Red Blood of Deep Wood-Nightmare & Other


CV: Sakura Hiroshi (Maeno Tomoaki)

After the dwarf are telling Tiana to leave the flower field, she doesn’t come home yet. Tiana choose to go back to the field. A voice asks if she is a living being or not. Nigthmare surprisely came out and made her scared (Because his body looks like a silhouette. And he himself is surprised too because Tiana can see him.). He asks if Tiana wants to be friend with him, want touch her head, but can’t. This makes her feels numb then running away.

Ookami can smell that Tiana goes to the field..

After hearing about Nightmare from the dwarf, Tiana went to check it more. Nightmare comes out again, saying that name is from the dwarf, not his real name. He isn’t a living being nor a dead one. Tiana said that his face was a lonely one, sad one, that becomes most of his thinking problem.

Again, Tiana went to the field at night, where she met Nightmare with many spirits gathering. After some conversations, the dwarf came and warned her to not get close to that place again because the one with ear will get mad (I really can’t determine who’s one with ear)..

When she comes to the flower field again, she looks at Nightmare, who’s been looking at the apple. It seems it is something important to him, but he doesn’t know what it is. Because Tiana says she will believe of what he had said, Nightmare is happy and smiling.

Another time, Tiana decides to search for the dwarf. She came at a beautiful place, with a waterwheel and small river near the house. Suddenly, Nightmare came again in front of her (His appearance always makes me scared because of the sudden and mysterious BGM. Moreover, I played it on night after my grandma had died in front of my eyes just a week ago in my house….). He ordering her to leave immediately, so she do that.

The scenery is beautiful isn’t it?

At the wood, Nightmare says that Tiana is making a face who looks like about to cry. But she answer it is not because his fault. Then, comes the rain. They have no choice but to use Nightmare’s coat to cover Tiana from the rain (I thought he was a silhouette, but his coat can be a shelter?).

Tiana choose to play with dwarf and Usagi. They want to play hide and seek, but also everyone must become “oni”. It makes Tiana confused because they can’t play it like that ‘till Nightmare comes up out of nowhere (That makes Usagi wondering where is he..). Nightmare says they are seems to having a fun together. The dwarf answer, it because they have a picnic and invite him too.

A guy she had helped, became bad and attacking her. Tiana called for Nightmare. But…the dwarf are the one who comes. When the guy tries to follow dwarf (who are running away), Nightmare gives a clue to her to asks of his name. She did the same as Ookami’s route, the guy became flower, and Tiana felt scared to had killed people. The dwarf tells it’s not her fault and wants to held hands together with Tiana on their way home.

After the bad dream, Tiana goes to meet Nightmare. She told him she didn’t want her meeting with everyone, especially with Nightmare, became just a dream. Tiana would be sad if it were all just a dream. Then, she hug him, even after knowing she can’t touch Nightmare. When Nightmare told her about his body, calmly, she said she could feel him. Feeling happy of her words, he hug Tiana back.

Nightmare is asking her is she feel scared of the field, because she always comes. Of course Tiana is scared but she will come to meet him. Because it’s almost raining, Nightmare take her home. On their way, Ookami comes up, asking to gos home together. It makes Nightmare feels disturb, then goes away with saying “また”… As if he wants to see her again that makes Tiana happy…? Ookami says the same thing as the dwarf, to not go near Nightmare. Also, he doesn’t know for how long Nightmare have been in the wood. It’s just, the dwarf maybe know something because they can see Nightmare.

After waiting for Nightmare in the field, Tiana decides to go looking for him at the house she have come earlier. In there, she found something beautiful. A doll like human, sleeping in a chest. A really beautiful one, even she can’t determine if it is a he or she. Finally, she realizes that he is a human. Eventually, Nightmare comes and let her go outside. Tiana says she feels curious about that man because maybe she can find something about Nightmare, because she wants to know more about him. This makes him surprised, saying that it’s painful to look at that person, even if he doesn’t know anything. Then the dwarf are coming, telling her that it is their house. They also invites her to drink tea together, but sadly, Nightmare can’t do that, so he leaves alone. Tiana knows from the dwarf that Nightmare often accompany them to sleep, even if he can’t sleep himself.

It is really surprised me, seriously! Tiana wants to help them making the tea because they are small, but they says it’s not a problem. Because…because… they can change to a… COOL MAN?!!! Some 3D motion came up with their changing scene.. Nah, that is his real form actually. They becomes small so they can do many things. Tiana wants him to not calling her “onechan” since he looks much older than her. When she says her real name, the man becomes scared if anything bad happens to her, but nothing comes up. He was busy thinking about a new name that will suit his looks now, so Tiana makes it “Otona” from now on (the reverse of kobito). Otona accept it happily. But he won’t tell anything about Nightmare or the man in the chest.

The 3D Motion about Dwarf, who become…

Like This:

Before Tiana leaves, Ookami warns her there are people come into the wood. When she meets again with Nightmare at the field, she tells him about that too. But he emphasize that he can’t be seen by human. He doesn’t want Tiana to leave him, then begin telling his sadness as a unknown being. He doesn’t know whether he is live or die. Seeing him so sad, Tiana says she feels Nightmare is very important to her. She cries after telling him that, then Nightmare kisses her cheek. It just makes her crying even more because she really want to touch him.

Otona finds Tiana and Nightmare at the flower field. Tiana is wondering why Nightmare always stare at the apple,  but Otona invites her to his house (So Nightmare won’t come in it). In his house, he tells about a witch who died below the tree. That’s why everyone must not come near it because the magic power from her is really frightening. The reason why Nightmare always stare at the apple is because it has strong power that may enhance the magic power or makes a wish comes true. Otona says maybe Nightmare wants to come back to his body that makes Tiana wondering about that. And if Nightmare becomes bad after eating the apple, Otona will kill him. Then he told her Nightmare had discard his own body.

The next day, Tiana comes at the field, still looking at Nightmare, who’s been looking at the apple. She grabs the apple and makes him eat it with her lips.

Suddenly, he can be seen as a whole body. He even can touch Tiana at last. Before they know it, rain is coming. Nightmare invites her to the dwarf’s house and is happy because he can feels cold again after a long time.

Uhm… because he is so happy after touching Tiana, he kissed her more-to satisfied his hunger for touching? Nightmare can’t touch more of her if Tiana doesn’t want to, because he want to consider her feeling. All right, they can’t control it anymore…

Nightmare asks if Tiana loves him or not. It makes Tiana says she isn’t the type who give her body if she doesn’t like that person. So yeah, she likes Nightmare a lot. Maybe, if it is Tiana, Nightmare can believe her, he said…

The rain already stop, but when Tiana awake, Nightmare isn’t there. She runs out of the house, meets Otona, who says Nightmare just have comes his real body? Tiana should know where he is now. She quickly comes to the man who’s been sleeping in a chest, kisses him, and makes him awake (Now, isn’t it more like a reversing Snow White rather than Red Riding Hood?).

He awakes, but.. he doesn’t want to be touch by Tiana because he becomes aware if she want to kill him (And he can’t remember Tiana). Otona is surprised too, that Nightmare can’t remember him.

Tiana runs away after knowing it, but comes back to Otona’s house right after that. She saw him with an ocarina. Also, she is angry with him, saying he is evil, doesn’t remember someone he had hold yesterday. Unfortunately, Nightmare can’t remember (is it so easy?) he have done that. When she suggested that it’ll be better if the know each other again from the start, Nightmare doesn’t want that. It makes Tiana sad, crying in front of him. Nightmare almost do bad things because he think Tiana just want to be hold. But she push him away and run. Otona, who look at her, really worried.

Despite having a bad mood yesterday, Tiana still comes to Nightmare’s whereabout. He is surprised by how Tiana still come after the bad things he have done. He is surprised (again) because Tiana can say her real name. Then, she asks him to have fun together outside, to makes him eat more. She tickles him, and surprisingly, he can laugh so much because of that.

They go outside and comes to restaurant. The dwarf are in there too (with their small looks). Suddenly, Ookami comes and called Nightmare “Oujisama”, as the dwarfs are calling him that. Nightmare runs away as if he scared of Ookami. Then Tiana and Ookami have a conversation about Nightmare. Ookami had known him for a long time and he realized the Oujisama was that Nightmare. When Tiana asked about Yamaneko, who hadn’t been seen recently, Ookami said he was bedsick because the apple had gone (Woah…Poor him).

Tiana follows Nightmare, who has standing in front of dwarf’s house. He is sad about him, not being able to know his real self. Even if he is like that, Tiana still likes him. That makes him happy, kissing her, and wants to do more (That makes Tiana afraid if the dwarf are coming because they do it outside..!). After that, again, Nightmare asks if Tiana likes him. Of course she do and saying he looks like a prince. That makes him wondering, strangely again…

Ookami suggested to Tiana to look at her house and she do it as he have told. Before she can comes in, some guy tell her to go inside her home because there’s an order for every people to not going outside after the dead of the prince. Tiana is scared after looking at the prince’s name, similar to what has written on Nightmare’s necklace, then goes to the wood again. She meets Ookami, who’s telling her to go to Nightmare’s place.

There, Nightmare is siiting as he plays the ocarina. Tiana told him about the lost of the prince in her country because of an illness. Nightmare looks calm, saying it isn’t his matter. To takes the matter, Tiana says she wonder about how the real prince feels after hearing that he have died. Also, she added it that she feels Nightmare is her only prince.

That night, Tiana is surprise because Nightmare comes in front of Ookami’s house (And wondering how he knows it, if he have lost or what..). He hugs her, asking why she has been in love with him. That way, he told about his past, where he just seen by everyone as a beautiful person. But deep inside, what he likes is just his ocarina, nothing more. He has tired of all the people’s saying. Tiana can’t answer about why she likes him, but only this she knows. Even if Nightmare isn’t a person, she will loves him.. They’re kissing after that.

Otona feels lonely after Tiana has becomes Nightmare’s lover (I think so..?). He prefer to be dwarf again because in that form, they can do sweet things to her (I mean, Tiana can lower her guard if they are in cute form.). At the end, Tiana and Nightmare makes drawing on their ocarina, with dwarf disturbing them (Erh… No, they’re drawing it too. Sorry, ‘cause in my eyes, they looks like disturbing the lover!).. Nightmare kisses Tiana and makes the dwarf crying!

The ending that locked up after it begins in Ookami’s house. He feels a bit jealous about Tiana and Nightmare? Then, he told to be careful for the man with blacksuit and their gun, who wonders in the wood lately. Another time, Tiana goes in the wood, and comes across the man. Before they can do anything bad, Ookami helps her.

Tiana went to dwarf’s house to warn dwarf and Nightmare about that man. It seems the dwarf are coming to the restaurant, so Nightmare can do many things with Tiana alone. After they did it, Tiana told him about the man in black, that made him surprise.

Next time, Tiana found Nightmare, cornered by the man in black in the wood. She wants to help him with her being as a shield. Fortunately, Ookami came at the right time and beat them. When he was get then man to outside of the wood (after finishing them off), Nightmare suddenly became cruel to her, saying it’s better if she doesn’t come near him again. Tiana knows it’s because he is worried about her, but still, he’s very rude.

Each time Tiana visits him, he won’t open the door even if she has waiting for so long (What? Becoming selfish?). One time, Nightmare becomes very rude as pushing her away. Dwarf are coming, making her happy with their カブトムシ(again). Quickly, Tiana says she doesn’t want it and makes them shocked (It’s funny though). They’re confused about how to make her happy again. She says it’s fine if they are with her.

Feeling down that she was rejected by Nightmare, Tiana walking in the wood. A man approach her, asking if she have meet someone with a platina blonde hair. She wouldn’t answer the exact story after all.

The Man in Black Coat Who’s Been looking for Nightmare

To relieve her stress, Tiana comes again to the field. Unexpectedly, Nightmare comes too. Then she begins telling her story, about her step-mother that has plan to kill her. After heard her story, Nightmare too, begins telling his sadness. He had the same step-mother, who had tried to kill him using poison because she wanted her own son to be the king. After knowing that, Nightmare ran to the wood, where he had fallen weak in there. Fortunately, there were dwarf who took care of him and his ocarina, which is always cheer him up. But the ocarina too, had been poisoned by his step-mother. He became unconscious. After Nightmare has wakes up, he has been in the flower field, losing his memories. It make him thought it would be better if he can kill his stepmother because of that hatred…

The next day, Tiana is bracing herself to look at her home after she saw a red dream again. There, her step-mother is talking with a obasan. They’re saying that they are a bit scared of Tiana. She runs off to the wood, crying. Nightmare passed his way with Tiana and asking why she’d been crying. He knows that her step-mother think it’s better if Tiana died. But Tiana convinced him that she won’t die. Tiana and Nightmare won’t die…

Tiana came to the restaurant, seeing Nightmare with his ocarina. She feels sad can’t be close to him. The dwarf, knows her feeling and invites her to their house. They becomes Otona again this time. He says, Nightmare’s stepmother won’t be satisfied before she can kill Nightmare, even if her own son already crowned now. That’s why, she tries to kill him again and again. For that reason, Otona suggested the best way is for Nightmare to die (Not in the actual meaning though. Nightmare must think about the way alone.).

At night, Nightmare comes to Tiana’s room in Ookami’s house. He really is longed for Tiana, scared to lose her or to die. Because they are feels the same, Tiana just wants him to hold her. Nightmare realizes his wrong way and begins to love her more that night.. She’s scared because Ookami can hear her voice. To hide it, she says she just can’t move, but it’s fine. Ookami almost notice it, but he doesn’t go further. The next moring, Ookami said if Nightmare do it again like last time, maybe he must go back. It’s better if he comes to restaurant and let Tiana alone with Nightmare. So, he knows it all…

Tiana is more shock after hearing Nightmare says that he had know it, that Ookami can hear them that night. NIghtmare just teasing her, after all. Then, let’s go to the bathroom!!!-Nah, don’t mind it..

After their happy moment, now comes the misfortune one, when a man Tiana had met earlier in the wood comes to dwarf’s house. He comes for Nightmare, also telling him that his stepmother really hates him. That’s why she always wants to kill Nightmare. Suddenly, he makes a scar on his own face with a knife. Blood running through his face to his pendant.. Tiana is scared and clean up his blood. It turns out he do that to make her stepmother satisfied, to make his beautiful face disappear, as it is only brings him sadness. He tells to the man in black coat to bring his bloody pendant for his stepmother. If it is doesn’t do anything, he can wounded his eyes too. He’s willing to do everything, if he can be with Tiana. Gladly, the man accepted it and wish for their happiness.

A few years after, Tiana and Nightmare lives in a small house. He carved wooden animals as his job (With a scar that left on his face). After Tiana makes him a tea, they begins fighting over who is the most beautiful (No, they are praising each other face’s). Tiana kissed him on the cheek and lives happily………………

Nightmare’s Picture:

Nightmare’s Data (SPOILER!)

His first bad ending I’ve got was begin in Ookami’s house. Dwarf came to tell her that Nightmare have become transparent again. When she came to the flower field, not just he became transparent, but also she couldn’t hear his voice anymore. Dwarf, who are still can hear and see him, tells that Nightmare says to forget him. Bit by bit, he goes out from Tiana’s eyes. She can’t see him again, although dwarf can. Everyday, Tiana comes to the field and making a conversation with him, even though she can’t see him anymore.

The second is when Tiana feels sad after Nightmare push her away, she wants to be comforted by Otona (Not a bug). After becoming cool, Otona hugs her and is happy because he can make her calm. Then, when Tiana is sad again, he makes her tea. Otona says if Tiana feels sad, she can come to him. That time, Tiana can’t answer anything to him because she can’t make her feeling..

Nightmare still scared of his destiny and leaving Ookami’s house. The next day, Otona comes to Ookami’s house, persuading Tiana to come with him. The three of them (Tiana, Ookami, and Otona) comes to dwarf’s house, finds many blood with ocarina. They don’t know if it’s Nightmare’s blood or not, but they keeps searching for Nightmare in the wood. Even after night have come, Tiana can’t find him. She cries and decided to search outside the wood tomorrow. Looking at her, Otona hugs Tiana and says it’s already futile. Also, he can’t let Tiana go outside the wood, where they can’t protect her. He wants her to go back because Otona likes her.

In the end, they can’t find Nightmare. Tiana still hold his ocarina, together with Otona. He kissed her, but feels guilty after that. Tiana says she want him to wait until she can forget her feeling to Nightmare. Of course Otona will wait for her, now and forever. In her heart, maybe Tiana still like Nightmare, but the real thing is, she also begin to like Otona…

I made it big here on purpose…

The last bad ending happens after Tiana eats a fruit in the dining room. She feels hurt. Fortunately, Ookami comes home faster. He says it’s a kind of poison, but she just eat it a bit, so that’s okay. That night, she remembers about her stepmother. Being scared after her stepmother over and over makes her can’t sleep. She went to her house. There, there’s a red poison on the table. Tiana is mad about it, grabs a knife and killed her stepmother. When she go to the table again, the red poison turns to raspberry. She feels guilty and running away to the wood, scared because her body full of blood.

Tiana came to dwarf’s house, clean up her body in the small river. It doesn’t disappear even if she has done it many times, forever…

Otona’s Data Picture (Overly SPOILER!)

Oh right, his love letter after the end of the game is somewhat scary…

Other Ending:

Not very important though. Someday, Tiana is waiting for Ookami to come back from his patrol time. There’s a storm outside. When he is come back, he get wounded badly. The last thing he says to Tiana is “Sorry”. Then, after Ookami’s death, the wood disappear…

I know there’s something worse in it’s core story. Every guys becomes annoying at the climax of their own route. I don’t know why these plot is interesting, but I won’t complain much because I enjoyed the mystery in it. Although some route, for example Ryoushi and Nightmare, didn’t explain much about the curse in the wood, which is the main plot this story.

I can’t blame the bad ending, how they are so bad, or how they are so sad because..You know… They are bad ending. I won’t hoping much in there. But the happy ending really looks like a fairytale (except for oyaji). But despite some bad ending are worse, some are really tragic. It makes me feel sad in it. Maybe because I can stand the thrill, I won’t complain much about the bad ending where Tiana is killing someone or being killed. I can stand it so it can’t do much effect to me as if I can feel sick after reading it.

I’ll just put dwarf’s room picture here

Overall, I’m really satisfied with this game. Most of H scenes are useless, can change some of their personalities (I mean, when I think this guy is kind, but in that situation, he can change to… a rapist?). But some in it, makes me can feel their love to each other (Not so much of it, I know..).

Maybe I really like Nightmare’s route of all because he’s somewhat different from the other guy. He always looks so sad. But ultimately, I love his mysterious appearance! I can feel the suspense in it… Also, he is kind, compared to Ookami in his own route. But some of Ookami’s story in other guy’s route makes me feel he is so poor. He always takes the blame to kill Tiana’s mother. Maybe I love Nightmare’s story more than when he already wakes up as the ouji…

I wish there’s route for Otona because he is so cool! Plus, his last CG with Tiana… I think they’re really suit to each other (Not just because Otona is cool, but their character design is really suit together, isn’t it?).

Speaking of character design, I really like Tiana (not her cute voice though). She is cute, can change stronger in some routes (As she can slap Kitsune, for example). She can overcome her own situation, where her stepmother want to make her disappear. She isn’t afraid of Ookami in his route. She can be very kind to Nightmare. That all can make her really strong as one girl lost alone in a big wood.

Right, I won’t put the CG files since I’m too lazy to snap it (mostly because of H CG). So this time, I’ll just put the savedata (Change the name to just “savedata” to make it usable):

Also, I put the bonus picture here. Please don’t open it if you’re not 18+. Take the blame yourself..

I finally finished it! Another time, maybe if I have one, I’ll try Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari. But now, I’ll take Moujuutsukai to Oujisama ~Snow Bride~ first as I have canceled it for a long time because of busy schedule…


  1. Oh! You finished it! Congratulations & otsukare-san for all the long posts. I didn’t read the spoilers, but it’s good to hear that you’re really satisfied with this game. So I’ll keep considering this game… maybe I’ll play it (at my slow playing pace.. next year? orz) Speaking of Moujuu, the PSP ver. just came out today. The custom theme is really cute^w^. Come to think of it, you’ll be playing two Tianas in a row.

    • Yes, I have that custom theme just about an hour ago… It’s really good! I used it in my PSP right after it.

      Right. I didn’t know why is that, the name “Tiana” got so popular for the fairytale-like story? Nevermind it, they are really strong, so I won’t mind the name. I hope you enjoy it without considering the bad ending too much. It’ll just ruin the mood. And I played it without getting overly hate the changing of guy’s personality story, so I can enjoy the happy ending well.

      Oh, by the way, my fav chara in this game is Otona!!

  2. Aw, you’re so lucky. I so want to play an otome game, even in japanese. ._.
    Also, thank you for the reviews you made. They’ve provided me a nice idea of this game (also, they’re all so handsome. °^°) without thinking too much on the R18 parts. ^_^
    I usually do like men with some beard, but I didn’t like Ryousuke-san, too. I don’t like his face, that’s all. :I
    I would like to hear more about otome games by you. Just because you look like you choose only the very good ones. °O°

    • Thank for the compliment.
      Well, I’m not a pro at japanese, but I love playing otoge, so it’s a must to know. And, there’s news about Hakuouki PSP being translated into US by aksysgames, so it can be played by everyone around the world!

      Akazukin is the first 18+ otoge I’ve ever played though… Maybe if I have some time, I’ll try Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari.

      Ryousuke is too old and with his beard on, he looks much older! I don’t hate his story, though. But still can’t like him.

  3. Waaaait a sec! Who’s the real one? Otona or the dwarfes? I’ll keep it on Otona for now…

    I agree that Otona should have his own route.

    The dwarfes make me laugh. And sometimes Kitsune too… Just that pet of him… What IS it? And the chibi drawings! 😀

    The scenery is beautiful!

    The picture where Tiana, Nightmare & the dwarves are painting the ocarinas reminds me of a family with Tiana and Nightmare as the parents and the dwarfes as the children.
    Thank the dwarfes’ apearances and Tiana’s look in the picture for that…

    Am I the only one who’s sad that Usagi doesn’t has his own route? D: I would totally go for him!

    • No, that’s not just you who is sad about Usagi. It’s just me, who didn’t really care about him. Maybe part of it because I don’t really like his too big appearance (instead, his name is Usagi). But, yeah, it would be great if he had his own route, for it was a shocking truth about his face.

      Now, that you mentioned it, with dwarves and Nightmare, maybe it would seem so…

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