Taisho x Alice Episode II

Taisho x Alice episode II is about Kaguya & Gretel. You should have known about those stories right? Princess Kaguya is from the moon, while Gretel is the sister of Hansel from the witch at a sweet house story. This is the first otome game I played after 2 years being hiatus. And I chose a short playing time so I can finish it, rather than dropping. Well, I should have played the first game, but I had a problem before with installation, so I went straight to second. Although I fixed the problem with 1st game, I kept playing 2nd first. What the? After this, I’ll go to first episode again before playing the third.


The heroine wandered in the dark without memories until she met a young man Alice. He gave her name Arisu (from Alice) because they didn’t have memories. The male Alice told her that if only one of them can go out in the end, it wouldn’t matter for him because he didn’t care about his memories. So finally, they found a crystal place and the heroine chose where she would go.

TA II CG-001

  1. Kaguya

Kaguya is a playboy who changes girl easily and he has many ex-girlfriends. He wears kimono and a rabbit mask on his head. When Yurika Arisu, the heroine, works at Cinderella’s tavern (or restaurant), she met Kaguya being dumped by a woman. Then without thinking, he asked Arisu to be his new girlfriend. Stupid enough, Arisu agreed with the man she just knew.

Kaguya doesn’t have memories and home. In the end, Cinderella accepted him to work with Arisu in his shop and live there. Arisu & Kaguya’s feelings got deeper after exchanging diary. She really wants to bring back Kaguya’s memories. With the help of Cinderella and Shirayuki, they held a time for Kaguya’s exes to show their love as well as bring back his memories. But none of them worked. Moreover, they just saw him as a thing.

TA II CG-003

Meanwhile, Arisu finally knows of Kaguya’s past. He was an orphan. When he was taken care by his relative, the girl told lies that he was the one who burn the house. There’s also a time when he cut his wrist. So then, Kaguya was finally brought to an orphanage (or children facilities), Nayotake no Ie. He met an older girl, not slightly, but she’s older than him. Kaguya and that girl were a good friends until she got pregnant (don’t know the father) and asked him to follow her to the moon (means to jump off from the rooftop). He didn’t want to do that because he doesn’t want to go back to the moon. The girl fell alone while cursing at him and Kaguya lost his memories after her death.

TA II CG-008

Kaguya was angry because Arisu always getting friendly with a man. He can’t calm down anymore and drops her on the wall (kabe-don), telling her that she is his girlfriend and his alone. Well, he almost went crazy but finally realized he just did what his exes had done to him, seeing Arisu as a thing. He then backs off and gets advise from Cinderella and Shirayuki to make up his mind. Though in the end, Kaguya chose to leave Arisu and go back to the moon (die). When he’s thinking of Arisu before he drowned to the lake, Kaguya finally realized the reason he was playing around with girls is to seek love.

TA II CG-012

Arisu found Kaguya almost gets drowned to the lake. She wanted to save him but because Kaguya hardly believe on her true feelings for him, she stabbed her own stomach. Arisu did that so Kaguya can believe her heart is already his. Kaguya finally realized his own fault and carried Arisu to the nearby hospital. As he brought her running through the forest, Kaguya told Arisu that he always believed that people on the moon need him, unlike the surface human. But now, he finally got that he himself and Arisu are the same human from the surface.

TA II CG-017

Kaguya hurted his leg on the way to the hospital and got helped from Cinderella. Arisu wakes up in a hospital with Kaguya holding her hand. He then kissed her after telling that he’s the one who clean her body when she’s in coma for 5 days, which makes her embarassed. Anyway, Kaguya has finally resolved his uncertain love.

TA II CG-025

The extra ending scene is just when Kaguya finally releases his mask and gives it to Arisu. Meanwhile, Arisu noticed that she would accept every side of him, the real one and the masked one.

Bad Ending : There are more than 10 bad endings in Kaguya’s route. Mostly he ran away or died (boring). The one with CG is when Arisu stabbed her stomach and she’s dead. Kaguya shouted her name numerous times and regretted his choice for not believing in her love. She doesn’t want him to go to the moon but with losing her, Kaguya doesn’t want to keep on living too. Arisu chose a wrong path because Kaguya didn’t gain happiness with her dead.

TA II CG-023


     2. Gretel

I’m confuse to write from where because Gretel’s story is mostly a flashback. So, I decided to change the line from the present to past and back to present, not following the real storyline which had many flashbacks.

Arisu woke up in white room with bed and cage. She was tied up (or so? I forgot) by Gretel who said he was keeping her safe. One day, Mahoutsukai (Wizard) comes to greet her so she can have someone to talk to. But he disappeared after Gretel came back. And the story progressed to the past numerous times and explained what happened to us.

TA II CG-033Teasing his beloved sister is Gretel’s (pervert) specialty.

Living under a same roof, Arisu and Gretel were siblings. They went to school together, even though their schools are different. But truthfully, everyone in the town knows that they aren’t real siblings except Gretel himself. Ookami-kun (Wolf), Gretel’s friend, is also know this truth and often be Arisu’s chit chat friend. Arisu has an older brother, Ryoushi (Hunter), who is scared of Gretel so he always seeks the truth from Gretel’s real intention. Which means, Gretel dislike him so much. Ryoushi is Arisu’s real brother so he’s worried if Gretel might attack (eat) her someday.

TA II-001Ryoushi (hunter), Arisu’s real brother.

Despite that, Arisu hid a forbidden feelings of love to her younger brother. Ookami also knew of that. He was asking Arisu why she doesn’t let Gretel know of their true relationships and her feelings. Turns out, Arisu doesn’t want Gretel to love her back because he needs her. She is afraid if he doesn’t care about anything except her in this world. Meanwhile, Gretel has actually know that he isn’t Arisu’s real brother by a student who’s smoking and got mad at him because Gretel told him not to smoke.

The crisis begins after a few poor students (gangsters?) who wish to take revenge on Arisu’s rude behavior on them, because she told them not to tell Gretel the truth, kidnapped her to the wood. They tried to rape her and punched her numerous times. Thankfully, Akazukin (Little Red Riding Hood) who was on patrol there because he’s a police, saved Arisu from them. In the beginning, Arisu wants to hide the accident from Gretel. But he knows she’s lying and sees her wounds. Upon bringing Arisu to the hospital, Gretel kisses her so he can give the medicine to make her sleep tightly. This makes Ryoushi got mad afterwhat in the hospital because it’s a sleeping pill mixed with anti-anxiety drug. If she take too much, she’ll be in danger.

TA II CG-041

Realizing there’s something strange about Gretel, Arisu followed him to the wood. She found Gretel almost burn the students who tried to rape her, then stopping him from killing. Actually, in Gretel’s side story, he told us about his revenge. Gretel broke everyone’s body until he got satisfied and breaking their captured video from that night. Ryoushi came to stop Gretel, slapped him for what he almost did. When Ryoushi said the people he almost killed have families, Gretel stressed out because he doesn’t have family, which make him more trash than that people. Seeing Gretel in a worst condition, Arisu grabbed his hand and they run away deeper. They found a sweet house and this is where they live now.

TA II CG-042

Back to reality. Gretel and Arisu are being lovey-dovey in the woods. They sleep together, eating together, and almost bathing (no, almost). Gretel teases her a lot but deep inside, he has a worry if Arisu will be with him forever. Because he only has Arisu who cares for him. Arisu said she will do what Gretel told her to do.

TA II CG-035

As Arisu takes a sleep, Mahoutsukai asks the most shining jewel to Gretel for their exchange. Mahoutsukai will give him the sweets he can eat (maybe his deep meaning is to be with Arisu) to prevent stress. But Gretel realized his jewel is Arisu. He decided to go back to their house once again and keep Arisu in cage as her own request. While he’s battling with his other dark side, that ordered him to just eat his sister, Gretel told himself of his choice. He thinks it is fine to keep being siblings and can’t kiss or having sex as long as they are family. Because he isn’t related by blood with Arisu. Meanwhile, Akazukin who was on patrol found Arisu in a cage and tried to save her. But he couldn’t open her cage.

While Gretel is in the house, he meets Alice then Ryoushi. Ryoushi tells him that the one who need him, caged him all this time is his sister. Because Arisu is abnormal and he wants to eat (monopolize) Gretel. This awaken Gretel’s brain that he is the only one who can save Arisu. When he came back to the hut, it’s already on flame. Turns out, Arisu wishes to die so she won’t keep Gretel by herself anymore. But Gretel told her his feelings of love and they need to escape and live so they can be together. In the end, Arisu opened her locked cage with the key she kept and they finally being free from the sweet (dreamy) house. Gretel left his precious treasure (sweets-heart) in the hut and finally won against the bad witch (Arisu). The two of them came back to their families and live happily ever after.

TA II CG-053

The bonus ending is when Arisu and Gretel are sitting under a tree, talking of their past and future. Gretel finally knows the answer that he can create his own family by marrying Arisu (stupid him all this time). He will get a real father and mother and older brother, even though they’re unrelated by blood. But the most important is, he can get Arisu as his future wife.

TA II CG-054Green ribbon is Gretel’s choice of color because he thinks white is too dull.

Bad Ending : Another option in the last question from Gretel will tells that Gretel doesn’t want to leave his treasure and dies with Arisu on fire.

TA II CG-046

The other bad ending with CG is when Arisu lets Gretel “eat” her. They kisses on bed makes out. But in the morning, Mahoutsukai told Arisu that Gretel had burnt himself and wouldn’t come back. Because what he need was a bond, but Arisu cut their bond and made Gretel in despair.

TA II CG-044

Well, it’s finally done. My long-time awaiting new otome game. My impression? I don’t like Kaguya’s story. It seems unnatural to let stranger on your own house, even more to stab yourself just to prove your love. Kaguya’s story is too dumb, weird and unlogical to me. Meanwhile, Gretel’s storyline is crazy and stupid at the same time. The crazy thing is Gretel & Arisu’s obssessive feelings for each other. And Gretel is very stupid. He chose to be Arisu’s brother so he can be their real family. Even though they love each other and can create their own family in reality (in ending). But the way to tell his nervous and anger is deep, especially when he almost killed the gang who tried to rape Arisu. I think I like Gretel’s story more than Kaguya.

This game is very short I can finish it in 2 weeks (with 30mins-1hr playtime not everyday). The story is so-so. But the art is great. BGM is not too good. But I like love solfege OP song. It fulls of energy, a reverse from the story inside. Kaguya’s CG is boring and full of his face. I’d prefer a more different CG and background (and action) rather than a full face. Okay, despite I don’t really like this series, I will continue playing the 1st game in July because of short length. It’s rare to find short length otome game if not in PC and separated more than two. Just pray that I won’t cross my own words by changing it to Jooubachi no Oubou or Walpurgis no Uta next month.

TA II CG-060


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