Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk

This my review of Haitaka no Psychedelica. This VN have sad and beautiful stories, more than Kokuchou no Psychedelica, the first game. I felt funny playing Kokuchou because I didn’t have any impression and the storyline was too short. But Haitaka have deeper story that made me cry. Especially heroine’s (and heroes) parents past stories.



I think it will be good to explain the story from the past, rather than back and forth. I will put red color to the name of things, not characters. I played the English version on Steam, so this review will be based by that.


April is a boy with red hair. As a child, he was a scary being, even for his parents. To made him study, his parents let him live with a Ashen Witch. The witch didn’t do anything except growing clematis flower, talking with him and made picture books from stories she knew. She had saved a ashen hawk (Haitaka) so the hawk followed her everywhere. She told April that she have a daughter but live separately. One day, April killed the hawk. It gave surprise to the witch. The witch burried the hawk and it became butterfly. But it would be her last day with April because she must go to another world. After leaving him alone, April changed to a good boy who is acceptable as the next clan chief.

There were four friends that would have marriage in this town. Olgar (Morikawa Toshiyuki), the Hawk clan chief would have a marriage with his lover, Aria (Nakahara Mai) from Wolf clan. Meanwhile, Olgar’s little sister, Fransisca (Oohara Sayaka), will marry the chief of Wolf clan, April (Hirakawa Daisuke) (I will use the Japanese name instead the English translation, Aprus). But even though Olgar married for love, Fransisca didn’t know if she have feelings to April, or if she was loved by him. All her life, she wanted to be needed by her brother, so she accepted the marriage. Because it would help Olgar’s dream, of creating peace between Hawk and Wolf. When Fransisca and April already have two sons, she became jealous of Aria. April didn’t come home often to meet Aria, and her brother was taken by Aria. The jealousy became hatred, until she realized she must take advantage to Aria’s secret, she is a witch. In this town, the witch is something people hate because it will bring disaster and death. A glass craftsman with his child knew about Aria, so Fransisca told him to gather people and burn Aria. The plot was a success, townspeople burnt Olgar’s manor, when he’s gone to pick snowdrop flower as Fransisca suggested. Aria died in the manor after giving birth to a baby girl, gave her child to Fransisca and told her the name Eiar. Upon raising Eiar, Fransisca had thought of killing the child, but because Eiar had the pendant from magical stone of Keleido-Via, she stopped. She changed Eiar’s name to Jed, as a proof of her giving something, not taking it (from Aria).


From left to right : April, Fransisca, Aria, Olgar.


Upon coming back to his house, Olgar was mad at his sister’s doing. He killed the craftsman and townspeople who had killed his wife and child. April came late at the tower outside the city after Olgar activated the Kaleido-Via, a device which could bring dead people to life. He had a fight with his friend, but got killed in the end after both of them got a wound on one of their eye. His ghost and Olgar created a psychedelica for all the town so it is filled with snow all years. Now, April lives at the tower without memories as a ghost and lord there, calling himself as Haitaka / Ashen Hawk, the same name as the hawk he have killed.



The story now goes on to where Jed is already a teenager. He is a proud handyman, who know lives at the tower with Haitaka (refers to April). She befriends Fransisca’s two sons, Lavan (Hino Satoshi) and Levi (Souma Saitou) without them knowing that Jed is a woman and a witch. Because Fransisca told her to hide her identity and faking it as a man. But she knows leave Wolf manor and living at the tower with the ghost. The town is always snowing and there is a bad rumour about Black Shadow, who killed townspeople at night. To search for Black Shadow, who used Hawk clan’s emblem at his knife, the next chief of Hawk clan, Lugus (Furukawa Makoto) often walks throughout the town. Lugus has a little sister, Tee (Yamaoka Yuri), who always follows him everywhere and a bit nosy. Jed also meets a pretend priest, Lawrence (Toriumi Kousuke), a boy living with Lawrence, Elric (Ishikawa Kaito) and his bunny (Usagi) friend. One day, Lawrence told her to search for Kaleido-Via before the masquerade festival to avoid war between two clans.



Hawk and Wolf clan without Lavan.


A strange man with ash long hair appeared, calling himself as Hugh (Namikawa Daisuke), giving Kaleido-Via to Jed. But she couldn’t do anything with it. After the masquerade festival, Olgar, who is under magical stone’s influence, went mad and kill Fransisca, his own sister. He told the townspeople to burn her because Fransisca is a witch. To save Jed, Fransisca accepted the witch accusation and gets killed. After that, Jed is running away, and gets saved by Lugus.



With Lavan, Levi, and Lugus’ help, she gathered force to kill Olgar, who has gone insane by the magical stone. Their base is the church, where Hugh tells them about Kaleido-Via stone, that can change people to be insane. The first stone is the ring of Lavan and Levi. That’s why Levi killed townspeople crazily. The third stone is in Olgar’s hand, after Lugus gave it to him. And the last one is Jed’s red eye. It seems the stone is already gone inside her eye. After the war against Olgar, Hugh told the story of Olgar’s past with April. Also revealing the truth that the town is now in psychedelica because Olgar had activated the Kaleido-Via together with April. If either Olgar nor Jed is dead, they can go back to real world, without their memories and live another life. But the people who died before the activation of Kaleido-Via will vanish or go to the abyss. Jed can choose between characters after that. The endings will be explained below.



01. Lavan (Hino Satoshi)



Lavan is like an older brother to Jed. He is the next heir of Wolf clan, as the eldest son of Fransisca. Al his life, he’s been hating April, his father, because he always made Fransisca angry. For a human who possesed Kaleido-Via magical stone as his ring, he had never gone mad like his brother Levi and Olgar, except in Wolf end. The truth is, he knows Jed is a woman since a long time ago. But he doesn’t know that she is a witch with red eye. His dark hair resembles Olgar’s hair, because Fransisca is Olgar’s sister.


Lavan Ending

Lavan speaks to Lugus to release Jed because she is the wife of the Lord of Wolf clan. Because Lugus doesn’t want to create another riot after Hawk clan killed Fransisca, he easily let Jed go with Lavan. But after living as Lavan’s wife, their life is crumbling apart. Levi found a new place and went out from the villa of Wolf. Lavan still hates his father, Haitaka or April, that already confined Jed at the tower and Lavan also confine Jed to be his wife, the same act as Haitaka. He broke the plate with his father’s face. This makes Jed sad and goes to the Tower searching for Haitaka. She wants Haitaka to explain to Lavan about his love for his family, so Lavan doesn’t live in darkness. But Haitaka refused, said that Jed must be sure of her own feelings first. Upon that speech by Haitaka, Jed realizes she loves Lavan. And Lavan is hiding at the Tower watching her with Haitaka. After giving back the Psychedelica stone to Haitaka, Lavan brings Jed to the church so they can make a continuation promise as husband and wife, sealed with a kiss.



Wolf Ending

Lavan killed all prison guards to save Jed at night. After they got back to town, Jed got surprised because Lavan and Levi were killing every townspeople, leaving only three of them. Their hearts was taken by Psychedelica shards because Jed couldn’t make choice. Jed made a promise to stay together and share their sins.




02. Levi (Souma Saitou)



He only have one ending. His story is not important, unlike the other characters. But his ending is not sure whether he can get alive with Jed or not. Similar to Natsuki in Kokuchou no Psychedelica. Levi appeared to be smiling as usual. But he can smile when killing people. He thought Fransisca would be angry at him for killing people, but she approved his hobby. With that, he hoped to do dirty job at maintaining peace in town, to help Lavan. But only Jed who would touch his dirty hand. That’s why, Levi loves her even though she doesn’t appear as a woman. He had once trying to kill Jed by insanity, bit her shoulder. Her hair is a mixed between Fransisca’s blonde hair and April’s red hair, so it is pink.


Levi Ending

After Jed realizes her love to Levi, she is brought to the court. The town blames her as Black Shadow, who killed townspeople. But it’s actually Levi. Before Jed can take the blame, Levi announces that he is the killer. He gets taken to jail easily after Lugus release Jed. He thinks what Levi said is true, that Jed haven’t kill anyone. After a few days of writing letter to him, Jed finally can meet Levi again to bring his food everyday. One snowy night, Levi told Jed that he love her and dreaming of having many children with her. But on the next day, Lavan told Jed that the punishment for Levi is today, to exile him without food and anything in the forest because they can’t go outside of that town. Jed found Levi at the snowdrop field and embrace each other at the white flower field. Either they live or die there, because it is hard to live in the snowy town and hard to get food.




03. Lugus (Furukawa Makoto)



If this is not an otome game, Lugus would be the main male character. It’s because Jed’s first kiss is with him, he is the step son of Jed’s biological father, and he is the only one who have CG in real world. Lugus is the child of a craftsman who gathered people to kill Aria and is killed by Olgar. In the past, when he was playing with Lavan, Levi, and Jed at the tower, he got the Kaleido-Via magical stone. But he gave it to Olgar. On his hand, there is a burn mark, a slave mark. He met Haitaka at the tower when he almost drop himself from the top of it as a child after losing his father. Haitaka gave him food and after that, he said he want to go to town. There, he met Olgar and became his step son.


Lugus Ending

When Jed went to the snowdrop flower field and met Lugus there, Lugus kissed her again. He wants Jed to choose between being killed by him for choosing different path or run from the matter. But at that time, Jed chose to think more. And comes the day she’s capture by Lugus after the invasion to Hawk’s manor.



At the prison, Olgar send a letter with the help of Haku / Hugh to Lugus (Haku is Hugh, pretending to be Olgar’s subordinate). Even though his jail is beside Jed, his own daughter, they don’t talk much. One day, Lugus came to prison and gave poison to Olgar. Before his dead, Olgar told Jed a story of when he thought his child is already died with Aria. Then, he picked Lugus as his heir, put a tatoo on Lugus’ burn mark (as a sinner) to hide it. He knew Lugus is the son of a craftsman he had killed. Then, Olgar died. Even though he’s dead, the world still continues, maybe because Jed already activated Kaleido-Via as a child, it is now her psychedelica. Lugus arrived after his dead father, said that it was all Olgar’s decision to kill himself and the witch. After the scene, everyone thinks Jed is already dead with Olgar. And a year later at masquerade festival, Jed and Lugus go there together, where people won’t know their real selves. There is no ending CG here.



04. Hugh / Ash / Haku / Ashen Hawk (Namikawa Daisuke)



Hugh is the ashen hawk, killed by April in the past. He was saved by a witch who like to grow clematis flower, so he had a clematis tatoo on his left hand too. As he can travel through dimension, his appearance can change from a bird, old man, Haku, Ash, and high schooler. Despite he is a traveler who write stories of the people he met in different worlds, he always feels lonely. He might not have a real name, but he uses Hugh in most storyline, except in his ending. He have three endings, one of it is a bad one.

Hugh appeared at tavern and introduced himself as Ash, when Jed wearing woman’s clothes. He is a traveler who goes around the world to write about people. At first, he is searching for a picture book that was opened with two butterflies story. But Jed doesn’t know of it, telling him to try searching at the church. As a thanks for listening to him, Ash gives her a dried fruit then disappeared. Jed thinks Ash is similar to Haitaka, but Ash is more calm and gentlemanly.



Jed meets Ash again at the tavern. She thinks Ash is odd because he seems to know much about the town, saying that the town is always covered in snow. Then, he asks about the witch’s legend at the town. Before Jed can answer, a man said the witch will bring disaster so they won’t talk freely of it. For Ash, the witch seems lonely and sad. He wants to talk more to Jed so he will be waiting at the tavern. Jed thinks he will create a kind-hearted story from his thought about the witch.


Hugh Link Ending

When meeting Ash again at the tavern, Jed realized that even though her eyes turned red when Ash was touching her cheeks, no one noticed. Even Fransisca couldn’t see her red eyes anymore. So Jed decided to live and work at the tavern, so she can meet Ash everyday. The woman who worked at the tavern previously resigned so she could work there as replacement and live in one of its room.

One day, there was a commotion from the woman’s ex-lover. With the help of Jed, saying they should tell their true feelings, the couple got back together. It makes Ash realize he must tell his feelings to Jed. After Jed was done working, Ash brought her to the snowdrop field and confessed for his love. Jed doesn’t want to be a man anymore, wants to be released from her fake live. She also says that she likes Ash. Now, she will live as ordinary girl with the man she loves, while hugging each other. At first, Ash is sad because he have took her story. But Jed doesn’t care anymore, because she will read and choose her own.



Hugh Traveler Ending

Before Jed make the couple reconcile, at night, she meets Ash. Ash told her his past story, when a witch saved him from his wound on the shoulder. The witch is a good one, unlike that town’s legend. She can read stories from another world with clairvoyance eyes. But she is already dead. The rest of the story then follows Traveler Ending until Ash and Jed confessed their feelings.

The story then gets back to where Aria have a conversation with Traveler (Ash / Hugh). She read the ending and knows that her child will live happily because Ash loves Jed and needs her to free him of his loneliness. The traveler then said goodbye to Aria. And when she’s remembering her encounter with a girl named Eiar, Aria wants to give that name to her child in her womb.



At night, Olgar brings Aria to the snowdrop field, where he gives her the magical stone pendant. This is when she told Olgar about her pregnancy. Their child will be raised by Fransisca and April, have strength like her father Olgar, even for the gender, that is a girl, Aria knows all of it because she is a witch. But Olgar wished their child would be as kind as Aria.



Hugh Ending Chapter 9

Because Jed accepted Hugh’s proposal to fall in love with him, the lonely traveler, Hugh kissed her and brought her to the Tower. He kept Jed’s soul as a white butterfly. Haitaka came in too late and couldn’t do anything. Before leaving, Hugh said the person who killed him is Haitaka. Hugh and Jed as butterfly are flying forever to search for their spring.




After this, are the other endings, including bad endings.


Heroine Ending (True Ending)

This is included in Lugus’ route. That’s why he is the main male character for Jed.

Jed asked Lugus to blame all the problems in town as her doing as a witch. It is so that she can die and activate Kaleido-via. Lugus called her a witch because she ask the man who love her to kill herself. But he will do that, after Jed made a promise they will meet again in another world. He doesn’t know that people who died before the activation of Kaleido-via will vanish or go to the abyss. But she didn’t know that after she meet with Lugus, Hugh also told Lugus the truth to be fair.

At the trial, Lugus blamed Jed as the killer, Black Shadow, and someone who wreck the Hawk and Wolf clan by her magic. They had a fight and finally, Lugus stabbed Jed in her heart. While crying, he brings Jed’s body to the church and tries to activate Kaleido-via with three magical stones. Only one from Lavan left. Not long after Lugus arrives, Lavan, Levi, and Tee also comes there. After they heard the real story, Lavan gives the last stone to Lugus, because he is the person Jed has chosen. Lugus killed himself and save Jed from the abyss.



The story continues to the real school world. Jed (name is not known) is the friend of Ai (Beniyuri) and goes to school together. They meet with Hikage and child Natsuki on street. She also meets Lavan who is on the phone, feeling happy because he will get a younger brother (Levi) soon. When Jed was running at school entrance, she almost bumped to a tall man who just get transferred to her school. It is Lugus in real world. At the end of it, Hugh appeared with school uniform, saying the story ends happily forever after crossing path again in reality even though they don’t have memories anymore.


Because Lugus was just transferred to Jed’s school, he wore different uniform.


Meanwhile, Hugh’s jacket is the same color grey (ash) as Jed’s.



Lord Ending

Jed accepted Haitaka’s suggeston to run away from the cell, and the town. He made Jed sleeping continuously and only woke up occasionally. One day, he told Jed the story of his past. He was a lonely boy and finally found family, but get lonely again in the end. So he wants Jed to stay with him forever.



Bad Ending

When being captured by Lugus, Jed thinks it’s all a dream. With the help of Fransisca’s voice, she closes everything of Jed to the outside world, from eyes, ears, and heart.


Heroes Ending

Jed stabbed Olgar but not died yet. Then, Olgar killed himself by jumping to the window and died. Lugus became the new head of Hawk, while Lavan also acted as head of Wolf clan. A few months later, before the next masquerade, Haitaka visited the grave of Fransisca and Olgar. He claims the town is peace and he hasn’t remember the past yet. Snow still falls everyday. At the masquerade, Jed works at handyman as always. Everyone celebrated the masquerade festival but it’s just a temporary peace. The mysteries are still remains and Hugh took the shards of Via Kaleido.


People Ending

Jed changed back to male clothes and had a party with all people






I seriously love this kind of story. Setsunai stories are my favorite, from Clock Zero, Shinigami to Shoujo, Kaminaru Kimi to. Those are my three rankings of favorite otome game. But Haitaka no Psychedelica now becomes the third, win against Kaminaru Kimi to. And most setsunai story hired Namikawa Daisuke as one of its seiyuu (also referred to anime such as Violet Evergarden). His voice is very soothing and low, perfect for dying / lonely person. This game also have OP song from Shikata Akiko, the goddess singer. I have like her ever since the first Ar Tonelico series my sister played and Shadow Hearts. And ED song is still sung by Shimamiya Eiko. I have known her from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni anime. Right, I’m very old. Despite that, Vermelho have a stronger tone compared with Kokuchou no Psychedelica. The BGM in Haitaka is also prettier than Kokuchou, because it contains sad story.



I don’t know why Kokuchou is more popular than Haitaka. Maybe because the character design is stronger and cleaner than the dead town of Haitaka. I approve that Hikage / Kazuya is more handsome than Lugus. In real world, Lugus design is similar to the second character in every anime. I’d like to keep him stay in the snowy town, where his hair is cooler than the school life. But for fashion, they are suitable to the eternal cold town in Haitaka.



The plot twist is very good. I don’t know the story will turn dark after Jed find Kaleido-Via. I spend 3 days playing Jed only running here in there at town without anything worth. And storyline at first is very cheerful without dark mystery. I like Jed’s character a lot. She can be strong and caring (she helped people a lot), manipulating (when she forced Tee to steal Olgar’s stone and got her injured badly), weak and crying (in Hugh route she is only a girl in love with a traveler). Her expressions are more suitable to my taste than the heroine (Ai) in Kokuchou, who feels like a doll. The interaction with townspeople is also fun to read. I can laugh at the story of Jed, Lavan, and Levi together. I cried a lot at Fransisca and Aria’s stories. I had never thought a visual novel would give me roller coaster feelings like those. My most favorite character here is Jed. As for male character, I will choose Lugus because he is the true male lead. Why not Hugh? Because he doesn’t have ending that explain the real ending of Haitaka’s storyline. Heroine ending from Lugus side can close all mysteries.


I will tell you why I cried at Fransisca’s notes. She always had lovely feelings for her brother, Olgar, by wanting to help him create peace in town as the next head. She loved April, but she thought April choose Aria. Though April did confirm he have feelings for Fransisca, he never told her that. In the end, because of jealousy, she killed her brother’s wife and raise the child from the woman she hate. Although she gave Jed love, she is also the person who part her from her real parents. Fransisca should have told Olgar about Jed, but she didn’t. But in the end, she gave her life to protect Jed, by having the same dying method as the person she killed. In the end, what she told us readers is very touching. She had raised (sodatete 育てて) Jed, the feelings of a real mother.


This is titled Two Witches. Either about Aria and Eiar, who are real witches,

or Aria and Fransisca, who died because people thought they are witches and get burnt.


For Fransisca, I was sad when she told Olgar that their child will be raised by Fransisca and nurtured by April. It’s because she meant that Eiar’s parents wouldn’t be by her side after her birth. This words also means Aria knows her future, that she will die. Even though both Aria and Olgar have their own wishes, they won’t be living beside Eiar.


I want to make statement about the sad story in Haitaka. That’s why I wrote the story from Jed’s parents past life. Haitaka no Psychedelica have complex, twisted, and painful storyline that most otome games don’t have. It also have connection with Kokuchou no Psychedelica, the previous game. Lawrence is Natsuki, Elric is Hikage, Elric’s rabbit is Hikage’s sister (Usagi).



If I must talk about the bad things, it’s when Jed is in the other routes, such as Lavan, Levi, and Lugus (not heroine ending). At first, Jed wanted to free the town by activating Psychedelica. But in those routes, it seems she doesn’t care anymore. And why did all people can grow up in that world? It is a mystery for me. In Kokuchou, Hikage already returns to life, together with Usagi. Why could he go to Haitaka’s world? For Natsuki, he is supposed to be dead when Ai is in high school. Here, he has already re-born as a child. So, they should make Ai meet Natsuki again as a child in Kokuchou. The Kaleido-Via origin is also a mystery. There is that note “picture book”, where a bad witch took beasts’ evil side and change it to a shard. But I don’t know if it’s related to Kaleido-Via or not. And who is the foreigner who give the kaleidoscope to Hikage in the past? There is a rumour that he is Hugh. But it is not revealed here.



I had a hard time getting Traveler and Link Ending. I played since the beginning again, almost four times. At that time, I already completed short stories at the map and bought all notes. But the last note was still locked. When I reached chapter 8, there was a new choice to choose Hugh, rather than Lavan, Levi, and Lugus. So, the new story is in chapter 8.9-4. Then, I started a new game, chose new route at the tavern of chapter 3, and I could find Hugh rather than an old man. Because I played with English translation, there is an error. I can’t complete 36 achievements, only the last achievement not there. Until today, there is no new update that will fix the problem as I have read Steam forum. I spent a week, or a day longer than Kokuchou because of that hard time to get Hugh ending. Playing time is longer by 10 hours than Kokuchou. And I like this one better without shooting butterfly to a wasted points.


I hope I can still play games in the future. If I go to work everyday, I can’t play anymore. Because of Covid-19, I rarely go to office so I have enough time rather than working and transporting to work. After this, I might pick Steam Prison next? Who knows? I haven’t buy it yet. Btw, today is my favorite singer’s birthday, Kagimoto Akira.



UPDATE on September 13th, 2020:

I read the manga from  comicwalker, thanks to Alumina-san (see comment). I have mix feelings of Jed’s first kiss. Was it with Lugus, or with Levi by accident?



And who is Mikage actually, the woman appeared in the book? Is it the Ashen Witch? She knows Hugh and Jed’s past, even her real name as Eiar, keeps appearing in her dream. Reading the manga makes more mysteries to me… The manga only tells us a little bit of a story that is not told in the game. Not affecting the original game that much, but considering there is Mikage, it’s also important.




Link for CG:





  1. That is my favorite vn too. Jed is the best heroine. Thank you for this clear summary now I can make my friends read it who are curious but lazy at playing this game. It seems unlikely but I’d like too see a third installment for this series. I hope it will become more popular.

    • Yes, I hope there is another Psychedelica series since the world between life and death is pretty famous and can be made into any kind of stories. Just hope it won’t be any clue about the previous game so everyone can taste it without playing the older series (Because I don’t really like Kokuchou that much). For people who like beautiful stories, sad dialogues like a poem, pretty sceneries, should have like Haitaka after playing it.

        • Oh right. Lugus’ story will be good. He only had no feeling ending, and the school life ending was more happy.

          Also, thank you for introducing the manga site, and it’s made by Yuiga Satoru. I will read it later, although there are so many kanji and -kana *sob

          • You are very welcome and I agree with you, I hope otomate will consider this. About manga I just looked the pictures and read the hiraganas, there are too many kanjis but some chapters translated in English somewhere in Tumblr : ) . It is so sad that Satoru sensei stopped writing manga. I was volunteer to feel same misery twice.

          • Oh, I just knew sensei has stopped writing manga. I know sensei had a problem with Otomate, but not about that. And a few illustrators also had problems with Otomate too, such as Clock Zero, Nagaoka.

            Satoru sensei already worked for a long time, I think it’s time to retire, maybe. I have watched E’s Otherwise at the time the anime came out a few old years ago, but haven’t read the manga. I didn’t have chance to read it and it’s too long I probably would be bored without finish reading it.

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