Gensou Yawa – Quick Snap (R18)

It has been a long time sinced my last post about gaming ^^!  This will be about Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari ~Gensou Yawa~, but I didn’t write review. It’ll just be my rambling about the game.

ChounoDoku GY Mini Game-004

So now, I had a troublesome new year and all and just finished “Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari ~Gensou Yawa~” quiet a days ago. Part of it might be because the game itself doesn’t have much value to my interest. I’d rather prefer the first game, of course. The FD just continuing the story after bad and good ending from previous series. And the storyline isn’t worth playing, except that you want R18 scenes the most. The only thing protected me from dropping it was because I wanted to hear Kondo Takashi‘s voice. And yes, I like to hear him more, mostly if I remembered PersonA ~Opera za no Kaijin~.

The game itself was for us to know of what happened after the first series. There will be choices to see the characters good nor bad ending, but I feel that it didn’t matter since what I thought would come badly after the end of bad ending, in here, I found that the characters changed my opinion of them. Bad ending itself just told stories where the guys wouldn’t just standing without doing anything after noticing Yuriko‘s sadness. They had feelings towards her and made my opinion of them, becoming evil in first game, just being wasted. They changed my perceptions.

ChounoDoku GY-142

After completing the guys bad or and good endings, another story would appear. It’s not a new one, just telling the guys’ feelings to Yuriko and the truth behind their actions to her from their point of view. But then again, you can’t complete the CG without playing the minigames. The minigames itself also doesn’t have good storyline. It tells a quizes for Yuriko to complete and the present for us is one CG of them, getting vacation and all. Really, Mizuhito‘s CG on these is the only one I hate, where he catches Yuriko on bathtub. Nope, you won’t have all the CG if in here.

Open the exact game again (not minigame), then you can find there’s new side story besides extra menu. It will change Saburou‘s form to a hot guy. Well, not really hot because he’s just a stupid servant. Choose all choices to see different (funny) story and the end of it, you have another ending with all cat guys. Not important but it must be seen to complete all CG.

ChounoDoku GY Misc-002

I kept seeing Kitou Kaki from Hanaoni in here…. Isn’t it?

I had forgotten most of its storyline from previous game because it also didn’t leave much impression to me. Whereas I was excited to play the FD before, I found that it’s not what I expected to be. Not having unique storyline, or at least, unique story-telling, this FD is just good for nothing as what I am searching about in a VN is strong storyline and beautiful scenery. Gensou Yawa isn’t like that. Not for me.

I want to play Eikoku Tantei Mysteria (sorry to skip many games released before that) but it seems I must complete Shining Ark first. Different from Shining Blade, I hate the bake bread system and quests. And I don’t really like Panis for her ‘ringing’ voice. But I like Kilmaria, she’s cool with two guns. That’s why I kept playing it, the only reason is to use Kilmaria as my team battle. As for PC game, I am eager to complete Sekien no Inganock ~What a Beautiful People~ with English patch, after my sister finish it and found tragedy. Yup, I’m ready for tragic story, like mine.


~ by twentyninenights on March 16, 2013.

7 Responses to “Gensou Yawa – Quick Snap (R18)”

  1. Thanks for the review! I actually didn’t know you have to complete the minigame to really finish the game. I just finished the individual character’s good/bad ends. No wonder I was missing one CG lol.

  2. Hi 🙂

    I’ve read tons of your reviews and I really enjoy them.

    Anyways, I was wondering.. you know how you (clearly) understand Japanese? Would you be willing to make an english patch of any great japanese otome game? If it’s too difficult for you to make the patch, there’s this (sorta new) thing called visual novel reader. I’m not sure if you’ve already heard of it, but here’s the link:

    Please consider my request, it would mean the world to me.
    Thanks so much ❤

    • Thank you for reading my blog posts that might lack things here and there ~(=^‥^)/

      Nowadays, I’ve been busy with works so I don’t think I can play games as many as I’d like to, miss my past school’s life. I’m so sorry that I can’t join the project. About the visual novel reader, I’ve never heard of it before. It’s new thing for me.

  3. Thanks for the review! I was thinking about buying the FD if only for Majima, so I’d like to confirm if there is no plot at all? They could resolve many things on Majima’s route, considering it was half-baked in the original one.

    And about the continuation, does Majima actually loves Yuriko? I am sure that in the ending where he brought her to China, he pretty much disregard Yuriko as lover and treat her just as sister.

    • For me, I don’t like it when a whole story just centered around H scenes, without the true story in it. I guess it depends on what you need it for. Oh, and the thoughts about Majima’s bad ending, it won’t suit it at all. All bad endings in previous story becomes tragic one, where the guys would always mourn for their wrongs. Tragic and not, I mean, because it became weird.

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