Ibara no Kanmuri

I took that title from Scrooge’s dialogue in his last scene. This post will review about Guilty Crown Lost X’mas by Nitro+. Taken 10 years before the anime started, there’s another hero, a ‘Fake Ou-sama’ before Ouma Shuu (CV: Kaji Yuki) appeared with his Void power from saving Yuzuriha Inori (CV: Kayano Ai). For more information, you can visit : wikia

The scene in this VN begins at the fight between Scrooge (CV: Sakurai Takahiro) with Present or Ghost of Christmas Present for full=a blonde beautiful man/woman, because nobody knows her/his real gender (CV: Kobayashi Yuu) and Ghost of Christmas Past=a child-like voice who controls Endlave=robot, her real body is in a capsule machine (CV: Takagaki Ayahi). Scrooge can use Void, a power of taking weapon from someone’s soul, but he can only takes it from Carol (CV: Asumi Kana), different from Shuu who can take it from anyone. Don’t forget that Yuu=a boy which also posses King’s Power besides Shuu (CV: Nishigaki Yuka), also knows all that incident.

Then, the story moved before that fight happened. Scrooge was awoke at some facility with many researchers in front of him and no memory. He realizes that it’s strange and so, tries to run away. Before he knows, when he touches some of them with his right hand, their bodies changes into crystal-like shape. Of course they’re more into catching the subject of their important research. Finally, Scrooge met Carol in one of the room. She seems like knowing him and offering her help, as a weapon for Scrooge. He takes sword-like thing from Carol’s chest, beating the soldiers one by one and escaped with her.

Scrooge and Carol decides to ask one of the researcher they’ve heard for more information about himself (Here, we can see that Scrooge is a funny guy, indeed, in a scary way. When he asked the researcher but he didn’t give an answer, Scrooge offered him friendship. But the researcher still kept quiet, so Scrooge offered a handshake-you know his right hand can change a person to crystal=Apocalypse Virus. What a sadist way of making friend…). Even if Scrooge didn’t kill the researcher, but someone already shot him down. The only information he had is to go to Ouma Kurosu (CV: Seki Toshihiko), one of freewill researcher in Void Genome research facility for a better explanation.

From Kurosu, Scrooge learnt that it was all a research made by Da’ath in order to build a new world. For that purpose, they wanted to use Eve’s power to choose her Adam and destroy the world. More problem is, Eve’s power is in Ouma Mana (CV: Kayano Ai), Kurosu’s daughter when she found a stone that led to Da’ath’s further research. Scrooge’s King Power (the chosen Adam) isn’t a real one, it’s resided in Ouma Shuu, Mana’s younger brother. After that stories, Kurosu is a bit shock that Scrooge can take Void from Carol, because it only can take shape in a human age less than 17 years old.

Let’s put it aside. Some way or another, Past and Present are targeting Scrooge to capture him back. But he can run away from the fight after defeating them for awhile. When he came back to Kurosu’s laboratory, he already dead, killed by someone. Meanwhile, it’s December 24th, where the tragedy of Lost Christmas happen. Mana went berserk and changed people nearby to cancer=crystallized and she also became crystal herself. The city is in ruin, but thankfully, Past (with her Endlave) saved Shuu and Triton=a boy with blonde hair, Shuu and Mana’s friend after they found him washed ashore (CV: Watanabe Akeno). Triton was discovered by Scrooge, who told him to stay alive. That words is the one which makes him stand to fight in the future, changing his name to Tsutsugami Gai (CV: Nakamura Yuuichi). Forgot to tell that Carol explains Scrooge’s power is superhuman, can take Void and Apocalypse Virus, while Present’s power is all Apocalypse Virus.

So, Scrooge and Past-Present fight begins once more. When Scrooge finally found Past’s real body, he’s surprised to see a dead body in it. Then he finally defeating Past with Carol’s baby-like monster, which she called her and Scrooge’s child. Turns out after Past was beaten, she told Mana not to cry, as if she knows Mana really well (She is Saeko Shijou, the real mother of Shuu and Mana, according to wikia). Meanwhile, Present is waiting for Mana to open the gate of Cocytus. Scrooge awaken inside crystal cave (the Cocytus) and in front of him is Present. She/he shows the truth, about her/his body, that it’s all already eaten by the cancer. Suddenly, Present’s plan to bring Scrooge into dying together is stopped by Carol. She helps Scrooge using Void, releasing bugs that changing Present’s body to crystal. It’s all done now.

Uh, no. Carol gives the truth about herself. While Scrooge thinks she is another pursuer, Yet to Come (similar nickname as Ghost of Christmas Present), Carol says that Yet to Come is their (Scrooge & Carol) unborn child. That’s why, Carol didn’t die even after so many Void broken (Kurosu said that a Void break=the owner’s death). The one who died is the unborn baby from Carol’s tummy, which can’t live nor die after it has crystalized. And it’s true that the baby monster from earlier is the form of their child. Now that Scrooge has known the truth, Carol gives Scrooge freedom to choose what to do.

The baby monster can be brought everywhere despite its large body. Very convenient…

At True End, Scrooge wants to save the world, combining his and Carol’s power to create a better future, where Shuu will begin his journey and save the world even after contaminated by the Apocalypse Virus himself.

At Normal End, Scrooge won’t forgive the cruel world, also combining his power with Carol. The only thing left is his right arm, taken by Yuu. He is grateful that Scrooge makes the research success. All that’s left now is to build the new world.



Whatever ending it has, Scrooge and Carol won’t have a continuation of their story. This is sad, thinking he’s more cool and have more sad past than Shuu. Carol is also a cheerful girl, she has a fit role to become Scrooge’s couple of comedies (Huh?). The game was short, but I couldn’t finish it fast enough because I kept ‘print screen’-ing it (I thought it wouldn’t have CG gallery, what a stupid reason). Moreover, its picture were moving. Cool enough to say that I watch it, not read it. It uses many old songs and BGMs from Guilty Crown anime but it’s all cool so I let it past. It fits the story and situation, makes it more touching (Too bad they weren’t creating new song to it). Background were cool; buildings, Endlaves and towns were very detailed.

Oh yeah, I like Carol very much, although she lied to Scrooge about her existence and purpose. In most stories, she makes the dialogue more fun, while it has so many battle scenes. And I choose the game better than anime, of course. Scrooge is more reliable than Shuu, of course before a few final episode when he must fight his friends and losing arm. Caution: Beware that it has many battle scenes than drama. It’s cool but somewhat boring because Scrooge always fighting the same enemies, Past and Present. For CG, I’ll upload it in separate post later.


01. Lost Control by Itou Kanako

02. ISOLATION by Itou Kanako

03. Where am I? by VERTUEUX

This picture of Shuu made me wanted to cry remembering his hardships through friendships and life


  1. Wow, this is epic. Just leave it to Japan to twist ANYTHING into crazy stuff. I need to go look at the wikia first, though, because otherwise it’s confusing @_______@

  2. I don’t know about you guys but wiki’s info confused me even more XD
    Anyway thank you so much for this compact summary! Additional thanks for all these VA names because I only recognized Sakurai’s voice and it was good to know the others.
    I liked the game too, it was unexpectedly short, dynamic and it put Scrooge’s story into GuiltyCrown setting really nicely. In a word, it was an awesome interactive movie.
    So Past is Shuu’s mother… God, this caught me off guard completely. That’s so cruel and painful, it make me love Shuu even more, my precious baby T_T
    Still prefer Shuu/Inori over Scrooge/Carol though. Scrooge is a tragic hero with a dark past indeed, I like him and feel sorry for him but he’s just too emotionless. Carol’s character was kinda plain in my opinion. In the end I didn’t even know what to think about her and her motives/actions. Well, it’s a good thing we all share a different opinion, isn’t it? 😉
    By the way, don’t you know what song was playing during the last scene of the game? I liked it very much.

    • That’s because Wiki just provided review per character, not all of the storyline. But I used that as reference for my review.

      I kinda agree that Carol is emotionless, but her joke and Scrooge’s makes it the best, at least in GC series (I don’t think Shuu-Inori ever made any joke in the anime). And I also feel Shuu is pitiful indeed in the end, that he must lose Inori and some of his body. Uh, I think GC’s heroes must have tragic past & future…

      Oh my, I have deleted the game (and it’s bad that it doesn’t have save data) in my laptop, so I’m a bit forgot of its song. But maybe, it’s in Guilty Crown anime OST…?

    • Isolation is the name of the song when Scrooge said Merry Christmas
      Before that is Release My soul.
      And Before Release my Soul is Home ~in this corner~

  3. Thanks for replying so quickly!^^
    Yeah, I can hardly imagine Shuu and Inori laughing and joking over each other, and it’s really sad they didn’t even get an appropriate situation for it. I agree with you about Carol, she made jokes in the right time in the right place and it was amusing indeed. But I wish her character would gain a proper/more thorough development and not only that one last minute revelation and those two (a bit stupid) ending “choices” for Scrooge.

    Oh, I see, thanks anyway.

    • Uh-huh. Agree. They should make more episodes for GC so they can include fun moment. There’re too many battle in GC (both PC & anime), but lack drama so we couldn’t get to know characters really well.

      Hahaha, yeah, the 2 endings for Scrooge didn’t even have big differences. I think it’s his fate..? But that what makes it sad for his story.

  4. Yeah, absolutely. The game was extremely short and it didn’t let us know the characters well. GC anime had some problems with the characters’ development too but it was much better (it’s not surprising though). And yes, i wanted more drama less battles too (and more screentime for Shuu and Inori together>.<)

    I feel kinda sad because Scrooge's and Shuu's stories in GC are over, I liked them very much and wouldn't mind to see them again but that's not going to happen unfortunately ._.

    • Yeah, I will miss them… I wonder if there will be new GC again out there. GC anime is a little boring in the beginning, but it turns cool after Shuu and his friends were trapped in school. A little bit too dramatic, but it made me sad of his friends’ betrayal.

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