Beyond the Memories-Akatsuki & Suien

This is all about Nise no Chigiri ~Omoide no Saki he~, a fandisk of Nise no Chigiri. To be truth, I didn’t finish all of the story in the first one because: I didn’t like Yatarou and Kanehisa. Yatarou because he looks old and Kanehisa because he really is too old (mean he is more to be the heroine’s grandpa). I don’t know why they make this old man vibes because I really don’t have interest in TOO older guy than me. And I will really happy if they will change Kanehisa’s role to Uesugi Masatora instead. I just skipped Kanehisa route and got the CG, that’s all for the first series.

In this fandisk, the heroine, Shiraha Mana, will have her own romance because in the first one, there just seems to be more of war. The beginning section is where she still lives at Sengoku period before the war without anything serious happen. Then, the second part is about the serious thing they’ve got in life, some at war and the problems. Oh gosh, I wish to skip Kanehisa’s route again, but, if it’s like that, I won’t write a review. Instead, I’ll go to just talking about their personalities without using storyline here… I guess I’ll just write a very few of them ‘cause I don’t have a really exaggerating mood playing this.


Akatsuki (Kondo Takashi)

The beginning of his story is still in Sengoku era, where he always meets with Mana (always, means everyday?). They thinks Mana is in age to marry someone (Remember at the old time, everyone gets marry quickly? I’m lucky to be born in this era!). But it seems Mana doesn’t think like that and just get angry with Akatsuki, saying she’ll never marry him.

After some cheered from Uesugi Masatora, Mana wants to give another chance to Akatsuki and talking with him at night about Mana’s world. They are fine now. The next day, when the two are walking around the village, they sees a bride. This leads to their conversation about marriage again. Mana says in her world, a bride is using dress. But Akatsuki, as a ninja, hasn’t ever think of marriage and won’t be doing it, also won’t ever like woman in his life. Then, comes Yatarou here, surprise because the two already talking about marriage (Wondering to what extend their relationships has develop?).

That day, at dawn, Mana talked about her, being useless at that era. But Akatsuki says it’s fine if she just stay like that. He hold her hand and began talking about Oyakata-sama. In the end, Mana saying thanks to Akatsuki.

This is when the serious thing gets. Mana dreams of the dead of Uesugi Masatora but she awakes without remember a thing. Akatsuki is worried while looking at her sleeping. But she is fine now. Then, they’re going to Aya-hime’s place. In there, Aya told her that Mana’s power was needed for Masatora. Aya herself isn’t afraid of war and so her brother, and promise to protect the body of Mana. After the conversations, Mana goes back with Akatsuki. He told her that it’s already their job to protect Mana, so that he didn’t want Mana to be scared or worried.

The next day Mana went to practice archery with Rurimaru. Unexpectedly, she already so good with it and Akatsuki praised her. But he wanted Mana to remember that it’s already his job to protect her. After Akatsuki leaves them, Rurimaru says that Akatsuki is really worried about Mana, makes her can’t do the archery perfectly again.. Oh, and they’re some conversation with Akatsuki at night about Mana’s world. She says her world is more peace than that time in Sengoku era.

Mana found Akatsuki with blood but it’s not him. It’s from the shinobi of Takeda Shingen. Akatsuki just have some scratch, but when Mana clean up the wound, she cries. Akatsuki is confused about that, but as he says it, Mana hugs him and says it’s fine like that, just being with him.

That time, Mana is sick. Akatsuki goes in her room, says sorry to makes her look at his wound the other time. It’s not something to show to a girl. But Mana says it’s fine because she doesn’t really worried about the thing and makes Akatsuki a bit down for hearing she doesn’t really worried about him (urgh, what she isn’t worried is the wound!). When she almost fell down, Akatsuki helped her with a HUG. He said maybe it’s better for her to return home but she didn’t want to make them worried. For it, Akatsuki is happy to hear that. Before she can say any further, the maid, Tsuyano, comes in and looking at them. She excuses herself after that with a sorry (and a blushing face of the two, it’s embarrassing).

At night, accidentally, Mana heard Aya-hime and her brother, Yatarou, were having a fight about if they must bring Mana to war. Because Yatarou knows Mana is sick of Akatsuki’s blood. Hearing it, Mana comes out and tells them it’s not because of the blood that she falls, but because she worried if they will die. Yatarou understands this and agrees to bring Mana and tells her not to worried about him (Akatsuki) too much because he is there to protect her. Just try to believe in Akatsuki.

Mana and Rurimaru goes to the spring and meets Masatora there. She and Masatora are having conversation about believing in victory, or something like that. Not important for me. After that, Masatora ordering Suien and Akatsuki to appear, but only Akatsuki to escort Mana back (Akatsuki is surprise because he is the only one to do that). There, Akatsuki reminiscing about the first time Mana comes to that world in that place. Also, he asked of what conversation Mana and Masatora had because this few days, Mana seemed strange to him. He wanted Mana to believe in his strength. Mana agrees to believe but Akatsuki must promise not to die. But it’s his duty to protect Mana ‘til even death comes, so he can’t promise that.

While walking, Akatsuki remember about the conversation again. He can’t make promise not to die, but he will not abandon his life for nothing, while grabbing Mana’s hand. Near the house, Mana thinks Akatsuki feels Suien as his older brother…

Suien died after telling them the enemy’s plan. He betrayed Uesugi Masatora, but died as a nokizaru (ninja). The only thing Akatsuki doesn’t know are why Suien betrayed them and why he comes back afterward. Akatsuki asks himself if this is the way to make them suffering more. Hearing that, Mana hug him, telling him maybe Suien just want to save them.

After the war, Akatsuki comes back in front of Mana. Shuuya, Masato, and Rurimaru also alives. He hugs Mana suddenly and says he already makes the promise come true. Akatsuki has lives and so he already protect Masatora. But Mana’s time in that era already near the end. Akatsuki knows this from Masatora and Kanehisa. When it’s the time for Mana to comes back to her world, Akatsuki follows her. Shuuya and Masato just can talk about whether they will be safe or not in the other world.

Meanwhile, Mana just meet again with Akatsuki (as in the ending of the first game). She’s been on date with him, but she feels strange because Akatsuki knows many things than her. He had moved to her world 3 years ago, so he already had a job and learned many things (because of that, Akatsuki is her senpai now, that she is still in high school). The reason is, he doesn’t want her father to see him as a strange person (if he have no job), and so that makes him does his best to be approved as a person in Mana’s world. The next time they went on date, it’s to a cinema. Akatsuki feels amazed by the CG it used. Another time, he promised to bring Mana with an airplane to take a journey where she want. He wants to do things for the first time for themselves (it makes Mana feels a bit lonely because it seems Akatsuki is leaving her behind).

Some day on a another date, a friend of Mana found them eating. She just comes to take Mana’s report (which she is the last one, slow). Suddenly after this friend had left, Akatsuki asked if Mana really was studying, similar to her mother. That’s why, until she had done the report, he wouldn’t see her.

On another day, finally Mana can see Akatsuki. She comes to the promised place, but meets her friend on the seminar instead. One of them, that came to the restaurant earlier, realized about Akatsuki. Everyone are noisy talking about her boyfriend. They asks to introduce Akatsuki to them, but Mana is confused on how she explains about him, so she takes Akatsuki and running away from the mass (uh… I mean her friends).

It is a good choice because it will be a trouble if they asks about where do they meet, how can they be dating and all. Akatsuki thought so too after hearing Mana’s mind. But Akatsuki still saying that his girlfriend is in university to someone who asks him. Hearing that, Mana is happy that Akatsuki looked at her as his girlfriend. When Mana asks why comes to her university, he answers that he wants to meet her earlier. Then, they go to buy things.

At night, a friend sent her message that she is sorry to intruding them. But she wants Mana to explains about him. But there’s also the other, who said that her boyfriend was cool, etc. that made her confused. Remember about what Akatsuki had said, she began wondering who was the one Akatsuki said that she’s in university too.

For the first time after meeting Akatsuki, Mana comes to his room. She asks if she can make some food to him because of his unbalance food. But he said it’s fine and she should do her study. This makes Mana angry because she wants to do something for him, as he always do to her in Sengoku era. She even said Suien name, that it’s like forbidden to them (Akatsuki is surprised to hear it too). After some thoughts, Akatsuki apologizes and will tell her if he has worried over something.

After she said Suien name, she remembered a time she had with him. From when she and Akatsuki were fighting and Suien be the middleman for them, until he died in Akatsuki’s hands. Suddenly, a phone call from Akatsuki surprising her. Because of his job, he changed the time they meet.

Akatsuki comes to their usual place, bring a cake Mana wants (for his compensation). For this time being, he wants Mana to understand that his is busy because of the new company. Mana can understand that fortunately, but she wants more cake. At some shop, Mana finds an interesting bag. From what he sees, Akatsuki says he will buy it for her, but Mana refused that. She just tells that this kind of present will be for birthday or Christmas. So he asks of her birthdate. For a bit long, they can’t meet often. There’s one time they can’t meet because Mana is going out with her seminar friends and Akatsuki calls her too late.

Finally they can meet again, but just for a moment. Hearing Mana is happy going out with her friends, Akatsuki is glad (But he must feels leaving behind by her!). After that, they can’t meet again.

Akatsuki is talking with a man

One day, Mana meets Akatsuki. He is in the middle of talking with a man wearing suit (So she thinks he meets an important person). Mana introducing herself as Akatsuki’s friend and it makes him surprised. After the intro, she runs away. Akatsuki followed ‘til the crowded place. He hugs her, saying his job has finished and just talking to the person. Mana can understand that. But he forget that he still hugging her in front of many people. They becomes embarrassed so much. Akatsuki must work again and promised to call her. There, she remembered when Akatsuki still in Sengoku era. He said to call him if anything happen, and he would come to her.

But still, Akatsuki didn’t contact her. When she saw new about a criminal of loan or something, she really worried about Akatsuki. Mana decides to wait him at his apartment. When he comes home, Akatsuki is really mad because he thinks it’s too late at night for a woman to be alone outside. He also says that he can go whenever she needs him, just contacting him. But Mana says she’s worried about the news. She thinks Akatsuki is happy without her, because he can wait for 3 years to appear before her, while she is thinking hard of him.

Akatsuki explains that he is really happy to be in her world at the first time he came. Since Suien died, he couldn’t forget about it. When he followed Mana to her world, he remembered that’s he said that world was in peace, no cone’s dying and all. Similar to paradise. That kind of world, and the probability of meeting her, he must become happy then. That’s why he can’t meet her. He can’t be the only person to be happy (Maybe he think to find something that make her happy, to make money to live?). But Mana says it’s not the one she think of.

He realizes that this world and the world his master lives, is no different, because they are all can be happy, sad, and in pain. They still can’t forget the sadness for Suien. As they huged each other, Akatsuki told his mind, that he wanted to live with her, going through hard deal and sadness together. They are kissing after that. Then Mana said she want to be always with him. Akatsuki just said that it’s for sure.

They go holding hands. They’re talking about many things. For example, Akatsuki has two friends in his new company that he will introduce them to Mana. He thinks of Suien and Shuuya. And the main is he want to live with her after she graduated from university (and confused how to tell her parents). But Mana agrees with it and they are happy..


Mana wants to help the people in Sengoku era. Rurimaru suggests to see Aya-hime. It’s a right time because she also needs help. Aya-hime calls Tsuyano to tells Mana what she can do. She meets Suien too while working. He tells her not to do things she can’t, and just doing what she can.

There’s some time when Mana tells Akatsuki not to die. But he just said a ninja’s life is in their master. War ends and Akatsuki comes back. It’s because Mana said to him not to die and because he wouldn’t want to waste the life that Suien gave to him.

Mana comes back to her own world. Suddenly, Aya, her sister, calls her because she can’t meet her as promised because of her work. She comes to the spring but nothing happen.

Meanwhile, Kanehisa asks Akatsuki to help his master. He needs Rurimaru and Masato doesn’t mind it. They’re coming to the spring first before going further. There, Rurimaru shouted thathe came with Akatsuki. It’s because he thinks Mana may hear it. But Akatsuki doesn’t believe it and doesn’t want to say anything there. Suddenly, he can hear Mana’s voice, telling him to do his best. He just smiling to it.

Suien (Tsuda Kenjirou)

A few times Mana meets Suien, but just for some random talk. One night, Suien asks where does she want to go. Mana wants to go to the flower field, and with that answer, Suien asking what flower does she like. She tells him it’s sakura and he says a words about whatever changes someone’s heart made, the flower of hometown will never change its smell. While saying it, Mana can see his expression is a bit sad.

Mana is practicing shooting arrow with Akatsuki’s help. Unfortunately, he has some other business and takes her to Suien’s house. Arriving at Suien’s house (and Akatsuki just leaves her there), without telling the purpose Mana has come, he has know the reason. It’s amazed her that Suien can predict what Akatsuki doesn’t say. It’s because he has known Akatsuki since childhood. Also, there, Mana asks about ‘Saru no Basho” that Akatsuki told her earlier. It’s an embarrassing story but he still tells it.

I love the scenery

When they’re still a child, they had trained to become ninja. After the training with adult, they always had training for themselves. Someday, their kunai reached a forest where there were much monkeys appeared. The monkeys throwed the kunai back at them, and that time, without much proper training, the two of them ran away from the forest. Mana just laughing at his story. She makes a promise with Suien that they will come to that forest.

I forgot that Suien teach writing to kids. Mana comes to his class, wants to explain how to read some word to the children, but unfortunately she can’t read it herself. One of the kid gave frog to her and scared her. The class are all becomes chasing that frog. Suddenly, while Suien forget of what he does, he is patting Mana’s hair. She feels that Suien is looking at her like a kid. But he refused and said he looked at her as a lady sinced long ago. He brings food from Aya-hime and the children are so happy with it. Mana promised to the kids that she would come again.

Before the class is over, some of the kid asks to hear Suien’s whistle. Because Mana also persuade him to do it, he has no chance to refuse. After the show, Mana asks to try blowing it up. Even though it’s precious to Suien, he still gives it to her, helping her with the finger (also makes her heart beats faster). She tried blowing it up (That I had no other comment, except, “BAD”. Of course Suien says it’s okay..).

He took her home but suddenly it’s raining hard. Mana slip her leg and falls off to Suien’s body. They realizes the awkward situation and quickly gets off. But Suien’s whistle is falls down to. Mana apologizing for that even after they’ve arrived at the place. But the kind Suien says it’s just an incident, so there’s no need to worry. For now, because the two always apologizing, the case is closed. After Suien goes back to his place, Mana remembers the memory and blushing (because they almost kissed). When Rurimaru comes back, he thinks she has fever, but she just embarrassed.

One night, Mana goes out to see the stars. Suien noticed then, that she made a sad face while seeing it. He asks what she thinks of with touching her shoulder, and truthfully, she just missed her sister and families in her world. It’s a common thing for her, that was Suien’s thoughts. Suddenly, he says there’s a shooting star. Hearing it, Mana realizes she must make a wish, but it’s too late. After the touching scene for them, Mana begins explaining about how planetarium works at her world. ‘course Suien can’t understand most of it.

Mana goes out to the forest at night. She meets Rurimaru, and he says she and Suien has becomes really close lately. Not long after their conversation, Shuuya comes, telling Rurimaru to follow him because he has finds track of some ninja from other country. Shuuya and Rurimaru must go, so they takes Mana to Suien. As they’re walking, Suien thinks he has scared Mana (the truth is she just surprised while her mind goes blank). But Suien kept thinking that he already scared Mana, so it’s better that tomorrow he doesn’t come to her as bodyguard.

Mana says she maybe afraid back then so she apologizing. But it makes Suien thinks wrong about it. Before he leaves, Mana grabs his hand, saying she is not afraid of Suien. It’s true, the two of them are different and that makes her afraid of another thing, but it doesn’t make her afraid of him. That’s why she wants to meet Suien tomorrow too. Suien agrees with it.

At the afternoon, Shuuya comes to bring medicine to Mana. It’s not like she is sick, but it’s for preparation. Later, he also brings Suien’s medicine. Mana thinks he is fine and healthy, but Shuuya says maybe it’s because of her. Sinced her arrival, Suien became more cheerful and could smile. Before, Shuuya himself couldn’t tell what of he think. Moreover, a ninja who can’t walk is not needed. After the talk, Shuuya put Suien’s medicine at Mana.

When Suien comes at night, he sees her outside the house. Mana gave the medicine to him, said that she was glad to meet him. Suien too, is happy about it. But he thinks everyone must be having trouble too. For example, he wish that Mana can go home quickly. But he doesn’t want to be separate with her. Mana, too, doesn’t want that. It’s late already, and Suien lets her sleep. In front of the house, Suien blowing his whistle to makes her sleep well.

Before the war began, Aya-hime had prepared female armor for Mana. She tried it, but as we thought, it felt heavy. After the conversation with Aya-hime, Suien takes her home. They’re talking about the female armor for Mana. But she wonders if she really can do something. Suien tells that if she say that to Uesugi, than he may angry at her. After hearing that from Suien, she begins to feels at ease and saying she doesn’t afraid of war because everyone is with her, protecting her. She asks if Suien will protect her too, and he says he will come whenever she needs him (but with a sad face, she noticed). But the thoughts were disappeared as Suien laughing after he said he’d really like to know Mana’s appearance with that armor (and makes her a Uesugi troop’s symbol?).

After she remember her vision of Uesugi, Mana comes to the spring. She meets Suien there. For accompanying her, she tells her feelings that she is happy to be with everyone, especially to be with Suien. She wants to always be with him. Suien is happy to hear it too and smiling to her.

One day, Mana wants to ride a horse. Suien is really worried about that, but Yatarou thinks it’s fine since he’ll be escorting her. Finally, Yatarou brings Mana to the mountain where Uesugi says he will protect the people while Mana is there too that time. After Yatarou says it’s the same place, he tell his worried for Mana, that he doesn’t want her to do futile, if she can’t. After riding the horse, Mana seems to hurt her leg. Suien helps her with his shoulder, and they’re walking together to go back.

Because there isn’t anyone at home, Mana wants Suien to be by her side for a while. They’re talking on how thing is like a dream for Suien, from Mana’s words. He kissed her for a moment, but got interrupted by Rurimaru. For now, he excuses himself. But in his way back, Suien feels weird to do that. Akatsuki calls him, realizing he has different face than usual. But he can’t tell his feelings even to Akatsuki and wants to remember that day as just a day to be her bodyguard.

It’s a day before war. Suien, as a ninja, must go that night, but he use some time to greet Mana. Suien thinks he will be strong so that he won’t be a nuisance to Akatsuki. That makes Mana says that he is very nice to worried about his friend. Before he leaves, Suien hold her hands, saying he will come if she call him, protect her whenever she is. Aya-hime comes later, and saying she will protect Mana too.

But it’s the time Suien betrayed Uesugi Masatora and died (I had forgot about it, if it’s true he died). Akatsuki shouted, calling his name. And he also realized there’s one more person calling his name, Mana.

Uesugi feels sorry to what happen to Suien. He just wants to meet his little sister, and can do much to that. Uesugi thinks Mana comes to that world because they must meet. From the voice of Suien’s flute, Uesugi can tell that Suien is changed, he begins to move his feelings. That’s why, Uesugi feels relieve that in the end, Suien can be by her side. Before Mana goes back to her world, Akatsuki gives Suien’s whistle to her. They won’t forget the people they’ve met.

In her world, finally, Mana can meet Suien again. He approached her first, asking if they have known each other. Suien is reborn again, with the name Midori  翠, a university student. But she will call him Sui, like that time. They’re dating now.

While Mana and Sui are in a restaurant, two of his friends (they called him Sui too) from the university comes and asks where they have meet. Mana just says it’s when Sui takes her falling handkerchief. Fortunately, the two of them goes quickly and not disturbing their date. After they leaves, Suien feels confused about the handkerchief thing, but he agrees if the true event is too troublesome to be told. Sui is still confused why he can tell Mana at the first they meet. When he asks what is Mana think that time, she says from the first time, she already like Sui’s type. This makes him embarrassed, and makes it even with saying he may not know what is her type, but after that, Sui thinks it is Mana.

After eating, Mana and Sui talking about her future. She may choose Sui’s university but she just say that bluntly. Sui is surprised but he is happy with her words. From there, Mana wants to go to some quiet place. So Sui brings her to the park (with many sakura tree).

He buy ice cream for her, then talking about dog, etc. After the talk, he hold her hand, saying the truth is, other than university selection, he wants to talk about the future after that (maybe he means marriage?). But he postponed it because it would took long. While walking home, Sui says his parents must going, so he will take his sister, Mitsuki, another time. Mana agrees with it.

The next date, he really brings Mitsuki to some mall. Sui is really happy because it’s common if she doesn’t want to bring Mitsuki in their date. He tells the time he first knowing that Mitsuki is born. Their mother has weak body but when Mitsuki is born safely, he thinks, finally.. After that, Mana remember that Suien’s sister in Sengoku era had been killed. She looks sad and makes Sui and Mitsuki worried. She goes home to lets them take their time together.

For the first since the shopping mall event, Mana and Sui were met again. He brings his university pamphlet and telling her he has always comes to the library. He really likes that place. Then Mana asks about Mitsuki. Sui tells that Mitsuki wants to meet her again, and if can, walking together again. To tell his worried, he want Mana to speak with him if there’ something in her mind. He can wait until she can talk about it. All of all, they loves each other.

Because Mana must study, she calls Sui, that she may not be able to go on date with him for a while. Sui says he may feels lonely for that. Her sister is worried about Mana-Sui relationships. She asks Mana to blow the whistle and Mana does it. While blowing it, Mana remember of her past with Suien. He still doesn’t change, the way he looks kind, and his feelings about his sister.

This time, Mana and Sui are going on a date. Suddenly, Mana’s sister, Aya, calls because she wants to inform her about the whistle class that Mana search of. After the phone, Sui asks what whistle she is talking about, is it like a flute? But, no, it’s a long whistle. Sui feels calm whne he listen to that kind of sound when watching TV too, so he wants to hear Mana blowing it (and she doesn’t want to, because she hasn’t learn at all). After that, Sui wants to look at the whistle when Mana says she brings it. But Mana is thinking about it again, what will become if Sui look at his whistle, after all he’s holding it while dying. What if he remember some of it?

While looking at her, Sui tells that it’s fine if Mana has someone she like other than him because he always looking at her, like seeing something far away. Mana says there’s no person tha she like other than Sui at all. But still, he doesn’t have confidence about what her thinking, because she looks so much in pain thinking it and crying. Sui kissed her, but after it, he didn’t feel right to do it. Mana says she likes him, but it’s true there’s someone she can’t forget. She can’t talk to him about it, and running away.

For a while, she is scared to meet Sui, and now is her class to learn blowing the whistle. Aya realizes it. But she can’t tell that to her sister too. Mana comes to the spring of reminiscence. She blowed the whistle (with the bad sound again), and suddenly, Sui came telling that it a feeling he felt the same when Mitsuki was born and he met Mana for the first time (Apparently, he comes after asking Aya where Mana is and Aya tells him the place she likes to visit). He comes to apologizing for the last time he said. It’s fine if Mana has someone she thinks, but Sui will be the one she needs of. It’s fine like that for Sui.

He said the same words about 妹背は二世 like he did in the past. It brings back her feelings of the old time Suien, and hugs him. She is happy that Sui finds her. For now, she will tells him the person she thinks of. It’s Sui himself, the 450 years of him. After the story, Sui thinks it’s the reason he feels lonely even if everyone already nice to him. It’s like a puzzle piece, that he finds it one by one. Sui will believe all of it. When Mana said maybe ‘Suien’ was having a hard life, Sui said to her that its’ not like that because if it was, he wouldn’t think to be born again. To be happy, he meets her once again. Mana hugs him then.

The two of them sits together, telling their happy feeling to each other. Sui is happy to be able to meet Mitsuki again. And from hereafter, he will make Mana happy. At last, she wants to believe it.


After escorting Mana to home, Suien still feels worried over something. Masa to and Rurimaru meets him. Before Suien leaves, Masato tells him not to do anything reckless. While walking through forest, Suien finds out that Shiro (Mana’s pet?) following him. He said to it, to be in Mana’s side even if after he gone.

Before departing to war, Suien comes to Mana’s room. He says something similar to goodbye. It’s true. Suien didn’t come back forever. After Mana goes back to her world, Akatsuki and Shuuya comes to Suien’s house. Akatsuki still keeps Suien’s whistle. Then, Shuuya told him to brought it to Uesugi because it’s Uesugi’s gift from the beginning. Akatsuki agreed to it.





Aya, Mana’s older sister

I just finished this two routes. For some reason, I prefer Akatsuki than Suien. Suien’s route is all about his past and his sister. Meanwhile, Akatsuki has deeper story about their future. I don’t know what to say, because I already forgot most of its first story, so forgive me if something is wrong.

Next maybe I’ll play Shuuya and Masato’s route before Kansuke and Rurimaru. To be truth, I feel lazy to do Yatarou and Kanehisa, so, if it’s forgivable, may I just skip their route and go straight to the CG pack instead? I don’t feel I can stand their story…


  1. Is it just me or Akatsuki’s 1st picture looks a bit of Okita Souji (Hakuoki)? I like his route more than Suien. Plus he looks good in that modern outfit. 😀

  2. Ah, we love this game *_* Thanks a lot for the review! Believe, it’s very needed for those who can’t understand the plot ^^”’ You did well! Arigato!
    And we are looking forward to your review of Shuuya’s route *_* He is our favourite in the game! Ahhh, he is so cute *squee*

  3. yay! The fandisk – THE RETURN XD
    I enjoyed this ^_^ because I haven’t play their routes yet so it’s really thrilling and I’m looking forward to it XD

    By the way, please please please do SHUUYA’S ROUTE! Im dying coz’ I kinda confused with his *spoiler* thing with Akatsuki so I need you to explain it *0*
    Yeah my japanese sucks and I dont know why I still play otome games. COUNTLESS TIMES XDDD

    • Oh no, I don’t really understand most of it too. And when I got hard translating it, I searched its meaning on google translate (most of it really helps me). And I don’t quite sure if I can understand Shuuya’s route so much because he talks about old things with old language much more than Akatsuki and Suien. I already finished Shuuya’s route and in the middle of Masato now..

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