MIYAKO~Tsukiyomi no Yume~ CG Seimei & Douman

I have not play Nigo’s route, and focusing to end old character’s route first. This time, I’ll just upload Abe no Seimei and Douman’s CG first since it needed a long time to take every CG! Because,.. MIYAKO has awesome number of CGs!!! It has many images, especially Seimei and Douman themselves. The hardest part is to combined few pictures to make it one like this (I had to combined or else, it wouldn’t fit a whole pictures on my screen):

This just takes a few minutes but Seimei’s takes about an hour because it has 14 pictures to combined…

So far, there are just a few new CGs for one person (about 1-2 new pictures). I guess Nigo is the important chara in this port, so he’ll be the one who gets many (But compares to others, his CG just have a few of it). Well, I would played just for Nigo and skipped the others. Because of that, I won’t write summary again for old chara. Just take the new pictures then..

And also, I loves the scenery in PC more because it looks much much more beautiful! For one who haven’t play PSP version, try the PC one and get the awesome scenery and color of it!

Link for CG:



~ by twentyninenights on July 14, 2011.

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