Teikoku Kaleido ~Banka no Kakumei~ A Revolution of the Fallen Empire

Although I had been wanting to play this otome game since a few years ago when it was still a smartphone game, this long week holiday would be the first time for me. It was a smartphone game, but it changed publisher now. I’m glad since then, I can play it in English too for bigger expansion! The hero reminds me of Takato from Clock Zero ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~ that I love so much, so I’m very happy to buy the game on Steam at discounted price. I was hanging the banner since I found this title too ^ ^ It is a short game, one character only needs 4-5 hours playtime and even quicker if you don’t hear the voice actor speaking. So be sure to try it as one of filling time game.

The guide taught to play according to this : Kei-Sera-Toki-Kagemitsu-Soshi. But in the end, I’d prefer Toki for the second last before Soshi. There aren’t much difference anyway. The story is easy but some normal end seems heavier than it looks. Below is my review and the storyline.

Amane Kousaka is a girl living the in the countryside with two elderly. On her 16th age, her brother, Amazaki Soshi, the ruler of their country, brings her to the palace. It turns out that’s for marrying her to a foreign country.



Kei is a prince from Yako country, which had been destroyed by Soshi. He was captured than took the job as a dance & foreign language tutor for Amane. First, he was very rude and told Amane to smile, because it could be use as a weapon. But by the time they spent together while teaching her, he opened up to Amane. Kei was the first one to know that Amane’s maid used poison in her drink. He often changes her tea cup and snacks. Later on, he told Amane about his past too as a prince from Yako and how he had been hating Soshi for a long time. At the ball, Kei took the honor of dancing with Amane.

Since Amane must get married with unknown person from foreign country, Kei confessed about his feelings to Amane by giving her the red Water Moon glass, his country’s symbol of love. Amane received Kei’s feelings but unable to convince him to stay together. In the end, Kei kidnapped Amane at the time she should ride the ship for her wedding engagement. But Soshi found them and fought with Kei.

In good ending, Kei won the battle. Soshi gave him Yako and Japan, so Kei became the new ruler. Then, Soshi told Amane and Kei about his plan all this time. Seems that Soshi was made by some people to destroy Yako country, because a minister from Yako betrayed their relationships. And Amane actually was engaged with Kei since child. The first love Kei had was with Amane all along, when his mother the Queen, told that they’re engaged. Amane followed Kei to his Yako by a ship and they kissed, trying to build a new country.

In normal ending, Kei lose from Soshi. He was captured and then brought to unknown country. Amane just made a wish to meet him again and to win against Soshi for who know how long.



When Amane first came to the palace, she was protected by a bodyguard named Koichiro Sera. Sera was a quiet and composure bodyguard before. But as Amane tried to get close to him, Sera began to open up his mind and help her in any ways such as in dance training. He often doesn’t say of his feelings. But gradually told Amane of his hobby such as reading books and how he love the old shrine.

There was a time a fire burned in the capital. Sera took Amane to the old shrine for shelter and hugged her so she wouldn’t get cold. One day, he spoke about his true nature. Sera and Kagemitsu were trying to rebuilt their country from someone behind Soshi’s reign, fighting alongside the rebels. He wants Amane to be the empress because she has the real bloodline as royalty, rather than Soshi, who is a puppet emperor. But Amane was lost in mind, whether she would be able to rule the country or not.

When she asked Soshi of the truth after dinner, Soshi explained that he just wanted to protect Amane from the minister, so he send Amane for marriage in the foreign country. Turns out he did it all for Amane, his stepsister. Soshi also told her the one who killed her father, the emperor, was the minister of all.

For happy ending, when rebels attacked the palace with fire, Amane tried to save Soshi. Though Sera is the one who save him later. Soshi hid in the countryside, while Amane and Sera kept doing their work. While everyone believes Soshi has died, Amane became the empress without the interference of the minister. The rebels are dismissed and meet her to say goodbye. After that, Amane told Sera about her love for him before he tried to leave. Thankfully, because Kagemitsu convinced Sera that he must still protect Amane from the minister, Sera gave the love back to Amane. When they visited the shrine again, Sera took the urge to kiss Amane and made her blush.

In normal end, Soshi really died in the fire. Amane kept getting nervous to be an empress so Sera left without words. As she grows stronger, Amane decided to be the empress while searching for Sera, for no matter how long it will take.



As a childhood friend of Amane and Soshi, Kagemitsu works as Soshi’s right hand man. He often helps Amane during her lesson. Kagemitsu is always smiling, but his smile sometimes are a bit scary. When there’s a fire in town, he is the one who helped many people as Soshi just sat on his chair.

At one time, Kagemitsu brought Amane to a café, where she heard about the revolution. She asked this to Kagemitsu in the palace, so he must explain all of it. The truth is, he works with the rebels to create a revolution about Soshi’s reign. But suddenly, there’s an explosion. Kagemitsu said it must be done tomorrow but it seem the rebels didn’t wait. Soshi came to his room, explain everything that he didn’t forget of their promise as childs to see a festival together. But he must disappear for a revolution to happen.

Kagemitsu’s happy ending is where Soshi disappears forever. It doesn’t he have died. But the bad ministers are dead during the fire too. Kagemitsu takes the throne and will help people together with Amane. He then gave Amane a ring she had been wanting since child and made a promise to give her the real thing one day.

As for his normal ending, Soshi disappeared. But the ministry is still living. Amane and Kagemitsu were taken a blame as a betrayal and they ran away, hiding in the café. It seems the owner is one of the rebel. After Kagemitsu thinks it will get more dangerous, they run to the foreign country, leaving that country which Soshi loved. No kissing CG for him.



The first chapter of him is only about Amane’s daily routine after she is living in the palace. The next part is about her finding a way to the outside, and is helped by Tanba Toki from a thief. Doesn’t take too long until Amane comes everyday to Toki’s café and helps him to get more customer. He also introduced Amane to his delicious handmade baumkuchen. But she doesn’t take his flirtation joke to be serious, even though many people says they are a perfect couple. Toki is well known to be sweet towards girls.

After Amane got to know Toki very well, he brought to the festival. They spent a good time together and he gave her a hair ornament after winning a shooting game. But their relationships gotten worse after a fire in town. Because everyone knows Amane is a rich girl and the townspeople don’t get helped by rich people, they are staring at Amane. It made Toki created a lie so she wouldn’t help anymore. Too bad Amane is naïve and finally gets Toki’s approval to help. In the ball to introduce Soshi’s little sister, Toki came in as one of an uninvited guest. He was dancing with Amane but suddenly disappeared when the lights out.

But it didn’t take long until Toki found out the secret way Amane used to get outside the palace.  From stealing the money from palace to kidnapping Amane. Everything is for a revolution with the rebels. Toki ordered Amane to stay quiet as a hostage but in the end, Soshi didn’t come to help her so they helped each other to meet Soshi. It seems the secret passage she knows can help Toki and the rebels to meet Soshi quickly. Too bad there’s a sudden fire by one of the rebel. Soshi got shoot on his leg and asked Amane and the others to run away before him.

In his happy end, Soshi is nowhere to be found. The rebel who started the fire killed himself and the bad ministry is backed down from the government. There are people who still hate Amane for being the prince’s little sister. Thanks to Toki’s announcement about her help in their revolution, most of them can accept her. She helped Toki at the café and finally got his confession. Toki kissed her in front of everyone and they were teasing to kiss again. But Toki says he’ll do it after the marriage.

Fro normal ending, the exact thing happened as the good end. It’s just that, Amane is hiding instead of showing herself when Toki makes a speech of winning ceremony. She slept in Toki’s room at night but found out there’s someone who made Toki angry at night. At noon, Toki let her go back to the countryside without letting her know the truth. The driver told Amane that it’s because someone was trying to kill Amane at night so Toki must do this hardly. He even gave her a pack of sweets he made himself in the car. But they will meet again someday…



Actually, they’re not siblings. And it’s a mystery as to why he became the child of Amane’s parents. When Soshi brings Amane to the mansion, he can only gives her cold sentences. There was a time Amane made a bento for him, or when she was afraid of thunder so she slept in Soshi’s room. But it doesn’t seem to work fine since Amane’s aunt, the one who raised her in the countryside, hates Soshi. It’s because the aunt believes Soshi is the one who killed their father.  She told Amane to use poison from Oliander to kill Soshi, but he found out before Amane could give it to him.

How the character looks like from the side. It really the same texture as CZ’s illustrator sketch, Nagaoka.


After that, the only thing awaits her is her wedding departure to another country. But as time goes by, Soshi changes to a cruel man who captured everyone he finds suspicious, such as Kagemitsu and the tailor for Amane’s ball gown. When she tried to kill Soshi with a knife, Soshi told her the truth. He wanted to take revolution by joining side with rebels. It is after he attacked one country where he lied to save the son of it, Soshi found out that he is just being used by the minister who poisoned their father. And the plan is to die in fire together with the palace.

But Amane convinced him in happy ending that she wouldn’t need anything other than Soshi in her life. Soshi finally agreed to her beg, hugged Amane and saved her from fire by jumping to the garden. In the end, Soshi chose to leave his royalty and stayed as the chief of rebels. He lives in the tailor’s house together with Amane. They live a happily ever after life, with some teasing from Soshi as to kiss her and makes her embarrassed.

While the normal ending have Soshi to be dead by the flame he created in the palace. Amane ran from the fire as he requested. Now that the old government had fallen, Amane helped the rebels to build a new country together with Kagemitsu. She only had the clothes button and remaining letter from his bother, including the book he re-written before about a fox saving his comrade and lied as a cruel being then died. Soshi was hoping he already did the same thing.


It is a short game. I can finish all characters in a week, plus going out etc. of course.  You don’t need to think hard of the story, but once in a while, I’m a bit sad for normal end where Soshi died. And the revolution he created often didn’t get recognize by anyone.

Even before I played Toki’s route, I already knew he’s a rebel. Well, he’s the opposite of Kaidou Takato from CZ. Takato is a the king who got rebelled by many people, while Toki is the chief rebel. But those two has the same smiling face and they can get scarier even though they smile.

This series got all famous voice actors. And if you play the Vita version, there will be added scenarios too. I hope it will get into PC again so I can purchase it through Steam. BGM is quite good, I got the atmosphere of Meiji era. Some scenarios are too fast-paced, while the the way it described things are good enough. Anyway, I’m glad it gets translated to English and hoping more PC otome games to be translated as well.


Link for CG:

Mediafire : http://www.mediafire.com/file/99n8k51h3sktlu8/TKBnK_CG.rar

Mega : https://mega.nz/#!e05hDLQJ!E8yiDvmSoj900TAmz95foD5cckT8hK_h9u_FbAGY_Zo


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