The Kingdoms’ Story-Chouryou, Ka Kouton, Ryuubi + Sub Characters

This post is a continuation of the later, about Jyuuza Engi ~Engetsu Sangokuden~

Chouryou (CV: Yusa Kouji)

His route begins in similarity of Sou Sou and Chou Hi. Kan U and Maozoku must protect Kuwaki Village from Koukinzoku, but she couldn’t bear to see Sou Sou kill Choukaku. Through Momozono system, we can know that Chouryou doesn’t know about Maozoku. That’s why he thinks Kan U is the same human. There, he also try putting on silver hair ornament that he bought for Ryofu on Kan U’s hair, resulting in her blushing face. And then a few stories are about Chouryou who saves and helps Kan U (this is the Momozono before fighting Tou Taku). Well, Sou Sou wants Kan U to help him fight Tou Taku, but she doesn’t want it. While walking in town, she meets Chouryou again and tells him all. He explains that all is in her own heart to decide, showing her the example that for him, there’s no other master than Ryofu.

In the end, Kan U must fight him in the battle with Tou Taku. While Ka Kouton and Kouen fights him, Chouryou is thinking on how to keep Kan U from chasing Tou Taku without hurting her (Ryofu likes her and so, Chouryou must also protect her). The way to keep her from moving is to hug Kan U. While hugging her, Chouryou says that he now knows that her body is smaller than him. Uh, the battle ends like the other routes, Tou Taku successfully runs away. In the night before and after fighting Kayuu, Kan U meets Chouryou. But the day after, he let Kan U knows where Ryofu hide herself for tomorrow’s battle because Ryofu wants to meet her. After giving the information, Chouryou leaves.

Although she have given the info from Chouryou, Kan U won’t go there alone. This makes Chouryou kidnaps her with his horse to Ryofu’s place. But still, Kan U fights back and successfully won the war. Ryofu thinks it’s interesting and that’s why she keeps Kan U do as she pleases. But Ryofu still wants Kan U no matter what and she ordered Tou Taku’s soldier to catch Kan U. Meanwhile, Chouryou is fighting against Sou Sou and his army, and without mercy, he also kills his soldier. While fighting with Ka Kouton and Kouen, some soldier shoot their arrows to Sou Sou and hurted him. Ka Kouton have no choice than to run away to bring his master to a safe place. With Ryofu’s order, Chouryou brings Kan U to heal her wound then releasing her to where Maozoku is. She and Maozoku decides to go back to their village, even though it’s already burnt down. Instead of Chou Un who helped them, now Chouryou is the one who suggested Maozoku to live in Chang’an with him and Ryofu.

It seems even though they’re in Chang’an, the people always sees Maozoku as something different. But this time, Chouryou says he’ll be her ally no matter what happen (he says it’s Ryofu’s teaching), though Kan U tells him he should say that to his precious person. Even if Ryofu is very happy at Kan U’s arrival, Tou Taku still have grudge from his soldier’s defeated. Thankfully, Rishuku, Tou Taku’s subordinate tells him about Ryuubi, being kidnapped by Sou Sou and that’s why Jyuuza fought him. He will let Maozoku live in Chang’an but should take Ryuubi as hostage. Of course to let his people to live, Ryuubi will do the agreement. In Momozono System, Chouryou says he thinks it’s unnecessary to remember of his past before meet Ryofu. Kan U told him it’s alright because they can make new memories. Yeah, after all, Chouryou doesn’t let his feelings play for himself. He does all things for Ryofu. But Ryofu also feels that he has changed since he’s telling of his mind and idea to her, for Kan U. She thinks it’s good.

For another fight with Sou Sou, Ryofu ordered Chouryou and Kan U to finish that. While Chouryou is having fun for almost killing Ka Kouton, Kan U tells him to stop. And that makes Sou Sou ordered his troop to back off. Meanwhile, after Chouryou didn’t kill Ka Kouton, he also giving information of Ryuubi’s place. That night, without thinking, Kan U almost captured by the guards outside of Ryuubi’s room if Chouryou doesn’t help her. Though he can’t let her do reckless thing before telling it to Ryofu. In the end, Kan u can meet Ryuubi, but Tou Taku finds out of it. When he is ready to kill her, Ryofu killed him instead. That concludes on how Kan U brings Maozoku out of Chang’an. After she left, Chouryou says he can’t tell if he wants to meet Kan U again, but he feels weird when seeing her.

Saving a guy from Koukinzoku led Kan U to Xuzhou. She and the other Maozoku will fight to help Xuzhou from Sou Sou’s attack so they can have a place to live. Right at the time they’ve found Sou Sou troops, Kan U meets Chouryou who explains all of Ryofu’s intention of defeating Sou Sou. He asks Kan U to leave even though she refused because she wants to help people in Xuzhou. Here, Chouryou reveals that he will be be worried if something happen to Kan U. In Chouryou’s route, Ka Kouton is the one who killed Touken at war in Xuzhou. But the same as always, Kan U and Maozoku can live in Xuzhou, just adding a scene where Chouryou is glad of it even though Ryofu might wants it in the future.

The plot then is about Ryofu, who goes to Xuzhou and stay there in the friendly manner that Kan U lets her in. Once a time, Chouryou speaks to Kan U that they has no evil intention In staying there. As well as he is confused of why Ryofu orders him to kill while Kan U wants to protect people, two different thoughts. While he thinks he must do what Ryofu ordered whatever it is, he also can’t refuse Kan U’s request. The surprising thing, Ryofu helps Kan U when they must fight against Enjutsu and his monstrous soldier, Kirei. After defeating Kirei, Ryofu took over Xuzhou and Ryuubi. If Kan U, Chou Hi, and Seihei wants Ryuubi to be safe, Kan U must be Ryofu’s subordinate. She doesn’t have a choice then. When Chouryou brings her tea with his own thoughts (Not by order), he says that he will be Kan U’s sword if she protect Ryofu. It is because he doesn’t want to object Ryofu’s oder and hurting Kan U. In his heart, Chouryou can’t stand to see Kan U’s weak appearance while being forced to fight Enjutsu.

After fighting with Enjutsu’s army, Kan U talks with Chouryou that she will teach him on how to become real human as he wants. Once a day, she must go back to Ryuubi for a vacation, together with Chouryou. There, Chouryou saw Ryuubi’s hugging scene and how Chou Hi was cheerful. He then tries to speak with Chou Hi’s tone (it’s the first time I hear Yusa makes different tone, what a surprise) and calling her ‘Aneki’. But it’s too weird so Chouryou begins to act like Ryuubi, hugging Kan U and says “ぎゅ~”. He feels calm and warm while did it. He also cooks for Maozoku and makes them believe in his charm. Anyway, after spending a day with Maozoku, they must go back to Ryofu. On the way, Chouryou said about he accept death if it’s for Ryofu which made Kan U sad. Though Chouryou also goes sad looking at her, but he’s also happy for it (that someone will cry if he died).

Later, Kan U successfully catches Ryuubi from falling down from tree. Chouryou, who also sees it, finally understood that it must be done to help someone. From that, he is wondering if there’s someone whom he will protect without being ordered to. He then fixed Ryuubi’s clothes. This changes of Chouryou is already known by Ryofu. She tells him not to become weak at battle. For himself, it’s the first time he feels to protect someone important and this what changes him to be more kind. And then Chousen asks Kan U to go fight Enjutsu because she’s worried of Ryofu’s safety. Kan U accepts her request, but Chouryou wants to go along with her. He says that she is his precious person now that he finally realized his feelings, also it’ll make him more humane. He won’t let Kan U die and will always be her ally. When Chouryou asks if Kan U has the same feelings, she thinks it’s not appropriate to do confession before fighting so they’ll go walk further to Enjutsu’s place.

Surprisingly, Enjutsu welcomed them with a banquet. But the time is interrupted by Enshou’s troops (Bunshuu and Ganryou). Too bad for the two of them that Enjutsu runs away. It makes Kan U protects Chouryou from poisonous arrow and hurted herself. Once again, Bunshuu ordered his soldier to shoot their arrows but this time, Chouryou gives his body to protect Kan U. Before fainted, Kan U saw Chouryou’s body full of arrows. She awaken in her room with Ryuubi. When asking about Chouryou to her friends, Chou Hi thinks he has already die with so much wound. Though it’s weird that he doesn’t spilling blood.

Quickly, Kan U goes to where Ryofu is to ask about Chouryou but she’s surprise to see him alright, although he doesn’t seem to remember about her, saying “はじめまして” like a first-time meeting. Not long after that, a soldier came to inform that Enjutsu is going near Xuzhou. It seems he brings his people to live in Xuzhou and begs Ryofu for that, but she kills him. Ryofu then gives order to Chouryou to kill Enjutsu’s people, which makes Kan U stopping him. Too bad Ryofu interferes with Kan U’s attempt and she can’t do anything rather than seeing Chouryou kills all women and child as if he has no heart. The news arrived at En Shou and Sou Sou, that makes them plan to defeat Ryofu. Meanwhile, for the first time Kan U agrees to go to Ryofu’s room at night (what is with this yuri vibes?). Chouryou doesn’t even care about it, just saying it’ll be good to Ryofu. Well, Kan U won’t do it if she doesn’t have a plan, and that is to kill Ryofu.

Too bad her plan is already known by Ryofu so Kan U must surrender right away. The time she fought Sou Sou and En Shou, they asked her to defeat Ryofu together. Sou Sou will give Xuzhou as Maozoku’s place to live and that offer is very good to Kan U. She and the other Maozoku agreed to fight. But when Kan U is alone near the river, Chouryou comes. She tells him her intention to kill Ryofu and makes him fight her. But even though Kan U won against him, she couldn’t kill him, let his chance of punching her and brought her to Ryofu again. While they’re at it, Chousen accidentally told the truth about her lies that brought Chouryou to break (as if he isn’t human), about how she made Kan U go to Enjutsu.

So Ryofu doesn’t have to think anymore to break Chousen by her contract with Arcadia. Ryofu says she isn’t human but a fairy (?), who has lived for 3ooo years. And Chousen is normal human but her soul is taken by Arcadia contract. It’s because she is bored so she plays with human. Chouryou is also her puppet, by the time he broke from protecting Kan U, Ryofu made the new him. On the other side of Ryofu’s room, there’s an old Chouryou who had broken now. In the end, Kan U doesn’t have a choice than to be Ryofu’s puppet too if she wants her tribe to be safe. But before Ryofu can do it with a kiss, the old Chouryou wakes up, stopping her from being used by Ryofu. He will protect Kan U more than his master to fight the new Chouryou. With an arrow from his back, old Chouryou defeated new him. It makes Ryofu angry because the new Chouryou lose from that one and then while having fun punishing new Chouryou, Kan U and old Chouryou runs away after he took his weapon.

So now, they’re fighting against Ryofu and her puppet soldier. Thankfully, by Sou Sou, Chou Hi, En Shou, Ka Kouton, and Kouen’s strength, Kan U and Chouryou can successfully arrives in front of Ryofu. Before that, Chouryou says that he is very grateful that he met Kan U and doesn’t want to separate from her. With holding Kan U’s weapon, Chouryou and her together defeated Ryofu, makes Ryofu and her soldier returns to soil. It’s also happen to Chouryou, who is a doll made by Ryofu. Before he returns to soil, he says that it’s all thanks to Kan U that created his heart. Kan U tells him that he isn’t a doll anymore, but is a human because he can flow out tears.

Happy End

Kan U thinks she doesn’t want to live without Chouryou and so, she makes a contract with Arcadia to use half of her life to keep Chouryou alive. They are kissing as a symbol of it.

One night, Kan U is thinking of Chouryou. He knows that and still blaming himself for taking half of her life. But Kan U is alright with it. Chouryou looks at the moon and says it’s like her life, half is taken by him. But now, if Kan U lose her life, then he will die along with her. They will live and die together. The romantic moment is destroyed by Chou Hi and Ryuubi calls him to cook. Although it’s like he’s being used (to cook delicious food for Maozoku), he belongs to them now.

Bad End

Slowly, Chouryou’s body is disappearing. It has been a year since Kan U defeating Ryofu and now, she’s living with Maozoku back.

Ka Kouton (CV: Susuki Tatsuhisa)

There’s just slightly bit difference in the beginning of his route. When Ka Kouton is ready to annihilate Maozoku village because he thinks they hides Koukinzoku, Kan U stops him. But he doesn’t want to hear her mind. The story continues on to the same as usual after that, to meet Choukaku (Koukinzoku’s leader) and fight him. The first story in his Momozono is about Kan U helps him and Ka Kouen in their fight. Of course Kouton wasn’t care but he’s thankful of her. The second is about Kan U sees him while practicing. Kouton keeps saying Sou Sou is stronger than him and refused to practice together with Kan U after she asked him to. And the last for chapter three is when Kan U heard him and Kouen talking. Kouen wants to get stronger like Sou Sou and his older brother, Kouton cheering him.

A bit later, Kan U knows that Sou Sou will make coup d’etat to Toutaku. Kouton warns her to not tell it or he will eliminate her friends. Another time, Kan U offers her strength to fight alongside Sou Sou, though Kouton didn’t approve at first. And then, she also helps them (Kouton & Kouen) to fight Chouryou when they almost got beaten by him. After won against Kayuu, Sou Sou held a banquet for Kan U. But she tells the soldier that she feels sick, which is a lie. Kouton comes to look at her, but seeing she’s alright, he grabs her hand to the go to the banquet. After Kan U tells him to release her hand, Kouton seems nervous (He said it’s because he touch a Jyuuza woman).

The next battle to fight Toutaku, Ryofu had involved in it too. She beats Kouton, tries to kill him. But Kan U stops her, saying she’ll do anything to save Kouton. So Ryofu suggests her to tsya in her side and kissing her leg as a proof. Before Kan U do that, Chouryou and Chousen comes to inform Ryofu that they’ve defeated by Sou Sou and Chou Un. This let Kouton have a chance to hurt Ryofu’s leg. She then running away. But Kouton gets mad because Kan U protected him, which he doesn’t want her to do as Ryofu pleases. But the battle against Toutaku in Chang’an haven’t done yet. Kan U think it’s a bad idea to attack Toutaku in a rush but Kouen doesn’t have the same opinion. Even though Kouton have the same opinion as Kan U, but he can’t let the chance disappear and because he will follow his brother. They’ve been together all along this time. Too bad Toutaku’s army attacked them at night, leaving a huge wound to Sou Sou. Now that Kouton thinks it’s no use for Maozoku to follow them, he let Kan U leave.

Kan U and Maozoku arrived at their village, but it already burned-out. Chou Un offers them a help to stay at Kou Sonsan’s country as usual. But there, Kou Son Etsu tries to put them in Sou Sou’s country for half a year. As Maozoku have no choice, they lives in Enshuu (兌州). While walking alone in Momozono System, some villagers women are worried if something will happen to Kan U because Koukinzoku’s appearances. But they’re also felt amazed by Ka Kouton, whom had won against them. The other story from Momozono is when Kouton gets mad at Kan U because she’s walking casually in Sou Sou’s palace and says human and Maozoku are the same. After the two Momozono’s, a few soldiers were aware of Kan U’s gathering information. They catches her then brings Kan U to Sou Sou. Sou Suu, Sou Sou’s father, comes to look at him but is angry for there’s Jyuuza in there. Though Sou Sou says she’s a subordinate. And is happy to make his father angry.

That night, Kan U bumps to Ka Kouen. He and Kouton are very surprise to see her, thinking she will lure Sou Sou to her plan. Good thing is, Sou Sou tells them that he is the one who let her stay. At another time, Kouton found Kan U tried to search information around town. She lies that it’s about him, makes him blushing. Through one of Momozono System of Ka Kouton and Kouen, we can see that the two are from the same family, but they aren’t real siblings. Kan U thinks it’s like her and Chou Hi’s relationships, which makes Kouen mad to be compared with that wild cat. At the other story, Ka Kouen found Kan U in Sou Sou’s room, getting mad at her for planning something. But it seems that Sou Sou is the one who gave her order to find his belongings.

Some night, Kouton finds Kan U when she’s practicing her naginata (choutou 長刀). He thinks it’s perfect to learn her skill and they are both getting into fight for a practice. But accidentally, Kouton hurts Kan U. He’s been worried and telling her to take care of it as he goes away. Not long after that, Ryofu’s betrayal to Tou Taku came to Sou Sou’s ear. Though she had defeated Tou Taku, Ryofu didn’t rule Chang’an, thus, went out from there. It seems weird so Sou Sou thinks he must get Xuzhou to gain more power. And Kan U must go in the battle without her will. Again, Ka Kouton meets her at night when she is in a hurry to inform Maozoku in Yanjing (Kou Sonsan’s country) about that war. He won’t stop her in a reason that they won’t be able to fight if not in a battle. Kan U says thanks which makes him feels weird to be thanked by her.

At last, Kou Sonsan and Kou Son Etsu were in a danger if Sou Sou get Xuzhou. To built peace, Kan U offers her help with the other Maozoku. She met Ka Kouton and Kouen to make an agreement, but too bad, Kouton wanted to fight her no matter what because Sou Sou is his everything, even though Kan U has asked him if it’s true. The conversation was a fail so they must fight against each other. In here, Ka Kouton requests that he must fight Kan U alone, not with Ka Kouen. Sadly, he didn’t have a chance to beat her, though the fight must stop because Ryofu’s army was coming near them. They’re retreating with Sou Sou. Xuzhou now is on Maozoku’s hands. Though it didn’t last long. Ryofu came in the city, helped Kan U to fight Enjutsu, but she’s successfully took over Xuzhou in a day. Chou Un and Kan U tried to gain power from Kou Sonsan, but their movement was failed by Ryofu, Chouryou, and Chousen’s attack.

When Kan U tries to seek help from Sou Sou, separated from Chou Un, Chouryou can catches her up. Thankfully, Ka Kouton is there by Sou Sou’s order to find information on Ryofu. This meeting makes Chouryou back off and leaves them alone. It’s about a right time for Kan U to go to Sou Sou with Ka Kouton and he helps her because of her straight eyes. They rides horse, which Kan U sits in front of Kouton and makes him blushing. She can tell by it that he’s not familiar to be close with women. When they arrived at Sou Sou’s palace, Ka Kouton and Kouen didn’t want to use Maozoku’s help as Sou Sou ordered. They brought army to fight Ryofu alone. Meanwhile, with Sou Sou’s suggestion, Kan U searches for her friends so they can take back their families in Xuzhou. Though they must give the country to Sou Sou in the end. She found the other Maozoku with Chou Un at some village and they’re preparing to help Ka Kouton and Kouen.

Too bad the two sibling-like person have separated from the war. Kan U can find Ka Kouton when Ryofu’s soldier beats him with poisonous arrow on his left eye. She brings him to safe place and takes care of him. But his wound is so bad that he grabs Kan U’s wrist to make it easier. When he woke up completely, Sou Sou was waiting in front of him. Of course Ka Kouton is feeling guilty for being reckless. Well, Sou Sou informs him that one of his eye can’t see light anymore and they don’t know who took care of him. Quickly, Ka Kouton remembers that it was a woman who saved him (though he can’t remember who). Later, he and Kouen must go to war to fight Ryofu again. With Ka Kouton and Kan U’s power, they can beat Ryofu and won the battle. Sadly, Kouen doesn’t feel good because Kouton says it’s him and Kan U’s victory (not with him=jealous).

Kan U wasn’t happy just because Kouton said it’s their victory. He also came to call her for a party. With curiosity, Kouton asks where did Kan U hear of his wound and he finds out it’s Kan U who saved him. Kouton thinks high of her eyes do he tells her to take care of it. In the party, Chou Hi feels sad that Kan U brought victory with Kouton, not him. While hearing Chou Hi tells bad of him, Kouton is interfering the conversation and doesn’t want to lose to Chou Hi so he asks Kan U who is stronger. At other time when Kan U meets him again, Kouton tells his feelings that he is surprised on how woman can fight that well (he refers it to Kan U).

Sou Sou gives the privilege for Maozoku to live in Xuzhou. When a kid in Xuzhou sees Ka Kouton, she thinks he is scary, which makes him surprise. Well, they lives happily now but also must worry for Enjutsu’s attack. When dealing with Enjutsu’s matter,  Ka Kouen is getting angry for Sou Sou and Kouton’s siding with Maozoku. He tells them that Maozoku is planning to kill Sou Sou and take over Xuzhou. Kouen used a letter that he claimed it’s from Kou Sonsan, plotting to kill Sou Sou. Of course it make Sou Sou preparing to fight Jyuuza. Ka Kouton and Kouen are goes to that fight. They make Ryuubi runs away with Seihei and Chou Hi, while Kan U fights Kouton. But as they fight, Kan U realized he’s better than before because Kouton wanted to beat her. Finally, after asking Kan U the real thing, Kouton agrees to stop the attack and brings her to Sou Sou. It’s true that Kou Sonsan’s seal on the letter is fake and Kouen blames his soldier for it, killing that person. Now that the problem is solved, Sou Sou lets Kan U lives in his country to wait Ryuubi’s return.

A night after that, Ka Kouton is screaming for his soldiers who gets drunk and talks bad of Kan U. He also doesn’t know why he feels pisses off by that conversation. The matter is brought when he meets Kan U, asking what name should he call for Jyuuza, to make it equal for them. He thinks it’ll be a  “Tail Race” or what, but Kan U laughs at him because Maozoku don’t have tail. She tells him to just call them “Maozoku”. Ka Kouton will also call her name from now on. In the battle against En Shou, Kan U is feeling guilty to fight with Ka Kouton, rather than giving the task to Ka Kouen. She wants to fight alone but Ka Kouton tells her that she is the only one he wants to fight alongside with.

Not realizing that Kan U is a girl, Kouton comes to her room at night to talk about the battle plan. But Kan U fell asleep right away, which made him felt the same. When she’s wakes up in the morning, Kouton is already sleeping in front of her, hugging her from his delirium. Kan U’s voice wakes him up, which also surprising him. He quickly goes out and meets Sou Sou. Funny thing is, Sou Sou teases him that they must’ve done something when seeing Ka Kouton going out from Kan U’s room early in the morning. Some time after that, Ka Kouton tells Kouen that it’s thanks to Kan U for giving him chance to go to war the next time. He also tells him that he looks at her as fellow warrior, which makes Kouen really mad. Before the battle against En Shou begins, Kan U asks why Ka Kouton smiles, which is because there’s something he likes. This gives out his blushing face again.

The fight against Bunshuu and Ganryou (En Shou’s subordinate) is easy for Kan U and Kouton. They can give Kouen the time to attack their soldier and won easily. But again, Kouton’s words of giving Kan U his approval lets Kouen in despair. He was wondering why Kouton could make that happy face when talking of her. That night, Ka Kouton accidentally meets Kan U. He tells her the time he met Sou Sou. From the past, Kouton had always dreamt of peace and it would be real if it’s Sou Sou. That’s why he follows Sou Sou ‘til the end. Then, when looking at Kan U’s eyes, Kouton says her eyes is like a mirror, that’ll reflect straightly to his mind. He begins to touch her so he can see the stars gotten reflect by Kan U’s eyes. But as always, he realizes it’s embarrassing.

The other day, Kan U calls Kouton’s name when many girls are searching for him to ask him to marry them. He blames Kan U for getting his hiding place known and grabs her to somewhere else. This time, he reveals that he’s weak against women. Kan U asks if he prefer guy instead so Kouton is prepared to pull out his sword, which is a joke. Well, he makes a confession that there’s a woman he thinks of, the one who saved him from the battle against Ryofu.  He thinks Kan U’s haircolor and length are about the same, gives her a nervous and embarrassing feelings that she is the person, makes her run away. After Kan U have gone, Kouen warns Kouton to not go near that Jyuuza girl anymore. Too bad Ka Kouton has looked at her as a friend. In the battle against En Shou’s army, a soldier informs Kan U about Ryuubi’s whereabouts, in En Shou’s palace. She will go find him after Sou Sou approved her will. Well, Ka Kouton is making a sad face, like they won’t meet again and Sou Sou asks him why. When he says he thinks of her like a warrior friend, Sou Sou thinks Kouton is a dull guy.

Happy End

Kan U is looking for Ryuubi alone. Though in the middle of walking, Ka Kouen followed and showed himself to her so he can attack her. But Kouton arrived at a right time, knowing it’s Ka Kouen’s fault from earlier mess, he fights his brother. Ka Kouen also thinks Ka Kouton now isn’t like his previous brother so he also fight him. Kouton won against Kouen, saying that their path now was already separate because he could accept Maozoku while Kouen couldn’t. Kouton thought Maozoku as honest, amazing, and a race he would look up to. Still, Ka Kouen won’t accept it so Kouton doesn’t have any choice than to take half of his life. When Ka Kouen finally injured badly from Kouton’s sword, he understood his brother’s will and jumps in the river. Meanwhile, Kan U will continue to look for Maozoku and before she leaves, Kouton says the next they’ll meet, it’ll be as enemies.

Kan U successfully meets Chou Hi and Chou Un. They says Ryuubi is on En Shou’s hands so they must go to the place. At Sou Sou’s palace, Ka Kouton tells everything about Ka Kouen, who has lied about Maozoku’s betrayal. He also tells Kouton, that he have lost many things. Of course Kouton can feel that, he lost his left eye, Ka Kouen (his other half), and so, he doesn’t want to lose anything anymore and feels the pain. As for Kan U, she and Chou Hi and Chou Un meets En Shou on the way. He wants them Maozoku to be his soldier and showing his true self, as a bad person. Kan U doesn’t have any choice than to follow his order. In Sou Sou’s palace, he tells Kouton that they will fight En Shou and Kan U tomorrow, which makes him hurted even more.

When Kan U is trying to inform Kouton that she will fight him in the morning, he sees her as enemy, trying to fight her, but he feels pain again on his left body. While Kan U hugs him and tries to release his pain, she understands that it’s the pain from illusion after losing Ka Kouen, his half self. Not accepting that reason of being weak, Ka Kouton retrieves from her sight. Then, the time to fight each other is arrived. Kouton can easily meet Kan U at the battlefield. Though he keeps fighting her, he is still hurted by Ka Kouen’s death. This time, their fight was stopped by Sou Sou and Maozoku, because they had found Ryuubi in Jizhou (冀州), En Shou’s country. Now that Sou Sou had gained his army of Maozoku back, he ordered Kan U and Ka Kouton to defeat Ganryou and Bunshuu. But it’s a tough battle, even more when En Shou tells them that Ganryou and Bunshuu are a very good sibling-like friend, similar to Ka Kouton and Kouen. He also knows the truth about Ka Kouen’s death. But together, Kan U and Ka Kouton defeated the two best soldiers of En Shou.

En Shou is still giving bad talks of what Ka Kouton feels of Ka Kouen. He tells that it’s Jyuuza’s fault for choosing them against his brother. The words makes Kouton feels pain again. Kan U gives her hand to help him stand, which reminds him of the mark the person saved him had. He realizes it’s Kan U and asks why she keeps hiding it. It’s because at that time, Ka Kouton was still hating Maozoku that she hid it from him. They gained back their power and continue to defeat En Shou easily. Now, Kan U is embarrassed because Kouton has realized it’s her, runs away from him (She’s nervous to look at him). Ka Kouton, who chased her, wanted to see her face, full of red. It’s the same as him. He says it’s because he is in front of the girl he like and thanks to meet Maozoku, he changed to be better. Kouton will wait for her answer of his feelings but too bad, he can’t wait that long before kissing Kan U. Kan U is also happy for his love, kisses his left eye.

Ugh, no kissing lips CG, but still very cute!!

Kan U is now lives as Sou Sou’s soldier, separated from the other Maozoku. When she and Ka Kouton are talking together, Sou Sou comes to tells Kan U of her weakness. He says that “Ka Kouton” is her weakness, which makes her face becoming red and won’t tell Kouton about it. After he left Kan U and Kouton together, Kouton says that she is his other half now, not to replace Kouen but because he loves her. Feeling curious, he asks what is her weakness though Kan U won’t tell him the truth. Well, he knows her weakness is her neck. The two confessed their love again then kissing each other, promised that they’ll be together forever.

Bad End

Ka Kouen goes to kill Kan U but Kouton sees them. He fights Kouen and win against him, but cannot kill him and letting his brother go. He thinks Kouen already go away, Kouton then says it’s a pity that he must separate ways with Kouen. When he looks at Kan U’s birthmark, he notices she’s the one who saved him. Before he can say any word, Kouen stabs him from behind, saying it’s a lame for putting his back in front of enemy. Kan U hugs him and Kouton says the last word to her, which about his gratitude for saving him before (The different thing Kouen thought of, that Kouton might say he regretted siding to Jyuuza).

Ryuubi (CV: Ishida Akira)

The first time Sou Sou came to Maozoku’s village, Kan U hides with Ryuubi. A few soldiers attacks them but Kan U can easily get rid of them. The next differences is when Kan U killed Koukinzoku, which makes Ryuubi feels inferior that he can’t fight. Around Momozono’s system, Kan U continuously visited Ryuubi when Sou Sou arrested him to give order to Maozoku to hunt Koukinzoku. She tells him how to play Igo (chess). One time, Kan U is surprised on how many sweets Ryuubi has from Ka Kouton, even Sou Sou teaches him igo. In another story, Kan U fell asleep when visiting him. Ryuubi repeatedly confessing that he is sorry to her when she’s in dream.

The night before fighting Kayuu, Ryuubi was tickling Kan U which made Chou Hi jealous. And after they’ve won against Kayuu, Kan U decides not to go to the party. Rather, she sleeps with Ryuubi (he wishes the fight will be over quickly). But on the next battle, similar to Chou Hi’s route, he goes berserk because some Maozoku have fallen from enemies. This didn’t just making enemies run away, but also Maozoku themselves. Kan U promised that she will protect Ryuubi no matter what, though Chou Hi could calm down later in the end. The next scene is same as Chou Hi’s route again, when Ryuubi showed of his dark aura while Kan U was defeated from fighting Ryofu.

Before going to meet Kou Sonsan to seek help (Maozoku’s village already burned down), Kan U keeps holding Ryuubi’s hand out of nervousness. While talking that Kou Sonsan will help them find shelter to live, Ryuubi says his and Chou Un’s eyes are similar, the human who don’t scared of Maozoku. That’s why, he wants to become friends with either Kou Sonsan nor Chou Un. Some night, Ryuubi closed Kan U’s eyes to guess who it was, but she could tell it right away. He can’t sleep because everyone are snoring, even more for Seihei. Suddenly, Kan U flowed out tears because she is care for Maozoku who don’t have home now. She hugs Ryuubi strongly, the smell that makes her feels relieved. Though Ryuubi is happy to be hugged by her, he’s also worried if he can’t do anything.

In the middle when everyone’s working to build new house, Ryuubi wants to help but they stops him from getting hurt. It makes him feels unneeded, though Maozoku says they’re happy just to live with Ryuu’s family. Meanwhile, Kan U asks about Ryuubi’s appearance when fighting Ryofu to Seihei. He also doesn’t know what that was. After meeting Ryuubi again, he brings Kan U to a flower field and gives her a flower arrangement he made. That night, she is sleeping with the little Ryuubi. As she is half awake (but can’t see a thing), Ryuubi uses a different voice (the deep one) to say that he wants to be appropriate to protect Kan U and makes her happy. Because she is his precious woman.

Ryofu killed Tou Taku, while Xuzhou was also in danger because of Sou Sou. The news arrived when Kan U is near Kou Sonsan’s room and hearing him talk to Kou Son Etsu for Sou Sou’s plan to attack Xuzhou. Even if she wants to help, but she thinks to live in peace is more convenient. But after Ryuubi says he wants to live with human, Kan U decides to save Xuzhou. In this route, Kan U can’t stop Ryuubi from following them to battlefield. Before that happen, Chou Un tells her that he likes her beautiful appearance when fighting, which makes Ryuubi says he knows that she is beautiful and nice (jealous or worried?). Also, Kan U remembers the time she talked with Maozoku before deciding to fight Sou Sou. They’re in trouble to fight against one hundred thousand soldiers. After getting a warm hug from Ryuubi, she can hear a voice says that it’ll be alright, just need to beat Sou Sou himself to make his soldier waver. She did as the voice said, with Chou Un’s help, but Ryofu came and distract the battle. In the end, Xuzhou became Maozoku’s country.

Back to Momozono system. Here, Ryuubi and Kan U found a tanuki while walking at night. It hurted its leg so they took care of the wound. Sadly, the tanuki they cared is the one who is hated by its friend. Though Ryuubi wants to bring it along, Kan U can’t do that. Well, they’ve taken care of its wound and at least, the tanuki is fine now. The other story is about Kan U has a fever and sleeps beside Ryuubi. He pats her head and says he’s happy to do it (patting her head) even though the sickness might not be comfortable for Kan U. Right after Ryuubi says he isn’t doing a great job as a leader of the country, Ryofu invites him to a banquet through Chouryou (It’s after Ryofu came to Xuzhou). Of course Ryuubi is determined to do well at this.

At the banquet, Chousen intentionally hurted Ryuubi’s hand by dropping his cup. Ryofu then trying to clean his wound, saying his blood is beautiful. Suddenly, Ryuubi turns dark again, asking Ryofu of what is her true intention. But he calmed down easily because Ryofu was surprised. After they’ve gone back, Ryofu is saying that she wants Ryuu’s blood to make her more powerful. Though she doesn’t have to rush before the attack from Enjutsu.

With the scheme of helping Kan U to fight Kirei (the big soldier from Enjutsu), Ryofu gets the freedom to take over Xuzhou after defeating Chou Seihei too. When Kan U realizes that, it’s already too late. Ryofu and Chouryou already took Ryuubi in their side. Not wanted to be separate from Ryuubi, Kan U also give her body to be captured with him. Meanwhile, Chou Hi and Chou Un found Seihei’s body from Kantei’s information. They knew it was Ryofu who wounded Seihei, but they couldn’t come in Xuzhou. After reunited with Chou Sousou, Chou Hi, Chou Un, and Kantei are planning to beat Ryofu (Seihei is dead in here). Chou Un will request soldiers from Kou Sonsan, while Chou Hi and Sosou will ask Sou Sou.

Meanwhile, Ryuubi is getting wounded by Chousen, who tries to make him show his power. But he won’t talk nor eat no matter what. This time, Ryofu comes to tells him that it’s alright to use his power to get the most precious girl for him, before she is taken by Sou Sou or Chou Un. With that words, Ryuubi is back to eat, but he doesn’t want to hug Kan U. This makes her sad, saying it’s Ryuubi who played with her the first time and that’s why, it’ll make her sad to be hated by him. Not want to see her cry, Ryuubi hugs Kan U, though deep down, his heart isn’t as beautiful as it was. Then, the matter of Sou Sou’s army has gotten into Ryofu’s ears. That night is a crescent moon, where half of it is covered by shadow. This will weaken Ryuubi’s curse so he is talking in adult manner to Kan U that he wants to talk and hold her hand but can’t because of that curse. He wants her to see this side as “Ryuubi” too.

Ryofu is ready to fight and goes to Ryuubi to tell him that his power awoke at the time Kan U got hurt (the battle against Tou Taku’s army). Slowly, Ryofu tells the story of Cat Youkai (金眼=Kinme) of three hundred years ago. A man tried to defeat it, but couldn’t. So he came to seek help to a mountain fairy. The fairy gave him magical power to his weapon and he could beat Kinme for three days battle. The name of the guy is Ryuukou, Ryuubi’s ancestor. And the troupe Ryuukou made from the battle would create their descendant, Maozoku. Kinme gave curse to Ryuukou and his army so they had cat ears and dark ayakashi’s heart. When trying to kill Kan U, Ryuubi changed to his dark side and killed Ryofu instead. He hugs Kan U with blood everywhere after stabbing Ryofu numerous times. Kan U feels strange and asks him who he was, though he says he is Ryuubi along with the weak him. But he suddenly changed back to his real self, scared because of blood all around him. To make him quiet, Kan U says it’s not his fault, and in front of Sou Sou, she tells that she is the one who defeat Ryofu. As for Sou Sou, he had thought about Ryuubi.

After getting helped from Sou Sou, Xuzhou is now on his hands. Maozoku and Chou Un must help him on war against En Shou’s army, together with Ka Kouton and Kouen. Ryuubi has waited for they return after the battle, but he must hear Chou Un says he wants to be born as Maozoku and will try to make cat ears. Some of Maozoku said he’ll look like husband-wife with Kan U if he had it, but Chou Un’s hand suddenly flowed out blood (This must be Ryuubi). Kan U follows him and tries to look at his hand. It’s true that Ryuubi did that, he says he won’t let anyone take Kan U and will kill them all, obviously for Sou Sou. Then he hugs Kan U strongly so she slaps him and he turns normal again.

The next time, Ryuubi changes to his 2nd self (the one with adult manner but is kind. Maybe he had 3 different selves?). He tells Kan U that he doesn’t want to see her suffering and he likes her, actually all him are loving her very much. If the evil him come again, he wants Kan U to do something (yeah, he can’t continue to talk because it’s already time to change back, but I guess it’s to kill him). That morning. Bunshuu (En Shou’s soldier) comes to attack Kan U. She tells Kantei to call Chou Un and help them. But too bad that the other Maozoku were going to fight Koukinzoku somewhere so Kantei couldn’t bring someone to go. Ryuubi heard all of it, thinking he wanted to trash the useless him. After getting that thoughts, Ryuubi changes to evil one then successfully kill Bunshuu. Though he thinks he becomes excellent and will do anything to make her happy such as getting entire world, Kan U wants him to change back to his kid self. That’s what makes him angry, kissing her again and again so she will think of him. He gets normal after saying the next time he come, he will get Kan U. A few Sou Sou’s soldier saw it and will inform that.

This is a ‘no’ for me

Happy End

Kan U meets the adult side of Ryuubi again. Now, he tells her to kill him quickly so he can’t turn evil anymore. But she can’t do it. Suddenly, Sou Sou tries to get Ryuubi because he knows Ryuubi is the one who defeat Ryofu and Bunshuu. Of course Kan U and the other Maozoku can’t let him do as he pleases. Kan U brings Ryuubi to run, but he changes and tries to kill himself. He knows Kan U can’t kill him and that’s why, he will do it alone. Kan U can’t let him die, saying from the past, she always loves him. That words makes him relieve that he gets what he wants, but still, it’s too dangerous for the other ‘him’ to appear. Slowly, he jump to the river, along with Kan U. In her dream, she remembers the first time she met Ryuubi, who asked her to play with him even though she is a mixed-race. Then, Kan U awaken at Sou Sou’s place, saying he can’t find Ryuubi but will search him. He ordered Kan U to tell the truth to safe Maozoku (Sou Sou will kill them if she doesn’t talk) and promised to bring back Ryuubi.

It’s raining hard outside that night, but Chou Hi is prepared to search Ryuubi. Kantei warns him that it’s useless, Ryuubi might have died. With Kan U’s help, they stop fighting but then they must fight En Shou’s soldiers. Too bad for En Shou, that he is near his loses to dare fighting Sou Sou with Maozoku. Anyway, he loses his army (about two months ago) and to Kan U. En Shou wants her to kill him because if he can’t take Sou Sou’s head, he will be killed by Ryuubi. As for Maozoku, they knows that Ryuubi is still alive from En Shou and will try to search him. Sou Sou, who have heard that, asked Kan U if she choose to side with him or with the evil Ryuubi, which she couldn’t answer until she find him.

Guess what it is..

Kan U goes to En Shou’s country and finally meet Ryuubi, who becomes the ruler now. He already had adult body and surprising Kan U. It makes sense that En Shou has lost his army, that now becomes Ryuubi’s army. The reason he build war is to destroy human and make Maozoku’s world. Also, he wants to build a country where Kan U become his wife. Sadly, Kan U doesn’t want that kind of world where human and Maozoku can’t live together, the same hope as the old Ryuubi. He suddenly grabs Kan U’s hand, asking her why she can’t accept him now that he became adult. Although Kan U realizes it’s like Ryuubi, she won’t allow him to destroy humans and will stop him. Kan U goes back to Sou Sou’s country, leaves Ryuubi behind for his sake. She gathers Maozoku and Sou Sou’s strength to fight Ryuubi.

Before they fight Sou Sou, Ryuubi’s army were afraid that their leader didn’t think of human. They tried to attack him, but it’s useless after all. So as the plan, Ryuubi still fights Kan U. Still, he is sad that all Maozoku and Kan U, are all fighting against him. He closed Kan U’s eyes and hold her strong to grab her movement, saying he will kill all, including Maozoku, so then no one can take Kan U from his side. Fortunately, Chou Hi, together with Sosou and Kantei comes to take over him. But they can’t beat Ryuubi. Before he kill them, Kan U stabbed him. The wounded Ryuubi feels sad that Kan U hate him but she tells him she loves him all, the child, the crescent moon, nor the want-to-be strong him. Afraid of getting the curse, Kan U thinks she will die with Ryuubi but it’s a crescent moon, which weakened the curse. Kan U is alright although Ryuubi must bear with the curse alone. The Kinme now has taken form of a cat beast and Ryuubi is determined to defeat it alone.

Kan U helps Ryuubi to fight Kinme. Chou Hi, Kantei, and Sosou are also helps them, together with all Maozoku. Now that they’ve weakened Kinme, Ryuubi and Kan U can do the last attack to it before it gain the bigger form. But suddenly, a black ball appears. It’s Kinme’s weak form that will get bigger again. Ryuubi doesn’t have a choice than to use his body again to seal it. Thankfully, all Maozoku will always think of him as the world’s savior. He can obtain the curse with a smile then kissing Kan U to say goodbye. Before the adult him disappear, he asks Kan U to meet him at crescent moon. And while kissing her, Ryuubi turns to a child form again.

Yup, this is my ‘yes’

Maozoku are all lives in peaceful village. Kan U and Ryuubi are playing oni gokko, and when he catches her, Ryuubi turns to adult self (not his body thou). He says it’s strange that the curse didn’t hid the crescent moon ‘him’ and maybe, he’ll change to unknown being in the future. But if he become evil again, Kan U promised that she will stop him again. They will live together forever (But sadly, I can’t see them as a lover). Then, Ryuubi changes back to child self again, saying he loves her and doesn’t want to be separated from Kan U.

I’m disappointed…….

Bad End

Kan U understand what Ryuubi wants at En Shou’s palace. She will follow him to destroy humans and create a continent for Maozoku only. First, Ryuubi kills Ka Kouton and Kouen. Then Kan U stabs Sou Sou, a proof of her love for Ryuubi. It’ll be just the beginning of their first attempt to annihilate humans..

Ka Kouen (CV: Namikawa Daisuke)

His scene begins when Ka Kouton tries to kill him because he plan to kill Kan U. Inside his heart, Kouen thinks his brother was wrong to choose Jyuuza over him. Then, it goes around Sou Sou’s defeated. Kan U is afraid he will die. That’s the time Kouen offers her to follow them and says Sou Sou won’t die. At the other time, when Kan U meets him again in the forest, Kouen reveals that the truth is, Sou Sou wants the 3 of them (Kan U, Kouton, Kouen) to defeat Tou Taku before. But he refused to work with Jyuuza. Then, a tiger approaches them and tries to attack. Even though Kouen wants to act alone, he follows Kan U’s help to fight it together, with her as bait. It makes him angry for her reckless act but admit she is helpful. With that figth, Kan U realizes that Kouen is more good with bow than sword. But he keeps saying he wants to fight alongside Kouton so he choose sword because of something happened in the past (where he couldn’t protect Kouton). Seeing his determination, Kan U will help him practicing in the morning, which he agrees (surprise me!).

It’s time to fight Ryofu but Kouen hasn’t wake up from his sleep. When Kan U comes to wake him up, he seems to have a bad dream. It came true when Ka Kouton’s left eye was hurted by an arrow from Ryofu’s soldier. After that, Kouen sees Kan U accidentally, where he blames himself for not protecting his brother well. Kan U convinces him that it’s not his fault, but he seems not wanted to hear her mind and pushes Kan U to the river. She can’t swim and loses her breath. This is where Ka Kouen gives her CPR (kiss) because he doesn’t want to see her die, the same fault for Kouton.

Some night later, Kan U meets a few shadows (maybe Sou Sou’s enemies) on her way. Thankfully, Ka Kouen helps her to fight that shadows. Though he seems alright with it, in the end, he can’t win against them. Before he close his eyes, Kouen tells Kan U his wishes are to see the peaceful world Sou Sou created by his and Kouton’s help and he actually has many things to say to her such as “sorry” and thanks.

Now, Ka Kouton and Kouen are prepared to meet Sou Sou at the camp. Without realize, Kouton hold Kan U’s hand. When he understands the situation, Kouton quickly releases her hand, which makes Kouen laugh. They are going to see Sou Sou afterward.

En Shou (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke)

His story begins when Chou Un sees him hugs Kan U to comfort her from Kou Sonsan’s death. Then, it continues to when Chou Un dies from arrows. It had already a few times after that, but Kan U still saw the dream. En Shou tries to make her laugh, in stead of getting Xuzhou. Now that he gains that power, he begins to trash Maozoku, which reminds Kan U of Sou Sou’s warn (that En Shou just wants to use Maozoku’s power to win against him). He will save them if she agree to give Xuzhou to him and doesn’t come out in battle.

The night after En Shou have won a battle, he kisses Kan u tightly. He says that she is different from him, a woman who can fight on battlefield. He wants to shut Kan U his side. At another time, a soldier who calls Kan U as ‘Princess’ came and inform her that they wanted Kan U to be their leader. They had sent a letter but En Shou might got it before her, so they promised to take Kan U to run away. Too bad, a few En Shou’s soldiers are trying to attack her because they don’t want En Shou to suffer, rejecting a princess’ proposal just for Jyuuza. From them, Kan U hears that the one who killed Chou Un is En Shou. But he comes and kills his own soldier, doesn’t want them to touch his toy. Meanwhile, Kan U is still thinking of En Shou’s words to inform Chou Un’s death.

Not long after he killed his soldier, the guy who tried to bring Kan U to run away is also killed by him. En Shou says that Kan U is a girl who brings misfortune, either to Kou Sonsan nor Chou Un. That’s why, only him can accept her and loves her. Then he brings Kan U to his bedroom (cause her room is already filled by blood). Kan U doesn’t want to be alone and that’s why she agrees to love him forever. When kissing her again, En Shou tells his feelings, that he finally got Kan U, the one he desired for a long time.

Bachou (CV: Sugita Tomokazu)

The first time Kan U meets him is at the battle camp to fight Tou Taku. She thinks that he is an easy guy because he can ask her for a date so sudden. At the battle, Bachou is behaving weird by not attacking enemies so Kan u takes control of it. When she meets him again at night, Bachou thinks it’s thanks to Sou Sou’s soldier so they can win. But it makes Kan U getting angry at him, to think easy on his own soldiers of Ba family. He can’t answer that and then go alone. That morning, Bachou realizes his wrong and apologize to Kan U and thanking her for making up his mind to protect his family. Because Kan U is a person who protects her friends, she can’t reject Sou Sou’s order to defeat Kayuu or Maozoku will be banished.

At the battle, Bachou helps Kan U and makes them won it. He is thankful that she reminds him of his father, who protects the family with his body. Seems like his soldiers also search for him to see if he is safe. Meanwhile, Sou Sou thinks Ba family will be a hindrance, Bachou and Batou (his father). Bachou is disappearing for a banquet. When Kan U searches him (to also meet him), he asks her to be his lover because her fighting appearance makes him interested in her. He also is very touch for Kan U’s heart of protecting her friends. But their happy time won’t get too long as Tou Taku destroy a capital. Kan U is ready to fight Tou Taku with Sou Sou, but Bachou stops her and says she can run from it because Maozoku is the same as his family, a heretic family. Not that she will hear his thought. They’re ready to go together for a war.

Although they’ve gone, Chouryou appears before them to warn Kan U not to fight them. If not, they will kill Maozoku too (the same warning as Sou Sou). He made Kan U fainted with poison then go after telling Bachou all of it. Bachou gives her sake to wake Kan U, but it’s just makes her gets drunk (and nervous for his hug). The thing is, Bachou asks her for a marriage so they will share their pain and be free from all the war. Kan U can’t answer for a moment. The arrival of Chou Hi makes Bachou jealous because as a Maozoku, he can stay with Kan U longer than him. Quickly, Bachou brings Kan U to a quiet place, saying the truth is, he doesn’t want to give her home. He wants to marry Kan U and be with her. With a kiss as a symbol, Bachou promised to love her and Kan U alone that can get his kiss.


Note: All sub-char’s CG were about kiss?

I will go with my thoughts on each character. First is Ryuubi, our hero. I didn’t like his ending (keep using his child body) and his personality (as a child one) was very annoying as I didn’t like spoiled child. Well, I can’t hope much since most Maozoku’s route was boring (Kan U wants to protect her friends but it makes her busy everywhere anytime, apparently, a little time to rest and romance). Chou Hi was the most annoying character in Jyuuza Engi. Had Ryuubi not the only one who is childish, Chou Hi behaving even more of it. Also, I don’t prefer “gya gya’ character and Okamoto’s high-pitch voice, although he can use deep one at romantic time. For Chou Un, he has interesting matter and Kan U’s truth. I thought his story would be boring but it didn’t. I like his route too, despite he is too reliable (almost can’t think if there’s a real person like him).

So, I’ll go to Sou Sou next. His real form was really surprising me, although anyone must have known from his powerful strenght that anyone couldn’t beat. But later, almost in the end, he changes to a possessive guy which scared me. A problem in almost otoge nowadays (changed to yandere and possessive, so typical). I like Ka Kouton’s shy appearance very much. Even though he hated Kan U for the first time, he turned to a cute one in the end. Maybe, I like his personality the best in Jyuuza Engi, that he isn’t turn yandere but behaving nice to the heroine. For Chouryou, I was shocked that he wasn’t human (but I must have expected it). His story was kinda slow in the beginning but turned mysterious in the end. Surely, I’ll prefer his route than Ryuubi.

Ka Kouen is an annoying brat, behaving the same as Chou Hi, but I can forgive him since he isn’t screaming all the time. His route was kinda cute and a bit sad. En Shou.. Huh, what kind of story is that? He is still being scary for me. And the last, Bachou. I’m surprise he has a route although just appeared once in the main story. Definitely a playboy type but a good person (I remember Noise that had a surprising sub chara’s route, but of course, Bachou’s route-even more Jyuuza itself-couldn’t be compared to Noise).

My impression for this game is: LONG!! I can’t finish it for a month, what made it longer is because my playtime is re-sized for 1-2 hours per day. Anyway, as I’ve said earlier, the plot was good (though it wasn’t excellent), the music was cool and happened to be one of my favorite, OP & ED songs were okay (Because I got bored to listen it numerous times, the tune was same), character’s personality was interesting, but the bad thing were repeated story telling without skip function, some characters had made me sick of their problem (Chou Hi), and the uncomfortable of the audio (sub chara problem). So far, it’s one of Otomate’s good game with decent storyline and interesting side stories.







Link for CG:


  1. Ryuubi is so–
    No comment =w=
    But i very dissapointed with his ending
    child form, huh?!
    His adult form just too SEXYYYYYYY >W<

  2. Thank you for the review, dear! Iti s always very interesting to read your reviews! *_*
    And arigato for the CG pack! The game is very nice. But still, we prefer Sou Sou *___* Though Ryuubi is cool too ^^”

    • You’re welcome. I’m glad I finally end this long game, although I’m very late.

      I hope it will come in FD (because the romance is low here), with Ryuubi in his adult form (now, for forever).

  3. I…I’m having trouble finishing Ryuu Bi’s route. Ishida’s voice is so annoying, he is a shouta(my least fave stereotype) and childish and I’m feared that I might rage quit this even before I can play my dearest Suzuken(Chou Un)’s route Q_Q
    Heh, either it’s otome instincts or what, I’ve figured out Chou Ryou’s route even before I play him(he disappears like bubbles the moment Ryou Fu dies in other routes!) but I still cried when I saw the cg where he is a lifeless doll… it wasn’t good for my frail otome heart Dx

    Well, I’m getting too busy playing toki no kizuna & other filler games that I’m putting this game aside for a while…..also trying to recover from disappointment that Ba Chou(the most decent side story) and Ka Kouen doesn’t have proper routes >:T

    • I can understand that. I also didn’t like his shota voice (like, he forced it, or child Ryuubi would seem older than he was). Thankfully, I played him the last so, want it or not, I must finish his route.

      About Chouryou, uh, I didn’t know he will be non-human being at first. I thought he just Ryofu’s subordinate, even Ryofu’s true being was a surprise to me. That’s why I like the surprising plot in Jyuuza. Oh, and, lets high five for busy mode!! I also won’t be able to finish any game faster than before… Yeah, too bad Bachou and Ka Kouen didn’t have proper route. I’d like to see them if there’s any FD in the future. En Shou just die then..!

      • About Chou Ryou… the only thing I’m surprised about was when he became Kan U’s shield from arrows—and that is because I thought I got the bloody bad end I’m avoiding so much!

        On the other side, the only thing I’m thankful(and not at the same time) about En shou was in Sou Sou’s route because if not for that, Sou Sou’s image burned in my mind would be scariest yandere of my whole otome gaming history. Ah, but I cried a river during that time(because my heart is a frail, frail, frail maiden’s heart xDDD<–i just cry in anything so long as it is a little touching).

        *high fives* My backlog never ends its piling up especially with the release of my most-awaited filler games(what I call for non-otome games xD).

        • Oh right. Thanks to En Shou, Sou Sou wasn’t the only yandere in the game. Well, while playing Jyuuza, there’re many surprising things. Chouryou is just one of it. I was interested in Ryuubi’s past but his route was disappointing, although I could stand the truth. Oh well, its story was not bad but also not excellent for me.

  4. Hi there sorry I didn’t read all your text here since I am planning to play this game ^-^ But judging from the picture I am very interested with this game. And I can imagine the kanji *oh lord* must be painful to read lol.

    • Yes, the kanji was very painful and I didn’t care for most of it sinced it mostly used in political or strategic matter. I recommend it as different game from Otomate, at least if you can stand the boring multiple sections.

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