Shinigami to Shoujo News!!!

Uhm, well, I’m a bit late to know it on Takuyo’s Shinigami to Shoujo website. After a long awaiting time, finally the release date is known on 7/28/2011 !!! And now what’s more I’m exciting about? The OP was sung by love solfege (Ayano Eiri) with title “Il Dio della Morte e La Fanciulla”….!

I have a few of their album that sang by her. Her voice is so…much like an opera singer. Very beautiful, mysterious, and high pitch. And for the Il Dio, she sang the same color of voice (that opera singer like). Phew, the fact about this game was sang by love solfege reminded me of Clock Zero (have love solfege+clock tower+mystery too). Too bad the website just have PV. I want the OP song, hurry!

This is the first time I really excited for Takuyo’s game. Sorayume maybe famous, a lot of horror (I’ve tried it, made me goosebumps for played it alone at dark place), but it lack stories. The story seems long, but nothing important happened for the half of it (just about school, vacation). I just played Luen’s route and didn’t want to play the rest, because already bored. Kaeru Batake… just don’t have any chance to play it now. And already lazy to try because of the same school’s everyday thing in theme of that game.

But this Shinigami to Shoujo seem to be better than the two. I hope it will be full of happy and sad moment for them (Toono Sayo and Ao). And…and…the heroine have her voice! It’s so rare, but it will make the sad moment really hit the heart! I can’t wait for this!

love solfege… This group sure is have very much singer. The most loveable singer are Mizuki Anmi, Jenya, Marie, Ayano Eiri, and of course Katakiri Rekka (I’ve known her since Higurashi’s ED and the latest is Ar Tonelico 3), Rita (her song for Sekien no Inganock~What a Beautiful People~ is “Adenium”, Hikari no Valcia~What a Beautiful Hopes~ is “Tistrya”, Shikkoku no Sharnoth~What a Beautiful Tomorrow~ is “DORCHADAS”, and Shiei no Sona-Nyl~What a Beautiful Memories~ is “Rosa Morada” are really wonderful with many different themes on her songs). Fuh.. such a list of Liar-soft games although I just have Sekien no Inganock and my sister haven’t complete the story yet.

The hero in Sekien no Inganock~What a Beautiful People~, although his ability isn’t too powerful…


  1. Ara ara…I remember getting hyped about all those topics last week XD Especially Shinigami to Shoujo’s release date & Love Solfege. I love their Requiem album a lot and still have it on my playlist (Cronaca dell Acasha is my fav<3) The opera-ish songs by Eiri fits Shinigami's atmosphere well so I'm excited XD

    Manyo's doing Amnesia's BGM so last week's news made me so happy XD (both my highest anticipated otome games music composers are from CZ! ureshii!)

    I also recently added a Liarsoft game into my already too long To play list (how in the world am I going play all?=_=')

    • Yes, I’m late for the info because this stupid, 3 weeks long mid-exams!! It makes me forget to check on the site…

      Eiri’s song in the note of satanism is the one I like (her flowing voice in the beginning of that song…, make me imagine I’m in the opera hall, but after that opening, she sing in Japanese)…
      Manyo’s arrangement are really beautiful and fit the mysterious aspect perfectly. They are pro at making music! I like the Amnesia’s BGM sample…

      I wanted to play Sekien no Inganock, but my sister said she was the one who played it. So I’m waiting ’til now and she never finish it!

  2. What is the name of the composer for the rest of the background music in Shinigami to Shoujo? It’s such a beautiful soundtrack.

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