MIYAKO~Tsukiyomi no Yume~ CG Nigou & Other + Review

I would like to made a review for Nigou in this post (the other chara are already done in my previous post).

Nigou (CV: Midorikawa Hikaru)

What could be more strange than having him as a shikigami? Nigou is pervert, narcissistic, and also likes teasing someone. He has a big mouth over something. But he is kind, actually. He always helps Sangou with the preparation to becomes Seimei’s shikigami. Nigou befriends with many animals in the wood, when he asks Sangou to searching information with him. But of course, none of them really helpful to get it.

Sangou cooks their food from fish. Seimei and his shikigami gets a happy lunch together (Sadly, Nigou becomes left behind when Seimei and Ichigou finished their food).

One time, he asks Sangou what her dream is and she answers it with she wants her real name to be called by Seimei. Nigou has it too, the feeling to be known by Seimei. But what he truly dreams of is still a secret and hiding it with a weird dreams. Finally he tells her that he wants all to be always like that. Ultimately, to be sleeps with Sango like he did that time (When they are sleeping on the grass).

This time, Seimei is being kidnapped and just Nigou’s nose which can tell the fact about it. Nigou doesn’t want Ichigou to know it because he can’t think right this time. So, Nigou choose to goes himself but Sangou following him. Then they fights Toui (the old man). Did you know what made Nigou in an advantage? Toui is too old to fight and he drinks sake much, so his body always coughing and not in healthy mode. Also, they fights is different with any other characters. Just a sweet speech from Nigou… And they makes a comedy with a fight as background.

When Toui just prepared for his ultimate power, Nigou protects Sangou and change to his human form (Way! I can’t wait for it since the beginning!!) because of Toui’s curse. But it’s just for a while then he fainted. Toui lets Snagou brings Nigou home (So, what is they were doing again? Fighting isn’t it?). After Nigou has awake, he takes the human form again and surprising Ichigou with that. Ichigou is really worried about him but letting him rest with Sangou. Then, Nigou explains his identity. With Ichigou, he can change form, but it maybe can’t do any good after he takes the curse. Maybe, if he do it again, he won’t appear again in this world.

He change to bird again when he fell asleep. Sangou is worried and think he’ll be in danger, but turns out he is sleep talking (A pervert way of sleep talking). This is when Sangou thinks of him as a special person to her. Then, he change again to human. When morning comes, Nigou disappeared and left only a feather shining on the floor. Sangou found him on the street and he seemed to took a walk. After comes back to Seimei’s house, Nigou is sleeping again and turn back to bird (Wow, he changes form often now. Poor him…). When Sangou asks him what he wants her to do, he says he wants her to make food to him. And she did that.

For what purpose did Otomate made a tons of CG of this? I’m tired to cut it out…

There’s Izumi’s shikigami, telling them about Ichigou, who goes alone to save Seimei (the news have come to him). Nigou can search for the exact place where Ichigou is with the help of his friend. Before he leaves, he says “arigatou” to his friend, like saying goodbye to 弐号寮. When they arrives at some cave or something, Ichi is already there, fighting with Toui. After the long conversation, Toui blocked their path to Seimei. Toui will let them out if Nigou have to drink one of the sake, with poison or not. Sangou will be the one choosing it.

If Sangou choose red cup, after drink it, Nigou will wants more because he says it’s delicious. It’s a joke. Then Toui drink from another cup too, but nothing happened. Toui says it’s Nigou’s victory and tells just Sangou to look for the right way to go out from there (It’s about the wind). They left Toui behind in there (A bit sad about him even if he is one of the bad guy).

Seimei is still alive and they quickly comes to him. First, he seems surprise to look at Nigou, who has transform now. Well, he is afraid if Seimei will get mad, but he praise Nigou…? And Seimei can smell sake from Nigou… NIgou brings Sangou to a safe place while Seimei is fighting. At the end of it, Seimei wins and they comes back together. But Sangou still thinks that Nigou is different now (his form?). She is a bit sad. Nigou knows her feelings and piggyback her. At least, Sangou knows that Nigou is still Nigou. After they have a drink party, Nigou must go. Before he leaves them, Sangou hug him and says she like him, also, Seimei’s house is the place he will return. They kissed, then Nigou really went out there, with his two wings on his back. They don’t know for how long he will come back… But at the end of ED song, he says “tadaima”…

For choosing blue cup, before Nigou drinks it, Toui seems to say that he choose the wrong one. But it never has any wrong in it. Then, everything is the same until Nigou leaves. The ending is no different than the first one. Just this time, Nigou change back to bird rather than in human form? This can be heard in his tune of voice…

Overall, I didn’t know why Otomate made Nigou’s route if it would end as confusing as this. Either he comes back or not cannot be determined that easily, because it’s just a monologue. His route really not as good as Ichigou… Too bad. I’m pretty sure they would brought a good story and a good ending, but it became like that.

Also, his love relationship with Sangou is a bit unnatural. Firstly, he always joking around. Then after he becomes weak because of the poison, for just a few minutes, Sangou realizes she likes him. At the end, they are kissing but the confessing time seems must end as quickly as possible and I can’t feel their love. Urgh! I’m really disappointed with his route. Even Nigou can’t fight like Ichigou, because his fight with Toui is just filled with many boring conversation. His route is funny maybe, but I don’t like how the story goes. Please, make it a good fandisk for him, Otomate!-my wish for Nigou.



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