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Hi! Sorry for the trouble to read this….””” Hmmm, I don’t even know what I want to say. This is the first time i’ve ever have a one blog.. Whatever…”’ I tried not to made a serious blog or a diary blog. Sure, it’s troublesome. I really doesn’t like to write an essay, so it’ll be a simple blog with a simple words.

Also, I want this blog to be a fun blog with some (more!) downloadable music that I like!!! Off course almost all of it are Japanese singer!!!!! Especially for the great song artists I really love (Shikata Akiko, Shimotsuki Haruka, KOKIA, Katakiri Rekka, Mitose Noriko, and much more!). I really love them all!!!!!!!!! Ehm, don’t know what to say again…

I’m sorry for the inconvenience talk.. The credit for my downloadable items goes to the first one who uploaded it. I couldn’t think much of it because I found them in anysites anywhere. Too much and I don’t think I can list it one by one. Thanks’ for all of your hardwork, the uploader! I just use them for my own and share it with free..

Yeah, this is the last, I don’t want to ruin my mood with writing more and more texts in this blog. Maybe I’m too lazy to update it, but please stay happy when stay in my blog..

NOTE: Feel free to remind me if there’s any link outdated

51 Responses to “About”

  1. Oh, I love your blog!!! <333 thank you for your great reviews,
    anyway, Can I have you permission to use your CGs for my MAD(Fanmade Video)? I'm dying to find those otome game CGs, and finally I found yours!!

    Of course I'll credits you properly (inc. your blog) on my video's description. Please watch this one:

    Thank you very much :))

  2. Hello. :)) This is eumiharun from LJ.
    I love your blog. I love it more because of the color. Blue~~~! haha!

    I’m still new to otome games (and a newbie Japanese learner) so I’m looking forward to your other reviews. ^_^

  3. nee, I’m sorry if I bothering you with my question
    okashina shima no peter pan, thats release on 2011. 10. 06
    but d’ you have that full song?

    I'm really sorry….

  4. oww… It’s ok. I was the one who must apologize. I’m sorry (>_<)"
    Thank you very much, then

  5. Hi I was just wondering, do you happen to have the cg pack for Kaminaru Kimi to? (:

  6. Nice to meet you :”)
    What the name of your can I call ? ^^
    I love your blog, really really love…. It’s very fantastic.
    It helps me know more about many project otome dating game ^A^

  7. Hello! Nice to meet you ^^

    I really like your blog, and I hope you don’t mind if I add you to my blogroll!

  8. Hi! I love your blog <333 Your reviews are really fun and detailed, they give me a lot of info and are always a fun read~ Thank you very much for always sharing the CGs too XO

    Hope you don't mind me adding you. I don't have a wordpress account though, I wonder if I should get one. There seem to be a lot of nice people like you with an interest in otome games here 🙂

    • *I meant I don’t have a blog on wordpress, damn my typing is stupid.

    • Sure. Nice to meet you, fellow otome game lover~!

      I wonder what should I put in my blogroll if you don’t have WP account. Be sure to let me know again after you’ve WP account. I’ll be sure to add you too.

      • Well maybe add my blogspot? http://aurora6290.blogspot.com/
        I’m new to blogging, so I donno if that works. I wonder if it would be too cheap for me to post the same things at both sites? XD Anyway I’ll definitely let you know if I decide to do so.

        One common question, how did you learn japanese? Was it your native language or did you learn it because of personal interest?

        • Okay, done putting your link. It isn’t matter if someone make the same post, as long as it’s our own words.. I’ll be glad to hear your thoughts on some games I ever played (soem kind of fangirl-ing?), or haven’t (it’ll be like preferences).

          I’m learning through watching animes, playing games, memorizing katakana-hiragana-then to some point-now kanji. Japanese & English aren’t my native languages. So with this blog, I’m still studying both too. The bad thing is, I have never learn Jap in class.

  9. You can count on me for that ^_^ I’m good at fangirling, haha. I’ll start uploading my reviews for the games I’ve played on my blog soon. So far all I have is a crappy long list. So far I can see 8 games we both have in common, but I’ve completed only 4 of them.

    I also learned what I know (which would only be basic greetings and stuff :\ ) by watching animes and playing games, I have recently started trying to learn hiragana, only 15+ letters so far T___T

    P.S.Thanks for the add! ❤

    • If you give me order to write katakana-hiragana, I can’t remember a few. Still, I can read it all (that’s common, sometime, reading is more convenient than writing when learning language). I tried to memorize kana using my Star Ocean 2 manga. One volume is enough to make me remember all. Translating the kana to romaji.

      I’ll be waiting for your post ^^

      • Thank you for the encouragement! I have been dawdling for a while, but because of your kind words I finally managed to write a big post today ^_^ Have you ever played Love revo?

        • Congratulation of your first post! It’s alright to post about the same theme, moreover everyone would have it. We can’t look into one blog or the other just to see if we post the same one as them.

          I have tried it 2 years ago with preference to get the red-haired guy. Though I couldn’t manage to end it due to raising stat system (I’m very bad at it).

  10. Hello there~! I just recently made a blog and I’d like to exchange links with you if its ok? 🙂

  11. hi twentyninenights 😀 i really like the review of your otome game 😀 i really want to be friend with you 😀 do you have a yahoo email ? i really want to chat with you 🙂 thanks. Continue for the hardwork of the review 😀

  12. Hello Sorry for suddenly
    can i ask you a favor ..
    i have played amnesia and clear it 100%
    but accidentally deleted the save data ..
    so can you please share your save data with me..?
    i really really want Ukyou’s route back ..
    i will be more than Appreciate for you
    sorry for my bad english , i will wait for your answer

  13. Hello there~!
    Seems like I found another Clock Zero fan. Hehe… I just ordered it and I’m burning to play it, even though it will take me quite long, since my Japanese is really poor…

    I wondered, if we could exchange links?

  14. Thank you very much
    But unfortunately the save data dosnt work
    Any way thank you very much,if you want any help please ask me

  15. hey sorry to bother

    i saw you in the subscribers list for my old blog, would be very happy if you can re-subscribe at the new URL (http://visualnovelaer.fuwanovel.org) if you want to~ the old one got suspended >.<

    sry for that. ty (PS: wordpress is nazi)

  16. Dear twentyninenights-san,

    Hello, I’m Ryuta, a member of Think Pink, the otome game project for SEEC (former Dual Solution). My company creates visual novels for girls, and one of our accomplishments is MoteMote, released in December, 2011.

    We just released our latest otome game, Shinsen Renki, and we’d like to kindly ask you to take a little time to play it.

    Here’s our app:

    ・App description


    In lternative reality EDO and Shinsen-gumi!
    Who would you choose to work with?

    The Shinsen-gumi is an organization to protect EDO.
    And you are going to be the deupty commander of
    the shinsen-gumi!

    You’ll start a new life with strong,
    unique and attractive team members.

    This is a historical-fantasy dating game.
    Each character has a ten chaptered story.

    The ending will change depending on your answers!


    (iTunes) https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/shinsenrenki/id562139438?mt=8

    Please check out our Facebook page!

    (Think Pink)https://www.facebook.com/pages/Think-Pink-xoxo/284444894999362

    Sorry for my long and rude post, but we hope you like our latest production.
    Thank you!



  17. Dear blog owner

    Hi, this is ThinkPink.

    Thank you for taking up our ShinsenRenki on your blog before. This has been a great success owing to your passionate review and sincere devotion to the game.

    Now we are proudly announce to you that ShinsenRenki is now availble on Google Play!

    Since we launched Renki on this February in ios, we heard a myriad of voices from all over the world that wished for the Android version of it. And finally, Soji, Shinpachi, Hajime and Heisuke are coming on your screen!

    Thank you so much for your patience and undivided support for us, and we hope you will enjoy our Otome game on your Android smartphone 🙂

    If you hve anything to say please feel free to contact us on our facebook page.


    Thank you


  18. hello there :D. this is the first time i visit your blog, and i find it cool haha. i’m a fan of VNs and otome games. i just have a question (i tried to find my answer in your blog but i can’t find it) – do you play japanese VNs? i mean can you read VNs with jap language? haha. (stupid question)

    more power to you and your blog :).

    • Uh yup. All VNs in my blog were all in Japanese language. So far, there isn’t any English VN that interest me, but I have no doubt that it’ll be more and more good VN in English / Korean in the future. Though still, I’ll stick with Jap for awhile (there are so many of it and there’s little time), so I can’t put my sight on another language this moment.

      So far, I’m not that excellent at Jap language too. There are just a few Kanji I can read (mostly for everyday used, don’t tease me with historical or chemistry terms), but fortunately, the vocab is rather good. Yep, it’s for both English and Jap. I’m just good at vocab..

  19. Hi!!! I saw you in the Mnagalator site, and I was wondering if you’re interested to help us translate manga into english now that the site is down, please send us an e-mail to hotscans@gmail.com
    we’re always looking for translators!! 🙂
    You can have your time to translate and we won’t pressure you at all!!! 😀

    • Ooh, thanks. But I’m very sorry. I will stop translating manga now. I don’t know if I’ll do it again, maybe if I have chance in the future. Very very thank you for appreciating my work. ^^

  20. Nice to meet you, fellow otoge blogger XD Want to add each other to our blogrolls?

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