Kuroshitsuji Musical 4 Noah’s Ark Circus Impression

I have to post this no matter what.

This is actually the 6th musical and I have watched it all.

This Noah’s Ark Circus is so much better than the previous musical and already got my heart than the 1st.

The effect, the comedy, the skills, are much much better!

This is the first musical without Grell and the second for Furukawa Yuuta as Sebastian.

Before, Sebby was performed by Matsushita Yuya, that singer now performed in X4 group.


Sebastian Michaelis : Furukawa Yuuta (Singer)

Ciel Phantomhive : Uchikawa Reo

Joker : Miura Ryosuke

Snake : Tamaki Yuki (Seiyuu?)

Beast : Tano Asami (Mitsuru in P3, wow! I recognized her voice)

Dagger : Mitsuya Ryou

William T. Spears : Teruma (old cast)

Baldroy : Washio Noboru (old cast from Lycoris 2)

Finnian : Kawaharada Takuya (old cast too)

Mey-rin : Sakata Shiori

Undertaker : Izumi Shuuhei (old cast from 1st)

Fred Abberline : Takagi Shun (old cast from 3rd & the 2nd Abberline?)

Sharpe Hanks : Terayama Takeshi (old cast from 3rd & the 2nd Hanks)

Doll : Matsui Tsukito

Peter : Kurachi Ayaka

Wendy : Chinen Saya

Jumbo : Gotou Takenori

Baron Kelvin : Kote Shinya

Doctor : Nobuo Kyo

I just read this article, saying that Dagger’s actor won the unicycling championship before. I know this is very late. I don’t watch TeniMyu and he’s in it too.

I don’t think I need to write the story from Circus arc.
Even though I don’t continue reading Kuroshitsuji until the half of school chapter, I still remember.
Yeah, I already dropped it since it’s very long.
This musical contains most of the important storyline.

The circus opening act was great. It shows with perfect shooting & choreographic skill.

And look at Peter & Wendy’s actress! They didn’t use a safety rope?

And then rolling inside the white sheet up there?

Real juggling performance by Abberline. He used a ball, a bottle, and a club.

What I’m amazed is at the circus real performance!
I was hoping that they would do some circus act by the time I posted about KuroMyu reprise.
Back then, I was interested in the tightrope walking for Ciel.
This musical did it!
Plus, that opening from Peter & Wendy at the beginning of circus intro.
I think they didn’t use a safety rope for Peter & Wendy.

Sebastian smiled for dagger throwing cheating.

And this special effect from the lighting! It seems Sebastian really throw a rock to fix Ciel’s dagger position.

Meanwhile, Ciel could do the tightrope walking very good even though with safety equipment.
He could also turn back his body on that high rope!
The scene when Sebastian & Willian were swinging too!
It contains dangerous action.

How can this child be so confident to move his body even though there’s a rope above? And in front of so many people!

Sebastian & William flying up swinging. There’s a rope too for safety. But considering the stage wasn’t that spacious (looking at the making video), they learnt to move really good.

In term of comedy, I love it.
This musical have many comedies.
The most cute for me is when Abberline tried to make Undertaker laugh.
Or was that supposed to be his act of superiority?

Abberline was trying to be a real police here. But it got Sebby laughed.

Sebastian couldn’t hold his laugh, looking at Abberline up close.

And the scene of Joker introduced Black / Sebby’s room mate, Suit / William.
It has comical effect of two different background’s color and a lightning strikes.

That awesome shooting skill makes this like an anime… In surprising moment

Soma & Agni have more singing scene

His acting can be compared with Madam Red. So professional

For music, I really love all of them.
They have ear-catching rhythm, both the song and the music.
But sadly, the curtain call song (and used in half chapter) was not that good compared to the previous.
While the previous musical used different sound of the actor’s singing,
this musical only had one-tone refrain.
I really like the first Lycoris’ curtain call song and this musical changed my impression.
I wanted an ear-catching song for this moment.

My favorite song is “It’s not rewarded” by Sebastian.
It is proved that Yuuta’s voice is very high compared with Matsushita Yuya.
All of his songs are in high-pitched tone with short ending.

Yuuta can make this kind of scary face when he said “Dakara ningen de, omoshiroi desu yo ne / So, humans are interesting right?” That’s why I prefer stage play actors than TV series because they can provide more real face expression.

Joker : Miura Ryosuke. He is the second favorite actor after Furukawa Yuuta here because he can pretend to be a real scary doll-like human and sing well. But I’m a bit confused of his feminine gesture.

Overall, this becomes my favorite musical so far.
Perfect choreography, acting skill, professional actors, not boring because of the humour, fun theme song, that circus performance, singing ability of most actors, and great shooting skill completes them all as a stage play.
This is the kind of stage play I want to see.

Too bad without Yuya.
Nevertheless, I came to get used with Yuuta’s acting.
He acted almost the same way as Yuya, but sadly his talking voice is a bit weird, drop and splitting.
I can see that Yuuta is very serious and not talkative, he doesn’t do something funny at the interview / the making video.
I missed Yuya’s fun moments too.

There are two kids acting here, Ciel and Doll.
They did a good job performing in the biggest stage play brand (I think Kuroshitsuji has the biggest stage from what I have watched).
And Uchikawa Reo becomes my favorite Ciel because of his singing ability and his bravery of walking on the rope up on stage.
If I remember correctly, Yuuta said something about the next stage play and I didn’t get surprised.
Will look forward to the next one.

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