New Title From Otomate (Kaminaru Kimi to)

I guess Otomate won’t be satisfied if they don’t make any new games right after some games have released. The new title will be “Kaminaru Kimi to”. There just’ve been a teaser site, so don’t know what’s more about this game…

I’m expecting this game won’t be too normal as the picture shown, because of the “Kami” thing. This art looks similar (maybe, Natsuzora no Monologue?). Well, as it will come on PSP, I will gladly try it! The guy looks boring (is this some sort of illness, about not want to live long?). I feel pity for his looks..

ANyway, the mid-exams already finished! So this time, will be my playtime…..!!! for 1 month ’til final….


~ by twentyninenights on April 20, 2011.

9 Responses to “New Title From Otomate (Kaminaru Kimi to)”

  1. UWA! The website’s online!!
    I’ve been ranting about this game on twitter because the art is by Nagaoka! (so at first I was half upset because it implies that CZ’s fandisk is apparently not in the works..) So this game is actually the Natsuzora team x Nagaoka. It looks Hiiro-ish!

    Good to hear your exams are over! Otsukare~!

    • Wow, the art is by Nagaoka? (feels happy to hear it, become fan of her after CZ!)

      I dunno about the team, just some expectations… With that maple leaf, it looks like Hiiro? It’s rather true…

      I’m hoping good result after my exams…

      • Hmm, after reading your translation story for this game in neoromance, this story is similar to “Kamisama, Hajimemashita” manga. The girl become a living earth god and something like that. I really enjoy the manga. It’s really fun and have me go “why is it so long for the guy to be able to realize his feeling?”. But it’s pop-out that he has some dark side in the past. The difference is the main guy in Kamisama, Hajimemashita is a fox spirit…? And really cute with his fox ears sometime visible if he disguise as human in school…

      • Now I want to read Kamisama Hajimemashita XD (wants to know more about the living god thing) I’m relieved that it’s a manga not a novel… plus, foxes are love XD

        • Yeah, you can find it anywhere if you want to read. As for me, fortunately, it has been released in my country! Though the translated title feels…urgh… There are many god and another creature like tengu in there.

  2. Kamisama Hajimemashita was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the title! I knew they would make a game with that concept sooner or later.

  3. the guy looks lifeless. We should kill him right away ٩(ಥ_ಥ)۶

    Now that you mention about it Kamisama Hajimemashita but the fox guy is a ignorant type of guy and he looks snobbish lol.

    This guy looks so fragile ♥◡♥

    • Yeah… This guy looks really weak, but I think he’s the best guy chara in this title. I don’t why the others are so weird. Why’s Nagaoka makes a weird chara design? I wished it would turn like Clock Zero!

      I just find the main plot is similar. The hero are really different. I think Tomoe is a really interesting character. I don’t know about the hero in this game..

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