rurimaru’s monkey (because he always moving, the drawing is harder). Also, he says that all of the painting is about monkey. Speaking about monkey, Masato thinks they’re hard to understand. But when Mana tells it to Rurimaru at evening, he doesn’t know what Masato is talking about. With it, Ruri maybe knows something of Masato’s mind.

While coming to Masato’s house, Mana can smell incense (that is a woman’s smell?). She thinks Masato brings woman or like that.. When Masato is back in, she asks if there’s a guest come before, but it’s not. Not long after asking it, Rurimaru comes and the weird thing is because of Masato’s job. Ruri almost tells his job a while ago, it has connection with woman (or so it means). Masato quickly hits him and he leaves after that. Masato told Mana to leave too because he still have work. But Kanehisa comes in, yelling at him because he left the smell. When realizing Kanehisa’s madness, Masato brings Mana outside and ordering her to go back (and the last thing before Masato goes back is Kanehisa shouting his name).

This makes Mana confused so she asks Rurimaru in front of the house about Masato’s behavior. It’s like, he doesn’t want Mana to see him being yelled by Kanehisa. And as speaking about Masato, Ruri also tells her that Masato’s earlier job is to go within houses, meeting many people and learn etiquette from people wearing kimono. Even after he cleans it at the river, the smell hasn’t gone yet. That’s why Kanehisa is really angry to him. Looking at her worried about it, Ruri can tell what is she think of Masato before (bringing woman thing).

At the evening, Rurimaru and Mana are laughing about Kanehisa and Masato’s problem. But suddenly, Masato is there, knowing Ruri’s talking. Because of the incense smell, Mana asks if he changes clothes, but he isn’t (If it’s cold). That’s why he still smells of it. Later, he gives a candle with orange color. Masato said it’s a beeswax candle.

On another occasion, Mana helps Rurimaru to make dishes. When helping him, Rurimaru sees her hand always comes to the pocket. It’s because she has a comb from Masato there. But when she wants to show it to Ruri, it’s gone. Mana runs through the mountain to searching it. Then Masato comes after he hear it from Rurimaru. He found it on the horizontal part of the well. But it’s almost raining and they’re in the mountain.

It’s already raining hard and they must rest under the tree. Mana have a sneeze and Masato gives his coat to be the shelter. While sitting, Mana tells of her worried about Ma-kun (her childhood friend who has been missing). She tells that Ma-kun is a good child, loves reading, etc. And Masato just can say that Ma-kun is healthy now.

Mana meets Akatsuki while practice archery and she asking about Masato. He is a painter and a person who gather information, so he always going from his house to another country. There’s another story about him. While he is doing his job, he looks at a woman and his face changed. The woman chasing him, but when Akatsuki asks him why, he says it’s nothing. Maybe it’s because during his work, he search for someone, which is a woman. This makes her seems sad in Akatsuki’s eyes, so he says maybe it’s about Masato’s family. But Mana doesn’t want to approve that she is sad, so she continue the practice. But she slipped because still thinking about it. Akatsuki, who realized it’s dangerous, grabbed her body (uhm, her chest). Mana is angry but Masato is the one who hit his head. After all, he ordering Akatsuki to leave because it’s his time to be the bodyguard.

While going back, Mana asks if there’s a time he will go for a long time because of his job. Masato thinks it hasn’t for a while because it’s already autumn and Uesugi has many information already. Also, there’s Mana in that world now.

When Mana is walking, suddenly she feels hurt at her stomach. She lets Shiro searching for someone and it’s coincidentally, Masato. He brings her to Shuuya’s place and Shuuya makes medicine to drink. After Mana has recovered a bit, she reveals that she has eat prune seed. It’s just some light poison so she is fine. But Masato is really angry at her, shouted that she makes him worried. Shuuya realizes he doesn’t behave as usual, so he offers a medicine to Masato (Shuuya thinks he is in bad condition too). It’s 疳の虫, which can recover a convulsion. Masato thinks it’s for children, so he straightly refuse it (embarassed?). After that, Masato telling Shuuya to brings medicine form another country that he want. While Shuuya took it, Masato said he wouldn’t be able to help Mana if he go to other country. The funny thing after it is, Shuuya offers another medicine again to Masato that he refuse again.

Later, Mana comes when Masato is making his own paint colors for his painting. Mana is very surprise to know he makes it himself. But it’s because he wants to make the color that he wants. When Mana asks if she can try making it, Masato doesn’t want her to because she doesn’t have the strength to make it. He claims that he doesn’t remember since when he start painting. Suddenly, Mana can remember her past, when she is searching for Ma-kun in her world at the spring.

But she awakes after Masato hits her with his fist. It’s because he is angry that Mana can sleep while just being together with a man, so he ordering her to go back if she wants to sleep. But Mana doesn’t want to go. Then, Masato lets her hearing his story about Kanehisa, his teacher. When he was a kid, Masato thought Kanehisa hate him, that he wasn’t needed. He ran away in a snowy day, but Kanehisa searched him, found him, taking him home, and warming his body. It makes Masato really thankful to Kanehisa.

Mana is dreaming about the past. She saw Uesugi Masatora, talking with a someone at the spring, but the he couldn’t answer Uesugi’s question. The end (I mean, the dream). She walks at night when she meets Masato (of course, he is guarding her now). She tells him a weird dream about Uesugi’s past. It’s makes no sense on how Mana can know Uesugi’s past appearance. It’s true, but when she also tells him about someone whom Uesugi is talking to, Masato is surprise and says it’s just a dream. But Mana won’t believe it’s just a common dream. Of course Masato doesn’t want her to makes weird feelings, so he asks if she tells it because she feels as strong as Uesugi to look at the dream. But Mana is confused about Masato’s talking. He tells that it’s just a joke then orders her to sleep.

When she walks around village, a man with beard asks if she is truly the Mitsukai-sama. He thinks Mana is just a little girl who is a fraud (He is scary). That man says he can’t believe she is in Uesugi’s side, so he asks if she has plotting something.. Fortunately, Masato comes at the right time and tells he just wants to bring the man to Uesugi and it’s he must protect Mana. But this man still refusing and already draw his katana to Masato, before Yatarou arrives too and he know the man is from Honjou-dono. Yatarou will not forgive anyone who doesn’t take Uesugi’s order to let Mana as Mitsukai-sama. Want it or not, the man must obey it. After that, Mana is really thankful to Yatarou (uhm, where’s Masato?). He gives her something from Aya-hime, his sister. After that, he told that the man before was from Honjou, the servant of warlord. And the Honjou person is really firm. When Masato is back, Yatarou angry at him who can’t protect Mana quickly.

After they’re back at home, Mana asks it’s weird that man can easily take out his katana. But for Masato, it is not, he can kill easily like that. Masato never heard of that man, if he is a shinobi or not. But he will take what he need to make him stop. After all, he emphasized that shinobi wasn’t a human. Moreover, like Akatsuki and Rurimaru, he is a shinobi who has no place to live (Means, no home and just stay at someone’s else house. Masato is staying at Kanehisa’s house after all.).

There’s some business for Uesugi so he lets Mana stay at Kanehisa’s house (with Masato). Yatarou si the one who brings her. After Masato arrives at home, he is surprise there’s octopus under his leg. He will consult about the octopus with Shuuya (after all, it’s an order from Uesugi, to take care of his octopus that she thinks it’s another Mitsukai). When Mana thinks she is a burden to live there, Masato says in a small voice that the octopus is already a burden (Seems like he wants to say the same thing for Mana because of his ツンツン. But he corrected it with he was happy and didn’t mind about it.

Then, Shuuya came to replace the seawater for the octopus. When Mana remember the octopus is Uesugi’s, she thinks she maybe in the same level as octopus. Suddenly, Akatsuki comes in a hurried after hearing it from Rurimaru to look at the octopus. He was sure it’s his own catching with other fish rather than another Mitsukai. But Shuuya still saying that what of Mitsukai=sama (Mana) saying it’s true, that it is another Mitsukai (tako) because what she says it’s absolute. This makes Akatsuki going nuts.

Rurimaru tells Mana that the octopus has gone. She is panicking with Masato, but when they decides to searching for it in the house, Kanehisa comes in with octopus on his face (@ o @!!!!!). Well, Yatarou comes as he heard from Tsuyano that the octopus has giving them difficulty. When he heard about Kanehisa’s matter, he quietly said that it’s the same for cats (Cats like Kanehisa..). Then, Yatarou also knows from Uesugi that the octopus isn’t Mitsukai, rather it’s from Dragon Palace, so they must sent it back to sea (From the woman in Uesugi’s dream).

I want to laugh at this picture!

Everyone gathering there talking about octopus. While Rurimaru and Akatsuki still confusing about it (Ruri said it’s weird since that octopus still can live even without water), Masato is knowing nothing about it. Then, Suien comes to congratulate Akatsuki for catching the Dragon Palace’s tako.

Masato meets Suien while looking at the flower above the tree. He asks Masato to take it. After that, Suien revealed that he and Mana saw it before, so he thought it would suit her hair. Because of it, Masato is surprise if Suien has feelings for Mana. Suien agrees, but it’s not the same as Masato because he looks at her as his sister. In the past, he wants to give flower to his sister, but he still a child and can’t do it. But now, he is the same because of his leg, wondering if Mana will be happy if Masato is the one who actually take it. Masato says Mana is not a person like that and will happy, because she likes nice person, unlike himself. Then, Suien asking him if Mana really say that because it’s better if Masato ask it himself (Of course it’s just Masato’s thinking). Suien also says he will not have eyes to Mana. But Masato won’t approve if he likes her and just says that isn’t of his matter if she likes someone.

When Mana asks about Masato to Ruri, he says Masato is ready to leave to another country. Quickly, Mana search for him and give him a charm. Also with a poem about safe returness, but Masato says it’s not needed for a ninja. Because they will give their life for their master. But he will receive it because it’s Mana’s order. Then before he leaves, Mana prays to meet a person he is searching. Of course it’s not needed anymore, but he just saying Akatsuki’s memories is wrong about that.

They lost Kanehisa in the battle and made a sadness for Masato, Rurimaru, all the ninja, and Mana. A few days later, a news about Masato who still alive and comes to Kasugayama Castle arrives at Uesugi’s place. But he doesn’t know the rest.

Mana is searching plants in the mountain. Suddenly, she fell to the cliff. There’s no one there, and Shiro isn’t with her. She decides to whistling and Masato comes not long after that. He really worried about her, hugging her when he reach Mana.

This triggers a memories of when Masato kisses her and she feels she likes him. After the memories, Masato tells her the one he’s been looking for in another countries is Mana. When he got to that world, Masato couldn’t remember anything beside Mana. He said the reason was because he’s afraid if Mana come to that world too, as she was a woman. For that, Mana is thanking him.

She is searching for Shiro until Masato brings it back from under the tree. He thinks Shiro maybe is a ferret. But this takes her to reach another memories of when Ma-kun found a ferret and he decides to raise it. But they doesn’t know how they eat or all. So, Mana offers to help him raise it, then wants him to call her ‘Nee-chan’ as she is older than him. But Masato doesn’t want to call her like that. Then, there’s news from Ma-kun that the ferret had died because of car accident when it went outside. He began asking why everyone must die. Looking at his sad face, Mana hugs him, saying she will not go from him.

Masato calls her that makes her wakes up from seeing memories. She said, when there’s time Masato feel pain and sadness, he can go to her. Uhm, but that doesn’t work on Masato now (no, actually, he feels happy but doesn’t want to say it). He really is happy after Kanehisa’s died, she needs consolation from him.

A new dream appeared of when someone is blowing a whistle that makes Uesugi comes to him. He asks of his name, and he answer it’s Masato. Then, Kanehisa comes to take Masato back (he already meet and takes care of him). Kanehisa orders him to greet Nagao Harukage’s little brother, Nagao Kagetora (Uesugi Masatora’s real name before-he changed it so many). But Masato refused and running away, making Kanehisa really sorry for that. He tells to Kagetora that the child is one of ninja (not yet), always comes there, and doesn’t speak much. Masato also loses his memories. Hearing it, Kagetora says the way he blown his whistle is like calling a person.

After awaking from the dream, she is looking for Masato. She apologizes because when Masato is blowing the whistle, she can’t go there, even after they have promised. But it’s not of her fault because she wasn’t there at that time. For Masato, it’s fine like that, even if Mana feels wrong, that Masato’s 15 years has been wasted. Although it is like that, for Masato, he is happy to see her smiling face.

The fight between Uesugi Masatora and Takeda Shingen almost begin. But Masato begs from Uesugi to not take Mana to the war. Of course it can’t be tolerate as Aya-hime says Mana is like a good luck charm for Uesugi. Uesugi doesn’t mind to hear the reason and it’s because Masato doesn’t want Mana to take someone’s life. It’ll be her utmost pain if she did it. He will give his life for that request. It makes Uesugi feels wrong is after he takes Kanehisa’s life, he will take his apprentice too. Finally, Uesugi agreed to not bring Mana, after he realized why Masato always blowing his finger whistle. But Aya-hime is worried because of Mana’s vision of Uesugi’s death. Uesugi himself doesn’t believe that illusion can becomes real, so he is fine with it. He wants Masato to takes Mana leaving that place tomorrow, then brings her to the spring, to go to her world. Uesugi also gives his words to Mana through Masato, that he is thankful for taking care of him.

Aya-hime is surprise to see how Masato really care for Mana. That too, makes Uesugi wondering why Mana come to that world. But after she comes, many things changed. They’re more kind now. Uesugi is really grateful for that changes she brings, because the war won’t be a waste.

At Masato’s place, Rurimaru asks if what he brings is Mana’s picture. But Masato doesn’t know if he will give it or not. Because Masato will depart soon, Ruri wants him to come home safely after what happened to Kanehisa. But for Masato, they’re ninja and it’s better not to say that. All of all, Masato promise to come back and bring Mana back to her era.

Before bringing Mana to the spring, Mana wants to go visit Kanehisa’s house. While looking at it, Masato says he doesn’t know the house is big before. Then, they comes to Kanehisa’s grave, brings flower and all. After that, she asks if Masato still remember of what he wish for Tanabata. He says he wish to take Mana back to her world. But Mana thinks it’s a lie. After the conversation of their separation, Masato hugs her tight from behind.

But after the time she should go, Mana said she wanted to live with Masato that made him angry of that words. Still, Mana doesn’t want to go back if there isn’t Masato, the one really precious to her. She apologizing to her families and friends, and stay with Masato. They’re kissing. This makes Masato confused on how they will live now. Mana said it’s fine if they’re going to a journey to many countries. It’s easy to say that, but Masato thinks it’s fine if they’re together. He wants Mana to always stay at his side and he loves her so much.

It’s one month after Masato and Mana leaves the country. Rurimaru is worried if they’re healthy, but Shuuya says they will be. Rurimaru feels lonely after Suien and Kanehisa died, then Masato and Mana gone too. Then, Shuuya asks of Akatsuki’s condition. For Ruri, he still the same fine and energetic as usual. After they’re conversation, Akatsuki comes and asks what they’re talking about. Ruri says he’s worried if Mana knows of Masato’s problem with Uesugi, but Akatsuki thinks it’s Masato who can decide about that. It’s not their problem.

Mana and Masato are taking a journey to the mountain, while it’s almost winter. He is carefully take care of her (step, as she is really clumsy to it). She say, it’s maybe better if they’re come to Kyoto. Suddenly, Masato ordering her not to make sound and stay hidden. He goes to the other side to search for it, but is back after he knows there is no one (he thinks he can feels a presence). So after that, they’re continuing the journey.

One year after they departed from Uesugi’s country, they arrived at some town. But there’s problem of searching work to gather money to live. Whatever it is, there’s many jobs in the town. After they had house to live, Masato often go to work and leaving Mana alone. She sometimes think if Masato meets a new woman..

Masato meets an old man who is very glad to see the beautifulness of Komaki Mountain. They started talking for a few moments. Meanwhile, when Mana is walking around town, she meets Rurimaru. Mana is so surprised to see there’re two monkeys now. It is the wife of Ruri’s previous monkey. Mana offers Ruri to stay in her house.

She and Rurimaru are talking anything until night. Realizing Masato hasn’t come back, Ruri asks her why. Maybe he won’t come home tonight and makes Ruri wondering if they are having a fight. But not long after that, Masato comes home. When he is back, Ruri tells him to not make Mana worried anymore and to treasure her. Ruri got a hit from Masato.

When Mana fell asleep, Rurimaru and Masato were talking in front of the house. There, masato gives information about Uesugi’s enemy to Ruri. Ruri said he couldn’t care of what happen, but he didn’t feel right to lie about Masato, who hadn’t been retire for his ninja job (And it’s not a coincidence Ruri is there). He feels it’s not right to keep that lie, suggesting Masato tell the truth or quit being a ninja. But Masato can’t quit because he thinks Kanehisa must be sad if he can’t protect Uesugi anymore. Hearing the not so right reason, Rurimaru tells that Kanehisa must be not angry because now, Mana is suffering of not knowing anything. While still talking, Masato can feels enemy’s presence that still far away.

Mana awaken from her sleep but she realizes Masato and Rurimaru isn’t there. When Masato comes back, he tells that it’s Ruri’s problem. But Mana can smell blood from him. After Ruri comes back too, he also lies of their conversation, but he will depart tomorrow.

Ruri has two monkeys now

Right after Ruri has gone, Masato hugs Mana, telling her they need to depart from that town soon and find another place more warmer because it’s nearly winter. He said, from now on, he won’t leave her more because of work. And he promised to bring her to Echigo back after finishing his problem.

Just the background color differences with the previous picture but makes me dizzy if I made it wrong to take it twice

It’s the promise day to come back to Echigo once again. Yatarou greets them happily with saying Mana has become a real woman now that he almost mention their child. But sadly, there is no child…yet. He blabbering about the how he was worried for the day the would come with so much anticipation. After Yatarou has gone, Rurimaru, Akatsuki, and Shuuya are coming to greet them too. While Akatsuki says she hasn’t change (to become more ladylike), Shuuya is saying the reverse of it that Mana has becomes more beautiful. When she wants to give them their gift, the monkeys steal it and she chase them.

While Mana and Ruri are chasing the monkeys, Masato asks of what new news about Uesugi’s enemy. After talking about it for a moment, Shuuya said Masato’s face looked nicer than before. It’s the power of Mana!

Uesugi and Aya-hime are celebrating the return of them. Everyone are there, including the ninjas, Tsuyano, and Yatarou. When Aya-hime asks Akatsuki if Mana has becomes more like a woman, without thinking much and a bit surprise he agrees. But Shuuya says Akatsuki is saying the reverse before. Akatsuki tells him to quit talking about that. Then, Uesugi asks if they has meet many stories after their journey. But Yatarou suggests them to tell more about which country has a great woman, that gets yelled by Aya-hime. They’re spending the night with a party.

It’s been a while since Masato use Kanehisa’s house, so that day, they are cleaning up the house. Akatsuki will live at Suien’s house after it. Tsuyano comes and asking Mana to meet Aya-hime. When Mana meets her, Aya-hime is talking about her worries for Mana and Masato, and about what Ruri has told her, that Mana is lonely. She always prays for Mana and Masato’s happiness.

Meanwhile, Masato is talking with Uesugi. Uesugi thinks what is happen to Kanehisa’s little brother is not connected to what Masato is doing now (Remember the Kanehisa’s little brother story from Shuuya’s story, I felt relieved I did their routes in a one post). And it’s better if Masato tells everything to Mana. One last time, Uesugi gives Masato order. His job will be change from gathering information to escorting Mana. Masato is very surprise because it means he has no other job except for Mana. It’s really the best way Uesugi can give him, because from the way it is, Masato can’t worry about Kanehisa anymore. Uesugi ordering him to protect and makes Mana happy with his life. After all, it is also Aya-hime’s intention.

That night, when Masato got back home, he told her all of it, that he was lying about his job. Hearing it, Mana’s tear can’t stop flowing, but she says it’s because of happiness. Of course Masato can’t stand her tears. He kisses her to stop it. After Mana has calm now, she says that she is crying because she is happy Masato finally tells her. She has known it for a little while, that Masato is still doing his job as ninja. But after Masato has new order from Uesugi, he says he will be with her forever now.

It’s Tanabata again. Mana wishes for their happiness. At first, Masato won’t tell her his wish, but she still wants to, so he says he wants to always be with Mana in his life. They’re find their happiness, and promise to be together again even after they’ve come to another life.


I began skipping their little change of conversation to speed up the story.

Masato finds Mana at after she fell off the cliff. He is using tsundere words that he still go early before Mana can catch him. But he still allow her to hold his hand. And, he doesn’t remember of ferret thing.

Mana decides to comes back to her world. Aya, her sister is happy to meet Mana again, and hearing about Masato, that already become a cool gut there. Mana is wondering if they can meet again and remember of Aya-hime’s words (that there will be time the two heart will be connected no matter how far they separate). Speaking of the fated person, Aya (Mana’s sister) still thinks of her Kenshin (No, not Uesugi, but someone she likes in Mana’s world, where there never is one show of his face. He must be similar to Uesugi.).




This is really beautiful. It’s one of this game’s best trait.

I don’t know why I feel Shuuya and Masato route are longer than Akatsuki and Suien. This takes longer time to me to make a post. So far, I prefer Shuuya’s route because his personality is cute, there’s story about Kanehisa’s brother and the rules of ninja’s life (it’s the main reason in this series, isn’t it?), and so many cute CGs! As for Masato, he has almost the same main plot as Shuuya, to choose being a ninja or quit it. The fact about his child cute appearance is really interesting. But too bad, I don’t really like his appearance after he turns older.

As for this, I’m really happy to play Shuuya’s route because the previous series doesn’t have enough romance or interesting background story in his route. Now, I like his route more than Akatsuki. Maybe Yamamoto Kansuke will have another good story (I hope).

Next is Yamamoto Kansuke and Rurimaru. I think I’ll skip the two ossan’s route and make a CG pack at the next post. I prefer to play something more that make me happy, not wasting my time in the two ossan.


  1. I still don’t understand, so Shuuya was ‘killed’ by Akatsuki for what? Apparently, it’s like this is new Shuuya o-O; I really don’t get it.
    I like the romance in his route ^_^ Shuuya is cute when he’s blushing and getting all blur huh @_@ thing with Mana. Damn why so adorable.
    But, they’re not married and living together should be rip off D: i want them to get married, have babies, and and continue their normal life.

    • Shuuya was killed so he could not become a ninja anymore. If it’s like that, he is free and can have new life with Mana. I don’t really get of Kanehisa’s little brother past story, so forgive me if there’s any wrong at that (But I think it won’t affect it much).

      So far, I don’t think Otomate will make them have a child. Masato already lives together with Mana for so long, but they still don’t have it. Ahh, I wished it were like that in all routes..

      • Oh yeah. So Akatsuki is doing him a favour by killing Shuuya and ‘erase’ him from his buddy list and all so that he can free from the ninja duty and spend his life with Mana.
        Okay. THAT MAKES SENSE. I was like WTFBBQ when Akatsuki killed Shuuya D:
        Yeah. Maybe he’s infertile. LOL JKJK ! XD
        thanks for this~! i’ll re-playing Shuuya’s route again so that I can get a good grasp with the plot ^^
        Really, your review helps me A LOT!

  2. oh, dear! Thank you very much for telling Shuuya’s story! He is our favourite character in the game *_* You are awesome! *hug-hug* By the way, he reminds us Mio Ikari from Storm Lover a lot! And Mio is our love in Storm Lover. Believe us, they have the same difficulties in understanding their feelings and it always looks very cute when they try to get a clue of it haha. If you haven’t played Storm Lover yet, we recommend you to! ^_^ v So, Shuuya is great! We are very grateful that you wrote this review, since we couldn’t understand lots of scenes in the game, but now, thanks to you, everything is wonderful! *_* They got married~~~~~

    And we will be waiting for your next post and a CG pack! *_* Words can’t describe how appreciated your hard work is!

    • I haven’t play it sadly.. He is my fav too in this and he’s cute, but really devoted to Mana. I can’t stand to smiling while doing his cute line if he tell Mana he love her (especially the one when he said he like Oyakata-sama and Mana both).

      Thanks for your time reading it. I loves reading your fanfic too..

      • Oh, we ove such types of men as Shuuya ^_^ He reminds us of Saito-san from Hakuouki and he is our first love in otome-games *_* Such type is caring, gentle, quite, a little shy yet responsible and brave, secure ))) Also we love Alfred from Beast Master, Hugo from LoveDrops, Mio from Storm Lover. They have their unique charm and yet there are lots of things that unite all those characters *_*

        No problem, dear! We love reading your reviews and we are very grateful that you write them. Your reviews are always very interesting and easy to read and understand! We will be waitng for your next works *__*

        • That what I thought about Shuuya too, that he was similar to Saito.. ^ ^
          And I might be interested in Alfred too if his story have much more interesting than what I’ve been going through. So yeah, I must choose another person in beastmaster that have better story than Alfred..

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