A New Story of the Princes

Moujuutsukai to Oujisama ~Snow Bride~ has 4 systems that conclude their own story. First is Another Story, telling about a banquet. Second is After Story, where the event is about Tiana live with each guy after the first Moujuutsukai to Oujisama ended. The third system is called Side Story, which is all about mofumofu things then you’ll get the CG. The last is Fransz’s Diary, not important though. After finishing Another Story, you can choose the guy you’d like to end up with in After Story. That is the way this system works.


This begins when Tiana and the guys find the letter from Kurt, who has been a king now. He inviting them all to a banquet. Tiana is busy to prepare her dress, etc., then end up in Lotte’s Bakery Shop. Lotte’s mom tells her about the dress from Belinda, Tiana’s mother. After knowing it still in her house, Tiana tries searching for it. She got it and tried to use it for a long time of preparation-which makes every guys can’t held their passion anymore to wait for her. When the guys look at her with a beautiful dress, they becomes so much attracted to her. Alfred is too funny. Some of them tells him that his cheek already looks like an apple, so he says it’s because of cold. Of course they would told him to stay home if he was sick. Because of that, Alfred told that he’s fine now.

Matheus (Midorikawa Hikaru)

In the banquet, many people tried to introduce him to their own daughter for a meeting. He doesn’t say anything though. Tiana feels jealous, prepare to run away from there ‘till Matheus grab her. He asks to come to a silent place, which is the balcony. There, they make up their problems and saying love to each other. The dance time is begin and they are dancing wonderfully (not).

Alfred (Toriumi Kousuke)

Many guys want to dance with Tiana when she’s alone. But she just have one eye to search for Alfred. Tiana came to the balcony, where she found Alfred, was resting there (Because he can’t stand something like a banquet, he prefer practicing). Tiana’s leg is hurt because of her heels, so Alfred carried her with princess-like style until they reach home.

Lucia (Shimono Hiro)

Lucia successfully finds Tiana in the crowd at the banquet. But right after that, Kurt is coming to them, saying that he remember Tiana’s smell (warm). It makes Lucia angry because Kurt is disturbing them, then taking Tiana to the balcony. There, he says he likes her and hug her.

Erik (Kaji Yuuki)

Erik invites Tiana to the balcony. There, he said he was jealous of Matheus because he still a child. He wanted to become adult quickly. Then, he excuse himself to meet someone. Tiana goes back to the dance hall, where many guys approaching her and asks to dance. Suddenly, the beautiful guy appears and kissing her hand, asking to dance. She realizes that he isn’t Matheus, instead, he is Erik. Erik use the potion from Gerda to make him a grown up.

Klaus (Yasumoto Hiroki)

Klaus managed to found Tiana at the banquet, despite there were so much people in it. But yeah, their time got interrupted by many problems from sake ‘till meat. Of course it does includes Kurt. But this time, Kurt letting Klaus takes a break while he promise to be a good boy at the banquet. Klaus invites Tiana to the balcony and kisses her (with a really hot dialogues). But sadly, while they’re doing that, a soldier appeared, saying that Kurt is running away because there’s a conversation about his arrange marriage. At the end, Klaus must searching for Kurt…

Silvio (Terashima Takuma)

Because Silvio is tired from the banquet, he asks Tiana to come outside at the balcony. He seems not good, so Tiana ask him the reason. Not because that he have not money like the people in there, but because their smile seems a fake. Silvio can’t feel good anymore in that place and wants to go home. Tiana hug him (and makes his face on her chest) to makes him happy and telling that Silvio can hear her heart beats quickly because Silvio is near her. That makes Silvio really happy and… continue the situation so pervertedly, so Tiana must use the powder to make him a cat again.



Continue after the story of the previous game, Tiana moved to Matheus’ castle (Of course he already crowned as king). He gave her room, where she can do anything she want. Matheus also invite her to a lake near the castle. But he warned her not to get too close because the previous king, Balthazar had drowned in there and couldn’t be save. And he was searching for key that link to Balthazar’s problem.

They walk around town, where a boy touch Matheus and he feels numb (because he can’t stand man, remember?). The father is scared because the previous ruler, Bernd, is so strict. But fortunately, Matheus won’t get mad over nothing and let them go. He says words that makes me think he is jealous because that boy can be hugged by his father.

Matheus is really busy with his work as king. While Tiana is longing for him, she meet some guard, badmouthing Matheus. When she tried to says good thing about her beloved, the guards, who didn’t know her, tried to capture her. She cries in front of Alfred because she feels lonely.

Finally, Tiana can meet with Matheus again in…bathroom (onsen?). He says it’s normal to her to see him naked because they are lovers, right (no?)? And from this time, because he can be busy after it, he wants to sleep in Tiana’s room. She lets him come after she look at his wound at the back, that he got from Bernd when they’re fighting. After he comes in, he asks her to help him with a Traum flower, to make a potion that will heal his frightening bullshit over man. Yeah, he used it to Klaus as a guinea pig and it turns to work (Matheus even feeling down after he know it is very easy, as he have this symptom for many years he had live). But when Alfred touch his hand, the potion doesn’t seem to work and he feels sad again. I guess he just lucky with Klaus..

That night, he comes to Tiana’s room and says he’s afraid if he can’t touch his own son, as he always longed for his father to do so. Tiana comforted him, wanted to share his dream with her. Hearing Tiana said that, Matheus can’t hold to kiss her and moved her to bed…

At soldier’s practice, Matheus finally can make everyone understand that he is a good king. His only hard problem is how he will do the punishment for Bernd. He still doesn’t think he can hate that person, but he must give him punishment for everyone’s sake (importantly, for Alfred). Tiana decide to look at Bernd in his cell. But he was tickheaded, didn’t want to eat. Moreover, he didn’t accept Tiana and Matheus as a ruler of Fasan. Just one lament he has, it is about him, not being able to protect the woman he loved.

One day, Matheus finds the key to search for Balthazar’s body. Tiana and him went to the hidden room with that key. The room is filled with equipment for punishment. Suddenly, Tiana hears a woman screaming and wanting help, although there isn’t anyone beside her and Matheus. Matheus comes to a conclusion that the room is filled with person’s hatred and moreover, there are many witch who died there, and mostly Bernd’s wife. They found a letter from Balthazar that explains the room is really for punishment, with many witches as its victim. Tiana looks bad, so they change place to her room.

The letter still has some more. It seems the witches are putting curse in Fasan, also for Balthazar himself, so he won’t be able to hold his son. Quickly, Matheus will be like him too. But there’s one thing that is true, he killed so many witches. There’s still a book, which is a diary of Cornelia, Bernd’s wife. The first page they read is for Angelica (Matheus’ mother) and Hidriech (Or so?), saying she will take the blame of Bernd, who maybe comes to a betrayal for Balthazar. Matheus decides to save Bernd.

They came to Bernd’s cell, but there’s nothing left. The guard is confused because there is Matheus who already come in there before the real one. They found him in the lake, where Balthazar had disappeared. And the truth is, Balthazar himself, brings Bernd to that lake (Yeah, he is similar, no, more like twins with Matheus). He wants to disappear from their side, especially because he and Matheus can’t kill Bernd (For Bernd is like a father for Matheus and best friend for Balthazar). Of course Matheus, as a King can’t let the prisoner be taken easily like that. He can’t accept it.

There is no different between Matheus and Balthazar, isn’t it?

           Tiana, who knows Bernd was suffering from his sadness, convinced Matheus to let them go.Before they go, Balthazar give Matheus to Tiana (I mean, he was happy his son would meet her, and wanted Tiana to always take care of Matheus). A memories from the past about Matheus (with Midorikawa’s ‘shota’ voice similar as Tomoe Yoh in Starry Sky) and Bernd spend their time together could be seen.

As they can’t make time to walk in town, Matheus brings Tiana to there. Surprisingly, people in town are more happy to see Tiana rather than Matheus (She becomes popular because she’s determined to make a book). They comes to different places until they reached a bar, where Matheus challenge two persons for a drink match. Well, he can’t win after all.

The time of their wedding finally arrived. Everyone congratulates them, from the 3 princes to Klaus, and to King Kurt. Klaus is speaking about Tiana’s parents who also comes, but don’t appear in this route. After Matheus comes to her room, he says, he won’t loving other woman as he love Tiana (with a kiss on her forehead).

Two years later, they already have a son. It’s time for him to study speaking. When he says ま。。, Matheus wish it will be his name (Ma-theus…), but suddenly he says “mama”. Matheus becomes so down after it. One thing he asks again from Tiana is he wants a daughter who looks like her…

Matheus was disappointed because his son didn’t call his name.


Tiana and the princes are preparing to go to Fasan, where she must studying to live there. Before their departing, Alfred says he love her and makes Tiana realizes he have words from his mouth similar to Matheus, for their straightness? After they had arrived in front of the castle, everyone were speaking about Alfred (and also Tiana). They seems happy to see Tiana and Alfred together.

She got different room in Alfred’s route (In Matheus’ she got a room filled with books, and this time, she got a beautiful, princess-like room). It’s too big for her alone, but Alfred says it’s for the two of them. He introduces her (as his fiancee) to his subordinate (Fasan’s soldier). They brings her flower, etc. that makes Tiana happy. But in the end, they are enthusiast to hear about how she beat the dragon without a weapon. It makes her embarrassed and running away from there. Alfred says sorry because he forget that Tiana is a woman (WHAT?).

From here on, Alfred will be busy with his work. One night, Tiana fell asleep waiting for him. When she had woke up, Alfred already there, hugging her on the bed. They almost do their love time, ‘till a maid comes and tells him Matheus is calling for Alfred. The next time Tiana take a walk in the castle, a few maids are speaking about Alfred’s condition. He looks so tired, despite already have a lover. Tiana becomes thinking too much about it, because in front of her, Alfred doesn’t seem tired.

She comes across Matheus, who have see her sad face. He tells her a way to make Alfred happy, which is a kiss. It get stop by Alfred because he see them talking, then feeling jealous. That night too, Alfred already tired and fell asleep easily. Tiana got surprised when he said “Dirk” when he’s in sleep.

The next day, Matheus told Tiana and Alfred to go back to Cattleya. So, they are coming back again to Tiana’s country. There, Klaus have waiting for them. Also, Kurt, who’s trying his best to speak polite (And Klaus just give him 50 points). He summoned Alfred to let him teaching fight to the soldier. After that, Alfred noticed Tiana and Matheus had talked about that before. He thought Tiana was forcing herself in Fasan, without any of her friends (What? She just thought about you!), that made him blame himself. He leaves Tiana alone until Klaus comes and tell it are all Matheus’ request. Klaus wanted her to look at Dirk, who had became unconscious after the last incident because they couldn’t lift out the seal.

Tiana comes to Dirk’s whereabouts, where she meets Alfred too in there. She explains the reason of what she have speak with Matheus. Tiana did all of that for Alfred. So Alfred is glad, but also worried if he may kill the 2 brother (from the same mother) of him. To end his worry, Tiana decided to ask for a way to remove the seal. Even if she had asked Gerda, Lotte, or Klaus, they didn’t seem to know it (Klaus doesn’t want her to do that, because it maybe will ruin the 3 countries). Oh right, before that, there’s a dinner scene with Alfred, which is where he tells Tiana about the soldier’s question. The soldier ask when they will have a children (Whoa, They doesn’t even have a marriage yet). And, he tells Tiana about his thinking, he will built a house in Fasan.

When she walks in town, thinking of the way, Silvio comes and calling her (There, the last witch’s name is reveals, which is “Laura”). He gives a crystal ball, that can makes Tiana go to meet Dirk in a dream (From that Laura person). Because Alfred isn’t at his training hall, Tiana uses it on her own. It’s true, she meets Dirk (Who blame the witches for sealing him and brings a dream about that woman-Tiana) in dream world, which looks like a lake in Fasan.

She tells Dirk to use the madouguu (the crystal ball) to speak with Alfred, but he doesn’t know what to speak of. Tiana wants to leave faster but he stop her and want her to tell more story about the real world (No, he just feels lonely actually). After she had came back, she told Alfred about it too. Actually, he doesn’t know what to speak with his little brother too. The next time she went in there, she told Dirk about many things happened (From the first meeting with Alfred, the countries’ condition, etc.). Also, he told about why he couldn’t be friendly like Erik or Lucia. It’s because he hates Matheus for taking his big bro. After all of that, he decided that he will speak with Alfred. Alfred too, is ready to speak with him.

Alfred and Tiana comes to the lake, which he called “Virtgans” (I don’t know if the spelling is right). There, Dirk have waiting, to tell his feelings. He used the wrong way because he just wanted to see his mother smiling again and he wanted to feel the same as his mother, who hate Matheus. Dirk says sorry, then Alfred hug him (Otomate made a brother complex CG for it!). So, Dirk had decided to live in that world, continue to sleep with the dragon. He wanted Alfred and Tiana to come again next time (He doesn’t tell the real reason why he choose Tiana too, but he says he is tired with Alfred’s speaking about man’s way or so. But I know he already have a better relationship with Tiana now.). And Dirk congratulates them for being engaged

They came back to Fasan and shared a kiss at the balcony. Right after that, Matheus tells them to prepare for their own wedding, because they forgot about it. Similar to Matheus’ route, there’s a scene when they took a walk around town. After he talked about Abel, his older brother, he came to a conclusion to make many children with Tiana. Alfred brought her to Virtgans, where Tiana had came in Dirk’s dream. Alfred told her that it was a special place for him and Dirk because they always come there to play. He wants to warm Tiana in the cold breeze, but he is the one who’s sneezing from cold. The last place, of course the bar. Many guys wants to have a drink with Alfred but he is with Tiana, so they run away from there. There’s a night when Alfred put Tiana on the sofa and tells he love her.

Here comes the wedding day, when Tiana must thinking so much about it, and comes the kissing time. She is surprised of the Father’s speech, and just jump in to kiss Alfred. Belinda, her mother, seems worried about it, but everyone are laughing at them.

Three years later, Tiana and Alfred brings their daughter to Tiana’s country (Uhm, it means Cattleya isn’t it?). She asks about that place, and Alfred explains it’s the place the first time he meet with Tiana, and the place where the one precious to him sleeps. Their daughter is wondering if she can meet with the precious person for Alfred (Which is Dirk).


While Lucia stills in Cattleya, he must take care of Kurt, his friend that already become a king now. Kurt is running away and he must chase that guy. It makes him tired, but still, he get Tiana on his side. She got a letter from his dad through Klaus, that tells maybe he can come to there. Lucia tells her about the story when fell unconscious. That explains the relationship between Lucia and Tiana’s father (I mean, her father haven’t approve Lucia yet). Lucia thinks he will learn to play violin if her father come.

Then, he brings Tiana to where he always comes after his grandfather died, lamenting about he can’t do anything for that person. Also, he always tells the story if him, meeting with a girl (Tiana) in the past. That time, he really want to introduce Tiana to his grandfather.

After a few months, he is already free about Kurt’s thing and takes a break with Tiana while eating cake. At that time, he wants Tiana to come to Fasan when he is in school’s break. Tiana agreed on that. So the time arrived and Tiana was excited about the view. It makes her slip on the snow and Lucia preventing her from falling. BUT! A soldier calling him and he fall down too. That soldier just want to tell him that Matheus is waiting for them, no いちゃいちゃfrom them.

Matheus and Alfred warned Tiana because she had defeated the dragon before. Because they just worried about her, Lucia is angry (for he also fights the dragon too, he says). His speech wasn’t heard seriously by his brother. Then, Erik appeared, asking Tiana for a walk together with him. Of course Lucia is more angry because he is Tiana’s boyfriend. Erik’s answer is concluding the end, he forget about it (Oh right! Poor Lucia…). After many dialogues of him being angry, finally Erik tells him Charlotte (Lucia’s mother) want to have a tea with Tiana and Lucia (Sadly, his mother never showed up). Lucia kissed Tiana after some conversations about what they liked of each other.

After meeting with Lucia’s mother, they goes to the town. A guy had a crash with Tiana, but he was the one being mad. While Lucia trying to protect her, that guy called for his friend. Guess what? Instead of fighting, Lucia tells them scary story about the curse, so they are running away, afraid of Lucia. He told to her that he just can do lies because he can’t fight like Alfred or Kurt.

Lucia decided that they won’t be stay at his house, but in an inn. Because he just can afford one room, the two of them must sleep together that night. While waiting for Tiana (when she’s going to onsen) on the bed, Lucia falls asleep. Tiana approach him, remembering her past, when she’s hurting Lucia’s heart because she have forget about their first meeting. Turns out he still awake then hug her. He keeps saying he loves her and they kissed. The next morning, Tiana is surprised because Lucia isn’t in the room anymore. She goes outside and finds him playing violin. He knows he still sucks (Because there is no one who watch him) at that and promise to be better so he can be Tiana’s partner in a competition and of course.. be accepted by Tiana’s father.  To achieve all of that, Lucia must continue his study. Tiana hug him for the happiness.

The carnival is nearly coming. Also, Tiana is waiting for Lucia’s come back before they can practice for the competition together. But he didn’t come on the exact day. This was made Tiana so worried, then Kurt called her. A soldier told them that Lucia’s carriage was attacked by robber and they couldn’t find his body. After hearing all of that, Tiana goes to the place with Kurt to see for themselves. They found a gold powder and Tiana remember the things. She needs help from Kurt to searching for a duck. Then she keeps searching for Lucia until night.

Tiana goes home without any clue about Lucia. When she rest a bit, she can sense that Lucia is in her home. And that is true. With hugging the duck, Tiana told him how she was really worried about his safety. It makes him really surprised on how she struggles to search for him. She told Kurt and Klaus about Lucia’s returned after that.

There’s one thing they must do before performing their concert in the competition. Lucia still a duck so Tiana ask Gerda about that. Unfortunately, Gerda is far away from Tiana’s home and must take about 10 days to go. More bad luck comes that morning, after Lucia takes a cold (and always sneezing+coughing). Gladly, he heals quickly (that I can’t imagine).

Tiana told him the truth about Gerda, who can’t come quickly to heal him. At first, he just says that there’s always next year. But when he was in his room, Tiana heard him shouted, crying out his weakness. The next day, Tiana told Kurt about all of that. He cries too, and makes Klaus, who appear later, confused why the two of them crying. Klaus gives her hope, to make the powder themselves and asking Gerda about the way to make it. Tiana and Kurt agreed, then invite Lucia to help them.

Finally, Klaus is coming to Tiana’s house with the powder. Lucia can be back to human for a while with that. When he thanks Klaus for the powder, Klaus gives answer that it’s not for Lucia. It’s because he was thinking about playing the violin too before, but stopped halfway. Klaus is glad that Lucia keeps learning to play that. Before the competition begins, Lucia kissed Tiana.

They finally win the competition and have a party with Klaus and Kurt. Suddenly, Klaus is saying that it’s best to Lucia to study well. Then, he can change places with Kurt, to become the king. Kurt is angry about that because Klaus finally abandoned him. Well, it’s just because he drunk from a wine. Later, after Klaus and Kurt have gone home, Tiana find a letter from he rmother. She congratulates them, because Tiana is the number one moujuutsukai now! Also, her father finally recognizes Tiana and Lucia as a partner.

Tiana brings Lucia to a field at night. She just wants to say thanks but Lucia pushes her down to the grass. They are holding hands together while seeing the stars and telling love to each other. A few times later, Lucia and Tiana are performing in Fasan. Unlucky for Lucia, his brother (Matheus, Alfred, and Erik) are coming too, taking spectators attention to the princes. Lucia is mad about that but they keep begin the moujuutsukai concerto. The spectators are very surprised and amazed by their performance. Suddenly, Tiana’s parents (Belinda and Fransz) are following the two. Lucia gets really surprised and called Farnsz “otousan” (But of course, Fransz is really mad because they haven’t make an engagement yet). While Lucia calls Belinda “okasan”, suddenly, her voice is changing to a ‘yankee’ mode. Well, they did an amazing performance and success with the concert.


Remember, just only in his route, Erik’s seal has broken. So, he is very hot just in this route, while in others, he’s the same child version crybaby.

It’s been a while since Erik has return to school. Tiana got a letter from him, saying he and Tiana became popular in his school after defeating the dragon. Also, because his personality has changed, everyone were very surprised and scared of him. After reading the letter, Tiana decides to make him one too. They always exchange letters through Klaus, who sent it right to Tiana’s house. Lately, Tiana haven’t got any letter from Erik so she becomes worried. Moreover, Lotte tells something that makes her more scared, if Erik has another person he likes. When Klaus gives her a letter, it’s just from her mother. She becomes really confused about Erik’s condition. Klaus asks her to go to Zardine and looking for herself. Before she go, Lotte asks her to make a special jam for a lover (Lotte says the jam can make happiness for couple. But of course. If Tiana makes it, Erik must be happy.).

When Tiana have a rest in Zardine’s inn, Lucia comes and tells that Erik have come back to Fasan because her mother (Edith or what) fell ill. Also, there’s a letter from Erik, which asks Tiana to believe in him. Klaus emphasize that truth. The next morning, Tiana feels something strange, like Lucia and Klaus are hiding something. She can’t come back to Cattleya and goes to Erik’s school to meet Lucia. But she can’t come in freely, so she goes wandering Zardine.

Suddenly, Erik appears in front of her. Tiana hug him because she feels so worried. At that time, Erik asks her to go to Fasan together. She couldn’t answer it yet, but when Klaus came and made Erik promise to him that he’ll protect Tiana, she believed him and wanted to come to Fasan with Erik. After that, Tiana and Erik come to Fasan with a ship. In there, Tiana gives him her own jam. Erik is so happy, he kiss her to make her feels the taste of her (Because he says the taste is like Tiana’s). What’s more hot is he promise to make a better move instead of just a kiss if they have another time (I guess he is no more a child)…

After meeting Matheus and Alfred in Fasan, Erik invites Tiana to a walk around town. Because the road is filled with snow, this brat says to be careful and if not, Tiana can hug him too. Arriving at sausage shop, Erik doesn’t feel right because he hates meat. He can’t even stand the smell. When he asks if Tiana thinks he’s like a girl, Tiana says yes. Tiana almost afraid if it will hurt Erik, but he seems fine and says it’s because the curse, he can stand that kind of thinking. But it will make just for Tiana. If other people says that, he can’t be sure if he is able to make them live. At the lake, Erik told her about his everyday life at school and about the lesson in there. Also, he told about someone who had drown in that lake, Balthazar. Tiana asks if he feels sad, but Erik doesn’t have that feeling. Not just him, but the other princes are like that. He didn’t believe Balthazar had died and maybe live in somewhere place.

A maid told Erik there’s a guest waiting for him after dinner. Tiana must leave for the bed alone after that. Nothing to do and she just sleeping on the bed. Suddenly, she awakes and finds that Erik has stand in front of her. He says he is worried if Tiana’s feelings changed because they can’t meet often. Then, Erik kissed her. Now, he just did that and holding the other things he want to do with her. Then, he came back to his family’s house. Before he leaves, Erik says he likes to tease the girl he like. And he will continue other things beside the kiss after he have grew more.

The morning after, Tiana and Erik are playing in the snow happily until they feels tired. He must leave first after that to meet his mother. Erik says he will introduce Tiana to his mother after she has recover.

A maid comes in Tiana’s room to bring tea. But she turns to hurting Tiana’s arm then running away. Fortunately, Alfred catches her up and interrogating her. That maid is from Edith, Eriks’ mother’s side. She just wants to scare Tiana and not kill her. After they captured the maid, Tiana wants Alfred not to speak about that to Erik. He agreed. Then, Matheus came and told her about Edith, who seems still want her son to be king. Edith wants Tiana’s whistle, which have defeated the dragon. Also, maybe the reason why Edith has falling sick is because that matter. Matheus suggested her to go back to Cattleya.

Not so long after that, Erik comes in. He’s ready to be mad after looking at Tiana’s sad face and Matheus together. But Tiana stop him and says she will go back to Cattleya. It makes Erik sad, stop her hand. But she will go because she believes in him.

In Zardine, Klaus is feeling betrayed by Erik because he can’t protect Tiana well. It goes the same with Lotte, who comes in Tiana’s house in Cattleya. Lotte cheered her up a little. So, she continues being a moujuutsukai, but none of the cat wants to hear her whistle. In a desperate situation, suddenly she hears a violin sound. It’s Erik, comes to her again, playing his violin. He helps Tiana make the cat dancing.

At the balcony of Tiana’s house, Erik told her, his heart almost stop after hearing about the attack. He feels guilty for all of that to Tiana (Because she is hurt) and to his mother (Because he can’t be a king). Well, he decides to throw away his destiny and prefers Tiana. They’re kissing after the conversation.

Tiana got a letter from Erik, telling that his mother already surrender about him being a king. It’s a good thing for them. Three years later, before Erik graduates, Tiana comes to his school. She is surprised by Erik’s looks. Now, he is more like an adult. Erik hug her and says he will do more things to Tiana, and of course he always loves her.


Tiana meets Kurt when he is running away from his soldier (who always searching for him because he always runs away from his work). It’s nearly his coronation day after all. As the soldiers finds him, he runs again. Then, she meets Lotte. She says her brother, Klaus has been so busy lately because of Kurt’s coronation day, so he can’t meet Tiana often. But when he comes back home, Klaus always looks desperate about his relationship with Tiana because of his busy schedule.

Suddenly, at some night, Klaus comes to Tiana’s house, looks so tired. He have take break time for 1 month and asks if Tiana can follow him to a trip. She sure is fine with that, making Klaus really surprised. They comes to Zardine. Then, Klaus says they will stay in an inn, with just one room (He says it’s not like they haven’t go sleeping together). When Tiana is agree with they are lovers reason, he’s blushing. Turns out he’s lying about that. But he also is hoping for that.

After the check in the inn, Tiana wants to go to Klaus’ school. So they are coming to there, but still by the front gate. Klaus denied that he was Matheus’ friend back then. And he told his story about Matheus and Abel when they were still study in there. Tiana slips her mouth about Matheus’ fearness to touch guys, but he says he will keep it a secret. Then, he meet his old 教授(kyouju-professor). The professor knows Klaus just wants to show of the school he have attended to his girlfriend and he wants to tell interesting event about Klaus. Before that freak professor can tell more (funny) things about him, Klaus quickly runs out from there with Tiana.

The second place they came in is the glass’ store. Klaus is buying Tiana a hairpin from it and saying that Zardine’s specialty is glass (I think, while Zardine’s architecture is similar to Venice, its most beautiful product is also the same). After that, they went for a nostalgia things because they’re holding hands. The memories from their childhood past is reveals in this scene (Well, I’m not into their childhood stories, so I was lazy to read it). But after their boring childhood conversation ended, Klaus says he knows what’s the meaning of Belinda and Fransz’s work. Tiana hug him because she is happy that Klaus understand her. Right at when they becomes so lovey-dovey, a soldier interrupting them (Klaus hopes it’s just an illusion). He must come to Cattleya right away so he leaves Tiana in the inn. When he is back to Zardine at night, he invites her to Fasan because there’s work for him from Matheus (Aww, too bad because he must be in vacation now).

So, here they are, at the boat to Fasan. But when they already are in meeting with Matheus, he says, he just wants to see Tiana and nothing more. This makes Klaus angry and prepare his hands to… touch Matheus. Of course it’s because he already knows Matheus’ weakness. We can hear Matheus’ hysteric voice about that… Released from Matheus’ flirtatious attempt, Tiana must go through Alfred’s pureness gratitude. Alfred says, it’s because Tiana have safe them (the princes), it is nothing surprising if they become liking her. Well, it’s makes Klaus more jealous.

They comes to the town as in other routes. First place is ornament shop then to sausage shop. There, Klaus makes Tiana agree to eat that with Klaus’ help (Umm, I mean he is feeding Tiana and makes her embarrassed). After that, they went to bar. Some guys are teasing Tiana to accompany them while they’re drinking. Then, Klaus remember have meet them in Ostvaiss or what. Also, they too, have meet Klaus in Cattleya’s library as the vice-president (Well, Klaus claims that he is the majesty’s right-hand-man now). With that, the things have settled and the guys are amazed by Klaus. It becomes the talk about Matheus and Klaus now.

Finally, they rest at an inn. After goes to Tiana’s room in that inn, Klaus is ready to go to his own room. But the innkeeper told them that the king just prepared one room for them, also the other room were already full. She also suggested to take the onsen first, together! Klaus becomes embarrassed quickly. They goes to onsen together, but sadly, Klaus can’t see anything because his glasses is full of smoke.

After returning to their room, Klaus suddenly asks to marry to Tiana. At first, she just takes it as a joke, but Klaus is clearing the misunderstand thing. While she is thinking seriously about that, she cries of happiness, but it makes Klaus sad to see her like that. He says that it’s better to forget it and they goes to sleep. From this point, Klaus will be busy with his work and Tiana comes back to Cattleya.

Tiana meets Gerda on the street. She knows Tiana’s condition is not good. After telling her problem to Gerda, she gives Tiana a potion (to be mixed with sake) that will make them together again. When Klaus is back to Cattleya, Tiana invites him to come to her house that night.

Klaus comes in, but he suddenly hug Tiana from behind, telling that she’s not a child anymore. It seems, Tiana realizes that he have drink sake with Gerda’s potion in it, so his body feels hot. Then, the two are deciding there is no use of that potion anymore ‘cause they really love each other. After that scene, the truth is really not so good. Klaus is awake now, knowing he fall asleep after that romantic moment. He gives Tiana a letter from Belinda, saying they are very happy with the wedding thing. Also, Belinda wants to come back and make Tiana’s dress for her wedding. Not long after that, Belinda and Franzs comes and gives Tiana the dress, while they are also talking about Klaus, who is becoming their son now.

The wedding day have come and everyone are celebrating it. Belinda and Franzs are crying of happiness, while Kurt says he already catch a bear for the feast. Matheus still flirting Tiana around, Alfred stopping him, and Erik congratulates to them. Lucia is… erh, crying, so he isn’t on this scene. Whatever it is, Klaus and Tiana will love each other forever.


Tiana is surprised after she have awake now because Silvio barging in her room, to ask some food. She doesn’t want him to use his cat’s ability (or, his habitat) for barging in someone’s house easily like that. After they eats together, Silvio asking Tiana to help him in Gerda’s store. She agrees to help him, but when an old woman wants to buy a sleep potion, she gives a wrong price. Fortunately, the old woman is a good person and telling her the exact price she usually buy. Well, not everyone can do any good for the first time.

Before going back home, Silvio asks if he can stay in Tiana’s house because he is jealous of what Matheus cs. have done before (It’s because he wants to eat food and he wants to stay close to Tiana). Tiana let him stay in her house, after all, Belinda and Franzs aren’t there. Arriving at her house, Silvio kiss her and says it’s the first time they shared real kiss. He asks if he can sleep in Tiana’s room, but even if he suggested to be a cat, Tiana won’t accept that.

When Tiana tries hard to remember the price in Gerda’s drug store, Silvio ask her to go back. They performed in the street first, but none of the people watching Tiana do the moujuutsukai thing. She almost give it up, if Silvio doesn’t encourage her to do again next day and also the next day. Luckily, the next day they performed, many people came to watch because Tiana did the comedy moujuutsukai with the cat, Silvio. Lotte was glad for her, now many people have recognized Tiana’s power.

After the performance, Tiana and Silvio went to a field. There, Silvio makes her promise to just use him as moujuutsukai’s pet, others aren’t allowed (What? He mean it? Just for becoming Tiana’s only partner? At least, not as pet, if he want it…). Also, he invites her to Fasan, to travel around world for becoming the number one moujuutsukai. Tiana agrees, even if she must worried about Silvio, who uses money from Gerda’s store. Well, at least they don’t have to worry about dinner with fish as Silvio can catch it everytime.

They arrived at Fasan after many works regarding money to travel because Silvio take it from many people. Gerda even called him baka neko. Unfortunately, the cat can’t stand cold weather. But Tiana solved the problem after make him stay close to her like a couple would do. The first place they comes is the castle where the princes lives. Silvio thinks that place is haunted and ask if Tiana can hear a voice (a joke it is). But, there is really a voice, a crying voice comes out. Turns out it is Erik’s voice, who’s been bullied by Lucia (as usual). Tiana explains to them about the reason they’re coming to Fasan. At first, Erik tells her to ask Matheus if she wants a few animals (Because they haven’t return her kindness from the last incident). But Tiana says it’s fine with just Silvio and it makes him happy.

Then, they goes to sausage shop. Silvio eats it while still hot and makes his mouth burning. Tiana helps it colder with the snow and Silvio can eat it again. The owner says it’s bad to eat it cold, because it’s better if it is warm. Nah, Silvio prefers it cold anyway. The second store is handmade shop. Nothing interesting though.

Finished from looking around Fasan, they decided to try moujuutsukai practice in there. But as the people begins to gather, a few guys approaching them and tells them to go away because it is their business place. Silvio quickly changes back to human and beats them away as Tiana’s bodyguard. Everyone around are applausing Silvio, even some woman think he is cool.

They spend the night at inn. Tiana still worried about the incident before. Suddenly, Silvio sleeps in her bed and tells that it’s best for her to be happy, with that cat face of him.

A week later, Tiana have return to Cattleya and help in Gerda’s store. Klaus comes in, gives her a letter from Belinda. Belinda says it’s fine to have a bodyguard (Silvio) because they are worried if Tiana is alone in the house. Not long after Klaus has gone, Gerda comes and brings many stuffs. Suddenly, Tiana wants to know the first time Gerda meets Silvio. One year before, Gerda received an order to hide herself and make the drug store. She made the gold powder. Unbelievably, Silvio came to her side on his own and used the powder to change as a human. Gerda emphasized that she haven’t know what will happen to Silvio later, if he can be always like that or not, because she didn’t know the effect of her powder. Also, she told her that Silvio wasn’t a human. Maybe he could heard a conversation as a cat because of one reason, love.

The story makes Tiana really worried that she can’t stop thinking. Before they goes home, they stop at the field. Silvio just wants time to always like that. And he knows Tiana have been thinking a lot after Gerda is coming. Silvio knows his true self is not a human. He wish to be a human, and blame the God who have unite them together. Suddenly he asks Tiana to marry him and kissing her. It makes her so happy.

One morning, Tiana meets Silvio in a cat form. She uses the powder, but none is functioning. She quickly calls Gerda and uses the other powder. It seems he can turn to human again this time. But Gerda warns them that maybe something won’t happen again in the future because the curse have melted on Silvio and his body might not be able to burden that.

Gerda quickly brings the potion she had made with Laura, the Last Witch. This potion may change animal to real human, but it can kill too if it takes the side effect. Anyway, she gives it to Tiana, for her to make the decision. Silvio, of course, wants to take the possibility because he have bothering Tiana so much. This time, Tiana must choose carefully of what the ending she will receive.

For good ending, Tiana can’t bear to take a risk and not using the potion. Silvio too, says, he already glad that his wishes already fulfilled to be by Tiana’s side. After that, Klaus comes to Tiana’s room and give a letter from Belinda. Silvio, in a cat form, scared Klaus with angry voice. Okay, Tiana is now a successful moujuutsukai, perform with the cat, Silvio.

The happy ending begin after Tiana gives the potion to Silvio. Right after that, Silvio falls asleep. Tiana contacting Gerda and she says Silvio is just sleeping. But the problem is, she doesn’t know for how long he asleep, it can be quick or not awake altogether. She encourages Tiana that Tiana have some power, the fact that she can beats the dragon. So, maybe, a miracle will happen. One month after, Silvio still sleeping. Tiana is praying for his awakening and that night, when she kisses him, Silvio really awakes! He said he will love her more from now on. They’re kissing, but Silvio says maybe it won’t stop at kissing that night.

One year has passed. Tiana helps Silvio at Gerda’s store. When Tiana says to Gerda that she is her friend, Gerda can’t stop blushing. After she leaves, Silvio comes to Tiana and proposed to her once again. She accept it now, and telling him they will make a new family because…she is pregnant now (Way to go, cat!)! Of course Silvio is very surprised and happy about that, confused if they must get wedding soon. But Tiana says it’s fine to take it calmly. They lives happily anyway.



  1. Tiana is back home while Matheus, with lion form, have waited for her. He lets her do mofumofu and also take a ride with a lion! He says this maybe will make kids jealous…
  2. What’s more troubling than having a lion fights a wolf? Matheus and Alfred practice fighting together in Tiana’s house (with human form though). Because Alfred’s concentration is diverted because Tiana is near them, Matheus wins the battle. But he must repair the broken home. Tiana says he looks like her dad…
  3. Tiana finds Matheus and Alfred are eating the food at night. She is chasing Matheus, with a lion form now. She successfully catch him with her whistle. After that, Matheus lets her do mofumofu then promise to eat at morning (this is the way to tame a lion?).
  4. Tiana wants to touch Matheus’ body as a lion. She happily did that, but got interrupted by a tiger she had tame in the beginning of first series. Of course Matheus is jealous because Tiana gladly touch the tiger.


  1. While Tiana stroking Alfred, he falls on her lap. He wishes it will always be like that then fall asleep.
  2. There’s a centipede (ムカデ) in Tiana’s house so she’s screaming. Alfred comes to her with..just using a towel? Of course she screams more and runs away (Plus, Alfred says, takes a clothes can be done later).
  3. Tiana got something weird from her parents, for the pets. Alfred is thinking about the way to use it, and makes it a Frisbee. At first, it is hurting Lucia, but then Alfred can catch it well. Everyone are surprise about that. Because he is addicted to it,he wants Tiana to throw it again. Matheus, Erik, and Lucia are goes out there because it may take a long time.
  4. Alfred wants to take a walk in town. Tiana following him because it can make an uproar if a wolf walking in town alone. Suddenly, many dogs comes to him and give him food, as they are respecting Alfred so much.


  1. Tiana comes to clean his room, but Lucia won’t allow it because there are many precious things in it (What’s so precious? I just saw a mountain of books and trash..). When she starts cleaning, Lucia tearing her clothes. To apologize, he allows Tiana to do mofumofu on him.
  2. Lucia makes a fuss in the kitchen because he wants to make food. Tiana helps him make one and finally it ended successfully.
  3. Lucia is missing! Alfred told that Lucia became a duck, and had been missing somewhere. Tiana searches for him and finds him at the butcher. He must be a raw duck meat now if Tiana won’t come quickly… To makes her calm after finds him, Lucia lets her mofumofu-ing him.
  4. Because Tiana always touching Lucia, he says Tiana is 変体. Anyway, he lets her do mofumofu until the cat Silvio comes and wants it too. This time, they let the battle begins (about which one is cuter?). Tiana runs away and doesn’t want to choose.


  1. Because Tiana do the mofumofu to him, Erik wants to do it too (he called it ナデナデ) with patting Tiana’s head. He says he wants to see Tiana in animal mode, but it’ll be trouble so he must not do that.
  2. Erik buy cakes for them to eat together. But he wants to feed Tiana with his own hands. He says it’s better and interesting to do it that way, despite he wants to eat it too. Well, Tiana must do that if she doesn’t want Erik to do more embarrassing thing.
  3. Different with Lucia, Erik cleaning up the room, while Lucia eating on the bed and makes more trash. Tiana complimenting Erik and doing mofumofu to make him feel good.
  4. Erik is helping Alfred to do sit-up. But he just counting and…makes it harder to accomplish perfect for Alfred. After they finished the training, Erik ordering Tiana to do mofumofu.


  1. Klaus takes a mouse form so he can’t read the book he must work with. He needs Tiana’s help to change the pages (Unexpectedly, he read so fast that 30 minutes is fit to read a whole book). After that, Tiana do mofumofu to him.
  2. Klaus is speaking while asleep. Firstly, he says Tiana’s name, then 愛している… After he awakes, Tiana tells him about that. The reason Klaus says that maybe because he must write love letter from Kurt to his fiancée.
  3. Tiana do the mofumofu on him so she gives Klaus a cheese. Also, she is feeding him a spoon of wine. Klaus’ face is red because of wine and sleeps tight.
  4. Silvio chased Klaus as cat and mouse. When Tiana thinks it’ll becomes dangerous for Klaus, at the end, they are sleeping together (So cute!). Not long after, Klaus is awake and lets Tiana mofumofu him… It’s funny to hear Klaus saying that Silvio can be cute sometimes.


  1. When Tiana wakes up, she finds Silvio in her arm. Silvio says it’s fine to sleep again after she do mofumofu. So, she did that until….6 P.M. Silvio is happy to see her sleeping face, so he won’t wake her up. Because of that, Tiana is angry to him and won’t do that again.
  2. Tiana is bringing Silvio to buy fish in the market. A lady owner tells her that it’s rare to see Silvio with a girl because he always reject all the girls who wants to go out with him (He seems busy). Quickly, Silvio answer that conversation with he wants to meet the destined person for him (Which makes Tiana really happy?). She makes a sandwich with the fish. While Silvio eats it, a piece of it is on his face, so Tiana take it. He wants to do the same thing to her, but Tiana run away.
  3. In the beginning, Silvio wants Tiana to mofumofu-ing him. After that, he wants Tiana to play with him, as she always busy. Tiana can’t do that so Silvio takes her hat. To make him listen to what she said, she used the whistle.
  4. Silvio catches a mouse, which is Klaus. Tiana orders him to release Klaus, but it makes him sad because he do it to make her happy. To apologize to Silvio, Tiana do mofumofu to him.’


Not important, just a bunch of words… First, look at the memo, then the novel of Franzs’ stories appeared. I don’t read it though… Too lazy. After finishing (skipping) the diary, the last bonus CG will appear.

I like Erik, Klaus, and Silvio’s story in After Story mode. Erik goes to his adult version, and makes my heart beat faster! Then, there is Klaus, who’s always been interrupted when he is in romantic scene. It’s so funny to see him angry or blushing after that. And Silvio, his reason to hate the banquet really understandable, and tell the whole personality of him. I love Silvio being honest to himself.

As for Another Story, I prefers Lucia, Silvio, and Matheus. Lucia’s story is funny as usual, but also seems like an adventure for him. And, I can see Belinda and Fransz being rude to him, as Lucia can be teased easily. Silvio’s route is more of him being weak. I like their first kiss scene because in the first game, they haven’t done anything like that. And Silvio is very cute! I don’t really like Matheus’ personality, but, oh well, because his story tells much of the father of the princes, I can’t stand to read it all (Instead, I must listen to it well, because Balthazar is an important person).

For Side Story, of course Silvio is the funniest of all. He, as a cat, always makes the habbit of a real one. From catching mouse (Klaus), to take Tiana’s hat. I don’t know why, but I think, Moujuutsukai theme is suit for Silvio, and just only him ‘cause he is the real animal in this story. The other are a human and just take the curse to change them to animal. Silvio is the real one, and his story is so sad with the plot of ‘can be a real human or died of it’.

I had took long enough to finished this ‘cause I was in vacation. Many things to do from watching, refreshing, and thinking theme for my final thesis (Very different from the last vacation, where I finished many games faster). Oh right, I must quickly finish the other games before my vacation end. In the end, this fandisk is really good. With beautiful scenery (I love snow scenery!), powerful story (Matheus), and I like the ending song (fits perfectly with the background scenery). I hope Clock Zero will get a fandisk as beautiful as this…

Link for CG:



  1. twentyninenights-san! I really like this game xD I had the copy but don’t have time to play it T^T really appreciate this post! 😀

    Look at the extra image. BADASS! Is it a fan’s image or Otomate’s original picture? It’s AWESOME!

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