Moujuutsukai in Portable

Yeah, recently there are many ported version of games I have played, so I feels it a must to know if there’s any differences. Moujuutsukai to Oujisama Portable has many extras in it. From Extra Story (Of course you must completed the main story first if you want to understand this route), where it has a new concept from the main plot, then there are bonus from completing the main route. The bonus includes extra story without voice, extra story with voice and pictures, and the ultimate is extra 4-koma-manga like images. The stories are all so funny, even the seiyuu must speak for the sound effect such as, “ピット“ to Tiana’s dialogues. After completing the Extra Story, you’ll get one added CG in everyone’s gallery.

Main Plot of Extra Story

Klaus is really angry because the princes are still living in Tiana’s house. He fights with Matheus for this problem and makes Tiana really confused to stop them. Then, Lucia came after waking up from sleep. Erik comes after it (He claim he was helping Alfred for morning practicing). Lucia is mad and ordering Matheus to speak with Erik, because he always uses Alfred for his own benefit. Well, Matheus is busy with Klaus, so he won’t do anything useless like that. After that, Silvio comes in to eat breakfast (Lucia tells that he always comes to Tiana’s house just for eating free food). Not long after that, Alfred comes from his practice and find there’s a mess in the house.

Suddenly, Tiana is fainted and they realizes it’s because of cold. They told her to rest and will cooking for her (Of course it becomes a mess too since Alfred and Matheus wants more meat but Erik doesn’t want that. Also, there’s Silvio, Klaus, and Lucia who fights over who is the one will brings the food to Tiana). The truth is, Tiana is sleeping tightly, so they don’t want to disturb her.

Gerda comes to her room after got a contact from Silvio. She brings Tiana a cold medicine, with a pure heart, really. Tiana says she’s like a mother and makes her blushing. After that, the guys are looking for her, without any clue where to find Tiana. Suddenly, she speaks while everyone don’t notice the place that voice comes from. Actually, because of Gerda’s medicine, Tiana turns to a cat. Every guys has their own fantasies for the cat Tiana, for touching it or what. Anyway, they must find a way to brings her back, also finds the culprit. Silvio remembers about Gerda then contacting her with the mirror. She claims that she brings Tiana a cold medicine that… exchanged to golden powder without her notice because the real medicine is in her place. Silvio asked Gerda to make a drug for turning human to a cat and she made it. And this is the way things goes after that. Okay, Tiana must bear to wait for 2 to 3 days to recover her body from that drug.

Matheus Extra Story

While he is searching for something, Tiana comes and asks him. While he remembers it, Matheus uses the catwhip to Tiana. He says he wants to see her like him when he becomes a lion. Well, he is having fun looking at Tiana playing with that thing.

Alfred Extra Story

Alfred was do the training again when Tiana found him. Someway, the conversation was change to him, wanted to wash Tiana’s body since she had did it to him before. Tiana lets him do the bathe and wash her cat body.

Lucia Extra Story

That time, Tiana is going to the kitchen and finds something awful. Her kitchen is full of smoke! It is Lucia’s doing to cook. This time, Lucia wants to hug her and tickles her body.

Erik Extra Story

Tiana comes to the princes room. She found that Erik was cleaning the room from Lucia’s belongings (He talked to himself that everything from Lucia will be trashed out, even if it’s important.-Yeah, he is a bit evil). Tiana is worried about that but Erik says it’s fine. Then he is tired and wants to sleep with the cat Tiana. At the end, he isn’t sleeping and just touch her body on the bed.

Klaus Extra Story

Lotte is coming to Tiana’s house. She seems surprise because Klaus is there (It’s so rare). To hide Tiana, who becomes a cat now, Klaus is saying she is sick right now. He won’t allow Lotte to come to Tiana’s room. The truth is, Lotte’s parents is sick too and she needs help in her bakery shop. Klaus claims he will do the baking and he has take a break for 3 days of his job. Lotte is even surprise knowing the workaholic Klaus takes a break. After Klaus has done with baking the bread, he gives Tiana a try and makes her happy. He says it is because he never have a chance to help his parents so he used this time to help them. After the work has finished, Lotte realizes that Klaus called the cat “Tiana”. She thinks it’s because Klaus wants to give it that name (Because he was so lovey-dovey?). Yeah, Klaus just agree with that reason…

Silvio Extra Story

Silvio try to make a fish soup for Tiana in the kitchen. He doesn’t want to give it to her if she doesn’t にゃ~んto him. Tiana try it but he thinks it doesn’t suit to his taste. THe enxt she do it, it becomes so cute and Silvio can’t resist it. Sadly, he becomes ツンデレand wants her to give more strength with the words. Nah, forget it. He takes Tiana to his usual high place (on top of the roof) and says he always comes to there to searching for Tiana, in a very crowded town.

The extra story is somewhat long and makes me feels boring because I just completed the PS2 version..? But it really is similar to the fandisk, in concept of Lucia wants to cook and Erik helps (makes it hard) Alfred with his practice. I love Klaus’ extra story because I can see him in his work clothes for baking. He looks weird! Heh… Not that weird but he always stays cool. But as usual, Alfred’s story didn’t have much of important things. It’s a disappointment, although Alfred is cool… Then, I wished it won’t have other fandisk because I have really tired of it already.

Link for CG:


  1. I love it when otomate worship their fangirls with PSP goodness~~ <333
    I'mma glad Imma playing PSP not PS2 XDDD


    CG is awesome. Thank you twentyninenight-san! :DDD

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