Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly

After reviewing about 7’scarlet, I played Kokuchou no Psychedelica in just a week. And then, I could create this review. The game only needs about 22 hours playing time for me. Of course I didn’t play everyday, because I must do work at daytime. But I’m glad I could manage to finish this without much delay. I won’t write full complete review because it’s an old game and most people should have completed it before me. This game was launched for PSV in 2015.


Beniyuri is not the protagonist name. But in the world between life and death, she is called by that name. She wakes up at a mysterious manor filled with monsters without any memories. But she found teammates, Hikage, Kagiha, Karasuba, and Yamato. And in the halfway, she also met Monshiro. Together, they formed a team to escape the manor. But the story is not that easy. At some time, the master in the manor send them pictures of their past life. And they must complete a kaleidoscope by gathering its shards so they can return to their original life.

To complete short episode, the system made it like a FPS game. Lock on the butterflies flying on screen then shoot. The remaining points can be used to unlock short story of each character other story rather than main chapter, protagonists childhood story, or what the main characters thought.


Beniyuri’s real name is actually Minato Ai (CV Nakahara Mai). When she’s a kid, she had a few male friends, who always played together with her. They are Kanda Kazuya and his twin brother Kanda Takuya, Himeno Akira, and Mizutani Natsuki. Ai had a promise with Natsuki, who is older than her, to get married. But when they had a picnic together, the five of them played at a mysterious manor. There was an accident at the lake near that manor. The results are Natsuki’s death, whose body have not found yet, and Kazuya went to comatose for 10 years.


In present time, Ai is already a high school student. She and her remaining friends live separately. But she got to meet Himeno Akira and Kanda Takuya again. Akira gave her a butterfly hairpin, where the seller told them that butterfly/soul is “Psyche” (I already know because of Korean drama It’s Okay to Not be Okay before arriving at that part), and “Delos” is materialization. It’s a symbol of another world. Because Aki was jealous to Takuya, he suggested them to let go of their past by going to the lake again. On the way, the bus had an accident and fell to the cliff with the three of them. They are all in comatose, so they meet again with the friends they have lost in the world between life and death, manifested in the manor’s form.


Let’s go back to the manor’s story.

Beniyuri and her four childhood friends must gather the kaleidoscope shards to get back their memories and to live again. They meet Usagi (CV Naganawa Maria), the master of manor’s little servant in rabbit’s mask. She often brings them food. But at the end of the manor’s story, everything is revealed. Yamato is actually Takuya, Kagiha is the oldest Natsuki, Karasuba is the cheerful Himeno Akira. And Monshiro is actually the real Kazuya, who is in coma. And Hikage, the master of the manor who pretended to be Kazuya, showed his real intention. Hikage wants to collect all shards to revive someone. But Beniyuri finally wins against Hikage by shooting him, together with Kagiha. Beniyuri, Karasuba, Yamato, and Monshiro finally gets back to real world. But Natsuki is still dead in the true ending story. When the four of them go to the lake again, to mourn Natsuki’s dead body have finally been found after they’ve recovered from coma, they realized the manor is not there anymore. It has been demolished because the bad rumours, such as the past owner killed himself after researching about bringing the dead back to life. This is the best ending.


From here, I will put a post for each character, from the first I played until the end, according to their important stories.


01. Kanda Takuya / Yamato (CV Hosoya Yoshimasa)


As the twin brother of Kazuya, he often acts as Kazuya’s brother. But he is more active than the indoor type Kazuya. Takuya as Yamato is the only character that goes on separate way at the beginning of the story, because his body almost turns to monster, from remembering sad past. Beniyuri found him thanks to Monshiro.


His endings as Takuya is continuing from the real world ending, after Ai is in coma. Ai awaken from weeks of coma. Kazuya also woke up. When Ai visited Kazuya with Takuya, Takuya told Kazuya that he made the ribbon become loose because he’s jealous that Kazuya could tell his feelings when he couldn’t. But Kazuya also revealed that he showed the ribbon to make Takuya jealous too. On the way home, Takuya told Ai his real feelings, that he has been loving her. Ai tells the same too, that if she stays with Takuya, she can accept anything unexpected. So to try unexpected thing, Takuya kisses Ai, saying she will be fine as long as she is with him. The two shared kiss again under night sky.



In Yamato’s ending, Beniyuri didn’t come to visit Yamato for a few days because Hikage found her suspicious. While she didn’t know, Yamato heard a voice similar to Beniyuri and kept following it. To visit Yamato again, Beniyuri told all of the stories of meeting Yamato to Hikage and Hikage let her go together. But Yamato is not at the garden anymore. Beniyuri found him at a room where black butterflies gathered. He saw Yamato blaming himself because he loosened Kazuya’s ribbon. Feeling the same as Yamato, Beniyuri falls to the darkness together with him.



02. Himeno Akira / Karasuba (CV Kakihara Tetsuya)


Karasuba is the cheerful guy in the group. But despite his cheerful side, he actually is the first person who realize that Hikage is not Kazuya. And he has dark side too. I don’t know why after playing 7’scarlet, where Kakihara Tetsuya voiced a scary character, Karasuba is almost similar again. Anyway, he knows that Takuya loosened Ai’s ribbon on Kazuya’s leg. That’s why he often blames Takuya for the incident. He often was being bullied as a child and Ai saved him. So he loves Ai so much. After the lake’s incident, he changed school and learn to be cheerful. When he got in high school, he went to the same school as Ai.


For Akira’s ending, continuing from real world ending after defeating Hikage. Ai woke up at the hospital after the accident on the bus. She is using her butterfly hairpin from Aki that have lost its glass shard. In the morning, Aki picked her to the school but Ai wanted to play at their playground first. She told Aki that she want to move on, with the same pace at him. So instead of kissing, they hug each other first and slowly build their relationship at the present time.


In Karasuba’s ending, Beniyuri made a promise to Karasuba that they will stay together forever. At morning, Karasuba already wakes up from sleeping beside Beniyuri. She doesn’t find the other people inside the manor anymore. After living only together, one day, Karasuba kisses her and takes her to bed. He asked Beniyuri to forget everything and she agreed. They are living in the dream world forever. His route is the only one who depicted him and Beniyuri sleep (make love?) together.



03. Mizutani Natsuki / Kagiha (CV Toriumi Kousuke)


Natsuki is like an older brother to the group. He is someone Ai loves so much. So in Takuya and Aki’s route, Ai had a hard time forgetting about him and their promise to get married. He also loves Ai, but must get separated by death. It’s because he saved Ai who almost get drown in the lake. His body is only found after Ai and the others wakes up at the hospital. As Kagiha, he helps Hikage to find kaleidoscope shard so he can get back to live with Ai again. But he helps her defeating Hikage. But that’s in the true ending. He doesn’t have ending where he can get back to life again, because he is dead in every route.


So, his good ending is keep living in the manor. Before Kagiha stole Beniyuri’s hairpin, she heard some voice, saying her inner thoughts that she can’t doubt Hikage. When Beniyuri finally meets Kagiha, she followed him to the dream world where they get married for three months. They live happily even though sometimes, Natsu will get worried that Ai is not happy enough or their promise shackles her. But she thinks Natsu already gives her everything. Maybe because they are happy, they won’t get to despair and fall to darkness?



04. Kanda Kazuya / Monshiro (CV Matsuoka Yoshitsugu)


He is a lone wolf. When he first arrived at the manor, he helped Hikage and Kagiha to search for kaleidoscope’s shards. But he didn’t want to see many people became monster so he decided to live alone. Day by day, he kept forgetting about his existence, even his face. So he used the mask hanging on the wall of the second floor manor to cover his blank face. He saved Yamato even though he didn’t remember his past. And Kazuya is attached to Ai so much, he likes to touch Ai. He forgives Takuya after loosening Ai’s ribbon because he also makes Takuya jealous by showing it.


Monshiro goes by himself to find Hikage before Ai give the last shard in her hairpin. But Hikage told him that Kazuya is not needed in real world, so he fell to the darkness. Kagiha told Beniyuri about Monshiro’s whereabout, at the bottom of the hole. Beniyuri jumps to the hole to save Monshiro. She found him and made him remember again about their past, cheering to grab his own dream. They both almost reach the end of the hole, but Monshiro is sinking again. Before sinking, he kisses Beniyuri as a goodbye.


At Kazuya’s ending Beniyuri keeps reaching to Monshiro before he sink to the darkness. They finally meet again and wakes up at the hospital. But Takuya and Aki are still in a coma after bus accident. With Kazuya’s encouraging them to wake up, Takuya and Aki wakes up for real.


For Monshiro’s ending, Beniyuri can’t reach Monshiro anymore. She wakes up alone at the hospital. Takuya, Aki, Kazuya are sleeping forever.



05. Hikage / Master of the Manor (CV Ishikawa Kaito)


He is being seen as villain in all routes except himself. It’s because he doesn’t remember his past and collecting kaleidoscope to destroy the world. If he remember, he must have think to meet his sister again. His story will be longer than previous character because it’s hard to pick the most important thing. His dialogues are all important.


After Yamato went to live by himself, Beniyuri became friends with Usagi. They talked about everything then Usagi had a guess of Beniyuri liking Hikage. So she suggested her to ask many things to determine her real feelings. By that, Beniyuri knows more of Hikage. He seems cold but he cares about little kid so much. By getting close to Usagi, she reveals that if a person wanders in the manor, their memories, face, thoughts, attachment, imagination everything they have from previous life will gradually disappear. That’s why the soul who had forgotten their face used the mask hanging at the second floor as if their own face.

One day, Beniyuri found a picture book, Kokuchou no Psychedelica (Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly) about two white butterflies. One of it died, the other is wandering alone to get to Psychedelica so it can find its lover. But the remaining pages gets lost. Hikage told Beniyuri that the black butterfly didn’t ever reach Psychedelica and died in the desert. Before it dies, it seems to see the mirage of white butterfly. Because it felt embarrassed that it’s getting defiled, it didn’t want the other one to see the present. It surprises Hikage that Beniyuri feels the white butterfly is longing for the black even though it has changed. Because of that, Hikage thinks Beniyuri can believe at the other things most people don’t, that she won’t flee to the desert / darkness.


I think Hikage have similar face with Kazuya even if he doesn’t change his face.


After the conversation about the book, one day, Beniyuri found Hikage fell asleep with the book on the sofa. She realizes her feelings to Hikage that it is more than love. He seems to be in despair and gets awaken. After that, he is mad at Beniyuri for following him and makes him remember the past, kissing her by force. Then, the two of them stopped talking to each other.


At another day, Usagi found Beniyuri is quiet. Because she realizes she fall in love with Hikage and makes him hate her now. Usagi then told her the past story of them. Usagi was a daughter of a merchant who often had party with foreigners. He had another child from his mistress, a boy (Hikage). They lived happily until the mother didn’t approve of Hikage as the heir and the merchant went bankrupt. Usagi had illness then died. After her death, Hikage shot his uncle who didn’t help them gather medicine for Usagi. Then, he made research of black magic, bought a kaleidoscope, shot himself and died, falling to the lake. After his death, the manor is created for dying people before they go to the afterlife. He and Usagi lives there for a long time. She also told Beniyuri that Hikage is her brother, changing his face and have clairvoyance (千里眼) an ability to use his power that allows him to read bits and pieces of the memories of the person before him. But he can’t read Usagi because she had been in the other world once. The gun is the representation of Hikage’s last weapon, that’s why everyone’s weapon is in handgun shape. And Usagi feels if Hikage can fall in love, he can go back to the brother she once know. That’s why she helps Hikage gathering kaleidoscope shards even though she knows the kaleidoscope is dangerous. To make up Usagi and her brother, Beniyuri suggested them to meet.


But after meeting Usagi, Hikage denies her existence and tries to shoot Beniyuri, because he wants to destroy the world with kaleidscope. Usagi quickly saved Beniyuri and takes the shot herself. She died and made Hikage remember his past. Beniyuri made him realize that his kaleidoscope is not to destroy the world, but to connect between life and death. Then, Hikage told Beniyuri the truth of his past, all of his lies. He pretended to be a good son, even though Beniyuri’s mother often bullied him, as long as he could live in the manor. But he loved Usagi for true. Until she died, he collected the kaleidoscope because he knew the pattern it reflected on water’s surface was the entrance to the next world. But in his journey, he became afraid his sister will deny him because his face had changed. Similar to the white butterfly already became black. So he destroyed the kaleidoscope to shards. Then, he gave the last shard, in Beniyuri’s hairpin so she can return to her real world. Hikage wished he meet Beniyuri when he’s alive, but he wanted her to return. Then, he tried to shoot his head, saying he already found Psychedelica, the world between life and death. He shot his head and his body became the black and white shards of kaleidoscope.

Beniyuri woke up at the hospital after being in a comatose from bus accident. She went to the lake alone. But the manor is already demolished and the place near it becomes a place to relax. A young girl told his brother that she saw a butterfly. It seems the brother and sister are now live in the present.


In Hikage’s unlocked short episode, it seems he welcomed Ai and the others with similar method to other soul that comes before them. He always pretended to be Hikage, and now using Kazuya’s face. He seems surprised too because all of them are childhood friends of Kagiha and Kazuya. Either way, he prepared to greet Ai as Beniyuri and wished Usagi to follow him without telling him what to do.




The story is stronger than 7’scarlet. But I feel it’s a bit boring since all of them are childhood friends, except Hikage. We never know Hikage’s real name so it’s a mystery. But the playing time is definitely fast, so it doesn’t get me bored like 7’scarlet. I like Hikage’s route the most. And I hate Natsuki. Why must they make it so Ai and Natsuki have a promise to get married? It makes the storyline for the other characters seems ridiculous. Because they must fight with a dead person. I mostly hate childhood friend’s route, except “Kaminaru Kimi to”. It’s the most beautiful childhood friend’s love story I have known.


I don’t know why Otomate develops shooting system. It doesn’t do much for the storyline. Only to unlock short episodes, which the point number is too much. The CG have repeated pictures. That’s why I have so many repeated CGs in my screenshot files. They should made it like always, each CG for each character. BGM is not bad but not very good. It depicts the mysterious story so far, but it doesn’t have any tone to be remembered. I like the ending song by Shimamiya Eiko.


I have known Yuiga Satoru since I watch E’s Otherwise anime in 2003. I liked the story but the anime have an open ending because the manga was still ongoing at that time. And then, I forget about it. It’s already a long time ago, from 2003 to 2020 now. I forgot of the storyline but I still remember the characters. I loved Kudou Kai in the past too and his psychic power. Next, I will continue playing the other Psychedelica, Haitaka no Psychedelica or Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk. I didn’t read any review before playing Psychedelica so I have zero information and expectation. But Haitaka have Shikata Akiko as the opening singer and mostly in beautiful BGMs. I hope it will be better than this title.






Link for CG:





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