The Kingdoms’ Story-Chou Hi, Sou Sou, Chou Un

Jyuuza Engi ~Engetsu Sangokuden~ is a game by RED Entertainment and Otomate, based on Romance of Three Kingdoms. I thought the chara design is quite unique (there’s a rare occasion of playing a otoge heroine as feline race) and so, decided to try it. Oh, even though I said she had cat’s ears, she’s a mixed-race between human and Maozoku (This was said by Choukaku). The heroine’s name is Kan U, lives in the village which has raised her since birth. She takes care of Ryuubi (the white-haired feline child), which is respected by villagers and can tame a tiger. And her younger friend, Chou Hi, which I’m disappointed for his body is strong and well-built, but his personality is childish. One day, the soldier of Kanteikoku is coming to their village and her live begins to change. Kan U here is a strong heroine, moreover, the strongest in the village. She can fight and might kill her enemies. I wished to write just a short review but it became long, sorry.

Okay, the first character I’ve played is Chou Hi for his annoying attitude (I don’t like childish character very much, even more, younger guy). Here, I’ll write character’s name that will appear in the story because there are many of it.:

Kan U : Our heroine with half-Maozoku blood

Ryuubi (Ishida Akira): The descendant of Ryuu’s house and is respected by every Maozoku as their chief

Chou Hi (Okamoto Nobuhiko) : Kan U and Ryuubi’s childhood friend. A hot-blood person

Chou Un (Suzumura Kenichi) : Kou Sonsan’s subordinate who stays at Tou Taku’s side as spy

Sou Sou (Toriumi Kousuke) : A warlord in Kanteikoku’s army. Full of ideas

Ka Kouton (Suzuki Tatsuhisa) : Sou Sou’s subordinate and hate Jyuuza. Has a little brother, Ka Kouen

Chouryou (Yusa Kouji) : He is a subordinate of Ryofu. A feminine guy, I think

Ka Kouen (Namikawa Daisuke) : Ka Kouton’s little brother who also joins army. The two hate Jyuuza

Choukaku (Satou Takuya) : The leader of Koukinzoku, wears yellow bandage on his head as trademark

Ryofu (Sawashiro Miyuki) : The lady in Kanteikoku, the truth is Tou Taku’s subordinate. But isn’t she must be Lu Bu, a man, in actual story? Well, she has high interest in Kan U and hate men. Killing people just for having fun

Chousen (Ise Mariya) : Ryofu’s subordinate who really loves her. She can even say that Ryofu is better dating her. A child, is it?

Tou Taku (Nakamura Kentarou) : Kanteikoku’s politician and warlord

En Shou (Hirakawa Daisuke) : The chosen leader of Sou Sou and Chou Un’s army. Enjutsu is also his family

Enjutsu (Itou Kentarou) : Goes in Sou Sou’s rebellion army, but refuse to choose En Shou as their leader

Chou Seihei (Fujiwara Keiji) : A gentle ojisan in Maozoku and often calming down his young ally

Kantei (Katsu Anri) : One of Maozoku who follows Kan U to fight Koukinzoku

Chou Sosou (Yonaga Tsubasa) : A calm Maozoku but he won’t let anyone talking bad about his friends

Ganryou (Satou Takuya) : Following En Shou’s order to fight against Tou Taku

Bunshuu (Nakamura Koutarou) : Same as Ganryou, En Shou’s follower

Kou Sonsan (Hamada Kenji) : Work under En Shou and is Chou Un’s master. Have little brother, Kou Son Etsu

Bachou (Sugita Tomokazu) : A white-haired man and black skin from the free race (he said they have freedom of riding horse, etc.). A race taken by Sou Sou to fight alongside him


Chou Hi (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko)

He calls Kan U as “Ane-ki” because he’s younger and has high temperament. Usually, he just follows Kan U’s decision. When Kanteikoku’s army comes to search for Koukinzoku (the bandits army with yellow bandage on their head, in real novel, it might be Yellow Turban Rebellion) in Maozoku’s village, Kan U won’t allow them to banish her village and decides to join the army to find Koukinzoku and eliminate them. This is the order from Sou Sou, if she doesn’t want her village to be banished. Before meeting Tou Taku (Kanteikoku’s leader), Ka Kouton and his little brother, Ka Kouen, whom also joined army under Sou Sou, are saying that Maozoku is the thirteenth juunishi (zodiac) which should never exist, the cat. Their first job is to protect Kuwaki Village from the bandits. Ryuubi also befriended a human child but this child is get killed by Koukinzoku.

With rage, Kan U and Chou Hi both are killing the bandits. After that, they also finds Choukaku, the leader of Koukinzoku who is also Maozoku, covering his ears with the yellow bandage. His dream is to be the highest from human and banish them all. He is surprise to see the mixed-race Maozoku and calls her “The girl with black eyes” because Maozoku has golden eyes color. From him, we got to know that Ryuubi is the descendant of Ryuu/Liu’s house, the founder of Maozoku. The truth is, Choukaku asked Kan U to follow him, but she refused and wounded him. Sou Sou wished to kill him but with Kan U’s stopping him, he just cut Choukaku’s ears, which was his proud all the time. She is blaming herself for that and being hugged by Chou Hi. When Maozoku thinks it’s the time to go back to their village because their job ended here, Sou Sou kidnapped Ryuubi to the capital.

The Maozoku arrived at Sou Sou’s house, where he kept Ryuubi so the Maozoku will do their new job, to eliminate the thing Koukinzoku had left behind (Or their remnants). Here, Ka Kouton and Kouen are very surprise to know Ryuubi is 15 years old. They have no choice than to fight another battle. After this scene, the “Momozono” system is available in Chou Hi’s route, contains a few scenes and might get some CG (It’ll be like Private Action in Star Ocean games?). At sudden chance, Kan U meets Chou Un and Chouryou in separate places. They’re very gentle to her, even as a Maozoku. When she accidentally bumped to Ryofu and Chousen (her maid?), Kan U acknowledge that Chouryou is her subordinate too. They also knew Tou Taku very well.

Ryofu with heart eyes (means: she’s in love (with Kan U))

In the midst of chaos where the officials must hide the secret of Emperor’s death from enemies, Tou Taku is putting himself in charge of the country. Sou Sou and Ka Kouton must obey that. But not for long because they’ve decided to rebel against Tou Taku and choose En Shou as their leader. The army consists of Enjutsu (although he doesn’t want En Shou to be the leader), Kou Sonsan, Ganryou, Bunshuu, Bachou, and Sou Sou’s troops. That night, Ryuubi wants Kan U to be his wife, but Chou Hi is against that idea. After defeating Kayuu, they held a banquet for Kan U, though here, Chou Hi is jealous of her popularity. The next battle is crucial and getting worse when Kan U and Ryuubi meets Ryofu and Chouryou. Kan U almost killed by Ryofu and so, Ryuubi went berserk. Here, Chou Hi also went berserk with claws and scary appearance before Tou Taku’s army attack Kan U. He’s afraid if he will kill someone.

Maozoku’s village was burnt by human so they must find a new place, which is Kou Sonsan’s palace. He helps them generously but said some word about ‘expiation’. In Maozoku new village, Chou Seihei is telling the kids about Kan U and Chou Hi’s bet in the past which resulting in his defeated and must be Kan U’s little brother. Later, Ryofu killed Tou Taku and built another mess in the country. Even though Kou Sonsan won’t use Maozoku to go to war, but Kan U and her friends will help him to protect the country from Sou Sou’s troops (Yeah, right now, he is the enemy for his greed to have the whole country). Because Sou Sou preferred to fight Ryofu, they’re back off from the city  and that concluded Maozoku’s victory. They’ve won but the leader, Touken, died from arrows. And so, Maozoku rules Xuzhou city and lives happily with human.

But that’s not the end. Ryofu comes to their city, and not long after that, Enjutsu (who also followed Ryofu now) requested to meet Kan U. She goes alone with Chou Un to the promised place. Deceived by jealousy, Chou Hi who should protect the city, went to follow Kan U. Of course it’s a lie by Chou Ryou and Ryofu. In the end, the city was in Ryofu’s hands and Kan U, Chou Un, and Chou Hi must back off. Chou Un suggested Chou Hi and Kan U to request help from Sou Sou while he will ask Kou Sonsan. But Sou Sou requested to have Xuzhou and Kan U as reward and Kou Sonsan already died half a year ago. Kan U accepted Sou Sou’s agreement and when she fights Ryofu, she lost it. The angry Chou Hi went berserk again in beast form, kills Ryofu right away in front of townspeople. He then brings Kan U to outside city, sleeps on her lap. Thankfully, the human can acknowledge his reason and continues to live with them. But Kan U must be Sou Sou’s possession after a month.

Of course Chou Hi is very mad upon knowing this agreement. Suddenly, Ka Kouton and Kouen attacked Chou Hi from Mikado’s order to annihilate that monster. With the help from Maozoku, Chou Hi ran away. Meanwhile, Kan U dreams of the past when Chou Hi cries to make Kan U his bride (I really can’t stand his crying voice. Very childish and selfish) because he hurted her back and thought there wouldn’t be any guy who want to marry her. Kan U agrees to make him quiet. Then, there’s rumour about her being Sou Sou’s lover. Another time, Kan U must take care of bandits living in mountain but turns out it’s Chou Hi, who saved the people from bandit (he has taken care of it). He is angry with the rumour about Kan U and Sou Sou, pushes her down to bed. But Kan U says she remember their promise and she like him too.

Happy End

They decided to bring all Xuzhou’s people and the people saved by Chou Hi to create new country. Before they reach Xuzhou, in tent, Chou Hi hugs Kan U because knows she is thinking if it’s the best choice to run away from Sou Sou. He won’t let her go anymore. In tent, Chou Hi asks to see the wound Kan U received from saving him. She must open her clothes but it’s healed already. In the end, he says sorry for troubling her and will release her from the promise after kissing Kan U’s back. Chou Hi goes outside to fight Sou Sou’s troops while asking Chou Un to bring Kan U and their people running. Of course Kan U realizes he wants to die with Sou Sou. When she came back, Sou Sou and Chou Hi already fell from the burning bridge. Quickly, she fell off with him and stranded to the riverside. Again, Kan U’s back is wounded and once more, Chou Hi asks her to be his bride. They went to a safe country, away from Sou Sou.

The first couple to get wed after they have found a new place is of course Kan U and Chou Hi. The people are very glad with it, even though Seihei asks if it’ll be alright if the groom is Chou Hi rather than Chou Un. Kan U is fine with it.

Bad End

While going to Xuzhou, they can’t avoid fighting Sou Sou. They’re both dies from arrows.

Sou Sou (CV: Toriumi Kousuke)

When Sou Sou from Kanteikoku attacks Maozoku’s village, Kan U won’t let him do as he pleases. She attacks him and he thinks it’s interesting. Then, when Kan U goes to Chou Hi and Ka Kouton’s fighting ground, this Sou Sou comes again to tell them about Koukinzoku (remember it is the yellow bandit, okay?) and gives order to help him fight for all Maozoku’s fighter. Sou Sou let Ryuubi come with them because he is the chief of Maozoku and might come up with some idea to use Ryuubi. The story of Choukaku, Koukinzoku’s leader, is still the same although Sou Sou really kills Choukaku instead of cutting his ears (Nah, he is more sadist). The story continues to work for Sou Sou because he keeps Ryuubi with him. From Momozono system, Sou Sou’s hatred for human and his family were revealed, that he wouldn’t think of his family as important and just use them.

In the critical time of Tou Taku’s coup d’etat, Kan U tries to speak with her friends but Ka Kouton and Sou Sou warns her not to spread that for now. Because of it, she and Kouton almost gets a fight. At the battle against Ryofu, Kan U protects Sou Sou with her body but still resulting in Tou Taku’s escaped. They lives at the rebellion camp now, make an alliance with Kou Sonsan and a few others. And when it’s time to fight Kayuu, Sou Sou points out Kouton to lead the attack but Kan U offers her strength to do it. After beating Kayuu, Sou Sou begins to introduce Kan U as his possession, without her acceptance. And then, Kan U and Sou Sou won the battle with Ryofu and Tou Taku’s troops, although they’re running away. Because Kan U is tired from the battle, Sou Sou is carrying her to rest.

Another battle with Tou Taku is being held again. Now, Sou Sou is hurted from Tou Taku’s troop and carried by Kan U and a few of his men to nearby cave. He injured badly, but Kan U kept busy taking care of another soldier. It’s futile and when Ka Kouton and Kouen finally came, Sou Sou fainted after asking Kan U to stay with him even though he won’t have any self-esteem nor shame. But Kouton says she’s free from them now, letting her go to her friends. In the end, Maozoku village was burnt by human and they had no place to stay, except to go to Sou Sou’s country. While Kan U is asking people of information around town, a few human caught her and bring her to Sou Sou. He is angry because she accepts Kou Sonsan’s invitation rather than his earlier. But their conversation must be interrupted by Sou Suu, Sou Sou’s father, arrival. Sou Sou used Kan U to make his father afraid of making a Jyuuza his wife, though Sou Sou just wanted to see Sou Suu’s funny looks.

At other time, Sou Sou is hurted from a battle and Kan U goes to his room, pretends to take care of him. The truth is she wants to search information. But Sou Sou allowed her to do as she pleased. Then, the news about Tou Taku was killed by Ryofu arrives. At this time, before he go to war, Sou Sou wishes Kan U to fight with him but she runs from his palace. Sou Suu came and blabbering of their powerful family, which made Sou Sou getting mad and killed him. Before die, Sou Suu cursed him that he will always be alone like his mother. After being released, Kan U gives the information to Kou Sonsan and Kou Son Etsu. Finally after half a year, Kan U can go back together with the other Maozoku at Kou Sonsan’s city. The other fight comes again after a while living in peace, to defeat Sou Sou and save Touken in Xuzhou. Kan U doesn’t understand why Sou Sou is determined to have as much country to have, thinks he’ll be all alone in the end. That words opened up his memories of Sou Suu’s death. It makes him mad, pulling his sword near Kan U’s neck. He says he will give up on Xuzhou if she stay and fight for his country. Kan U has no choice. Sou Sou then giving order to back off and introduces Kan U as his soldier.

That night, Kan U meets Sou Sou and asks what other country will they fight later. He tells her that it’s near the fight to get Yanjing and against Bunshuu (under Enshou). They’ve won but two soldiers under Kan U didn’t want to accept Jyuuza’s interference and strike against Bunshuu alone. The kind Kan U helps them to get back to Sou Sou even though they’ve wounded already (Kan U also wounded Bunshuu). That job makes all the soldiers are amazed and accepted that girl. When Sou Sou gets angry at her reckless action, Ka Kouton and Kouen are surprised because it’s the first time seeing Sou Sou very mad at worrying someone’s condition. Well, the night after, Kan U says her wish is for Sou Sou, to be satisfied with his country now.

The other day after receiving news about Ryofu, Kan U makes tea for him (He says it’s normal, not delicious). And Sou Sou doesn’t want to drink tea much, makes him can’t sleep more. Oh, he can’t sleep even after drinking sake or drugs (insomnia? Must be too much thinking). And again, Kan U meets Sou Sou at night because he can’t sleep. This time, Kan U is sure to help him take a sleep. Though she can’t make it in his room, she brings Sou Sou to a field where he is talking about how he always alone since child and he doesn’t know why he wants to reach high position (apparently, he also drunk). After asking Kan U’s shoulder, Sou Sou fell asleep and woke up without remembering anything.

Similar to Chou Hi’s route, Ryofu wants to attack Xuzhou again (this time, Touken hasn’t died yet). To prevent the worst in Xuzhou, Chou Un will go to ask help to Kou Sonsan or Sou Sou because Chou Hi is gone (again, he’s really useless), searching for Kan U. But Kou Sonsan already died so Chou Un had no choice than to ask Sou Sou. Meanwhile, Sou Sou feels lonely because Kan U doesn’t come to his room. They took a walk, once again, Sou Sou asked her to make him sleep. He takes a nap on her lap, touching Kan U’s ears that tickles her. He then kisses her cheek before falling to sleep. Kan U thinks Sou Sou is like a child because he doesn’t know what he wants and seeing him sleeping, it feels more like it.

Xuzhou finally in Ryofu’s hands now. And Sou Sou doesn’t want to use his army because he must prevent Enshou from attacking them. But that news finally gotten to Kan U and she must convince Sou Sou to help her friends. Sou Sou is jealous because she can’t leave Maozoku as her priority and going back to his room. Of course Kan U follows him. Once again, Sou Sou feels jealous as she always thinking of her friends even though she is already in his possession. He wants Kan U to feel lonely like him, watching him to get as many countries as he can until the end. After giving her promise to Sou Sou that she won’t go back to Maozoku, Sou Sou agrees to attack Ryofu without Ka Kouton and Kouen (to protect the country from Enshou). That night at the camp, Sou Sou finally knows what he wants is for Kan U to stay at his side. Kan U also realizes that she wants to stay at Sou Sou, not going back at Maozoku. With that, Sou Sou grabs her hands, hugs her that she now will always be by his side.

Kan U successfully defeating Ryofu by her hands, with Sou Sou’s help. But she quickly go to save Ryuubi from Chousen. Before Ryofu really die, she puts the curse on Sou Sou to get lonely and won’t admitted by anyone, also giving him truth about Kan U is a mixed-race like him (Yup, Sou Sou is also a mixed-race, that’s why no one loves him). Kan U saved Ryuubi and get back to Chou Sosou (Maozoku friend) and Chou Un. She asks Sou Sou to let her live with Ryuubi in his country but he knocks her down to bring her forcefully (This time, Sou Sou’s thought is filled on living together as the same mixed-race). Now that Xuzhou already isn’t a right place for Maozoku and Chou Un because Sou Sou wants to kill them, they go to En Shou’s country, whom now have join forces with Enjutsu (He is in Ryofu’s army before).

(from left to right) Ganryou, En Shou, Bunshuu

Sou Sou is behaving differently to Kan U now. He gives her new clothes etc, and doesn’t let her take her weapon in battlefield (He became possessive). From this on, he just wants her to stay safe and sound on his side. In the fight between Sou Sou troops against Enshou, Chou Hi and the other Maozoku are fighting for En Shou just to meet Kan U. But Sou Sou won’t let Kan U go to battlefield although it’s crucial for him, and he even go to war. Before going to reunite with his troop, Sou Sou gives some soldier to protect Kan U (from going out). Though the condition can be heard from Touken and makes Kan U rushes to the battlefield. She successfully defeating Ganryou and helps Sou Sou to kill Bunshuu, also reunited with Chou Hi and Chou Un, but she will go back to Sou Sou. He is very worried of Kan U, embracing her after meeting her again and promised will talk the truth at his court. En Shou and Enjutsu who have heard that thinks Sou Sou becomes weird.

In his room, Sou Sou tells everything to Kan U that he is also a mixed-race (he had cut his ears himself because he hated his violent father) and he doesn’t want her to leave him alone. But still, his way to kill Maozoku is wrong. Thankfully Kan U can feel his pain and promised she won’t leave him. Sou Sou also makes a promise that he won’t kill Maozoku for that. Together, they spent the night. Meanwhile, Enshou and Enjutsu made a plot to execute Ryuubi so Kan U will go to them. Of course Maozoku will help with that plan (They’re stupid, really, especially Chou Hi whom selfishly thinking of his own thoughts). The news arrived to Ka Kouton. He doesn’t want Sou Sou to change and neglecting the country so he ask Kan U to go to her friends instead of staying.

Happy End

Okay, Sou Sou will let her go that night if she do wedding ceremony with him. Kan U doesn’t have any choice. But she make mistake and doubt that act, drop her sake and makes Sou Sou angry for it. He kisses her with force to make her drink sleeping drug. In the end, Kan U stabs her leg with hairpin so she stays awake then run away with Kouton’s help to give her weapon. Of course Sou Sou won’t stay behind. He gives order to catch Kan U back.

He met her on the field while Kan U is tired, grabbed her hair. But Kan U won’t go back to him because she’s afraid of him now, cuts her hair and finally arrives at En Shou’s camp. From now, Sou Sou won’t hold back to fight Enshou and kills every Maozoku. In the camp, Kan U told Seihei of the truth that she and Sou Sou are loving each other, also the truth of Sou Sou’s identity. En Shou and Enjutsu also heard that and will try to beat Sou Sou with it.

En Shou gives some drugs to Kan U before she meet Sou Sou, pretends it’s to avoid poison but the truth is, it’s a real poison. It was revealed after everyone gathered at the same place and Enshou told them all about the real Sou Sou of a mixed-race to make his soldier doubtful. Then, En Shou ordered Kan U to stab Sou Sou if she want the antidote. To save her, Sou Sou stabs it himself because he loves her (it was after Ryofu told him the truth about Kan U that he began to love her), raising his soldier’s faith in him. They’re protecting him, even Ka Kouton and Kouen, whom hates Jyuuza so much. Now that they’ve gathered power from Sou Sou’s soldier and Maozoku, Enjutsu (together with Kirei his soldier, a guy with big body) revealed that he’s also in Sou Sou troops and will fight against En Shou. After knowing that everyone still choose and believe in him even though he’s a half human and jyuuza, Sou Sou relaxing a bit and Kan U kisses him.

Sou Sou’s wound haven’t healed all, but he is alright now. While he wants to have lovey-dovey time with Kan U; Ryuubi, Kantei, and Chou Hi are coming to his room; followed by Ka Kouton and Kouen who wants to catch them. Of course they must go right away from his room. Sou Sou finally have time to be alone. While hugging Kan U onto his bed, he says it’s thanks to her that he’s changed and not living alone then wishes to have another real wedding later.

Bad End

Kan U rushes to Enshou’s camp to save Ryuubi but she can’t stand from exhausted. In the end, she opens her eyes in front of Sou Sou who claims that he already killed all of her friends and Enshou troops. He then brings her to his court, waiting the birth of their child. In the end, Sou Sou thinks he is the same as his father who take any ways to have their loved one (And Kan U looks like she doesn’t have any feelings of it). He asks what should they name the child and Kan U says ‘Ryuubi’ or so it seems.

Chou Un (CV: Suzumura Kenichi)

The beginning of his route isn’t gotten a bit change from everyone. Well, it’s following Chou Hi’s route the most. After the first encounter with Chou Un on street, Kan U meets him again. He saves her from a child who’s throwing rock at her. The next encounter is when he takes care of Kan U’s wound on leg from a battle. He is worried since it’s a girl who goes to battle. Then, they meets again at night. Chou Un escorting Kan U back then she gives food to him as a thanks. The following day, Chou Un returns the cloth for food Kan U gave earlier, also meeting Chou Hi (Of course Chou Hi is jealous and not welcoming him that well). But with Chou Un’s understanding, he changes Chou Hi’s perspective on him. Again, Kan U meets him on the way. He says her cooking is great and she will be a good wife. That makes Kan U blushing. After these few scenes, Kan U and Maozoku must try to defeat Tou Taku.

They meets again at war camp after Kou Sonsan and Sou Sou are gathering strength to beat Tou Taku. He goes to Kan U’s camp to speak with her. Then at the battle with Kayuu, Kan U made an amazing action with jumping through Kirei (the big guy from Enjutsu’s troop) and defeating Kayuu by herself. Chou Un is amazed by her strength but he will keep protecting her. At the banquet that night, Chou Un cheers Kan U for the next battle, but he hold her hand, stopping her from doing dangerous thing like before. He hugs her but it makes Kan U a bit surprise then runs away. On the next battle, Chou Hi went berserk like in his route. Chou Un tries to stop him without using weapon and he can do it.

Yup! He did a quick action but later…

Anyway, some human destroyed Maozoku village so Chou Un offers to stay at Kou Sonsan’s country, Yanjing. As always, Kou Son Etsu doesn’t approve with it, makes Chou Un apologizes to Kan U. Maozoku still stays in Kou Sonsan’s country and the night after it’s decided, Chou Un talks to her. They’re both had no parents and they will try to like each other (Uh, Chou Un is very pure! He says he will learn to love Kan U). The other day, some soldier told him that En Shou’s troops arrived at their country. He goes alone but Kan U follows him. They’re defeated the soldier and saving a child, although it’ll be bad because En Shou might’ve known where Maozoku lives.

There comes a day for village’s festival. Chou Un brings Kan U to go sightseeing, also meeting the kid they has saved before. It’s the first time Kan U can enjoy the festival with human and makes her smiling, which also comes to Chou Un’s nervousness when seeing that beautiful smile. He is glad that Kan U can behave like a girl in their age, although her fighting appearance is also beautiful. There are two Momozono Systems in this chapter. One is told about Kan U helps Chou Un to take care of his horse. Chou Un says that an animal like horse can understand anything in their hearts. The other one is about the dinner feast Chou Un and Maozoku had. Chou Un is amazed by how Kan U can make many delicious food, even though she must go to war.

Suddenly, Chou Un comes to meet Kan U (this is the time when Kantei says they’re good together for a couple, because Chou Un always says he likes Kan U, this time for her fighting appearance). Truthfully, he wants to inform them about En Shou’s troops that will come soon. Kan U gathers her courage and will help them through the battle. For this, Kou Sonsan will give order to Chou Un to have a negotiation with En Shou, but Kan U insists on going too because she’s worried about Chou Un. It’s a good thing to not go alone, but Kou Son Etsu warns them that the two are the best in fight. If they’re gone, what will become of their troops? With so much courage, Chou Un tells them that he will go back quickly if the negotiation fails. That kind of speak makes Kou Sonsan glad because Chou Un can be serious thanks to Kan U.

While going to En Shou’s camp, Chou Un tells Kan U about his feelings. If he can, he wants to stop her from fighting. But he can’t do it. That’s why, he can only protect her. Finally, they’ve arrived to meet En Shou. The truth is, that violent act is from his soldier, so En Shou will take care of it. That means, the negotiation goes well. After that, Ryuubi asks Chou Un and Kan U to see women accessory shop. The seller says that it’s thanks to trade between En Shou and them, that she can have great and latest accessory. But their breaktime doesn’t go long before some people says Enjutsu will attack Xuzhou. Kou Sonsan wants Chou Un to help Touken, though because of Kou Son Etsu’s will, Maozoku are putting into battle. Ryuubi is also suggesting his friends to give back Kou Sonsan’s kindness of letting them lives.

In the middle of fight, En Shou comes with his army to help Maozoku and Touken. Enjutsu saw the different number of their soldier than chose to retreat. In the beginning, Touken wants to give Xuzhou to En Shou, but he refused because he thinks he can’t rule two countries for now. It is now given to Maozoku for their helps. Before going back to inform Kou Sonsan, Kan U accidentally says that she will get lonely if she must separated with Chou Un. Thankfully Chou Un feels the same and decided to live with Maozoku in Xuzhou. After living there for a while, Chou Un meets Kan U while she’s taking care of the girls hair. The girls asks Kan U to take care of Chou Un’s hair and she does it. When she combs his hair, Kan U thinks he has beautiful hair, which also the same thoughts for Chou Un, that Kan U has beautiful eyes. The other story Is when the two of them are together in one room, where there’s thunder outside. Kan U is scared of its sound so Chou Un holds her hand. He doesn’t want any guy to see this cute Kan U for sure.

Chou Un and his beautiful hair (?)

Some other time, Chou Un teases Kan U that it might be lonely if he must go back to Kou Sonsan, but it’ll come a day when he take her to go together. And then, there’s a scene when he rides on horse with Kan U. Chou Un asks if she is happy to live in Xuzhou for half a year now, which answered that Kan U is happy to it. It’s a fun day but it must be ruined by news about Kou Sonsan, who is sick right now. Chou Un is worried, decided to go. Because of it, Kan U is also go with him to see the condition. After talking to Chou Un, Kou Sonsan requests to talk alone with Kan U. He tells her that he has no time and he must speak of his sin around 15 years ago.

Kou Sonsan fought his enemy with his soldier, but runs away to the forest. There, he met a girl, Maozoku, whom he loved very much. She took care of his hiding place and wound. One day, he asks her to go with him, because he is in love with her. She went to human country with Kou Sonsan, and his parents were happy to see their son is health. The two of them lived a happy life, though not for long. When he asked his father for marriage, rather than fulfilling his wish, his father exiled the girl. At that time, Kou Sonsan had no courage of throwing everything to chase the girl until he became the leader. But up ‘til now, he still loves her. Before he die, he wants to apologize to that person and asks Kan U to search that person, whose name is Sekiran. Kan U accepted the request but the story between human and Maozoku is making her red. Chou Un sees that in front of Sonsan’s room, asking what has happened. Well, he’s happy to bring Kan U along and hugging her. Once again, he says it’ll be good to bring her again if he go back. Now is the time to search Sekiran in Xuzhou, while Chou Un takes care of his master’s last days.

Kou Sonsan & Kou Son Etsu

As quickly as possible, Kan U asks Seihei about that. He is surprised to hear that name, because it’s the name Kan U’s mother used when they’re still child. Her name now is Kanrei. When Sekiran came back to their village, she had already pregnant. After giving birth to Kan U, she left the village and gave her child to Seihei’s protection. He apologizes for not telling her the truth all this time, but Kan U is alright with it. One thing she’s worried of is how she tell Kou Sonsan about her mother, who already gone. At the promised time, Chou Un comes back to Xuzhou to take Kan U. Hearing she’s having fever, he pulls sword to Chou Hi (uh, a bit funny?), then comes to Kan U’s room. He wants to see Kan U’s weak side that he doesn’t want any guy other than him to see it.

Suddenly, Chou Un hugs Kan U on bed, measuring her fever head-to-head. It’s because they haven’t meet for awhile, so he thinks it’s alright to do that. Eventually, Kan U closes her eyes because she’s nervous, which makes him think she’s scared of it. He stand up then looking at her face while asking about the person Kou Sonsan wants to meet, he thinks that person already died. Moreover, Chou Un already feels that there’s a woman Kou Sonsan loves all this time because he believes there’s bond between people. Finally, Kan U tells him the truth that she might be Kou Sonsan’s daughter, which is very surprising to him. But soon, Chou Un asks if there’s something that will make Kou Sonsan remember about Kan U’s mother. Kan U gave a protection charm which Chou Un realized it’s made in Yanjing. After being convinced by Chou Un to go telling the truth to Kou Son San, Kan U agreed to it even though she’s scared.

Before going to meet Kou Sonsan, Chou Un behaving strange when Kan U wants to touch his hand. He seems doesn’t want to touch her but then, he hold her hand when she must tell the truth to her father. Apparently, it is true that the protection charm is from Kou Sonsan to Sekiran so it’s not taking a long time until he claims Kan U as his daughter. But that time, when Kou Sonsan says everything that belongs to him also belongs to Kan U (that also for Chou Un to be used), Chou Un releases his hand. Now that everythings has been revealed, Kan U lives in Yanjing as a princess. Kou Sonsan, whom haven’t know how to care for his daughter is very kind to Kan U. He will hold a banquet for her. As for Chou Un, he will surely protect his master and also, Kan U as the princess.

Kou Sonsan announced his healthiness at the banquet, as well as his daughter, Kan U. Of course it makes the people surprise, even more for Kou Son Etsu, who wants the throne after Kou Sonsan died.  Thankfully, Chou Un can get the situation to normal for his calm thoughts, but sadly, now Kan U realizes he doesn’t want to touch her anymore because of her status. He thinks Kan U will be the successor and her husband must rule the country. Chou Un will always protect her but he wants Kou Sonsan and Kan U to live a happy days together. That’s why, his words makes Kan U runs away. She meets Kou Sonsan and they talks about Sekiran all night.

As expected, Kou Son Etsu still wants the throne. He brings soldiers to burn the palace down and kill Kan U. But Kou Sonsan protects her from arrows with his body. His last wish is for Chou Un to protect Kan u until she meet her husband in the future and they’ll rule the country. Chou Un accepted that request. He brings Kan U and they meets En Shou on the way. En Shou helps them to scared the Kou Son Etsu’s soldier, while Chou Un convinces them to attack Kou Son Etsu for ruining the country. They both helps Kan U because of her wish to not hurt the soldiers and the country her father protected. It goes well and Kan U becomes the ruler of Yanjing. Though it seems good for Chou Un to be able to protect his princess, but he’s jealous of En Shou’s action to hug Kan U. En Shou will listen to her problem and will help her through to become a great ruler. That scene makes Chou Un feels abandoned of why Kou Sonsan wants him to protect Kan U until her future husband comes.

A few days after, Chou Un is glad Kan U works hard for her people but he doesn’t want her to be sick for working all the time. It’s now time for party with Maozoku. They’re talking on who is the best candidate to be Kan U’s husband. Chou Sosou thinks Chou Un is the best because he’s a soldier. It’s been agreed by Seihei and Ryuubi (Chou Hi just cry with annoying voice). That night, because of Maozoku’s talking about her and Chou Un, Kan U can’t greet Chou Un properly, saying she’ll catch on Ryuubi. Meanwhile, Seihei is asking Chou Un if he’s seeing Kan U not as just his master. But Chou Un says there’s nothing more. Kou Sonsan even telling him that (to protect Kan U before she have a husband), he thinks because he is not a candidate to be one. But Seihei warns him that he might regret it if he didn’t do anything.

Too bad that warning becomes true when En Shou says Kou Sonsan already sent him message that wants him to be Kan U’s husband (lies?) to Chou Un. That matter becoming worse when Kan U wants to say she feels it’ll be alright to find a husband which she respect, which Chou Un thinks it’s En Shou. He misunderstood it, telling her that he will suppress the enemy from north. Kan U can’t stop his leaving so she just follows him to the last departing point. Too bad after he’s leaving, En Shou begins to take turn of protecting Kan U (Pretend). Also, there’s news about Sou Sou’s army, which have destroyed Xuzhou with its people. Kan U and En Shou gathers their strength and tactics to win the battle, without Chou Un. As they fight, Sou Sou used Ka Kouton and Kouen as his lead soldier while En Shou used Ganryou and Bunshuu. Sou Sou is taking interest on Kan U after he knows she’s a mixed-race.

When fighting against Sou Sou, he tells Kan U that it’s all En Shou’s plot to gather Maozoku to fight him for all the ‘destroying village’ plot. But his attitude changes to a possessive one, that he wants Kan U all by himself, trying to bring Kan U with him. At that time, Chou Un comes suddenly to help Kan U from Sou Sou’s madness. When trying to help Chou Un, Kan U tells she will save the one she loved. But even after she already said that, after beating Sou Sou (he just runs away), Chou Un stills choose to leave. A few times later, Chou Un saw a great army of En Shou, try to reach Xuzhou. He quickly informs the other Maozoku to prepare the fight. And it is true. Ganryuu and Bunshuu, under En Shou’s order, wants to eliminate Maozoku after he has done with the plan against Sou Sou. Seihei and Chou Hi tells Chou Un to help Kan U in Yanjing, but he still doesn’t have pride to be with her. Thankfully, after they convinces him, Chou Un is ready to save his beloved.

Happy End

Meanwhile in Yanjing, Kan U comes to talk to En Shou. Before that, he gives her medicine, that claims to make her healthier. Kan U asks about Sou Sou’s words to her, that En Shou had planned to use Maozoku. She didn’t believe it though. Too bad, En Shou reveals everything of his plan and to destroy Maozoku in Xuzhou. He also gave her drug to make her numb and wanted to have Kan U as his pet. Thank God Chou Un comes at a right time. He asks En Shou if it’s true Kou Sonsan had gave Kan U to him and that’s all a lie, of course. Chou Un runs away with carrying Kan U on his arm because En Shou has prepared soldiers for it.

That night, Chou Un says all of his feelings, that he will protect Kan U. That’s why, he wants the battle with En Shou to be the last battle for Kan U because he doesn’t want her to be in danger. Chou Un will stays as the shadow, whom will always follows Kan U as the light. He loves her and so do Kan U to him. The two comes in battlefield at a right time when Chou Hi and his friends were almost defeated. For taking enough time until Kan U arrives, she says thanks to Chou Hi and he’s her precious family (Of course Chou Hi is a bit sad it’s just a family). Then, Kan U and Chou Un must fight against Bunshuu and Ganryou. Fighting and believing in each other makes them stronger. When Kan U finally win against Ganryou, Chou Un also has chance to beat Bunshuu. Now that they’ve won, En Shou couldn’t do anything. Chou Un kills him (in his last minutes, En Shou talks lies again).

Kan U is visiting her friends in Xuzhou, together with Chou Un. They can’t be separated now. That night, they’re all having a party, which Touken, Enjutsu (he’s happy to know they’ve defeated En Shou), Chouryou , are also comes. Ryuubi still wants to marry Kan U for political marriage (before, Maozoku had talked about who is perfect to be Kan U’s husband). That sentence makes Enjutsu follows it, that he also wants to marry Kan U. Chouryou also touches Kan U, makes her embarrassed. The jealous Chou Un brings her to a room to speak alone with her.

In that room, Chou Un kisses her chest, giving it mark that won’t disappear even after she changes clothes (He said her clothes make her chest visible). While Kan U feels embarrassed to go to the party again because of the mark, Chou Un tells her to be alone with him. They kissed. After that, Chou Un confessed that he’s jealous, which makes Kan U laugh at him.

Bad End

In this route, there are a few new Momozono systems. One is about Kan U, who cooks and singing together. Seihei says it reminds him of a girl who used to do the same, cooking with singing. The story goes to that time, when he tries to touch the food but that girl won’t give it to him. She also wouldn’t tell him where she will bring the food. Seihei knew it’s a girl in love and think that Kan U had it now. The girl’s name is Kanrei. The second story is about Kan U meets Chouryou, He is in the middle of investigate what is her favorite or someone she like from Ryofu’s order. The third is about Kan u who stares at Chou Un. She just wants to get rid of something, but it makes him nervous. The last one is about Chouryou, who is gathering information. Kan U thinks it’s a bad one so she grabs him to stop. But Chou Un sees that, gets jealous at it. Thankfully, it explained well so he’s alright to it. The truth is, Chouryou needs to gather information about how to make delicious sweet.

In the battle with Sou Sou, Chou Un is almost defeated by him. Kan U says she will go with Sou Sou if it’s enough to let him live. But still, Chou Un is struggling and finally, he can beat Sou Sou, who is retreating afterward. But it’s too bad for them. They must separate once again. In Yanjing, En Shou tries to make Kan U his wife while Chou Un rides his horse to inform Kan U about the attack in Xuzhou. Fate is not with him. He got arrows attacking him and his horse. When his horse died from it, a few soldiers who claims they just wants money from En Shou attacks him. Chou Un doesn’t admit that kind of loyalty. It must be done with heart, not money, like him to Kou Sonsan and Kan U. But the soldiers won over him (he had arrows in his body). Before die, Chou Un says he will always be with his beloved person, Kan U, and protect her. He screams of her name. Meanwhile, Kan U feels she heard someone calls her name but doesn’t care after that. She will accept to be En Shou’s wife if it’s to build a good relationship between human and Maozoku. En Shou agrees but adding until he can embrace her.


I like the plotline of this game though in some point, it makes me rage at what the characters did of ruining the good line. For example, Chou Hi is very stupid. He can protect Xuzhou but he just go to leave everything without thinking (well, it might be his personality’s fault too). In Sou Sou, he changes to a possessive guy with ridiculous reason (Uh, he thinks he and Kan U are the only mixed-race, huh?). Then for Chou Un, he had old-fashioned sickness, to not get close to his master.

So far, it has good plot and mystery, good music and art. Speaking of music, I’d like to tell that it’s a bit weird in case of sound. I wonder if they used different sound system for main character and sub-char. The main char have good sound but the other (like Sosou, Kantei and other soldiers/townspeople) sound doesn’t feel good. That’s a bit strange for me.

Actually, I had played Chouryou’s route before Chou Un, but it just came up with bad ending (I think I can’t get his good end first this time). For now, I’m very sorry that I can’t play at quick speed like old times. I really wish I had more time for playing. Also, I didn’t know Chou Un’s review will be the longest of all. I’ll try to make it shorter for the other person.


  1. Nya! Sou Sou! You are gorgeous! *_* Thank you so much for this review. We have been interested in this game since the announcement of its release, and now, when we read your review, we found out that our expectations were right. The game is cute *3* Sou Sou and his voice that we love so much, because it’s the same voice Saito-san had =) Kousuke Toriumi, you sure know how to make our hearts go doki-doki.
    Anyway, we are very grateful to you for writing this! Thank you ! Thank you, dear!

    • I don’t know why, but I got tired of Toriumi’s voice (because I listened to drama CD and he’s in almost everywhere). But I think Sou Sou is the coolest so far (after I’ve played him, Chou Hi, Chou Un, and Chouryou). It’s cute at some aspect, but it could get very annoying, like I didn’t like Chou Hi very much for his screams and jealousy attitude. BUt I hope you’ll like it. The plot is interesting, combined historical with non-human existence.

      • Well, we don’t listen CD dramas much, that’s why his voice is still pleasant for us ^^”’ But anyway, SouSou’s story is intriguing. His bad ending is even interesting ^^”’ And yes, you are right, we don’t like histeric men too, that’s why Chou Hi is not our type =_= And we really liek the heroine! She is nice, cute and brave *_* A perffect wife for SouSou *_* Kyaaa, we wonder what kids they will produce? o_O Will they have swords in their hands and cat-ears on the heads from the very minute of their birth? ^^”’ that will be a perfect combinations of their parents’ uniqueness hehe..

        • For Sou Sou, I’ll be sure to like him in happy end (not in bad end). Though for me who played it and didn’t have the real experience, bad end wasn’t too bad..? Maybe they’ll have cat-ears kids too. I think they’re also perfect for each other, if Sou Sou didn’t change too possessive. Though I’m also interested in Ka Kouton because of his attitude (which is also similar to Sou Sou, but even more rude)

  2. The name list with seiyuu/explanation is so helpful! 😀 Even if I still can’t remember them and have to keep looking at it.. I am terrible at Chinese names.
    The CGs are so pretty and it’s interesting to hear your thoughts for the game. I am secretly hoping you will like Namikawa’s chara (I’ll be waiting for his post) XD

    • Sadly, Nmkw’s chara isn’t playable. There’s just Ka Kouton (Suzuki Tatsuhisa). That’s why I need some FD that’ll end up with Ka Kouen. I’m glad the list is helpful ^-^

      • I think he is, I read it in B’slog or DGS that you have to clear certain characters first 🙂 I cant say if it is a full route or not though (three hidden charas = nmkw, hirakawa and sugita)

  3. So exactly how good is the story? Does it build up with each character’s route? I’ve been eyeing thisgame but I’ve been so preoccupied with Danzai no Maria ~la Campanella~ that I can’t seem to like any other game recently xD

    Thanks for the review!

    • If you like historical theme, that it’ll be good. But as for character’s development, I thought it wouldn’t be a development, rather, a degradation. But in the end of the story, the guys will improve that degradation (Now I begin to use statistic). I want to play Danzai no Maria, if I have enough time. As you can see, my arrival time at home would be 7-10PM…

  4. I’m trying to fool myself and is just going to believe that Cao Cao–I mean Sou Sou is the main guy despite the fact that Ryuu bi(Liu Bei?) is the main or so what the whole thing is hinted…

    My fave so far is Kakouton(Xiahou Dun). he is just too cute x3 I’m still boring a hole in my screen wondering if I should do his and Sou Sou’s bad end (ノTT_TT)ノ^┻━┻

    Oh and thanks for the review, I’ ve almost fallen to despair when I’ve been searching for a decent review of this game and found none(besides here) thinking that no one is playing it at all….

    • I’m in the middle of Ka Kouton’s route and found he’s just too cute! Well, I also wanted to pick him as my fav char in Jyuuza Engi so I hope I’ll enjoy his route.

      The game’s language was pretty hard to understand so this would make people avoid it. But I knew some people still playing this game despite the long and boring political conversations. I hope I can finish it faster if I’m not busy and if my father have returned from hospital.

      • Oh, hope your dad gets better soon 🙂 I think you’ll enjoy Kakouton’s route. I was like ‘I’m going to do him now or never. Because he is an asshole(in Cao Cao’s route going gya gya about discrimination)’. I swallowed back all of what I said and he is just too cute to be like that. There is an annoying(SUUUUPER annoying) green-haired 虫 around him though. But he is bearable because he just makes Kakouton more cuter and cooler xD

        The political stuff was repetitive so I just skip it all.

        • Thanks ^^ I skipped most of political issues here, but some things were different in Chou Un’s route.

          Ka Kouen has been an annoying brat, similar to Chou Hi, but at least so far, he isn’t as hot-headed as that kitty kid

  5. Don’t know if im allowed to ask (sorry if im being rude) but do you know where to download the cg’s for this game D: I cant play this game and its very frustrating!

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