About Me

Please just call me twentyninenights as in the other blogs I have. Born on August 29, 1989. I’m a simple person with liberal view and won’t judge things by just seeing / hearing. I don’t care about people’s choice, I won’t complain on it and I hope other people will do the same to me. Here on, I think is more free to write about myself, rather in my WordPress. Also, you can visit my flavors which can link to my other selves.

The new blog will be my place to share my knowledge, hobbies, works, photos, travelling, etc. I plays video games, but because of my busy working days, I don’t have enough time to finish them all. Plus, I’m translating mangas. My WordPress blog is mainly about otome games and RPG games I had played and did the summary (or writing a whole stories).

Let’s leave my other blog (I’m still playing but in a snail’s pace). This new blog has been created 4 years ago, before I used WP. But because I thought WP would be more simple, I kept writing reviews there. Now I wished I had created reviews in Blogger sinced it customizably cute and all…

My phone right now is LG G2 which has 13MP camera and I hope it will be usefull to take many pictures I like (I wished I had Samsung Galaxy S5 like my sister just bought lately, with 16MP camera). But LG is alot fun in its Smart World and it’s cheaper. Too bad doesn’t have memory card slot. I did own a camera, but the phone camera is more convenient and larger pixels. I’ll stick with my phone! By the way, I have enlarged every picture to more convenient sight and changed the web from 3 to 2 columns so the picture can get larger. I have difficulty seeing small picture / texts so I will give the same amount to you. ^^

Photos of me (can be replaced without notice):

One of my nature picture:

My greatest capturable picture for now:

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