The 2.5D Musical Again (Ni Ten Go Jigen) 2.5次元

If you ever wondered if I still watch musical, it is so.

Actually, I had watched Kuromyu Tango on Campania since last year.

But I couldn’t make a post of my impression.

And I also watched Clock Zero -a live moment- after my Reverse DVD.

My urge to watch musical always comes after I watch some series.

And then after watching them for some while (maybe a month or two),

I forgot about them until I find another series or new musical.

After becoming vacant for months, I found the Onmyoji musical

and Hakuouki Musical Live 2.

I didn’t watch Hakumyu after Kazama-hen, so the actors are brand new for me.



I won’t write about the storyline as always (except my review of CZ Reverse).

In Japan, the stage play and musical from anime, manga, game series

is called 2.5D ni ten go jigen, or ni=2, ten=. or coma, go=5, jigen=world, perspective.

Ni jigen or 2D is for fictional world so 2.5D is maybe

about how the fictional world comes to live.

Tango on Campania is slightly boring than Circus Arc.

I didn’t find most of casts are good enough when singing.

The few people who are good at singing are Furukawa Yuta,

Sasaki Yoshihide, and Okazaki Momoko.

There wasn’t any comical event I could remember.

And the only song I like is Sebastian’s song in the ending before all casts.

There isn’t any musical in 2018 after Tango on Campania.

After this arc, I didn’t read the manga anymore.

I read a little bit of school’s arc, but I dropped Kuroshitsuji manga.

So if the musical ever made a school arc, it will be new to me.

Believe me, I can’t stand a series longer than 7-10 books.

But I don’t know why I have watched all Kuromyu until the latest.

Seriously, compared to Reverse, this older version was like a children stage play.

Everything was standard, even the voices were not similar to seiyuu.

Actors’ singing ability are bad except Nadeshiko and I can’t remember its songs.

Truthfully, I even forgot I have watched this musical.

The only good thing is Nadeshiko’s actor, Ikoshi Arisa’s cuteness

and her singing ability is higher than most male actors here.

Songs are the same as Reverse.

The storyline, ending, etc didn’t have differences with Reverse at King’s ending.

Truthfully, I feel this version is flat.

I recommend Reverse version for better singing ability casts.

I’m sorry CZ.

Even though I like the game very much, I can’t stand the stage play

of a live moment.

It will be good if there is also a stage play for my 2nd fav otoge,

Shinigami to Shoujo.

03. Dance with Devils Musical 1st 2016

The anime itself is like a musical with many songs included.

This time, the musical followed the original TV series without much changes.

Or, they might have changed the villain & added more casts.

They also uses songs from the anime itself.

Rather than Rem nor Lindo, I think the other casts are much better at singing.

For example Naitou Taiki as Loewen, Kimura Subaru as Holland,

and Norizuki Kouhei as Noel.

Although all actors are male, including the one

behaving like the heroine, they can perform well enough to my standard.

At least, my favorite actor with comical face & gesture,

very good singing ability here is none other than Kimura Subaru!

Yeah, I like him better than our Rem’s actor.

Oh but Naitou is also very good at singing!




04. Hakuouki Musical Live 2

Even though I only have watch Saitou, Souji, Hijikata, Kazama-hen, and live 1,

I dare to watch this second live.

All casts except Kazama, Shiranui, Koudou, and Kondou

already had gotten changed in live 2, at 2016.


In live 2, Kazama or Suzuki Shougo had his 100th performance for Hakuouki.

Though it’s also his last to appear.

I think the 1st live is funnier than this one.

But there is a talk session to have a reminiscence with the previous actor,

such as Yazaki Hiroshi, Matsuda Ryo, Izawa Yuuki,

Miyazaki Shuuto, and Gomoto Naoya.

Suzuki Shougo was crying at the end of live 2!

 I could feel his sadness upon leaving his long-performed series.

But Sasaki Yoshihide will be his successor as Kazama Chikage.

I will watch Harada Sannosuke-hen after this.




05. Onmyoji Musical ~Heian Emaki~

I think this is the first musical for Onmyoji because the story haven’t end yet.

This musical is full of powerful singing actors.

I’ve never watched any musical like this before.

I mean, almost every male actors are so good at singing.

Even though the female singers also sang well,

the only good one is Momiji’s actress.

Actor for Seimei is Shinji Rachi, who have performed as Eric Slingby

in Kuroshitsuji Musical The Most Beautiful Death in the World.

Mimi Maihane, former Takarazuka actress also got cast as Yao Bikuni.

And what’s more?

There is Sasaki Yoshihide as Kuro Seimei!!!

 If you ever wondered how I found Onmyoji…

My sister found the game a year ago or so.

She told me to install it and me who didn’t play mobile game well

only could reach chapter 12 from 60++ or so…

 In the end, my sister has completed all chapters now but I dropped it.

Yeah, always dropped something is my favorite way of knowing many genres.

My favorite actors are Shinji Rachi, Sasaki Yoshihide, and Kadoyama Yoko.

They sang very well.

Especially Shinji Rachi, he could sing as Seimei with powerful intonation and

gave me goosebumps.

Please watch it if you are a fan of 2.5D world.

I found the stage is similar to Persona.

Onmyoji used many screens to battle & created magic.

You will be amazed at how Hiromasa changed weapon from bow to sword.

It was going in an instant…

Though I could see at the Youtube official video that he threw the bow first.

My favorite part of Seimei’s song is when he is captured by Kuro Seimei.

He sang that his name is Seimei, the guardian of the capital.

Of course he sang with so much power!


The musical ran in China and Japan since the game is also

a collaboration between two countries.

Btw, in real life, Shinji Rachi is already 30++ years old!

Also, note that the costume in here is the most complex & the most heavy

I have found in a musical, at least in 2.5D.

From now, Shinji Rachi will be my favorite 2.5D actor alongside

Sasaki Yoshihide, Matsushita Yuya, Furukawa Yuta, Akane Liv,

Ikoshi Arisa, and Teruma.

Will be waiting for the second musical (if Netease ever make one)

because Orochi have not been beaten yet.

This first musical is only after we know that Yao Bikuni is a traitor.


So far, I really respect musical actors.

It’s not like TV or cinema actors are bad,

It’s just that stage play needs more vitality, facial expression, and

the ability to sing, dance, acting at the same time.

It is the reason why I respect stage actors more than TV.


Stage play actors popularity aren’t as strong as TV actors,

but they need more effort.

One example is how they make the expression & voice the same

as the original seiyuu.

The other example is they need to fight, sing, and let the expression

comes out at the same time without going out of breath.

You must watch Kuromyu Circus Arc to know the effort of actors

creating circus-like environment with dangerous equipment.

The danger they face is the same as TV & cinema actors.


But so far, only a few stage plays series hired professional

actors who are good in singing & acting.

A few series I found very good at hiring actors

are Persona, Kuroshitsuji (although not in all musical),

 Onmyoji (almost all actors are good), Dance with Devils (not all actors).

That’s why only a few series could become my favorite.


I really wanted to try watching Touken Ranbu musical

after they appeared in NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen.

But I don’t follow the story so I think I’ll find another time to watch.

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