London Mysteria

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Eikoku Tantei Mysteria is another otome game from Karin Entertainment. The only game I’ve played from this company before Mysteria is Zettai Meikyuu Grimm. I could remember the time I was very excited to try that one for its unique story-telling from fairytales. And yes, I like it so much even now. For Mysteria, although it used normal setting as the theme based on Sherlock Holmes, and it’s very normal compared to Grimm’s background, but it also had suspicious incident and villain. Uh, I wasn’t pretending that I have never read Sherlock Holmes before. It’s true. Even though I knew about its title, I’ve never read nor watch its books and movies (Part of it because I don’t really like novels very much, despite it seems interesting-in my opinion). So, forgive me if there’s lacking about names and places. I did Watson route in my first time playing, and it’s good to beginner. He doesn’t have worthed mystery around his past.


Our heroine is Miss Emily Whiteley (CV: Akesaka Satomi). Her first time gathering in London is to celebrate a party from Queen Victoria, helped by her loyal butler (guardian), Ralph Pendleton (CV: Iida Toshinobu). Apparently, Queen Victoria lost her cat, Chelsie, and accidentally (not really), Emily chased two guys around her age to the meeting place with Queen. Yep, they’re Herlock Holmes Jr. (CV: Suzuki Chihiro), a young detective who had Queen’s ring of a faithful detective, and William H. Watson Jr. (CV: Kimura Ryouhei). With her smart move and idea, Emily successfully retrieved Queen’s cat. Strangely, Queen Victoria knows about Emily’s dead parents, Robert & Olivia, especially her mother. As a thanks for saving her precious cat, the Queen gives Emily approval to study at a school for detective where her mother also studied there before, Harrington, and a ring similar to Holmes Jr. will give her permission to investigate everwhere in London. Of course, in the same class as Holmes and Watson Jr.

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Later in that class, Emily befriended Sarah Marple (CV: Honda Mariko), an elegant lady who actually sees Emily as her pet and Jahn Lupin Jr. (CV: Matsukaze Masaaya).

Emily usually solved the cases with Holmes and Watson Jr., but it doesn’t stop Sarah or Lupin to follow them. One of the case is about a thief, Lupin Jr., who wants to take a pair of earrings and necklace. While I was sure it’s the same Lupin, for different phrases (“Lupin” for the weird him and “Lupan” for the thief), it’s strange that Emily couldn’t solve that. Lupin Jr. kidnapped Emily after he got the real jewellery, almost kissing her that he told her to close her eyes, but then Holmes and Watson Jr., together with Scotland Yard, under Inspector Lastrade (CV: Gouda Hozumi), came.

Some mysterious case is about the serial killer who hunt women at night in East End (Emily and the others are at West End part of the city). It’s not important for now, so Pendleton gives information about Emily’s parents. There’s a picture of her parents with Queen Victoria and their friends at young age. He explained about the strange killer method. Not only for Emily’s parents that went to accident, but the other people also died one by one in weird accident.

Then, Emily meets a silent but scary guy, Jack Millers (CV: Fujiwara Yuuki). With Emily’s kindness and strong heart, she can exchange letter with Jack, although he claims that it doesn’t interesting. Some time after that, she also meets two guys from Japan, Akechi Kenichirou (CV: Miura Hiroaki), and his friend, Kobayashi Seiji (CV: Toyonaga Toshiyuki). At that time, England wasn’t in good relationship with Japan, saw them as a hindrance. Of course Akechi and Kobayashi weren’t happy enough with Emily, because they didn’t know her kindness. Not for a long time, they befriended Emily and her friends, though Akechi is still behaving tsun tsun to Emily. It made him blushing for saving Emily from falling, but touched her chest accidentally. As a perfect match, Emily also has her own assistant, like Holmes and Watson Jr. She has Abegail Hudson (CV: Terasaki Yuka), a cheerful and reckless girl but also strong. From now, after Emily and her classmate had a fun picnic time (Hudson also followed them), the story will turn into different routes.

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William H. Watson (CV: Kimura Ryouhei)

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria CG-146

Watson in here is a cheerful guy, tall, and kind. He has long hair and band-aid on his cheek, proof that he’s good at fighting too. As Holmes Jr. assistant, Watson always follows him everywhere or waiting for Holmes Jr. at his office for sudden case. His detective instinct was also good, so he could solve mysteries even without Holmes Jr. Usually, Watson used to learn fighting with Akechi. Actually, he wished to be a doctor.

As he followed Holmes Jr. to solve the case of Jack the Ripper, a serial killer in East End, Watson Jr. remembered a girl he wanted to protect. She’s the one he met when he’s 9 years old at the forest, the one who built his strength to protect people. That girl was lost, but still care for the trapped animal which is dying. And even if she looks nervous, she still holds her tears. At the time he told her to cry, that girl burst out her tears.


At some case with Jack the Ripper, which is actually the subordinate of Colonel Moran (CV: Miyashita Yuuya), who wants to kill the Queen. There, Sherlock Holmes (CV: Yokota Kouichi) also appeared to help them, but Holmes Jr. didn’t approve it. Truthfully, he knows that it’s connected to Spellbound, an evil organization. Even if Watson had protected Emily from Jack’s sharp nails and being hurted by it, Pendleton still couldn’t let Emily go near him. After Watson kissed Emily in his room for sudden event that she couldn’t tell, Pendleton grabbed her to return to home. Because Watson also thinks that he’s dangerous to Emily, he is backing off to see her.

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Meanwhile, Emily and Watson realizes of Moran’s attempt to kill Queen Victoria at the same time even though they can’t see each other. They solved the case and with Sherlock Holmes and Holmes Jr.’s help of gathering Scotland Yard, Colonel Moran successfully being arrested after some fight with Watson. There, Emily believes that Watson can save her life and remembers they’ve met before. He is the one who gave her courage to stand again after being lost in the forest. While Watson took care of her wound, he then said of his feelings toward Emily. They’re kissing again but this time, with mutual feelings. And after some time, Watson gives Emily a clover as token that he’ll make her happy.  Watson also gives her privilege to keep the ring from Queen Victoria (the one she gave him for being able to capture Moran). The two hugged each other as they’re promising a bright future of protecting each other.

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What I like from this game is, they have proper storyline for sad end. It also has its own chapter. Watson can’t protect Emily from the incident after they’ve gone on picnic. He let Pendleton took Emily home and it’s hurting her heart. The next day, Holmes and Watson Jr. visited her. Suddenly, Emily almost fell if Holmes Jr. didn’t catch her at the right time. It also made Watson felt sorry that he couldn’t save her, running away from Whiteley house. Pendleton searched him and told him if he’s like that, he couldn’t protect his master. So later, after Emily can go to school again, he helps her to bring their teacher’s assignment and says that he will protect her. For Emily, she just can pray so that his wounds will quickly disappear.


Herlock Holmes Jr. (CV: Suzuki Chihiro)

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria CG-098

I thought he would be a cool and lack words person, but turned out he’s quite funny. Even if I’m not satisfied with Suzuki Chihiro as his seiyuu, I can say that he also did good of voicing a smart detective with his fast-speech (It would make me sure that Holmes Jr. thinks quick, right?). Holmes Jr. is a bit arrogant, but it’s funny to see him pretend it’s nothing. Even if he seems lacks of energy, he can fight too. Has the same ability to disguise as other people, like his father. Holmes Jr. opens a detective service with Watson Jr. in Baker Street.

Almost have the same beginning with Watson Jr., but after he has been arrested by Scotland Yard of suspecting murder, he still goes to school. Sherlock Holmes gave him hint about Regulus Acton, so they came to his party. Though he is killed by someone. Suspiciously, Holmes Jr.’s coat button is in the room where Regulus died, and his coat also has blood stain on its neck. The maid also screams that he is the culprit.

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria CG-110


While taking of the real culprit, Holmes Jr. found out that Lupin Jr. had disguised as the grandmother Heartily, who took part in the party. He tried to take Carlina VII, a beautiful diamond. But he ran away after Holmes Jr. found him. Sherlock Holmes helped his son as the culprit of Regulus’ murder, while Holmes Jr. and Emily waited for Lupin Jr. to take the diamond at night. There, knowing that Emily can’t bear the cold weather, Holmes Jr. gives her his gloves. Sadly, Lupin Jr. also disguised as Holmes Jr. and took Emily away to kidnap her. When Holmes Jr. came to London Tower, Lupin Jr. suggested him to play chess so he’ll give Holmes Jr. a hint to search Emily. How strong she is, that she escaped on her own, even with wounded body here and there. Anyway, Holmes Jr. won against Lupin Jr. Before he go to run again, Lupin Jr. says that he works on his own, not by Colonel Moran’s order and still goes under the Queen. He wants Holmes Jr. to be Emily’s knight and when the time comes, he’ll take her heart. As if Holmes Jr. take it real, because he already wanted himself to be it. He is angry for Emily’s recklessness, but after he scolded her, Holmes Jr. hugs Emily tightly. Now, they will get revenge on Colonel Moran.

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Though in the end, Holmes Jr. goes alone to save Watson because he received Watson’s hair with blood after he went to investigate Baron Sweilling because he’s the one helping Moran. Hudson, who knows about Holmes Jr., tells it to Emily. With Pendleton, Sarah, Akechi, and Kobayashi’s help, they’re going to Baron Sweilling’s place, where he kept Watson Jr. Actually, Watson sent a fake blood on his hair, he’s alright and is helping them to fight Colonel Moran’s subordinate. The last fight, Emily followed Moran so they can talk about why he hate Sherlock Holmes, who took all of his life and place. When Holmes Jr. came to save her, Emily told her feelings that he’s the only able to change her to a crybaby, but she loves him. That’s why, she’ll see it ‘till the end. Holmes Jr. began his final fight with Colonel Moran. The result is already predicted, Moran lose and tells him about Professor James Moriarty (CV: Gouda Hozumi), the head of Spellbound, before he fall to fire. Sherlock Holmes were released from prison.

Emily and Holmes Jr. are visiting Moran’s grave, even though they never found his body. This time, Sherlock Holmes believes that his son will be able to become a great detective. For the first time, Emily saw a pride in Holmes Jr.’s face, though they still has work to do with Professor Moriarty. Although it leads Holmes Jr. to be famous among detective, but it will lessen Emily’s time with him. She also had promised with Pendleton to not be near him alone. Looking at that, their friends lock the door to the roof so Emily and Holmes Jr. can spend time together. There, they told their feelings and Holmes Jr. couldn’t stand to kiss her. Though in the end, it were all seen by their classmates.

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria CG-124


Watson Jr. lost from Lupin Jr. at chess match. He let Watson Jr. to stay with Emily while he chase Lupin Jr.  That way, a week from then, Holmes Jr. said sorry because he choose to be a detective who will help everyone. So, Emily can just look at his back as he goes away from her, forever (This seems similar to my memory of ‘him’ when I just remember his back while riding his motorcycle).


Sarah Marple (CV: Honda Mariko)

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria CG-046

I decided to play her route. It’s quick and end in no time. Perfect for middle playtime. Sarah is Emily’s best friend, who seems to see our heroine like her pet the first time seeing each other, due to Emily’s cuteness (right?). But she helped Emily in some cases. In here, she became best friend forever with Emily, they spent time together in picnic day, or when they’re visiting Emily’s villa. In there, the two of them learnt embroidery then baking cake together. Emily is very surprise to know that Sarah can make Pendleton to shut up, by pushing her handmade cake to him (hot).

Near the day of graduation, it’s revealed that Holmes Jr. is the one who gave Sarah request to make Emily stand out for the (big) case. That way, she can live normally like any other girl. On the graduation day, Sarah decided to open a detective tea agency. As of Emily, she haven’t decide her future yet, but she need Sarah’s help to find it. Sarah is surely glad to help her and they becomes best friends forever.


Akechi Kenichirou (CV: Miura Hiroaki)

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria CG-236

Comes from Japan, the country from East with his friend, Kobayashi Seiji. Akechi’s personality is almost similar to Holmes Jr., but he is more quiet. Though he can burst with embarrassment after touching Emily’s chest from saving her. On his route, the one they met in the fog is someone named “Porrock” (CV: Ono Yuuki), a thin guy with perm hair.

When a man, Winzar, almost took Emily to a carriage, Akechi grabbed her hands so he could stop it. He will change Emily to himself as a hostage. Thankfully, by Pendleton and Kobayashi’s help, they can save Akechi, though he can save himself truthfully. After that, Kobayashi told her about Akechi’s past, about his teacher in swordplay who he thought of as his own parent, threw him as his disciple. It hurts Akechi’s heart the most. Meanwhile, there’s strange case in London. A case of group kidnapping children like it had magic. But the strange one isn’t just for the case. Rick, a child who wanted Akechi to be his teacher. But as Japanese, he feels like there won’t be too easy to trust Western people.

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria CG-228

Someone told the police to arrest Akechi, part of it because he’s Japanese. Emily seek Lastrade to release Akechi and it worked. But she wanted to take part in his case to solve as compensation because he worked as detective nowadays for a detective agency. Again, Akechi doesn’t want to take Rick as his disciple. But he must save him from some brat from another school, ordered by Adam. Akechi saved Rick from Adam’s follower without using his sword and in the end, made them wanted to be his disciple too. But he said his hands was already full just by taking Rick alone (as his disciple).

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria CG-233


Akechi and Kobayashi did their own best to work for Dehal, the owner of their detective agency. It seems Dehal is a good person so Emily wants to bring food for him. On the way, she falls on her step, and Akechi suddenly grabs her body to save her. At Dehal’s agency, she asks more things of Japan but Akechi says that she won’t be able to go there to see it. It makes Emily feels like he pushes her off like he did to Rick. Then, she asks if he will go back to Japan, which he agreed on, saying they came to England not to play.

Holmes Jr. suspecting Dehal for kidnapping children. It’s sad for Akechi, that someone he trust after his teacher was being suspected for evil. But it became true when Emily try to find it alone. She found a basement to a ship, where there were the kidnapped children. Though she already saw it, she was found by Dehal’s subordinate. Akechi tried to release her but he had taken drug from Dehal, one that made him useless to fight. He took a rest on Emily’s shoulder. Thankfully, Pendleton saves him and Kobayashi, but not enough to save his master. Emily put her life on danger so Akechi can survive. After he had rested, Akechi and Kobayashi snuck into the ship. First, Akechi came to calm Emily, saying he’ll save her. Then he and Kobayashi must try to release the children on that ship.

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria CG-237

God isn’t on their side when Porrock appears before them. He captured Akechi and Kobayash, asking Akechi to take on Spellbound’s side and taking off his sword. Of course Akechi can’t do that, but he also won’t fight Borrock. It makes Kobayashi going mad at his cool behavior, because they must save the children too. It’s all because Akechi also thinks of their safety so he can’t pull his sword for now. They had fight before the two of them reminiscing of their past. When they’re talking, a guy (it’s Pendleton’s voice, right?) asked them to beat Porrock. Meanwhile, on Emily’s place, she also being hurted by Porrock and like a sadistic, he felt happy to make her in pain.

So with the help of that voice, Kobayashi found his weapon then they went on to fight the enemies on ship. Akechi must fight Porrock, but he can’t find his sword. At a right time, Emily brings it to him and he can beat Porrock, even though he can’t kill a person. When it’s over, Dehal shot Akechi on his back arm but getting beaten afterward. Then, Emily tried to clean Akechi’s wound, while saying she wanted him to tell her if it’s hurt. Looking at her cuteness, Akechi couldn’t stand to make some move, but sadly, Kobayashi appeared without knocking. In the end, they went on ship with Kobayashi, travelling to India (Bombay) because of the ship’s destination. While Akechi and Kobayashi thinks to return to Japan, they’re also worried if Emily wants to return to England. Akechi finally makes up his mind to ask Emily if she want to go to Japan with him, but Pendleton comes before he can end his sentence.

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria CG-241

As expected, Pendleton wants to bring Emily back to London. But now, Akechi finally found his own desire, that he want to bring Emily to Japan. So he requested a fight with Pendleton if it must. But in the end, he chose to be a kind and strong person that let Pendleton believe in him. Emily also said she want to go to Japan with Akechi. At night, Akechi told his feelings again to her, that she’s special to him even though she isn’t a Yamato Nadeshiko. They’re kissing under moonlight (I guess this is the most romantic moment in Mysteria).

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria CG-250


Here, the one catches Emily before she fall when going to Dehal’s agency is Kobayashi. So then, Akechi choose to go back to Japan after graduation and Emily can do nothing to stop him. At the day when Akechi and Kobayashi must go with ship, someone steals Emily’s bag. At a right time, Akechi beats the thief and she gives him her handmade tart. For saying thanks, Akechi gives her a sakura bookmark. He will take it back after he finally come back to England in the future. To wait for him, Emily promises to be a strong lady.


Kobayashi Seiji (CV: Toyonaga Toshiyuki)

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria CG-042

He always follows Akechi whenever he go, even to Japan. Sometimes, they’re like friends, siblings, or subordinate. Used slingshot as his weapon. Seems useless but it also helped Akechi alone (play his route).

For beginning, it’s the same as Akechi and then he becomes angry because Akechi ignores Emily too much. Looking at Akechi, who made Emily sad, Kobayashi took his brave to beat Akechi on his own strength. After Emily knows that he’ll go back to Japan with Akechi, the two of them goes at night to play Kobayashi’s handmade fireworks. He then promised to make Emily as his assistance after he come back to England and already become a great detective.


Jack the Ripper (CV: Fujiwara Yuuki)

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria CG-202

Decided to play his route first before Lupin Jr. because I dislike his circle around his eyes. Jack is shrouded in mystery and his surname is Millers. Always keeps quiet in every moment and think of nothing. He became friends with Emily after she sent him letter.

At time when Emily, Watson Jr., and Holmes Jr. went to East End for their cases, Emily was separated alone. She came to a lone place where she saw Jack the Ripper killed a man with his claws. Moreover, she noticed it’s Jack Millers, her classmate, because of his way of calling her “Omae”. But Jack the Ripper didn’t say anything and let her go after telling her to shut up. Emily did as he told her, keeping it secret from everyone. But at school, Jack couldn’t continue with the class and Mackenzie, their teacher, said his adoptive father, Henry Millers, gave him letter about Jack’s illness. It is the reason why Jack must skip school for unknown time.

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria CG-207

Of course not all believes that was true. Holmes Jr. and Watson Jr. went with Lastrade and his subordinate, Lian, to search the real Jack the Ripper with Sherlock Holmes’ help. Meanwhile, Emily searches books about East and West End. But they weren’t the only one busy about the case. Colonel Moran knows that Jack didn’t kill Emily so he wants him to do it later. This time, Jack must kill Emily with his hands because he must repay Moran. Though after he found Emily’s letter that wished to see him, he did re-think of that order. Anyway, Holmes Jr. and Lastrade were patrolling in East End, but Jack could go to see Emily, wished to let her escape.


In Emily’s room, she opens the window as she hears someone knocking. Of course it’s Jack and he doesn’t know about the letter given to Emily, about he wants to kill her. It’s also strange that he didn’t kill woman and sent letter. After hearing that, Emily is glad that Jack isn’t a killer. But he thinks he’s not that pure so Jack warns Emily to go from Whiteley house so she can save her life. Emily told him that she’s the only heir and master of Whiteley house and couldn’t leave it alone. Jack understands that then wants to give her handkerchief back (from when Emily took care of his wounded hand), but she wants him to keep it because he always gets wounded. Not long after that conversation, Pendleton notices his presence then tries to shoot him.

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria CG-210

Jack escaped the house but he met Watson Jr. Too bad Watson can’t catch him. Lately, Lian, one of the Scotland Yard, told Watson that there were two murder case and made it more complicated with Jack Millers escaped. Because he had an alibi for that. Watson, Holmes Jr., Lastrade, and Pendleton then have a meeting at Whiteley house but it gains nothing. The thing is Holmes Jr. and Watson are also glad that Jack has an alibi, because he is their classmate.

When trying to go to Colonel Moran, Jack meets his kouhai, Bradley (CV: Suzuki Yuuto), a boy in red robe. He knows that Jack hasn’t killed Emily, mocking at him, but after Jack warns to kill him, Bradley runs away. Then Jack goes to Moran to bring Emily’s hair and said he have killed Emily. There, Colonel Moran already knows that Bradley is the serial killer who killed women, thinking it won’t suit on Spellbound. Moran doesn’t believe in it, but Jack has already stabbed him. It’s all seems predicted by Moran, that one day, Jack will kill himself. While rushing to save Emily from Bradley, who had taken elixir to strengthen himself, Jack meets Watson Jr. Watson tried to capture him, but he can release from there. Meanwhile, Emily and Pendleton evacuated the maids then escape through hidden path inside Whiteley house, built by her father.

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria CG-211

Bradley gave information to Professor Moriarty, but it seemed he had known all of it already. Instead of making Bradley his support, Moriarty just using him like his tool. So Bradley chose to kill Emily and Jack on his own. Not long after Jack had arrived at West End, Bradley hurted his leg. Thankfully, Watson is also there then saving him from the real culprit of Jack the Ripper. But they must run away from the police, who thinks Jack is the Jack the Ripper. Watson Jr. helped him go to Whiteley house safely to help Emily, but there were no one inside. Instead, Lian and Lastrade captured Jack in Whiteley house as they saw him.

Emily told about her future plan to Pendleton, of why she like to go to school again after all ended. She wanted to build school in East End, so there are no more criminal because they’ll study. In the other side, Jack was imprisoned by beefeater. Lastrade visits him, saying he’ll help him to catch the real culprit if he tell about Spellbound. In morning, Emily reads the newspaper about captivated Jack Millers. Quickly, she goes to the prison with Pendleton’s approval to meet Jack. The beefeater couldn’t let her in, so she just talked in front of the door. Jack said he was happy to see her again but he couldn’t run away from there. When seeing Emily’s trembling hand, he grabs it. In the end, Emily just go back to hotel without doing anything, making her more sad. She made choice anyway, to go to East End so the real jack the Ripper will chase her.

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria CG-214

Pendleton quietly releasing Jack from his prison to protect Emily. It’s a good choice because when Bradley comes to kill Emily, Jack can quickly protects her rather than the lame Scotland Yard. In the end, Bradley kills himself, using Jack’s claws. For that night, Jack spent it with Emily and telling stories of him. Actually, he wanted to be a cop, like someone who helped him in East End. He and Bradley were the same abandoned child. For him, his parents abandoned him because of poverty. After talking a few stories, Emily feels sad to be separated again. Jack must go to police again for his case. He kisses her after seeing Emily’s tears, saying he loves her all this time. At morning, before Emily wakes up, Pendleton wants to talk to Jack alone. Then, he disappeared from her sight.

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria CG-221

Not taking too long after the news about Bradley, Pendleton suggested a bodyguard, as well as a footman to be add in Whiteley house. That person is Jack himself, with proper clothes and tied hair. He seems nervous but he always does his work properly. Of course at night too. Actually, Pendleton lets him stay by Emily’s side, but he must protect her whatever it is, even if she must marry someone else. Jack agreed with it and they’ll spend days together.

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria CG-223


Jack was killed by Bradley on their last fight and so, Scotland Yard shot the red robe boy. The two of them died and became the headline on morning newspaper. At Jack’s funeral, Emily says that she always believes in Jack.


Emily doesn’t want to open her window in her room. She goes downstair to see Pendleton but Jack goes inside to kill her.


Almost the same as bad end 1, but here, Emily haven’t go down. Jack feels betrayed then goes in her room to kill her.


When Pendleton tries to shoot Jack, Emily save him with her body but got the shot. She is thankful for Pendleton, that he have teached anything to her. But it’s already too late.


Jahn Lupin Jr. (CV: Matsukaze Masaaya)

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria CG-178

Lupin Jr. is just ordinary shy and timid boy in one of Emily’s classmate. But there’s one thief with the same name as him, just change “Lupin-at day” or “Lupan-at night”. His friends didn’t find him suspicious in any routes, but might be not in his.

When he steals the Odile necklace and earrings, he kisses Emily. She feels like dreaming but wakes up with nobody beside her. Then, Emily had a tea party at her house, inviting her classmates. When she talked about her precious photo of her parents with the Queen, Lupin Jr. heard it all. The next morning when Emily read newspaper, there’s a letter sent to her, that Thief Lupin Jr. will steal her picture from Queen, not the photo. As her classmate, Lupin Jr. tries to help her and the Scotland Yard to protect her belongings. But suddenly, with rose scent, everyone falls to sleep, including Pendleton, who got trapped by Lupin Jr. the Thief. Emily is awake by the way, so she can pull the gun to Lupin the Thief. Too bad she gets unconscious like the other because Lupin Jr. is more prepared. As she close her eyes, she could see his sad face and apologizing to her, because he had to do that.

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria CG-176

The other day, Lupin Jr. is following Emily to search information to retrieve her family photo. But some guys approaches them, trying to have fun with Emily, and punching Lupin Jr. Accidentally as trying to save Emily, Lupin Jr. used his card to hurt the bad guys and showed his true personality. After saying sorry to Emily that he can’t appear before her anymore, he goes away. Lupin Jr. got to meet his father, Arsene Lupin. Actually, Arsene Lupin didn’t feel satisfied with his son’s action to steal Whiteley’s photo. He finds it strange for his son to do that. Later, what Lupin Jr. told to Emily becoming true when Mackenzie-sensei said that Lupin won’t go to school because he hurted his leg. This time, Emily will find him no matter what to see his real motive and to retrieve her photo.


A news came from Lupin the Thief that he will steal Sancta Maria, a beautiful gem. To meet Lupin, Emily choose to go with Holmes Jr. and Watson Jr. at the aquarium, where they hid it. There, Emily really meets Lupin Jr., asking why he did all that. Lupin Jr. told her a story about his mother, died before his eyes. Spellbound stole her necklace from her husband and killed her. His mother were so proud that even if her dream is to marry a whitehorse prince, she’s glad that she married a thief instead. To Lupin Jr., after he lost his mom, he wanted to collect all precious things, to find out what it’s like, similar to his mother who already found him and his dad so precious. He then disappeared from Emily to steal the gem.

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria CG-179

But Emily successfully chased him again. Too bad because of the dangerous place, she fell from cliff to a river. Lupin Jr. saved her, but she already lost consciousness and had fever. That’s not the only problem. A flock of werewolf found them so Lupin Jr. must fight it. After he has done with it, he sees her condition becoming bad so Lupin Jr. takes off their clothes to warm Emily’s body. It is strange for him, that the tiny body is so strong that is able to make up her mind and chase him everywhere. When Emily wakes up, she’s embarassed of the situation, that her and Lupin’s body are naked. Her feelings towards him changed after Lupin kissed her nape of neck. But she can’t say or do anything after Lupin fall to sleep so he won’t wake up. Seems like he also hurted his right leg for catching her, makes her heart race fast. Morning comes but they must separated again after Pendleton finds Emily because Lupin Jr. won’t invite her to danger, as he is a thief. Before he goes, Lupin Jr. hugs Emily tightly, saying not to believe in some thief like him.

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria CG-183

Sorry, a little bit NSFW

Arsene Lupin already waited for his son near the cliff to ask why he stole Emily’s photo. He revealed to his father that it’s because he wanted to take revenge on Spellbound for killing his mother. Meanwhile, Emily was shock to see that Lupin Jr. had went to school as usual, even after he said it’s a goodbye, for some purpose. Emily quickly grabs his hand to speak with Lupin Jr. She is angry that he plays with her heart, but as he said, to not trust him. Again, Emily wants her photo back though Lupin Jr. stills won’t say his real intention. He left her with unsatisfied feelings and suddenly, a middle-aged man appeared as the garden planner, Morris (who actually is Arsene Lupin). He said about a necklace and his son, that made Emily felt suspicious (it looks like Lupin Jr.’s story).

On the other side, Lupin Jr. is trying to revenge her mother’s death and prepared to meet Prof James Moriarty. His father told him that a thief musn’t kill people. It will make two people sad, Lupin Jr.’s mother and the one who chase him, Emily. Whatever it is, Lupin Jr. still goes to Prof Moriarty’s hideout and is about to kill him. But Emily, who got noticed from Arsene Lupin, stopped Lupin Jr. to shoot Moriarty. It is a chance to protect Moriarty’s life himself, used Emily as hostage. Thankfully, it seems like Lupin Jr. also has his own strategy. After Moriarty shows his mother’s necklace, Lupin Jr. takes it fast with Emily, together at the same time. His father, Arsene Lupin also comes to settle the final match with Moriarty and everything about his wife is revealed, that Moriarty also loves her. Lupin Jr. used the chance to bring Emily outside Moriarty’s house.

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria CG-194

Lupin Jr. brings her to the first place they meet, Greenwich Park. Here, Lupin Jr. gives Emily the same order, to close her eyes and then kisses her. But now, he says his work is already done and is no need to stay in London anymore. Lupin gives back Emily’s photo, but he burns it until there’s picture of her parents without their friends. It means he doesn’t want Emily to search for clue anymore. After he kisses her, Lupin Jr. goes without trace. It makes Emily have bad dreams numerous times, about how they separated. The newspaper told about Moriarty, being arrested on his own mind. On her first day to go to school after she’s recovered from Moriarty’s incident, Mackenzie-sensei said strange things, about Emily is better with smile. Also, there are two Moriarty in the class. Holmes Jr. and Emily notices that it’s Lupin Jr. who disguised himself. After Lupin Jr. shows his true self, he brings Emily out of school.

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria CG-172

There, he asks Emily to close her eyes again. Even though she’s afraid he’ll disappear again, she stills do as he told. But now, he is still there, hugging her from her back. Lupin Jr. knows his feelings, that he can’t lose her, even though it’s just for a week. He then kissed Emily’s hand, kneeling to make a promise that he’ll be her sword. Emily too, because they have the same feelings of love, she’ll be by his side.

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria CG-185


After the cliff incident, Lupin Jr. decided to not let Emily interfere with his work so he won’t hurt her. Some time later, Emily read a newspaper that Lupin Jr. is in Paris now. Suddenly, Alicia, her maid, brought a bouquet of rose from unknown sender. But Emily notices she isn’t the real Alicia. Want it or not, Lupin Jr. must reveal his disguise, telling her that he can cross the sea to see her (even if he must be in Paris). So then, Emily wishes to capture him as detective and it will become a cycle of a thief and a detective.



Holmes Jr. and Watson Jr. were chosen to play violin and piano for music festival at Harrington. At the same day, a package arrives at Whiteley house. When Emily and Pendleton opens the package, a strange watch appears, then explode. It is a time bomb, connected to the case for Emily’s parents. Holmes Jr. and Watson Jr, who notices the incident, choose to stay beside Emily all day along to protect her, but the bomb explodes in their class too. It makes all students worried but they’ve gathered to protect Emily. Except for the weak Sleitar (one of their classmate with glasses). At the music festival, Emily feels like she saw Colonel Moran, the one she met on picnic day. She is afraid of that and tells Holmes Jr.

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria CG-167

Meanwhile, Sherlock Holmes who is around the school, happens to meet Colonel Moran. They talks quietly like nothing happened. At the concert hall, Holmes and Watson Jr. are paying good with their music instrument. But suddenly, Sleitar holds Emily’s hand to bring her to a quiet place. He shows her that he has the bomb, hides in his jacket. Though in the end, Holmes and Watson Jr. reaches their place (Pendleton lets them go to search Emily, while he plays violin himself). There, while trying to stop the bomb, Sleitar says that he will do anything for Colonel Moran, even to die. But actually, he is afraid of dying. Before Holmes Jr. cut one of the 4 wire, Sherlock Holmes stops him because he will cut the wrong one. Sherlock Holmes asks Emily which color she likes from 4 of it (green, red, black, pink) and she choose pink, which is the real one. There’s no explosion ahead.

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria CG-104

Holmes Jr. is very angry for Sleitar’s act and he won’t forgive him for endangering many people. But Sleitar himself has already eat poison. Before he dies, Sleitar says he wished to be like Holmes Jr. and apologizing. As for Colonel Moran, he disappears from Scotland Yard with the silver clock. After it were all finished, Holmes Jr. and Watson Jr. decided to had their own recital with Emily so she can see their performance til the end.



Appeared after every routes has finished. It is to clear ‘Holmes Jr.’ gallery and a few in ‘others’. Played from the START again after gathering all items (except the last one to be in this route), and Pendleton will give Emily a book. It is up to her choice to open it or not. If it is opened, Pendleton would gave her information that only the Queen and Earl Begford that’s still alive from Emily’s photo of her parents.

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria CG-025

Earl Begford is on the most left of this picture

Christmas will come to London. While everyone in her classmate are talking of how they’ll spent Christmas, Emily lies that she’ll spent with Pendleton. Truth is, Pendleton will go to their previous countryside, where Emily lived after losing her parents. It’ll make her house feels empty. Holmes Jr. noticed that so he brought Watson to go with him to her house. There, because Holmes Jr. also notices her secret work, Emily gives him information about her parents murder case. It was a night with strong wind, when child Emily woke up and found her parents murdered. Pendleton quickly brought her to the secret path inside their house. Then, they lived in countryside until the time Emily went to London to meet the Queen. She also gave them knowledge of the friends of her parents that went dead by strange cases. Hearing that, Holmes and Watson Jr. decided to help her with the case.

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria Misc-145

The three of them find a key to the secret path underground Whiteley house. After they went there to see what’s inside, Earl Begford send telegram to Emily. He seek help from her because someone will kill him. It is strange indeed, but Emily still go there with Holmes & Watson. Too bad that they’re trapped inside Begford’s house. While Emily goes alone to meet Begford, Holmes and Watson Jr. are fighting with Begford’s subordinate. Thankfully, Jack helps them to fight and gives Holmes Jr. time to chase Emily. In other place, Akechi and Kobayashi are helping Lastrade to patrol at the museum-like building.

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria Misc-115

When Emily was talking with Begford, something came through window and endangered Begford. She thinks it’s to murder Begford, but Holmes Jr. comes to take her to a safe place, while Begford mansion is on fire. They were cornered to a secret passage inside Begford mansion, brought them to where Prof Moriarty hid himself in a museum filled with real antique. Moriarty claims that he wants to be a collector across continent and it’s also helpful to protect all historical things from war and stolen. He also wanted to get Holmes Jr. onto his side, claiming that Holmes Jr. actually hide his dark side. To make it worse, Moriarty gives Holmes Jr. an elixir to play with his mind. Thankfully, Watson Jr. is coming with Jack. Lupin the Thief is also helping them, even though he pretended to be Moriarty’s agent of stealing. Lupin had his own pride and just using Moriarty to know where the stolen thing is. They can beat Moriarty, but the building will collapse. Accidentally, Akechi and Kobayashi were also there so they lured Emily to outside. All ends well, with Pendleton coming to tell them of how proud he is. He also was the person who told Lupin to help his master.

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria CG-033

Emily thinks her ring from Queen Victoria just turn her life to be dangerous. When she’s ready to throw it in Thames river, Holmes Jr. stops her. He tells her that because of her coming, everyone everyone becomes friends. Holmes Jr. is also thankfull that he can unlock Moriarty’s case.

It is Christmas Eve. Emily goes to school as usual, but finds it suspicious because there’s no one in school. She thinks Sarah was telling her that they would still go to school on Christmas Eve, but it seemed not. So she just sit on her chair to wait if there’s student coming. Suddenly, she heard her friends were greet her with “Merry Christmas”. It were Sarah, Holmes Jr., Watson Jr., Jack, Lupin, Akechi, and Kobayashi They specially coming to celebrate Emily’s first Christmas in London although it must be a holiday.

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria CG-040


I’m glad to be able to post something properly on this blog again after almost going hiatus for these past few months. Even though I posted something, usually, it’s unrelated to reviews and otome games. Gensou Yawa is a bit out of it because I don’t really like the game itself.

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria is my second otoge from Karin Entertainment after Zettai Meikyuu Grimm. Yeah, I had planned to play Danzai no Maria etc and it hadn’t been going on. I’m very satisfied to play this one. Firstly, this has cute CG, mysteries, historical places, pretty colors, a bit humour, and songs. For BGM, it’s very Karin, a few almost similar to ZMG. Just too bad, Holmes and Watson Jr. almost had the same concept for their story. Still, Watson is good for first playthrough because he doesn’t reveal much storyline. And truth is, I dislike too cheerful guy and childhood concept. But anyway, Watson has his own strong personality and friendly, so I like this side of him.

Even though Holmes Jr. is the main hero, his story doesn’t connected with Moriarty. He is the ultimate rival for Sherlock Holmes, so it’s a bit disappointed. Though I’m glad his story is different from Holmes by the time he’s sentenced to be a killer. And his chess match scene with Lupin Jr. had its own tension. Akechi did had good romance, but a bit boring at Rick’s problem. He seems to be just an added character. For Jack, his tone of speaking made me sleepy, but his story held mysteries that’s important to this game. Not that I dislike the ending, but it looks like weaker than the other character’s ending. And Lupin is my favorite. He has skills, flirtatious mouth, and of course, mystery. I like mystery, of course, and that’s why I played this. Lupin Jr. is the one who meet Moriarty, while Holmes Jr.’s case doesn’t seem end.

Well, even though there are many branches and villains in each route, the true story lies in True Ending and Grand Ending. Better play it to complete the game and to unlock mysteries. It also told Emily’s past very well. Overall, I like it very much. I hope there will be many people trying this game, because Karin has its own way to hold mystery and make us satisfied to unlock it.




Link for CG:


  1. I love this game to bits!! Karin Entertainment never fails to bring an amusing otoge! I’ve played Danzai no Maria (one of my top favourites), so I was looking forward to this one.

    I personally loved Jack’s route the most (just like I liked Uriel’s route the most in Danzai, I seem to like creepy characters xD).
    Then it’d be this way: Jack–>Lupin–>Watson–>Holmes–>Akechi–>Kobayashi. In fact, my top faves are Jack, Lupin and Watson, although I do admit Lupin went a bit overboard with his ladykiller style, it kinda intimidated me a bit.

    I also loved the soundtrack. Can’t wait to listen to it!
    Regarding Jack’s ending: it felt less.. strong compared to others, because Jack is poor, so it’s impossible (at least according to Pendleton) for him and Emily to get married, so the most he can do for her is protect her from the shadows and always be by her side. It still felt kinda sad. I felt really sorry for Jack, he’s actually such a nice guy who’s just never had anything good in life.

    As for Watson, his route was probably the most emotional one, at least for me. I could feel their mutual longing for each other.

    As for Lupin, their route had this strong feeling of romance and intimacy (especially that naked scene!! made me go kya).

    Can’t wait for Karin’s next game!

    OHHHH and I’m also looking forward to Danzai no Maria’s Director’s Cut version!! The teaser site is already open.

    • Jack is poor indeed, and quite sad he’s just being Emily’s footman/butler. Though what I’m disappointed at, is because he keeps being in shadow. Maybe part of the reason is about his shyness/feels less noble than Emily herself. Okay, it’s acceptab;e. For me, I think I’ll choose this route : Lupin-Jack-Holmes-Akechi-Watson-Kobayashi. Well, part of me didn’t choose Watson was because I happened to not really into childhood friend-mate. But lately, I like Kimura Ryouhei’s voice too (ex: as L-elf in Valvrave).

      There’re too many games I want to play and maybe, Danzai no Maria won’t be able to go in my 10 choices…. Uh, I really want to play all those games!

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